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chaoticene · 2 days ago
ok but like…..have u ever thought that one of the reasons why bakugou used to hate deku and intentionally pick on him is because he‘s scared of the idealized version of himself in deku’s mind and afraid that he would never live up to deku’s expectations???
another reason is that he KNEW he didn’t deserve the title “greatest superhero” more than deku, whom he thought had more qualified traits to receive that title if that boy ever gained a quirk (now he has).
somehow i feel that bakugou has this big big hidden self-consciousness and the pressure of having to be one of the best to match people’s expectations of his “supposedly one of the best” quirk 🧐 maybe that’s why he’s so angry and agitated all the time
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loweater · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
22 years old
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tobirono · 6 months ago
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Happy birthday to the sweetest boys! [15.07]
god i suck at comics haha
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baku-bombshell · 3 months ago
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athenoot · 10 months ago
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get vibe checked ofa style
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error-thisblogisdead · a year ago
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Bad boys on  the hospital. 
Wait when Deku wakes up. 
I need soft hospital after everything. 
- Two heroes loose on the hospital SERIES -
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ackermzn · 5 months ago
"my child is doing fine" ma'am your child is uglily crying because bakugou called deku "izuku" and apologised for his actions
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sassiart8 · 7 months ago
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Thanks to @my-hero-incorrect-quotes in tumbrl that inspired me for this comic (ofc this is my pov!)☺️⭐️
Chek it out my InstaPage: Sassi_art8
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wwwcapricorncom · 3 months ago
“I Want To Play A Game”
Second part to the Ghostface series | Apart of Kinktober 2021
Ghostface Series Pt. 1 is here (you don’t have to read them in order!)
Who is under the mask this time ;)?
Patreon link!!
Description: You didn’t think that flirting with Ghostface in a haunted House would leave you so... helpless.
➥➥ Included Kinks: Oral (F and M Receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, Slight darker themes such a power dynamics, restraints, slight blackmail ig if you squint, orgasm denial, face fucking, gagging, hair pulling, smacking, some exhibitionism, anal play, squirting. Use of the words- ‘daddy’, ‘brat’, ‘slut’. Characters are aged up. MINORS DNI.
wc: 5.4 k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You walk past the line of excited and partially tipsy college students to the side entrance that Jirou had told you would be on the north side of the building. You thought you were running late, but had received a text not too long ago from her, saying the opening of the haunted house was going to be pushed back an hour or so and to take your time. The problem was that you were already just about there when you had received the text so you figured you would still go inside to aid her and the others in setting up the room within the house.
You had figured you’d easily stumble upon the evil doctor themed room or that you’d see someone who, by your costume: a rather dark themed slutty nurse, would point you in the right direction. However, after aimlessly walking into the wrong rooms and not seeing anybody occupying them, you started to feel a bit lost. You remember her saying that you all would be on the first floor, so you are confused as to why you haven’t discovered them.
At this point, there is one room left and to the right of the door, on its wall, is a large glass mirror. You feel it is fitting of the theme so you fling the door open and see that it is dimly lit inside and only decorated with some light blood on the walls and a table in the center which seems to have restraints on it. The door closing startles you enough to make you yelp which alerts the other person in the room.
“Holy- holy shit I didn’t see you there-
You stop talking as the person turns around and you see who they are dressed up as, “oh Mr.Ghostface how original.”
“And what are you supposed to be?” The person inquires and you can hear the dull, unimpressed tone that laces his voice even though the voice changer.
You pout, walking up to him and doing a little twirl before his eyes, “c’mon Mr.Ghostface I’m a slutty nurse can’t you see or should I give you a better look?” You tease and you can hear him click his tongue in annoyance.
“You’re too eventful. It’s annoying enough that I have to participate in this haunted house. I can’t handle you too-
“You don’t mean that, do you? I’m sure you were just sitting around here bored, why wouldn’t you want to have some fun. Matter of fact, I have some time to spare too!” You giggle actually very amused by the person under the mask. You loved the game of not getting enough attention from someone acting high and mighty just for them to succumb to you eventually. You were also eager to see who you were going to be able to sink your claws into, what unsuspected boytoy laid under that mask.
“It was quiet when you weren’t here though.” He states as he crosses his arms over his very defined chest. He is only wearing a black t-shirt so you can see the definitions of his upper body not to mention the muscles of his strong arms. Black ripped jeans adorn his long legs as you calculate he must be about 6 feet or so. All contributing to your throbbing cunt at this point.
You feign ignorance, “quiet and boring.” You say as you cross your arms too.
He sighs as he starts tapping his foot on the floor, “what do you want from me?”
A wicked smile forms on your face as you say, “duh to play a game!” All the while meaning much more provocative activities. If he didn’t have a mask on then you would have seen how he rolled his eyes, but bit his lip at the naughtier idea that, too, popped up in his mind. Maybe this could be fun, he starts to think, after all he has always had his eyes on you. A lot more than he’d like to admit and low and behold you come strutting into his room, just asking to be put into your place.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Hello you’re the one who is Ghostface, you should know.”
“Hmhm… I see... What's your favorite scary movie, Miss nurse?” He asks and you just about die hearing the condensing tone in his voice. You lick your lips, as you look up at him about to spew an answer.
“The one where the man dressed as Ghostface fucks the little helpless nurse.”
Now, knowing that you two are in sync in your desires, the man decides it’s really time to have fun, “I’ve never heard of it.” He smirks and you pout, rolling your eyes and backing away from him which makes him chuckle.
You start to pay attention to the decorations in the room a bit more in detail as you scheme something up to provoke the man, “you’re a bit mean huh?” You mutter finally nearing the table in the center of the room.
Your eyebrows knit together as you try to figure out how one would be restrained to it before it finally comes together. A small hum comes out of your mouth as you lean forward so that you’re bent over on the table. Breasts press against the wooden top as you place your hands through the little metal clasps.
“Is this how your dirty little contraption works?” You laugh as you shake your ass a bit, but halt quickly as you feel his presence behind you. So suddenly.
He’s clasping the constraints in a flash, so that your wrists are bound to the table while, rasping a “no” as he fixes you just how he wants. You’re shocked at this, not understanding how he switched from being so uninterested to alert. You start stuttering, “h-hey what are-are you doing?!”
He’s only humming at this, bending down to catch your ankle and clasp it to one leg of the table before doing the same to the other. By the end of it, you’re effectively confined to the table with legs spread apart, “this is how it works”.
Your heart is hammering against your chest as he runs a finger up the back of your thigh, admiring his work before reaching the frilly skirt that very poorly covers your ass. He wastes no time in flicking it upwards to expose your cute red panties, licking his lips as he notices the darkening wet spot on them. How cute.
“Ah, you’re a lot quieter now I thought you wanted to make a movie?” He coos and all you can do is stutter, completely flustered by the change in dynamics. How did he get the upper hand? You think, skin breaking out in goosebumps as he continues to trail his finger over your flesh.
A harsh slap lands on your ass and you just know the skin is reddening and rising as you let out a cute pained, moan. “Answer me, do you want to continue?”
You whimper attempting to shake your ass for him as you nod your head which lies on the table, “this is nothing I can’t handle.” He shakes his head and lands another slap to your ass loving how it bounces and bruises so easily under his touch.
“What a modest nurse, good then, I'll enjoy seeing just how far you can go.”
Something about that makes your stomach bloom in hot anticipation as he pulls down your red panties, a rush of cold air hitting your cunt and making you squirm. You can hear the floorboards creak under the pressure of his dirty converse shoes as he squats down behind you, using one of his fingers to spread your pussy lip.
“Fuck.” You whisper, loving how exposed you are to him, knowing that some stranger is watching your pussy hole clench and unclench with the want of something as it grows wetter.
He whistles lowly at this, impressed by “how much of a dirty little slut you are.” He then runs two fingers up your pussy and it makes you quiver a bit which he enjoys, watching those sweet plush thighs and full asscheeks jiggle in his face. Gosh he’s going to wreck you just right he thinks.
He stands up abruptly and bends over you so that his chest is against your back before weaving his middle finger through your soaked folds, “this is pretty sinful of you baby”. He states as he increases the speed of his finger, finally allowing it to rub against your clit.
“Don’t care, don't care I-I just want them inside.” You state wagging your ass from side to side in hopes that he would listen.
“I'm going to make a brat like you understand how to act in the presence of a real dom.” He growls as he pulls his finger away from your cunt to slap it roughly and you gasp loudly, jolting forward some.
You begin to protest again, “but- but I want it already. Stop teasing me!” He only chuckles, his eager bulge under his jeans beginning to press against your folds. The friction makes you optimistic as you both begin to grind into each other. His coarse hands grabbing your hips to further the rolling of his hips even thrusting into you which creates a soft omph noise.
“Now the games really start…” He mumbles and suddenly he’s swirling two fingers around your clit, “If you listen to me, then you’ll get to cum very hard tonight. If you don’t listen then you’ll be very disappointed. Understand?”
You nod your head slowly while starting to indulge in his ministrations which causes him to grunt before yanking your head up by your hair. Your eyes fly open because in the same instance of his pulling, he’s plugging those two fingers into your pussy hole.
“Use your fucking words when I’m talking to you.”
You choke on a moan, “ye-essss yess! I understand!”
“Good girl.” He replies loosening his hold on your hair as he starts to rake his fingers through it, massaging your scalp where you’d have an undeniable ache because of his yanking. You couldn’t help but feel oddly warm and turned on by his approval, succumbing to his actions.
He is good at multitasking in this way as he gently massages your scalp, but starts to completely piston his middle and ring finger into your pussy, “fu-uck yes yes!” You groan bouncing back into his fingers now wanting to push them further in, wanting them to touch your g spot.
He would have scolded you for acting without his permission, but the way your ass bounces on his fingers is something he is starting to relish, watching the flesh ripple upon every impact with his hand. The masked man finds himself wanting to see more, so he starts to twist his finger around in your pussy, knocking into your sweet spot and making you cry out.
“You’re leaking so nicely right now.” He purrs, “your fingers are so l-long!” You state as he starts to curl into your g spot, abusing it repeatedly as if he was smashing a button over and over again. Your slick is running down his palm and wrist as you start to fall victim to his fingers.
He picks up on this like a pro, “are you about to cum sweetheart?'' he asks, getting close to your ear. The weight of him against your back again, his warmth, just heightens the orgasm that was approaching.
“Yes, ‘m gonna cum! Gonna cum!”
He snickers at this as he pumps faster, only uttering one word at that moment: “Don’t.” You, through the fog of it all, try to turn your head to look at him, eyebrows knitting together in confusion and strain, “w-why, what do you-
“I’m not going to let you.” He cuts off your rambling as he pulls his fingers out of you, making your legs shake as your orgasm trickles away, so close to having bubbled over. Your lip quivers and he’s snickering all over again, “I’m just training you baby. You waltzed in here like such a fucking brat it would be a shame if I didn’t correct you!”
As you’re trying to find the right words to articulate how angry you are, he squats down before your pussy again. Your anger starts to dissolve as the hairs on your body stand to attention because you can feel his breath on you. That means his mask has to be slightly elevated if not completely off. Just as you're about to try and turn your head to get a better angle he’s smacking your thigh, “keep your eyes ahead or else.”
Biting your lip, you decide to obey and he's quickly pressing his lips to your pussy which has your back arching. A long “oooo” leaves your lips as he begins to make out with your pussy, his own soft lips moving as if he were making out with an actual mouth. He gulps a few times before sucking and slurping again, suckling your folds into his mouth and between his lips where he pulls at them slightly. “-taste amazing”, he speaks into your folds.
If you weren’t restrained right now then your hand would be on his head right now, stuffing him as far as he could go, not caring about if he could breathe because he was damn good at this. When he pulls back again he spits on your clenching hole which makes you moan, the feeling of his hot glob of spit strategically landing right on your entrance before he starts spreading it around with his fingers was making drops of sweat form on your skin.
He slips them back in again before warning you, “don’t cum.” His voice was low and raspy and it was oh so familiar. If you weren’t being such a slut in lust right now you’d surely be able to identify him, but any intelligence is lost when he starts to pump his fingers into your tiny hole while sucking on your clit. He’s growling and moaning in harmony with the squelching of your obnoxiously soaked pussy.
“How a-am I not supposed to cum?” You shriek as he starts to get harsher and sloppier with his movements, pumping into your g spot ever so deliciously while shaking his head from side to side in your cunt. You’re reaching your peak when he starts lapping at you with a hot, flat tongue feeling the coil in your stomach about to snap.
“I can't, I'm going to- cum!” You yell and as soon as this leaves your mouth, he leaves you. The frustration makes you ball your hands into fists.
“This shit isn’t fair!” You shout and he tsks pulling your hair swiftly again, “that fucking mouth of yours is such a problem.” He harshly let’s you go before making his way to the front edge of the table, walking up to it so that his struggling, defined bulge is in your face. You flick your eyes back and forth between it and his masked face.
“I’d be impressed if you can handle this. In fact it might even warrant a reward.” He states as he pulls his shirt up, holding it under his chin as he unbuttons and unzips his pants. You ponder disobeying, but you weren’t in a position to act much bratty plus you were more than ready to cum and if that meant seeing this through a bit more then fine.
He’s yanking down his underwear and jeans slightly, allowing his big cock to slap against his stomach and your face. You can see that the pretty, pink tip has already started leaking with precum and you’re quick to swipe at it with your tongue.
“Oh fuck- very good girl.” He groans as he thrusts slightly forward, making his cock slide into your mouth before he hesitates then pulls entirely back out.
“Look, um the safe word is Halloween okay?” He’s serious too not having any intentions on letting whatever the fuck this is get out of hand and you slightly swoon, “thank you”.
He hums at this, realizing you’re very cute in any context as you open your mouth and stick your tongue out as a signal to continue. He grabs his throbbing cock and pushes it into your mouth, but doesn’t stop until he’s bottomed out. Your nose presses cutely to his pubic bone as you gag, legs shaking as he moves to retract only half way, watching as you inhale sharply. Your eyes are glassy already and they squeeze shut when he thrusts back inside.
You’re moaning and trying to swirl your tongue and suck him as he starts to find a pace to quite literally fuck your face to. He’s tightly cupping your face with both hands as he starts to rhythmically snap his hips forward. You only have a few seconds in between to breathe and your throat is beginning to raw, but you like the way he is using your mouth like his own plaything. It turns you on and has you getting slicker by the second.
At one point, he bottoms out in your throat and puts his hands on the back of your head, keeping you there for as long as you can hold before he starts to feel you pulling back. He frees you, completely pulling out of your mouth where you can’t help but sputter, saliva dripping from your mouth and his cock.
“Puker those sexy fucking lips up for daddy.”
And you do, sniffling a bit to collect yourself before puckering your redden lips, he groans before taking his wet cock in hand. He pumps into his fist a couple of times as you watch in awe before slapping it against your lips. He smears your saliva and his precum everywhere- on your lips, cheeks and nose.
When he starts fucking your mouth again, he’s moaning subtly as he picks up the speed feeling his own release nearing.
“You’re talking daddies cock so well, fuck yes you are.” He mumbles bending over you to start to toy with your pussy again. To show him you like it, you start bobbing your head faster to his thrusts as he starts to insert his fingers inside you.
As soon as you feel them fully slot inside, you’re moaning contently around his dick, the vibrations making the man’s toes curl as he starts to fuck into your mouth harsher. You’re a gagging, moaning mess working on pleasing him while also focusing on how he’s attacking your sweet spot again. You didn’t need much now, no, you’d cum without even giving him a warning. It’s your plan. He will be too distracted.
Your legs start to shake so harshly, your mouth producing more saliva as you literally drool at how hard you can feel your orgasm coming. Your eyes are rolling to the back of your head as you almost go slack about to be overcome by pleasure when he does it again.
Completely pulls away from you. Ruining yet another orgasm.
A sob so harsh rips through your gut as tears fall from your eyes, “awwwww” he coos while grabbing your face in his large hands to make you look up at him.
“Now this. This is a broken brat. You look beautiful like this.” He is fake pouting under the mask.
“P-please daddy I’m - I’m ready to not be a brat. I’ll do whatever you want. I’m sorry. Just please please let me cum!” You throw out everything you think he wants to hear and then some and he’s utterly satisfied, bending down and resting the side of his face against the wood table, mimicking yours. Neat black painted nails reach out and wipe away the fresh tears that have fallen from your teary eyes “hush hush baby, no need to get all worked up especially after how good you just took this cock down your throat. Daddies going to keep his promise.”
You sniffle a bit at this, moving into his touch unsure on if he is telling the truth or not. He can sense your weariness as he stands up and walks around the table so that he is finally against you again. He wastes no time in gripping his member in his hand and rubbing the tip against your folds, “You believe daddy right?”
If possible, you arch into the table even more ass sticking out as a jolt of pleasure rips through your body at the micro action, “I b-believe you!”
He’s smirking at this as he pushes the bulbous tip in your needy hole, making you cry out while spit pools in the corners of your mouth and escapes down your chin as he pushes further inside. As soon as his hips smack against your ass and he is fully plunged within your thirsty walls your vision is spotting. You cum hard, ignoring how he struggles to hold back a moan of surprise as you shake violently.
“Did you… did you just cum?” He asks truthfully dumbfounded by this and you're apologizing profusely.
“I-I - I’m so sorry daddy please I couldn’t help it, just feels so good-  please don't stop please please-
He’s cupping your throat now as his other hand bunches the fabric of your skirt to aid him in his upcoming onslaught, “shh sh sh...such a sexy slut for that. You go ahead and indulge in this cock. I want you to remember everything, how every fucking vein feels.” He states as he begins to snap his hips into you slowly, knocking the air out of your lungs as he holds you up by your throat.
Each thrust is calculated, rubbing every crevice as you start to moan unceremoniously. Whoever the fuck this is, is teaching you a new meaning of sex and he knows it as he starts to choke you harder.
“Agh, agh fuck I love this, I want you to use me alll the time.” You whisper, nails digging into the wooden table in attempts to not pull against the restraints. He’s adding more force behind his thrusts now, slowly retracting only to plunge back in with teeth chattering force as you grow dizzy. Just when you feel your vision closing in and your face growing red from lack of blood flow, he releases your throat.
He’s next to your ear in an instant, kissing it softly, “your pussy feels amazing,” he raspily states before trailing his tongue from your ear down to the middle side of your neck. He places a wet open mouth kiss against your flesh before sucking it between his teeth, lightly biting and sucking to nurse a bruise into the soft skin.
“Attention Haunted House workers, the test run will begin now. Please be ready to run your exhibition.” A loud voice sounds throughout the building, making your fluttery eyes snap open.
“What's that?” You try to sound concerned, but it comes out breathy and light as he continues his attack on your neck.
He does not stop his actions, snapping his hips into you more roughly while talking against your skin, “a test run”, is all he says before he’s cupping the underside of your chin to make you look up at the wall before you. It is the one decorated with the mirror, “that’s a double sided mirror, we can see out but they can't see in.. unless I press a button to start the exhibition.”
You feel your legs wobble as the sound of voices start to fill the hallway, “should I turn it on so everybody can see how much of a nasty girl you are?” You try to formulate sentences, getting more aroused and embarrassed by his lewd idea, as you shake your head profusely.
“Why not, you're enjoying yourself so much. You're literally strangling my cock right now.” He taunts as he begins to rub your clit, “I'm going to let everybody see.”
“No daddy don’t please!” You plead just as people walk in front of the glass, “did you hear something?” They say as they get closer to the mirror, tapping it slightly just as he rams his fat cockhead into your g-spot.
Your eyes cross and he covers your mouth just as you’re about to scream out, “if you don’t cum quietly for daddy then I’m going to let them see me fuck you stupid”. He murmurs, lips pressing against your ear and you nod rapidly. He lets go of your mouth and continues to rub at your clit while fucking into your gspot. Your jaw drops as you try to not make a sound, a part of you not caring if someone sees how blessed you are right now, watching the people peer at the glass awaiting some horror spectacle. It’s only then that you really try to focus your eyes on the people behind the mirror. Your body heats up even more as you watch your group of friends, the entirety of the male Bakusquad, tap on the class.
“Do your friends know that you're such a slut, hm? It's crazy that they have no clue a slut like you is spearing herself so desperately on a cock just on the other side of that glass. I bet you want to make a fucking noise. To get caught all stuffed stupid and bound.” He states through clenched teeth as he rapidly flicks your clit with his fingers, making you cum on his cock for the second time that night. Mouth agape and eyes in the back of your head, you can’t even manage a squeak through how hard you’re cumming, you feel his pumping slow as your upper body goes slack on the table.
Your breaths are shallow as you lay, cheek smashed on the table, dizzily watching your group of friends retreat down the hall. “I swear, guys, that was supposed to be Hitoshi’s room!” Denki tries to explain to the group as they walk further down the hall and your pussy twitches even harder if possible around the length as your eyes widen.
“Oh no… I've been exposed. Not that that slutty little pussy of yours cares.” He deadpans with a cool and collected cockiness. You can hear the mask plop to the floor as he rubs your thighs, trying to do anything to turn that dumb little brain of yours back on.
You on the other hand are trying to muster up the courage to look him in the face, you two weren't particularly close, but had a couple of classes together. He was just the hot, quiet guy that tagged along with your group sometimes… not anything like this. As you throw a glance over your shoulder to take him in his fingers stumble upon something that is tucked into the front side of your skirt and takes it out, out of curiosity. A smirk spreads on his face as he sees a thermometer and stethoscope, he looks at you, surprised that you are able to even look at him and decides you can handle some more. After all he still does owe you one more orgasm right?
“Is the nurse feeling a bit under the weather? You look like you've gone through a lot. Mind if I.. take your temperature?” You're barely paying attention, tongue tied by how fucking hot he looks right now. Purple locks disheveled every which way as low, bag rimmed eyes bore into yours. You gulp, preparing to talk, to say anything when he plops the thermometer in your mouth which surprises you. “What are you-
He’s hushing you and making sure you keep your mouth closed until the item beeps and he takes it out, “only 98.1, that can't be accurate, right Miss Nurse? Good thing I know of a more accurate place I can stick this...”
Your ears perk up at this as you go to stand upright, only to remember that of course you’re still fucking bound. He chuckles as he spits on his fingers, lathering up his index finger before he starts to softly rub your asshole.
“H-hey you c-can’t I’m too sensitive!” You try to protest, “it's hard to tell if you're serious with how much your pretty little asshole is puckering.” Your cheeks burn red at this and you feel him place the cold metal tip of the thermometer at your asshole. He pushes it inside swiftly which makes you moan loudly before he stuffs his still erect cock back in your pussy.
“AGH UH I-I CAN’T!” You squeal as he pushes the thermometer further in your ass while bottoming out inside of you. Your cunt is squelching and drooling all over him as he gives you a few shallow thrusts while toying with the device, testing it out by pulling it out a bit before shoving it deeper into your tight hole.
Your uneven panting and moaning is enough indicator for him as he starts to fuck you barbarically now, anybody who walks past will surely hear, as the device beeps again. “It- fuck- says 101.2. Fuck baby y-you’re burning up inside. Because I’m fucking you so good, huh?” He is in awe at how aroused you are, how much wetter you have grown not to mention how your walls quiver around his cock while hugging it so snuggly. It’s affecting him almost to a lethal degree, but you’re no better. You’d like to say that you weren’t enjoying this all the more now that you know who is treating you so well, but that would be untruthful. He starts to push the device further inside, never slowing his thrusts- too mesmerized- and you begin to babble with a sense of urgency.
“If- if you, shit shit, keep pushing it deeper then you’ll-
Before you can finish the thermometer presses against your g spot in the same instant that his cock is kissing it so sweetly. The combination rips a scream from your lungs as your body basically heaves, shooting a stream of cum all over the floor and the man's shoes.
The force of your gushing, pushes his cock out just in time as he paints the floor and your ass with his sticky thick cum, watching as you shake so violently “holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit”. His voice strains and shakes as he continues to pump his cock not thinking he could produce so much ejuculation, every spurt providing immense pleasure.
By the time he is done, you're laying there dumbly, breath hitching erratically as you try and bring yourself back. His cock is screaming with sensitivity as he wipes it clean and fixes himself, panting as well. He's quick to grab some supplies that he was planning on using for the haunted house to clean you up, gently wiping your lower regions before fixing your clothes. Then he's unclasping your restraints and sitting you on the table as you both collect yourself quietly.
Just as he’s about to speak, there are knocks on the door and he throws one look at you, silently asking if it’s okay to open to which you nod, pulling out your phone and ignoring the millions of messages you have. You’re fixing your makeup when Denki comes inside talking about how he knew this was Hitoshi’s and Neito’s room and asking where he was. He started explaining how Neito was running late when Denki finally saw you.
“Hey y/n I think the girls were looking for you what happened? I didn’t know you and Hitoshi were acquainted!”
The tall man only softly chuckles at this in response as Denki continues, “watch out man this one is fierce!”
He looks at you, allowing a relaxed, almost lazy even, smirk to spread across his face while his eyes flick up and down your body. You can't help but press your legs together, you can practically feel him inside you all over again and you almost want to mewl in response to his look.
“I don’t think I have much to worry about right, y/n?”
Nobody would have guessed that that was the night Hitoshi became such a good daddy to you.
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minggchoww · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Low effort meme for today
Also posting this to hook people on the 8-page Steven Universe AU comic I’m working on rn ✍️💦
Tumblr media
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whimsicalolive · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
LOL this was supposed to be just a sketch -_-
Deku as a noodle for @moonpaw
design aint mine~~ ngl tho this was so much fun
Edited - worked on it a little more... saw a mistake:P
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loweater · a year ago
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baku-bombshell · 2 months ago
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athenoot · 6 months ago
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7.15 happy birthday young heroes
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error-thisblogisdead · a year ago
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Save the nurses, please, they make EVERYTHING a competition.
- Two heroes loose on the hospital SERIES - 
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bkdk likers rise up
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hims happy :]
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gatobrujoart · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
This is a little late but...
Lets begin the year with one of the most wholesome ship I love!!💚💜
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valstrikesback · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
"why couldn't u stay like this a bit longer, izuku?" inspired bye the new manga chapter that left in shambles
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shiggyscumrag · 7 months ago
Teasing the MHA boys and What would turn them on
Some of these will be vanilla while others are...pretty kinky- Uh so yeah enjoy :D
Tumblr media
He would over stim you for being a brat.
Even if you weren't acting like a brat and didnt deserve a punishment in the slightest, he will still over stim you to the point that you're sobbing.
You catch an attitude with him for no reason, oh you better watch out. You're getting a slap to your ass then being put over his knee and fingered till you cant cum anymore. Then he'll fuck you and still expect you to cum :)
"Katsuki please! I cant cum anymore! Please stop, please!" You pleaded for mercy as Katsuki only kept finger fucking you into oblivion. Mascara and Eye liner ran down your face as tears came running down in a heavy flow. You can't even remember what you did to deserve this punishment, but it did feel pretty good.
"This is what bratty bitches get! They don't get my cock, they get my fingers! So you better take it and like it! Cause this is the only way you're finna cum tonight!"
He would love sucking on your nipples-
He just lives for your tits and all their glory! He loves how soft and squishy they are
He also loves biting them and covering them fully in different shades of purple from all the hickies he gives you.
Loves having them in his mouth in general, and because he plays with them so much, your nips have grown extra sensitive to his touch~
He would get so turned on if you pressed your tits against him or they were showing. Like in a bikini or a skimpier dress/shirt. He would lose his mind-
"K-kiri!" You moan out. A grunt comes from Kirishimas mouth that sends vibrations throw your tit. A shiver runs up your spin.
"Kiri I'm extra sensitive today! Please be- please be carful!" You cried. Kirishima then detaches from your tit with a loud pop.
"Its okay pebble! Your tits just looked so good in that dress that I had to have a taste!" He stated with a cheeky smile now pulling up the straps to your dress. "Now we have to hurry or we'll be late to lunch!"
Quirk playyyy~
Denki is sadomasochistic, no if, and's, or buts
He would love the pleasure of you squeezing around his length as he sends electric shocks throughout of your body.
It would stim from when you were both training together and he shocked you on accident and you moaned and he just kinda looked at you like: 🤠
Game changer hehe
"Mhm, yeah you like it when I send electricity straight to that slutty clit of yours?" He said slapping your clit as a small spark went off. You were so fucked dumb at this point you couldnt even register what he was saying. You just batted your pretty eyes and called out his name like a broken record. Pleading for more and more and more, and Denki was happy to deliver.
Sero is your own personal choker-
He would use his tape, hands, etc.
He loves you to the moon and back and only wants you to he his and only his.
I like the head canon of sero being our Latin king so imma okay into that. He would love if you call him papi and ask him to choke you during seggs😫
"P-papi! S'to much, to much!" You moan out as Sero pounds into your leaking cunt.
"Ah, can baby not take it?" Sero said with fake sympathy. You clawed at his wrist that was gripping tightly into your hip. "What is it mi amor?" He whispered into your ear as he leaned over you, body weight stretching your legs up higher.
"Choke me! P-please!" You squealed out. Sero could feel his cock twitch at hearing your beg for his hand to wrap around your throat.
Piss...NO I'M JKJKJKJK-unless👀
Okay but like for real though this man has a breeding kink JALDMDBAKL
LIKE, I've made a fic about this before but like he would see sex as a way to mate you and make you his forever
Like once you've rode his dick and hes fucked his kids into you, you ain't leavin
"Tenya! Tenya more! Need more! Need you to fill me up with your cum!"
Iida kept up his steady pace of deep thrust that felt like it was bruising your cervix everytime it struck.
"You want my cum pumpkin? You want it? You want me to fill you up and make you a mommy?" He said grabbing you by the chin and lifting you to have your back against his chest and he pounded into you deeper.
Midoriya would like thigh riding, and it stims from him LOVING when you sit on his lap
It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy and makes his heart go brrrrr<3
He would love seeing your face contort into the most lewd expressions hes ever seen from just his thigh
It would get him all hot and bothered thinking about all the faces and noise you would make when his cock split you in half
As you sat on Izuku's lap you slowly started to grind against his clothed member. You felt him twitch under your touch, hands digging harder into you hips. A bruising force you loved more than anything in the world. You turned to kiss his freckled cheek. That's when he grabs you by the waist and flips you around to straddle his thigh. You looked at him, a shock yet lustful look in your eyes. He smirks and places a chaste kiss on your lips.
"Move." He said smacking your ass. A little whimper falling from your lips. You started to move your hips back and forth against his jean covered thigh. "Ride my thigh like the dirty slut you are."
He is a body worshipping king! He lives you no matter what your size!
He is very strong and big so he can pick you up and toss you over his shoulder no matter how big he is.
He doesnt care if you have scars, moles, freckles, dimples, tummy roles, hip dips, back fat, if your really skinny, etc. He finds everything cute on you<3
"Who's my pretty doll?" He asked slowly finger fucking you while making eye contact through the mirror you are sprawled in front of.
"M-me! I'm y-your pretty doll!" You whimpered
"That's right, what a good girl you are! So perfect for me!" He says kissing your cheek and hus finger start to pump in and out of you faster and faster. A squeal rips from your throat as you clench hard around his fingers. You can feel your release coming soon.
"Go on doll, cum on my fingers~"
Okay cause this obviously or whatever but he would be into tying you upobviously, so that's a big turn on for him.
But he would also be into pet play<3
You come crawling up in between his legs begging to suck his cock and he'll almost bust right then and there-
Shinsou has finally been given a day off to spend with his cute kitty. You sink down onto the floor now crawling towards the gap between Shinsou's legs. He looks down and sees your big pleading kitten eyes staring up at him. Your hands kneading his thighs.
"What do you need kitten?"
"Can I please suck your cock master?"
Shinsou nearly busted in that moment.
Tamaki is REALLY easy to turn on
He's already easily flustered so it's even easier to work him up.
A slight feel up would get him rock hard and leaking for you to just devour him
He would be a soft dom but would also like being dominated. 1000% a pillow prince when he is a bottom. Always so needy for mommy/daddy/master.
"Tamaki?" You say, a sort of lust filling your voice as you speak to him. You lean over his shoulder, causing him to pause what he was doing. You grab him by the chin and turn his head towards your face, locking eyes with his. "Mommy/Daddy/Master wants to give you a treat since you've been such a good boy. Would you want that?" You ask leaning dangoursly close to his face, centimeters away from brushing against his pink lips.
"Y-yes bunny." He said cheeks flushed a deep red.
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faketextsfromlastmight · 25 days ago
Ojiro Mashirao : Jeez, Shinsou, your brainwashing quirk is pretty strong...
Midoriya Izuku : Yeah! I could barely feel my legs while I was under your control... It's like my soul left my body.
Shinsou Hitoshi : Oh, don't worry. It's quite harmless. [Beat] Well, apart from the memory loss...
Ojiro Mashirao : What memory loss?
Shinsou Hitoshi : [grinning] Exactly.
Ojiro Mahsirao : STOP SCREWING WITH OUR HEADS, YOU... you lint-head!
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