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#bnha shoto todoroki

I’m so glad you liked the bakugou one!!

random bf headcanons with:

todoroki shoto

  • gn!reader :)
  • whenever he sees that you’ve been staring at a screen all day, body molded into a certain posture, he’ll softly place your favorite hot drink on the desk and gently squeeze your shoulder
  • you’d look up at him and he’d smile, leaning down to kiss your nose
  • “when was the last time you took a break?”
  • he’d have something planned for when ur done with work
  • whether it’s something small like buying your favorite snack, or a bathtub, or even setting up the living room for a movie night
  • shoto actually pays attention to the movies y'all watch
  • of course, if you don’t, his attention is on you and he’ll respond to any of your pleas for cuddles or general affection
  • when his head is resting on your stomach, you have to pet his hair
  • like that’s a must
  • it comes in the how to love todoroki shoto: the handbook
  • I have a copy of it
  • but if you pull away your hand for even a second, like to better text on your phone cuz I literally can’t type with one hand, then he will reach behind and put your hand back on his hair
  • that’s just how it works I don’t make the rules
  • he looooves anything you do with his hair
  • if you brush his bangs out of his eyes? 50 pts
  • if you ruffle it and give his scalp little scratchy scratches? 100 pts
  • if you put his bangs up to kiss his forehead? 200 pts
  • he also loves when you kiss his scar, just below his eye or his temple
  • he claims that he can feel it sometimes and that it stings a little but rly it’s just so you can kiss it again
  • omigod if you’re sitting on the counter or you’re chest is at his face level for whatever reason
  • he will bury his face in there and exhale
  • literally goes limp against your body, loosely wrapping his arms around your thighs
  • if he sees that you’re going to lay down or going to take a nap, he’ll drop everything and just spoon you <3
  • you can be lying down and going through your phone and his arms would be around your center, head on your shoulder and eyes closed
  • sometimes he’s the one taking a nap
  • it’s like you laying down for whatever reason is an open invitation for him to lay down too and get some shut eye 
  • pretty boi has a strict nighttime routine
  • he takes care of his face but he doesn’t overdo with the products
  • more like cuz he doesn’t need to
  • but anyways he’d much rather have you apply the skincare on him rather than he do it himself and you just watch him
  • like you got hands put em to good use 😐
  • and he will most definitely do it for you too if you let him
  • your face just feels so soft underneath his hands that he just-
  • misses a spot like every time
  • and you tell him like, “sho don’t forget my nose.”
  • “oh, sorry I got distracted.” he’ll say calmly.
  • then you smirk like “by me?”
  • “yes,” he’ll admit, trying to clear the ball in his throat and keeping his hands from sweating
  • if you guys pass by each other in the hallways and you haven’t seen each other all day, he’ll put his hands on your shoulders and give u a forehead kiss
  • “how has your day been, beautiful? any plans later?”
  • being with him, you’ll see sides that he doesn’t really show people
  • and I’m not talking about lovey dovey and soft
  • I’m saying like childish
  • I really think that he’ll mess around with you a little and have the smallest smile on his face, looking away and trying to cover it up
  • but it’s the smallest things
  • like you’ll be moving around the kitchen making a drink and when you’re not looking, he’ll move it to a different counter
  • and then peeks through his bangs to see your reaction
  • if you catch on that he did it, you have to do something back
  • if you don’t, it’s like leaving someone hanging on a high five
  • so todoroki’s not the best at cooking I mean he can cook a simple meal but he doesn’t do it too often so u guys have takeout a lot unless you can cook
  • he’ll anything you make though, picky ain’t in his vocab
  • if he’s home before you are and there are leftover, he’ll always reheat the food for you 
  • and he always gets the timing right
  • like he’s never too late or too early
  • you never have to sit down to steaming hot food that burns your tongue nor do you have to try to chew your way through ice blocks
  • like how does he do it
  • I’ve said this before in one of my hcs but being with you for so long has made his body accustomed to your temperature
  • like it’s steaming hot right and he’s able to emanate just enough cold that you’re able to cool down
  • he was super determined for the summer especially cuz no one will want to cuddle in the heat
  • and he kinda lives off of your cuddles
  • it’s like his life support sooo
  • take em away from him and he’ll do anything to get him back
  • y’all rarely get into an argument but when you do, he’ll give you silent apologies and just
  • hugs you from behind with his arms around your shoulders until you give in
  • take care of this man fellas 😩🤚🏻
  • note that this article was not sponsored by how to love todoroki shoto: the handbook


a/n: requests are closed atm but if you’ve already sent one, I’ll try to get to them asap!

bnha masterlist

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𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞 “𝑴𝒚 𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒐 𝒂𝒄𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒂”


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Thanks for asking that and for love my art!💕💕💕


Soooooooo, for this request I don’t decide for a character, so I draw my favorites characters from my 3 favorite animes

Can you guess who of these three beautiful characters is from my favorite anime?

I hope you like this drawing 💕💕💕

If someone else wants a chibi character draw by me, you can go to my ask box and request a character. Or you can request a character on a comment. 💕💕💕

Please don’t repost my art without my permission.

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Quick Note:
I had to write a story about Quadratic Equations for my math assignment. Turns out I didn’t have to write full on because all my classmates finished theirs in a single page. Regrettable, but I hope anyone who comes across this enjoys it. Learn Quadratic Equations or something while you’re at it. Really tame since I go to a Christian school. First time writing here so have mercy.

//1st POV// //Word Count: 3k?//

CW// Uh… Math? No swearing


The cool breeze set over my skin, the sound of the wind brushing past my ears, it wasn’t too rough, like any of those days I’d come up here to the rooftop on a bad day, more of a soft October breeze that crept up the fabric of my shirt to engulf me its lowering temperature due to the impending season of rain. Even if the draft was soft enough to feel like it cradled me over its arms, like a baby being held in its mother’s arms as soft hums of a lullaby entered its ears to lull it to sleep, I shivered slightly under my uniform, pulling on the fabric’s hem to cover my body more. I held my pen in hand, its body worn down by the number of times I’ve used it throughout the school year, twirling it around my fingers from time to time like a pattern beat in an uncontrollable habit that I could never quite rid myself of, my eyes gazed over the equation before me.  

Although I looked over the question over and over, staring it down as if the very ink on the paper owed me money that hasn’t been returned in ages, my eyes still seemed to wander away as if my focus was tempted away by anything more attractive, even the dull, everyday sound of the breeze amused me so much more at that moment, or maybe even the uninteresting ground under me. Anything. Just anything. My mind was more than desperate for some sort of amusement.  

My lips form a straight line, my nerves tightening the more I tried to understand. Why would anyone ever let themselves be subjected to such boring, slow torture? The feeling of a blade rapturing my skin in an excruciating and cruel manner sounded more enrapturing rather than the task I had been given. I tapped my pen against the paper, inciting an annoying sound the more I did so.  

Rhythmic, almost clock-like. Like the sound of a grandfather clock’s old, yet familiar sound that never failed to at the very least ease my anxiety each time I heard that rhythmic tune, yet informing me of the impending time that slowly went down the more I did nothing and procrastinated. I know the more I avoided this, the more I would regret it later, but I really couldn’t care less. The ground felt like it was about to swallow me whole at thatmoment. An uncontrollable fear that sent goose bumps over my skin.  

Before I could bring the pen to my lips to bite on it, a cold object hits me over my head, nearly making me kneel over to my left. My hand raises to my head, a groan emerging from my lips as I looked up to see a tall male, his figure covered the direction of the sun’s rays, shadowing me in it like a tall tree that I could sit under.

“Shouto, what’s wrong with you?” I frown, picking up the perpetrator to the throbbing pain on top of my head. A small carton box of strawberry milk. A classic from the icy-hot. Strawberry milk always seemed to be in my classmate’s hand at all times. I could assume he liked it, but from the lack of empathy he showed other than repeatedly drinking it, I could barely tell.

“You look like you’re struggling.” His voice lowered to almost a mocking yet playful tone. Albeit subtle, I could still sense it as it was different from his familiar deadpan voice.

“I’m not.” I smile, “I’m just in pain.”  I lean my head back against the concrete wall, my hair being sprawled over.

He sighs, squatting to sit next to me. “From what I can understand, that statement has no difference. Didn’t the Hedgehog teach you?” Shouto asked. Mentioning Bakugou, hedgehog boy, that dumb blond. Even his nickname made me want to crush the pen in hand. Irritating, unbearably irritating. I could not put into more words, just how that person made me feel other than that.  

“Bakugou is a jerk. The second I made a mistake, he shoved the notebook into my face with an exasperated yell, calling me an idiot before walking off to his room to sleep. Even Kiri couldn’t help me bring him back.” Pitifully, my pen was tapped against my notebook without a break, remembering that memory irritated me to no end—the rudeness and audacity of that jerk. Not even sparing some time to help me even after I’ve even given him my food before. Tch. Children nowadays really know not of any sort of thanks.

“You haven’t made any progress at all?” My body hunched over, hearing his question reminded me of the reason I was even yelled at. My eyes flicker over to the scribbled black ink over the paper. Haha. I’m smart. Let me just manifest some intelligence real quick.

“Yes, as you can see this small line right here?” I point at the ink. “If you have an open mind, you can be able to see the beauty of this piece, the absolute mathematical genius, and the peak of my acumen,” I said seriously, as if the dumb line actually meant something to me. I acted like a chef on a reality competition show that was showing their dish. Like it was an actual heirloom recipe passed from generation to generation. Sure, sure. I wonder if anyone has ever actually believed it.

His face showed a deadpan expression. I know he never shows many emotions, but seeing him silent made me even more disappointed. He sighed, taking my pen. “I’ll help you.” He snatches my notebook, leaving me no room to oppose. His fingers traced over the corner of the notebook, dangerously close to getting a paper cut.

“No. You’re dumb.” I try to snatch back my notebook, only to be shoved away. I send a glare over to him, brushing away the remnant of dirt on my uniform before sitting around cross-legged to his side.  

“I was 5th in midterms.” He deadpanned. “You came in last.”  

My heart only knew of Spain but without the “s” at that moment. I know I did, sir, but you didn’t have to say it. I was already about to forget that shame that I had brought upon my family, but he really dared to expose me like this. My eye twitches in annoyance, allowing him to take the notebook.

“Solving Quadratic Equations using the Quadratic Formula.” He paused, looking to me with a small tug to his lips. “You can’t even do this?” Again, I felt the same feeling I had for Bakugou. I know, I know. It’s my fault for having such lacking of a brain, but I can only say that I had to exchange the last of my brain cells for a smidgen of mental stability.

“Look, I’m just…” He cuts me off, writing on the notebook without giving me another glance, acting as if my very existence was a piece of trash on the side of the road that he had just kicked over to the sidewalk before walking away.

“Here, the standard form of a Quadratic Equation is ax2+bx+c=0. Easy to remember.” He writes it down, each stroke being more perfect than any of the little scribbles I put on the other page. “The trinomial on the left side can’t be factored out easily, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a solution. With this starting point, we need to find the values of x that can satisfy the equation at hand.”

I nod along to his instructions, scooting over his shoulder. My mind started to churn its rotten wheels, trying its best to follow along as best as it could with the number of brain cells I still had. Ah, really. If my brain was a company department, every single cell would have to cry back to their families in shame, having to confess that they have been let go from their job because little ol’ me just can’t process simple information.

“To solve it using the quadratic formula, we need to start off with the standard form, or else this method won’t work. The goal is to transform the quadratic equation, so the quadratic expression is isolated on one side of the equation, while the opposite side only contains the number zero.”

“Got it so far?” He asked, checking up on my state by turning his head in my direction.

I nod furiously, my eyes glinting with mirth. “God, Shouto, you’re so much better than Bakugou.” I bemoan. “All he did was yell at me over how dumb I was. Aiyah, I was just about ready to drink the poisonous chicken soup too.” Finally! The cells don’t have to be let go from their departments! They keep their jobs! Woo!

“Sure, sure. Listen first before you start to rant about how much you hate him, dummy.”

“I’m not dumb-” I quickly oppose, even if that term was used light-heartedly, I still didn’t want to accept it. Not at all. My mind wanted to stay in complete denial. Yes, if I just act like it doesn’t exist, then it won’t exist.

“It’s easier to use the standard form for this method since using it perfectly isolates the values with the opposite side being the only one containing zero. a, b and c are the coefficients while x here is the unknown. Always remember that a cannot be equal to zero.” He continued on, once again interrupting me. “Here’s the quadratic formula; x equals negative b, minus or plus, the square root of b squared, minus 4ac, over 2a.”

He instructs, writing down the formula for me to see; x = −b ± √ (b2 − 4ac) 2a.

“Bruh, that looks hard. I’m just going to—Kuh!” I stand up, only to be quickly pulled down by my collar, turning my escape attempt to be but a mere fantasy with Shouto’s calloused fingers wrapping around the back of my neck to prevent me from running. “Shouto, please, I have a family. I have a wife and ten kids, one of them is named Gabriella and Troy, and they’re sick-” I mumble out some half-hearted excuses, my words slurring as I spoke too quickly. My children, ah, my children! Have some mercy, you demon!  

“You haven’t even watched Highschool Musical before.” He lets go of his grip, pinching my arm. “Focus, or you’ll fail.” Ah, ah… Where’s the salt? This sweet, little, innocent victim urgently needs an exorcism away from this big bad wolf. Aiyah, if only my phone hadn’t died, I would be able to call for 911.

“Tch.” I click my tongue, averting my attention back to the matter at hand. Even though my brain could somewhat understand now, the numbers at hand still felt like little squiggles. Squiggles of a 3-year-old. I pause. At this point, I feel like my attention really is akin to that of a 3-year-old’s.

“It’s a lot easier than it looks. Just make sure you memorize the formula, and you would be good to go. It’s not that hard. Just make some room in that head of yours.” Shouto tapped the pen against my head, causing me to frown. “Math is easy. Just practice.”

“Would I ever actually use this in real life?” I groan, tapping my fingers against the concrete floor. “Besides, I have a calculator on my phone, and I basically know addition and whatever.” I’m not wrong. Even those merchants from ancient China had a calculator at hand. Why can’t I?

“What’s twenty-four times forty-three?”

My mouth opens and closes like a fish underwater, unable to come up with an answer.  

“It’s one thousand thirty-two.”

I frown, puffing my cheeks in exasperation. “Fair point. Continue then, Sensei.”

He raises a brow at the way I called him before brushing it away quickly. “Let’s start with this equation. x squared plus five x, minus fourteen, equals zero.”

x2 + 5x - 14 = 0

“It’s already in standard form, so we don’t need to do anything to it. Just identify the values of a, b, and c and implement them into the formula. Like this. Easy, right?” He writes it down.  x = −5 ± √(52 − 4(1)(14)) 2(1).

“So, here… let’s solve for five squared first. Five squared is twenty-five. Easy enough. Next, 4ac. It’s negative, and fourteen is negative, so it cancels out to be positive. Four times one is four. So, just multiply four by fourteen. Its product is fifty-six. Lastly, two times one is two.” He replaces the numbers, putting down the formula.  x = −5 ± √(25 + 56) 2.

“Now, just solve inside the parenthesis. You’re not that dumb that you can’t solve this, right?” He asks with a bit of hesitance to his tone, irritating me to no end.

“It’s eighty-one. The square root is nine.” I answer quickly, furrowing my brows with a glare to his direction.

“En. See, it’s not that hard.” He smiles. “So now, that leaves us with negative five plus or minus nine over two. Just put it into two terms. Negative five plus nine over two and negative five minus nine.”

“So that’s what the plus or minus meant,” I mumble, following his instructions.

“Now solve for it. Negative five plus nine over two, solve above. It leaves it to be four over two. Now divide it like so, and that leaves you with the first value of x, which is two.” He writes it down, precise strokes emerging from the pen. “Next is negative five minus nine over two. Do the same thing, and you have negative seven. That leaves your x to be two and negative

7. Got it?”

x = 2, -7

“I… Hold up, this has got to be witchcraft.” I take the notebook, perplexed over the fact that I could actually understand. “It was actually this easy? Ayo, this ain’t right. Math isn’t right if you think it’s easy.” This can’t be real. Am I still asleep? Bobbity, wait. What was the Cinderella spell again?

Shouto lets out an annoyed sigh, snatching back the notebook from my hands. “Math is easy. Have you ever even focused on the class before?”  

I stay silent, averting my eyes. The memories of either falling asleep or doodling in class flash before my eyes, sending sweat down my back at the thought. Right, when have I ever paid attention? Ah, right that thought at the back of my head always telling me, ‘It’s okay, just trick yourself into having a photographic memory, look at it once, and you’ll remember it.’

“You get it now, at least, right?” I nod. “That’s good. Make sure you check if the statement is correct by using the solved x, alright?”

“En, Todo-sensei~.”  

“Alright, next here is an equation that isn’t in standard form. I’ll teach you how to turn it into a standard form, so listen. Here’s an example. Three x squared, plus x, plus 5 equals 7. As you can see, the right side isn’t a zero, so we need to handle that seven.”

3x2 + x + 5 = 7

“Eliminate the seven by subtracting it from both sides. With that, the right becomes zero. Subtract seven from the left side. Positive five becomes negative two because of it.”

3x2 + x - 2 = 0

“Now, it’s a standard form. Just solve it on your own now, it should be easy enough.” He hands me the pen and paper. I place it on my lap as a surface, solving it using the formula.

x = −b ± √(b2 − 4ac) 2a

x = −(-1) ± √(-12 − 4(3)(-2)) 2(3)

x = 1 ± √25 / 6

x = 1 ± 5 / 6

x1 = 1 + 5 / 6 = 6/6 = 1

x2 = 1 - 5 / 6 = -4/6 = -2/3

So… the final answer is… x = 1, -2/3

I turn back to Shouto, happily shoving the notebook back to him. “I did it!” I proudly show my work, gloating like a peacock with its feathers puffed.

“En, this is good.” He gives a half-hearted reply, taking the pen and paper before flipping to another page and writing a few numbered equations.  

“Solve all of these now.”

I pause, glaring hatefully. “What the-”

“Finish them, and I’ll buy you some Tanghulu.” He quickly cuts me off, turning his head to his phone after shoving the pen and paper back to me.  

The thought of the candied strawberry treat perked me right up, my ears loving the sound of the name itself. Like a dog with its tail wagging behind it, I quickly finish all of the equations in what I could call record time. Well, at least record time for myself, considering just minutes ago I couldn’t even write a straight line correctly before breaking down.

I hand back the paper to him, my nerves jumping up and down at the thought of the sweet strawberry. Ah… The translucent sheen of the sugary coating over such beautiful red strawberries. Its lustrous shine reminding one of a spring morning, akin to a dewdrop falling from nature’s leaves as the sun rises in the sky over the darkness of the night, almost as if it were chasing it away to take over the vast sky. It’s glass-like, crunchy texture as one would bite into it, a wave of sugary yet satisfying dew of a berry invading one’s taste buds at the first bite. A welcoming, sweet feeling that never fails to remind one of the first love. Even a single dog like me would feel that lovely, exhilarating feeling.

“Stop daydreaming, and stand up, or I won’t buy the tanghulu.” Shouto’s voice snaps me away from my stupor, a flick to my forehead, adding to the bitterness of being pushed away from the thought of my favorite treats.  

I quickly stand up, almost falling over if I hadn’t stabilized my balance before running over to Shouto’s retreating back. “No! No! Wait! I want tanghulu! Don’t just back out of our deal like that!” I throw my bag over my shoulder, letting the strap hang. over my shoulder as the wind passed by me.  

If only I knew that if he looked back, I would see the widest smile I would have ever seen on the apathetic half-and-half boy.


Lmao if you don’t know what Tanghulu is, it’s essentially candied fruit. Tastes hella good, try it.

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Touya be like: I’m only chasing Shoto with a knife because it builds character.

3 notes

Here’s a lil Shoto Hero Costume redesign I did because his current one just reminds me of the training uniform

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Starting with my first Shōto Todoroki headcanon ahem

His mom taught him how to knit and crochet. He originally felt knitting was easier since his mind didn’t latch onto the pattern for crocheting but after figuring out the pattern, he became attuned to crocheting since he found it easier to not drop stitches, finish off, and pick up where he left off because he often get distracted.

He occasionally crochets or knits while dissociating and listening to music which probably isn’t healthy but it helps him calm down some.

5 notes

Uno the Movie: Aro Edition

In which while trying to cheer up Todoroki, Mina bonds with and teaches her friends about the aro and ace community over a very long, tiring game of UNO in Tokoyami’s room

People say that Todoroki radiates bi energy but I say bi energy and aroace energy are the same and also Todoroki has never shown any non-platonic attraction towards anyone in canon so here’s a fic I wrote about it (actually this is a Mina-centric fic)

For Arospec Awareness Week and Arospec Fanworks Week. The prompt is Intersecting Identities! Canon compliant with s4 of anime so spoilers. Multiple queer characters, cupioro allo Mina, aroace Todoroki and Tokoyami. Stimming, infodumping, and bullying Mineta. Great fic to learn ALL about the aspec community yourself! TW: Minor AlloArophobia and Very Minor aspec discourse.


Fanfiction dot net



*the aspec community used to be a part of the bi community so I edited info on it onto the aroace todoroki icon i made myself. I mean come on guys, he’s got the aroace colors as his aesthetic!!

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MHA Match Up: Shoto Todoroki.


Shoto respects any and all pronouns you wish to use. He respects that you’re pan, and he will make sure that others respect you as well!

Shoto, is not really a night owl. He loves to sleep in your warm bed, and especially loves to sleep next to you. Yeah…not a morning person either.

It seems like the majority of your hobbies are very hands on, and Shoto really likes this! He loves to watch you draw and crochet. He also collects stuff with you, and binges anime with you as well. He loves to hear you play guitar, and he will 100% be the BEST PLANT DAD EVER.

He absolutely loves to hug and cuddle you. I mean, hey, you have the best of both worlds! Cold? He’s got you! Hot? He’s got you!

He would love to star gaze and cloud watch with you!

He would take you on so many cute picnics, and he would also talk about stars and space with you for hours.

He’s so down to explore the forest and talk about msytical creatures with you. Bonus points for him if he can find you a flower to tuck behind your ear!

Your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and you guys anniversary is filled with him gifting you random little cute objects that he finds! 🥺

Yes, he will slow dance with you anytime and anywhere! ❤️

And yes, you can definitely play with his hands.

Shoto shares a lot of the same dislikes as you, but he’s always there to comfort you and help calm you down if you get anxious.

He thinks it’s so precious that you’re the mom friend and that you carry around things that others may need. He loves your caring energy, and he sometimes feeds off of it. He loves the mom vibe.

While Shoto thinks you need better friends if they’re hurting your feelings, he keeps that opinion to himself. He is always trying to boost your confidence and make you feel as comfortable as possible.


I hope you like it! ✨🖤

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Originally posted by that-strange-brunette

“I woke up this morning at the sound of my loud alarm but immediately after that,your body came to mind. You were there next to me in my bed at my left, surrounded with the soft white bed sheets and the big light pink pillows. You woke up first as usual and tried to wake me up as well but I didn’t want to. Then your body came closer to mine hovering over my left side as your lips started to curl up into a beautiful gentle smile admiring the breathtaking sight underneath you. The sun was brightening our shared bedroom through the window,as the bright light made the wall colour change to a light shade of orange making it seem like it was afternoon. The cold morning breeze contrasting with the warm atmosphere, slightly moving the white decorated curtains that hang upon the windows. A silly idea came to your mind as you slowly neared your self lower to my small round face, the skin glowing as an adorable consequence of the morning light and you steadied your self on top of me so both of your legs now at my sides as your hands,near both sides of my head. You quickly smiled.Now our noses touching as your smile grew wider and a low chuckle could be heard escaping your lips, just sounding like a beautiful melody. Your soft lips pressed onto mine, placing slow loving kisses on them waiting for me to wake up. Few seconds go by as my lips slowly move to synchronise with yours. You stop kissing me and pull your head back up,telling me to wake up in a low husky voice and chuckling again when I say no. You don’t hesitate for a moment before covering my face with small pecks,telling me to wake up again,as I do so. Getting off the bed you smile again, just seeing you smile makes my heart and body flutter with joy.”

Shoto I love you❤

The gif is not mine💕

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hi love! mm just some todoroki fluff? ask and you shall receive!! ❤️

With Sugar

pairing: Shoto Todoroki x fem! reader

warnings: none

genre: fluff

a/n: coffee shop AU bc i like the idea of Shoto in his cute little turtle necks sipping coffee as he admires you ☺️


Freshly ground coffee beans soon became your favorite scent. You loved your job. Perfectly crafting each order, getting to meet new people as they soon became regulars. Some days were more hectic than others but you enjoyed the change in pace. A local coffee shop to spend your days, what could be better?

Keep reading

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Chapter One


⇨ Dragonborn!Todoroki x Tribe Chief Descendant!Reader

⇨ An AU in which Reader is apart of a tribe that lives to fight against a mythical group they call the Dragonborn. One day, the Reader’s tribe fellows bring in a young man - an alleged Dragonborn. The young chief in line, whose heart is too compassionate to kill an innocent, convinces the raging tribe to keep him alive for research purposes, while they set out to free the captive, but the story turns out to be much more complicated than what they thought it would be…

⇨ Reader’s Quirk: Groundbreaker - the ability to bend and manipulate earth and rock in all of their varieties (think Earthbending). The Quirk’s drawback is incredible soreness and temporary muscle paralysis after prolonged usage.

Disclaimer: Characters are all aged up. The story doesn’t follow the exact plot of the manga/anime, although it has some elements incorporated (ofc, it’s fanfiction)

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Thank you for expressing interest in my story!


“A long, long time ago, our lands were roamed by enormous creatures, scaled and glistening like fresh snow, cold as death and breathing frost. Nobody knows where they came from, but they were ruthless, bringing eternal winter wherever they went. Our kind was starving, slowly freezing to death, too small and weak to chase away the Ice Dragons,” multiple pairs of doe eyes, brimmed with curiosity, stalked your hands moving over the fire, dark shadows dancing upon the walls of your enormous tent. “That was until a man that could wield fire came along. His flame was bright and carried hope, sparking the will to fight in the hearts of men and women. He gathered the best fighters and fought the Ice Dragons, bringing them to the brink of extinction. This era of peace and prosperity we owe to him.”

You adjusted the Scroll of Myths in your lap, “Or so the legends tell.”

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「𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐦 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬」

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a/n: i’ve been thinking about this all day for free, this is so cute, thanks anon i really loved <3 

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Shouto was lying between your legs, his head resting on your stomach. His big hands made a light caress on the sides of your legs, his touch was so gentle and calm. You stroked Shouto’s hair, silently reminding him of how much you love him and that you will always be here for him.

The day was calm outside, and you would like it to always be like this, to have more calm days with Shouto, without worrying about school or villains. You quickly pushed those thoughts out of your mind when your boyfriend climbed on top of you, giving you a calm, passionate kiss. He lay on top of you, put his arms around you and put his head on the curve of your neck.

You didn’t want to worry about tomorrow, you had the love of your life in your arms, he was so calm and free. You hugged him while he left kisses on your neck and murmured how much he loves you. You are safe with him and always will be.

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Intolerable | Todoroki Shoto

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One shot, two shot, three shots go.

You watched as your coworkers downed the shots of tequila after a long day at the office. Your boss was a dickhead and all you wanted was to forget the day.

“Ok. Your turn, Y/n.” The blonde coworker passes the shot closer to you.

“No… I can’t.” You reject the shot and your company grumbles in disapproval.

“What? Why not?” She nudges the shot closer to you and you shrug.

“I’m not really into tequila.”

“Well how about this.” Your coworker hands you some cash. “Go up to the bar, order one of those cocktails that you like so much. You’re drinking with us whether you like it or not.” She teases and ushers you to the bar. “You better not come back without a drink.”

You roll your eyes pulling yourself into the empty bar stool, not noticing anyone but the bartender and the bill in your hand.

“You’re kidding me.” You hear after moments pass, the bartender busy making drinks after drinks. Cocking your head to the right, you see a face you haven’t seen in a very long time.

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“I’m telling you Y/N, you’ve got such a glow to you!” Mei exclaims, dangling different colored ribbons next to your dress to see which would match better.

“Mei, that is what people say in regards to pregnant women.” You explain, playfully glaring at her. You were currently dressed in your undergarments and sat in your vanity chair, waiting for Mei to finalize every detail of your outfit.

“Well then, you’re brimming with excitement. And because of that,” she says, picking up your dress and the ribbon she decided on, “I know you aren’t going to be accompanied by Lord Iida.” You freeze up a bit at her words. Was I really so miserable when I was with him? You thought. You thawed, though, when Mei placed a caring hand on your shoulder. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Y/N. Your heart was just ensnared by someone else, not letting your feelings budge. It’s a marvel when that happens to a young lady.” You nodded and gave her a smile through your mirror as she began to fiddle with the buttons on your dress.

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