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wh0recannon · 2 days ago
Yes Thoughts, all of them are Super “Indebted” Todoroki
You know that man is mentally scarred so if you were free him from his chains of trauma and insufferableness by being yourself and loving him, he will not hesitate to regard you a deity and do anything for you.
Literally Anything.
Guess what, he finished his patrol early, has cleaned everything around the house, and makes sure you come home with a meal already on the stove
He bought like 24 cookbooks when y’all moved in together so he could show you his gratitude and also because he sucks at cooking anything not soba related
“Hey, Sho. I had a pretty bad day today so—.” Already left for the bathroom cabinet. He has returned with a bottle of acetaminophen in his right hand and a cup of water in his left, and you can hear the bath water running.
“Please tell me about it, Y/N. I’m here to listen to you and help in any way I can. I’ve also started the bath for you, if you would like one.”
If you happen to come home before him, cook your own food, and go to bed alone, he’ll return and make your lunch for the next few days to “apologize for leaving you by yourself”
Also whatever you left for him when he came home is gone. All of it. A sticky note is now on the fridge thanking you like you healed him from the brink of death or something.
You like to collect those sticky notes like children collect stones. “Hey, wanna see the sticky notes my husband leaves me?”
If he has a day off that you don’t also have he doesn’t. No exceptions. He’d rather work himself into the ground than relax at home without his angel.
…actually he won’t anymore because you told him that was incredibly unhealthy and that your presence should not be a requisite to his happiness so now he just stays home and cooks.
But sometimes, Shoto will go to the arcade and do things he never experienced as a child. He’ll also draw pictures of things he saw on his walk so he can show them to you when you get home and, on occasion, Midoriya. He’s actually a very good artist.
You both have a day off? No. It’s your day off. Best believe he’s doing everything to spoil and pamper you. Not like you ask or anything. In fact you asked if he wanted to switch places. Multiple times.
“Darling, I’m already on Cloud 9 having the chance to care for you like this. This is my day off.” Okay, weirdo.
When he finally lets you be the caring spouse for once, he can not stop staring at you with pure unadulterated love. When you sit him in between your legs to comb his hair for him (sooo fucking soft btw), he is literally in heaven.
You can cook him a boiled and salted potato and he will eat it like he has lived in the Sahara Desert for years. You can cook him a Beef Wellington like Gordon Ramsay and he’ll swallow it like a feral cat living in under an alley way dumpster. The fact that you made it makes it godly.
Fun challenge time! Go to the mall with him and convince him not to buy you anything. Do your best!! You will fail.
“You deserve all the happiness I can provide you, and I don’t mind if it’s materialistic.”
Nice! I don’t need 4 more shirts repping my comfort show and a Studio Ghibli bracelet.
You’re depressed? Feeling worthless? That’s cute. He will hold you and list his favorite things about you, except he’s just listing the things he noticed about you and calling them “precious” and “adorable”.
You’re literally amazing to him and he’s NOT letting you forget it.
((These next few hcs are NSFW btw, so piss off minors it’s for your safety.))
In bed he is completely submissive to you and you only. His biggest priority is always your pleasure.
Yes, body worship is on the table. He regards you as a deity, remember? Every part of you is incredible and he wants you to believe him when he says it.
He loves being degraded, it’s honestly adorable. The idea that he’s nothing compared to you and yet is who you choose to be intimate with is already getting him hard, and for you to enforce it? He’s melting!
He can be dominant, too, if you ask. His favorite thing is marking you because you always end up showing it off later whether he put it in easy to cover places or not.
He does try to put it in easy to cover places. He may act like an animal then but he truly doesn’t want to embarrass you (even though he loves it when people notice, no matter how embarrassed he acts).
When he bottoms out in you he’s telling you he loves you, when he’s about to release he’s telling you he loves you, when he feels like you truly own him he’s telling you he loves you. He doesn’t say a lot most of the time, but he’s going to be as honest as he wants here.
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Bruised, and stitched up- he leaves the hospital in a pretty stormy mood. He unlocks the door, and he doesn't want anything more but to hug you, maybe sleep on your chest and listen you hum while you thread your hands through his hair. But he he walks into the room he finds quite a different sight. You, gazing into the mirror with a sad look in your eyes and a tired complexion, but you're wearing his costume. "What are you doing?" he asked stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Trying on your costume...?" you answer like it was a question, and he your ruffles hair. Probably trying to hide the pink wave a blush riding over his cheeks and tips of his ears. Along with the smile that appears when he saunters towards you. "Alright, alright i'll take it off." you mutter and o to take out the clips, before he grabs your wrists and mutters something. "You,- look nice." he scratches the back of his head and your throw your arms around him. "Thanks!" he tries to pry you off but you only tighten your micro bear hug. "Tch- okay I said it- off!" you squeeze tighter and he finally gives in. He hugs you back and utters something into the crook of your neck. "I meant what I said."
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kissing izuku’s/yuuji’s scars is a part of your nightly routine as the two of you wind down to rest.
you lift his arm up to your face, the fingertips ghosting your lips as you give each knuckle a peck. your other hand caressing his face, your eyes meeting his.
tears may line his eyes the first few times, unused to the amount of care and love you possess for him. his smile may be wobbly, voice strained as if the tears are sitting right in the apex of his throat, his cheeks flushed pink.
but its okay, is what you tell him as you move to grab his face in your hands, bringing his forehead to meet yours. your whispers of approval and admiration trail off into the night as you hold his trembling body close to yours.
its alright, is what he replies with as he chokes out as many ‘i love you’s as he can manage, constantly feeling like there’s never too many times he can say it.
what he doesn’t know is how much this routine means to you, how much love you feel from h simply allowing you to convey all you feel for him with every brush of lips across his scarred skin.
and the both of you fall asleep, his hand in yours, your face in the crook of his neck, the shared, undying love keeping the two of you close the entire night.
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Tumblr media
[ desperation ]
— character: dabi
— cw: +18, heavy use/mentions of dry humping, teasing, grinding
Tumblr media
Even as the annoyed sound leaves his lips, Dabi finds his arms wrapping around you.
“You keep saying that, idiot.” You shoot back playfully.
He tries to hide the smirk that takes over his face. You always had to call him out somehow. Trying to urge you into the doorway, you remain frozen, latched onto the dark haired man.
Now he was the one stuck in the doorway as your lips touch his skin.
Why did your dumbass make him feel flustered all the time? Dabi couldn't help but mentally curse out his own urges of wanting to press rough kisses on your soft face.
"Y-yeah, yeah.” The second yeah is a desperate attempt to sound tough and it makes you grin. “I get it already, babe."
His arms still stay enclosed around you, secretly soaking in the warmth of your body against his. Still, that dominant feeling swells in his chest, forcing his body to shuffle both his and yours into his dorm.
Your back hits the door as his lean arms cage you around him. So dazed in the caress of him, your bottom lips juts out as you blurt, “Kiss me.”
Behind this closed door, the aggressive male’s walls were completely knocked down. Hearing you weakly order him around with that irresistible puppy look, he couldn't stop the small chuckle that burst from his chest:
"Ask nicely."
His own amusement outweighs his hunger as the words fell from his mouth. Seeing his baby completely beet red, your oblivious lips already puckered and wanting more, had Dabi utterly mesmerized.
You were so caught up in just wanting to be with him that you tune out the murmured command. Leaning closer to his face, you try to kiss him.
A feigned scolding tone fills your ears, "Not so fast."
Dabi places a single finger on your eager, pursed lips, stopping you in your tracks-- well your kissing tracks.
The fiery male scolds you, shaking his head. He knew how stubborn you could be, especially when you were focused on something you were determined to have. God, he was smiling so big right now. It was inevitable really, with a dumbass like you, who just understood him. He felt seen with you.
But now he’d have to get you to see. "My eyes are up here."
He sighs, more so out of your obliviousness rather than exasperation.
"Eyes." The dark haired male points at his lips, gesturing upward to his blue eyes. "Up here."
Dabi watches your eyes follow his finger, smiling softly to himself at how adorable you look.
His hand holds your face, "They should be looking here, idiot. Not at these."
Before you can even question what the aggressive male meant, Dabi’s lips crash onto your. His hands cup your face, lips meeting with one another.
Why does he taste so damn good?
It was taking everything Dabi to not absolutely destroy you. In the good way, of course.
The chilled, chaste kisses that travel across your neck sent shivers down your spine. You absentmindedly thought about the feeling being spread across your body and it melts you completely.
“Then keep looking at me.” Dabi continues, adoring the way your lips part ever so softly.
The intimidating male playfully pushes you onto the unmade bed, purposely having you face the mirror as he began to straddle you.
“Watch me kiss you, yeah?” His piercing blue eyes stare you down. “Fuck, you’re so good.”
His hands become tangled in your hair as he sucks on the soft, exposed skin of your neck.
The friction between your hips had Dabi eagerly grunting against the you, “Keep moving for me like that, baby.”
Too fucking good. Because holy shit, you were grinding very hard into him. And it was like goddamn fireworks.
“Babe,” He pants out, continuing to leave pretty little marks on your skin. “It’s perfect.”
But Dabi was itching for more. He wanted all of you, and he was going to have it. Leaning back, he watches eagerly as the being in front of him thrusts against him, clearly lost in a haze of pleasure.
“But,” Pausing, the fiery male places his hands on your chest. “This is even better.”
Shoving you back, Dabi grins, excitedly gazing at the way you fall back onto the bed. Crawling further on top, the aggressive male places a sweet kiss on your lips.
Smirking, the dark haired male yanks away from your hand. Quickly tearing off his tank top, his hands widen like an open gesture.
“Then prove it to me.”
He knew precisely what he was getting himself into and he loved it. Pushing your temptation to the edge was a game to him and Dabi was determined to win.
Tumblr media
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Bakugou x reader
Tumblr media
HC: he thinks you need help with your studies
Tumblr media
• You're a smart student really. 
• You're either the first or second in your classes. (You and momo go neck and neck sometimes)
•  And you're already self-assured that you would do great in all your exams. 
• But then there was that one math homework Aizawa gave you that you somehow forgot to do.
• You had to guess all 30 items the minute before class started. 
• You obviously flunked it, with only one answer somehow being correct. 
• You sigh in frustration, but not really worried since it wouldn't actually dent your grades. 
• But, of course, Bakugou ( someone who has been secretly crushing on you for months) did not know that.
• To be fair, the rest of the class didn't really know you were smart.
• Why? Well, it's because you are an airhead.
• You always look so absentminded.
• And, well, no one sees you study at all.
• So, it was a fair assumption to say you weren't the brightest.
• And, for Bakugou, that one bad grade was what 'proved' it.
• So, lover boy decided to finally help out.
• Bakugou saw it in a few of his favorite shoujo mangas.
• Tutoring always gets the main characters closer.
• It should help right?
• The next minute the boy slammed his hand on your desk.
• You were quite surprised, not used to Bakugou just casually slamming your desk and all-
• "Fine! I'll tutor your ass..." 
• You stared at him.
• Blinked.
• Then, stared even more.
• "What?" You deadpanned.
• Bakugou huffed "meet me at the library at 5. Don't be late."
• And before you could even reply, the blond was out of the classroom.
• "B-Bakugou!! I DON'T NEED A TUTOR!" you tried to tell him.
• But the boy was long gone.
• The blond panted as he reached the front of the restroom.
• A red flush on his cheeks, as he hides his face with his hand.
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Chapter twelve: Don’t you dare 
Summary:  Y/l/n Y/n is a third year student at UA university. Over the last two years, she has had a run in with a few of the more popular students on campus. When her best friend, Fumikage Tokoyami, drags her very first frat party, she  get a little too drunk. Y/n decides the best way to express her feelings for these guys is in some really angry letters. Back at her dorm, she end up passing out and Tokoyami mails the four letters out. This causes an uproar on campus for her between quite a few people as the news of this event traveled quickly around campus. Things were looking down till the five of them get parried up in a hero training assignment. Can one of them really break down her walls? Or will they remain on her enemy line forever?
TW: Swearing 
AN: I will be posting a new smau Idea on the next chapter. I will also start positng pre chapter things and maybe some bonus stuff in my server!!  The link is here! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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MHA boys and period shopping
Tumblr media
Warnings: periods, female reader, characters aged up, talk of female reproductive organs.
A/N: Had this thought when I went pad shopping today, lol
Tumblr media
Freaking out, panicking, throwing up from embarrassment... you name it he's there. So flustered that he can barely go into the store let alone the aisle, God forbid someone talks to him while he's there or makes eye contact because he may run out close to tears and forget that you're at home in pain.
Tamaki. Izuku. Oijiro.
Has to steel himself to go in, reminding himself that this is for his girlfriend, his woman, the love of his life. And he is a hero for God's sake, he shouldn't be embarassed. Doesn't make much eye contact but if someone asks him, he will proudly annouce that he is getting period products for his girlfriend, even if he's embarrassed.
Kirishima. Sero. Iida.
Does not bother him at all, its just another thing to buy like groceries. He's the type to call you up and ask what size you need, will pick up chocolates and other snacks because he knows you get sugar cravings too. And will even take to keep a spare pack at his place if you live separately, just in case.
Shoto. Tokoyami. Shuji.
Knows what size you wear, your cycle and even if you need tampons, pads or whatever else. He'll be ready to go with the goods, heated blanket and snacks as soon as. If you need anything else, and he doesn't already have it, he'll a) go and get it and b) make sure he has it for the future too.
Bakugou. Aizawa. Fatgum.
Has no clue, whatsoever. Will call you all confused like 'what size is your vagina, babe?' And God help you when he finds out how tampons works, because he's going to be using them to investigate how much water they can hold and you'll have to remind that he will need to go buy more if they get used up.
Kaminari. Mirio. Hawks.
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thelawofmixingcolors · 2 days ago
Chance Encounters: The Neighbor
Fandom: BNHA/MHA (Modern AU)
Specified Gender: No (Gender Neutral)
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya X You
Rating: 16+ (relatively safe content)
Trigger warning: Slight stalker content, pretend relationship
Tumblr media
                                       Boyfriend Material
“Not again...” You stare down at the letters in your hand in mild annoyance as a heavy sigh escapes your lips.
“Is everything alright?” Slightly startled by the new voice, you jump and turn towards the noise. Heartbeat immediately calms upon seeing the familiar freckled face of your neighbor. Sensing your surprise, he backs up a step. Not wanting to alarm you further. 
“Oh. Midoriya. I didn’t notice you walk in.” He gives you a sheepish smile before apologizing. 
“I just got out of work so I came in through the front. What are all those?” He gestures to the small pile of beautifully decorated envelopes in your hand which in turn makes you groan audibly. Izuku quickly scoops up his own mail before the two of you make your way towards the elevator.
“I went on a few dates with this guy a few months ago but it didn’t really turn out the way I had imagined. He was a nice enough guy but...a bit pushy. And we had no chemistry, you know? At least, I didn’t feel anything. Him on the other hand...” The man listened intently as he held the elevator door open for you.
“And those letters are from him?” You nod dejectedly, shoulders slumping. 
“He keeps sending me love letters even though I told him I had no romantic interest in him. Its pretty harmless, but starting to get rather annoying. I tried to be nice about it but that got me nowhere. And he also doesn’t take me seriously when I act rudely towards him, either. It’s really frustrating.” Midoriya only hums in response as he continues to let you rant on the matter. 
“And the worst part is there is no way I can avoid him. He works in the same building as me. And every morning he waits for me in the lobby. It’s starting to get a little creepy. I even told him I was seeing someone else but he just laughed and said he doesn’t believe me!” You fish the keys out of your pocket and slide them into your apartment door. Not wanting the conversation to end just yet, you turned to the green haired boy.
“Hey, wanna come in for tea? I put some on before I went down to go get my mail.” In the three years that you had lived next to each other, Izuku had only been in your apartment on one occasion. He had happened to pass by one day to find your front door wide open. Upon peering inside he had found you struggling to move a heavy stand all by yourself and had promptly offered his assistance. 
Thinking back to that day made him flush. It was the first time you two had officially met, other than sharing passing smiles and friendly “Hello’s” in the hallway. You had insisted on making him lunch as a thank you for helping. A meal that quickly turned into hours of nonstop chatter as you both realized just how much you had in common with one another. Since that day he has harbored a small crush on you. But nothing ever came of it. Every once in a while the two of you would grab a quick cup of coffee from the café across the street or leisurely stroll to and from the lobby to collect your mail while talking about trivial things. He cherished those fleeting moments.
“Sure! I’d love some tea!” Again the both of you had spent a good portion of your afternoon chatting about random subjects. But his eyes couldn’t help but wander back to the stack of pale pink envelopes that sat on your kitchen counter. 
“Midoriya!” You called for the third time. Finally the man jumped in response before again focusing his attention back to the current conversation.
“Huh? Sorry. I kinda spaced out for a second.” You gave him a small smile. 
“It’s alright. I didn’t really say anything too important. What’s got your mind in a daze?” His eyes widened slightly, hands beginning to fidget with the now empty cup that sat in front of him. 
“Well...uh...” He collected his thoughts as best as he could before continuing. 
“I think I have an idea...to help you get rid of your unwanted admirer.” You perk up with excitement. 
“You do? That would be great! I’m willing to try anything at this point. Let’s hear it.” Izuku’s cheeks heat as he attempts to swallow his nerves.
“Well you said before that he didn’t believe you when you told him that you had a boyfriend, right?” You nod.
“Maybe I could...pretend to be your boyfriend. You know, drop you off at work and stuff. So that he sees you with someone else. Maybe he will leave you alone then?” His hands go clammy when you don't respond as he suddenly finds it hard to look at anything but the pale blue teacup. Just as he’s about to tell you to forget his plan and play it off as silly, you speak up.
“That’s a pretty good idea! If you’re really okay with it. I don’t want to make you do something that you wouldn’t be comfortable with. This is my problem, after all. I’m sure I can find another way to resolve it.”
“No, no! I’m happy to help. I wouldn’t have suggested it if I was uncomfortable with it.” 
“Thank you, Midoriya.”
“Izuku. Call me Izuku. I-if you want, I mean!” Your face heats at his sudden forwardness.
“O-okay. Izuku.” His name rolls off your tongue as if sampling an unfamiliar dessert, pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes. Pushing down his embarrassment, he continues.
“You normally take the bus to work, right? Starting tomorrow I’ll drive you. I don’t have to work until a bit later in the mornings so it shouldn’t be a problem.” The two of you exchange phone numbers before calling it a day.
The next morning arrives soon after. You are all too overjoyed to hear the knock on the front door just as you slip on your shoes. On the other side stands a smiling Midoriya, light blush dusting his cheeks.
“You ready to go?” 
“Absolutely!” Grabbing your belongings, you quickly make your way into the hallway. A split second decision has you absentmindedly looping your arm through his as the two of you begin to walk. He stumbles over his own feet but quickly regains composure, glancing down at the hand now delicately holding onto is forearm. 
“Is this okay? I figured we should probably get a little more comfortable with each other before confronting him. Otherwise it wont be believable.” To your surprise he pulls his hand out of his jacket pocket before lacing his fingers with your own.
“Yeah. It’s okay.” He gives your hand a light squeeze that makes your heart flutter before leading you to his car. Unlike the calm and collected man beside you, your mind was working on overdrive the entire ride to work. What if this was a bad idea? You have had a crush on Midoriya for a while now and it was taking all of your composure to stay sane. Oh man this was going to kill you. 
When he had first suggested the idea, your heart sank. He wanted to pretend to date. This wasn’t real. He was just a nice guy trying to help out his neighbor. But as that flash of regret washed over his features after mentioning the idea, you couldn’t help but to selfishly accept before he could take back the offer. And then you had all but latched onto him this morning the first chance you got, spewing some lame excuse about trying to act more comfortable. Pretend. This was pretend! 
“Is this it?” You heard him say.
“Huh? Oh. Yeah, this is it!” His eyes meet yours for a brief moment.
“I know I told you that I’m fine, but are you sure you’re okay with this? You look a little hesitant...”
“I’m okay with it, really! I guess I’m just a bit apprehensive. I hope this will work, you know?” 
“Wait there. I’ll get the door for you.” Again your heart pounds as you watch him walk around the car to open your door. His hand finds yours effortlessly, pulling you closer to him as you head into the tall building. Sure enough, a man promptly approaches as soon as the lobby is in full view. 
“There you are, sweetheart! I’ve been waiting.” He all but ignores the green haired man beside you as you cast him a weary smile. Instinctively, Izuku pulls you into his chest before wrapping an arm around your back.
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” He speaks in an aggravated tone. Vibrations erupt within your chest at his words. You try to push down the giddy feeling that bubbles up as a result of his unprompted protectiveness. Not real. Jut pretend. You utter within your head but still cant help breathing in his relaxing scent. Your coworker grits his teeth.
“I should be asking you that. Sweetness, who is this person touching you?” Your head swivels to the side, locking eyes with the man only a few short feet away.
“This is my boyfriend, Izuku.” Your gaze shifts back to Midoriya, slightly surprised to see him staring down your coworker with unrelenting displeasure. 
 “Izu, this is the man I was telling you about. He didn’t think you were real and won’t leave me alone.” The man immediately looks uncomfortable.
“I suggest you stop harassing them. Oh, and while I’ve got you here. The letters stop as well. Otherwise you and I are going to have a problem. Understood?” 
“R-right. You got it. S-sorry.” You both watch as the man scurries away, waiting until he’s out of sight before letting out a collective breath of relief.
“Gosh, Midoriya. Who knew you could be so intimidating? You were so cool!” You try to pull back from his hold but find that his arm is still firmly planted around your waist.
“I-its Izuku...” He mumbles.
“I want you to call me Izuku...maybe just a little while longer...” You feel his heartbeat accelerate beneath your palm as he awkwardly looks anywhere but your face.
“Y-you get what I’m trying to say, right?...I..I want to...um...” His brows furrow as he searches for the right words to say, fisting the back of your shirt for support. The predatory look that man had given you earlier had awoken something foul within him. Jealousy, he presumed. 
Then he saw the way you had stepped just a bit closer to him, giving his hand a nervous squeeze. That sour feeling in the pit of his stomach had suddenly turned to pride. You were seeking him for comfort. You wanted his protection. That thought had encouraged Izuku to push aside his nervousness. He needed to tell you how he felt. Otherwise you would disappear.         
“I don’t want to pretend to be your boyfriend. I want to...be your boyfriend...” You beam at him in surprised excitement.  
“I would like that.” His eyes finally meet your own, equally as elated.
"Can I kiss you?" He blurts out. All you can do is nod as he leans his head towards yours. You were expecting something quick and gentle, given his personality. Imagine your surprise when his lips mold with your own so beautifully that it has no time for delicacy. A kiss that takes your breath away and makes your knees shake. But it couldn’t last forever. Suddenly realizing that this was a public space and you probably shouldn’t have been kissing him with such fervor so openly, you reluctantly pull back. Horrified realization washes over his face but you’re too stunned to notice.
"Wow..." You try to catch your breath. Who knew that this shy boy was such a good kisser?!
"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me..."
"Don't apologize. I liked it. It's just..." You looked around and he quickly catches on.  
 "O-oh. Right. You should probably get to work." Lips connect with his abnormally warm cheek before leaning in to whisper just above his ear.
“If you want to kiss me like that later tonight though...I have no objections.” You shoot him a quick wink before turning away. A pleasantly warm feeling settles within your chest as you leave him at the entrance in a bewildered stupor.                                     
Tumblr media
Read Bakugo’s short story Here!
Read Todoroki’s short story Here!
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kpopgirl1234bl · a day ago
Sero Hanta x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sero Hanta x Gn!reader
Word Count: 2,812
Requested: Nope, came up with this on a whim.
Info: Quirkless college au, teeth rotting fluff. Reader is gender neutral
Warning: Nope.
Another day, another boring lesson. What had he expected?
For Sero, it was just another day in his boring college life. Sero looked around, not interested in the lector anyway, and when he looked around he saw he wasn't the only one.
As he looked around at the other students, his eyes finally landed on you. You sat at the end of the same row he was sitting in, still pretty far away from him.
Sero continued To stare at you, completely captivated by you. He looked at you as you kept looking up from your note blog, and down again, probably taking notes from this lesson.
Sero took out his phone and quickly snapped a picture of you and sent it to his friends in their groupchat. He asked them if anyone knew who they were, sadly no luck. That was until Mina came through.
"Yeah, that y/n l/n, they're in my morning class." She wrote back to him.
Y/n l/n, huh. They even have a pretty name.
Sero continued texting his friends, that he didn't notice his lector ending.
"Hey!" A voice rang out throughout the room. Sero looked up and saw no one around him.
"Class over, you can leave now," His professor told him, and he gathered his things and hurried out of the room, hoping to catch one more glimpse of you. Sadly, he didn't see you in the corridor. He looked at the picture he snapped of you and decided to talk to Mina later.
Some time went by, but he didn't see you very often. Even when he did, he was with someone, or you were too far away.
Sero complained to his friends, telling them he wanted to get to know you more since you seemed nice.
"Oooh, does someone have a crush~" Mina teased him? He looked at her with a grumpy expression.
"No, I don't have a crush on them, is there something wrong with wanting to get to know someone new." Sero laid back in the beanbag and stared at the ceiling.
"Whatever you say, Hun." Mina smiled to herself.
Even more, time went by where Sero couldn't get closer to you, and it was driving him mad. At this point, he wanted so badly to just give up and move on with his life.
But as if fate had heard his frustration, they decided to have some mercy n him for once.
Here he was once again, same class, same professor, same boring student life. Sero was playing with his pen while trying his best to listen to his professor blabber on.
"All right class, partner up and get this project done, and I want it done by the end of this month." The professor announced, and the unmotivated groans of students could he hard throughout the room.
Sero looked around for someone to partner up with, but he didn't even get the chance to before he felt someone poke his shoulder.
He turned his head and almost fell out of his seat out of shock when he saw you standing before him.
"Hey, I saw you didn't have a partner yet, So I wanted to ask if you wanted to partner up. Of course, you don't have to if you already have someone in mind." You told him.
"No! I mean Yes! I mean, I don't have anyone in mind, so yes, we should partner up." Sero chuckled nervously and tried to act naturally in front of you.
"Great! How about we meet up at the library after school, of course, only if you're available." Oh god, that smile. It almost melted his heart into a puddle.
"S-Sure, I've got nothing going after school. See you then, I guess." Sero smiled back at you.
"Oh, by the way, my name is y/n l/n." You introduced yourself. Even though he already knew your name, he didn't mind hearing it again.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Sero Hanta." He reached out his hand, which you gladly took into your own, and shook his. Sero couldn't help but feel like your hand felt like it fit so perfectly in his.
"All right Sero, I see you later at the library." You smiled and began to leave, and Sero followed you with his gaze.
"After school at the library, don't forget!" You turned and shouted at him, showing him one of your lovely smiles once again before leaving.
Sero couldn't vibe that dorky smile off of his face, that was until he remembers he didn't know what the project was about. He groaned and slammed his head against the table.
Whatever, he still got to see you after school, he just hoped you wouldn't be too mad when he told you.
The rest of the day seemed to move too slow for Sero's liking, and when school was finally, he shoved everything into his bag and walked as fast to the library. On his way there, he saw Denki.
"Hey man, where are going?" Denki asked him, but Sero didn't even stop to tell him.
"Sorry bro, I have to study, see you later." He waved at Denki and continued to walk towards the library. He soon reached the library and saw you standing outside waiting for him.
"Hey!" He called out, and you turned your attention towards him and smiled at him. Sero could've melted into a puddle right then and there, but he carried on towards you.
"Hey, you made it" You greeted him.
"Sorry, did I make you wait long?" He asked you.
"No, I barely just got here before you showed up." You shook your head.
"Oh, here before I forget." You handed him a coffee.
"For some extra energy." You winked at him, and Sero felt as if someone has shot him through his heart.
"T-Thanks, I pay you back some time." Sero gladly took the coffee from your hand, feeling your soft hand brushes up against his own.
"It's okay, that one is on me, come on, let's get this project started." You walked into the library and Sero followed right after you.
"Okay, I got everything ready, where do you wanna start?" You asked him as you both sat down.
"Well, to be honest, I wasn't listening when our professor announced the project, so I don't know what we're doing." Sero rubbed his neck and tried to avoid eye contact with you.
You looked at him for a second before bursting out laughing and being shushed by the surrounding people.
"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to laugh." You dried your tears.
"I just didn't think anyone else besides me thought the classes were boring." You admitted.
"But I see you taking notes all the time." Sero pointed out.
"That's because my friend is too lazy to get up, so she begs me to notes for her. I swear one day I'm not doing it." Sero chuckled at your explanation.
"Anyway, let's get started, I'll explain along the way." You said, and you both began with the easy things, working your way through.
After a few hours of studying, you both agreed to stop for today before it got too late.
"Well, I think we got a good done for today, don't you think?" You asked him.
"Definitely. Hey, thank you for not getting mad at me for not knowing what we're were doing." Sero thanked you.
"Oh, that was nothing. I think I would be in the same boat if I didn't take notes for my friend." You smiled as you packed the last of your things.
"Hey, before I forget, can I get your number, so we can keep in contact?" Sero asked you.
"Sure! I don't see why not, you seem like a nice guy. I would like to get to know you more." You said and wrote down your number and a piece of paper. Sero hoped you couldn't see him blushing.
"Cool, I would like to get to know you better too." Sero smiled at you, and you were sure you could feel one of Cupid's arrows shot through your heart.
"Here you go, What do you say, same time tomorrow?" You asked him as you handed your number over to him.
"Sounds good to me," Sero said and looked at your number before stuffing it in his pocket for the time being.
"Cool." You said and got up, and Sero followed suit and followed you to the library entrance.
"I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Sero said.
"Definitely, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with you. See you tomorrow." you waved at him as you walked away.
Sero smiled and fished out his phone and your number and put your number into his phone.
As you walked back to your dorm, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You fished it out and looked at the screen.
"I look forward to spending more time with you, too. - Sero" It was a message from Sero. You smiled and quickly saved his number to your phone. You smiled the rest of your walk back.
Throughout the month, you and Sero met up at the library to finish your project together. Even though you two worked on the project and got much of it done, sometimes you just ended up talking. Sero would often talk about his friends and the crazy things they have done, which in turn would often make you laugh.
Once again, you and Sero were studying at the library, but this time you ended up meeting later since one of your classes dragged out.
Sero felt his phone buzz and fished it out of his pocket. Turned out it was a message from Denki.
"Hey, we're getting pizza, wanna come with us?" Denki had asked him.
"Hey?" Sero called out to you, and you looked up from your computer.
"Yes?" You answered.
"My friends are getting pizza, wanna tag along with us?" Sero asked you.
"Oh god yes, I'm starving at this point." You said and slumped backward in your chair. Sero chuckled and texted his friend back.
"Sure, I'm taking y/n with me, we're both pretty hungry." Sero texted.
"Oooh; Are we finally gonna meet your lover." Denki teased Sero.
"They're not my lover." Sero texted him back.
"Not yet, at least ;)" Denki texted Sero. Sero was about to write back when he felt you poke his back.
"I'm ready when you are, which I hope is soon." You smiled as you stood beside him.
"I'm ready. Let's get something to eat." Sero said, and you both met up with his friends on the way. After being introduced to all his friends, you went to buy the pizzas and afterward went to his friend Bakugou's place.
During the whole evening, you talked and made jokes as you all ate. After eating, you all sat down and Sero's friend began talking about all the crazy shit they had done in the past.
You had sat down beside Sero, and as his friends continued talking, you rested your head on his shoulder. Sero froze for a second, before relaxing again and slowly placing an arm around your shoulder.
As the night got closer, the more tired you got. At some point, you decided to go home, before it was too late.
"I'd better get home, I have school tomorrow." You got up and Sero followed you.
"Let me walk you back to your dorm," Sero said.
"You don't have to do that Sero, I'll be fine on my own." You reassured him, but Sero wanted none of that.
"I insist, not that I was gonna back down on my offer." Sero smiled at you.
"Oh, Okay. Bye, everyone! Thank you for tonight!" You shouted to the others.
"Bye y/n, please come hang out with us again," Mina told you.
"Oh definitely, I need to hear more stories about Sero's skateboard adventures." You laughed.
"Okay, I think you've had your fun for tonight, see you later guys." Sero bid his friends goodbye.
You laughed as Sero walked you home.
"I hope you had a good time tonight, certainly seemed like you did." Sero grinned.
"Are you kidding, that's the most fun I've had in a while, plus I made some new friends.
"Well, I'm glad you and my friends get along, makes things a whole lot easier." Sero slung his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to himself.
"Oh, absolutely." You smiled and placed your left hand on his arm. You two soon reach your dorm.
"Well. I guess I'll see you after school tomorrow." You said and turned towards Sero.
"Don't worry, I'll be there as always," Sero reassured.
"Great, see you tomorrow." You said but before you could ever your dorm, you felt Sero pull you towards him. You soon felt his soft lips on yours.
You were shocked but melted into the kiss, gripping onto his jacket to steady yourself. Your lips melted together so perfectly, you didn't want to pull away, but nothing lasted forever.
Sero pulled away and smiled at you.
"See you tomorrow, beautiful," Sero said and pulled away from you. You watched him walk away, you waited until you couldn't see him anymore before you decided to go inside.
The next day at the library was unusually quiet between the both of you. Not because you didn't want today anything, but because of the event happening last night. The both of you kept stealing glances at each other, catching each other in the act a few times, which lead to blushing faces.
Along the way, Sero must have gotten some more courage, because you felt his foot poke at yours and intertwine his legs with yours. You looked up at him, and he flashed you a shy smile. You smiled back at him and let his foot slowly caress your leg.
Though things were awkward for a little while, things went back to normal, well as normal as they could be.
The end of the month was getting closer and closer, and you and Sero were practically done with your project, you were just adjusting it at this point. The thought of you and Sero not spending as much time anymore made you sad, especially of how much you had fallen in love with him during all of this.
But you weren't the only one saddened by the thought of you two spending less time together. Sero wanted to keep spending more time with you even outside of school. He wanted to take you out on dates, maybe even teach you how to skate since you had shown an interest in it.
It was the last week before the project had to be turned in, and you and Sero had just finished your project. You were standing outside the library saying goodbye to each other.
"Hey, I hope we can like to hang out even after this, you're a cool person," Sero said as he held your hand in his.
"I would love to, maybe we have more time since we don't have a huge project stopping us from doing it." You smiled as you swung your hands gently back and forth.
"Haha, Yeah we probably do." Sero laughed. Silence fell over the two of you until you decided to speak.
"Well, see you tomorrow, I guess." You said and let go of his hand, his hand missing your warmth the second your hand left his.
"Yeah, see you," Sero said and looked at your figure becoming smaller and smaller with each step you took.
'It's now or never.' Sero thought and pulled out his phone.
You felt your phone buzzing and you pulled it out only to see you got a text from Sero. You opened it and the words "Be Mine." filled your vision.
You turned around to see if Sero was still there, and there he still stood staring at you. You could feel the adrenaline kick in and you began running towards him.
Sero opened his arms, and you ran straight into them, locking your arms around him. You both hugged each other tightly, never wanting to let each other go.
You could feel tears fall down your cheeks from the pure happiness you were feeling.
"So what do you say? Wanna be mine forever?" Sero asked you.
"What do you think idiot, yes, like a million times yes." You said and looked at him.
"Good, because I'm not letting you go." Sero smiled and planted his lips on yours. You wrapped your around his neck and returned the kiss.
You both pulled away and looked at each other. You both smiled and leaned both your foreheads together, enjoying the euphoria you both were feeling.
You couldn't think of anyone else you would rather be together with right now than your partner: Sero Hanta.
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herofics · a day ago
I’m kinda  upset at my friend, and I feel like my past two weeks of “good vibes” have been erased, and I’m back to feeling like shit, I just hope this shitty feeling doesn’t last. I just set this in like a more peaceful AU/time I guess, where Shiggy gets a break and can just chill with the reader
Shigaraki was sitting on the floor and playing his game as usual. You were laying on the couch behind him, with your feet at his end of the couch and texting your friend on your phone. He was sitting on the floor because you had pretty much decided to take up the whole couch.
“I’m not gonna fucking deal with this right now” he heard you mutter as you put your phone on the coffee table. You nudged his head with your foot since that was what you could reach the easiest.
“What the fuck do you want now? I have a game going”
“Well you can fucking ignore me too then!” you spat at him and threw one of the couch pillows at his head but he dodged it easily without even looking. “And fuck your spidey senses too” you added.
Shigaraki almost accidentally decayed his controller again, because you pissed him off and he didn’t think. He caught himself just in time though and set it on the coffee table.
“What the fuck (Name)?” he growled.
Shigaraki got up from the floor and sat down on the couch, moving your legs to make room for himself. You had also sat up, but you were still taking up half the couch since you were leaning on the armrest. You were poking his thigh with your toes, which made him even more irritated.
“Again, what the fuck (Name)?!” he repeated, clearly done with your shit.
You sighed. This didn’t even have anything to do with Tomura, so why were you taking it out on him?
“You remember my friend, the one you don’t like?”
“What the fuck did she do now?” Shigaraki asked.
“She got pissed at me when I told her it annoys me when she doesn’t tell me she can’t come over when we’ve made plans. She makes me waste my entire day, because I end up waiting for her and can’t make other plans. She just sent me something passive aggressive back, and told me to basically fuck off and now she’s not answering me anymore”
“What a bitch” Shigaraki gasped, a bit too melodramatically to be taken seriously.
“Nah. I think, or at least hope she was just tired”
“You want me to do something about it?” he asked.
“Your way to do something about it, is to cause a lot of bodily harm, so no”
“Why not? Bodily harm always gets the job done”
“Aaaand that's why you have no friends” you remarked.
“Why would I need friends? I have you” he asked genuinely.
You didn’t really know what to say to that. You knew Shigaraki wasn’t the most social of people and in general disliked pretty much everyone, and the fact that he was content with just your company, felt like a huge compliment.
“Hey, what are you thinking?” Shigaraki asked and snapped his fingers in front of your face.
“It just means a lot to me that you would say that” you said.
“How about I show you how much I care about you?” he smirked devilishly.
“How are you planning on doing that?”
“You’ll see”
“What are you doing?” you asked as he snatched his console from the table and pulled you next to him handing you a controller.
“I’m going to teach you how to play my favorite game, so we can play together” he looked a bit baffled.
You no doubt looked baffled too, but soon turned into a fit of laughter: “Okay, okay, but prepare to get the ass beating of your life” you said as you gained control of yourself again.
“It’s on” Shigaraki smirked.
You had a fun night, and even though you lost most of the games you played, the fight with your friend was out of your mind and you felt a lot better.
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shoutokozume · a day ago
Chapter 3 - Flowers over Powers
Tumblr media
Chapter 3 of 22
Chapter genre - Fluff, Action, Slice of life
Warnings - Suggestive commentary, and swearing
Pairing - Denki x Shy female reader
Navi Series navi
Words - 2.8k
Summary - Denki Kaminari has found himself growing a deeper connection with you. But when he tries to confess to you, a villain attack blows up the dormitory and traps you under some rubble.
When Denki found someone relatively attractive he usually shoots his shot right away, asking out Jiro, Uraraka, and a couple girls from 1b. So why was he so nervous to ask you out after knowing you for a month know. He was originally going to go out with you because he thought you were cute, and wanted to prove Aizawa wrong. But know you are on another level then the girl's he's found pretty in the past, Kaminari Denki is actually growing an attachment to you.
He could usually pull off somewhat of a fake confidence when asking a girl out, but around you he couldn't stop becoming a flustered mess. The way you'd tilt your head when he asked a question, the shy smile you tried to hide whenever he made a lame joke, or the puffed out cheeks you'd make when you're bored. All of those minor things were wrapping him around your finger.
Kaminari needed to tell you the truth before another student tried to snatch you from him, specifically Monoma and Todoroki. Monoma has been bluntly flirting with you during lunch, and Todoroki has been following you around like a lost kitten for the past two weeks. This didn't ease Denki's nerves at all.
This is why Kaminari was now walking through the UA dorms with a bouquet of daisies tucked behind his back. Denki was sure you'd reject him, seeing you as a girl ten levels above him. But he needed to get this nerve racking burden off of his shoulders, he wasn't used to this feeling and he certainly wasn't liking it.
Denki made his way up the stairs to the second floor where your dorm was located.
"Denki?" You asked, making your way through the dark as Denki sat on the staircase with a small pout.
"Oh, Hey y/n." The usually bubbly boy greeted in a rather sad tone.
"What are you doing up this late? It's 3am." You panicked, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you took a seat next to him.
Denki was in a ratty band shirt and some boxers with his hair tied up, but he was too bummed out to really care how he looked right now. Unaware of how much you enjoyed his cute hairstyle.
"I failed the assignment today. Can't shake it off tonight for some reason." He explained, his amber eyes making there way to your messy locks of hair.
"What are you doing up?" He asked, admiring your tired eyes in the dark as he awaited a reply.
"I had a bad nightmare, now I don't want to go back to sleep." You answered, wincing gently at the sound of the entrance door shaking against the heavy winds outside
You both sat in silence for a few minutes, Kaminari never taking his eyes off you. Your eyes had tired bags under them and your lips were dry, but he thought you never looked more gorgeous. Denki always had a soft spot for shy grunge girls, and you seemed to fit his type without even thinking about it.
Denki noticed that you had trouble sleeping, often running by you while he was getting some snacks late at night. He never asked why you were up, not knowing how awake you were and not wanting to keep you up even later. Denki assumes you just a bit of a night owl like him, since you don't seem to enjoy mornings either.
"Have you thought about re-doing the assignment?" You suggested, watching a small golden ring flash across his eyes for a brief second.
"I would, but no one wants to help me out. Sero gave up tutoring me after the second session." Kaminari admitted, his face falling into a sad expression.
"I can tutor you." You reassured, scooting closer to the warm blonde.
"You seriously don't have to-"
"I want to. I will always help a friend out when they need it." You interrupted, placing one of your hands on his knee as you looked towards Denki with a comforting smile.
Kaminari knew your dorm was at the very end of the hallway, since you share a room with Mina and she is close friends with him. He also knew that Mina was out shopping with Tsu, which meant you were alone and he wouldn't have to worry about Mina teasing either of you.
His fist shakily went up towards the door, softly knocking three times as he heard quick footsteps from the other side of the door.
Denki sat on your bed with a small cup of cocoa between his hands, he wanted to be a good listener for you even if it would be a struggle with his ADHD. You were so sweet to him, giving him cocoa and a blanket while he got comfortable on your bed. The last thing he wanted was to take advantage of your kindness.
"Let's start with some warm up questions." You reassured, pulling out some pink cue cards you stole from Mina.
"What's should you do when someone is stuck under some rubble?"
"Move the rubble away and then take them to a medic."
"Correct, Who should you save first someone unconscious or someone with a few bruises."
"The unconscious person."
Denki was ready to answer your third question when a certain stuffy caught his eye, it was Gengar from Pokémon. It was medium sized and look VERY soft and squishy, his hands were starting to fidget at the thought of holding it.
Soon two hands placed the plushie in his hands, looking up with a faint blush he was face to face with your calm smile. Denki's fingers immediately flapping and stretching Gengar's ears, they were so soft on his fingertips that he needed to order one once the study session was over.
"Where did you get this?" Denki asked, slightly nervous you'd scold him for going off topic.
"Aizawa bought if for me at the anime store downtown, he said Gengar reminded him of me." You explained, giggling softly at Denki's wide eyes as he realized the similarities between you and the Pokémon.
"But that story is for another time, so let's get on with question three." You continued, blushing lightly at Denki's gaze as he watched you read through the cue card.
Denki only really needed help when it came to giving explanations for his answers, which you helped him out with quite a bit. Teaching him ways to make a point longer, and even showing him some words he didn't know about. You never got upset when he got off topic, and didn't get impatient when he couldn't catch onto something. It was something Denki wasn't used to, but appreciated more than he thought he would.
To Denki's surprise, Jiro was the one who opened your door. Denki only being able to see a bit of your figure sitting on the bed. Jiro noticed the flowers even when Denki tried to desperately hide them from her, he was never subtle and it was clear that he didn't want Jiro to be there.
"I'll be back in a sec." Jiro reassured you, smiling when you gave her a small nod while you played on your phone.
She closed the door behind her before crossing her arms and preparing to interrogate Denki. After Jiro admitted to being lesbian, her and Denki now had a closer bond since she didn't have to worry about him crushing on her. But this didn't mean that their teasing ever stopped, they never missed an opportunity to mess with each other.
"Were you going to ask Y/n out?" Jiro questioned with a sly smirk, knowing fully that if she told Aizawa Denki would be in a permanent whey mode for the rest of his life.
"...Maybe." Denki replied, revealing his bouquet of daisies that had a small note addressed to you on the ribbon.
"You know Aizawa would rather die than let you date her right?" She teased, stealing the note before he could stop her.
"I know...but I really like-"
"Dear y/n,
I know I could be rejected by you or even gutted by your father. But I can't let my feelings stay hidden inside me-"
"Jiro stop, she's literally on the other side of the door." Denki whined, trying to steal the note again but failing.
"I've never felt so strongly about someone till I got to know you, your smile heals all of the wounds I hide away. And your the only person I feel like I can fully be myself around. I understand if you don't feel the same way, but I needed you to know that I can't stop thinking about you. You're a sweet addiction, with your kindness, adorable laugh and smile, and badass quirk. I have fallen for every inch of you and I needed to let these feelings out of my system before I combust. I hope to spend more time with you, and get to know you more.
Sincerly, Kaminari Denki." Jiro finished, wiggling her eyebrows at him when finally returned the note.
"She probably heard all of that." Denki sighed, freezing up when you walked out of the door with your earbuds tugged into your ears.
There was hope that you didn't hear everything Jiro said, but the hope faltered a bit when you layed eyes on the note that had your name written in big bold letters on the back of it. Jiro couldn't stop smiling when you took the note into your own hands, unfolding it as Denki looked like he was ready to vomit at any moment.
Denki wasn't planning on staying long enough to see your reaction, he was going to give you the flowers then make a dash back to his dorm. He's never been this nervous before, which proved to Jiro that he genuinely felt strongly about you and wasn't just being desperate for some attention.
"The flowers are for you too." Denki mumbled, impressed that he didn't stumble over his own words.
"Those are my favorite kind, how'd you know?" You asked, smiling cutely as you gently touched some of the petals.
"I saw a painting of some daises on your wall, so I assumed you might like them." He explained, not being able to look away from you even if it drove his insides insane.
Your eyes glanced back towards the note, your smile never faltering as you read the note line by line. Jiro was honestly a bit surprised on both of your behalf's, Denki having a genuine crush for once and you reciprocating the feelings...you a prince like dumbass from 1b chasing after you, along with THE Shoto Todoroki, yet Denki is the one making you blush.
Biting your bottom lip to hide your excitement, you returned the note back to Denki. The stress of waiting finally beginning to end, you were going to give him an answer. It was either yes or no, and your smile made his thoughts become filled with the answer yes.
'Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes-' was all that played in both Denki's and Jiro's heads, Jiro becoming immersed with the situation going on between you two.
"WATCH OUT!" Mina screamed, not fat enough before the ceiling collapsed on the three of you.
Both Jiro and Denki were far enough away to not get trapped under any of the rubble, but you on the other hand had both of your legs trapped underneath a huge piece of the ceiling. The numbness in your legs indicated that they were broken, since when you broke your wrist as a child it was numb at first before the pain kicked in.
You gently looked above to see what caused the damage, noticing two dark hooded figures in smiling masks looking down at you. You tried to summon shadow hands to pull the rubble off of you, but the hooded figures jumped down onto your crushed legs. Laughing darkly when you yelped out of pain.
Denki stood to his feet, attempting to run at them and get you out of their grasp. But a black forcefield blocked him off, not even cracking no matter how hard her hit it. Jiro attempted the same strategy not too long after Denki, but got the same result even when jamming her plugs into the forcefield.
"What do you want?" You asked, your energy beginning to drain as you lost more blood from your body.
One of the hooded figures kneeled down to you, putting their mask against your ear.
"Your execution." She whispered, pressing a small button that way taped to her gloves.
The floor shook against your body, the small screams of students below you signaling that they activated some type of destruction. The woman put her foot onto your neck, slowly pressing it deeper and deeper against your flesh till it became harder to breath. The lack of oxygen mixed with the loss of blood was making you teeter on the verge of passing out.
But you knew you'd end up dead if you blacked out.
So with the small bit of energy you had left in your body, you summoned some shadow soldiers to thrown some loose chunks of rubble at the villains. Making them lose there composure and break the forcefield they created.
Aizawa and All Might arrived shortly after they put of the barrier, immediately taking advantage of the time slip to capture the culprits who were putting their students in danger. As Aizawa tied them together while using his quirk, Denki and Jiro slid the boulder of rubble off of you, both of them dragging your unconscious body towards the emergency exit.
The building was slowly crashing down, bombs exploding from different floors of the dormitory. Jiro opened the doors for the three of you while Denki reverted to carrying you bridal style, he could see some stains of blood leaking through the material of your jeans. He felt pretty guilty for not pulling you with him when he slid for cover, but all he could do now was rush you to Recovery Girl as fast as he can.
Denki couldn't see Recovery Girl anywhere in the crowd of worried students, so he walked around them as his arms began to strain from carrying you till he landed eyes on her short figure standing outside of the UA entrance. Denki practically sprinted towards her, gasping for breath after carrying you while running around the campus.
Recovery girl was bandaging two students outside as she awaited Principle Nezu's voice to declare that all of the students made it outside of the building. Your case was the most severe she's seen this evening, but it wasn't something she couldn't fix. You seemed to have used your powers to cover your body in a shadow barrier before the weight became too much and struck you down, which it why you only had some very deep cuts along with some fractured bones.
If you hadn't used the shadow barrier, both of your legs would be completely broken and would've taken a few days to heal with her quirk. Recovery girl placed a kiss to your head before taking out a first aid kit to start stitching up your cuts, the worst part of your injury was certainly the blood loss but you should come back to consciousness in less than an hour.
"Is she going to be okay?" Denki asked, sitting beside you as he brushed some of the dust and dirt out of your hair.
"She'll be fine Kaminari, she's a smart girl who saved herself from a worse situation." Recovery girl explained, patting his cheek lightly when she noticed just how worried he was about you.
"L/n should be back to consciousness in around thirty minutes, I'd suggest you carry her to the lobby inside and elevate her legs onto a chair or table." She continued, noticing three more students making their way towards her.
Denki took her orders and picked you back up, pushing himself into one of the classrooms and placing you in the teachers chair while putting your feet onto a random student's chair that he slid over. You head hung low matching your draping limbs. Knowing from experience that you'd get a neck cramp from that position, Kaminari slid a chair next to you for him to sit on and softly adjusted your position.
Your head didn't stay up for long, slowly falling onto his shoulder and making him smile even when he was worried for you. Denki nuzzled his cheek against your head as he tried to get comfortable, taking in the scent of your lavender scented shampoo mixed with the faint sprits of cheap vanilla perfume.
"Attention staff and students, all have been evacuated from the dormitory. I repeat all have been evacuated from the dormitory." Principle Nezu announced through the speakers, soon going on a segment about the mysterious villains that bombed the campus.
Denki slid back into his seat slightly, raising his feet onto the teacher's table. He pulled out his phone to see if anyone was talking about the bombing, but decided to try and distract himself with some cartoons. So he gently placed three kisses to your head before focusing on Adventure Time, hoping you'll wake up after the first episode.
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katsukidotcom · 2 months ago
hot things bakugo katsuki does
✸ ft. bakugo katsuki
✸ info + warnings: prohero bakugo, suggestive
izuku version :: todoroki version
Tumblr media
✸ always has his arm wrapped around you in public.
he doesn’t mind wrapping it around your shoulders, but he’s more likely to hold you by your waist. he thinks it sends a message to any wandering eyes that you’re spoken for. though, he does make it clear that it’s from a place of protectiveness and not jealously. he likes pulling you into him so that you’re closer and he can feel you. if he’s taking you somewhere you’ve never been or you’re just distracted, he tugs you toward him and in the right direction, his fingertips giving you a little squeeze as a reminder to stay focused. his fingers tend to roam, running up and down your side as you two walk.
✸ cooks for you.
he’s always sure to ask what you have a taste for before setting off to make it for you. he actually enjoys when you watch him because loves showing off his skills. whenever he cooks, he always wears short sleeves or tank tops so the fabric doesn’t get in the way, but it also happens to show off his muscles as he chops away a vegetables and prepares the rest of the meal. he’ll call you over for a taste test and hold a sample up to your mouth, a cautious hand under the utensil so nothing makes a mess. if you like it, he’ll plate if you. and if he’s feeling extra nice, he’ll even feed it to you.
✸ smirks and licks his lips when you’re annoyed with him.
he thinks it’s hot when you’re fed up with him and does not try to hide that it kind of turns him on. he’d never do it if you were genuinely upset about something, but he finds himself doing little things that bother you like skipping past the show you like when you’re both trying to find something to watch or leaving the toilet seat up. something about you rolling your eyes or raising your voice at him makes his pants feel a little tighter and he can’t help but grin about it. the fact that him doing this riles you up even more is only a bonus for him. if he’s lucky, maybe you’ll be generous enough to put him in his place.
✸ wipes his sweat away with the bottom of his shirt.
he doesn’t believe in using towels; why would he go out his way to get one when his shirt is already sweaty? so he just grabs the garment by the hem and pulls it up to dry off his forehead after his workouts. while he’s busy making sure the beads of sweat aren’t dripping down his face, his whole abdomen and chest are on display. the workout is an entertaining show on its own, but getting a peek of his chiseled abs makes for a great finale. but now that he’s using his shirt as a makeshift towel, he might as well take it off so he can reach his neck with it, right?
✸ keeps his eyes on you while you’re talking to him.
even if he’s busy doing something, he’ll drop it or turn away for a moment to make eye contact with you. he doesn’t let things like his phone or background chatter distract him. having his undivided attention on you is a little intense, but he just wants you to know that he’s listening to what you’re saying. if for any reason he isn’t able to look at you, he nods and hums along so that you’re certain that he hears you. if you stop in the middle of a sentence or abruptly because you think he’s not paying attention, he’ll prompt you to continue and reassure you that he was listening.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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simpliheavenli · 2 days ago
You were already for work and trying to rush out of your door, but the pesky birdbrain named Hawks decided he had other plans. He muttered something along the lines of 'traffics a lot lighter in the sky, babe' and threw you over his shoulder. He spread his astonishing crimson wings and jumped out off of the porch, his wings caught air and you both had taken flight. Your protests died in the wind and he began carrying you bridal style. He flutters down in front of the door, and he plants a kiss on your forehead. He leaves before the paparazzi comes and you still haven't processed what happend. "love you, see you when you come home, Birdie." he blows a kiss and flies off to do god knows what.
Tagging: @amarinthe @heizenka @solaxena @soranihimawari @cupidines Taglist
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brightymir · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: language, not proofread
genre: fluff
characters: izuku, katsuki, shoto, tenya x gn!reader
author's notes: a little something from me before going back to doing reqs! i hope you guys enjoy this one <3
Tumblr media
𖣔 izuku midoriya
— "midoriya, can i borrow your notes from literature class?"
izuku went rigid as soon as he heard his last name come from your lips, not knowing how to reply. your eyes were set on your laptop, finishing your home work. it seemed that you absent mindedly blurted it out, but he was still reeling from it when you called for him once again.
"midoriya, do you have the notes?" you asked again, peeling your eyes from your laptop and turning to gaze at him instead.
he looked so lost and confused and you knew that a million thoughts was running through his mind at that moment. but he managed to get his notebook and hand it to you. "here you go, bub. it's incomplete though" he said slowly, and you hummed in return, muttering a small "thanks".
he thought about confronting you, but it's just a small matter, maybe you didn't even realize it because you were immersed in your homework.
that must be it, there's nothing to worry about.
"thanks for this, i'll go to tenya and see if he has complete notes"
what? tenya? tenya???? not iida, but, tenya?
but why'd you call him midoriya and not izuku?
are you mad at him?
before he could think, he already stood and held your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.
"did i do anything to upset you?" he asked quietly, making you widen your eyes as you heard the slight tremble in his voice and as his eyes began to gloss.
you quickly pulled him in a hug, chuckling as you felt him grab at the back of your sweater. you ruffled his fluffy hair as you felt him relax against you.
"it's just a prank, love. i didn't know you'd take it seriously" you explained, laughing heartily as he clung more, adamant on not letting you go.
"i though i made you upset" he murmured and buried his head in the crook of your neck, pressing light kisses along the expanse of it.
"oh, you could never, 'zuku" you replied, pressing a soft kiss to his temple, eliciting a content sigh from him.
Tumblr media
𖣔 katsuki bakugo
— "what do you want for dinner, bakugo?"
stops whatever he's doing and turns to you with an incredulous look, expression screaming 'what the fuck did you say???' but you remained unfazed, looking back into the cabinet to reach for the spices.
it was silent for a few moments and when you turned back to look at katsuki, he was frowning at his lap, staring holes into them. you stifled a laugh, walking over to him.
"hey, bakugo, did you hear me?" you asked to his face, snapping your fingers. his eyes met yours, and you saw confusion and annoyance in his. in a blink of an eye, he lightly shoved you away from him, speaking in a rough voice.
"tch, whatever"
you paid no mind, refusing to give in this early in the prank. you only hummed and turned away, walking inside the kitchen to prepare dinner for the both of you.
unbeknownst to you, katsuki was already racking his brain if he did anything wrong to upset you or even make you mad. he tried to recall everything he did that day but he came up with nothing that could possibly upset you.
were you breaking up with him?
that must be it. you'll break up with him after dinner.
so he tried to delay it, eating his noodles excruciatingly slow, trying to find a way out of this situation. you raised a brow, wondering if something was wrong with the food.
"bakugo, is something wro-"
"oi, what ever happened to baby and all that shitty nicknames?" he blurted, playing with his chopsticks as he avoided your gaze. at this statement, you chuckled and finally let go of the laughter you've been controlling.
he then put the pieces in place and became annoyed, grunting and standing up from the table, you stumbled to hurry after him.
"wait a minute, kat!" he kept on walking.
"hey! baby come back here" he did not even flinch.
"love, it was just a prank" good luck on making him talk to you.
Tumblr media
𖣔 shoto todoroki
— "got it, thanks todoroki"
will comically freeze and turn his head slowly to you, wondering if he heard things right. he saw you continue dribbling down on your reviewer, not minding what you just said
todoroki??? it's been ages since you last called him that, and what drove you to call him like that again? you noticed he was having an internal crisis so you spoke up again.
"hey, todoroki, you good?" you questioned him and this time, his confused eyes met yours, and you see surprise plastered all over his face.
he responded with a quick "mn" before writing down his own reviewer. you hid your smile and went back to your work as if nothing happened.
shoto's mind, on the other hand, was blank. he wanted to come up with something but there was nothing. he didn't do anything to upset you, none that he can recall that is.
wait a minute.
oh. was it the girl from the gen-ed course that was too clingy to him earlier? that must be it.
you noticed that he was completely spaced out and in a daze so you decided to end the prank, inching closer to him and cupping his face in your palms, making him look st you.
"it was just a prank, sho. don't get too worked up" you said and pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips, smiling in glee as it worked.
he let out a light chuckle, pinching your cheeks softly, realizing what just took place "you should tone it down with the pranks, love. i really worried there for a minute" he said and hugged you, making you hum in return.
"worried? why is that, huh?" you teased and leaned back.
"well there was this girl earlier in the lockers that pressed herself to me out of nowhere even though i tried to push her aw-" you cut him off before he can continue his words.
"oh? from which course and section is she from? i'd like to invite her for tea" you asked sweetly and fixed your hair, pulling away from shoto.
and ever sweet and kind shoto gave you the info you need, including the girl's profile and appearance.
Tumblr media
𖣔 tenya iida
— "i honestly think iida's idea is really good"
it was something you said in passing when the class was discussing about a collaborative project. the others continued discussing but tenya's mind was focused on the words that left your lips.
huh? iida? sure you were with the others, but it's still alright to call him by his first name right?
"—kun? iida-kun? hey!" momo's voice shook tenya out of his daydream. momo noticed that his gaze was on you and she realized what was going on, so she called for a short tea break.
you excused yourself to get some stuff from your room, and the others shared a glance when iida followed shortly after you.
arriving at your room, you closed the door, only to be stopped by tenya's hand. you looked up at him with an inquisitive look, while he had a troubled look on his face.
"oh? is anything bothering you, iida?"
what? you two are alone now. what's with the last name basis?
"did i do anything to anger or upset you, sweetie?" he asked and held your hand gently, playing with your fingers while he rubbed his thumb across your knuckles. you failed at stifling yourself when you see how his lips quivered slightly.
"tenya! it's just a prank, hun. can't believe you fell for it" you said and messed his hair, laughing as his face began to turn red, his hand squeezing yours as he also chuckled at your silliness.
he began to reprimand you with his signature hand wave, saying "you shouldn't do that. it makes me worried and gets me off track, love" before pulling you in a hug.
you booped his nose, "you shouldn't be stressing too much, love. ease up" you replied and hugged him back tighter, not minding his next complaints about the prank you pulled.
walking back to the living room, mina glanced at you as tenya began to sit back next to momo to continue the discussion.
you winked back at her, mouthing a quick "it worked", eliciting a giggle from her.
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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lexxiie · a month ago
bnha being jealous??? very jealous? please? have a nice day!
Hey, anon!! Have a nice day too!
Tumblr media
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Featuring: Shigaraki | Dabi | Hawks | Overhaul.
Tumblr media
When They Are Jealous
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tomura didn't really want you to be near the league due to safety reasons. The only way you could spend time together, was at your apartment.
You both were having a chill movie night. He always loved how easy it was to be with you. Doing all of this mundane things was nice. Having you in his arms, talking to you, sleeping next to you... He couldn't think of anything better. You had suggested ordering a pizza so that you could keep watching movies all day long, and Tomura agreed.
You assumed the pizza must have arrived when you heard the knock on the door. Leaving your boyfriend on the bedroom, you hurried towards the door to recieve your order. You payed your food and thanked the delivery guy. Of course, you weren't expecting his sudden plea for you to wait before you closed the door. "Can I get your number?" You looked at him apologetically. "Oh, I can't... I have a boyfriend" Trying to give him your kindest smile, you attempted to close the door again, but the guy's attitude changed completely. "Hey, you don't have to be that fucking rude, you know?" The shock on your face was probably unmistakable. "I'm only asking for your number, I'm shure your boyfriend it's okay with you having friends, right?" He streched out his hand, trying to touch your arm. Right before you could step away, the guy flew and hit the wall of the corridor, Tomura holding him by his neck. He was only touching him with four fingers, but you could see he was trying to figure out if he should press all five.
The guy must have recognized the infamous criminal because he started begging for his life. "Out." Was everything your boyfriend said, and it was more than enough for the delivery man to run for his life. Tomura looked back at you with a concerned look on his face. The next thing you knew, you were convinced of moving to a new apartment because "too many people already know that you live here, alone." What a perfect excuse for moving into a new place for the two of you.
Tumblr media
Touya was a fun guy to date. He always made you laugh, he always made you fluster with his obscene comments, he was always teasing you. You knew he loved you, but he could be quite difficult sometimes.
You don't really get the chance to go out in public with him, but you had the idea of going to a club to dance and have some drinks. You figured the darkness in the dance floor would hide the criminal. He did not agree with you. It was very hard to convince him of finally coming with you, but you made it, and you were very proud because this man is very stubborn. However, your happiness didn't last long. You were finally at the club and he was being a jerk. He was literally just sitting there, with a glass of whiskey on his hand. He didn't want to dance with you, he wasn't even paying attention to you.
"Seriously, Touya? This is how it's gonna be?" He didn't give you an answer, instead, he just shrugged while raising his eyebrows. The truth was that he felt out of place. He looked like some kind of failed experiment and you were standing there with that gorgeous dress... He didn't match you. He felt embarrassed. But he wasn't going to tell you that. "If you want to dance, find someone else, doll."
That hurt you. The pain only lasted a bit, though. It was soon overcomed by anger. Fine. You went back to the dancefloor and grabbed some random guy by his collar who was more than pleased to dance with you. Touya watched the scene with furrowed eyebrows, his blue eyes were almost glowing because of how furious he was. He couldn't blame you. He treated you terribly, but it still hurt. That guy was normal... He looked good by your side, unlike him. The thought made his heart clench inside his chest. He might not be as good looking as he once was, but he knew you didn't think like that at all, though he didn't know why, and he sure as hell loved you more than any rando in this place ever could.
Pulling his pride aside, he approached you two and pulled the guy away from you. Before the man could protest, Touya shutted him up with a "That's my girlfriend you are touching, fucker." His cold stare was enough for the guy to get away from both of you instantly. Your boyfriend placed his hand on your waist, gently at first, and then pulled you close to his body almost agressively. You want him to dance? Fine. But only because it's with you.
Tumblr media
Kai likes to take you out to dinner every time he has the chance. A fancy restaurant to talk with you was always very comforting. He's not a cheesy man, so this kind of things are what he likes to do to show you that he cares.
You were having quite a nice evening. He had asked you to wear something pretty for when he arrived home, which you knew meant "we'll go out tonight." It always made you feel butterflies whenever he admitted you looked beautiful. You did look stunning tonight, though. You chose a dress he bought for you not too long ago, it made you look pretty great if you said so yourself.
After a couple a lot of bottles of wine, Kai needed to use the restroom. He excused himself, always so formal despite your long relationship. A couple of minutes after your boyfriend left, a man approached you and sat on the empty seat before you. He started to talk about how you were such a lovely woman and how you shouldn't be alone. You tried to explain to him that you actually came with your partner, but he didn't seem to care. Every second that passed made you feel more and more uncomfortable, you didn't want to be rude, but your patience was coming to an end.
Before you had the chance to say something, a shadow appeared behind the man. Kai. Oh no. You could see it in his eyes... That cold stare he would give people he despised. "I think you are at the wrong table." His voice was calmed. His look was not. "You shouldn't have left your girl all alone, then." The gasp arrived soon after. The man was looking at his hand that was now fused with the tablecloth, he looked terrified. Kai leaned in, his face was now very close to the man's. With the same cruel look and a bone chilling tone, he warned the guy one last time, "If you don't leave and stop bothering people who clearly don't want to have anything to do with you, It won't be just your hand."
As soon as Kai freed the man's hand, he ran away from both of you. Your boyfriend sat again as if nothing had happened and trapped your hand in his. "I'm sorry, dear. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn't have left you here." The rest of the night went by smoothly. By the time you went back home, you realized that it had barely even started.
Tumblr media
Keigo loved to take you to every hero convention ever. If there was something he was prouder for than being a hero, that was being your partner. You are also a great support system, he knows he can rely on you. All those hero reunions, with the media, the questions... It can be very overwhelming for him.
You where both chatting with some other heroes when Keigo was called to do an interview. "I'll be right back." You smiled at him and left to look for Mirko, or anyone you could talk to.
Before you got the chance to come across any known face, a hero you didn't know approached you. He mentioned he hadn't seen you before, and you explained that you were here because of Hawks and not because you were a hero too. He went on talking about how much of an inspiration your boyfriend was to him and to many other heroes. The conversation was very nice, actually. However, from the other side of the building, the winged hero couldn't help but frown as he saw you laughing with some other guy. He ended the interview as fast as he could and practically flew ran to you. The sudden arm on your waist took you by surprise as you looked back only to see your boyfriend with a cocky smile. "Hey, dove. Sorry for leaving you, you know how it is." He looked at the hero in front of you, pretending he hadn't noticed him. "Oh, And this is...?" The hero introduced himself immediately, and thanked Keigo for his contribution to society. Your boyfriend didn't seem very impressed, though. "Well, if you don't mind, my girlfriend and I were already leaving." You excused yourself as Keigo literally dragged you out of the place.
"What was that?" You asked, looking at him with a funny expression. The hero turned to you, almost offended. "Didn't you notice what that guy was doing back there? He was getting closer, and closer to you with every passing second." He was pouting like a little kid would when throwing a tantrum. "Were you jealous?" You asked, cupping his cheeks. He didn't give you an answer, instead, he looked away. You couldn't help but kiss him, he was way too cute sometimes.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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c0rncheez · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Midoriya and Bakugo
Synopsis ~ The one where you orgasm really hard seemingly out of no where and your man’s reaction
Cw ~ NSFW, Fem!Reader, AgedUp! Midoriya & Bakugo, Fluff if you squint, Forced Orgasms? Handcuffing and Blindfolding, Foreplay, Pet Names, Ear licking, Tongue Sucking & Fucking?, Choking, Established Relationships, Vibrator, Dacryphilia, Overstim, Fingering & Cunnilingus, Y/n Playing Genshin, Rough Sex, Bakugo being Bakugo, Teasing & Slight Edging, Mind Break, A lil tap on the cheek, Squirting, [this is wild lmao but jus know it’s all consensual 💀]
A/n ~ idk why I went crazy with the Deku one um chile...anyways
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You trust me, baby?” Izuku whispered softly in your ear.
He was feeling very playful that evening as he secured a green blindfold around you eyes. You softly hummed your affirmation while nuzzling into him.
“Words, kitten,” He kissed into your neck as he got comfortable behind you. He laid with his back against the headboard with you between his legs; wide, nude, and open for his tinkering.
“You know I trust you honey,” you uttered already subconsciously rolling your hips.
“Good girl... now give me your hands.” He ordered softly to which you obediently offered your wrists over.
He secured your hands tightly behind your back with his favorite handcuffs before hiking your thighs even higher completely exposing you to the cool air.
The position was quite embarrassing even though you weren’t privy to your sight but his soft caresses distracted you.
All you could hear was his deep breathing and the feeling of his ghosting fingertips over the shells of your ears.
Your breath quickened when his warm tongue lolled over the back of your left ear.
“I-Izuku, Ah~” you shivered
He gave an absent minded noise before delving his tongue into your ear causing you to flinch cutely. The over-amplified lewd noises caused your hips to buck slightly.
He gave that ear a wet kiss before moving to the right one. As he repeated the same treatment his weathered hands softly trailed up your soft stomach before he began tweaking and massaging your neglected breasts.
Before you even realized, you were panting quite heavily. The blockage of your sight and free touch made every single one of his ministrations ignite extreme passion between your legs.
You could even feel the evidence of your deep arousal sticking uncomfortably to the sheets beneath you. Under the blindfold your eyes were also already unfocused as you let him play with your aching body.
A wet smack sounded in your ear before you felt the bed slightly dip as Izuku leaned back. You jolted at the sudden sound and movement before giving a sad noise at the separation.
“Be patient, Kitten,” he breathily chuckled as he—leaned over? Was he reaching for something?
“H-hurry, please~” You whined bunting your head affectionately into his chest.
Once he finished getting whatever he needed he finally rested back behind you before holding your jaw firmly and angling your face up towards him.
“Suck on my tongue,” he said under his breath before smushing his lips against yours.
You sucked back on his prodding tongue enthusiastically as his free hand caressed your inner thigh sensually.
As his grasp on your chin slipped to your throat he began softly fucking his tongue into your mouth and you desperately swirled and mixed your saliva with his.
You were so lost in the messy makeout session that you didn’t get to hear the aggressive buzz of a wand vibrator creeping closer to your pussy.
One particular deep fuck of his tongue caused you to gag slightly. He pulled back to give you just a quick second for sweet air before returning to his assault with more vigor.
You were in a dazed heaven as drool spilled from the corner of your mouth, happily receiving everything Izuku gave you.
But you didn’t know that he had the vibrator hovering right above your aching clit—on the 2nd highest setting.
So when he purposely shoved his tongue down your throat your hips bucked off the bed.
“MMPH~!” You desperately tried to squeal as the strong vibrations hit dead center on your clit.
You quickly slammed your hips back down already overwhelmed from just a second of the toy but Izuku followed your movement and pressed the wand directly onto you.
You felt your eyes snap to the back of your head as your orgasm pierced through you frighteningly.
Izuku quickly pulled his tongue from your mouth to witness your violent climax.
“Ah Sh-Shit! T-turn it off! Ah, P-PLEASE~” You were able to somehow choke out despite the inactivity behind your eyes.
It was too much, all the foreplay already had you on the brink, the vibrations were just too much—you were going to go insane—
But Izuku was lost in his own mind. Your sudden orgasm, the jumping of your hips, your desperate cries...He pulled your blind fold down to see those beautiful eyes—those tearful eyes. He’s never seen you like this before.
And your sweet boyfriend wanted to see more. He needed to see more. And so he did what anyone in their right mind would do.
He turned it up a notch.
And your eyes surely did cross.
[Extra! ~ From that day onward Deku always made sure to take his time and really rile up with foreplay in hopes of seeing you orgasm like that again]
Tumblr media
“Oi, keep your fuckin’ legs open, woman,” Bakugo grunted from between your thighs.
He had his middle and ring finger knuckle deep in you as you quivered in your gaming chair. The hilichurls on your PC screen kept going in and out of focus as he purposely abused that vulnerable spot with each curl of his thick fingers.
“‘S-Suki, I c-can’t,” you gasped while fisting his hair with one hand.
You don’t know why he was being like this but the second he came over to your apartment after his heroic duties he popped a squat in-front of you and hadn’t left since.
At first he was oddly quiet while watching you play but then his hands started to wander and then somewhere along the line your panties were pulled off and promptly exploded within his hand.
He gave a huff before wheedling his big head between your thighs then placing a soft bite on the chub of your lower stomach.
“Katsuki, babyyy I’m trying to play the new update,” You whined as your attention went back to your PC.
“You’ve been playin’ that shitty game all day.” You felt him grumble on you.
“Shutup, I haven’t seen you all fuckin’ week” he snapped as he grabbed the back of both of your thighs, “just kill your stupid hilicorls”
He shifted your thighs to rest on either side of your gaming chair before giving you another bite but on your inner thigh. He continued those little chomps which soon turned into pressured kisses that left a tantalizing trails of hickies all over your most intimate area.
You subconsciously leaned back and relaxed for him, enjoying his attention. Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone by satisfying your demanding boyfriend and by clearing all your quests?
He slowly picked back up the calculated pace of his fingers that were still inside you throughout the back and forth banter from earlier. Curling and scissoring them just the way he knew would have you crashing the quickest.
“Ah~feels good, ‘Suki,” you praised softly grinding into his palm.
“‘Cause I know what the fuck I’m doing,” he pointlessly argued back before wrapping his hot lips around your aching clit.
Your cheeky giggle got caught in your throat mid-moan as he flicked his tongue aggressively in conjunction with his fingering.
Your looting and quests increasingly became less and less interesting and he pleased you. Every dig of his digits and every swirl of his saturated tongue were taking you higher and higher. Yet every time you thought you could finally peak he’d slow down his ministrations causing your head to reluctantly descend back down from the clouds.
You knew he was doing this on purpose. If you weren’t going to give him all of your attention then he wasn’t going to break you off the way you deserved.
You glared at him through your hazy gaze as he smirked against you. He licked a long stripe on your clit just to spite you and your hips embarrassing bucked up in reaction. So evil of him to tease you like this when you were practically twitching for any type of release.
You gave a short huff before crossing your arms, no long wanting to play anymore—well now you want to play with your man.
“About fuckin’ time,” he cockily said as he stood up from his knees, “So damn stubborn.”
You chose to ignore his crassness as he quickly unbuckled his pants. You didn’t have anything to bite back, all you wanted was him at the moment. Big mouth and all.
He bent his knees and lined himself up to where you need him the most. But always the one to be difficult he just had to stall.
“How bad do you want it, huh?” He grinned teethily while thumbing over your clit.
“Ugh, this isn’t the time for this,” you sighed, “Stop playing arou-NGH!~”
You gasped out as he slammed all the way in without any warning, literally knocking the wind out of you. He dick nestled contently up against your cervix as you stared up at him with wide teary eyes. He just entered you and your pussy was a twitching mess—already at the edge of cumming.
You tried to close your thighs again to gain some of leverage back but he weighed them backed down with minimal effort.
“W-wait, Katsuki Ah! W-wait,” You could already tell that you were on the brink of a very terrifying orgasm. One that you weren’t sure you could handle.
“Why, does it hurt?” He reared his hips back as a flash of worry hit him.
“N-no, it not th-that,” you struggled to explain, “but I’ll go c-crazy, I’ll-”
Relieved that you weren’t in pain he leaned down to whisper in you ear—
“Well, that’s the fucking point.” Before slamming right back against your cervix sending you head first into a mind shattering orgasm.
You didn’t even know if the sounds you were making were sexy. Your eyes were barely open but that didn’t matter—you could only see white anyways.
Your legs were shaking uncontrollably and gushes of liquid were spraying onto Katsuki’s lower abdomen. But none of that stopped him. No not at all, if anything he grew even harder inside you.
“Look at me,” He demanded as he held both sides of your face firmly. He gave your cheek a soft pat to help you regain your state of being. Although still barely holding it together you were able to meet his eyes through the brutal rolling of his hips.
“We’re not leaving this damn chair till I see you cum like that again, understood?”
“…y-yes, ‘Suki”
[Extra! ~ Bakugo stay getting flashbacks from that day, also can’t look at that gaming chair the same... and neither can you]
A/n ~ idky but I had the hardest time writing this 😭 idk why, hopefully if I get some sleep and reread it I’ll feel better about it
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lucyphurr · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
how they act when they’re horny & just rlly horny sex + denki, kiri, bakugo, & sero
in celebration of basically my first post getting 100 notes, and the second one nearing 100, here’s a rlly long thing I did. at first it was going to be short and sweet but I got carried away and then noticed my posts getting a lot of love! so this is a little thanks, eat it up and feel free to ask me things and messsge me, (honestly idk if my asks work) -L <3
nsfw ! + semi-public sex?, ngl mommy is thrown in there and i won’t take any criticism, degradation (giving & receiving), praise, thigh riding, spitting, daddy kink, cokwarming kind of, intoxicated sex, spanking/as well as pussy smacks, squirting
denki kaminari
— definitely a whiner
— if you’re in public he’ll keep trying to drag you home or somewhere else just so he can at least press up against you
— “please baby, you’re doing this on purpose”
— the most inconvenient place he got horny was when you were visiting your parents house for Christmas
— ended up probably having some of the hottest sex in your childhood room
— he wouldn’t shut up about how hot you looked in your dress and kept grabbing at you ass while no one was looking so you told your parents you’re gonna turn in early
After basically throwing Denki into your childhood room, he starts grabbing at you through your dress even more than he was before. You’d be lying if you said his actions didn’t start to make you horny, but you didn’t want him to start thinking he can get away with this whenever he wants. You decided that you would indulge yourself though, because Denki seemed to be in an extra subby mood today.
“Let me ask you a favor, Kami.”
“anything, just please-“
“I want to ask for a little Christmas gift a bit early,” you tell the boy who is now underneath you, you feel him trying to push up into you for some friction.
He just nods his head quickly before you even say what you want, you love when he gets like this. You pull him into a kiss that makes him squirm even more.
“I just want you to be a good boy for me today, I don’t want anything else from you.” Denki knows what that means, he whines out an “okay”.
“What a good boy, you’re so worked up you’ll probably let me do anything. How dirty.”
He just lets out a pitiful whine as you rut your hips down into him, feeling himself get incredibly hard just from this action and how you talk to him. He places his hands on your hips, right above the curve of your ass. His fingertips probably leaving bruises as he basically used you to try and get himself off. He lets out a protest whine when you remove his hands, quieting when you start undoing his belt. You remove his belt and motion at him for his hands, he tried to protest because he’s so handsy and loves touching you, but your grinding into him at such a slow pase makes him feel dizzy. He’d rather die than have you stop right now. You’re able to wrap his hands together, making sure to do it around a bar on your metal headboard so he’s actually stuck.
“You look so pretty like this, you probably sound even prettier.”
Denki is practically writhing in his skin, you decide to be nice and help him out. You take his pants off, leaving him in only boxers. For a bit you didn’t want to show Denki how wet you are. But the way he is now it would probably work him up more, so you lean back, your ass now pressed onto his dick. His eyes are glued to you as if looking away would be blasphemy, your spread your legs so your dress is bunched up at the top of your thighs. Denki let’s out a moan when he sees the wet patch in your panties, since you’re feeling generous you decide to pull them to the side. You smile when you notice his hands struggling against your headboard.
“Fuck, please...” Denki begs deperstely under you, it’s right in his face and he cant do anything. A smile creeps up your lips.
“Do you want it?” You ask like you don’t know the answer, he nods his head vigorously, lip taught in between his teeth. “Then ask me nicely.”
Denki looks so wound up you’re nervous he might set off his quirk, he’s thinking so hard, obviously trying to see the quickest way for you to help him out. He retorts that asking nicely is begging.
“Please baby, you don’t know how-“
“No, it has to be even nicer. Get creative.” You’re having the time of your life, you thought he’d take time to think, but he didn’t and your head practically exploded.
“Fuck, please, mommy. I want it so bad. mommy please I’ve been such a good boy for you.”
You didn’t know how to react besides giving him what he wanted and more, after all, he was right. He was being such a good boy for you.
eijiro kirishima
— there’s no way this boy isn’t handsy
— holding your thigh while driving but being annoyingly close to the top of your thigh
—he won’t rlly tell you bc he assumes you’ll just know, which you do
— when he’s horny in public he won’t say anything, he kind of likes waiting
— unless he’s horribly worked up, then there might be an exception
— today is one of those days
— slapping your ass, hugging you from behind and grabbing your breasts through your hero costume while no one is looking
— you both made a promise to your childhood friend bakugo that you wouldn’t fool around in his hero agency, and you didn’t want to break that promise because he might blow your asses up
— so kiri has to opt for waiting and getting you as soon as he can
— which so happens to be in the car before you both go home
“Kiri, maybe we should just wait until we get home” you breathe out, he’s kissing all the weak spots he knows. which is in fact getting you wrapped around his finger.
“I’ve been waiting for this all day, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna stop now that I’ve started.” He says into your ear while he plays with your tits through your shirt, it feels like when you were teens fooling around. what would people say if the famous pro hero couple was caught fooling around in their car? the tabloids would eat that up.
you were practically aching for kiri at this point, and he knew that. but one of his favorite things to do was tease you, something about you whining and crying because you just want to cum always makes him go insane. you already know what’s going to happen when kiri takes you out of your sweats and makes you straddle one of his thighs, you always loved his thighs.
“You know what to do, princess.” The nickname makes you whine, his hands guiding your hips at a horribly slow pace.
he chuckles at how he can already feel your wetness on his bare thigh, he pulled his shorts up a bit for you. he loved how you grab his shoulders for support, not even because your unsteady but because he’s going so slow you feel like you might pass out.
“fuck, kiri please go faster.” you whine out, every time you try to quicken the pace his hands slow you down again. “what’s my name?”
you don’t hear him, you’re too focused on looking down at yourself grinding on his thigh. the slow friction making you wetter by the second. you’re brought out of your trance when he smacks your ass, he has a stupid smile at your yelp.
“i said, what’s my name? i don’t have time for you to be a brat.”
he loosens up on your hips a bit, letting you go a bit faster.
“ah- fuck! daddy, please let me go faster.” he helps you quicken the pase, your moans high pitched and breathing fast in his ear.
“good girl, you sound so pretty. acting like a little slut for me, look at you being so desperate to get yourself off on my thigh.”
your cheeks burn red, the embarrassment feeling like a sting. you let out a high pitch whine when he slips his hand into your underwear, feeling at the wetness you smeared around yourself. he groans at the proof of how worked up you are, he pulls his hand out and scissors two fingers, showing the strings of arousal connecting them. He puts one in his mouth, maintaining eye contact with you, then raises his other messy finger to your mouth.
“taste how sweet you are, baby.” he says it like he’s offering you a slice of cake, but you can hear the lust dripping off of his words. you pop his middle finger in your mouth, his dick strains against his shorts even more at you swirling your tongue around.
he pulls his finger out of your mouth and goes back into your panties, making you grip onto his shoulders even harder. he doesn’t waste his time playing with your bud that’s been asking for attention this whole time, you start grinding down impossibly harder. you feel your release on the tip of your tongue, your motions becoming noticeably messy.
“ah- ah fuck, ‘gonna cum.” Is all you’re able to choke out, kiri reminds you of a rule the both of you have, just to make things more fun.
“ask to cum or you’re getting edged for the rest of the night.” your head spins at the thought of only coming once tonight, you manage to choke out something somewhat coherent.
“daddy, please- please let me cum.” his movements become just a bit faster, taking that as a yes the pressure in your stomach sends you over.
you gush on his hand and thigh, kiri loves it when you squirt all over him. he literally can’t think of anything hotter than you squirting on him, and because of him. just because he’s feeling like a dick he sticks his fingers into your tight and spasming entrance, you let out a high pitched yelp.
“daddy no- no, I’m so sensitive~”
you try to squirm away from his hand, but he traps you by wrapping his arm around your waist. pressing you flush against him, curling his fingers into you. your body is twitching with sensitivity, kiri groans at how you’re clamping down on his fingers, only making him want to go faster. you keep letting out increasingly higher pitched moans, you feel the familiar pressure building to again. subconsciously fucking yourself on his fingers, you feel like you’re going to melt from sensitivity, but it’s so good.
“go on baby, show daddy how good he’s making you feel right now. your pussy’s being so good for me, telling me when you’re close. the way you clamp down on my fingers is so dirty.”
you easily cum a second time on kiri’s hand again, he’s so hard it practically hurts now. you give him a thank you and kiss around his face, he chuckles at you.
“you did so good baby, you don’t have to do anything from this point”
he says as he turn you around, back pressed against his chest. pulling your ruined panties to the side. he raises you a bit, feeling his warm head at your entrance.
“daddy, you’re gonna break me.” you choke out while he slowly lowers you down, you tighten when his head pops into you. he gives a kiss to your neck
“yea baby, that’s the point.”
katsuki bakugou
— hes flat out annoyed and angry when he’s horny
— he doesn’t like telling you out of “basic human decency”
— but you’re pretty sure he’s just shy
— will def use his quirk a little bit on you, like smaking your ass and you feel a small sting
— most convos are just him being angry and dismissing you
— “tsuki~” “what.” “why does my baby look so bothered right now?” “i’m not.”
— usually ends convos by fast-walking out of the room
— definitely the same as he was in high school
— sex with him when he’s horny is like angry sex, so, very good
— will degrade you to filth without a second thought
— “the whole apartment could probably hear you. I should just let them watch you get fucked until you drip all over me.”
— “you’re screaming my name like a filthy whore, is this too much for you baby?”
— even if you said yes he probably wouldn’t slow down, if you try to like move up a bit or have him pull out a little bit he’ll literally trap you with his big ass arms
“oh fuck, oh fuck, ‘tsuki it’s too much.”
your boyfriend has you pinned on your kitchen counter, back on the cold marble and looking him in his eyes. looking down where you’re both connected at, the sight is filthy. bakugou is holding your wrists with one hand and the other is lightly holding your neck, periodically squeezing the sides, making your body tingle.
“shut up, waiting for me to come home dressed like this. you were so ready for me, you can take it baby.”
you encouraged bakugou to give you minimal prep today and you were suffering the consequences, but the way you were drooling all over yourself let him know that this hurt was a good one. but, just because he cares a little bit, he slowed his pace. but in the one way you were hoping he wouldn’t, he’s going horribly slow.
“look at you, your pussy is leaking all over me. what? you told me to slow down and I did.” he laughs like he’s taunting you, pulling out until it’s only his head and quickly jamming it back in.
he lets out groans at your tightness, tightening around him at his words. he knows exactly how to wind you up and get you wrapped around his finger. just as you were getting used to his slow brutal pace, you can feel pressure building up in you. as you try to chase your high by grinding down on him, he flips you over. face pressed onto the marble where your back was.
“so impatient, you know what I do to girls that can’t wait?”
your body burns with anticipation for what you know is coming, you let out a yelp when you get a harsh smack to your ass. bakugo palms and grips the flesh, letting out a groan when he spreads you to get a clearer view of your pussy that’s currently clenching around nothing.
“katsuki, please~”
you let out such a needy whine, how could he say no. without another word you feel him easing into you, you expected him to give you a hard time and tell you to beg harder or something. letting out a loud moan as he spreads you apart to watch.
“now, since I gave you something you’re gonna have to be a good girl and count for me.”
you let out another whine, trying to just ignore him and slowly start pushing yourself back on him. he smacks one of his hard hands down on you, getting you to jump. bakugou almost thinks he’s going to lose his mind how you’re clamping down on him.
“good girl.”
katsuki leaves himself buried deep inside you as he gives you your punishment, you never thought 16 was such a big number until you had to count up to it in such an agonizing situation. you know the way your tightening around katsuki is making him sweat and groan, it’s the only type of retaliation you can manage while you’re drooling from him smacking your ass and twitching in you. you have 6 left, the number seems so far away even though it’s so small. there’s a long pause before he brings his hand down on you, the anticipation practically edging you. you can feel your arousal dripping down your thighs. when he brings his hand down you practically scream, you felt his quirk go off on your ass.
“eleven, augh fuck ‘tsuki, don’t do this I’m gonna-“
you’re easily silenced by him thrusting into you, the wet sounds you made just from one thrust are humiliating. now each time he smacks you, you can feel his quirk go off. massaging the spot he hit that is quickly bruising each time you count, your whole body feels hot with excitement. although the remaining 5 pass by agonizingly slow, it passes. hoping to get friction from the blond boy rubbing your ass you tighten around him a bit. you’re quickly pulled from the warm marble by the back of your neck, your back pressed to his sweaty chest.
“are you gonna be a good girl for me, baby?”
after vigorously nodding your head he placed a kiss to your shoulder, setting a steady pace of pumping in and out of you. it feels so good you practically melt in his arms, feeling your wetness run down your legs only makes you more aroused. you already feel sensitive and you haven’t even cum yet, and your heart skips a beat when bakugou’s arm snakes around you and starts rubbing your swollen bud. you let out a high pitched cry and arch your back off of his sweaty body.
“ah~ fuck you’re gonna make me cum.”
he licks up the side of your neck before talking into your ear again, “yea, that’s the point. i want you to cum on daddy’s dick so hard I have to remind you how to walk after.”
sero hanta
— he gets horny every time he smokes
— not because it just happens, he gets horny because he knows how horny you get when you smoke together
— sero is a sucker for pleasing his s/o
— he’ll do anything to make you feel good, seeing you feel good makes him feel even better
— he’s a functioning stoner, so the way he touches you with steady hands always makes your head spin
— always makes sure it’s what you want to do before doing it, so you have to practically beg him, which gets him going too
— a little bit of a king of dirty talk
— “you’re whining so loud the rest of your dorm could probably hear you, start saying my name so they all know who’s doing this to you”
— sero is #1 supporter of your horny tendencies
— when you tease him for being horny he just degrades you to make up for it
“you’re being so good for me, spread your legs more.”
you let out a whine and spread them more for your boyfriend, his apartment was free from his roommates so you took advantage. you didn’t think it’d lead to him looking so pretty in between your legs, you run a hand through his blacks tresses, the long back tied into a low ponytail that you want to yank on so bad. he’s been teasing you by blowing on your slick for what has felt like ages, finally gasping into a moan when he finally licks a stripe up you. The grip on his hair tightens, which makes him let out a grunt against you.
“holy shit, hanta you’re doing so good.”
you decide to get your praise in now before it feels like you can’t speak, but you’re being honest. you don’t know how he’s so good at swirlig his tongue around you. you hate how good he looks doing it too, even with your hand making a mess of his hair, it’s like all it does is make him hotter. youre feeling so worked up, in need of more friction.
“hanta, stick your tongue out for me. i wanna see something.”
you look down at him layed on the bed in front of you, the blunts from earlier are really getting to you now. he sticks his tongue out with a smile, wrapping his arms around your thighs when you press yourself up to his tongue and start moving yourself against it. your body feeling fuzzy and incredibly hot with arousal, sero stops you and you protest with a whine. instead he has you sit up, and sits himself behind you so you’re sitting in between his legs.
the smile on his face only grew bigger as he starts trailing his fingers up and down the outside of your slit, the way he’s making you feel right now should be illegal. he slowly starts easing in his middle finger, and saying his fingers are kind of long is an understatement.
“you’re taking one finger so well, last time you were practically shaking. i love when you’re so sensitive.”
you buck your hips up as a response, whining when your action results in his finger going deeper in you. he takes that as a reason to put in another finger in. relishing the way you squirm in his arms, sero can’t believe how pretty you look. your mouth open, gripping at the shoulder that’s controlling his fingers. your eyes red and low, it only makes you sexier. with his free arm he grabs the blunt he abandoned earlier, takes a long pull of it and makes sure to put it out this time. you bite your lip when he directs you to look at him and he blows the smoke in your face.
you open your mouth and stick your tongue out like it’s routine, he smiles at how he feels you tightening on his fingers. he puckers his lips and lets spit fall onto your tongue, sero almost feels you get impossibly wetter. you open your mouth again for him, panting at his quicker pace. whimpers falling out of your mouth as you silently ask you boyfriend to spit in your mouth again. He lets more of his spit fall into your mouth, loving how the dirty acts makes you look like you’re ready to cum.
“you’re such a little slut, gushing around my fingers just because I spit in your mouth.”
you let out a moan at his means words, you feel like you’re practically dripping with arousal. you choke out a high pitched yelp when he scissors his fingers inside of you, he leans down and gives you a kiss on your forehead. your low eyes now focuses on his face, loving how enticed he is with his fingers working in and out of you. you feel the undeniable pressure building up in you, sero can also tell by the way your tightening around his fingers. just as you feel like the pressure is about to let itself go sero pulls his fingers out and gives two slaps your cunt, he expected it to startle you away from your high. but much to his surprise,
“oh- fuck, fuck~”
you start gushing around nothing, which sero can’t stand for. he puts both of his fingers back in you while your release is pouring out of you, curling his fingers up into your spongy spot. making you cry and cum harder while twitching in his arms. he doesn’t give you time to come down from your high, he hooks your knees over his thighs so you’re spread open for him. your hands gripping and clawing at his thighs, you feel like you’re going to cum again. you feel his breath tickle your ear, not deviating your eyes from where sero is abusing you.
“we’re not stopping until you do that again, I want you to ruin the sheets.”
you let out a high pitched whine in response, feeling the pressure coil up in your stomach and your body get increasingly warmer. sero keeping his steady pace as he feels your insides flutter around him, the only thing that changes is that he curls his fingers into your soft spot more, making you throw your head back on his shoulder. the pressure almost feels unbearable and you feel your hips twitching with arousal, finally feeling your release. you gush around him again with a scream. your thighs that are being held open twitch with disparity, trying to force themselves closed. sero is more than pleased with you squirting, literally feeling himself aching to have you do it around his dick.
“you did so good, that was so hot baby.” 
he praises you and kisses your jaw, pulling his fingers out and slapping your mess a few times. getting moans and twitches out of you. sero knows that when he cleans you up he’s just going to make you do it again.
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shotosbabe · 2 months ago
BNHA as yanderes (pt 2)
pt 1/pt 2
Tumblr media
The charming Bastard:
Charms can be dangerous. And Tamaki Keigo was the perfect example of it. He was beloved by every citizen in the whole Country except you.
You just didn’t like him enough to be a fan. And that was your fault, because hawks craves something different, difficult. He’s so tired of being loved. Now he’s got someone to win over, and love as much as he wants to.
That smile of his is so irresistible. His golden eyes shine so brightly when he looks at you that you can’t stop your heart from fluttering even since he saved you from the villains.
He was your hero, Your saviour. You loved him now, didn’t you?
Didn’t you? You have to love him now, because he’s an impatient man bad definitely not used to not getting what he wants.
Now he wants you, his beloved baby bird.
“Hi, I’m Hawks, the number two hero, could I get your number please? A lady like you deserves the bestest of the best. And I’ve been known to be just that.. Be mine now.”
Tumblr media
The Freak:
He’s got some… issues.
Well. He’s a literal freak, both a sadist and masochist, you could also call him a bipolar, Shigaraki is intense in many ways.
His feelings are intense, whether any emotion, hatred, anxiety, joy, love or obsession.
You are doomed, in conclusion. He’s very delusional, if you fight him, he’ll think you’re just playing with him, if you’re refusing to kiss him, he’ll just have to force ya!
If you think he’s gonna let you go, oh then you are so so wrong… he’d rather die or kill you, remember he is capable of doing absolutely anything.
You just have to play your cards right, he is easily gullible. Maybe because he’s desperate.
His issues were the foundation for his sick infatuation with you. There wasn’t a day in his pathetic life where there wasn’t endless suffering, he was lonely, desperate and insane.
But then, he found you.
Too bad for you.
“My pretty pretty darling… are you scared o’me? There’s no need to be if you’re being good to me.. but if ya wan’to be a brat and entertain me.. then I can’t give ya any guarantee… haha.. fear looks so sexy on ya!”
Tumblr media
The obsessed Horndog:
Kirishima likes to think of two ways.
The way of loving you and the way fucking you in the most pleasurable way he can.
Kirishima saw you for the first time in his class, and boy he was long gone. He fell so hard for you at first sight, you were the prettiest human being he’d ever laid his eyes on.
Even more than his mother. You were perfect in every sense. Your gorgeous face, your sultry eyes, your perfectly sculpted nose, and his most favourite part of yours was your mouth.
Oh those pretty pink lips.
They were the gate away to becoming a sinner. And he was dying to become one. He needed a taste of you so much! Just one look from you and he was aching with unbearable desire.
And that made him snap. If you has made him feel so damn horny and lovesick, his classmates could also fall for you.
He needed you. Only him.
“Fuck, you make me so hard baby… it’s getting hard for me to resist the urge to fuck you right on this wall. Stop staring at me cus I won’t be able to stop myself if you do any longer, fuck!”
Tumblr media
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nkogneatho · 7 months ago
Thoughts on bnha men fucking you in the shower?👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bakugou, Dabi, Aizawa
Literally ruts you against the wall. The cool tiles sending shivers down your body and stopping exactly at where they are fucking you.
Shigaraki, Chisaki, Shindo
Will probably agonize and edge tf out of you using the shower head to run against your sensitive spot. Will call you "my sweet little hoe".
Todoroki, Tamaki, Shinsou, Izuku, Mirio
Soft bathtub tex. Will massage your body while being buried deep in you. Humming to make you feal at ease when they are stretching you with their cock in that tub you both fit.
Kirishima, Hawks, Denki, Sero
Somewhere stuck between going rough or soft on you. Still makes you bounce on their cock while they are standing FIRM. Hands locked on your ass.
Tumblr media
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zukuist · 3 months ago
“don’t kiss me, my lips are chapped”
Tumblr media
INCLUDES: several characters.
FANDOM/S: 僕のヘロアカデミア. // boku no hero academia [bnha]
your name is shortened to y/n, gender neutral reader, chapped lips
ANYTHING TO BE CAUTIOUS OF?: chapped lips 😔 that is the warning.
SIDE NOTE: thank you all for 2,000 followers— like what the heck? that’s so many people 🤭😟 this is my thanks, basically (also let’s not talk about me disappearing for 30+ days 😭 ik it’s a lot but schools been busy 😾)
Tumblr media
“don’t kiss me, my lips are chapped.”
super, super confused.
i mean.. dude doesn’t have plump, juicy, soft and hydrated lips all the time (you can all blame his quirk for that) so, if he cared about your dehydrated lips, that’d be highly hypocritical of him; no kidding.
it was a tough one, trying to get to the kissing stage with lover boy, but once you guys overcame the worries he had, he couldn’t stop. not now, not ever. can’t go through his day without at least two kisses from you. if shōto could, he’d be kissing you 24/7. so, when you stopped him from pulling your lips onto his, he was confused; head tilted in confusion like a little puppy, lip carved into a frown and everything. the confusion only increased when the reason was because your lips were chapped, and also because you “didn’t want him to be kissing my cracked, desert lips.” newflash! he. doesn’t. care. probably will never care too. after the difficulties of getting to this stage, he’ll eliminate any reasonable obstacles.
“why does it matter? i don’t care about that stuff. just give me my kiss.”
it is advised to give what the man demands for
“izuku, you can’t kiss me right now”
kinda sad
he looks around to check for any valid reason for your rejection. he sees no bystanders. meaning, the both of you are in the clear. so, why would you reject his offer for a kiss?
“why?” he asks. izuku tries to conceal the sadness in his round, aspiring green eyes, and in his voice. he sounds like a kicked puppy, and he definitely looks like one too. that’s all swiped away when you tell him that your “lips are chapped.” big sigh of relief on his end. “oh,” that lifts some tension off his shoulders, if you didn’t want to kiss him for any other reason, he would’ve respected that, but.. your lips are just chapped. so, he can’t find himself from really caring. the issue has an easy fix to it (not that it desperately needed one). and either way, i can’t really say fully with my chest that his lips are moisturized every hour of the day.
grabbing a hold of your wrist, he pulls you in, “y/n, please?” he pleads with the best puppy dog eyes he has to offer
and it works, you give in; despite your worries. he doesn’t seem to be affected by your chapped lips though.
“i’m sorry ‘tsuki, but not now. not the best conditions to do so.”
but for real, when is he actually not annoyed? anyway, at first katsuki thought he was the problem. he’s sweaty at nature, so he should at least be understanding if you don’t want to be so close in distance with him. but, then you told him that he wasn’t the problem, and it’s your lips that’s the issue
so now he’s annoyed, but a little relieved to know that he’s not pressuring you to kiss him. thinks you’re being dramatic about these so called conditions. like, what is this? a contract agreement? “so what?” he clicks his tongue, looking around to see if there’s anyone to see (not that people are a problem anyway. he’s just knows the possibility of you being cautious.) so, he tries to assure you “it’s nothing i can’t handle. you’re making a big deal out of this.” the blond knows he’s unsuccessful at that, when he sees you averting your gaze; a nervous tick. he’s annoyed that you think that this is an issue for him, but he has his solutions. asks you to open your mouth, and when you do so, he coats his finger in your spit 😦 then proceeds to smear it all over your lips.
“there. all better. now give me what you fuckin’ owe.”
you told him that was a little disgusting, bashfully remarking that he could’ve just asked you to wet your lips, but he was going to kiss you anyway 🤷 he has a point.
“you can’t, and it’s for your own good ‘toshi.”
predicted it.
getting past the confusion, i think hitoshi would see this happening, and he’d be unintentionallu prepared for it. looks at people’s mouths a lot when he needs to use his quirk. except, his does that because it’s necessary and not because he wants to (like how he is with you.)
with that being said, he has probably seen a lot of chapped lips. though, he never comments on it, because his lips aren’t the smoothest things out there either. due to his lack of attention regarding lip care, you kindly decided to leave your chapstick in his posession (he ended up never returning it. the opportunity never came up.). hitoshi’s just so glad he kept it so closely though, because the situation was in his favor, when you rejected him of a kiss, all thanks to your chapped lips. he honestly would’ve laughed from the start, if this initial rejection didn’t make his heart drop down to his ass. hitoshi shrugs off the last percentages of his panic, lips tugging into a very recognizable grin, “‘s not a big deal. i’m no better, but i have the solution.” he says, whipping out your lipbalm from his pocket. popping off the cap
after (closely) applying the balm to your lips, he pulls you even closer. “there. all done. you’re gonna give me what is due, right?”
your heart practically swooned, and from that point on, chapped lips were never an issue.
“nope, nope. you’ll thank me later.”
would reassure you
honestly, all of them would reassure you, but eijirō does it the most, y’know? anyways, do insecurities even exist anymore, if you’re dating eijirō kirishima? 🤔
though he’d be a little sad at your rejection, he’d hide it behind a gentle smile. ever since his early teens, his irrational fear was always accidentally activating his quirk while he was giving the love of his life a kiss. so, eijirō has his own fair share of worries. which explains his ability in being very understanding, when you tell him that you didn’t want to give him a kiss, due to your cracked, dehydrated lips. he doesn’t see an issue with it, but eijirō wouldn’t disregard your worries at all. if anything, he’d reveal his own insecurities, which shows some relatability. “i’m no better!” he says with a smile that could stop hearts, “if yours are chapped, then what are exactly mine called?” your boyfriend makes you feel comfortable, by revealing his long time insecurities. he’d even tell you about a silly nightmare he has when he was 12, when he kissed his celebrity crush, and grew rocks for lips 🕴
his heart melts upon hearing laughter. though it would be quite embarrassing, if he shared this rather ridiculous nightmare to his peers, it’s all worth it, when you allow him to kiss you. “that’s more like it! there’s no need to feel worried. i also have chapped lips!”
you thank him for his understanding later, but he insists that it’s only second nature, as your boyfriend.
“denki, denki! i will literally break up, if you kiss me right now.”
lowkey highkey desperate
it sounds kind of bad, but it’s true anyway, denki’s always desperate to kiss you, no matter how down bad he sounds.
he does not, and will never want to break up with you. he raises his hands, showing he has no ill intent, and steps back “w-what’s this all about?” he pouts, hands sliding up and down your shoulders. though he’s kind of sad that you’ve said no to his kiss in that way, he’s more desperate to know the reason behind your reluctance and rejection. he’s relieved when you say the breaking up part was simply an exaggeration, but he’s left even more confused when you say it’s because of your chapped lips (because his lips aren’t the softest either) but you never seemed to care, so why should he? denki’s exaggerated reaction to that seemed to be enough to distract you of your worries, and he’s sincerely glad that he got you to laugh, but he’s really desperate. (he does not gaf)
he pulls you in, tickling you to distract you of your concerns. he’s smiling like a fool as he prepares for a kiss “will you please please please give me a kiss? i honestly do not care about your “desert-y” lips.”
you realize how truly desperate your boyfriend is for a kiss. so with that, you give into denki’s desires of one, laughter bubbling from your lips when he sighs in relief.
“mirio- please, can you- can you not do that?”
he finds it endearing, to be honest. mirio would still respect your wishes, if you didn’t want to kiss him (it’d be the absolute bare minimum anyway), but if it’s for that reason? he finds it cute.
“oh? why?” he says, sounding as sad as he could. but, his expression would immediately contradict himself. his amusement only grows when you stumble to gather, and justify your reasons. saying that your lips aren’t in the most “desirable” state, and that he’d “sincerely hate the feeling” as if it was possible to hate being around you in the first place. mirio laughs at these reasons, and the fact that you keep on pressing this on him, as if it were factual. you honestly think he’d just poking fun at you, for caring about this, and for even warning him about kissing you while your lips are chapped, but he’s not. he’s simply amused. he was at first, just teasing you, but now he’s just amused because of this revelation.
“i’m so lucky that you care about my well being so much,” he shows off that signature smile of his, “but, you being ‘undesirable’ is just not possible.”
though yes, he’s amused. but, he said that part so seriously ??? to the point that resisting him is just impossible.
“this- this is going to be hard to explain. but, you just can’t”
simply exhausted
doesn’t even need to ask why you said no, because he somewhat already knows why. is it his s/o hunch? yes.
like every other person in this post, he’d respect your wishes if you didn’t want one. that is, if your reason was valid, and “having chapped lips” just doesn’t sound valid to him, at all. “if you were going to scare me shitless for three seconds, at least make the reason valid” is what he thinks about the matter. (not that your insecurities aren’t valid but.. he sees no issue.) shouta’s stares at you, like he’s trying to say “really? is that all? is that why you’re trying to reject me of a kiss i’m officially entitled to?” and you recognise that look he’s giving you. shouta’s simply exhausted, but not at you, or your antics, but, because you’re literally rejecting him of the things that make him energised (also known as, your kisses.) on top of that, he’s a pro hero, thirty one, and also happens to be the unofficial dad of 22 kids. so, chapped lips are nothing on him. (plus, his lips aren’t always moisturised. so even if he wanted to say something, he couldn’t say he’s any better.)
“you know, that’s really not a concern of mine.” he says, running his hand through his jet black hair, “you don’t complain about my scruff. so, chapped lips? they’re really nothing, c’mon now.”
but, if you were really insecure about your chapped lips, he would do everything in his power (despite his fatigue) to reassure you. and, his nonchalance surely did the trick.
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