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#bnha scenarios

So, here is a post for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

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Izuku Midoriya


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

- Of all the ones on this list, he gets you the most

- Because he’s been there

- When you two start dating, you don’t tell him till the 2nd or 3rd date

- Not because you don’t trust him, but because you were scared of what his reaction would be

- When you do tell him, he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug

“You think not having a quirk makes you any less special to me? I love you how you are, quirkless or not! So, don’t worry about it! I love you no matter what…”

- After that, he makes sure you feel extra love

- Whether it’s extra cuddles or kisses

- He’s giving you more affection 

- Even if you complain about it

Bakugo Katsuki


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

- Telling him took a lot more courage than you thought. 

- Considering the fact that you were in general studies and were more focused on fixing your fellow classmates costumes, he just assumed you didn’t want to be a hero

- Cause you sure didn’t sign up for the hero course( at least he didn’t see you at the entrance exam)

- Also, knowing him, you knew his view on it and were kinda scared to tell him

- You didn’t want him to see you as a weak piece of shit

- When you do tell him, you make sure to do it in private, in case he gets mad or something along those lines happens

“You think I give a fuck about whether you have some shitty quirk or not? I seriously don’t give two shits if you have one or don’t. I-If i didn’t think you were the best, you wouldn’t be here dumbass…”

- He really doesn’t know how to tell you that it doesn’t bother him

- And his pride won’t let him just say that he loves you as you are

Todoroki Shoto


Originally posted by uchihaharunoss

- I think he wouldn’t find out by you

- His dad finds out that you two are dating and immediately starts doing research on you

- When he finds out you’re quirkless, he flips and starts going off on Shoto the next time he sees him

- Of course, Shoto just shrugs it off because he really doesn’t care about what his father says at this point.

- Even though Shoto knows, he will wait for you to tell him, as well as acting as though he had no idea

- When you do end up telling him, he keeps his calm face and takes your hand, gently kissing the knuckles

“Princess, my love for you will not waver. Whether you have a quirk or not means nothing to me. I will love you till the ends of time…”

- He’s overall really sweet about it and makes sure you feel loved

- If anyone were to say something mean about, Shoto would not hesitate beating someone up

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Yum yum mmmmm Hayy can I get headcanons for todo kacchan and izuku with a wiredo gf also I love your writing it’s really lit💖✨🔥💛❣️ no but seriously I love you and your writing I really wish we could be friends😪💕💙❣️♥️💗💝💜

Lmao thank you💕💕



Originally posted by bnhasdaily

- he’s trying his best okay

- He’s already terrible with social stuff

- You make his mind race

- “Hey sho check this out, if I run and jump Bakugou would catch me.”

- “I don’t think he will.”

- “YEET.”

- Almost has a heart attack as you run and jump right into the fools arms

- Guess he did catch you

- He drops you after like a second but still

- “YEET!”

- “S/o Im begging you to stop throwing Mineta across the room Aizawa sense Will give you detention again.”

- He loves you tho.”

- “If you do weird things with your quirk he will try to do the same to match that energy.”

- “S/o look, I made a flower out of ice.”

- “That’s really romantic and amazing but I just wanted to show you this hand turkey of principal Nezu that I made.”

- He’s the “someone is going to die”

- And you are the “of fun!”



Originally posted by deku-smash

- bruh will laugh

- Not at you but at the tings you do

- You keep him on his toes and he appreciates that

- “Bitch ass bitch.”

- “S/o!”

- “What?”

- “Kacchan can’t handle being told the truth.”

- Will occasionally take part in the madness

- You are on his back all day allmight has to just go with it

- “We weren’t making out allmight sir I got a snake bite and Deku was just siphoning the poison.”

- Y’all gon make him grey

- Aizawa has really considered having you switched out of his class be he’s going to cry

- You can’t be nobody’s partner in class BC it’s always a problem

- If you’re doing good academically he will let some stuff slide tho.”



Originally posted by giorno

- he’s tired man

- Why is he dating you?

- Who knows

- You’re aggressively weird as to where he’s just aggressive


- “I shaved my eyebrows!”


- “I don’t know!”

- You’re going to make him cry too man

- Present mic is your fav teacher and him and Aizawa are screwed

- “Banana king!”

- “I will expel you it’s been FOUR WEEKS.”

- Lmao

- With the squad it’s worse BC you’re almost always orchestrating the stupid shit they do

- “Let’s do this!”

- “Nope, not in my watch.”

- “You have on multiple times told villains to fuck off.”

- “Crusty ass lips having ass.”

- He’s confused as to HOW you can be so dam bold but he’s grateful

- ‘Insert the rescue scene but with you instead of kirishima’

- Will yell at your ass for hours about how stupid that was

- But will hold you all night and tell you how thankful he is that you saved him

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May I request some Aizawa with fem!reader? Aizawa comes home to find his S/O crying? Just some good old hurt/comfort. The rest is up to you! Btw.: Your rules are not harsh, they're very appropriate. It's not harsh to ask for respect.

Aizawa coming home to his love crying

Hey. Hey, guess what. I actually write. Surprising, right? Anyway I want sad, but also good wholesome comfort from daddyzawa. It’s been a rough fucking year, we all know we deserve this shit. Also sorry about the wait, I’ve wanted to die for a while so I haven’t been to motivated this year. I’m here now.


Originally posted by bnha-velka

Aizawa sighed rolling his shoulders out. It had been a long day — a very long day. All days were long to him, to be fair, but this one was one of the worst he’d had in a while. Class A had been rowdy, which wasn’t abnormal, but they were just slightly more annoying than usual(especially a certain few boys). Not to mention he had to patrol for a bit longer than usual, which meant less sleep — something he already hardly got enough of.

All he wanted was to go home and lie down with his lover and all their cats and sleep. Luckily for him, he was already home, so he no longer had to wait for just that. So he thought. He pushed the door open, stepping in and slipping his work boots off as he closed the door behind him. He announced his arrival with a low, ‘I’m home,’ that garnered no response.

No big deal, they didn’t always bid him welcome when he came home. He really wished they would today, but it wasn’t something he could complain about that much. Making his way fully into the apartment he noticed they weren’t in the living room watching reality TV like they usually were, nor were they in the kitchen making something to snack on.

He looked at the clock; it read 1:15AM. Ah, that made much more sense, they never were the night owl type — instead they preferred waking early, much to his chagrin. He made his way down to their shared bedroom, quietly as he possibly as not to wake them. This way he could get some much needed rest much sooner than he expected. As he finally reached the door, hand poised ready to open it, he heard a little noise on the other end. A little whimper that made his heart drop.

He quickly opened it, eyes immediately catching their hunched and trembling figure curled up in the sheets. At first he thought something had happened to them, they were hurt or something alike that, but he quickly realized that wasn’t the case.

Quietly he padded over to their side of the bed and sat down next to them. Slowly they turned around to face him, eyes red and watery from their crying. He said nothing, because what could he say about the situation he knew nothing about. He just held them tightly to his chest, running his fingers through their hair and rocking them back and forth to soothe them. They laid lifelessly against him, unable to do anything but cry.

It took at least an hour of this for them to finally calm down to little sniffles he pulled away, one gripping them by their shoulder gently while the other made it way to their face to wipe up any stray tears. He didn’t have to say anything for them to know what he wanted — they were exceptionally good at reading him through his eyes.

They took a deep, shaky breath and asked, “You remember what I told you about my sister, right?”

He nodded. She was flown to America for a special treatment. They couldn’t accompany her which devastated them, but they — along with Aizawa — sent continual support and stayed updated with the situation through their parents.

“Uh. Dad just- he called me and… uh,” tears were welling up again, and Aizawa had to shush them as he pulled them into another hug.

They didn’t have to finish for him to know.

They wrapped their arms around him tightly, “Sh-she went peacefully… she was s-sleeping.”

He just held them as they sobbed, not worrying about how much snot they were inevitably getting on his clothes. All that mattered was them right now, nothing else. He would let them cry into his shoulder as long as they needed, there was nothing else he could do or say but that right now.

After another, shorter period of time they calmed down again, able to speak in much more calm manner.

“She always told me how excited she was for our wedding, and how amazing of an aunt she was going to be,” they chuckled out, and despite the circumstances Aizawa felt his heart warm at the thought.

“Thank you,” they whispered after a small silence, “I love you.”

He hummed, “I love you too.”

Lol this is totally unedited, I’m sorry. I hope this was good??? Idk if this was like fluffy enough or angsty enough, and the ending is def iffy… All I know is it’s pretty short lol. However, I hope this was still enjoyable for all of you! But uh, yeah this was pretty fun to write. I wrote two things alongside this so… those will come out eventually. Idk, I’m gonna go to bed now I’ve got e-learning in the morning lol. (Spoiler, I did not go to bed).

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1-800-𝘊𝘙𝘜𝘚𝘏 𝘏𝘖𝘛𝘓𝘐𝘕𝘌 m.list


-`,✎ SYNOPSIS ↷ being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t even give a fuck about his surroundings is tough. to watch him grow up before your very eyes, it was hard not to fall in love with him. luckily, there’s new lovebot going around twitter. what could possibly go wrong in anonymously proclaiming your feelings, right?


-`,✎ GENRE ↷ fluff ┊ crack ┊ slice of life

-`,✎ A/N ↷ 500 followers special!!


⤹ ·˚ ༘  table of contents࿔₊•

⤷ □ ONE □ TWO 

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request:  Hello, can I ask you to write hc’s about Shinso and his s/o working together as pro-heroes? How they work as a team, how they behave when the two of them are recognized on the street during a patrol, and so on. If not difficult, please consider that his s/o hides his true identity (her costume reminds Edgeshot). People’s opinions different on this point, but they all think these two are cool and maybe even cute?  (like, they don’t advertise their relationship, but they don’t deny that they are close). Thank you so much for your work! 💕

character: hitoshi shinsou

genre: fluff

note: so much detail and i love it dsklhfksh


-the ideal team for him is where he uses his quirk to possess and lure out enemies to extract information

-and someone else does the job of engaging in combat

-and it’s always been like that

-he’s pretty great at combat too but he just likes having the offence reinforced

-and that’s where you come in: the discreet offense who no one ever saw coming

-you looked like someone who had a defense quirk

-but the moment where you show your skills after shinsou immobilized them, the media and bystanders are just stunned

-unlike traditional hero pairs, there was no official side kick since the both of you worked in perfect harmony

-everybody shooketh to the core because the dynamic of your pair was refreshing

-and when the both of you celebrated the success by giving each other high fives and pulling your masks to smile at each other

-it piqued everyone’s interest

-the media pulled off a todoroki and started to theorize what was going on behind the scenes

-was it really just simple friendship or something more than that?

-and when fans were on you tail to see what was going on

-he’ll notify that he’s grabbing a cup of coffee for the both of you

-and when you ask him if he wanted you to wait 

-he brushes it off by asking you to go ahead to the office

-when you just walk away with a nod, everybody is just confused???

-like whot?? weren’t the both of you dating????

-he comes rushing back to the office, with the orders in both of his hands

-worrying that they’d get cold

-and when he gives you your cup of coffee in your cabin

-you pull him down by his ropes and pull his mask down to place a small kiss on his lips

-he just smiles into it and goes in for another one

-and when the both of you start heading out with your daily dose of caffeine in your hands

-you walk ahead, looking around while enjoying your cup

-when you randomly call out his name, he looks quite alarmed

-and when you chuckle saying that you weren’t warning him about a threat but that you just wanted to thank him for the drink

-he just rubs his head and smiles

-when you begin interacting with a kid who was just enjoying the day on the side walk

-he’s just awe struck at how good you were at it

-he was thankful because you helped your pair maintain high rankings on billboard hero rankings through you suave style of fighting and cheerful amiable aura

-but he also loves how you were able to warm up to little kids, totally unlike him

-he admired you for who you were, because you had all the qualities he wanted

-wanting to take a closer look, he squats down with you

-and when you slightly blush from how close he was to you

-a shade of crimson floods his features too as the both of you look apart from each other

-as you gather yourself and continue talking to the child

-he continues looking at you and the child and ruffles the kids hair

-and then she drops it

-”hey mister hero, are you miss heroine’s prince who is going ot protect her form all evils?”

-and the both of you were shocked at the question from the child

-and before you could formulate an answer, he smoothly said a single word

-”maybe” and got up with a smile, while dusting his knees

-when you just looked at him, he just slyly shrugged and helped you to get up by giving out his hand

-the cute child asked the both of you to wait, until she comes running with two daisies in her hands and gives each of them to the both of you

-as you stick the daisy in your hair, he shuffles to do the same

-and then the both of you thank her for it

-and before leaving she screams “good luck prince and princess”

-the both of you just look at each other, wondering if the cat is finally out of the bag

-chuckling, the both of you continue your patrol with small talks and laughter in the between

-just creating sweet moments to be embedded within the depths of your memories, regardless of what others had to say

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“Like I expected, you’re much comfier than my pillow.” with Bakugou please? 🥺🥺

a/n: i wanted to write a separate sick!bakugo but with the prompt given… hehuehue,, hope you like it! <3

if there’s one thing you know all to well about your boyfriend, it’s the fact he never gets sick. so during practice today, when you saw his distressed state, you knew something was wrong. 

bakugo was wincing and coughing a bit too much as he was doing his usual combat training. if you looked closely, you could see him massage his temples whenever he’s taking a short break to catch his breath.

“are you okay, bakugou?” the clone of ectoplasm who was training bakugou asked the boy who looked like he wanted to puke any moment from now. bakugou wipes his sweat with his arm, “one more round..” he managed to say in between his coughs. 

you frowned, watching him compose himself from another part of the gym. “ectoplasm, i’m gonna head over to bakugou” you tell one of the clones. ectoplasm’s clone nods and disappears from your sight. 

you head over to bakugou’s place to find him on his knees panting. “katsuki!” you exclaimed as you ran over to him. bakugou’s vision started getting hazy but he still managed to make out your silhouette. 

“y/n?” was the last thing he said before his vision went black

you thanked kirishima, midoriya and iida for carrying bakugo all the way from gym gamma to his room. midoriya stares at bakugou’s unconscious state. “i think he’s overworked.. probably stressed over his provisional license exam next week” midoriya laughs awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. “well, i’ll leave the rest to you y/n-san!” he chirps, closing the door quietly. 

taking a deep breath, you start to undress bakugou from his hero costume to change into more comfortable clothes. in the process of removing his shirt, you took a mental picture of his toned chest making your cheeks turn more red than it already was just a moment ago. 

you put his dirty clothes into his hamper. after that, you grabbed a small basin and filled it with water. you returned to his room shortly after. you placed the basin down on his bedside table.

you sat down next to him and placed his head softly on your lap. you placed the back of your hand on his forehead only to retreat it quickly. “you’re burning, katsuki” you pout as you brushed his bangs away from his face.

wetting the wash cloth, you start to gently wipe his sweat away as you made your way around his face. “Like I expected, you’re much comfier than my pillow.” bakugou blurts out as you wiped his neck.

you looked down and see his eyes were still closed. you chuckled as you continued to do your work. “I didn’t know you were awake” you say as you’ve reached his arms. 

“I woke up when you went to the bathroom. good job on removing my clothes by the way. hope you liked touching my amazing body as I was unconscious” he boasts, a satisfied smirk plastered on his face.

“well, you are sick so just rest easy okay?” you say as you placed his head onto his pillow. bakugou whines as he watches you pick up the basin and walk out of his room. “i’ll be back stupid” you laughed, closing the door,

bakugou huffs as he waits for your return. man, he could get used to this. his girlfriend taking care of the bakugou katsuki.  

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[ Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia ]
[ Characters: Togata Mirio ] 

「Headcanons of Mirio with a really shy S/O. 」


♤ Mirio gets a lot of attention from other students. He’s a very energetic person with some peculiar habits and odd sense of humor. In addition he has a very optimistic attitude and is always smiling. It was kind of a huge contrast when someone compares him with you, kind of makes everyone wonder how the two of you ended up together in the first place. He was quite the popular guy and had certainly received confessions from a few people. It did make you wonder why he chose you out of all people too. But Mirio treats you like the most precious thing in the world and makes you melt just by his actions.

♤ It actually starts with your silent admiration for the future Pro Hero who was well liked almost everyone in the school. Who wouldn’t like someone as bright and cheerful as Mirio anyway? You never thought that you would be in his radar in his place. That was until he approached you for a group project. Mirio easily befriended you and invited you to group up with him. He was a very talkative person and you don’t have to worry about the awkward silence between the two of you. Although your replies are a bit quiet and shy, he doesn’t mind at all. Eventually, Mirio led you into meeting the rest of the Big Three where he points out you remind him of Tamaki, his childhood best friend. 

♤ Honestly, he thinks that you’re the cutest thing ever. You were shy and has this small habits of showing so. Either by playing with your hair, fiddling with your finger or the hem of your shirt/skirt, he thinks that super adorable. Sometimes he ends up staring at you like you were the most beautiful painting in the entire world. If you get flustered by this, he says that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because you’re both dating. But Mirio being Mirio, there are times where he can just blurt out or do embarrassing things without being conscious about it.

♤ Even so, he doesn’t do anything if it makes you uncomfortable. Mirio likes seeing you getting flustered and is especially proud when you gain confidence to do something on your own. He was always the one pulling you into a hug, taking you out on dates and kissing you. When you would shyly pull at his sleeve, muttering about how you want a kiss, he will do it in a heartbeat. When you get pouty for not receiving enough attention but too shy to tell him, he finds it amusing to be honest. You’re like a puppy and it makes him want to carry you to the couch, bundle you up in blanket and cuddle you till you both fall asleep.

♤ You all know how this boy encourages Tamaki to be better and reminding him that he’s an awesome person? You bet your ass that he’s going to do the same with you. He will become you number one fan and supporter. When you’re asked to deliver a speech in front of a crowd, he will be waving at you and cracking a joke to make you feel more relaxed. If you’re a student in UA, he will be there to remind you that you’re an amazing person, which you are but you seem to not know about that?

♤ He loves surprises! Be it surprising you with hugs by suddenly wrapping his arms around you from behind. Sometimes he will buy you gifts that reminded him of you. There’s a lot of things that he likes to do but one of the things he likes is to make you flustered. However he doesn’t push it too much and knows his boundaries. 

Total: 628 words
Published: 03.04.2020

Thank you for requesting! *。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و*。
Haven’t seen sunlight in a while.
I want to drink some bubble tea. ― author Lou

Thank you for requesting!
I want to eat some barbecue.
And ice cream. ― author Natsuki

Requests are open! Matchups are closed!

Please do not mind the grammar mistakes and typos.

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request: Could I request hcs with shinsou and Tamaki with a forgetful and repetitive s/o? They frequently repeat things they already said since they don’t remember who and what they’ve said to people. It’s been getting bad recently and I’m feeling bad because people are getting very irritated with my poor memory :D

characters: Hitoshi Shinsou, Tamaki Amajiki

genre: fluff

note: well my sleep schedule is as good as fucked up and i slept during the afternoon to stay up the entire night lmao. i haven’t personally been in that situation but i can only imagine how hard it might be for you, but please do not hold yourself because of it. everything you want to express deserves to be heard, regardless of how many times you say it💙

Hitoshi Shinsou


-he doesn’t really mind you repeating stuff to him

-and when you get a bit too self conscious about your repetition

-he can easily figure it out since you lean towards quickly ending conversations

-he just has that casual smile when he grasps the situation

-and then he holds you by your shoulders, asking you to look at him in the eye

-then softly asks you to stop worrying about unconsciously holding yourself back from opening up to him

-and he lovingly tells you that he’s always up for whatever you want him to listen to

-even if you’ve repeated it a lot of times

-he’s just an accepting sweetheart about the entire thing

-and he’s your planner in form of a boyfriend 

-any important event? 

-you bet he has an alarm on his phone for just that

-and he’ll call you to remind you about stuff

-especially those early morning, before school errands like putting yur paper in your bag

-treasure these moments because his husky voice after waking up is pure bliss

Tamaki Amajiki


-he’ll try his very best to help you out

-although, according to him, he is quite prone to forgetting stuff due to his nerves getting the better of himself

-but he wants to help you and be a better version of himself for you

-he thinks he doesn’t do a good job at remembering stuff for you

-but in reality

-this dude has all his shit together

-if he sees you muttering that you want to wear a certain certain dress for your date with him

-and when you’re getting ready for it and wondering what you want to wear

-he’ll remind you that you had a certain dress mind, and when you finally remember that you had mentioned it to him

-when you thank him for reminding you

-he can’t help but blush at it

-brushes it off as nothing

-give him those pecks on the cheek and watch his heart soar into the heavens

-and when you start to become really self conscious about your repetition due to your poor memory

-he’ll just hold you in his arms until you feel like you’ve let all your frustration out 

-and when you start to calm down, asking him to let go of you

-he’ll just pull you closer to him and bury his nose in the crook of your neck

-and then starts telling you of how you shouldn’t really worry about it and that he’d be there to help you if you want him to

-insists that he’d love to do it for you

-so your man has got your back for you, don’t worry too much about it

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Ship: Toshinori x Aizawa x Hizashi (poly)
Warnings: None
Prompt: Person 1 hurts their hand and can’t wash their hair so Person 2 offers to do it for them.
Original date written: Aug 1st 2018
Notes: I cleaned this up just a tidbit other wise it’s all the same as when I originally wrote it - this was part of a 30 day writing thing I had tried (and failed)


After the events taking place at the USJ, Aizawa was turned into a temporary mummy after being released from the hospital. Reason? Yamada Hizashi, one of his boyfriends. While Aizawa loved him to death, the man’s need for bandaging parts of him that weren’t even injured was overkill.

With his arms out of commission for a short period of time, Aizawa had no option but to rely on his boyfriend’s help when doing things at school or at home. When Hizashi wasn’t around to help, Toshinori was there for him, even if he was fairly injured himself.

With school closed for the time being, when they weren’t busy attending meetings the three of them were given a few off days. Despite his arguments Toshinori was set on rest along with Aizawa, Hizashi made sure of it.

“C’mon this gives us the perfect chance to finally have a date night with all three of us!” The loud blonde argued, still clad in his hero uniform after a long day of meetings.

“I won’t say no to resting.” The raven mumbled, making his way to the shared bedroom.

The two blondes followed suit so Hizashi could help them both undress. “I suppose I could leave it up to the others..” Toshinori mumbled to himself.

Toshinori had more ease with changing out of his clothes unlike Aizawa who needed full on help. “Alright arms as far back as you can get them.” The blonde turned his head to watch Hizashi begin to remove their boyfriend’s top half of his costume. “Hold on your dumb scarf is in the way.”

Hizashi hoisted the heavy wraps over his boyfriends head before cringing when his hands came in contact with his hair. “Ew!!”

Toshinori covered his ear at the thankfully not quirk activated cry. “Ouch ‘Zashi my ears..”

“Sorry! But oh my god babe when the hell did you last wash your hair?!” Hizashi paled and frantically rubbed his hands on his pants as if that would do something.

“I dunno, been awhile I guess..” the raven mumbled.

“Been awhile!? Like a few days or weeks?!” Toshinori cringed at that, he knew all too well how lazy Aizawa could be about his hair, it was usually left to them to wash it when they wrangled him in the shower with one of them.

“I must agree, I don’t believe that’s very healthy Aizawa.” Hizashi snapped his fingers and stuck his hip out. “See! Even Toshi agrees!”

Aizawa stared up at the two blonde giants before wagging his bandaged arms in a self washing motion. “Yeah let me get right on that, oh wait..” he retorted dryly.

The two paused and looked at one another then to Aizawa, right. “Here I’ll do it for you, Mr Smartypants.” The loud blonde offered. “I don’t care how but by god let me wash your friggin’ hair babe.”

Aizawa made a noise of agreement and Hizashi set out to continue removing his clothes before he removed his own into something casual, a tank top and his underwear.

The two made their way to the bathroom with a quiet Toshinori shuffling after them. “I’d help but..”

Hizashi raised his hand to stop him before grinning. “Its okay babe, you just sit and relax!” Toshinori did just that and sat carefully on the toilet, out of the way but still within the room to watch his partners.

Hizashi filled the tub and eased Aizawa into it so that his arms could rest comfortably on the edge of the tub while he sat himself on the ledge behind his boyfriend. “Try not to fall asleep this time, your not exactly lightweight sweetie.”

Aizawa hummed before closing his eyes. “No promises.”

The loud blonde went to work washing his boyfriends hair, eventually leading to washing his body for him as well. He filled most the event with conversation about various topics, Toshinori and Aizawa listening, occasionally replying to urge their love to ramble further.

By the time he finished washing up Aizawa, Hizashi had quickly done a wash through of the product in his hair, Toshinori had left to fix the three something light for dinner. With Aizawa’s hair now freshly cleaned and fluffy, tummy’s filled, the three set out to head to bed early.

With Hizashi proudly in the middle he kissed both his boyfriends good night before flopping on his back to snuggle up. Once the light was out Aizawa leaned to his boyfriend and mumbled a soft “thanks” before joining the two in sleep.

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rules !!!

welcome to our imagines blog, fellow citizens of the simp nation! this blog is run by none other than our 2 smexy simp kings i, @mitsubruh (Mod Suba 🌌) & @pxntastic (Mod Onion 👻) before we begin with the rules, please note that we are in school so uploading schedules would be a bit inconsistent, but we will try our best with this blog nonetheless!

the fandoms we are able to write for are as listed below ;

  • Assassination Classroom 👻
  • Boku no Hero Academia 👻🌌
  • Bungou Stray Dogs (only up to s2) 🌌
  • Danganronpa (all games) 👻🌌
  • Dangerous Fellows 👻🌌
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses 👻
  • Haikyuu!!! 🌌
  • Hypnosis Mic 🌌
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba 👻🌌
  • Mystic Messenger 🌌
  • Persona 3, 4, & 5 👻
  • Pokemon (all games/gens + pokespe manga) 👻🌌
  • Toilet Bound Hanako-kun 👻🌌

(emojis indicate what which of us mods are able to write for)

1. ) we will write headcanons, matchups, scenarios, texting scenarios & oneshots! you may request up to 3 CHARACTERS, and 2 FANDOMS FOR MATCHUPS. though you may feel free to request again for more in a separate ask. please also specify which specific games for the Persona & Danganronpa franchises. we’re most comfortable doing character x reader, though you may also add how you would like us to incorporate the personality of the reader through your request. also, please specify which gender you’d like for the reader!

2. ) WE DO NOT WRITE SMUT/NSFW, YA THIRSTY 9 YEAR OLDS 😡please especially consider the fact that the both of us are minors and (hoe)ly simps for the lord 😇

3. ) matchups are always fun! basically, just describe yourself like your personality and other things, and we’ll determine a matchup based on the information you give us and even give you some extra headcanons. 

things you can specifically add onto your matchup requests are your looks, height, personality type, zodiac arrangements, d&d alignment, zodiac sign, hobbies, interests, etc. specifications are allowed! be sure to specify your gender, sexuality, and the preferred gender of your match. it’s totally ok to send in longer ones if you couldn’t fit it into the 500 word limit, as it would be especially helpful and easier for us to determine your match! just please format them like (1/?) [random emoji if you’re going anon]

since these tend to be quite draining to do and would most likely flood the inbox, we will only allow 2 FANDOMS upon request for matchups. if you’d like more fandoms feel free to send in another ask after we post your first matchup (no need to redo what you’ve previously wrote just ctrl+c ctrl+v). you may do this just as long as the inbox is open.

anyways, thanks so much for reading the rules! have a nice day~!

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HI! Since I'm your idol and all I want to request handholding with Bakugou. Can you make it sfw+nsfw and just super hot. - lady-bakuhoe

AHHHH MY SENPAI NOTICED ME!! @lady-bakuhoe Make sure you reblog this and comment and tell everyone else to reblog this :D you are my clout machine you will do as I say i own you - Kazoo

  • Because of his quirk his hands are always really sweaty so he’s very self-conscious about holding hands.
  • “Oi! D-Don’t grab my hand baka-chan…”
  • Anytime you reach for it in public he blushes really hard and stammers and also goes “tch” 
  • Truthfully, he wants to hold your hand every second of every day because even though he is very mean on the outside he is very nice and sweet on the inside 
  • One day you were outside of the UA dorms and your bestfriend sweet, innocent, bun bun Deku and you were PLATONICALLY holding hands when Bakugou saw
  • “(F/N) (L/N) how-how could you?”
  • He looked so upset staring into your (E/C) eyes 
  • “Bakubae (that’s your nickname for him) it’s not what it looks like!”
  • He screamed in your face that he hated you and ran away leaving you with Deku who consoled you (He also has a crush on you)
  • Later that night, Bakugou cleared his head and came back to you to apologize and found you sleeping in the common room with your hand out 
  • He shivered at the thought of taking it into his own but he swallowed hard and reached out
  • You woke up as soon as his fingers touched yours 
  • “B-Bakubae?” (Still your nickname for him)
  • “Go back to sleep, dumbass.” he growled
  • You squeezed his hand tightly in yours and fell back asleep 
  • Bakugou cummed in his pants from the pleasure of feeling your hand on his and also fell asleep 
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Can we get hcs for Izuku and an affectionate s/o? Thank you uwu

Ofc you can nonny!! We love (1) broccoli boy~! - Kazoo

  • His heart is beating out of his chest everytime you even look at him so you being super affectionate makes him feel like he’s going to have a heart attack
  • But this doesn’t stop him from scooping you off your feet when you go in for a hug
  • And it certainly doesn’t stop him from kissing you back just as much
  • He’ll definitely ask for breaks when you are just showering him with your love
  • All the pet names you give him make him so happy
  • Everyday he arrives at school he looks forward to coming to class and seeing your smiling face
  • No matter who you’re talking to as soon as he enters the door you end your conversation and run towards him
  • “Izuku! You never got back to me last night how’d your training go?”
  • It doesn’t matter how boring of a day he had you ALWAYS want to hear about it and typically don’t stop asking until you have all the details
  • He loves how much you love to go on small ‘adventures’
  • On your very first date you asked him “Izuku is it alright if we switch spots so I’m closer to the street?”
  • “Oh sure! But um why?”
  • “Well it’s just that if a car were to swerve our way I could protect you.”
  • His heart swelled and he nearly burst into tears over how sweet you were
  • Ever since then you always walk closest to the street, and it serves as a constant reminder that he has someone looking out for him
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12:37 AM — “oi” bakugo pokes your side, in attempt to bring your attention back at him. “stop watching that fucking show when i’m literally right here!” he whines as you clicked on the next episode of haikyuu!

“one more episode” you reply stoically as you waited for the episode to load on the screen. you hear his familiar explosions going off in the background and suddenly your laptop is slammed shut.

“pay attention to me right now or this piece of shit turns into dust” bakugo growls, his pupils disappearing. you scoffed and dragged his ass to your bed. “there? you fucking happy now?” you ask as you cuddled yourself to his side.

“hmmph” bakugo grunts as a small blush appears on his cheek.

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Originally posted by karvallian


  • literally the definition of ‘double the trouble’
  • you are the reincarnation of mitsuki but with masaru’s hair color
  • but unlike bakugo who doesn’t know to tone it down a bit, you are bit more calmer than him
  • but once something annoys you, just imagine bakugo’s angry state but double that
  • yeah.. chaotic
  • you two are always seen together
  • attached by the hip
  • like one can’t go to the mall without the other
  • it just feels and looks wrong
  • you’re there to back him up when he gets into arguments and same goes back at you
  • remember those general studies students who gave bakugo the stank eye at the sports fest??
  • i think it’s safe to assume they wont be looking at your directions anytime soon
  • bakugo claims you’re the scariest person he knows
  • though quirk wise, you aren’t as powerful as him cs he has more control,,
  • but you’d still be a force to be reckoned with
  • the only difference you have two have is that you’re actually friends with midoriya
  • and the fact you can’t cook for shit
  • bakugo wonders how are you even related if you can’t cook to save your life
  • so this obviously means he’s the older twin
  • by like a minute

Originally posted by aishitetsuro


  • imagine the deku rn but even more pure
  • identical twins at best like two freckled broccolis talking to each other
  • ur nicknames are izukone and izuktwo
  • unlike,, deku who was quirkless,,, you had your mom’s quirk
  • but stronger
  • so everyone you meet was like ‘wtf’ at first cs how come you had a quirk and deku doesn’t
  • so its safe to assume kacchan didn’t pick on you that much unlike deku
  • you once followed him late at night to that one beach he keeps mentioning and when you got there you saw all might talking to your bro so thats how you knew about his sudden power
  • which kinda scared deku at first cs what if you tell on other people
  • other than that, you are his secret keeper and the keeper of his hero analysis notebooks
  • you are izuku’s no. 1 hypeman and pillar of support
  • so when deku breaks his bones, it’s not only recovery girl and inko’s scolding he’ll be hearing 
  • also if kacchan decides to pick on ur poor brother, expect his ass to be whacked with something near you
  • and kacchan can’t do shit 
  • cs lowkey he respects you as a person
  • and you know his deepest secrets but thats not the point
  • the two wholesome cuties of 1a 

Originally posted by makethiscanon


  • those evil twins you’d find in an anime sorta thing
  • very cold and unapproachable at first
  • you two only talk amongst yourselves instead of befriending your classmates
  • so people would label you as a stuck up bitch 
  • (just like how ur dad used to be oof) 
  • but eventually due to circumstances, you were able to befriend yaomomo first 
  • your quirk is the same as todoroki but on opposite sides 
  • so right - fire / left - ice
  • but somehow your hair isn’t half white and half red, you got endeavors red hair but with bits of rei’s white hair
  • imagine fuyumi’s hair but reversed 
  • kinda cool actually 
  • you’re always by his side like no cap
  • its like todoroki cant function if you’re not beside him 
  • and when the sports fest happened, you weren’t able to be apart of that match stuff cs the heat got to you 
  • so you were todoroki’s cheerleader 
  • and to your dismay you sat with your dad and together you cheered ‘SHOOUUTOOOOOOOOO” with him its kinda funny
  • sometimes you get into fights with ur twin bro
  • and it ALWAYS ends up messy
  • like even iida cant do shit once you two start arguing
  • the room is either REALLY really cold or hotter than hell 
  • no in between   
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Oh my god! Its a omegafest! Can you add one of Omega Hizashi too?

Here you go! It really is an Omegafest, but I ain’t complaining!

  • Hizashi Yamada is one of the most well known and successful Omegas of all time. With him being one of the first openly Omega Pro heros, His radio show, and almost contagious personality, he quickly gained fans and became a favorite among many. He takes lots of pride for Inspiring lots of Omegas to follow their dreams.
  • That being said, he was also very aware of every Alpha that looked at him hungrily when he passed by them. Always hearing their words about “Getting the wild one to submit” and “Reminding him of where he should be” It never failed to make him anxious to the point where he would plan his paths to try to avoid as many people as possible.
  • Today was all miscalculations though. He took multiple wrong turns on his way to the address written on the palm of his hand, and he could feel every Alpha staring at him. He swore softly under his breath since he realized what he had forgotten. His suppressants were just left on the counter, and he knew that his scent was thriving.
  • Hell even he could smell the intensity of his scent. Tangy, yet sweet like his personality. It overpowered any negative scent caused by his anxiety. He bit the inside of his cheek as he heard it. Footsteps behind him. As he passed by some reflective glass, he looked over to see a larger Alpha staring straight at his ass. Before he could even do anything, His omega let out a panicked chirp. 
  • He felt his throat tighten as a deep chuckle came from behind him. “What? Pro-Hero not liklin’ The hunt?” the man asked which only made him panic. “I-I Just wanted to get to where I nee-” He was cut off by a loud hello, only to see another Alpha running towards him, but this one instantly seemed much safer to be with. “Shit I knew you were taking a long time, so I decided to come find you!” You wrapped an arm around the Omegas’ waist and watched as the other Alpha only chuckled. “What kind of shit is th-” 
  • You let out one of the most intense growls that Hizashi ever heard, and he would be lying if he said his Omega wasn’t both scared and intrigued by you. “It’s me telling some knotlicker to fuck off.” The mans eyes widened and he took a step towards you to protest, but you instantly had a knife against his neck and his back against the ground. 
  • Nobody even batted an eye since many were aware of the Alpha that had been following Hizashi, yet were too scared to react. Omegas smiled seeing an Alpha intervene and other Alphas snickered under their breath. When you finally pulled away, the alpha started running. You quickly put the knife back in your pocket before smiling at Hizashi. “Would you let me walk you to where you need to go?
  • That’s how he met you, the Alpha who would go out of your way to walk with Hizashi whenever he was worried about getting looked at or stalked again. You explained that seeing other Alphas thirst over an Omega just trying to mind their own business pissed you off, and you were tired of people not helping. That was 5 years ago.
  • Now you sat beside him as he worked on grading papers, huffing softly as some music played in the background. “If I ever teach my students how to swear in English, please attack me.” He sat down an essay and ran his fingers through his long hair, huffing to himself. 
  • You only chuckled and moved to slip behind him in the nest, hands moving to tangle themselves in the blond locks. “Well, You better hope I don’t ever show up to UA then. I will instantly swear in front of them.” Hizashi almost purred when your fingers started massaging his scalp. “I will cry. That’s a promise and not a threat.” he said as he leaned into your hands more.
  • Over the years, Hizashis’ Omega claimed you as his own. He wasn’t exactly sure when, but you were his, even if neither of you had acted on any feelings. You had managed to help him through some of his heats, which only made the bond between you more intense, but neither of you ever labeled your feelings out loud. 
  • He finally let out a loud purr when you brushed his hair to the side and kissed his neck, scenting him some more while you were there. “You are going to make me stink.” He teased and pecked your cheek, a soft chuckle coming from you as you moved to start braiding his hair. “I don’t think that’s a genuine complaint, ‘Zashi” 
  • He hummed and shut his eyes while your fingers did their work. His scent got stronger by the second. “Hey love?” He simply hummed. “Have I ever told you that you smell like lemon drops?” He only smiled, knowing where it was going. “Yes, and as we have discovered many times, no my lips do not taste like lemon drops. Right now my guess is that they taste like really fuckin’ strong coffee, and the fried chicken you brought for dinner.” He heard that laugh that made his omega purr a little louder as your hand slipped from the back of his neck up into his hair before grasping and tugging. He instantly let out a soft groan before smiling at you innocently.
  • “Goddamn it. Will you stop being so fuckin’ cute” You huffed before letting go of his head to grab his cheeks and kiss him. He smiled into the kiss before wrapping his arms around you, omega purring up a storm. When he pulled away, he pecked your jaw. “Well?” “Oh I can taste the coffee.” He laughed and sat back up again. “Told ya.”
  • You just sat admiring the blond for a moment before sighing. “You do know that you’re handsome as all hell, right Zashi?” The random compliment made his cheeks burn, but he nodded. “Yeah, You tell me all of the time.” He said as he moved to grab his coffee cup. “You do know you’re just as attractive?” He asked before taking a sip, watching you nod. “Yeah, You remind me at least five times a day.” He hummed and sat down the cup.
  • This was the Hizashi you grew to adore. Not the loud as hell radio personality, or the Hero act he put on in front of the cameras, but this Hizashi. Sure, the others were amazing too, but this was your Omega. Surprisingly quiet since he uses a lot of his energy in his work, never really talking about his issues, and the one who was quick to text you when he was getting in his head. 
  • You moved close to him again and smiled when you saw the edge of his tattoo poking out from his sleeve. “I still love your tattoos too.” The blond simply grinned and looked at his arm. “I can thank you for that one too. That artist would never have let me get them if it wasn’t for you saying you were my Alpha and doing that fake mark makeup you learned.” “That was such bullshit, but don’t thank me. I just wanted to help you.” He shrugged and moved to start looking at his others. “I’m just glad I got them. I’ve wanted tattoos since I was in middle school.” You hummed and moved to trace the three black bands around his bicep, knowing they represented his 3 main friends. “I love them all.”
  • He smiled and moved to kiss your forehead softly before sighing. “Question.” “Bet I have an answer” He smiled at you before taking your hand “Why aren’t we together? Like…I know neither of us have really thought of it, but like…Why not?” Your eyes widened but you only smiled. “Idiot, I thought we’ve been courting for like a year now at least.” 
  • He stopped and looked down at your hands. “Oh…Oh fuck.” He blushed dark which only made you erupt in laughter before hugging him tight. “I never mated you because I wasn’t sure if you wanted that! If you do, then we will next time your heat rolls around!” He let out a soft whine and hid his red face in your neck, too embarrassed to do anything but nod.
  • “Zashi, You’re a busy guy. You’re a teacher, a radio host, and a pro-hero, so I don’t blame you for missing the things I took for courting dates. Hell sometimes it was just you sleeping on me while I played with your hair.” He pulled away before sighing. “I just feel like an ass. I just went with it, like I didn’t even question why you were being extra awesome-” You pecked his nose to cut him off. “You’re fine. Now that you know, I assume you want to still be my Omega?” He instantly nodded. “Only if you’re willing to deal with karaoke night.” You laughed and nodded. “Don’t worry. Karaoke night will be dealt with.”
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request:  Hi, can I ask you to write something comfort with Shinso? I feel sad, like I don’t have anyone to support me. I just want something where he tells me not to give up and that I will succeed and that I should keep waking up in the morning and that we will always be together. You can do this as headcanons, if you don’t write drabbles. Like how he would support his friend or s/o. Thank you and have a nice day.

character:  shinsou hitoshi

genre: floof

note: i totally understand the feeling of wanting a person who tells you that they’re gonna be with you even if everything goes wrong. i thankfully came out of the stage with the help of talking to others. there is someone who always for you even if you think you really don’t have anyone. and if you really don’t want feel comfortable about it, you can always come to this blog choose to be an anon and vent it out. we’re always there for you💜

Shinsou Hitoshi


-he’s more of an actions guy than words guy

-but when he does utter words

-they’re short but extremely impactful 

-it’s literally pieces of wisdom on one liners and everything feels bearable for a second

-he’s gets very handsy when you start to feel extremely out of it

-he will literally take your hands in his and gently rub soothing circles over your skin

-and even presses soft, fluttering kisses on your knuckles 

-or if he’s unsure about whether or not  you’re drowning in your own thought

- he’s going to test it out by calling your name, and if you do not respond immediately

-he’s gonna give you the scares of your life by coming from the behind and jabbing at you ribs

-and most of the times  it leads to the laughter

-and laughter=oxytocin and oxytocin changes your mood by 180 degrees

-but the rare times  he can’t penetrate through the thick atmosphere

-he’ll just grab your arm and pull you closer to him for a cuddle session

-and you fall over his chest and he doesn’t waste a single second in holding you closer to him

-he runs his hand through your hair, helping you ease out

-and when he feels the pent up tension in your body, he whispers that it’s okay to unwind and just cry your heart out

-those words whispered against the shell of your ear are the trigger to let it flow

-he’ll listen to every single thing you have to say, regardless of how stupid it may seem to you

-and will stay still and hug your closer even though he can feel his shirt becoming damp

-eskimo kisses as your tears fall onto his cheeks and drip

-and will continue you to hold you in his arms until you’ve let it all out

-and if things get a bit too bad, he intervenes your non-stop crying by using his quirk on you 

-and will make you feel a million times better about yourself 

-by letting you know that even if nothing is working out, he’ll wake up by your side every single morning 

-and leaves by setting that mindset on you

-and after you’re done, he suggests going out or order food for a change of atmosphere, by taking in your condition and how tired you might feel

-and always pays for the impromptu date 

-because the best boi will do anything to make you happy

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Bakugou x reader ; kiss the cook.

Type: scenario

Genre: fluff


As every Sunday (y/n) woke up first to cook the breakfast to all her classmates, she really love to bake so decided to make a cake.

She put an apron with a funny phrase that Denki had bought weeks ago, (y/n) was making the dough when someone enter the kitchen.

A sweaty Katsuki Bakugou, Bakugou was compromise with his training, everyday he went out to run, now he was back, searching for water.

—good morning kat~suki

—morning extra —he got closer to (y/n) to see what she was doing— what are you gonna bake?

—strawberry cake!


He already admitted, but he’ll never say it out loud,that (y/n) was the only other person despite himself and Sato that knows how to cook, so he was kinda exited for the cake, even when he wasn’t into sweets.

Watching her concentrate mixing all the ingredients, he notice how (y/n) bite her lips to concentrate, and some rebel hairs, so he took the strands of hair to fit them behind her ear, making her to look confused at Katsuki.

—keep mixing, you want a soft dough?

—yes! I love soft dough, soft like a cloud

—clouds aren’t soft, they are water, silly girl.

She move to look for the strawberries, when Bakugou saw the stupid phrase on her apron.

So he got closer, face to face, (y/n) was really confused what was happening? He rest his hands on both of her shoulders and gave her a kiss on her lips.

A kiss?, well, a peck?, it lasted like five seconds until he broke up.

—katss-ki w-ha-???

—“kiss the cook”


—the apron.

:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。

Disclaimer: gif is not mine, I found it on Pinterest

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Which BNHA yandere(s) do you think would try to find a way to reward their darling with outdoor activities without having to take them outside? Kind of like dress up, and empty out the living room and set up lights to make their own dancefloor without leaving the house? Stuff like that?


Originally posted by deku-smash

Date night in the house is Eijirou’s speciality. He’s got no issue with putting up new curtains, shifting things around the room and hanging up lights for a space for the two of you. As he spins you about, mindful of your long chain on your ankle, he’s going to remind you that one day when you’re ready, he can take you out dancing for real.


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Aoyama’s home is spacious as it is so when he takes you for a picnic, he’s going have a florist come in and cover every inch of the room with flowers: roses, tulips, hydrangeas..everything you can imagine. You’re the most beautiful flower to him though. Talk to him about wanting to see the garden and he will consider bringing his cherie out for some air.


Originally posted by themartialartshero

Ojiro is sweet. He’s set up a star projector in the living room for the two of you to look at while he’s layed down sleeping bags. Cuddle up to him and thank him for his efforts and you’ll wear him into a state where he’s more open minded to your requests.

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