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#bnha s4

Anonymous said:

NSFW headcanons between Mina and a Dom male reader who’s ‘packing’ 😉 if ya know what I mean 😆


Originally posted by nanjou


Mina has had her fair share of guys in high school

So she knows a good thing when she sees one

But sex doesn’t define her entire life, right?!

But let’s just say when she saw you, her mind went places

Many places in fact, especially the fact that she wanted to be friends

You instantly like her, because she’s like you but a girl

You guys make sex jokes, play flirt, and are constantly joking around

It’s usually at night though when you both get more… horny

Usually you both just cuddle, but it gets worst/better as the time goes on

All the tension is washed away when you both go to her room and…

She learns that she loves overstimulation with you, it’s just too easy to go over the top with you

Her bedframe now officially has scratch marks on it, and it’s crazy obvious

You guys have dates where you repaint it, and for her birthday she gets a new one

Since her roommate is Ochako, you guys try to keep it down but that never happens

For Christmas, you guys give her sound-proof Airpods as a gift

The best gift in the world

After a year of dating, you guys start treating life like a game with each other

She gives you a blowjob under the desk in class, and you eat her out after school to return the favor

Blowjobs are hard for her, and she can only give them a few times a week so her mouth doesn’t get sore

Lucky for you, she loves you for your size and personality

You’re perfect for one another, and she knows it

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I’m back from the dead once more. Cats aren’t the only ones who can have several lives. I’m here to continue my BnHA Journey.

I will react to season 4. I’ve watched the first episode months ago don’t @ me. That means I’m starting off with episode 2! I hope that you once again look forward to my nonsense. I don’t know how often I’ll feel like typing down my reactions so if ever there’s a part where you’d like to know what I think about that I miss, just ask away!

Also, I’ve missed you guys.

Here’s to more future shitposts! 🍻

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My Take On Endeavor’s Apology

I’m not caught up with BNHA, but from what I can tell, there’s a clip everyone is talking about of Endeavor apologizing to Shoto and saying that Endeavor is getting better.

If it’s the scene I think it is, then Endeavor says something along the lines of

“I’m proud of you, son….so I will become a hero you can be proud of too. Proud that your father is the Number One Hero.. the most powerful man.”

That doesn’t sound like an apology to me.

He says he wants to become a hero Shouto can be proud of, not a father Shouto can be proud of. And there is a very big difference between those two phrases if you ask me.

To me it sounds like he only wants Shouto to like him for being strong, not for fixing his ways and becoming a better father.

I could have the wrong scene, and maybe I’m just basing this off of the fact my father was abusive, but..

I don’t understand how this is improvement. I’m sorry to anyone who likes Endeavor, but I just can’t see it.

Please correct me if I have the wrong scene, and feel free to voice your take on this. I won’t bite. I’m honestly a bit curious to see how everybody else took this!

Sorry if this rant sounded aggressive, I really dont mean for it to come across that way

That’s actually part of the reason I dont like ranting at all-

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Bakugo x Reader; Catch Ya Later

Bakugo is suspicious of Reader, who seems to be perfect in every way. He is obsessed with finding her dirty secret, or could he be obsessed for another reason?

Enjoy the series! <3 one two

Bakugo was sitting at his desk, waiting for the teacher to arrive when you walk in. He only looks at you for a second or two before you are crowded around by students. “Huh, what’s the big deal?” Bakugo asks himself, not meaning for Mineta to turn around and pull out magazines with your photos on it.

“She’s a model, see?! She models for Peace & Positivity! It’s a hero agency that trains people to disarm villains in the least violent way possible! She had a nature quirk, see? Look at that pic of her in a bikini! See how to fish are drawn to her? Oh, and here she’s wearing a crop top and the parrots land on her head!”

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I like how bnha season 4 just ended and people are already complaining about how season 5 will suck because apparently season 4 sucked..
Like hello.. season 4 had two of the worst paced arcs thrown in it… It wasn’t that bad xD
They made it work, the pacing was better imo than in the manga (like 11 months for the saving eri arc)

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The animation this episode was so good tho. Endeavor was so cool!!!! The fire, the burning wings, the soundtrack. Bruh. So fucking good. A few scenes were cut off but all in all, it was a great season ender episode.

Can’t wait for season 5!!!!

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