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#bnha smut

i’ve been trying to figure out how to write a trans character/reader, but like,,,,ahhhhh!!!????

instead, i fell down a hole of nb gender euphoria,,,,which is very rare lmao

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Drabble: “It’s punishment time!” with Mr. Compress and our poor Fem. Reader!

Paring: Yandere Mr. Compress x Fem. Reader

Warnings: overstimulation, bondage, punishment themes, kidnapping, tracking down, abuse mention, and toys

Notes: First thing I saw after my nap. Immediately started writing this and not that anyone cares I also got McDonald’s! Also this is shorter than usual because I’m still tired :).


Originally posted by httptamaki

You felt so stupid for running this wasn’t worth the 3 blocks you had gone. “My sweet little assistant just wanted this, right? You wanted to put on a show!” he said rubbing the side of your ass on the burise he had made earlier as you shook vigorously underneath him.

Your legs were spread open while ropes help them up leaving your torso on the bed with your hands tied to the head board behind you. “C-Compress p-p-please s-top” you begged in a raspy voice, “I’m so so sorry I’ll never do it again!” it hurt to yell but you had to try something.

“I’ll make sure of that” you couldn’t tell if it were a promise or a threat. But that wasn’t important, what was important is that the vibrator on your clit seemed to have been getting faster and you didn’t know how many times you had came already. The sheets under you were drenched with your juices but that wasn’t enough for him.

“Fuck” you mumbled nearing your climax again. You weren’t sure how long he was planning on doing this or how long you’d been here but it was long enough to dry the tears that had been rolling down on your face earlier. Your throat felt sore and dry from screaming so much, voice getting raspy.

To make matters worse he kept shoving his marbles into you soaking wet cunt to the point you lost count at how many he had shoved in. Your legs were asleep and squirming away only made him mad, “Keep that up and you’ll be here longer” there was no way out if this. You had one option only and that was swallowing your pride.

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➳ 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙪𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙚𝙚 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙄 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧

➳ 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙨𝙢𝙪𝙩 𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙨

➳ 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙖𝙡𝙨𝙤 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙡𝙪𝙙𝙚 𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙪𝙖𝙡 𝙖𝙞𝙙𝙨

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Power outage and the grenade.

The power goes out and cause you and BAKUGOU to think outside the box.

TW: shower sex, domination, degradation, breeding kink.

Word count 1400

Today was just not your day. Some ridiculous villain had caused a city wide power outage during an attack in the middle of summer. If that weren’t bad enough this week had just been forecast as a record breaking heatwave. You had opened all the windows to get a breeze going in the house but it really wasn’t doing you any good at this point seeing as you were sweating more than your live grenade of a boyfriend. You had stripped down to lay on your bed so you could at least melt in comfort when you heard your apartment door open and shut. The sound of heavy boots being tossed at the wall and close dropping to the floor was all the announcement you received to your mans arrival home.

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Commission by @succu6us

Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x Reader x Eijirou Kirishima

Genre: nsfw / smut

Warnings: threesome, degradation, marking, cum denial, public sex, anal, squirting, unprotected sex, creampie, teasing, fingering (pussy & asshole)

Word Count: 2,627


Originally posted by tbrlia

“So, how do you like my outfit?” you came out of the bedroom, asking the boys for their opinions.

You were going out for an annual ball, all the pro-heroes were invited to have a good time. It was a very fancy event, with ballroom dancing, gorgeous dresses and suits as far as the eye could see in the expensively decorated hall the main party was held in.

You three decided to go as well. Sure, it was good for publicity but most importantly you received a chance to meet up and have fun with your friends while treating yourselves to an out-of-this-world buffet and wine older than your parents.

You didn’t get a chance like this everyday. You were sure to treasure it, but there was one downside to it: you had to keep a low profile and stay as platonically normal around each other as possible instead of dancing with hearts floating around you.

You did not make your polygamous relationship public, too afraid of what the media would say as it was seen as “scandalous” and made for a bad reputation even though your love life shouldn’t concern anyone. But that’s just how the public was, hungry for secrets and the private lives of celebrities, too bored of their own life to mind their own business.

“You look . . absolutely perfect.”

Kirishima looked at you with admiring eyes, pupils dilated as he took in your stunning get up. Your frame was dressed in a beautiful dress, one long leg alluringly exposed by the slit in the fabric. Your curves were accentuated by the tightness of your outfit, even Bakugou couldn’t deny the urge to undress you again right then and there.

“You look so good, baby!! Damn, what a fucking beautiful girlfriend we have~” the redhead continued, his awestruck face turning into a big smile as he wrapped his arms around you like an excited puppy.

You carefully raked your fingers through his hair, not messing up the amount of work he put into making it look hot and elegant at the same time “Thanks, Kiri~”

After Eijirou loosened his hold around you, stepping back a bit, Bakugou chimed in with a very prominent pout on his face “You are so not going out like this, (Y/N).”

Blinking in surprise, you crossed your arms, returning the glare he gave you “And why would you have any say in that?”

“Tch. You look fucking hot, I don’t wanna have guys drooling all over you, especially while I can’t do anything about it.” he made his point, the jealousy transparent in his argument and the other two couldn’t blame him since you all do love each other.

“You know, I get your point but what makes you think I can’t handle them myself? I can tell a guy no, there’s enough drinks to spill if they won’t leave me alone without wanting to be embarrassed. Plus, who would want to harass a woman at a pro-hero event? Everyone would beat their ass if they so much as laid a finger on me without me wanting that.” you explained calmly, trying to reassure your blonde, testosterone steered boyfriend.

“Just imagining their prying eyes on you makes me want to blow them up.” some sparks emerged from his palms to underline his threat “Is it so fucking hard to just change?”

“Hey, Bakugou, that’s enough–” Kirishima put a hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder, frantically looking over to you while thinking about how he could stop you two from fighting.

The grumpy pro-hero shrugged off the hand, turning around and already heading towards the door “Tsk, let’s just fucking go.”

He grumbled under his breath, his brows furrowed in a deep frown as he stared out the window the entire ride. Kirishima held your hand as they lay intertwined on your lap, squeezing it in a reassuring manner as he threw a look at you that practically screamed “You know he’ll get over it soon, don’t worry!” He was truly easily readable, even more so since you knew him since childhood. It amused you and it was one of the many traits you adored.

When you finally arrived at the location, Eijirou kissed the back of your hand that was still in his before letting go, knowing that you would have to wait until you were back at the apartment to show physical affection towards each other again.

You smiled at him lovingly before opening the door of the limousine you were picked up by and went inside the venue with your boys right behind you. You knew just how much they were enjoying the view of your backside, feeling their gazes on your ass as you strutted along the carpet, greeted by acquaintance after acquaintance and finally finding your friends in the crowd.

Hurrying over to them, the whole bakusquad was present as you noticed your boys having found them a little earlier. You glanced over at Katsuki, wondering if he was still grumpy. And yes, he did have a slight pout plastered on his face, turning into a full-on scowl as he observed something behind you.

That’s when you felt a tap on your shoulder, a nervous voice asking “Umm, may I have this dance, Miss?”

Turning around, you smiled calmly at the man in front of you. “Hmm . .” you pretended to contemplate, grinning at Bakugou staring daggers into your back now, already knowing what you are up to “Why not?”

Taking the outstretched hand of the stranger, you let yourself be led onto the ballroom floor, dancing along the other couples. Kirishima gulped audibly as he saw Bakugou about to explode as the man put a hand on your waist. The red-eyed man himself felt his blood beginning to boil as the man took your hand in his, intertwining them just as you did in the car not too long ago.

Not entirely aware of just how angry you made the boys, you challenged your luck even further and danced unnecessarily close to him, giving the stranger bedroom eyes that should be directed at no one but your lovers.

“Oh, she’s so gonna get it.” Bakugou suppressed the urge to let sparks fly, reminding himself that you are in public.

Kirishima nodded determinedly, biting his lip as he waited for the song to end. After getting a certain idea, he whispered it into Katsuki’s ear who in turn broke out into a devilish smirk. He whispered back “You’re gonna get a reward for the good idea later, babe~” once again suppressing an urge, this time it was to squeeze Kirishima’s ass and make out with him as though nobody was in the room.

When the song ended, you excused yourself after the man thanked you for the dance before he could hope to continue playing his part in your little provocation scheme. Right when you disappeared into the crowd, you felt a hand grasping your wrist out of nowhere. Instantly alerted, you looked up into the face of one of your boyfriends. The shark resembling boy showed an out of character serious expression, making you worry that you perhaps did take it too far.

Without a word, he pulled you into the nearest men’s bathroom without anyone caring enough to look at you. It wasn’t as though there were no accidents like spilled wine on clothes or a sudden need to fuck in the bathroom.

You felt your face grow hot as Kirishima was rough with you, pushing you against the cold wall of the bathroom. “Had fun teasing us? How about I return the favour, babe~” he growled into your ear before nibbling on it, his hands already roaming your body, along your curves and slipping beneath the fabric.

Stroking your inner thigh with his right hand, his left worked on pulling down your panties, making it fall to your ankles as you stepped out of it with one foot as to not stumble if Kirishima thought about repositioning you however he wanted while he let out his frustration in the best way — rage sex.

Beginning to rub your sensitive bud, his mouth latched onto your neck, biting down hard into your shoulder –though not hard enough to draw blood, he made sure to only leave a prominent bite mark to show you who you belong to– and plunged a finger into your pussy.

As you let out a loud moan out of surprise, you quickly muffled it by biting down on your bottom lip hard, closing your eyes briefly as Eijirou’s finger moved skillfully inside of you. The risk of being in public made you even more excited than normally, trying to stay as quiet as possible but not resisting your lover’s advances as you found the punishment you got yourself into hot.

You felt even more heat rushing to your head and nether regions as you heard the door of the public bathroom opening, your legs feeling wobbly as you looked into the face of Bakugou. He had “I’m so gonna make you regret everything you did.” written all over his face as he came up to you, making you gulp, knowing just how rough sex is when Katsuki is angry. Thinking about how he probably came later because he told the stranger to stay away from you and how much frustration he got pent up made you squirm even more as Kirishima didn’t stop his finger motions.

“Look at you, whining like a bitch in heat while being fucked in a public bathroom at a big, important event . .” he smirked, getting behind you so he’s leaning against the wall with your back to his chest. “. . What a fucking slut you are, (Y/N)~” he growled into your ear, biting it playfully as he moved the dress out of the way to get to your rear.

Making you suck on his middle finger while he muffled your needy mewls, he fingered your asshole using your saliva as lube, spanking your ass a few times but not too hard as to not be too loud for everyone outside to hear.

With now two fingers inside both of your holes, you held onto Eijirou’s shoulders, panting and begging to cum. “You haven’t earned it, we’re gonna use you as our personal cumdump before you are allowed to squirt all over the bathroom floor, (Y/N).” Bakugou grinned cruelly, highlighting his words by adding another finger, as Kirishima did, the redhead adding “You were a very bad girl, (Y/N)~” before moving to make out with Bakugou as they continued to ram their fingers into you.

The next thing you heard in your hazy, dizzy of pleasure state was the sound of two zippers being pulled down and their fingers being replaced by something much more big prodding against your used entrances. You pleaded for them to insert their cocks and fuck you already, but they just rubbed the thick heads against you, making your hips buck in anticipation “A-Ahh, fuck, please, just fuck me, I’m sorry for provoking you, you’re the only ones who can dick me down in this dress–”

Bakugou licked a long stripe up your neck, groaning “Hmm, glad you admit that, babygirl~” as he entered you “Now let me fuck your brains out, you horny fucking princess~”

Biting into your index finger, you almost screamed of the sensation of Katsuki’s cock slipping in and out your asshole at a brutal pace, not giving you time to adjust as he wanted to be rough with you. Kirishima leaned in to make out with you, now ramming his dick into your pussy as well and swallowing the cries you let out upon being filled up to that extent. It’s not like you weren’t used to the sex you had in this poly relationship, but that didn’t mean that your body would ever not be affected by the massive cocks of your men.

And additionally, fucking in such a public setting where the door could open any moment made the inner exhibitionist come out and you let yourself get fucked senseless as these two had the need to reclaim and punish you.

“Such a–” Bakugou thrusted into you hard “–fucking–” another hard thrust into your abused asshole “–whore!” he rammed into you relentlessly, speeding up as your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

The strength to stand left you as Kirishima picked you up, you in return instinctively wrapping your legs around his waist. The boys now hit even deeper inside of your holes, bouncing you up and down and using you to milk their pulsing cocks.

“You like being used as a fleshlight~? You love being fucked by two large cocks until you can’t walk for days~?” the blonde played with your boobs as you were moved up and down to meet their rough thrusts, rubbing your hardened nipples through the fabric separating his fingers and your skin.

“You’re so naughty, (Y/N)~ What a beautiful, horny girlfriend we have~” Kirishima chuckled, looking at you lovingly, his expression and tone not fitting the way he repeatedly buried his dick inside of your pussy right then.

“Ahh~! Please let me cum, Baku, Kiri– !!” you urged, begging for release as you already could have cum twice because of everything they were doing to you. You knew you would have a hard orgasm with how much you got denied as a punishment and how much need was pent up now. You shivered in utter excitement at the thought of people being able to come in and see you squirting onto the floor while you got your holes fucked by two well-known pro-heroes.

“Hmm, what do you say, Kirishima~?” Bakugou grinned sadistically as his right hand went down to rub your clit.

“Hmm . .” he sucked on your sweet spot, leaving a dark purple mark on your neck and making another deep moan fall from your lips “I do wanna see her being a shaking, squirting mess while she screams our names so everyone knows who’s making her cum so hard~”

At that statement, the two picked up their pace one last time, rutting into you as though their lives depended on making you pass out from the intensity. “Cum. Cum for us, (Y/N).” Bakugou grunted lowly, his knot coming undone and white flashing before his eyes as his cum spurted deep into your asshole.

Kirishima’s orgasm overwhelmed him as well, fucking his seed further into your cunt as Katsuki rubbed your bundle of nerves feverishly, making you scream as you were finally allowed to cum.

Crying out their names as you didn’t even notice your fluids being squirted onto the floor, you came hard, completely limp by the end of your spasming and uncontrollable cumming, held up by the only men that were able to satisfy you like that.

“Hahhh~ Fuck, we have to clean up a bit, I think it’s about time that someone else could come in, we’ve stretched our luck out long enough for our girl to be reminded or her place~” Bakugou smirked, fixing himself up as his boyfriend did the same after they sat you down onto the sink.

You weakly pulled your panties on as though nothing happened, as though their cum wasn’t pumped inside both of your holes, slowly beginning to leak out as your head was still clouded with pleasure.

a/n: i rewrote this commission so there’s an x reader version too and more people can insert themselves into the polygamous relationship with Bakugou and Kirishima~ commissions are open!

taglist; @kinkymints-blog @yeehawnana @helloxhunter @zarabubba @ikemencrossedmyth @knifeewifee @animeluver23 @part-time-prefect @ggukstummy @anything-and-everything-here69 @j-hopeismyhope101

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here ya go luv! i was experimenting w some new words here :)

cw: pegging. male penetration. tamaki speaking lewdly. probably ooc. slight nipple play. petnames used: baby boy. ( femdom reader + tamaki amajiki )


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Mating Season - Hawks x reader 18+

A/n: thank you to the beautiful and talented @titanialev once again for feeding me ideas check out her art for this piece here

Warnings: Sex, biting

Word count: 2.5k

This day seemed to have dragged on forever. Work couldn’t be over soon enough. How much fun could you have working at a civilian bank. Nothing of note happened here, all you did was count money and do paperwork all day. The few times you got to text your boyfriend he didn’t respond, but that was probably because he was out patrolling, or doing something for the Commission. He was one lucky bastard.

After a few more hours of torturously boring paperwork you sluggishly waved goodbye to your coworkers and walked out of work. You check your phone one last time before walking home. You smiled as you saw the text you received from your boyfriend. Nothing in the world made you more excited.

The parking lot of your work was always empty, but today it seemed even emptier. Those who couldn’t wait to get home left quickly. Not that you could blame them.There was only one place you wanted to be anyway. “Well isn’t there a sight for sore eyes?” You heard a male voice say to you. You huffed at the attention. Any man who used a cheesy pick up line deserved to be punched. You really just wanted to punch that smug voice in the throat. You groaned internally, rolled your eyes and looked toward the voice.   

“Look, here asshole!” You started saying but when your eyes fell on the most handsome man you ever laid eyes on. His golden eyes pierced your soul. All the anger you felt melted looking at him. How could it not when you’re looking at your boyfriend. 

“I was going to punch you, you know.” You told him. As you looked at him, you saw him leaning against his car hood casually. Wearing his black leather jacket, blue jeans, and sunglasses he looked like a model.

“Yeah, I know. I had to come see my dove.” He told you as he walked over to you.

“This is most certainly a surprise, you never pick me up on Fridays, you’re usually out patrolling until late.” You said surprised as you two embraced. The warmth of his body made you shiver, even though the evening was warm for the season. 

“There are few things in life that I like, you are probably my most favorite.” He muttered into your lips as he pressed his lips into yours. Those soft lips the way they seemed to mold with yours so perfectly. He loved making you flustered in public, and especially in front of your co-workers. You broke the kiss, and your face warmed.

“Keigo, please stop, you’re flustering me.” You whined. He laughed at your remark.

“I like you flustered. If everything goes, right you’ll be more than flustered by the end of the night.” He whispered against your ear. You felt the hair on your neck stand at his comment. He took your hand and walked to the passenger side of the car. You slid into the seat, and buckled yourself in. Keigo slid in the driver’s seat and turned the radio on. You normally wouldn’t think twice, since you both listened to the radio, but you heard Keigo belt out in a terribly strangled voice:

“This is the part when I say I don’t wanna, I’m stronger than I’ve been before. This is the part when I break free cause I can’t resist it no more.” You stared at your  boyfriend like he grew two heads. The fact that he was singing wasn’t what made you want to laugh, it was when he started dancing in the seat. When he stopped the car at a red light, and turned up the music, you weren’t even sure if he was actually you boyfriend.

The driver in the next car over just looked at him and started laughing. You were a bit embarrassed but when you realized that he was having fun, who were you to stop him? When he had continued singing, and this time surprisingly well, you couldn’t help but laugh. He was definitely in a good mood, but something seemed a bit off, and you couldn’t explain it. You thought no more of it, as Keigo turned into the parking garage that was attached to your building.

“Here, I thought we were going to take me to dinner.” You mused aloud and gave him a sweet smile.

“My little bird, I’ve decided that I’d make dinner for you tonight.” He gave you his smug smile that make you melt.

“Oh, I didn’t know you could actually cook, Kei. We’ve been together for a while and you’ve cooked only breakfast for me.” You teased him. He visibly tensed up at your comment.

“Oh, no I am sorry, babe. I didn’t mean it.” You tried to calm him down.

“It’s fine, let’s just go inside.” He told you before he got out of the car to open your door. You walked toward the penthouse you shared while Keigo followed behind you. You both stayed silent while making your way.

After unlocking the door, you sighed heavily. You made him upset, and you knew it. It was best to leave it alone for now. Keigo walked in behind you and wrapped you in his wings and placed a kiss on the nape of your neck, causing shivers to run down your body.

“Dove, you go take a bath and relax. I’ll make us some dinner.” He reassured you. You did as he suggested. The warmth of the bath made your muscles relax and you felt your eyes getting heavy. You heard a soft knock at the door just before you fell asleep.

“Hey, dinner is almost ready, but please don’t rush on my account.” Keigo told you and he left the door slightly ajar. You decided that instead of sleeping you should wash your body quickly and join him for dinner.

After stepping out from the bathroom in your bedroom, you heard the sizzling of meat, smelled garlic, and onions. Your mouth started watering and your stomach rumbled. You were hungry. You went to your top drawer where you kept your panties, and found a handwritten note, from Keigo. It was written in his undeniable scrawl, ‘Go look in the closet’. You debated on it for a moment, you really didn’t want to wear anything but pajamas, but also, Keigo didn’t go out of his way for no reason. 

When entering the walk in closet you found a garment bag hanging in the front of your side of the closet. You unzippered the bag, and found yourself staring at the most gorgeous, black silk halter dress. You’d been eyeing this one for a while now, and when you did go buy it, it was sold out. You decided that you could spend your money on something you needed instead of something you wanted. It wasn’t meant to be for you. Here it was, hanging right in front of your eyes. You quickly changed into it, foregoing any underwear, and went to do your hair and makeup quickly.

After ten more minutes, you were assaulted with whatever food was currently cooking. You saw Keigo swaying to the music he put on, his wings slowly rising and falling with the beat. This time, it wasn’t Ariana Grande, but watching him move was mesmerizing. You noticed the whole dining area was covered with candlelight. The curves and flicker of the flames drew shadows on the wall. The sizzling had died down, and plates were placed on the table. 

“Kei, this is so beautiful. What on earth is all this about?” You asked, eyeing the beautiful bouquet on the table. He turned to see you, and gave you the biggest smile.

“Can I not do something for the woman, I love?” He asked as he pulled you into a slow dance. You notice he had changed out of his jeans and tee shirt into a button down shirt and dress pants. Your heart fluttered at his words. Of course, you loved him, and he loved you. You two spent your days off entangled in one another, but this was a different side of Keigo, you’d never seen before. 

After the slow dance was over, Keigo brought you to the table to eat your food, where he was a gentleman, by pulling out your chair and pushing it for you. You smiled at him. His eyes glanced over your body, the lust very evident.

“You look so beautiful, my dove. You truly are a vision.” He spoke as he kissed your hand.

“Thank you, but where did you find this dress? It’s been sold out as long as we’ve been dating. It wasn’t necessary to buy it.” You told him with excitement.

“The thing is, I am a hero. Even in civilian form, everyone knows who I am. You know I am willing to pay for the things you want. People are willing to do things when a hero asks.” He waved his words away.

“Well, thank you, but it wasn’t necessary. This dinner looks amazing and smells just as good.” You replied. He gave you a knowing smile. 

The conversation throughout dinner was light. The two of you discussed the other heros and his agency. You discussed how boring work was, and how nothing ever happened, but you knew the reason nothing happened was because the Heroes did their patrolling properly.

Keigo took the dishes and cleared them from the table and brought out a small four layered chocolate cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

“Did you make this yourself too?” You questioned him. “It looks like something from that little bakery I like not too far from the bank.” 

“I admit. I didn’t think about dessert until right before I picked you up from work. So it is from the bakery, yes.” He admitted to you as he sat down in his chair. You didn’t wait, you took your fork and shoved it right into the cake. Not waiting for Keigo at all. You hummed happily and smiled at your boyfriend. You took your finger and swiped a bit of whipped cream from the top of the cake. Pointing the finger at Keigo’s face, he debated for a moment leaned forward and bit your finger.

“Ow! What the hell?” You jerked your hand back. “That really hurt. Why would you ever bite me?” You questioned him, giving him a bit of side eye.

“Sorry, I guess. I am feeling a little off tonight.” He told you slumping his shoulders. He took the rest of the cake, wrapped it back up in it’s packaging and placed it in the refrigerator to keep cool.

You genuinely felt bad for him. He looked so down, when not even moments ago his spirit was so high. 

“I guess, I will just call it a night. I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just being playful.” He told you as he walked into the bedroom. You couldn’t be mad at him. The man you loved more than anything, had danced with you, had made you the most delicious dinner, he sang to you, he bought you the dress you wanted since before you two were dating. What more could a girl possibly want? 

“Keigo, look. I-” You started saying as you walked into the bedroom. When you entered you saw Keigo wearing nothing but a bow. He looked up at you sheepishly.

“What-” The next thing you knew his mouth was on yours as he kissed you deeply. His hands running over your curves, feeling nothing but your dress beneath his hands. You snaked one arm around him and pulled him close.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you today Keigo, but you’re acting strange.” He grabbed your hips and pressed you against the wall. 

“I can only think about one thing… being inside of you.” His voice was dark with lust. He pressed his bulge against you, while undoing the ties of your dress. He didn’t care about anything other than unloading himself into you. 

“My dress!” You cried as he tore it off. 

“I will buy you 100 more, I just need you right now.” His warm breath on your neck. Without a care, he thrusted himself deep inside you. He moaned in ecstasy.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” He thrusted into you again as he hardened even more. “Dove, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’ve been on edge all day.” 

While you normally didnt mind the sex, there was an edge of anger and desperation to it today. Thinking back on it, you two had been together for a little less than a year. It was Rumi who had told you on a drunken girls night out that once a year, when it was rutting or mating season, she’d act more aggressive than normal. She told you that normally she’d find whatever poor soul she could to take care of it. When you had asked her if Keigo went through the same things, she told you probably, but wasn’t sure how he went about it. It was after that night you’d done some research on the subject.

“God, you look so beautiful, my little bird.” His gold eyes bore into your soft (eye color) ones. His thrusting sped up faster. He nipped at the tender spots of your neck, groaning into you.

“Keigo.” His lips crashed onto yours again, tangling his tongue with yours. He was too far gone in his haze to respond to you. He spread his wings behind him as wide as he could, you remembered seeing this once before when studying biology. Keigo didn’t seem to have noticed that he was showing off his feathers. 

Suddenly, he picked you up and threw you onto the bed. His wings at thier full span.

“I am going to fuck you straight through this bed.” He hissed in your ear and he closed the gap between the two of you. He thrusted himself in you again with more force than before. Harder and faster he crashed into you again and again. His wings opening and closing with his pace. You felt him as he came closer to his limit. His breathing severely labored. His mind no longer concerned with his normal traditions with you. Mating was the only thing on his mind. Releasing this angry beast that overtook him. A final few thrusts, and he released every drop of his seed into you. 

You felt his racing heart slow a bit, and he got his breathing back to normal. You laid underneath him as he had wrapped his wings around you, as he normally did after love making. The haze of lust that filled his eyes was gone. His golden eyes looked at you with love again. He peppered your face with kisses, as you stroked his wings. As he laid his head on your chest for a brief moment, you heard the faintest whisper from him.

“I love you so much, Y/N. Be mine forever. Marry me.” Those were the last words you heard before you both fell asleep.

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hmmm - as a self-proclaimed expert on dilfs, I accept this. 💖💖🥺🥺

Warnings: dilf!Sero, slight au, daddy kink, breeding kink, size kink but we all know Sero’s a big boy. 


Dilf!Sero who knows exactly what he’s doing to you when he meets you every morning on the train platform at rush hour, getting out at your stop and commenting on the pretty way you have your hair. If you think it’s weird that an older guy is talking to you so brazenly, you don’t say anything. There’s something about the spark in his eyes and the gentle smile he gives you when he lets you on the train first - it makes you seek him out every morning for more.

Dilf!Sero who eventually manages to get your phone number and immediately spends most of the night texting you, slowly becoming more and more flirty, teasing you, asking you why you’d give an old man so much of your time. He wants you to come to him, he wants you to chase him because he knows that look on your face when you see him the next day after sending him a picture of your hand between your bare thighs with an attached message of “look what you’re doing to me”. 

Dilf!Sero who takes you out on dates, plural, before even kissing you, getting a rise out of teasing you and making you flustered, big hands on your hips hoisting you up on the bar stool and letting you eyeball his long legs as he matches your height easily. You keep telling him, you do - you tell him almost every night how much you want him, not taking no for an answer, starting to see through the faux insecurities but you don’t care, not any more - it’s been a month since your first date and you were desperate.

Dilf!Sero who finally - finally stoops low and swallows your needy whines, pressing you into your front door and finding he can’t laugh at the way you cling to him like he was going to run away the moment you part. Because he’s as desperate as you, he’s as hungry as you, more so if it was possible, fighting against that irrational voice in the back of his head telling him to fuck you right there and then. So he just fucked you on the other side of the closed door, back pressed into the wood and your hands scrambling at his back, shirt unbuttoned and tearing under your nails.

Dilf!Sero who feels like a damn teenager again, still wearing that smug smirk when you venture into his office at work with the lunch he ‘forgot’, only to sink down on to your knees beneath his desk and take his cock between your pretty little lips. He can’t keep himself away from you, bending you over every surface in his house and fucking you till you’re nothing but a crying, babbling mess, begging for your daddy to make you cum, hands grabbing every part of you he can because deep down - he’s scared you’ll get bored of him, and some of those jokes about him being too old, some of them weren’t jokes. 

Dilf!Sero who loves it when you run your fingers through his hair and kiss his temples where the grey hair is at its brightest and thickest, half tied up in a bun and smelling of coconut. He loves it more when you’re pulling his hair sharply, grinding your cunt into his mouth on the balcony of his apartment, bathed in the evening sun and a little bit tipsy on the cocktails he’d made you. But he’s drunk too, on the taste of tequila and the very essence of you and all you stand for.

Dilf!Sero who lets you hang off his arm, introducing you to his old school friends and his heart swells when you joke around with them and offer to baby-sit their children, his cock swelling instead at the thought of you bouncing a three month old on your hip. The very idea has him buckling and feeling lightheaded, trying to find any excuse to leave the group and get you home as fast as he could. He doesn’t care if he’s being rude, he needs you bouncing on his cock till his cum is leaking out of you. 

Dilf!Sero who introduces you to all these old latin songs, setting up his record player and dancing with you in the kitchen at dusk, twirling you around and dipping you low, laughing when you squeal as he lifts you into the air, kissing you sweetly and then hungrily because there’s something about you being able to keep up with the quirks and rolls of his hips that has him careening into you and shoving his face between your thighs, propped on the counter and gathering his hair into a messy pony tail so you could watch every flick and roll of his tongue on your clit. 

Dilf!Sero who doesn’t feel any insecurity when a younger guy hits on you, watching fro afar as you turn him down with a sneer and tell him that a boy like him wouldn’t do shit for you - that you’ve caught a taste for men who can really make you cum, make you laugh, make you feel like a goddamn princess. And he would give that little boy a triumphant smile when you retreat back into his arms with a whine and a hand sneaking under his shirt to dig your nails into his lower back, peppering kisses up his jaw and begging daddy to take you home, loud enough for everyone to hear. 

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Dabi it is.

I personally like this one


3) I swear I’ll cuff you to the bed and I’m gonna make you cry out all night long

“Touya…” he heard you calling. He must have fallen asleep when you started petting his hair; his blue eyes opened slightly, moving from his position on your breasts to look at you, sleep adorned his face. He knew that when you called him by his real name you wanted to say something important ‘cause you were the only one who he revealed it. The only one.

“You never told me that you had white hair…” you murmured half asleep while caressing his hair. He faked a laugh, too sleepy and tired to even try to mask it “The fuck ya ’re sayin’? I don’t have white hair” he slurred a little. You giggled “I can see your roots…” you stated simply. 

He raised a brow but never dropped that tired half smile he had “So, what if my hair is white? You gonna hate me now?” you chuckled, shaking your head lightly “Never. I wouldn’t mind you having white hair…” you said while caressing them, he closed his eyes leaning into your touch; he almost seemed like a cat in certain ways. “But I prefer your hair being black” you added and he looked at you amused “And why so?” he asked raising up, now towering over you. 

You chuckled “'Cause black and blue looks good together” you stated, showing him a glimpse of black lingerie. Oh, he remembered that. You wanted to show him a surprise after he got back from a long ass mission that - quote on quote - shaggy mummy bastard sent him to, but he fell asleep almost immediately demanding some silence (and cuddles). He ran a hand on your hip seductively “Well, won’t you show me then?" 

You removed that oversized shirt - his shirt - and he finally could look at you in all your glory. That pitch black fabric hugged your curves perfectly, sewing intricate patterns on your bare skin, some blueish frills adorned the sides of the panties and under the bra; a small blue bow was attached in the middle, raising and falling with every breath. And the stockings? Blue straps kept them in place while the skimpy fabric, clearly a size smaller than you, dug in the skin of your plushy thighs. 

Sinful perfection. 

"Where did you get that?” he asked, a brow raised with a grin on his face “Little girl’s secret…” you answered with fake innocence “And with what money would you have bought it?” he asked, clearly in the mood for questioning “Who said I bought it?” his brow arched again a chuckle left his lips when you mouthed a quiet 'I stole it’ under your breath. 

“Goddammit, stop doing that…” he muttered, making your smile falter a little “Doing what?” you asked, running your fingers through his hair; he grabbed your wrist - with odd carefulness - and pinned it near your head “Being so goddamn sexy…” he whispered sultry, you swore his blue eyes light up in that moment. 

He started kissing you, hungry and rough just the way you got used to, leaving your lips only when he ran out of breath; you started moving your hips, encouraging him to get to work as he always said, but he stopped you waving his index in front of him “Bad girl, if want your prize you have to wait for it” he said with a mocking smile. 

You bit your lip to not let that desperate whine leaving your mouth as he removed your panties with agonizing calm, running his scarred fingers along your bare skin. 

His lips kissed the little scar he gave you the first time you met, a mark of ownership he liked to call it, he bit the skin of your inner thigh before giving his utmost attention to your needier part. Apparently he was in the mood for teasing, puffing hot breath to your lips and leaving barely-there touches to your clit, only when he heard a small mewl leaving your mouth he got to work seriously.

He always loved seeing you squirming and begging for him like your life was on his shoulders, and most of the times it was. You grow tired of his slow touches and teasings, closing your legs around his shoulders and humping his face to make him go faster; his fingers closed in the meat of your thighs, blue eyes looked at you with a serious expression “Stop it” he ordered lowly, nails digging in your thighs as you tried moving again “I mean it. Stop, or else…" 

"Or else what?” you asked breathless a sly smile painted on your lips despite the situation you were “Or else I swear I’ll cuff you to the bed and I’m gonna make you cry out all night long” he expected you to whimper in in pleasure - and fear let’s be honest - but he instead you whistled and cooed “Oh~ kinky”. He got eye level with you, forehead bumping against yours, blue eyes looking at you so intensely you actually thought you went too far; his face scrunched as he started laughing, clear and honest like he hadn’t done in years “Seriously… Sometimes I ask myself what I’ve done to have you in my life" 

You kicked his back lightly, red cheeks and pouty lips like a kid, arms raised on either side of him like asking for a hug "Ask yourself later. Now fuck me you jerk…” you demanded and he chuckled, his eyes lighting up with lust “As you wish, princess”

For the ones who’ve been wondering: yes, I’ve seen the spoilers on Dabi’s backstory. My poor baby…

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Oh hey not me posting more OC things 👁👁

I wanted some practice drawing spicy expressions so I did a little doodle sheet of one of my OCs!! She’s shipped with Mirio and I love her so much okay she looks like a ball of sunshine but when she gets into it she’s a kinky bastard 😏😏😏

ANYWAYS if you’d like to see the full thing you can check it out on my Twitter!! If you like my stuff feel free to drop it a like or a retweet!! I’ll eventually be doing something nice for my followers on Twitter too so make sure you’re following me there 👀

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Amajiki Tamaki


Originally posted by bokenoboke

B=Bondage - Are they into BDSM, and how far they’ll go if they have a green light.

I think baby tamaki is a switch, he wouldn’t mind being tied up, but at the same time wouldn’t mind tying you up.

S=Stamina - How long they can go before they tap out.

At first tamaki didn’t last long, because you were his first and you felt way to good. After learning more about what he and you liked he knows how to hold out. He makes you cum before fucking you, and always slows his strokes to focus on that swollen spot inside you before chasing his high.

T=Toys - Do use toys, do they own them, what kind, etc.

He might not admit it but he loves when you press vibrators against his tip, or when you come home with cock rings that make him blush in embarrassment.

K=Kinks - I’ll list a few of their kinks, be they the normalized ones or kinkier kinks.

His kinks are pretty mild, praise makes him weak along with neck kisses. He loves eating you out, and the way you pull his hair when you cum on his tongue.

U=Unfair - How much they tease you, how they tease you, etc.

He loves sliding his hand up your thigh under the table or tracing the bruises or hickies scattered around your body. He isn’t one for pda though. he likes keeping things private.

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Soft mornings — e.k


genre: fluff, drabble

warnings: suggestive content

commission piece for anonymous


The bright morning light peeked through a crack in your heavy curtains. The rays of the sun burned at your face, coaxing you awake. It took a minute for your eyes to adjust and when you opened them. Your body was tangled up with your boyfriend’s, arms and legs overlapping each other, sharing the warmth of each other’s bodies. You didn’t realize kirishima was awake until he surprised you with a chaste kiss to your forehead. All the while, his hands traced the soft skin of your back, making your heart flutter and your stomach do flips.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He says with a grin, his voice deep and raspy from having just woken up. You take the chance to admire the redhead with a smile, his messy hair and marked up neck reminding you of the events from last night.

You felt his large hands travelling down your waist, pressing your body right up against his. Your cheeks flushing at the action. “G’morning, Ei.”

He presses soft kisses along your jaw, nuzzling his nose against your neck and breathing in your familiar scent. Smiling at the sound of your giggles filling the soft, comforting atmosphere. “How’re you feeling, babe?”

“Sore… n’ tired.” Laughter reverberates in his chest at your words, “Yeah, well it’s kind of hard to control myself when you look so gorgeous.”

You cup his jaw, pulling him into a deep kiss.

“I love you.” A blush settles across his cheeks, still not used to hearing you say those words. Words he thought he could only dream of hearing from you.

“I love you too but you better be careful, doll. You tempt me too much and you might have a repeat of last night, you sure you can handle that?”

His eyes wander down from your face, to your neck, to your barely covered chest. All covered up in bruises, ones he made to lay his claim on you. He can’t help but feel a sense of pride at his work, at the fact that you were finally his, and only his.

“So what do you say, babe. Think you can handle a round 2?” He gives a look of confusion at your laughter.

“Really, Ei? Round 2? More like round 5.” He rolls his eyes at you, trying to hide his amused look. His mouth opens once again, ready to quip back with a sarcastic statement of his own before you quickly flipped him over. Your naked form now on top of him.

“But then again, there’s no way I say no to such a tempting offer?” Your sharp nails gently drag down his chest with a cheeky grin.

“You owe me pancakes.”

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so far I have 2 requests to work on, should I make a sleepover tonight? This is where you’ll be able to send me smut asks about a certain character about what kinks they might have and so forth? Or soft asks? Kind of will end up being short drabbles. What do y’all think?

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ok so this started as a simple hc but then devolved to pure schmut. as always. also i want to make clear that y/n is in a willing and loving relationship w deku. it just so happens that he’s fucking nuts (and more than a pinch yan) and will go above and beyond for his baby. tw death, tw violence

illain! deku getting revenge on a prada employee who was hitting on you while your MAN was taking your cute ass out to buy you the lunar new year purse drop. he’s all calm and collected (but super menacing) but has some of his men track him and capture him for…. later use.

that night, he has you dress up lavishly, really pulling out all the stops and having you don probably 200k worth of jewelry alone. deku blindfolds you before tying your wrists gently in a silk kerchief having having you lay back, satin sheets swallowing you as you rub your thighs together in delicious apprehension, waiting for his next move.

his next move is to bring in the disgusting prada leech, bound to a simple office chair, several fingers bent in ways they’re not supposed to be. The man’s eyes are wild with fear, but also lust as he took in your gorgeous appearance. Just this fact alone had deku seeing red, but he tamped down on it for the sake of making his point and fucking you silly.

“You’re gonna watch me drill my pretty baby’s guts, and hear how she cries for me. ONLY me. She’s mine, and you will never get to touch her, no matter how much you want to. And certainly not with those fingers,” Deku snorted derisively.

Deku starts his feast upon you, first starting up by your neck, trailing hot kisses and teasing bites down your body, him taking the time to enjoy your little squeals and giggles as he made his way to you sloppy pussy. He parts your folds, giving a broad swipe with his tongue as you arch your hips at the sudden stimulation. His scarred thumb came up to gently trace around your folds, before dipping into your warmth and trailing it up to your little nub. He circled gently, before picking up the pace as your whines and moans grew louder. His slow but intense pace had you writhing for more, faster.

Deku heard a muffled moan coming from the disgusting creep who dared to try to put his hands on you. Sparing him a glance, something wicked dancing in his eyes, a plan formed.

“Look at you, you’re a babbling little mess, but don’t worry, daddy will take care of his spoiled wittle princess” Deku croons, chucking underneath your chin affectionately, despite the intensity of his finger inside your warm cunt. He withdraws his fingers before stepping off the bed and over to the bound and gagged man. Deku took the gag out briefly before shoving his fingers, still wet from you creaming on them, down the man’s throat. He sputtered pathetically before Deku withdrew his fingers and replaced the gag.

“That’s the closest you’ll ever get to her and her amazing little cunt. Be thankful I decided to give you that treat,” Deku spat, before returning to you, his light, his love, his gaze full of adoration. He’d burn the world to the ground for you. His eyes were drawn once more to your gorgeous and needy body, trying your best to be patient for your daddy. He knelt down on the bed, moving to lay between your plush thighs. His internal jealousy was at an all time high. He was going to mount you, NEEDED to sink in to your silky cunt ASAP.

And that’s what he did. Despite his waning composure, he managed to schuck off his clothing in record time. With no preamble, he lines himself up with your sopping pussy, pushing in with a groan as he listened to you gasp and moan at him filling you up with more dick to spare. “God you’re tight, princess. Your pussy is pulling me in, swallowing my d- FUCK!” He roared as your flexed and shivered around him. The time for gentleness is over, he wanted to stuff you with so much cum you got a bellyache.

Deku’s hips immediately took up a furious pace, heavy balls clapping against your ass with every gut-churning thrust inside you. He had already bottomed out, but he was determined to push in every inch of his dick inside you, just like you were determined to take it from your man. He was absolutely fulfilling his promise to stuff your guts a churn up your insides with his fat dick.

All you can do is hang on for the ride and enjoy the coil of pleasure building hot and fast inside your belly. Girlish ‘Ah ah ah’s’ came pouring out of your mouth with every jolt of his hips. His scarred thumb once again travelled down to play with your clit, sending you over the edge in a bolt of pleasure that had you wailing for your daddy. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK princess! Makin daddy feel so good with your precious cunt. Daddy’s so proud, baby. Take my cum baby, take it all, I know you can.” And Deku thrusts one, two, three times before letting out a deep groan before shooting his load inside your hot cunt. The both of you laid against one another, sweat and slick feeding into the heady aroma of your passion.

He peppered kisses all over your cute face, once again prompting you to giggle. He almost completely forgot about your captive audience before a whimpering groan breaks through the atmosphere, reminding him of the dual purpose of fucking you silly. He looked over to find the man with an obvious tent in his pants. Unacceptable.”

I hope you enjoyed the show, it’s the last one you’ll ever see. Baby?” He beckoned you. With a spike of excitement, you pranced over to pull his favorite pistol off its holster on Deku’s discarded pants, sauntering up behind, body now covered in a luxurious silk robe. You place the gun in his hands, wrapping your arms around his waist, cuddling and humming into his back as he clicked off the safety.

One muffled and panicked shout before-


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