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#bnha midoriya

Look I love me some bun Izuku and kitty Izuku is also adorable, but you can’t convince that he wouldn’t be the cutest little pup. He’d be so affectionate and protective over his s/o and so obedient to. Imagine trying to teach him new things and how eager he’d be to learn and oh his cute little tail wagging out of control when you praise him.

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okay so like headcanon…bakugo and deku get together bc they’re both desperate and all like “mY cRuSh dOesNt LiKe mE” and once they get together kirishima and todoroki are like super jealous but bakugo and deku dont notice anything??? like bakusquad will be hanging out and bakugo invites deku and they’ll be like cuddling and kirishima will sigh really loudly every two minutes and get all pouty. the rest of bakusquad is like kiri just leave it be hes too dumb anyways. deku and todoroki will be studying and bakugo will call him and deku’s all like “oh hey kacchan!! blah blah blah” and todoroki gets all sad and deku’s like “are you okay???” and his dumbass lies and says yes. this goes on for MONTHS until one day mina accidentally texts in the class 1-a gc instead of the one they made without bakugo, deku, kirishima, and todoroki. she says something like “guys i feel really bad for kiri and todoroki, especially since they’re the only ones who don’t seem to understand that bakugo and deku dont really like eachother like that. i wish they’d all stop being so dumb and just get with the people they actually wanna be with” all hell breaks loose. deku: uhhh, mina? you do know that we’re in this gc right???? long story short bakugo and deku break up and they end up getting with their respective bf’s and everything can go back to normal bc the four of them aren’t being all sad and stupid

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Ok so i didn’t really use the quirk you gave me, i didn’t know where to introduce it, i hope that’s ok. Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜❤️

Warning: smut….

- Both Midoriya and Tamaki are very shy, especially when it comes to relationships.

-Whether you’re more on the bold side or the shy side, you have to be the one to make the first move.

-Since they’re so timid, they would like to keep the relationship a secret for a while before they’re ready to make it more public.

-Now it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, you three are always together, glued to each other’s hip.

-In private, they become more like themselves, not so shy, not so timid anymore.

-They love love love to hug you, you’re always being sandwiched between their bodies.

-Since Tamaki is the older one of the boys, he likes to take care of you, make you breakfast in the morning, take care of the sick one….

-While Deku is younger, he’s still very mature, very responsible.

-When Tamaki is injured he’s the one taking care of him, if the older boy is on a mission, he makes sure to take his place, hold you when you feel bad, run his fingers through your hair, all the things that Tamaki does to make you feel better.

-You have a groupchat, it’s so chaotic.

-Deku is always spamming with his thoughts, his theories and new discoveries.

-Tamaki tries to calm him down, if not, he’s the one worrying about every single thing.

-While you’re just there laughing at them, sending really silly photos of yourself if they’re on a mission or just away for a couple of hours.


-In bed, they’re as shy as in your day to day life.

-It’s very hard for them to tell you what they really want.

-Usually Tamaki likes to dominate, his quirk is always appreciated in bed and everyone like when he uses it.

-While usually Deku is more of a switch, so if you like to dominate he’s very happy to be submissive, and the other way around.

-Their favorite thing, is when you send a dirty pic to the gc.

-If they’re not on a mission, you’ll find them home in less than ten minutes.

-Tamaki pressing your back against Deku’s chest, the force of it making the greenhaired boy stumble, back hitting the wall.

-With Tamaki’s lips kissing yours, tongue slipping inside your mouth and exploring every inch of your wet cavern.

-Deku was pressing open wet kisses on your neck, making sure to leave some mark here and there.

-His hands on your hips, bringing you back to grind on his hardening cock.

-While the older boy’s knee parted your leg, pressing against your heat making your head roll back.

-Quick to push your shorts alongside your underwear down your legs, seeing your glistening pussy shine in the light, Tamaki couldn’t resist but get on his knees, face nestling between your thighs

-Deku following suit, pushing his bottoms down, and pushing his dick inside your needy cunt, walls hugging him perfect.

-Tamaki’s tongue working miracles on your clit and Deku’s fast thrusts edging you closer and closer to your release.

-It wasn’t long before you came, walls clenching aroud Izuku’s shaft, fingers pulling at Amajiki’s hair.

-Though you weren’t done yet. Both of them pulling away, one of them carrying you to the bedroom while the other is telling you all the dirty things that are about to happen.

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i got these two similar requests so i’m mixing them up!! also, your request is not weird at all, i love this trope 🥺

Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki and Tamaki Amajiki

Type: Headcanons


Izuku Midoriya


☁️Izuku is already cute and It’s been known.

☁️But baby Izuku? 

☁️Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload because that’s what you’ll get.

☁️Izuku seems to be aware of the fact that he was hit by a quirk because he looks so embarrassed, he won’t stop clinging to you??? 

☁️You spend the whole day just carrying him around, even during classes.

☁️Aizawa let him attend because he’s still the same old Izuku, but stuck in a two-year-old body. 

☁️That being said, he feels extremely sleepy and will fall asleep on your chest during class.

☁️He won’t admit it but it was the best sleep he had in a while-

☁️Will use this as an excuse to kiss your cheeks a lot.

☁️Once he turns back into his grown self, he’ll miss having you carrying him while he laid on your chest. 


Bakugou Katsuki


☁️He’s the most spoiled baby you’ve ever met.

☁️Bakugou is p i s s e d by the fact he was turned into a baby

☁️He won’t let anyone besides your get near him.

☁️He’ll always try to walk on his own, but his two-year-old legs just don’t??? work.

☁️So he’ll give up on that idea and just force you to carry him wherever you went.

☁️He’ll literally throw a tantrum if you even try to go to the bathroom without him.

☁️"Katsu I swear I’ll be fast, but I really need to use the bathroom-“

☁️"I don’t caweee-” He’ll babble and pout.


☁️He’ll never admit it, but he’s really enjoying all the attention he’s getting from you.

☁️He always has his arms wrapped around your neck and you caught him snuggling into you more than a few times.

☁️He’ll pretend he has no memory about the time he was a baby once the quirk wears off.

☁️But the blush on his face says otherwise.


Tamaki Amajiki


☁️Tamaki is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen in your life.

☁️The poor guy’s face turned bright red when he realized he was stuck into a two-year-old body.

☁️And he won’t even try to hide the fact he doesn’t want anyone else to pick hold him.

☁️He’ll hide his face on your neck while clutching your uniform with his little hands.

☁️He doesn’t even want to go to class but you end up convincing him.

☁️That doesn’t mean he’ll interact with other people though.

☁️Mirio will try to play with him and hell literally scoot away from him.

☁️The teacher lets you both skip the last class because Tamaki looks so red when everyone’s cooing over him, he might pass out.

☁️He feels more comfortable when it’s just the two of you and will let himself relax.

☁️He’s blushing really hard when you peck his cheek and tell him how cute he is.

☁️Talking about the time he turned into a baby is taboo.

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I’m not sure if you want my opinion or if this is for the drabble requests so I’m gonna answer with my thoughts and if this was a request then just let me know ok?

I can see Midoriya both sending as many things as he can afford to them and offering things for them to try when they come to visit him. He just wants to share as many of the things he likes with them as he can because he sees it as way of showing them how important to him they are

Kiri would be the type of boyfriend that excitedly spends as much time as possible with his s/o while they visit and brings them all sorts of goodies to try. He wants to make as many good memories with them as he can so they always have something nice to look back on when they’re away from each other

Uraraka is the same as Kiri, but with the add desire of experiencing new things together. She’d give them she hasn’t tried either so they can have the shared experience and would save up as much as she could to go to some nice places together

You know Momo would personally fly them out if they’d let her so of course she’d send them whatever little thing she say that made her think of them and take them to all the fancy restaurants just to try things they mentioned never having before. She just wants to make her s/o smile and even just knowing that they’re a little happier because of her is enough

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These are a few maid dress recolors inspired by MHA characters! They where really just for my entertainment and to practice making custom clothing but enjoy!

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Ok so I’m confused about the voice in the new chapter. Deku said it sounds like OFA except that it both seems to know EXACTLY what’s going on with Shigaraki, can read the future (?), is talking waaaaaaaaaay more theatrically, and is somehow able to talk to Deku whilst awake???

Does anyone have any good explanations or theories, I’d love to hear them thanx 😩✌️

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