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Fukuro Chikaze as The Nocturnal Hero: Noctus!

From the Senior Class of the Hero CourseFukuro is the owner of the Quirk Tyto, not specially flashy or brutal, but a rather flexible quirk, which allows him to do a lot of Tyto Alba owls can do (besides the profile abilities, Fukuro can also completely turn his head around without snaping his neck and puke pellets [which is rather useless and gross, so he prevents from eating anything his stomach can’t digest])

Fukuro’s wings, black talons and black eyes are natural and appeared during his quirk’s awakening, courtesy of his mother quirk (she’s an owl person). If severely damaged or removed, the wings and talons grows back in a period of 3 days if no healing or regeneration quirk is performed.

Power = 2 (Not specially powerful, he can cut with his talons but refuses to go too far)

Speed = 4 (Compensates the lack of power with speed, agility and his wings to fly around the enemies and be stealthy)

Technique = 3 (Still figuring out the versatility of his quirk and the possibilities)

Intelligence = 3 (He never take action without a plan, even a simple one)

Cooperativeness = 4 (He’s willing to hear and follow his partners if their plans aren’t utterly ridiculous)


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would y’all be interested in a bnha high school au x reader fic/songfic? (i know that they’re already in high school but bear with me). because i’m desperate for interaction, tell me if you have ideas for this or just little headcanons! -sxn

izuku midoriya // deku

-angst then comfort (nerd!midoriya x best friend!reader) 

in which he asks reader for a makeover because izuku’s a huge nerd, not knowing that the reader has a crush on him. he asks out uraraka afterwards who rejects him. izuku goes to them afterwards crying and reader comforts him, knowing that izuku needs a best friend rather than a significant other.

-fluff (football player!midoriya x nerd!reader) 

reader goes to their first party and gets really lonely. midoriya being the kind soul he is stays with them until the end of the party where they share a kiss. the next day (which so happens to be the day of homecoming), he asks them out in a dramatic and cute way. reader ends up wearing his number to the game to say the least.

katsuki bakugo //

-comfort (bakugo x bullied!reader)

in which bakugo reassures a bullied reader that they’re beautiful and that he isn’t going anywhere. he also beats some people while they’re watching.

-fluff, suggestive content (bad boy!bakugo x baddie!reader)

bakugo + reader are the school’s power couple. leather jacket in one hand and reader’s waist in the other, everyone knows not to cross them. when skipping class one day for a hit, things take a heated turn…

shoto todoroki // shoto

-comfort, fluff (new kid!todoroki x reader)

after moving in with his big brother touya because of his “situation”, shoto moves to a new school where people aren’t so welcoming. told that his scar was unsightly, he leaves the classroom to bump into reader, who has been through it all with the bullies. comfort ensues.


shoto is forced to hang out with the football team and their significant others for a period. he learns a lot about classic high school lover antics and is determined to show (y/n) what he took note of. // shoto does all the high school cliches with you.

-fluff (cocky!rich!todoroki x reader)

eijiro kirishima // red riot

-fluff, suggestive content (football player!kirishima x cheerleader!reader)

at the homecoming after-party, influenced by peer pressure and the high of winning the state championship, quarterback kirishima and cheerleader (y/n) have seven minutes of heaven together. to hide a mark from their guardians, they walk home with kirishima’s jacket covering their figure. the next day, he tells them to keep the jacket.

-comfort (poc!shy!gn!reader)

kirishima stands up for a shy student at his school, ridiculed for wearing their hair naturally. to prove a point and finally share his feelings with them, kirishima kisses them in front of the school. 

hitoshi shinso //

-comfort, fluff (loner!shinso x loner!reader)

in the hallway of the school that nobody goes into, there are two people. one has purple hair and headphones always wrapped around his neck. the second is his friend, (y/n.) ride or die forever, you cross one, you get the other. they told each other they’d be best friends for life. until one day, intoxication leads them to share their feelings for one another.

-fluff, angst (loner!shinso x popular!reader)

because of a dare, one of the most popular kids in class is forced to date the loner of the school. eventually, their feelings change from being forced to wanting to date this purple-haired cat lover. hitoshi finds out about the original dare and leaves them for good.

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Week 3 late… I know. I forgot…

Only had school for 3 day

Pretty smooth

Had a test… probably failed

Analyzed market structures and society right now.


Been sleeping a lot.


F*** I am a mess now

Only during quarantine do I finish shows

Watch fire force as well


Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow

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Some of ya’ll BKDK shippers need to read MHA School Briefs. Page seventeen, in plain English - “Midoriya was plenty used to verbal abuse and more from his childhood ‘friend,” but things had gotten better since high school had started, as Bakugou now found himself surrounded by classmates less willing to put up with his eternal bad attitude. Well, ‘better’ was relative when it came to Bakugou.”

The series canonically states that Midoriya was bullied by Bakugou. There are other posts talking about more recent things in the manga and anime but this - this is written proof that Bakugou and Midoriya’s relationship started off abusive and honestly hasn’t gotten much better throughout the series.

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