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BNHA Plays DDLC - BNHA X Reader - Headcanons



At First He Was Like “Why Are You Making Me Play This Game?” 

And Then Here It Comes…

*Curse Words*

He Will Literally Slam The Laptop Down And Throw It Out Of The Window.

He Won’t Talk To You For About A Week After That..Whoops?

He Didn’t Have A Best Girl In That Game Because His Best Girl Is You! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

*If You Say He Acts Just Like Natsuki Does He Will Have Flashbacks And Go Silent*



He Will Literally Beg You Not To Make Him Play It.

He Heard It From Kaminari And Mina *They Were Not Themselves For About 2 Days lol*

His Best Girl Is Sayori And You!٩(˘◡˘)۶٩(˘◡˘)۶٩(˘◡˘)۶٩(˘◡˘)۶٩(˘◡˘)۶

He Will Facepalm At The MC And Rant About How Unmanly He Is.

Will Shield Your Eyes And Hold You Tight When The Scary Bits Come In.

I Swear To You He Will Cling Onto You For The Rest Of The Day.



He Hates These Types Of Games So He Will Probably Be The Most Scared Of Them All.

But He Is The Most Determined As Well!

He’s Afraid Of Natsuki Because She Reminds Him Of Bakugo.

He Catches Onto Monika Being Evil, cAuSe He’s sO SmArT!

Same As Kirishima He Will Cling Onto You And Be In Defence Mode When There Is Something Scary Going On.



You Pranked Her And Said That It Was A Super Cute Otome Game!

Her Best Girl Is Definitely All oF ThEm!

Kaminari Would Walk Over And Casually Smirk And GiGglE liKe a LiTtLe ScHoOl gIrL.

Mina Would Scream At The Top Of Her Lungs When She Saw Sayori umm…

She Seriously Regrets Keeping Her Promise Of Finishing This Game With You..

She Will Literally Be Stuck To You The Entire Night With A Frown And You Would Get Worried About Her! :c

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genre: fluff, wholesome only, pro hero! midoriya

a/n: the very first fic of this series! I hope yall enjoy 🥺 this is probably my first work?? of Midoriya?? but yeah, he might be a lil ooc 😭 ok enjoooy <33 More below the cut!! 

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

The warm, crisp weather made it a perfect choice to go outside. Even better, going to an apple orchard with your boyfriend. 

Midoriya originally proposed this date idea a couple of weeks ago when you two were having lunch. He had heard the idea originally from a couple of interns at his agency and immediately thought of you two going. 

Hence, here you were, on your way to the orchard at 9 AM in the morning. “Ooo, when we get there, let’s also try out the cider tour!” you excitedly pointed out. The brochure in your hand listed out several activities the orchard offered: the cider tour, a horseback ride through the orchard, apple picking, and an apple pie tutorial. 

Midoriya chuckled as he gazed out on to the road. “I’m excited to do anything as long as we’re together,” he grinned. You flushed but couldn’t help and grin back. 

Ever since he asked you out back at UA, you watched the shy boy turn into a grown man, full of confidence and reassurance. He was still that shy, flustered boy underneath the muscle and scars but you grew to love the man you see before you now. 

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Uraraka Ochako: Hi guys! How are you d/
Aoyama Yuuga: That's not Uraraka! That's Toga in disguise! Monsieur Midoriya, grab her!
Toga Himiko: [de-transforming] The hell? How did you figure it out that fast?
Aoyama Yuuga: You and Mademoiselle Uraraka use very different perfumes! You should have at least taken a shower before you broke into her dorm room and tried on her clothes! [scoffs] Amateur.
Midoriya Izuku: [nervous] ...Aoyama, what's that blonde hair doing on my hero costume?
Aoyama Yuuga: Oh please, Deku, I wouldn't be caught dead in your get-up. Also, that hair's too short to be mine...
Bakugou Katsuki: [nervous sweating]
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I would just like to say that S3E11 of MHA was very inspirational. If I’m not mistaken (cuz I forgot) it’s the episode called All For One, and it was the episode is where All Might fought against All For One. In this battle it was revealed that All Might used up all of the One For All that he had, but before that happened, a series of flashbackss was shown of All Might and his Master. He said that he wanted to be a hero because he wanted to be the pillar of hope and justice to the people around him. He wanted to be the reason why everyone had a smile on their face. As this was happening, everyone already knows what All Might looked like when he was deflated. Even though he looked like that, people still believed and still had hope that he will be able to fight and win against All For One.

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I haven’t actually done anything like this but ahh I wish I did because ahh we love Toph, I kin with her so much.

You didn’t say anything about a crush or anything so imma use this prompt for a fic later 😭 and I’m gonna start this with a blurb since you referred to the earth bender arena, and then their reactions cause that makes the most sense to my 3 brain cells.

A/N: I’m upping the age on our boi’s b/c my brain put it together better and be ready cause I’m probs gonna use this for a fic later (:<

(H/N) = Hero Name

[Master List]


A large dust cloud was seen as you entered the attack, when it settled you were finally visible. In the middle of the decimation, you stood in a squat position with your bare heals in the ground. When he looked over, he recognized your costume. He’d never seen you in person or worked with you in his recent career but (H/N) was a well known name among the new hero’s. He knew a bit about your quirk sure, but seeing you standing in the middle of the carnage threw him of a loop.

With the slightest movement of your feet, buildings and rubble started moving as if it were alive. You stomped and thick discs of earth popped up from the ground in front of you before flicking your wrists and sending them flying, knocking out villains one after another. Civilians, he had no idea were still on the battlefield, started appearing on earthly platforms that whisked them to the temporary med station.

When they were all out of harms way there was a soft chuckle that echoed from where you stood. After taking down the villain he was in the middle of fighting he watched in awe as you movements became quicker and more decisive. Thick stone wall grew from the earth protecting the undamaged buildings, your back was to him when a stone took out a villain behind him. Like a wave: earth, cement, and stone of the city rushed the enemy and knocked them all out in one fell swoop.

Cheering was heard from all around when other hero’s, including you, started to collect the unconscious bodies of the attackers. Surprise was written all over his face at the raw power you possessed:


Originally posted by uww

Todoroki Shoto:

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So I was doing some thinking and I came up with some Bakugou canons. I don’t know if people will like them but I wanted to share them anyway. 


1.  Bakugou’s son/daughter/non-binary child comes out of the closet (LGBTQ+ READERS)

2. Bakugou’s kid shows quirk for the first time

3. Bakugou takes care of the baby for a day 

4.Bakugou finds out S/O is pregnant 

5.Bakugou hears that his kid has been accepted into the hero course at UA

6. Bakugou’s first time in a hot topic / spencers

that’s all I have for now, but if you have any id like to here them, so leave a comment! 

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Hmm, Izuku give me study dates that go for a little to long. Warm blankets and hot cocoa while watching old cheesy movies that you talk through instead of actually watching. Maybe stargazing and late nights doing nothing but enjoy each other’s company.

Uraraka gives me warm hugs and quick stolen kisses. Afternoons spent cuddling and laughing at stories from your pasts. Casual walks through nearby parks and the occasional picnic that you spent the whole morning preparing together. Lots of tickle fights when in private.

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Haunting Shadows: Chapter Two, Crushes and Engagements

📌Chapter One

🔥Summary: Risae wakes up and speaks with her father and Enji

📝Word count: 1492

🔮Rated: T+

🚨Warnings: mentioned child abuse, mentioned forced engagement


When Risae next opened her eyes, she was met with the blinding white sunshine of midday. Letting out a soft groan she yanked the warm blanket over her head and yelped when soreness resonated through her body. She sat up gingerly and looked around. This wasn’t her bed.

Everything was too traditional. Touya’s room?

What was the last thing she remembered? Shoto. Right. She held on to her friend’s name and wracked her brain for more information. Shoto was on the floor with Aunt Rei. Shoto’s father had pushed him too hard, Aunt Rei tried to stop him, he slapped her, Risae intervened. What else?

She shivered. Shadows. Shadows had protected her, Shoto, and Aunt Rei. Where’d they come from? Gods everything hurt. Naomi. She needed to find her friend. She’d be upset with what happened to Shoto and probably needed someone. She rarely got along with Touya, Fuyumi and Natsuo were practically strangers to her, Enji was out of the question, and Aunt Rei wasn’t in any condition to do anything.

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OF COURSE!!! Your welcome ❤️



Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

“Hey Y/N, are you done?” Izuku asks as he walks into your shared bedroom to find you standing in front of your bedroom body length mirror to view yourself in your outfit. Izuku stood there and took in your beauty. You turn around in the dress as you smile up at Izuku.

“Yeah let’s go.”

Momo invited all of class 1-A and 1-B to her birthday gala. You were excited to were your beautiful gown that Momo had bought you because she thought it would look magnificent on you. It was a baby blue gown that went down to the floor with hints of gold flowers flowing up from the bottom.

Izuku led you down to the car and you guys drove off to the party. Having been a while since all you guys were able to get together.

Once getting there, all your friends were complimenting you on how good you looked. “Oh my gosh, you look so good!” Mina found you as Hagakare was following behind her. You guys chatted for a little as Izuku went to go say hi to Iida and Ochaco.

“Hey deku!” Ochaco waves at Izuku as he is walking over to the zero gravity girl. “Hey ochaco, so what have you been up to?”

“Just being a side kick for Ryukyu,” she says as she rubs the back of her head out of embrasement.

“Midoriya what are you doing for work?” Iida comes over to talk to midoriya. “I am still searching for places, it hasn’t been easy but I think I have picked out a couple of places.”

As Izuku is talking to Iida and Ochaco, you were finished talking with Mina and hagakare so you went over to your boyfriend as you see other people starting to dance to the songs. Grabbing his hand to lead him to a spot in the room as you wave to Ochaco and Iida. You loop your arms around Izuku’s neck as he puts his hands on your waist to sway to the music.

“You look really pretty in that dress,” Izuku tells you as his face is red. You giggle as you give him a kiss on his lips. You rest your forehead on his as you guys continue to sway together. “And you look very handsome in that suit.”

Izuku blushes more as he hides his face in the crook of your neck. You giggle some more. Enjoying being in his arms. Izuku looks up to catch your eyes looking at him.

“I love you Izuku.”

“I love you too Y/n.”


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