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#bnha smut

A girl can request that @mightymegamoo! It’s a quickie but I hope you like it! <3

Rating: Tis smut

Kink: Breeding

Iida x F!Reader

“What do you like, babe?” you asked, peppering kisses to Iida’s neck.

The sensation of your lips on his skin had him swallow, adams apple bobbing with the motion. He was rock hard, pressing against your clothed sex through his boxers, the heat radiating through to warm your skin. Iida was flushed, flustered but still letting his hands roam over you, trailing down to trace his fingers along the waistband of your panties. He looked away, turning an even deeper shade of red.

“Come on, tell me. I want to make you feel good.” you urged.

“I…I don’t want you to think less of me. I’m your boyfriend and-”

“Iida, I won’t think less of you.” You pressed a kiss to his mouth, flicking your tongue along his lips before pulling away, “Tell me…”

Silence fell over him for several moments before he buried his face into your shoulder, dark hair tickling your skin. He mumbled something against your skin, cradling you tightly to him. You rolled your hips, grinding yourself down onto his rigid length, delicious friction bringing the two of you pleasure. Both of you moaned.

“I didn’t hear you. You have to speak up.”


Your brows shot up in surprise, “Really?” You smirked then, “Did you want to put a baby in me, Iida?”

You could hear him suck in a sharp breath in response to your question. Another gasp came from him when you brought your cool teeth down to nip at his ear, grinding down on his length once more. His control was rapidly slipping away, sand through an hourglass down to the bottom chamber. Just a little more then.

“Breed me, Iida. I want you to.”

Suddenly he was moving and your world was spinning until you were pressed onto your back. Your underwear was swiftly yanked off before firm hands had your legs up, pressing your thighs to your stomach. Fuck that was hot. In one smooth stroke he sheathed himself into your dripping heat. The sensation made him hiss, a shudder quaking through him before he set a vigorous pace in you. 

“Ah-oh yes! Iida! Just like that!”

The angle helped him reach deeper into you, his cock dragging along your fluttering walls. You whined, longing to buck your hips up to meet him but the mating press made it nearly impossible to rock your hips. His length was thick and stretched you to fullness, thoroughly stimulating you with every stroke. Your breasts were only just barely contained by your bra, each thrust making them bounce before his eyes. 

“Breed me, Iida!” you moaned.


Hearing him lose his composure was all the more arousing for you. You wanted to hear more so you let your moans grow louder, which made his hips snap even harder against yours. Iida railed into you like a man starved, your pussy clenching around him with need. He pounded and groaned until at last he came with a shout, hot streams of cum filling you. When he let your legs drop, his head came down to rest on your stomach. You smiled and ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair.

“That wasn’t too much, was it?” He asked, hazarding a glance up at you.

“It was perfect.”

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PAIRING: Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader

22: “
Maybe I should leave you like this, this way anyone who wanted to use you could have a go with you. Would you like that?”
32: “I wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it.”
321: “I don’t care how good it feels, you better not cum until I tell you to.”

request from THIS prompt list - prompt fill sentences will look like this.


You swat errantly at his roaming hands, trying desperately to listen to what Izuku is saying from the podium.

“-as heroes, it’s our responsibility to…”

“Fuck that guy,” Bakugou mutters into your ear, his palms rustling your dress from where he stands behind you, “God, you look sexy in this dress.”

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wrote this off an a edible and a bitch still smacked 5 hours later so I hope you fw this

Karma(ft. Todoroki)

warnings: nsfw, unprotected sex


Karma is a bitch. More of a bitch than Ground Zero in a conference call-more of a bitch than his old man at a game of Uno. Karma will forever be a bitch and it is her cruelty that’s the very reason he finds himself struggling to keep his mouth shut as Midoriya’s voice tumbled into his ears from his wireless headphones and you envelop his throbbing length inside your eager mouth. You had the nerve-the audacity- to gaze up at him with such an innocent expression, with wet pretty lips wrapped around him as if striving to make him come while on the phone with a co-worker wasn’t anything of an offense.

But as much as he envisioned putting your ass in place, he knew he deserved it. Only yesterday had he forced you to succumb to him with thighs spread as much as you could letting his fingers tease your clit through your soaked panties in the middle of an upscale restaurant he planned for the two of you to enjoy. But in his defense, you did look utterly adorable, mewling softly with your hips discreetly rolling into his touch. Yet he hadn’t realized that you’d retaliate with revenge or how quick you’d be to execute. You timed your visit so perfectly he wondered if you had known from the start that midoriya would contact him to discuss their joint operation.

But surely this had to be worse than getting toyed with in a restaurant.

He misses the inside of your hot mouth when you pull away, your hand jerks him off while your tongue laps against his reddened tip. he feels the tickling embers of his left side threatening to set the couch on fire and if his costume hadn’t been made with fabrics and other mechanics to control his body temperature he’d surely be sweating through his costume. Midoriya’s words sound akin to a mindless babble, Shouto’s mind unable to comprehend anything he was saying with every jerk of your hand and the way you keep looking at him with your pupils blown with lust. They have him stumbling towards the edge, jaw unhinged, his body sitting slumped in his chair as he feels himself getting closer and closer. He wants to grab onto you but he knows you’d just swat him away-insufferable brat.

When you take him back into your hot mouth it’s over for him and he wished he could’ve been quick enough to mute himself before he came but you had rendered him immobile.

F..fuck Y/n..” He gasps raspy and uneven as he unloads down your throat, his hips buck up into your mouth erratically and you don’t retaliate when his hand latches onto your hair.


Midoriya calls for him but Shouto holds back from answering. High off his orgasm he’s more interested in watching you get to your feet to strip and of course you tease him, tugging the tight fabric of your tube dress slowly past your breasts, down to your hips, and pooling at your ankles. He wants to tell you how hot you were, how unforgiving you were for doing this to him at his job no less but instead as you climb into his lap, he hummed.

“I’m sorry midoriya..I’m still here” he assures his friend while giving you a glare when he sees you smile, clearly noticing how unsteady his voice was.

You were enjoying every minute, admiring the red hue that burned the tips of his ear and his cheeks, such a different expression than the haughty one you witnessed in the restaurant. You see Shouto visibly swallow, his eyes gazing up at you completely defenseless as you reach to hold his cock in place and you slowly sink down biting your lip as his tip impaled you, his girth deliciously stretching you out with every inch you took. You watch shouto throw his head back, eyes shut for a moment to revel in your slick velvety walls clenched around him like a vice, he holds firm to the belief you’ll never understand how good you feel every time you let him inside. You lean forward dragging your tongue against his jugular pressing wet kisses to his skin feeling him shiver under you.

“Y-yeah I agree” shouto breaths as a response to Midoriya making an innocent phrase sound so obscene and pride rippled in your chest knowing you were the sole reason for the pathetic breathless tone his voice was rendered to. You hear him let out a soft groan and sweaty hands grip your hips as you bring yourself up to plunge yourself back on his cock, Shouto tilts his head back to look at you, eyes unfocused but immensely dark in lust and you can’t help but press a sensual kiss to his lips. He takes it as a chance to fill his hands with the globes of your ass pulling you closer to his chest, feeling your hardened nipples graze against him. He’s impatient to wait for you to set a pace, so he settles it for you hips snapping upwards, fucking into you at a relentless pace. You’re forced into a submissive position, one you didn’t plan for but you weren’t complaining. With every rut of his hips his tip kisses your cervix repeatedly hitting that soft, sweet spot inside of you that blurs your vision.

Shouto pulls away from your lips licking them before responding, “huh?-um-everything is fine midoriya” his voice is rushed a nod to the fact he was close, teeth gritted and his lips moving in a silent chant of curses.

When he sees your hand duck down between your thighs to hurriedly rub your clit his hips gives a stutter for a moment-you’re too fucking pretty for him to handle, breasts bouncing with every movement, melanin skin glowing from the sun pouring in from the large window behind you. At that point damn Midoriya and the operation to hell and he feels guilty for it. He should be listening, doing the exact thing he went to school for, that he strived to do on his own volition. Such an imperative task that deserved his attention but between that and the way your walls fluttered around him as an unspoken plea for his seed, the operation was meaningless.

Shouto wholeheartedly thanked God when you made a quick dash to his phone and instead of muting, you simply ended the call and tossed his phone to the side-wherever that was-and his gratitude was easily expressed by his throaty groan as he continued rutting into you.

“F-fuck shou-gonna-” you gasp as you could feel it-you’re so close, your body growing numb as you rushed towards your end.

You’re practically milking him, your pussy so damn tight around him shouto almost finds it hard to move, your clenched walls urging him to join you and damn he’s nearly there, “go ahead sweetheart, your so damn pretty when you come for me” he cooes with a tiny smile and he can’t help it. You’re such a cute little thing when you unraveled on top of him with a cry loud enough to arise suspicion in his secretary outside. It’s enough to make him forget for just a moment of the mess you caused that he’ll undoubtedly have to fix.

Shouto joins you not long after, hissing out your name as his seed paints your walls and his hips roll leisurely into you riding his heavy orgasm. After a moment of pure silence his phone goes off and he knows no doubt that it’s Midoriya wondering what had happened. As important as the mission was, shouto decided to keep you close, relishing in the comfortable silence and the heat of your body against him with the hope that the bitch herself-karma-doesn’t come yet again to bite him in the ass.

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warning: dubcon, kidnapping ish?, nsfw, oral, degradation 

A/N: this didn’t go where i thought it would but here we are, this is a shigaraki x fangirl reader so yeah


Originally posted by shigashimura

His face was plastered on every news station in japan, never for the right reasons but that didn’t matter. You wouldn’t say your obsessed per say, just a healthy amount of infatuation. Which was something you hid from everyone, family included, being a student at UA you couldn’t let it spread, it could ruin your life. Being a hero was something you’ve always wanted, well at least you thought you did. It was your third year at UA but your love for heroism seemed to falter the more you fell in love with one of the cruelest villains in Japan.

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a heavy heart

pairing | kirishima eijiro / reader

words | 2.721

warning | angst, mentions of sex, indirect way of cheating?? idk how to explain it but you’ll understand when you read it LOL

note |  a one-shot (or perhaps part 1) of this blurb. also, kirishima is the sweetest bub!! he would never do this, and would treat his s/o like a queen :(( and this is not proof-read!! i finished it at 4am and queued it to post in the morning so pls forgive any typos 

The room was quiet, save for you and Kirishima being the only ones in it. The sound of pencil against paper was the only thing you could hear as you wrote away the answers to your homework. The cafeteria was empty at this time, and it was the perfect place to spend your free block. At least it would be if Kirishima could detach himself from your body. His legs were placed on both ends on the bench and his arms were wound tightly against your waist. 

You give him a little shove with your elbow, nudging him in the chest, “would you mind babe? I’m trying to get some work done.” you huff. Your efforts prove to be fruitless when his arms pull you closer to his body and his head perches on your shoulder. 

“You can do your homework later, just pay attention to me right now.” he whines. “You always work on stuff when we have a break.” There’s a pout embedded into his face.

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Hey love, sorry for your wait! I don’t mind doing quick/shorter fics of noncon. In a case like this it helped me pour out some of my pent up anxiety even! It’s a quickie so here goes!

Rating: smutty


Poseidon!Aizawa x F!Reader

Athena’s Blessing

The grip he had on you was bruising, fingers digging unmercifully into your flesh. You squirmed and thrashed but he was impossibly strong. It certainly didn’t help that he had cornered you in your own bathhouse, pounding into you with your bare chest pressed firmly against the rough stones of the bath, hot water sloshing around your hips. His strokes were deep and powerful, rocketing unwanted pleasure through your nerves and core, which only made you thrash more.

Aizawa grunted behind you, “You’re still fighting? You should give up. You can’t hope to overpower a god.”

“Just let me go! Please!”


You had expected reasons. You had expected mocking. But the answer was so blunt and simple that it somehow was worse to hear. There was no motivation other than…he simply wanted to take you for himself and nothing would deter him from taking what he wanted. Aizawa held your arms behind your back easily with one hand, large hand swallowing your wrists and keeping you helpless beneath him.

A particularly rough thrust, bumped against that bundle of nerves deep within you. The sensation was intense and felt impossibly good. Despite that, you didn’t want to let him hear you moaning. Shame and stubbornness drove you to bite down on your lower lip, fighting back the moan of pleasure that threatened to bubble over your lips.

Aizawa laughed, a sound that rumbled like waves against the inside of his own ribcage, “Don’t fight it. Just enjoy it.” His hand snaked around your hips and his fingers found your clit, “See this can be a pleasant experience if you let it.”

You shuddered beneath the weight of his voice. The god of the sea would not be denied his spoils. As he continued to pound into you, raven black hair tickling the skin of your back, you had a grim realization. Medusa in myth had always been said to have been cursed by Athena after she was defiled by Poseidon. 

From this perspective, it seemed like a blessing.

((Marine May is over! Any posts now are me finishing up the left over requests in my inbox! But I am still open for other requests outside of this event!))

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Thank you for this request! So the card you picked was Yemaya! Given that Yemaya, to my understanding is an African goddess and also has a place in Santeria. So given that, I can see the reader here as nothing else but a woman of color. And to be honest, we need more POC characters and readers. Soooo here goes, I hope this came out ok!

Selkie!Toshinori x WOC!Reader

Kinks: Implied finger fucking


“Wake up, Toshi!”

You set the plate of food on the bedside table, the freshly grilled fish smelling mouthwatering to you. Toshinori opened his bleary blue eyes, blinking away the sleep that had gripped him to look first at you and then at the plate of fish and roasted vegetables. He looked almost bewildered. Sluggishly scratching the back of his head, he gave you a sheepish smile.

“Did you make me lunch?”

You frowned and placed your hands on your hips, “Of course I did! You’re still injured. I’m not just gonna leave you on your own to find your own food!”

“Why are you helping me? You don’t know anything about me. Haven’t you thought about how I could put you in danger?”

The blankets were pooling around his hips, chest still bare so you could have easy access to your bandages. His muscles were powerful, cut and sang of his time spent beneath the waves. Toshinori was a specimen to behold and there was no doubt in my mind that he was highly sought after at home. Blonde hair looked like spun gold and blue eyes so vivid and azure they looked like the sparkling clear waters along the coast. 

“I know what you are.” You sat down on the edge of the bed as he ravenously ate the food you provided him, “Selkie.”

He paused, “You knew?”

“As soon as I saw you.”

“Then you know you are in danger.”

You stared directly into his eyes then, “The Mer cannot cross onto land as easily as you, Toshi.”

“But they have their ways. You are not completely safe.”

“Is anyone ever?” You retorted sagely.

Toshinori stared at you, “How did you know what I was?”

You shrugged a shoulder, “Yemaya has gifted me with much, I think. One of those gifts is The Sight. I can’t explain it but there was something about the way the water lapped at you on the shoreline told me that you were one of the sea folk.”

He looked at you as if you were a gift in and of yourself. Luminous eyes graced over your frame almost adoringly. His gaze felt like a caress against you. Every look was one praising your rich brown skin, admiring every sun soaked and sea blessed inch. Warm fingers touched your jaw, sliding up where he could trace the outline of your ear, rustling your ink black coils. With a firm but gentle touch, he guided your face to his where he stared into your eyes, deep, dark and filled with their own magic.

“You knew everything and still helped me.” He whispered, lips a breath away from your own, “Let me repay you then.”

You pressed your lips to his first, eagerly moving your mouth with fervor against him. Toshinori gave a soft groan in response, hand cradled behind your head as he lapped his tongue against your lower lip. Without a second thought, you allowed him entrance, hands braced on the mattress as you tilted yourself to be able to reach him. He was gorgeous, intoxicating and he kissed like the steady lapping of waves against the shoreline. You abruptly pulled away, repositioning yourself so you could be seated facing him.

Toshinori initiated this kiss, eagerly taking your mouth with his again. He was languid in his movements, savoring the shoreline of you. Heated hands fell upon you, drinking in the feel of your supple brown skin. You moaned when he kneaded your breasts, full flesh pliant beneath his fingers. That prompted you to rake your hands over his own form, drinking in every cut of muscle. Until you clumsily grazed his bandaged side, wound still tender. He hissed in pain, recoiling and that was enough to pull you out of your daze.

“Shit, I’m sorry.” You ran a hand down your face, “We..shouldn’t do this. You’re hurt and we don’t want to make anything worse.”

Blue eyes burned liked embers, boring into you. You had underestimated how much strength he had in his injured state, for he took you entirely by surprise when his hands took your waist and hauled you onto his lap so you were straddling him. A heat as intense as summer took hold in your skin, pooling into your loins. Toshinori urged you to lay back, spine flush against his legs. 

“I may not be at full strength…” He pushed up your dress and ripped off your underwear, “But that doesn’t mean I can’t make you feel good.”

His hands slid sensuously up your thighs until he reached your slit. A thick finger stroked your sex, urging a moan out of your lips.

“Just relax. I’ll take good care of you.” Toshinori whispered to you and plunged his fingers into your aching sex.

((Marine May is over! Any posts now are me finishing up the left over requests in my inbox! But I am still open for other requests outside of this event!))

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— bnha squirting headcanons [student edition].

ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: sʜɪɴsᴏᴜ, ᴛᴀᴍᴀᴋɪ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ, ᴋɪʀɪsʜɪᴍᴀ, ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ, ᴋᴀᴍɪɴᴀʀɪ, sᴇʀᴏ, ᴛᴏᴋᴏʏᴀᴍɪ, ɪɴᴀsᴀ, & sʜɪɴᴅᴏᴜ

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧    

⍣ pro hero version | villain version ⍣ [coming soon]

⤑ 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧! | 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 


— hitoshi shinsou.

∴ he decided to make u squirt by surprise
∴ like he just is there fucking you, your knees pressed to your chest
∴ he’s at the perfect angle to get so fucking deep inside
∴ suddenly he’s craving a mess
∴ he wants to see you absolutely lose yourself
∴ wants you a gushing, trembling, whimpering mess for him
∴ so he increases his pace, your cries of pleasure rising in pitch as he aims for your g-spot
∴ he’s basically going feral for it
∴ no matter how much you squirm, he doesn’t let you go until you’re squirting for him


his cock was buried so deep inside you, kissing your cervix every time he sunk inside. your vision was spotty, pleasure taking over your thoughts. he reached up, tweaking your nipple between two fingers.

he wore a shit eating smirk at the sight of you completely submissive to him. even though you were trembling, cunt so wet it was dripping down to the sheets, you still took whatever he gave you, no questions asked.

he had a desire to break you, see you cry because the pleasure he inflicted upon your sensitive body became too much. he wanted you to beg for him – for him to stop, for more, for what you didn’t even know you needed.

but he knew. he always knew what you needed from him.

suddenly, you reached down to press against his hips. the action was out of reflex. the pleasure building in your body making you too tense. the orgasm building was going to be big and it scared you. you weren’t sure your mind could handle that much pleasure.

he grappled both of your wrists in his hand, pinning them above your head. the new angle shifted your hips even further up, giving him even easier access to your sweet spot. his pelvic bone ground against your swollen, sensitive clit.

“take it,” he growled, panting, “i know what this slutty pussy needs. i’ll make you cum.”

“i-i’m gonna pee,” you cried, tears building up in your eyes at the humiliation of it all.

he chuckled, shaking his head, “trust me, kitten.”

you didn’t offer him a response but he felt your body relax ever so slightly. pleased that you had given in, he leaned back once more. gripping your hips, he grit his teeth as he fucked you harder.

finally, your body seized and you were gushing around his cock. the rush forced his cock from your spasming hole but he took the opportunity to grip himself, using the head of his cock to rub back and forth over your pulsing bud, splattering your release everywhere.

he was soaked, you were soaked – that was exactly what he wanted.


— tamaki amajiki.

∴ does it completely by accident.
∴ you had been turned on all day.
∴ so when you finally got the opportunity to satiate your desperation, you jumped him.
∴ he’s more than willing to assist you.
∴ ever the sweet boyfriend, he does everything you want him to.
∴ he fingers you to an orgasm, amazed by how easily you’re cumming.
∴ when he sinks his cock inside you, he’s in awe by how wet you are.
∴ you’re literally so wet it’s dripping down his balls and he’s so hard it hurts.
∴ he nearly cums when you’re sent over the edge by him simply sinking his cock into you.
∴ when you squirt, he’s literally shook.
∴ he knew what squirting was but it was never something he thought he’d ever achieve with you.
∴  yet here you are,,,,making a complete mess
∴ and he’s so turned on by it it’s not even funny.
∴ will def want to do it again but will be too nervous to ask aksdsksk.


“you’re so sensitive today,” he whispered, watching in awe as you ground up against him to meet his thrusts.

you couldn’t formulate a response, instead your eyes roll back in pleasure with a whimper of his name on the tip of your tongue. your clit meets his pelvic bone and you shudder.

his mouth falls open as he feels you clenching again. this was the third time already. why were you so eager today?

what he didn’t expect is the surprised squeal from your lips as you reach down to pull his cock from the wet sheath of your cunt. immediately, you’re gushing everywhere, using his cock as if it were a toy to rub against your clit, prolonging your orgasming and making even more of a mess.

without even taking a breath, you direct the tip of his length back to your entrance and he pushes his cock inside your spasming walls once again. just the sight of you losing yourself over his touch was enough to send him closer to the edge. he had a feeling it wouldn’t be the only round tho.


— katsuki bakugou.

∴ another one that does it by accident.
∴ he was letting off some steam after a tough day
∴ he had made you cum a few times already and you were sobbing from overstimulation
∴ you didn’t want him to stop tho
∴ u felt something beautiful and powerful building up – the orgasm to end all orgasms
∴ you’re begging him not to stop, keep fucking you, he’s gonna make you cum so fucking hard
∴ hes like shut the hell up i know how to fuck u
∴ nd goes even harder
∴ it sends u over the edge and before you know it, his cock is forced from your clenching hole and four fingers as rubbing your clit back and forth as fast as he could
∴ your juices are everywhere, soaking your thighs, the bed, his hand, his dick…
∴ what a mess
∴ now he has to punish you for making cleanup a bigger pain in the ass than it already is


his cock is hot and hard in your pulsing walls. you were sensitive, your cum coating his length. he pays it no mind, he pays your orgasms no mind. no, he’s there to let some steam off. he had a bad day, stress and tension had built up over the hours and the only healthy way he knew how to release it was upon your willing cunt.

you took it, basking in the overstimulating pleasure only he could bring you. you tossed your head back into the pillows to release your moans. praise and jumbled forms of his name begin to fall from your lips.

“look at you, losing it on my fucking cock,” he growls, reaching forward to pinch one of your hardened nipples.

the added stimulation made your body tense. the orgasm that had been building up changed – a heavy sensation weighing on your core. it felt like you had to pee but you ignored it, it wouldn’t be the first time. in fact, the feeling seemed to add to the pleasure.

you just knew your orgasm was going to be spectacular.

you couldn’t help the way you babbled to him, your mind hazy and focused completely on the feeling of his cock filling you.

“please katsuki!” you begged, back arched, “just like that! right there, please, it feels so good! you’re gonna m-make me cum just don’t stop.”

he growled, slapping a hand over your mouth with a vicious glare, “shut the fuck up. i know how to fuck you.”

as if to show you, he doubled his pace. it took only a few of his punishing thrusts for you to come undone. your cunt clenched tight around his cock, making him groan. much to his delight, you began to gush. the force of your orgasm forced his cock from you pussy and he growled, reaching down to find your clit with four fingers.

he rubbed back and forth, abusing the sensitive bud until more of your juices squirted everywhere. you made a mess, there wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t tainted by your cum.

“so fuckin’ messy,” he complained, rolling his eyes as if it wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

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Originally posted by dailybnha

-Fatgum x f!reader-

smut drabble with a shy/inexperienced reader

Fair warning that this is my first time ‘writing’ for Taishiro. I’ve only done headcanons with him so I’m still getting a feel for his character. Sorry if it’s a little rough!

“You want any more?”

“I’m good, Tai.” You watched him finish the rest of the snacks. He picked up the delicate candies with grace, licking his thick fingers after every bite. His tongue swirled around each one, dipping in between to catch any loose or melted sweets.

You crossed your legs as he continued his humming and sucking.

He looked at you with a grin. “What’s goin’ through your head, babe?”

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👏🏻 FACTS 👏🏻

Excuse me now you brought up my husband and I have to go off.

You and Tomura are still naked, sweaty and covered in cum yet our rat is picking you up and sitting his gross naked ass on the couch with you in his lap.

“What do we wanna play dust bunny?” His voice is probably husky and he’s wiping your cum off of his face onto your bare shoulder, licking at the taste, nipping at your already tender love marks that both of your boys had left.

“MINECRAFT!” Just leaking a mixture of his and Dabi’s cum all over his legs as it oozes out of your abused hole, they never ever used condoms. Dabi liked the idea of breeding you (doesnt matter what your gender is he has dem Todoroki genes) and Tomura just likes the idea that he is sullying you

Dabi is just glaring at the two of you while he wipes himself off and strips the bedsheets in your bachelor suite hideout. Watching Tomura palm and your body and rut his hips into you, apparently horny again, begging you to cockwarm him while the two of you played.

“Twenty minutes on the game then we have to shower before eating!” He lazily calls from the fridge, pouring the both of you water and drinking some himself. Handing you each a glass he is sighing to himself, looking at the two loves of his life and muttering under his breath, “I fell in love with two god damn NEETs”

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Birb. I want you to know— and I’m being 150% deadass rn— my nose started bleeding as soon as I finished reading this ask gHejeuahwkajrktkfj.

Ok. Now that I have a tissue shoved up my nose, I can address this very sinister situation we’ve been placed in.

While Bakugou is gearing up to go ballistic, Oikawa is just going to tut and wag his finger, lean down to your ear, voice low and dangerous. “You’ve been a bad, bad girl, haven’t you y/n?”

These two guys will immediately butt heads— Bakugou is loud and brash, while Oikawa is smug and disingenuous. But (un)fortunately for you, they have arrogance in common, which will quickly lead to a competition of who can pleasure you the best.

Before you know it, your back is nestled against Oikawa’s chest, moaning around his long fingers in your mouth, while he whispers the dirtiest sweet talk in the shell of your ear— meanwhile, Bakugou is railing into you hard and fast, a string of curses tumbling from his lips.

As it turns out, these boys actually make a very effective team 🥵❤️

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A Tamaki thirst??!?!! YOU HAVE TASTE ANON!!


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

Omg but. Y e s to everything you said.

At first he’s going to be timid af— blushing like crazy, covering his face with the back of his hand, whimpering with every kitten lick of your smooth tongue. But once you take him into your mouth, he’s going to get sooo into it… palm on top of your head, guiding you up and down his length, praising you constantly until he crosses the finish line. “That feels s-so good Bunny. Don’t stop now…”

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Whoo, this was a fun one to write! I miss clubbing so I get to live vicariously through my fic. Of course all characters are over 18.

There’s a lot going on in here including: drunk sex, somnophilia, breeding, cock-warming

Word Count: 2783

To your credit, you did try to warn your boyfriend that different alcohols affected you in different ways. tequila brought out Fun![Name], vodka brought out Adventurous![Name] but rum…..rum brought Sexy![Name] out, which wasn’t that bad when you were single. It might make you dance on a few guys in the dark atmosphere of a club, maybe even take somebody home for a fun night. However, now that you had a boyfriend, it put you on a whole different level. Something that you, your boyfriend, and all your friends quickly found out in a VIP section one night.

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Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word count: 2.5 K

Summary: Fluffy smuttiness-!  When Kiri Takes Your Virginity

Note: How the hard boi would take your flower. Yes the title is a pun- GN with female parts reader! If you want I can do a male version as well! Note that he’s a Pro Hero in this! I do not own the art in this! This is dedicated to a friend!!! NSFW UNDER THE CUT!!! UNPROTECTED SEX!!

Kirishima Ejirou


Cuddling with Eijirou Kirishima was always fulfilling, his muscled arms wrapped around your waist in a gentle but firm grip. Today was his turn to be the big spoon and you had never felt better. Today was also one of Eijirou’s days off and neither of you were in the mood to go anywhere, opting to stay in bed this morning.

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Hey, I’m doing good and I hope you are too!

Thank you for sending a request ❤️




  • As Izuku became older his confidence grew with him. His now full control over One for all and his Pro hero status boosting it even more.
  • The first time you met him you had absolutely no idea that he used to be insecure.
  • Izuku had approached you at a cafe. You had been scrolling through your phone while you drank your coffee before he had tapped on your shoulder. He casually introduced himself with a bright smile as he sat down opposite of you. He was direct, telling you that he found you beautiful and hoped to get to know you better.
  • He makes you blush several times a day. Always calling you pet names like “Baby” and “Sugar” and coming up behind you to hug you against him tightly.
  • Izuku walks with you on his arm like he owns the world. He feels like the two of you are a power couple and he wants to show you off everywhere.
  • When he is on the news or in the paper he shows it off to you, every single time. So you have a news clipping and/or recording waiting on you everyday, which you think is super cute.


  • Izuku’s hands wander over your body often even in public. Not scandalous, but enough to get you hot and heavy when he squeezes your thigh teasingly.
  • He loves to slowly undress himself as you lay spread out for him on the bed. Taking your hand to run over his chest to feel his abs as he grinds himself against you through his pants.
  • His dirty talk truly is sinful. Telling you how much he enjoys watching your face as he fucks you, how your body belongs to only him and that he can’t wait to fill and mark you with his cum.
  • Izuku sends you raunchy pictures when he’s on his breaks, making sure that by the time he gets home you are practically jumping on him.
  • When he is away on longer missions he calls you every night, and doesn’t hold back in telling you how much he misses pounding into you.
  • He’d stroke his cock and grunt into the phone, telling you to touch yourself but to not finish. He wants to edge you till he’s there to fuck your deprived body till your legs shake.
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pairing | bakugo katsuki / reader

words | 1.077

warnings | it’s just a little steamy and has implied sexual meanings at the end but no actual smut

The game is simple; hide from the cat at all costs and do not let him catch you. The moment his hands have the opportunity to grasp onto your figure is the moment the game is over.

As simple as the game was, it wasn’t always easy hiding from your chaser. You always had to be cautious in your day-to-day activities, making sure you blend in with the crowd. Eyes always on the lookout for the handsome boy short in stature but with a voice too loud for his body. To top it all off, he was in three out of four of your lectures. At least you could watch him from a distance, it was better to have him in your field of vision than lingering in your blind spots, where he could pounce at any given moment.

The sound of bags zipping brought you out of your daydreams, the class was over and students trudged out of their seats to leave the room. As you got out of your seat your eyes moved on their own accord- as if it was a habit- on to his figure. The cat was engaged in a conversation with a friend, but his eyes were locked onto you, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. It’s as if he doesn’t care about the bet the two of you made, or he acts as if he lost interest in the chase, but you know that’s not the case. He revels in this little contest between the two of you. He comes closer and closer, and just when he thinks he has you, you escape from his grasp.

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Oof ok if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get!! Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜❤️

Warning: smut, blowjob….

Sleepless night went by so rapidly. The idea that Shoto was in thr next room, so close to you yet so far, and he’s probably thinking about you just like you’re thinking about him. Maybe your heart beats match ryhthm, maybe your blood is flowing the same, you just couldn’t believe what’s happening. Finally gettin out of bed when you found it was appropriate. Making your coffee and swaying your hips to the music that’s playing inside yiur head, you’ve never been so happily nervous, you don’t know what to do with all of these emotions.

It’s one of the rare times when Todoroki had the day off. He should’ve told you yesterday, but well, something far more important has happened. Though, he was glad. His view this morning is all he ever dreamt for. With nothing but a tee-shirt covering your body, ridding up with every sway, revealing to him your soft skin. He couldn’t help all the lewd thoughts that’s running through his mind. Acting on a whim, before his mind could proceed the movement of his body, he got closer to you. Hand rubbing your ass, grabbing it so tightly making you lose your balance from surprise. You did not expect Todoroki to be home. You barely had time to turn around, his lips moved quickly taking yours in a breathless kiss. Your fingers tangled in his hair, messing the already disheveled bedhair, while his were roaming all over your body. The thin fabric of your shirt irritated him, he didn’t hesitate to tear it away, now your naked form on full display for his eyes. Feeling a bit out of place, you tuggef on his shirt, begging him to discard it. And he did, with an adoring grin on his face. Pressing yourself closer to him, your naked chest glued to one another, heaving in sync as you grinded your wet pussy against his uncovered knee, thankful that he decided to sleep in his underwear. Your eyes traveling south, the tent in his boxers making your mouth water, you only wanted to taste it. Seeing the hunger in your eyes, Todoroki pulled you down. You’re now face level with his dick. Hesitant, shaky fingers hooking up on the elastic band, pulling the underwear down and relishing in the way his dick stood proud. Licking your lips and looking up to his face, asking for permission. He almost laughed at you. “Go ahead baby.” Finally, giving shy kitten licks to his head, loving the way his pre-cum taste, eager to taste more. Wrapping your lips around his length, slowly taking inch after inch, and when you finally arrive to the base, dual pubes tickling your nose and eyes watering, the tip hitting the back of your throat making him groan and drop his head back. You were moving a bit too slow for his liking. Done with your teasing, he took a hold of your hair, tight, almost ripping some from your scalp. “Gotta train that pretty mouth of yours. Let me show you how i like it.” Using his grip, he keot your head steady, rolling his hips, making you gag with each thrust. He was using your throat like hw owned it. Too lost in the pleasure, he payed no mind to your tears staining your cheeks, the way your nails digged and left red half moons on his thighs, relishing in every moan that’d send vibrations through his whole body. Tired still and the accumulated lust from yesterday edging him closer and closer, faster than he wanted. But he couldn’t hold it in. With a deep moan if your name, he released, spilling in your mouth as he watched you eagerly swallowing.

Looking down on you, feeling bad seeing your pain state, though he smiled. A sweet one, kind and loving. Pouring all his emotions out with a kiss, tasting himself still on your lips. “Damn. My girlfriend can take me so well huh?”

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