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#bnha smut
simp4bakubro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3.5k words (nsfw)
bakugou x fem!reader
Tumblr media
tw: porn with little plot, excessive use of the word daddy, dom!bakugou, degradation(a little), use of kitten as a nickname, lots of spanking, choking, overstim, unprotected sex, creampie, uhh i think that’s it
You were absolutely furious. 3 hours. It had been 3 hours since your arrogant, selfish, hotheaded fiancée was supposed to be getting home from patrol. Coming home late was nothing out of the ordinary for him. In fact, on a normal day, you would have been waiting in bed, curled up with a nice book or a particularly juicy reality show playing, awaiting his arrival patiently. However, today was no NORMAL day. At least not to you. Katsuki had just gotten back from a particularly long mission that had him across the country for almost 3 full weeks. In that time, you had promised him you would be good, not touching yourself without his permission (which he had only given you twice while on facetime with you).
Since he had gotten back 3 days ago, he’d been ‘recovering’ from his long trip, leaving you no chance to finally be filled the way you wanted- no, needed- to be. This morning you had finally decided today was the day, even going so far as to send him little messages throughout the day.
I cant wait until you come home daddy🥺 *1 image attatched*
pleeease come fill me up daddy, ive been waiting so long for you
i cant wait much longer, i might have to touch myself soon😩 *2 images & 1 video attached*
You had hoped the last one would be enough incentive for him to hurry home after patrol, to no avail. In fact, this had been the latest he’d come home in as long as you could remember. Even still, you expected at least some semblance of communication with you if he knew he’d be home later than usual tonight. But you had gotten nothing from him, all day. There were no responses to your messages, though you could see that he had read them. He hadn’t answered any of your calls, though the last few had been sent straight to voicemail. The lack of communication piled on top of your extreme sexual frustration had led to your current fury at the ash haired man.
So here you sat, tapping your foot impatiently on the floor, your back sunk into the couch and your arms crossed over your chest, the look of annoyance plain as day on your face. You were about to give up, to admit defeat and retreat into the bedroom for the night, when you heard the click of the lock, followed by a grunt and the door being swung open. There, standing in the doorway, with a shit eating grin on his face, stood Katsuki Bakugou. You narrowed your eyes at him, noticing the smugness written across his features as you remained planted to the couch. No way were you going to jump up and greet him as usual. No, he would have to come to you tonight.
As he closed the door behind himself and began to stride towards you, you took in his appearance. He was no longer in his hero suit, seemingly having showered and changed into his joggers and t-shirt at the agency. He squatted down in front of you, placing a thick scarred hand on each of your knees, parting them slightly as he made space for his large body between them. Slowly, his eyes trailed from your knees up your thighs, to the valley between your legs, and ever so slowly they made their way to your scowling face. “Someone doesn’t look as happy to see me as they seemed earlier.” He quipped in his gruff voice, unable to keep the smirk from his face.
You rolled your eyes, breathing hard out of your nose as you stared back at him, unwilling to back down. “Well that was before you completely ghosted me and came home 3 hours later than you were supposed to.” You bit back, unable to keep the tinge of hurt out of your voice as you looked down, staring at his hands bitterly. Katsuki sighed as he squeezed your knees softly. “Stupid fuckin’ phone died. I didn’t have a charger at the office.” He shrugged. “I stayed late finishing up all the bullshit paperwork from that last mission so I didn’t have to go back in on my day off tomorrow. Wanted to spend all day with you, brat.”
Your eyes flew open at this, head whipping up to look at him once more. “W-well.. why didn’t you respond to my texts then? I know you read them.”
“Tch. I couldn’t exactly respond while on patrol, dumbass. Unless you want Kiri looking over my shoulder and seeing those pretty little pictures too.” he smirked. Your eyes went wide, mouth opening and closing, failing to form a response as you softly shook your head no.
“Didn’t think so. They were very pretty pictures, by the way. And that video..” his eyes slowly trailed down your face again, landing on your lips that were softly trembling with bated breaths. “You’re lucky my volume was down, dumbass. Otherwise everyone on the street would have heard you begging to be filled by my cock.” His hands slowly trailed up your legs, squeezing the plush of your thighs as they made their way to the hem of your shirt. You were frozen, eyes mesmerized by the movement of his large, warm hands on your skin.
“But maybe that’s what you wanted, hah? Wanted everyone to hear you begging for daddy to fill you up, is that it?” He tugged at the hem of your shirt, glancing up at you as you shook your head from side to side, answering silently as you were currently finding it hard to form any real coherent thoughts. He removed one hand from your shirt, reaching it up to grab your jaw softly between his thumb and forefinger, prompting you to look him in the eyes once more.
“I asked you a question, kitten. Is that what you wanted? For everyone to hear how desperate you are for my cock?”
“N-no! That’s not what i wanted!” You sputtered out, shaking your head as much as you were able between his grip. “J-just wanted to show you! Only you!”
Katsuki chuckled, his eyes darkening by the second as he slowly moved his hand off of your jaw, moving it back down to grip the bottom of your shirt as he swiftly lifted it up and over your head, throwing it somewhere into the abyss of your shared apartment and springing up to his feet. He wasted no time in lifting you up, hooking his hands under your knees as you squealed, wrapping your legs around his waist as he spun around, now sitting himself on the couch with you clumsily straddling on top of him.
You giggled, looking back down into his eyes as you took in his blown pupils and hard breathing, scarcely able to hold yourself back as you crashed your lips onto his. It was messy, all teeth and tongue, the build up of almost a month of being apart pouring into this moment, drenching every fiber of your being with the thought of finally getting what you had been so desperately waiting for. You pawed at his back hungrily, doing your best to lift his shirt up, parting the kiss briefly to lift it over his head and throw it to join your mounting pile of discarded clothes, eventually shimmying yourself out of everything you had on and getting Katsuki down to just his briefs.
Katsuki growled as you finished pulling his joggers off, snatching your waist as soon as you had thrown them and pulling you back on top of him as he started sloppily placing wet kisses up the column of your throat, latching on to the sensitive spot just below your ear that he knew would elicit a groan out of you. You bucked your hips softly at the sensation, tilting your head to the side to give him more space on your neck to work with as you threaded your fingers through his spiky locks, tugging gently. This pulled a moan from the man below you, causing him to reluctantly pull away from your neck and wrap his arms around your waist, turning your body so you were now layed down fully on the couch, Katsuki looming above you.
“So fucking pretty,” he mumbled, trailing a hand down your body with a feather-light touch. His hand dipped down, fingers tracing around your clit, avoiding it as they reached your entrance, soaking wet and practically on fire to the touch. “Look at you, kitten. Practically dripping already and I’ve barely even touched you. Was my kitten good while I was away?” You nodded fervently, babbling out a “Yes! Yes i was good!” Katsuki smirked as he teased your entrance with a calloused finger. “Did you touch yourself without permission? Don’t lie baby, ‘cause i can always fuckin tell.”
Your breath hitched as he teasingly dipped his fingertip into you, pulling back out almost instantly. “N-no! I would never! I promise daddy, p-please-” your words were ripped from your throat as Bakugou finally plunged his finger into your wet heat, slowly pumping up to his first knuckle, working his way to his full finger. Your soft gasps and quiet moans echoed throughout the apartment, along with the embarrassing squelching noise of Katsuki’s torturously slow fingers entering you.
“M-more, please, fuck- please!” You whined out, reaching out to find anything to ground yourself, finding the back of Katsuki’s head and pulling him to you. He obliged, latching his mouth onto your nipple and rolling it between his teeth as he added a second finger into your sopping entrance, scissoring them swiftly and lifting up his thumb, slowly tracing circles around your aching clit.
You moaned loudly, pulling him closer to your chest as you bucked your hips into his hand, which spurred Katsuki into action. Using his free hand to pin down your hips, lifting his head to look down at you as he worked you towards your high. “Oh no, greedy little thing. You take what daddy gives you. Greedy little sluts don’t get to cum. Do you want to cum?” He rasped out. “Yes, fuck! Please i need-need to cum!” You babbled out almost incoherently, your high rapidly approaching. “I know you’re close, kitten. I can feel you clamping down on my fingers. You gonna come for daddy? Fuckin cum, slut.” He spat out.
“Fuck I’m s-so close, please don’t stop, please-” Your words died in your throat, eyes crossing with pleasure and head throwing back as your orgasm rippled through your body, white hot pleasure coursing through every nerve ending. “There’s my good fuckin girl,” Katsuki groaned, the tent in his briefs growing uncomfortably tight as he worked you perfectly through your orgasm, pulling his fingers out slowly and holding them up to you. Instinctively you opened your mouth, tongue lolling out and eyes looking back into his as he shoved them into your mouth. He couldn’t help but moan lowly as you closed your lips around them, tongue lapping and swirling as you cleaned your essence off of them.
“Good girl,” he praised, pulling them from your mouth with a pop. “Do you think you deserve daddy’s cock?” You nodded your head wildly, pleas falling from your lips without hesitation, begging for him to finally fill you up and quench your frustration. He nodded slowly, standing up and holding out his hand for you. You grabbed it tentatively, unsure of his next move, but were silently answered as he pulled you up from the couch, ushering you around to the arm of it, turning you and pushing you face down into the cushion, your lower half still standing on the floor as the arm of the couch was under your hip, face pressed into the cushion.
You gasped, moaning as he brought his hand down into your ass cheek, repeating the motion onto your other cheek as you turned your head to look back at him. He wasted no time in ridding himself of his briefs, and you watched with hungry eyes as his cock sprang free, the angry red tip smacking up and practically touching his belly button, pre already leaking down. You licked your lips, hungrily awaiting his next move.
“Fuck princess, you don’t know how long I’ve been thinking about this. It was so hard to not just leave in the middle of patrol today and come absolutely ruin you.” He fisted his cock roughly, smacking it onto your ass a few times as he teased you. “Sending those naughty pictures, you knew what you were doing. This is what you want, right? You want me to stuff you full, right here?” Your whole body twitched as if you were jolted by electricity as his tip nudged your entrance, coating himself in your juices. You were quick to nod, babbling out “Yes, please stuff me, please fuck me!”
“I don’t know,” he teased, nudging your clit with his cock repeatedly, pulling soft whimpers from you. “You don’t sound like you want it very much right now, kitten. Why don’t you tell me exactly what you want. C’mon, use your fuckin’ words baby.” He grinned, the muscles in his neck tightening as he used all his self restraint to not shove his entire length into you then and there. “I want you,” you whined. “I w-want you to fill my pussy with your cock, i want you t-to use me as you wish and make me cum on your cock!” You stuttered out, embarrassment seeping into your tone as your face flushed red.
Bakugou grabbed your ass, stretching his hand to ghost over your entrance with his thumb, pulling you open to him as he used his other hand to guide himself to your entrance, biting his lip as he finally, finally pushed the tip inside you, slowly filling you up with his length. The moan that was ripped from your throat when he finally bottomed out was borderline pornographic, the feeling of finally being full was everything you had been waiting for. Katsuki was unable to hold back his own moan as he stilled himself inside of you, giving your walls time to accommodate to his size.
After a moment, you wiggled your hips in an attempt to get him to start moving. “Katsuki,” you called. “Please, move!” He looked down at your lust blown face, grinning as he grabbed onto your hips, pulling his length almost all the way out before slamming it back in again, mesmerized by the fat of your ass jiggling with each thrust. “F-fuck, kitten. Quit squeezing me so hard, ‘m not gonna last-” but you couldn’t help it. After being deprived so long, you were in ecstasy finally having him here, finally having him home and having him split you on his cock over and over again.
“Yes Katsu, fuck! Right there, oh fuck!” You groaned, face rubbing uncomfortably against the couch cushion as he slammed into you, feeling him grab your ass with a grip you were sure would leave bruises, but you didn’t care. You couldn’t bring yourself to think of anything but the feeling of Katsuki shaping your insides to match him, the feeling of the vein on the underside of his dick rubbing you with every thrust, the feeling of his heavy balls slapping your clit deliciously with each rut of his hips.
“Such a good fucking girl taking me so well. Who’s making you feel so good, huh?”
“You, Katsuki! You are!” He leaned his chest down to your back, reaching a hand around and slapping your clit roughly, shaking his head. “That’s not my fuckin’ name. Who’s making you feel this way, huh slut?” He asked once more.
“You, daddy! Daddy’s making me feel so good- fuck please don’t stop!” You rocked onto your toes with each thrust, feeling the coil in your stomach start to tighten once more. Katsuki could feel it too, your velvety walls clamping down on him, attempting to suck him back in each time he pulled away. He used the hand that was already snaked around you to slowly circle your clit, adding the perfect pressure that had you practically falling apart, teetering on the edge of your high as he relentlessly thrusted into your heat.
“You gonna be my good girl and cum for me again?” He teased, whispering directly in your ear before softly nipping the shell. You nodded, babbling out nonsense whimpers of yes, of please don’t stop, of right there. He continued his thrusts and the insistent circling of his fingers on your clit, pushing you closer and closer to the cliff, whispering again in your ear “Cum for me, kitten. Good girls do as their told.”
That’s all it took for the coil in your lower half to snap, your high pushing you off the metaphorical cliff at lightning speed as you arched your back, chest pushing impossibly far into the couch cushion as you came. Bakugou didn’t stop his thrusts or his fingers circling your abused nub, even when you slowly came down from your high.
“F-fuck Katsu- ‘s too much!” You whined as you tried to arch away from his touch. But you were effectively trapped between his body and the arm of the couch, unable to shy away from his ever persistent touch. “I think you have one more in you, kitten. Whaddya say? Cum one more time for me, pretty girl.” He smirked from above you as you squirmed beneath him.
You whimpered, barely able to form a coherent thought other than the feeling of pleasure as the overstimulation numbed your brain. Above you, Katsuki adjusted himself, reaching down one hand to gather your hair into a makeshift ponytail in his hand, pulling harshly as he lifted your upper half up to him, pulling your back to his chest. He let go of your hair then, instead snaking his hand around to your throat, squeezing slightly as he continued hammering into you, his other hand still snaking circles around your swollen clit. You moaned loudly, finding yourself alarmingly close once more to your high, only needing a little final push to get you there.
As if reading your mind, Katsuki’s lips brushed your ear, his harsh voice ringing in your head as he spoke. “You’re clamping down on me so tight princess, you want me to fill you up? Want me to cum inside this pussy and breed you full? Fuck- I’m gonna fill this pussy all the way up baby, fuck I’m so close-” That was all it took to catapult you over the edge once again, your high taking over all of your senses and your mind going completely blank as the pleasure washed over you in waves.
Katsuki wasnt faring any better, the guttural groan ripped from his throat as his hips faltered, your velvety hot walls clamping down on his pulsing cock pushing him to his own high, thick ropes of his seed flooding into you as his thrusts slowed. He stilled finally, lowering you softly back down to the couch cushion as you both came down from your highs. He stayed hugged to your body, hunched over you as you both caught your breathe, and once your breathing returned to normal he kissed your shoulder and whispered into your ear. “Don’t fuckin move, I’ll be right back.”
He gently pulled out of you and you instantly felt empty at the loss of him, and cold without his body heat to keep you warm, despite the light sheen of sweat that clung to your body and made your hair stick to your forehead. You closed your eyes and hummed contently, and not long after Bakugou returned, holding a cold water bottle along with a damp washcloth.
He gently cleaned you up before standing you up and guiding you to sit normally on the couch, handing you the water bottle and moving then to clean himself up and lazily pull his joggers over his bare legs as you lazily took a few swigs of the cool water. The icy drink washed over your tongue, instantly cooling you and you let out a soft “ahhh” before offering the bottle to Katsuki. He traded you the water bottle for your shirt he had picked up, gulping down the rest of the bottle and flopping down next to you as you tossed the shirt over your head.
He threw his arm around you, pulling you into him as he nuzzled into your hair. You smiled brightly, curling into his side and inhaling his scent, finding comfort in the sweet scented sweat he gave off. “m sorry i was late. I shoulda told you I’d take a while tonight.” He grumbled into the crown of your head. You relaxed further into him. “It’s okay. You have all day tomorrow to make it up to me.” You looked up at him and winked, standing up and swaying your hips in front of him for a moment before whipping around and darting to your shared bedroom.
Bakugou threw his head back and groaned, faux annoyance in his voice as he sprang up and said “God, Shitty woman, i fuckin love you, but i swear you’re gonna be the death of me one day,” before racing after you.
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bakugous-trauma · 2 days ago
Night out with the squad. Y’all are sitting in a booth with you on Bakugou’s lap. He looks extra fine for some inexplicable reason- maybe cuz of the way he leans back and sips his drink, maybe the way he has a palm on your thigh. Either way it’s a turn on but you try to be slick about it and keep on talking with your friends.
Meanwhile, Bakugou’s been eyeing you cuz the faint thumping on his leg has been going on for awhile. He’s feeling extra mean tonight.
Miggi i will kiss your clit you make me feel so hnnnnnggg about this boy
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou x F!Reader
fingering[f!receiving], swearing, thigh riding
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just imagine you got your pretty little outfit on, your thighs bulging the second you settle your cute ass on his lap, and as innocent as it might seem to everyone, you can never miss the hiss that escapes him from having you wiggle yourself till you’re all comfy.
He’s so— so mean, knows what game you’re playing, can feel you aching for him, and for fuck’s sake you’re still wanting to be stuffed full even with a room full of people? Slut.
So his hand never stays still on your thigh, it toys around with the hem of your skirt, and it's harmless, almost adorable when people stare, he can’t really keep his hands away from you, but it's when they’re not staring is when it gets sinful.
It takes a while for him to position you how he likes it, nudging his thigh between yours and flexing his muscle to have you grind against it under the table, hand perched on your hip to press you even harder against him, he wants your cunt slicking his jeans or else you’re not cumming tonight.
“Can’t stop humpin my leg like some bitch in heat, hm baby?” It's so soft spoken in your ear, followed by a gentle kiss that has the girls aweing at the exchange, unknowing to him reaching down to push your panties aside, smiling victoriously when he feels you dampening his thigh with a whine.
“C’mere,” he rests you back on his chest, and you take a deep breath of relief, instantly choking on it when his finger toys with your pussy lips, he’s so slow, so agonizingly slow it makes you want to scream out in a span of three fucking minute! But does he do anything aside from holding you flush against him as he pushes one finger in your messy cunt? no, not really
You’re stuck like this the entire night, making small talk of absolute gibberish that people excuse with alcohol, while the merciless man behind you has your orgasm crashing over you enough times to feel the seat beneath you two drenched in your arousal.
Tumblr media
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strobimilk · a day ago
— only want you
in which you and bakugo still gravitate towards each other despite having broken up a few months ago.
pro!hero bakugo x f!reader. 2.7k+ MDNI y'all they be havin SEX this is 18+ ONLY. exes to ???people who r fucking ig. fingering, mirror sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, squirting, possessiveness, relationship that is a bit toxic. sex with feelings. there’s so much going on here but tl;dr, bkg is down horrendous. also ig i write for mha now lmao.
“w-we can’t keep doing this, bakugo,” breathless and stuttered, your words are obviously the last line of whatever pathetic defense you were trying to put up, and he could laugh. with the way you were leaning entirely on him, arms clinging tightly around his neck, and knees buckling with every flick of his fingers inside you, it’s a miracle that you’re still trying your hardest to reject what both of you have no power over. he chuckles darkly, eyes menacing and smile mischievous. under the dim yellow lights of the bathroom, the sharp angles of his face look even more intimidating. “yeah? we shouldn’t?” he coos mockingly. you shake your head, mouth falling open and head falling forward as you lean onto his shoulder when he maneuvers his fingers to move deeper inside you. “why are you shaking, then?” he whispers. “why are you still sucking my fingers up so good, hm? like you don’t wanna fuckin’ let go?”
you can only whimper as an answer, burying your face deeper onto his shoulder. as usual, you have no strength left to answer back, numb to everything else but the pleasure he’s giving you. the pleasure only he could give you. and as usual, he won’t stand for it. when bakugo asks a question, he gets an answer. “uh-uh,” he tuts. “i asked you a question, baby.” his fingers inside you slow to a stop and he moves the shoulder you’re leaning on to get you to look up at him. you let out a sob when you look up, eyes big and pleading as you rut your hips onto his fingers. you were almost there, it was so close. and he just— he unwraps the arm that was meant to keep you steady around you, hand moving up to squeeze your pretty face in his hands. “use your words, angel. haven’t fucked you with my cock yet, an’ you’re already goin’ dumb on me?” “feels s’good…” you breathlessly mewl. a smirk crawls up on his lips as he resumes the pace of his fingers inside you, a triumphant feeling springing in his chest when he sees your eyes fall shut slowly in ecstasy once again, but even through how ethereal you look in this state, he can’t let you off easy. “uh huh, but i thought we couldn’t keep doing this?” he knows he’s being cruel, purposely hitting you where it hurts by having you say things that would hurt your pride. the answering sob almost breaks his heart. almost. “hm, baby? if we can’t keep doing this, why can you barely keep your eyes open and talk?” the come-hither movement of his fingers keep on hitting the spot that makes your knees buckle, and he only speeds it up, going almost inhumanly faster and deeper, making the lewd squelching noises of your pussy almost rival the noises coming from your own mouth. “y’hear that?” he eggs on. “you’re fuckin’ dripping. that’s all you, baby. and all for me.” you can only wail and shake in his arms, hands gripping his shoulders as you fight to keep yourself upright while going higher and higher. “answer me.” he demands, pressing a sweet, chaste kiss to your cheek, a huge contrast to the way he’s squeezing your face in one hand and demolishing your cunt in the other. he knows he’s being cruel. but it’s been so long since he’s had you just cuddled into his arms, perfectly content with not doing anything else. it’s been so long since he’s had you sleeping next to him, smiling in your sleep and telling him about your dreams in the morning. it’s been so long since he’s had a good night’s sleep because he knows you’re safe by his side, so long since home has been home, and being inside you meant making love and not just fucking. this is the only way you would let him in—when you’re drunk on his cock and wanting to cum. and it hurts like hell every time you’d leave after you’re sated, even more so when he saw you out on a date with a fucking nobody, but he’ll take whatever piece of you he can get, and he’ll be damned if he has to share with anyone else. he knows he’s being cruel. it was his fault that you got to this point anyway. he was too absent, too angry, too adamant on being number one that he neglected you along the way, only realizing that he did so when your bags are already packed and you’re raring to go. he knows he’s being cruel, but in his twisted head, it’s only fair that he gets even this tiny piece of you, because you still own all of him. it’s only fair. he swipes his thumb to your swollen clit and you twitch, rutting faster against his hand, as if having three thick fingers knuckle-deep in you isn’t enough. you’ve always been a greedy little thing, and he’s always had a particular inclination to indulging you until you’re crying. you bite his shoulder, trying your best to muffle your screams as you feel yourself tensing and reaching your peak. his fingers are relentless inside of you, stirring you up real good until you’re shaking and dripping all over his hands, your thighs, and the pretty dress you had on for tonight. you always end up like this—panting and trembling from the high he’s brought you to despite having told yourself that the last time would be the last. you always end up letting him back in your bed, in you, because as much as you hated it, you needed him.
it’s a shame that not everything you feel you need is necessarily good for you. you push him away once you catch your breath, reaching for the paper towels near the sink and trying to straighten yourself up. you try not to think about how he stumbled back easily once you pushed him off of you, like there’s no strength left in him despite his build and stature.
you’d seen him withstand the kicks and blows of villains twice his size, either bouncing back or not even budging at all, and yet he’s this powerless against your rejection. your eyes flick up to his reflection in the mirror, and for a brief moment, you see him just standing there, frozen, defeated. like he’d been better off getting stabbed in the gut than having you push him off. it’s short lived, though. because the moment he meets your eyes in your reflection, his face goes back to a determined expression. he stalks over to you, pressing his chest onto your back and setting both of his hands on either side of you to cage you in, never once breaking off eye contact. he drops soft kisses to your jaw and the side of your neck, pecks eventually turning into nips and soft bites as he hikes the skirt of your dress up once again, big and rough palms kneading your ass. there’s no underwear left for him to worry about, as he ripped it off you and pocketed it the moment he pulled you into the restroom. “you haven’t answered my question, who said we were done?” “bakugo, i need to go back,” you reply, steeling your resolve and willing yourself not to close your eyes and lean onto him. “to where, to your fuckin’ date?” he spits the words in disdain, wrapping a hand around your throat as the other moves to unbuckle his belt. “not before you watch me fuck you in this dress. see the faces you make with my cock in you. see if you can go back to him with my cum running down your legs.” you tremble at his words, sighing as your back arches when you feel the head of his cock pressing onto your hole and threatening to break you open. “bakug— ah!” your words are interrupted with a scream when he pushes the head of his cock in, the stretch still overwhelming and so, so good even after all this time. “it’s katsuki,” he corrects, groaning into your ear as he bottoms out. “s’always katsuki t’my pretty angel.” he sighs, thinking to himself that this is where he belongs—sheathed deep in your cunt. so tight, so soft, so warm. all his. this is the only way he breathes easy—with you as close as possible, knowing that no one can take you away from him, knowing that you belong to him as much as he does to you. he burrows his head to your neck once he starts his relentless pace, eyes closed, breathing in your scent and feeling the vibrations of the sounds you make on the skin of your throat. he wills himself to open his eyes, wanting to witness the look on your face as you fall apart on his cock, wanting—no, needing to see that this is affecting you as much as it’s affecting him. and by god, is he thankful he mustered enough strength to open his eyes. he’s seen this sight so many times, but it never fails to make something inside him shake in carnal need. you, brows furrowed and mouth open in complete ecstasy, skin glowing with a thin sheen of sweat, and tits bouncing with every snap of his hips. he’s smart enough to have locked the door after dragging you in here, because in his mind, they can listen all they want to the sounds you’re making as he fucks you, but this sight is only reserved for him and him alone. it would be even better if he could see your pretty eyes completely engulfed in lust, so he asks. “can ya open those pretty eyes for me, baby?” his words barely register in your mind, your whole being completely clouded in pleasure. the head of his cock keeps bumping onto the spot that has you gushing, and all you can do this lean and cling onto whatever part of him you can reach. despite that, you try your best to adhere to his request, and the sight that greets you only has you clenching tighter around him. “fuck, you love this so much.” he chuckles. “you love getting fucked and watching yourself get absolutely ruined,”
“yes, ah! i-i do, please, please…” you babble, pleading for something you’re not even sure of, inhibitions and pride be damned. all you know is that every snap of his hips is getting you closer and closer to a high that feels like it’s going to knock the breath out of you. terrifying and electrifying all at the same time. “so why d’you keep on pushin’ me away, huh?” he pants. “only i can fuck you like this, you know that, right? took my fuckin’ time to learn what makes you scream, what makes you fuckin’. cry. because it felt too good.” every word is punctuated with a deep thrust that has you sobbing. “y’think y’can parade around with someone new and replace me jus’ like that?” you shake your head no, heaving and delirious as he fucks deeper into you. “n-no, only you! only you! he didn’t— didn’t touch me, c-couldn’t— ah!” he laughs in triumph. “that’s right, this is all for me, right? all fuckin’ mine.” “uh huh,” you nod, mewling as you move your hips to fuck back into him. “only you, katsuki—fuck, i’m so close!” “then fucking cum,” he orders, pressing his palm below your navel so he can feel himself every time he bottoms out. “cum around my cock, s’all yours, baby, only you.” his palm above your pelvis only intensifies the feeling of his deep thrusts, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. your legs tremble as the bubble of pressure pops, making you throw your head back, mouth open in a soundless scream. he turns your head towards him, claiming your mouth as his hips stutter. he grunts into your mouth as he cums, bursting warmth inside you.
you both stay still for a minute, him still sheathed inside you as you both catch your breath. he presses sweet little kisses to your shoulder and neck, and you tilt your head to the side, letting him do what he wants. “holy fuck, baby,” bakugo says once he catches his breath, “y’just squirted.” your eyes pop open at his words, chest still heaving as you come down from your high. you look down, and true enough, part of your dress is soaked in your juices, and you’re guessing part of his pants is the same. he wraps his arms around your waist, hugging you to his chest as he breathes you in, sighing as if this is the first breath he’s taken after being submerged underwater for a long time. “come home with me.” your heart clenches at his words. home. it’s been a long time since you felt at home—long before you even left him. even now, you’re not sure coming back with him would feel like coming home. you try to wiggle out of his hold, but his arms only tighten around you. you look up at your reflection in the mirror—there’s disheveled and fucked out you, and bakugo who has his eyes closed and brows furrowed, holding onto your for dear life. he opens his eyes once he feels your gaze on him, immediately shutting them tight once again and burrowing his face further into the side of your neck, almost like a child getting caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. you barely realize the smile making its way up on your face, but you let yourself melt into him. he’s already ruined your makeup, your dress, you for anyone else for the rest of the night, and probably for the rest of your life. going back to his pad with him wouldn’t really make that much of a difference. he takes you once again at the backseat of his car, making the windows all fogged up. and again against the door after he’s closed it shut behind him the moment you got into his pad, once more on the sofa, and finally, on his bed. “you’re insatiable,” you whisper as he ruts into you, slow and languid this time, making you feel every ridge and vein along his girth with every drag, but just as deep as the first four times. you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve came and how many times he’s come in you, numb to everything but the sensitivity of your abused hole and the squelch of both of your essences every time he pulls out and pushes back in. he hums, palms going up to fondle your tits, adjusting your legs that are propped up on each of his shoulders as his head is buried in your neck. “only f’you,” he slurs, eyes closed and completely pussy drunk. you smile, hand going up to tangle against messy blond hair that is now drenched in sweat. he lifts his head up, tilting his head to claim your mouth, tongue tangling with yours. “missed you so fuckin’ much,” he whispers. “an’ i’m so sorry.”
the follow-up knocks the breath out of you, making tears gather at the corner of your eyes. the difference those words would have made a few months ago… “hated being here without you. hated it even more when i heard you’re goin’ out with someone else.” his thrusts pick up in pace, energy renewed by the anger he feels at the thought of you being with someone else. “‘m here now,” you breathlessly moan, pulling his head down for another kiss as he pounds into you. “uh huh, and i’m gonna make sure y’won’t run from me again.” you nod mindlessly, clinging onto him as another orgasm overtook you. those last words are more of a promise to himself. he’ll be better, and you’ll never want for anything as long as you’re with him. he’ll be better, and he won’t let you slip away again. he should’ve known that your responses to him last night were only fueled by lust, nothing but appeasements to get him to shut up, because the moment morning light came, he’s waking up to you gathering your clothes, probably hoping you could leave without waking him up. “where are you going?” he still asks despite the dread in his gut. “home.” you answer, looking back at him, eyes cold and emotionless, nothing like the ones that looked up at him completely clouded in need last night. you are home, he wants to say. you’re home with me. but you’re gone and out the door before he could. and just like that, the gaping hole in his chest that had been momentarily plugged up by your presence reopens, rendering him unable to move. everything is back to how it is without you—cold, stale, meaningless. never mind all that, he tells himself, he’ll get you back no matter what. even if it means fucking you until you can’t talk, can’t do anything but cry for his cock, much less walk away from him. he’ll get you back.
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layznebula · 2 days ago
Boss | Various
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| Masterlist |
Paring: Gn!reader x Various (Bakugou, Shinsou, Midoriya)
Description: Headcannons about these boys as yakuza bosses. This will be about how these rulers of the underworld treat and love their precious spouse's.
Wc: 1k
Warning: MDNI, smut-ish, married au, aged up characters, there's a lil fluff somewhere in there, possessiveness, praise, yn being referred to as property (in Izuku's), open relationship (also in Izuku's), choking, slight power dynamics, swearing, talks of murder, guns, and blood.
A/n: This idea randomly came to me after i watched Pulp Fiction for the first time (amazing movie btw. I mean it could use less white people saying the n-word. But it's still good).
Reposting from my old account laysnebula. Anyway hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Boss Bakugou makes you wear low cut clothing so that your neck and chest are showing whenever you two go to events. Or while you attend one of the meetings with his men.
He does this so that the countless amount of marks he puts on you from the night before are on full display. Like this, anyone who sees you knows you belong to him.
There are no questions about it. Since the proof is right there in front of their eyes. And he makes sure to always draw attention to them any chance he gets.
Boss Bakugou doesn't allow anyone to touch you, safe for himself and the two bodyguards he assigned to protect you, Sero and Kaminari.
This rule wasn't too bad at first, it made a lot of creeps stay away from you. However, you have now lost count of the number of new recruits that have gone missing solely due to them making the mistake of accidentally bumping into you.
"They should have fucking known better than to touch what's mine."
Boss Bakugou is very possessive of his baby. He never lets you get your hands dirty. He tries to keep you as far away from the dangers of his job as possible.
But when you do get shit done, like easily disposing of a whole group of enemies by yourself, it thoroughly turns him on. Makes his dick so hard he could cream his pants just from the sight of you.
Black and gold pistol, he had custom made for you, in hand. Your hair is slightly disheveled (assuming that you have hair) and breathing rugged from fighting. Just the tiniest bit of blood on your cheek and a viscous look in your eyes.
When you're like this, he just has to fuck you right there and then. Making sure his cum ends up inside of you by any means. No need to worry about the mess afterward, he can get one of his subordinates to clean it up along with all the bodies.
Boss Bakugou is only soft around you. Being with you reminds him that he's not just a ruthless monster of the underworld, but that he is human.
He appreciates everything you are to him. And he would severely fuck up anyone who so much as looks at you wrong. 
Boss Shinsou loves to spoil you. He has more money than he knows what to do with. Not that he cares very much about it. So he gives you his Black Card and tells you to spend your little heart out, which you always do.
Besides material goods, Boss Shinsou spoils you in other ways as well. Such as in attention. He will always cater to your every need even if it interferes with his work.
Boss Shinsou spoils you because he knows that you will always pay him back in full. Not in money of course but in your love and with that delicious body of yours. He can always count on you to suck the stress of his day out of him every night.
Night time is when you are supposed to take care of him after all. Any wish he may have is your command. He does so much for you it makes you want to please him in any way you can.
So when Boss Shinsou makes you call him boss in bed, of course you oblige. He just likes to make you remember who you belong to.
He loves your incoherent babblings of his name and title as he's fucking you balls deep. Your fucked up expression lets him know how good he's making you feel. He'll lean close and whisper filth in your ear, telling you that no one will make you feel as good as he does.
"You take me so well Kitty. It's like you were made for me to fuck you."
And you know he's right. No one will be half as good a husband as he is. Not that you would want anyone else.
Boss Shinsou never trusted anyone as much as he trusts you. Years of being isolated and hated has led him to placing an iron lock on his personal emotions. Someone in his position has no need for such things either way.
However, you managed to get through all the walls he puts up with ease. Becoming the only thing in this world he would give his life to protect. 
Boss Midoriya is gentle with you. When he wants to be. When you're good.
You listen and you get rewarded. You misbehave and you get punished.
Pretty simple system right?
But as benevolent as he may be. He has his limits. And it royally pisses him off when you purposely break the rules he gives you.
He always does the same thing when you do, grabbing you by the neck and putting you on your hands and knees. Then proceeding to drill into you from behind, his grip so tight around your throat it makes you feel lightheaded.
"They're such simple rules. Why can't you fucking listen?"
Boss Midoriya will let you be with anyone you want. As long as it's just sex.
You can't get attached and you're forbidden to fall in love. Not that you would, of course, both of you know that will never happen.
You belong to him. Not just as a spouse but as his property. Hell, he even told you that in his vows.
But sometimes you get lonely. And with Boss Midoriya working so much, you have nothing to relieve the throbbing between your legs. So you find someone else.
I mean, everyone needs a good fuck toy. Don't they?
All Might have mercy if the poor sap you mess around with falls in love with you. The second they confess or get too attached, you just feel so sad about it. You know it's not their fault but that won't save them from their fate.
Then, when both them and their families disappear, you can't help but feel bad. Boss Midoriya doesn't like when your toys get too entitled. So all you can do is sigh as you draw meaningless shapes on your husband's bare chest.
"S'Too bad." You say with a pout. "They were such a good one too."
Boss Midoriya is a very busy man. And a large part of him hates that he doesn't get to spend as much time with you as he would like. As mean as he is to everyone else, he only shows any semblance of kindness to you. That's why he always lets you do whatever you want.
He knows that no matter where you go, who you fuck, or how long you haven't seen each other. You are entirely his.
Tumblr media
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Breaking Point
Pairing: Hockey Player Eijiro Kirishima x f!Reader
Warnings: SMUT. Minors DNI. TW: Cheating TW: Manipulative Relationship
Contains: Dirty dancing, lots of grinding, reader is body self-conscious and curvy, nickname/petnames (Squeaks, Little One, Good Girl, & Babe), Oral (M&F Receiving) Overstimulation, Smidge of possessive sex, Sober Reader
Summary: You're fed up with your significant other, the control and manipulation, all of it. You decide to leave your date and go out and celebrate your friends making it to the national championships when some creep starts following you around the club. Eijiro, being a good friend, tries his best to show you're a taken woman even if you aren't his because he's your friend and that's what a friend would do. But, could years of pent up feelings arise...
WC: 4,747
A/N: PLEASE READ THIS! This smut fic is pulled from a much larger story I'm writing but I really wanted to share this with you all! The setting is a quirkless AU. All characters are juniors in college. Your Significant Other (SO/N) uses they/them.
It was the last straw for you. You really couldn't take it anymore, the belittling and constant gaslighting. Sure, it'd taken you months to finally have enough but this dinner, this ruse they'd planned to get you away from celebrating with your friends was more than you could handle.
You drove to the club after escaping the restaurant. A quick text was all you sent to your significant other, saying you'd speak to them tomorrow because, despite how much of a jackass they were, you still intended on ending the relationship in person.
The bright lights of the club you often frequented with your friends beckoned you in. You were overdressed, especially since you left your jacket at the restaurant. The outfit was tighter than you would have liked it to be, showing off more of your figure than you usually cared to flaunt but, for the moment, you didn't care. You just wanted to be among friends that made you smile and laugh with no restrictions or expectations.
The bouncer smiled, knowing your face and not even bothering to ask for your ID. Mina was on you the moment you entered the building as if she'd sensed your presence. She was already hammered, Eijiro had texted you with a heads up but it was more than apparent now with the way she was hanging onto you.
"You look hot as hell!" She praised, "Where have you been hiding this?" Her hands run over your hips, "And these! SO/N doesn't deserve you!"
You snorted a laugh at her antics while she linked your arm with hers and pulled you to where more friends were gathered together in the pool hall. It took some navigating, partly because of the vast crowd but mostly because of Mina's stumbling. "Sero!" She yelled as soon as she caught sight of her boyfriend. "Tell Y/N she looks fuckin' fine!"
Heat rose in your checks when not only Hanta, but Denki too, both gushed over how 'utterly divine' you looked. "Imma gonna get you a drink!" Mina announced, "Shirly or Roy?"
You contemplated over the two drinks you favorited and settled on one. "Serooo, come help me!" The lanky man laughed and did his boyfriendly duties of supporting Mina the whole way to the bar.
You were still watching your friends walk off when a warm jacket slid over your shoulders. "You do look absolutely amazing but if you pull at that fabric anymore it's gonna rip. Unless that's what you're going for?" Eijiro's smile was soft, and damn, after the night you had, it was such a relief to see.
Really, you hadn't even noticed your hands fisting the fabric around your middle but you accepted the jacket with thanks. "I left mine at the restaurant."
"Couldn't leave fast enough?"
Mina might have been the one to usually voice her disdain over your significant other but it wasn't a big secret that none of your friends really cared for them. Eijiro was quick to change the subject though, not one to want to put you on the spot.
"I'm glad you're here, didn't feel the same without you."
"It didn't feel right missing it."
Every single game of theirs you'd attended with Mina, Kyoka, and Hitoshi. Screaming your heads off from the stands until your throat was sore. Didn't matter if it was home or away. Every win, and the very few losses you were there. And now they were going to Nationals which you had no intentions of missing.
His smile was obscured by the glass he brought back to his lips, tipping back the amber and ice while you looked around the hall. Kyoka and Hitoshi waved from a table but they were the only two others you recognized.
"Where's everyone else?"
"Katsu texted me that he was on his way about fifteen minutes ago, he had a paper to finish. Izuku's at the bar waiting for him with Mezo. Tetsu's on the dance floor and Momo and Shoto aren't showing up 'till later. He had some family thing he couldn't get out of."
That sounded about right for Shoto.
"Denki had the brilliant idea to get hotel rooms across the street though so we can close the place down."
You were a little surprised. The hotels across the street weren't cheap but this was a very special occasion.
"Also so no one had to worry about staying sober to drive everyone else back..."
He shrugged his shoulders. "Our usual DD wasn't gonna be here... so I volunteered."
"And now she is here!" Mina reappeared with Denki and Hanta at her side, pushing a glass into both your hands. "So, you can stop moping and join in on the fun already!"
It didn't take long for your significant other and the terrible date to fade into the back of your memory. Replaced with drunken laughter at bad jokes and even worse dance moves. You might have considered it one of the best celebration parties you all had together had it not been for the creep that decided to start following you an hour in.
He'd blatantly hit on you while you sat with Izuku at the bar. Lurked around the pool table where Kyoka and Denki took on Hitoshi and Mezo, too close to your drink that you ended up abandoning it just in case. Even now, you found him lingering at the edge of the dance floor where you were dancing with Hanta.
This guy had you so on edge that when Eijiro came up from behind you and spun you around with a big, goof smile, you squeaked at the contact and fumbled backward into Hanta's arms. "You good, Y/N?"
"Fine, yeah, all good!" Focusing on the rhythm, you tried to lose yourself in it, let it distract you from the man now moving to get a better view.
"Gonna grab a drink. Either of you want anything?" Both you and Eijiro declined.
"I know I startled you but what's really goin' on?" He asked once it was just the two of you and about a hundred other dancing bodies.
He could read you like a damn book. When you didn't answer, he wound an arm behind you and pulled your body closer to his own, swaying you together. "Kats is coming up behind you."
A gentle hand came to rest on your shoulder, Katsuki's front pressed against your back on the crowded dance floor. The blonde dipped his head down to your ear while Eijiro leaned in to hear, "Zu wanted me to let you know that guy from the bar's been watching you since you got out here. He's been keeping an eye on him, making sure he doesn't get fuckin' bold but, this place is packed and we don't want 'im slippin' by us. Don't fuckin' go anywhere alone, got it, Squeaks?"
You nodded and Katsuki's hand slid down to your waist, opposite to where Eijiro's rested. "That's why you've been so skittish? Already noticed him?" The redhead asked.
"Yeah. He offered to buy me a drink when I was talking to Zu but I declined, then he was in the pool hall and I thought he might have slipped something into my drink so I thought if I danced with Hanta he'd assume we were a couple and he'd leave me alone."
You could feel a rumbling laugh come from Katsuki's chest. "Maybe Tape Arms wasn't convincing enough. Shitty Hair, think you can do better?"
"Oh, I'd be happy to help, with permission, obviously."
His words were innocent enough but, damn, there was a look in his eyes that made your stomach flip. You shouldn't have been this flustered by the way he was watching you but you also couldn't fight the feeling either. The silly effect he always had on you.
It was harmless. Dancing with a friend to get someone to leave you alone. It was completely fine.
"Let's do it."
Katsuki left with a cat-like grin.
"Trust me?" His question made you roll your eyes.
But, you accepted the hand he offered you, "You should know the answer to that."
In an instant, you watched those soft eyes turn feral just before he spun you around in perfect time with the music so your back was flush against him. One large hand settled over your stomach while the other warmed your hip again, rocking you back and forth with the beat as if you needed any help.
It wasn't like this was the first time you two had danced together, though it was rare. Eijiro wasn't one for dancing at parties, he preferred to socialize with friends. So, the few times you did, it was light-hearted spins, a little grind here and there but this... damn!
The way he moved his hips down against you should have been illegal. His hands didn't still anywhere on your body, they explored. Feather-light and ghosting over your skin. His touches mixed with the thrumming pulse of the music had you feeling dizzy.
With skill you didn't know he possessed, Eijiro effortlessly guided one of your arms up and over his shoulders. Your other arm followed suit and soon your digits were getting lost in that long red hair. You pulled, dragging his head down to where he could press his face into the bend of your neck.
He smiled, lips curling upward against heated, sensitive skin. Eijiro's nose tickled and warm breath sent a shiver down your body in the most delicious way. A new sensation tightened in your stomach. No longer silly little butterflies, no, something more desperate and primal.
It flicked across your mind for a fraction of a second that this could very well be more than either of you bargained for. That maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe this was crossing a line.
But the pads of each of his fingers were digging into the plush of your hips in the best possible way, you could just barely make out his hair falling down out of his half-up ponytail and into hooded eyes. You couldn't deny that it all felt good. That he felt good.
You hooked a hand around the back of his neck, keeping him in place. "You're making this really convincing."
"Still okay, though, right?"
The small flame you'd been sheltering sparked at his words before you could contain it. There was a rasp to them, something you rarely heard save for the few mornings you'd both been awake far too early.
You mumbled something about being perfectly fine. But, you did feel oddly intoxicated for someone who hadn't consumed any alcohol, though, you kept that part to yourself.
"Just tell me if it's too much," He cut off your rambling, exchanged by a sharp inhale when Eijiro took the opportunity to nip at the skin on your bare shoulder where his jacket had slipped down. He kissed you slowly, taking his time getting back up to your ear. "'Causing I'm just getting started."
The flame roared to life.
You spun in his arms and he didn't miss a single beat. Slotting his leg between yours. With hands on your ass, Eijiro moved your body in a way that had you shamelessly grinding down on his thigh. You had to bite your lip to suppress a moan from spilling over.
In the multicolored lights, his eyes were dark, lips parted like he wanted to say something but couldn't get the words out.
The way he held you, not allowing any amount of distance between you. Your head dipped back, getting lost in the feeling and the way he kept moving you against him.
He had to know what he was doing to you. And damn it, you should have stopped it, you just had to say the word and he would have stopped everything but he had you elated. Complete putty between his fingers and, fuck, you had zero intentions of stopping this.
"Is he still watching?" Eijiro asked and removed his leg from under you well before you were ready.
But, you spun in his arms and sure enough, found the man in question.
"Yeah. Edge of the dance floor, dark hair, drinking something. On the shorter side but built, wearing a blue jacket."
Crimson eyes ripped away from you and sought out the prick just long enough to be able to recognize him before meeting yours again. "I'm starting to think he might just be enjoying the show." He chuckled thickly but he looked more distant now than he had all night.
You spun back to face him, a hand on his cheek. "Ei?"
He snapped back to it, hips grinding against you, hard, "Sorry." He looked past you, right at the man while he did it again. "The way he's watching you, Y/N, I don't like it. You're with someone after all. Even if SO/N isn't here, people should just take no for an answer. But he's not getting the hint. I just want him to know he can't have you."
You brought your arms around him again, assuring him it was okay and letting him take the lead. Moving you however he pleased. Your face felt like it was on fire, and you couldn't just ignore what you felt each time he rocked against you. "Think you're doing a good job of that, Eiji."
His arms tightened around you, drawing you up closer, dragging you along his thigh again to prove a point. "And I think I could be doing more."
If there was a line, you guys were one foot over it.
Come tomorrow, your relationship would be over, you'd decided that the very moment you left the restaurant. You could let Eijiro do more, you wanted to let him do more.
"I think this fuck might actually try and come over here. Do you want to tell him off if he does or should I?" You saw him snaking his way through the throng of people and made a split-second decision.
"Do more, Ei."
You had every drop of Eijiro's attention. "You said you could be doing more, so do it. Do more to me."
He looked so torn. "But, SO/N."
The words left your mouth in a rush but he heard every one of them. "I'm ending it. Tomorrow. 'M not happy, Eiji. They don't make me happy. They try to change me. I feel like a shell with them and I don't wanna do it anymore. I don't. I wanna be happy."
Eijiro's eyes flicked up from yours to see Katsuki grabbing the stalker by the shoulder and hauling him off the floor just before he could reach out for you. He swallowed thickly, the immediate threat gone clearing his mind just a smidge. "Kats-" He cleared his throat. "Katsuki got the guy."
"Do you wanna stop?"
His filter was gone, "Fuck no."
"Then keep dancing with me, please."
"I wanna do more than dance with you."
"That might be the alcohol talking."
He quickly took your chin between his thumb and index finger, guiding your head up to look right at him. "Promise it isn't. I haven't even had that much." Well, it did take a fair amount of booze to get Eijiro drunk, you knew that much. "I've been waiting for you to have enough of them. Been hoping I might get a chance. If I was ever that lucky."
The confession almost rendered you speechless. "Well, I've had enough. Took me a while but I'm done."
"About damn time."
You shared a wicked grin bodies still pressed into each other. Fears and doubts were out the window and he had you feeling bolder than you ever had in your entire life and you shared a confession of your own, "They never touched me like you have." Purposefully driving your hips against him, leaning into his hold.
You were close enough to hear him stifle a moan just for you. "But, fuck, I've barely even touched you."
"That's my point, Eiji. They barely entertained any of this," Swishing your lower body, spinning around to push your ass against him before pulling his head down again, "Stuff like this was never allowed."
"Not allowed?" It came out as a growl. "Heh. Their loss is my gain." His head fell against your neck again while his hands ran up your body, underneath his jacket, along your dress. Heated words against her skin, "Where do I have permission to touch you, Y/N?"
"Wherever you'd like." You answered without much thought.
Laughter was heavy in your ear. "Be careful now, little one. Some places I'd like to touch you aren't acceptable in such a public place."
You were fairly certain other people were doing far nastier things on this dance floor but you let it slide when he spun you back to face him. Eijiro's thumb brushing your lower lip, tugging it down into a bit of a pout. "May I touch you here?"
"You already are."
Your breath was stolen when he hoisted you just a hair away, resting you high on his thigh again. "'M trying to do the right thing by askin'. I wanna kiss you, I wanna kiss you so fuckin' badly but I gotta know I can."
With a hand on each of his cheeks, you smashed your lips against his. Needy and completely desperate. Nothing sweet or soft like you might have imagined. There was nothing calm about the way you angled your head when he parted your lips with a single swipe of his tongue.
You were well on your way to being devoured. Wandering hands tugging on his hair so you could get more of those delicious moans out of him. Eijiro worked your center over his leg over and over, addicted to the little gasps he got in between kisses until you couldn't take it anymore and resolved yourself, burying your face against the crook of his neck.
"Ei-" You whined out his name before biting down on him, anything to keep quiet. Trying to wiggle your own hips against the rough material chasing your release. And for a second time, he stole your high.
"I need you. Alone. Right now."
You would have settled for the club's bathroom or a closet at this point but somehow Eijiro managed to get you both out of the club, neither of you saying a word to your friends who'd just witnessed your entire little spectacle.
You darted across the street to the gorgeous hotel that you'd always wondered what the inside of looked like and now you were too horny to even appreciate it. He smashed the button for the elevator, practically shoving you inside the moment the doors opened and thanked the heavens above no one was inside.
He had you back against the wall, a hand roaming over your curves. "'M sorry, I know you were close, 'm so sorry." His hand was about to dip under your dress when the doors opened and a woman shrieked.
It would seem in all your haste, neither one of you remembered to press a floor number... The woman huffed away, leaving you and Eijiro laughing your entire way up to his room.
His lower lip was in between your teeth, your back against the door while he tried to fit the card into the door. The moment opened, he was backing you inside, fumbling for a light switch so he could safely get you on the bed. He swatted your hands away that reached for his belt. "Nope. I'm taking care of you first. Gonna get you off like they never could."
Your hips rose when he asked permission to remove your panties. They weren't anything fancy or sexy since you certainly weren't expecting anything like this tonight. But, Eijiro didn't think twice. Just marvel at the strings of your arousal that pulled away with the cotton. "You made a mess of me." You chuckled.
"Well, it's a good thing I know just how to clean up my messes."
He got comfy between your thighs, red from how much you'd been grinding on him, he kissed each three times before turning to your core and licking a long line making you sigh with pure satisfaction. His tongue made another pass before centering all its attention right on that little bundle of nerves he'd gotten so worked up.
By the time he had two fingers inside you, you reached for a pillow to smash over your face to muffle your pleas and cries. His tongue was replaced by his thumb, Eijiro slamming your wrist above your head stopping you. "I wanna hear every little sound you make, little one. Please, don't hide them." He curled his fingers inside you getting a strangled version of his name. "Perfect."
You were so damn close and he knew it. He had you dangling right over the edge and just had to let you fall. "Come on, Y/N. Cum for me. Lemme taste you." And, as if on command, you did just that. One hand coiled in the comforter, the other in his hair while you writhed under him. "Such a good girl!" Eijiro sucked your folds, hmming at the taste, before swirling around your clit again.
"Wha-wait. Ei. Wha are you doin'?" You hadn't even completely come down yet, he wasn't letting you. "Fuck!"
Fingers back inside, hitting places you could never reach on your own. Calluses feeling flawless inside you.
Eijiro took you through another three orgasms before you weakly, with what very little strength you had left, shoved his chest away. "I need, damn, I need a break, please." And he was happy to give it to you.
He helped move you back up on the pillows he'd pulled you from. Tugged the blankets up around you and then finally started to strip himself down. Proud of the way you watched with eager eyes with each layer that came off his body.
His thick arms with little white scars from old hockey injuries you assumed. Solid torso with dark hair along his chest, a matching path ran from his belly button downward, and he was still sporting a few bruises that you knew were from practicing too hard with Katsuki and Tetsu. His legs, gods, those thighs that nearly had you cumming. He stopped with just a single article of clothing left and you pouted.
"Oh, well, you're just adorable."
He crawled back on the bed, planting a kiss on your lips. "I, well, I wasn't planning on anything happening tonight and I'm a little ashamed to admit I don't have any kind of protection on me so..."
"My purse." You told him. "I keep a couple in the inner zipper. You can grab 'em. I would but my legs are currently jello." He looked like you just told him he won the lottery. "A girls gotta be prepared, ya know?" Eijiro kissed you again before springing up and found the foil packs. You sat up expectantly, waiting for those tight black trunks to drop.
They left little to the imagination and still your jaw fell when his pants did. His massive palm didn't even make it look smaller when he wrapped a hand around it! You could see blush creeping up his neck. "Ei, I need you. Down my throat. Right now."
Your legs might have been barely functioning but you managed to make your way to the end of the bed and brought him in with a beckoning finger.
He stroked him a few times, using both hands, while your tongue licked the dollop of pre that had accumulated. Soon enough, he had you gagging around him. Your own eyes watering while he tried to push further and further because fucking hell you were so determined.
Eijiro gave up halfway, despite your protests he wasn't willing to hurt you. "Gives us something to work towards, alright, little one? Why don't we see if it'll fit somewhere else..."
You had him on his back, rolling the condom down his cock, while his fingers slipped inside you again before you shooed them away to hover over him. His hands rested on your hips while his head popped easily in thanks to all the prep work he'd done. But that was about the only easy part.
Every inch of Eijiro was a new stretch, an ache that you welcomed. One that he tried to dull with his tongue teasing your nipples, his thumb on your clit, any distraction he could think up but you weren't stopping.
Still sinking lower and lower on his fat cock until you were panting, him fully sheathed within you. There was no hurry to move, he told you time and time again to take your time and you did. Just the perfect amount and then you brought yourself up and back down. Up and down.
Using his chest for leverage, lifting your hips a little faster, nails digging in but remaining mindful of his bruising. Fuck, you were sensitive though, all those orgasms he'd given you made it easy for your fourth to be brought on.
You tried to fight it off wanted to hold out even longer for him but Eijiro just took you in his hands again. "Don't slow down. Gimme another." He fucked up into you, deeper, the curve of his dick making you cry. "Come on, babe. I know you can. Let go for me." His arms caged you in, holding you tight. "Lemme feel you cum on my cock."
"That's it, fuck yeah." Eijiro fucked deeper the moment he felt your walls shutter around him, moaning with the way you squeezed him even tighter than before.
"Fuck- Babe- Gonna make me cum like that."
"Want it, Ei. Please. Please lemme have it."
"That what you want?" Pussy still clenching him tightly. "Yeah? You need it?" He flipped you on your back, still staying embedded inside. "What? SO/N couldn't give it to you like this?"
He sneered with you mumbled little, "Nu-uh."
"Bet they couldn't. They couldn't ever treat you right." He brought a leg up over his shoulder, hitting a new angle that made you scream. "This is what you deserve, Y/N. Got it?"
You nodded, eyes screwed shut.
"Naw, pretty girl, lemme hear you say it."
"This is what I deserve!"
"And what's 'this'?"
"Your cock!"
He brought up your other leg, damn near bending you in half, hands pressing you further down into the bed. "Good girl. And what do you want?"
"Your cum, please!"
"You got it!"
Your nails dug into his shoulder blades the harder he went while he grunted about how fucking good you were, how amazing you felt, faster and faster until he was shooting his load. Hips studdering to a halt, ragged breaths being pulled from each of you.
Eijiro gently put both your legs down but not before kissing the places his hand's hand left marks. Brushing sweat and hair off your face, kissing both cheeks and your nose, double, triple checking if you were alright before pulling out of you with a groan.
He shakily walked into the bathroom, legs seemingly not working well for him either. He tied off the condom, ran warm water over a fluffy white towel for you. Letting it soothe any ache you may have had.
"You're phone's going off, Ei." You told him when he was still in the bathroom.
"Just grab it."
You pulled it from his pants pocket. "It's a text from Katsuki. Want me to read it?" He told you to go ahead.
BoomBoom: The fuckin piece of shit showed up at the bar looking for Y/N. Told him she left. Not with you but just givin you a heads up in case you idiots went back to our place. He might show up.
"Guess the hotels were a good idea. It okay if I tell him where we are?"
You know why he asked, since technically you weren't single yet but you trusted Katsuki nearly as much as you did Eijiro. "Yeah, you can."
His notification chimed again before he had the chance to send his message,
BoomBoom: 'Bout fuckin' time, by the way. Kinda hope you're too busy gettin' laid to answer me.
You: At the hotel across the street. And I wouldn't text in the middle of sex, that unmanly as fuck, bro.
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arlerted · 21 hours ago
Player. (Alpha!Sero x Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Sero x Omega!Reader
Summary: Sero’s the guitarist of your favorite band and a man you idolize. When you meet him backstage before a show, he turns out to be a bit more sinister than you expected. A continuation of the story “Sweat” this time focusing on a new reader and Sero.  “There was a clear power dynamic between alphas and omegas. Everyone alive knew this. No matter how strong, no matter how smart, an omega was almost always at the mercy of their pheromones. That’s how the world worked, no matter how nasty. So it was hard for you to look at Sero and say no when he crowded you in the dressing room after the show. Not that you wanted to. Not that when he stood over you like this, every nerve in your body wasn’t on fire, tickled by the way he smelled, by the way he was looking at you like you were something to be devoured.” 
Content Warnings: A/b/o, dubcon (power dynamics), knotting, biting, marking, slight dacryphilia, semi-public sex, slight exhibitionism, finger-choking, gagging, toxic relationships, possessiveness, jealousy, oral sex (m and f receiving), fingering, slight manipulation, slight size kink, multiple orgasms, Sero is kind of an asshole. 
Word Count: 8.4k 
A/N: My first (and long overdue) Sero fic. Thank you to @ringpop-poppy​ for giving this a read and encouraging me with her antichrist level sexy Sero. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Aw, sweetheart. Your hands are shakin’.” Sero smiled down at you, head titled. “No need to be nervous, I don’t bite... ‘less you want me to.” 
Your face flushed with heat. Fuck, this was Sero Hanta. The Sero. The guitarist of your favorite group, Sweat, and an alpha with pheromones that you could feel through the fucking record. He was taller than you expected, with a smaller waist and broader shoulders, big palms that covered yours entirely when he took your hands in a shit attempt to calm you down. So much for that, he could probably feel the ground shaking from the way you trembled under his gaze.
He gave a good-natured laugh, pulling you close to him and wrapping his arm around your quivering shoulder. You were soft and pretty and when his face was beside your ear like that he could smell the shockingly sweet scent of an omega, of you. He smelled like cigarettes and cinnamon, something that sat heavy on the back of your tongue and had you vibrating with warmth. Crossing his arms over his chest after the click of the photo, Sero tilted his head, looking at you with a slanted smile. 
“I’ve seen you before.” Your heart stopped in your chest. “You come to our shows a lot, huh?” 
Sero’s eyes raked over your body, your little omega body, so fragile compared to his. You nodded softly, a light smile gracing your features as your heart hammered against your chest. You swore that it might crack open, that these nerves would spill onto the floor alongside a scrambled confession of love for the alpha guitarist you’d been watching for so long. 
“Yeah. I, uh-” You laughed awkwardly. “I try ‘n come every week.” 
“That so?” He smiled, leaning against the stage door. You nodded immediately, eager to show him just how much you liked him. “That’s cute.” 
You flushed with heat again. 
“Sero! Hitting on fans again?” A girl raised her eyebrows. She was tucked under Deku’s arm, a pretty omega standing beside perhaps one of the largest alphas you’d ever seen. That must be their manager. Come to think of it, rumors of the two dating had spread quickly throughout the fan base after a photo of them leaving a club together was leaked. 
“Ew, what a pig.” Ochako, their lead singer sneered, tossing an arm over his shoulder. “Don’t listen to him. He’ll chew you up ‘n spit you out.” 
You would have heeded her advice had you not been so starstruck that you couldn’t remember what she’d said as soon as she offered you a good-natured smile. Honestly, every word was in one ear and out the other because you were too focused with the way Sero was watching you, like he was gauging your reaction to what they were saying. Did he like what he saw? You wanted him to. 
“Oi, get inside, pink cheeks.” Bakugou grabbed Ochako by the back of the collar, yanking her off Sero. 
“That’s my line.” The manager pouted, rolling her eyes before pointing to Sero. “That includes you, manslut.” 
“Ouch…” Sero smiled, shaking his hand as if he were burned before watching them disappear through the heavy door. He paused for a moment, looking at you with a half-smile adorning his features, lips tugging at the corners into a sly grin. 
“Come back here after the show, yeah?” Sero looked you over, gauging your reaction, the way your shoulders stiffened and the way you instinctively clenched your thighs together. 
“Uh, here? Like… right here?” You pointed to where you were standing. Smooth. You should be declared legally brain dead.
Sero gave a deep laugh, pushing off the wall and placing his hand on your cheek, tilting your head to the side while you trembled under his calloused fingers. “You’re cute. See you then.” He patted your cheek slightly, tossing you a wink before following the group through the door. 
He disappeared backstage and you headed to the front of the venue, practically swaying in your step, head full of him as you did what you were told. This alpha had you wrapped around his pretty ringed finger as soon as he looked at you and if he wanted to see you after, you wouldn’t say no. 
“Another one?” Deku asked from his seat in the dressing room when Sero walked in. He simply shrugged in response, grinning from ear to ear at the thought of you and what he could take. 
There was a clear power dynamic between alphas and omegas. Everyone alive knew this. No matter how strong, no matter how smart, an omega was almost always at the mercy of their pheromones. That’s how the world worked, no matter how nasty. 
So it was hard for you to look at Sero and say no when he crowded you in the dressing room after the show. Not that you wanted to. Not that when he stood over you like this, every nerve in your body wasn’t on fire, tickled by the way he smelled, by the way he was looking at you like you were something to be devoured. 
“Yeah?” He asked, tilting his head as he took another step towards you in the empty dressing room, big hand finding your face and tilting your burning face to look at him. “Look at me when I talk, hm? What’s wrong, pretty? Nervous?” 
You nodded slowly, hands reaching out to grab the hem of his shirt, almost like it was a habit, like the omega in you wanted to root itself in him. His eyes glanced down and he gave a slow nod, stepping closer, a wave of that rich smell washing over you. 
“Don’t worry..” Sero mumbled. “Gonna take care of you, ‘kay?” 
There was a moment where he nodded your head for you, watching the way your eyes went wide with awe and arousal and the submissiveness that he loved in pretty omegas like you. Then, Sero took two of his calloused fingers, one hand still cradling the side of your head, and put them to your lips. 
“Open.” He spoke, tilting his chin up and watching your eyes glance hesitantly to him before your lips parted. Sero pushed his fingers in, feeling the way spit coated your tongue and pooled in your mouth. “Good girl.” 
You shivered, eyes rolling back as he moved his fingers back and forth across your tongue. You could taste him, the taste of an alpha spreading across your tongue and making heat pool between your thighs. Each push of his fingers into your mouth had him going deeper, till he was pressing on the back of your tongue with the pads and feeling the way spit pooled in your mouth for him. 
It dripped around his fingers, your mouth wide open so he could push them as far back as he wanted, brows furrowed. Sero tutted for a moment, pulling his fingers to the front of your mouth. “Suck.” 
And you did. You followed his orders so obediently, sucking your spit off his fingers, letting him choke you with them, and then repeating the process. 
Oh, Sero liked this. Sero liked how malleable you were, how sweet he could tell you’d taste and the way he knew now that you’d do anything for him. He was your favorite. It was so obvious that it made him dizzy with power and arousal. His fingers pushed farther into the wet heat of your mouth, past the back of your tongue and into your throat. 
He couldn’t help himself, it’s all he could do for now. Sero had you pushed against the vanity, tilting your head all the way back with his hand, two fingers shoved down your throat while you gagged over them. Fuck, you were practically choking on your own spit and each time he moved his fingers, he could feel the way your throat tightened around him. A small cough and a sob escaping before he pulled them from your mouth with a low groan. 
“Fuck. Your mouth is a slut, huh?” He sneered down at you, eyes crinkling in the corner as you panted, dragging his spit-soaked fingers across your cheek. 
You whimpered in response, low and coming from deep in your gut, vision hazy as a fever rose in you. This was too much. Sero was too much. You could smell him, feel him still at the back of your throat as he pushed you gently to your knees by the shoulder with a spit-soaked hand. 
It burned where he touched, became heavy with the scent of an alpha, clogged your head with thoughts of him and his knot and how good it would feel to take all of him. You could feel your stomach swirling with familiar arousal, the omega in you keening as your knees hit the ground with a soft thud, now face to face with his erection straining in his pants. 
“Do you want it?” Sero asked, looking down over you while he kept a hand on your shoulder. His other hand came to grip at the bulge, wrapping around it through his pants and giving himself a few experimental squeezes. You didn’t think you could feel jealous of a hand until today. 
You nodded, slowly, like you were too stupid to fully understand the question, eyes welling up at the sight and the jealousy that swirled in your stomach. That was meant for you. He was greedy to touch it without asking. 
“Gonna have to use your big girl words for me. Sluts don’t get it without asking.” He gave a mean-spirited laugh, watching the way you swallowed thick, wide eyes meeting his. 
You struggled to find the words for a moment, throat still burning and eyes welling with tears of frustration. “I want it.” You muttered, swallowing thick.
He laughed again, nodding slowly. “That wasn’t much, but because you’ve been good and I already wasted time prepping that dirty mouth of yours, you can suck on it. ‘Kay?” 
You nodded slowly, unsure of where to start, your hand reaching slowly for where his cock sat heavy in his jeans. You finally put your hand over it, shoulders slumping at the size and the weight, the way he throbbed beneath his pants. Sero’s hand came over yours, adding pressure over his cock with circles of his palm. 
“Take it out.” His voice was low when he commanded you, far more gentle than you’d expect from him, but deeply rooted, like you couldn’t refuse. It made you melt, nodding absentmindedly to everything he said, following his instructions until you sat with your hands on your thighs and his dick in front of your face. 
It took all his strength not to fuck your throat right then. Of course, he’d get to that, but he had to ease you into it. You were too pretty to ruin all at once. But fuck, if he didn’t want to. Sero could smell your arousal, the way you were no doubt leaking between your thighs, the way your mind was probably running entirely wild with thoughts of taking his knot. 
Sero glanced at your stomach, mind wandering to the way he’d look stuffed in you, the way you might bulge with the size of him. How fucking good you’d feel creaming around his knot like a good fan. God, he wanted you. He wanted your soft omega cunt. 
He watched as you pumped him with your hand before jutting his hips forward so the tip hit your lips. Sero watched you for a moment, the way you looked at it before parting your lips for him, hot breath fanning out across his cock, making him red with desire. He started slowly, easing it in and feeling the way your glossy lips slid up and down the tip, hips pushing forward and back in shallow strokes. 
Sero tasted good, like precum and sweat and alpha. You loved it, slipping a hand between your thighs to quell the ache, not moving it but just feeling it there against your most sensitive part as you sucked on the tip. 
It wasn’t long before Sero was taking your hair in his fist, looking at you for a second before he delivered one deep, experimental thrust into your throat. He watched your reactions, tested the waters, and delivered a few deeper pumps before he let out a laugh and started fucking your throat. 
You could hear his grunts, the way his balls slapped against the bottom of your chin while you whimpered and gagged around him, focusing on keeping your breathing as steady as it could be when all you could smell was him. Sero’s abdomen flexed with each thrust, each time his cockhead slipped past your mouth and deep into your throat, you could feel him twitch. It burned, the way he scorched a trail through your throat, the way he stretched you out and fucked you like a toy. 
“Knew that mouth was a slut. Fuck.” He grunted, pushing you up and down on him through a low chuckle. “Feels fuckin’ good. Knew you could do it, huh?” 
You nodded around him, brows pulled up as you rubbed your thighs together. 
“Bet you want me to fuck your cunt like this, yeah?” He looked at you. “Give you my knot, right? You fuckin’ want it.” 
You couldn’t respond. Sero was burying his cock so deep down your throat that your face was buried in the hair at the base of it, tickling your nose before he yanked you off. 
He gave you a moment to breathe, chest heaving while he watched you cough and sputter before you responded with a whiney yes. Yes, you wanted him to fuck you just like that. You wanted it so bad that tears welled up in your waterline. Sero was so fuckin’ mean, he was so mean not giving it to you. It made you angry, that’s how badly you needed it. 
He crouched down in front of you, taking your face between his pointer and middle finger. “Shh. You’re crying?” Sero laughed again, tilting his head to the side as he watched the tears spill over. Your favorite was so fucking mean. “I like that expression, but don’t cry. Pathetic. Want my cock that bad?” 
Sero pulled you up by the waist, big hands lifting you onto the vanity. He didn’t look as strong as he was. You could feel his strength in his hands and the way he took on most of your weight to put you on the vanity. Sero spread your legs with a flat palm, watching the way your thighs twitched with his touch. 
God, you were just fucking perfect, weren’t you? Glistening for him like that, already fucking soaked just from taking him down your throat. It would have been pathetic had it not turned him on so fucking much. 
He teased your cunt with his middle finger, smirking at you. “You’re so tight here, aren’t you? You a virgin?” He slipped the finger into the knuckle, curling it inside you ever so slightly and catching your neck with his lips when you toss your head back. 
He dragged his teeth across your skin, hard enough that it hurt, that it might leave a mark dragging downwards. Sero salivated at the taste of you, at your scent and the way you started to shiver as his pheromones invaded you, keeping his finger buried to the knuckle in you. 
You shook your head against him, trying to catch his pulse point with the flat of your tongue but he pulled away too fast, clicking his tongue. 
“You’re not?” Sero let out a fake laugh. “Tsk tsk. Didn’t save yourself for me?” You knew he was kidding. That it was an absurd thing to want from you, but in your state, guilt rose in your stomach. You’d just had the source of his sweet scent taken from you, keening for more of his fingers. You didn’t want to be teased, you wanted to be fucked. You wanted more than his fingers or his tongue, you wanted him to pump you full. 
All you could manage through your animalistic desire, the way your vision clouded at the corners with arousal, was an apology. You apologized for not being a virgin for him, tears crowding your eyes before you started begging, clinging to him and climbing close. 
“Come this far, haven’t we, sweetheart?” His voice takes a softer tone for a second, pulling his finger from you. “Guess this means I don’t have to prep this pretty little hole, right? Already so fucking wet.” 
You looked at him for a moment with wide eyes, bewildered and grasping at his chest. Sero smiled down at you, taking your hands in his before tapping the side of your cheek with his hand. “Nah, don’t worry, sweetheart.” He licked his lips, guiding your hands down to his throbbing cock. “S’gonna feel good.” 
Sero guided your hands over him with a groan and a roll of his hips before he pressed the head of his cock to your leaking hole. Fuck, even with just this he could feel your pheromones and the heat from your slick driving him insane, dick twitching in both of your grasps as he teased the hole. 
“You want this?” He tapped it against your clit once, then twice. Your legs twitched, a low whine breaking from your throat as you nodded. “Use your big girl words, doll.” 
“Fuck-” You whined. “Want it. I want it.” 
“Want what?” Sero’s face broke out in a grin that stretched from ear to ear, tapping the head of his cock against your desperate clit. 
You let out a broken sob. 
“Don’t cry. All you gotta do is ask. C’mon slut, you already got this far. Just a little louder for me.” He taunted, pressing his dick to your slick entrance. 
“Your cock! God- want your cock. Your knot.” You keened, back arching up, entirely overcome with want and desire and the way his pheromones sat so heavy on the back of your throat. 
Most alphas didn’t have the patience to tease. They never thought twice about plugging you up as soon as you spread your legs, never spent time on your mouth or with their hand between your legs. It was hard for alphas to do that, especially with you, with someone that pretty. 
But Sero was different. Sero could do it all day because he got a kick out of the way he could smell how turned on you get. He liked that he could feel it on your skin, till you were practically leaking the intoxicating pheromone smell of your cunt from every crevice of your omega body. It made Sero feel powerful, using that against an omega, keeping his composure till the last possible second so he could watch them melt underneath the fingertips they watch play. 
He loved fucking fans for this exact reason. They were always so easy. You were no different, spreading your legs after a few meager words and begging him for his knot. God, it really turned him on. 
Maybe that’s why he fucked you faster than he usually would. Maybe that’s why, when you begged, he pinched your puffy cheeks between his fingers, sneered, and bottomed out just like you asked. 
God, you felt so good. You hugged him so tight and the heat of your body made him want to completely lose his mind. Sero was big and the stretch burned, made you feel like you were choking until he finally let you lick a long stripe up his neck and taste the relief that was his scent. 
You were right. He tasted so fucking good. It went right to the back of your throat and settled deep in your stomach, turning it while he plugged you up over and over again, mercilessly pounding inside of you with low groans and grunts. 
Sero pulled back for a moment and pressed on your stomach, the flat of his hand against it before grinning at you. “Feel that?” You nodded deliriously. “That’s where my knot’s gonna be.”
You tossed your head back in a whimper, body starting to shake and twitch in his grasp as you climbed closer to your high. 
“No.” He growled, grabbing the back of your head and forcing it down. “Fuckin’ watch.” 
You let out a choked mumble. “Y’gonna knot me?” You were half-delirious, half wanting and half terrified of the consequences. Still, you couldn’t ignore the appeal of such a promise. Thinking about being full of him that way nearly pushed you over. 
“Fuck yeah, I am.” Sero grumbled, brows furrowed as he pounded at you with a startling rhythm. “Watch me while I knot you, yeah? Don’t cum till you see it.”
You nodded as best you could in response, hands finding his bicep and scratching at it, struggling to hold on as he fucked into you over and over again. Sero’s forehead was covered in sweat, shirt now sticking to his body as he thrust his hips forward. He looked like he was giving someone a quick fuck, looked like he’d done this a million times, the movement muscle memory as he lost himself in your slick omega cunt. 
God, you smelled good too. This room smelled good, like sex and pheromones, the sweet slick that dripped from your cunt all because of him. You looked pretty like this, eyes bugging out from trying not to cum, begging him to knot you already so you could finally let go and make a mess for him. 
“You’re such a good fuckin’ fan, huh?” He grunted through thrusts. “Number 1, right?”
You were sexy, sexier than any of the other fans he’d fucked recently. Shit, he was gonna cum. Fuck, Sero wanted to knot you, wanted to hold you down on his cock while he pumped you full. 
You could feel his cock swell with his arousal, eyes trained on where it disappeared inside of you. Sero’s hand came down over your abdomen again, pushing and letting out a low groan as you felt the familiar swell and then pop of his knot settling with startling pressure in your womb.
Finally, you could cum. You shook around him, legs trembling while he kept his hand firmly pressed on your stomach and moaned through his own orgasm, flooding your pulsing cunt with rich alpha cum. Heat flooded your face and your back arched further into his touch where you watched his knot swell inside of you. You swore that as you came you could see it, the slight bulge from where his cock sat pretty inside of you. 
“C-can see it, fuck.” You stuttered through your orgasm. 
“Fuck yeah, you can.” He spoke, panting with pride. “Feel.” 
He took your shaky hand in his and pressed down on your abdomen, meeting your gaze with a fucked out grin. “It’s right there.” Sero pressed against your abdomen harder, earning a small yelp as he did. “Feel it? Yeah, know you can.” 
Sero gave you a smug smile before pulling your head into his chest and letting you bury your face there. He let you ball your fists up in his chest, low whines breaking from your lips whenever he’d shift within you, letting the deep plug of his knot move again. It took a moment till he was able to pull out, holding you close while you panted before finally releasing you. 
He took his pointer and middle finger, stepping back from you and spreading your pussy with them. Fuck, you were ruined, shaking under his touch as he watched his cum start to leak from you, slowly. Sero took his two fingers and pushed it back in, coating them in himself before he stood back to admire you. 
“So pretty.” But it wasn’t a compliment. He sneered it at you through a cocky, fucked out smile, pushing his fingers into your mouth and making you suck them clean before he pulled them out and tapped your cheek with the spit-soaked digits. 
Sero sent you packing ten minutes later with the following night’s show tickets in your pocket and an invitation to see him before it began. 
That’s how it started. Innocent enough, as far as backstage quickies for a quick fuck go. He was a rockstar and you were the groupie who showed up before and after shows. That’s how this arrangement went and had you been smarter, you’d have ended it a long time ago. But here you were, still as starry-eyed as ever when you sat in Sero’s lap, listening to the band chatter about the set this evening. 
You reeked of him, of sex. It made sense. They all knew where he’d just taken you, why it had taken so long for you both to come back and when you had, why you both smelled so strongly of each other. It wasn’t unusual for Sero and you knew you weren’t the only one, but you still stuck around. 
“Ugh, I’m hungover.” Ochako complained, slumped against her chair with her head angled towards the ceiling. 
“You’re always hungover.” The manager spoke up with a laugh. 
“No!” Ochako protested. 
“Yes!” She responded with a laugh, standing up. “You’re a drunkard!” 
“No fair! What about Sero? He’s so much worse than me.” Ochako huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. 
“That’s true.” The rest of the group nodded. 
Sero scoffed and rolled his eyes, bouncing you on his leg for a moment before patting your lower back, signaling for you to get up. 
“You guys are just prudes.” He retorted with a smile, walking to the manager and tossing his arm around her with a smile and a sideways glance to Deku, who would have flushed red with embarrassment had Sero not been so handsy. “‘Cept for this one here.” 
“Piss off.” The manager grumbled, tossing his arm off and walking over to Deku, who wrapped an arm around her waist. “Boundaries, dude.” 
“Sorry, sorry. Forgot.” He gave a lopsided smile. 
“Cheeky.” Deku responded, exhaling a short laugh. 
Sero gave a sly shrug before turning to face you where you stood, hands folded across your lap. He tilted his head at you, moving to the opposite side of the room to shove some guitar picks in his pocket, shrugging off his sex-ridden shirt to reveal the bite marks you’d left across his body earlier. Your eyes drifted down his torso momentarily, stomach flipping at the trail of purple you left down his chest. The manager gave a whistle, your cheeks heated as Sero laughed with her. 
“Jealous?” He teased. 
“Sure.” She rolled her eyes at him and Deku’s grip tightened around her waist. 
You could feel an uncertainty swirling in your stomach as you waved goodbye to the group, exiting the stage door and making your way around to your usual spot. Sero sent you off with a small wave, a wink, and a lopsided smile after tossing on a clean shirt. He never paid you much mind after he’d fucked you, maybe a few delicate touches. That’s how it had been for months and though jealousy weaved its way into your mind when he talked to other pretty omegas, you couldn’t find it in you to stick up for yourself, because at the end of the day, you were the one taking his knot. 
Still, just taking it wasn’t enough. There was a part of you that wanted to own it, that wanted to tear your hair out whenever he smiled like that at the pretty manager or looked at someone in the crowd who wasn’t you. 
This insatiable hunger, this pull that made you twist, made you keen for something you knew deep in your gut that you couldn’t have. Sero made you want to become part of him, this feeling he set off made you wish you could melt into him. His knot wasn’t enough, just fucking him wasn’t enough, it wouldn’t ever be because even now, as he watched you from the stage with low-lidded eyes, it wasn’t enough. You wanted to taste what he tastes, feel what he feels, and most importantly, you wanted to take what he takes. This power he had over you, the ability to reduce you to a puddle with that slanted smile, made you entirely feral. 
Insatiable you. Unsatisfied, wanted but unloved. That’s how Sero made you feel. You felt that hollow ring in your chest whenever he’d leave you to clean up on your own, tossing you an old shirt that he expected you to wipe between your legs with. But still, you came back again and again, delirious with him, with the sharp smell of his alpha scent that made your head fuzzy. Even when he left you alone, even when he teased and taunted and took from you, you still showed up, third row, fourth seat in from the right. And every night, without fail, he ignored you. Even if you still reeked of him, even if his cum was running down your leg as you watched him play, Sero never spared you a second glance. 
In Sero’s mind, if you’re not under him, you’re nothing to him. 
That’s how it always was. Sero rarely paid you any mind while he was on stage, always so caught up in the glow and glory of stage-lights and a screaming crowd. It made you angry. Each night you found yourself smoldering, reeking of him but his scent lost to the smell of hundreds of omegas keening for him. And Sero let them. Sero let them fawn over him and fall over him. He let them pile up backstage just for the chance to stand next to him and even though he told you that they’re just fans, you’d been in their place. You stood in that line and waited to meet him and when you had, he tossed aside his previous toy for you. 
You felt your blood boil knowing that you could be thrown out next, stomach turning over in circles with an insecure jealousy. You knew you deserved better than Sero. He was mean, absolutely vile, but still, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You could smell him from here, dizzying and overpowering. 
He glanced down at you for a moment, giving you another knowing smile before catching the bottom of his shirt on the upward strum of his guitar. The light caught his stomach, his abdomen decorated with a v-line, but more importantly, it caught the marks you’d left across him. 
The crowd screamed around you, voices of women and men rising up in a steady shout of realization. Sero let his head fall back to face the ceiling, a broad grin painting his features. And you knew that he wasn’t smiling for you, not for those marks, but from the attention he got from them. You felt it burn the back of your throat as you watched the rest of the show. 
Maybe tonight was the last straw. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t done this before, but tonight it made you ache, made you burn and crumble. You’d been in a slowly boiling pot of water and now you were finally realizing it. Maybe that’s why you didn’t immediately send the alpha that approached you tonight away. Maybe that’s why you spoke to him and laughed at what he said, touching his shoulder gently as you let heat rise to your cheeks. 
If he could fuck around with other people, why couldn’t you? Two could play this game. 
Sero had never been the possessive type. As far as alpha’s go, he was a bit better when it came to jealousy, nothing compared to Bakugou and Izuku, who became red with anger when someone looked at their partners wrong. But not Sero. He’d never given enough of a shit about someone he was fucking to care. In his mind, there was always another fan to fuck. Why should he get his panties in a twist over one? 
But he didn’t like what he was seeing. He could see your faint outline in the crowd taking a drink from him and your teeth caught the light when you smiled at him. What were you doing talking to an alpha like that? And at his show no less. 
It irritated him and as the final song came to an end, he found his jaw tense and fingers trembling with jealousy. Is this how you felt all the time? Stomach smoldering and jaw clenched with frustration? It almost made him feel sorry for you, well, as sorry as he could feel being as pissed as he was. 
“Dude, you okay?” Bakugou approached him, arms crossed. “Ya seem pissed.” 
“M’fucking fine.” He pushed past him, setting his guitar down on the couch and stomping out of the door to the crowd. 
Sero wasn’t just going to sit back and watch some guy snap you away. You were his toy. He wanted that asshole's grubby hands off of you. He’d make you pay for it, that’s what he decided as he pushed his way through the crowd, ignoring fans who shockingly shouted his name. 
He found you by the bar with this other guy, chatting away as you spun a drink that he’d bought you in your delicate fingers. Truth being told, he was boring and his scent was nothing compared to Sero’s, who managed to have you on your knees whenever he was around. Still, he was a nice distraction. This new alpha made you feel powerful, if only because you could imagine Sero’s frustration when he found out. 
“Hey fuckass.” Speak of the devil. “Why don’t you go find someone who doesn’t want to fuck a band member, yeah?”  
“Excuse me?” He responded.
“You fuckin’ heard me.” Sero threw his arm over your shoulder, rich and heavy scent pouring over your senses. Your eyes were welling up with it. He was pissed. 
“He your boyfriend?” The other alpha asked incredulously. “Yeesh. Call me when you break up.” 
So much for revenge fucking. Sero grabbed your arm before you could think, pulling you through the crowd and out of the back door. You could smell his anger, feel it in your bones as his pheromones threatened to make you buckle. 
“The fuck is your problem?” He hissed once you’d gotten outside, door slamming shut and minimizing the music to the low hum of a bass. 
“What’s my problem?” You scoffed. “What’s yours?” 
Sero laughed, a malicious, slanted grin taking over his face. “You forget that you’re fucking me or something? Gettin’ real bold for a fan, huh?” 
Despite his anger, Sero could feel panic rising in his throat. The unbridled and not entirely unfounded fear that he would lose you tonight. The fuck was wrong with him? What was so special about you, about your pussy, that made him genuinely afraid of losing it. 
“Yeah. I forgot.” 
“I’ll make you remember. You want it, I can smell you.” Sero gave a wicked and angry smirk, masking his unease. “I want it.” 
“Get it somewhere else then. ‘M not your toy.” You snapped at him. 
Stupid, arrogant, manipulative prick. It was taking all your strength to not fold, to not get on your knees and keen for him, prove that you’re his by taking his cock down your throat where you stand. 
“Don’t want it from anyone else!” Sero shouted, grabbing your wrist as you turned away. Your skin prickled. 
“The fuck does that mean?” You raised an eyebrow. Months of him fucking around with other girls and suddenly he only wants you?
“Means that I don’t wanna fuck anyone else. Are you stupid?” He retorted. 
“Bullshit. You’ve been doing it for months.” You rolled your eyes, lip curling up. Was he so arrogant that he thought you didn’t know? 
“I’ll stop!” He shouted again. “I… I’ll stop.” 
Sero paused for a moment, eyes narrowed and chest heaving before he looked down at you. “Y’know what? Fine. Plenty of other fans’re dying to fuck me. I’ll get it somewhere else.” 
He wasn’t so sure.
The best thing about being an ex-groupie was that Sero’s bandmates still wanted you around. So you still went to the shows, still danced in the shitty club they played in, and still hung out with Deku, Bakugou, and Ochako. The only difference now was that being around you and Sero was unbearable. 
You both constantly butt heads, never saying more than a few words to each other as he passed by with his latest toy and you made your way backstage to his friends, where you’d sit next to Bakugou and relish in the attention he gave you. Bakugou was a bit different from Sero, broader and far less smooth talking, but enticing nonetheless. You knew it pissed Sero off, your newfound friendship with him and the way the other two would tease as if it were something more. 
It wasn’t, but you liked the soft spot he had for you and if it meant you could get under Sero’s skin, neither of you would deny it. 
“So, you gonna tell him we’re not fucking?” Bakugou grunted as he leaned back on the couch. 
“What? You don’t wanna fuck me?” You cracked a wry smile and Bakugou stiffened beside you before he shoved you. 
“Can you shut the fuck up?” 
“Kidding, kidding.” You exhaled. “You’re not my type.” 
“Yeah, your type is shitty, womanizing alphas.” Ochako laughed from across the room. 
“Kinda funny that he managed to turn you into such a slut though.” Bakugou scoffed. “What happened to the wide-eyed little fan?” 
“She became a band hater.” You laughed. “Didn’t you know that I’m only here to collect info for the tabloids.” 
“Oof, I’m scared.” 
You gave a smile, folding your hands in your lap and fiddling slightly with your fingers. 
Truth being told, Sero still made you nervous. It had been a while since the two of you had actually spoken and even though he treated you so shitty, you still found yourself thinking of him when your fingers were buried in your cunt, heat cycle washing over you in waves as you recalled the heavy feel of his knot in you. You still idolized him through all of your anger, to a degree. He was your favorite guitarist, shit like that doesn’t just go away in a moment. 
So as you both continued to ignore each other, the tension grew. Your desire grew and Sero found that each night as he pulled out of yet another fucked out omega, that none of them felt like you. None of them had that wide-eyed look you gave him. The one where he could practically see the hearts in your eyes while he had you plugged up with his knot. 
Still, he kept that easy going smile when he passed you, eyes narrowed and head tilted back in a smirk as he walked with a new girl under his arm. Were you as angry seeing this as he was seeing you talk to Bakugou? He hoped so. 
The tension came to a head about a month after you’d fought. Crumbling and breaking over with the simplest of arguments. 
“I’ll be back in an hour.” He spoke, head tilted back to look at you as you sat beside Bakugou once again. Sero had a girl tucked under his arm, a fan this time, like you were. She fiddled with her fingers under him, avoiding your gazes. 
“Have fun.” You sing-songed, pointing to something in the magazine you held and turning your attention beside you. “You’d look good in this.” 
“That’s just a wife beater…” Bakugou responded. “I have like six.” 
“Yeah but this one is designer.” You giggled. You giggled? You should be angry, Sero should be seeing that familiar expression of hurt that you masked with a scowl. Where was it? 
“Have… what?” Sero spoke, removing his arm from the omega. 
You turned around to face him, eyebrow raised and the reminiscents of a smile still gracing your features. “I said have fun.” 
Sero’s blood was boiling. “Get out.” He muttered to the girl, whose eyes widened and welled up before she hurried away.
“Aw, you’re sending her away? Bummer.” You chuckled. Your heart drummed in your chest. This was the most attention he’d given you in a long while. 
“Say that again.” Sero walked up behind you. 
“Bummer.” You were surprised that your voice didn’t waver. You half expected it to crack with the heavy feel of his alpha scent over you. 
“Yeah… I’m not doing this tonight.” Bakugou stood up, motioning to Ochako to leave as well. “Sort your shit out.” 
“No, no. We’ll go.” Sero spoke. “I gotta have a word with her anyway. ____, over here.” 
You stood, shrugging and following him out, knees shaking slightly as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the bathroom, locking the door and placing his arms on either side of your head. 
“You gonna fuck the whole band now?” He sneered down at you. 
“What?” You asked, indignant, little omega body trembling despite your tone. 
“You heard me? Gonna fuck Bakugou now that you can’t have me?” Sero cringed as the words left his mouth. You could have him. He wanted you so bad it hurt, that even now your scent was invading him and making him dizzy with desire. 
You glared at him as he leered over you, full of malice. Sero was entirely sure you were fucking him, so caught up in his emotions and how fucking sexy you looked in that band T that he almost missed what you said. 
“We’re not sleeping together.” You snapped. There goes your trump card. 
“What?” It was his turn to ask the question, cheeks flushing a deep pink beyond his control. “You’re not?” 
“No.” You answered. “Can I go now?” You sidestepped to get past him, but he put his arm in front of you, against the adjacent wall. 
It was quiet for a moment, both of you watching each other as a heavy realization set in. For you, you realized that Sero had been jealous. That he’d been stewing on it for weeks, thinking about you. For Sero, he realized that you hadn’t been with anyone else. That you’d been trying to piss him off. 
Fuck, he still wanted you. Sero was stuck watching your pretty lips, the way they quivered as you tried to keep from folding. And you always smelled good, always smelled like something he wanted to keep, to tuck away in his pocket and make his own. He looked down at you before suddenly dipping and taking your lips in his. 
You’d forgotten how nice Sero’s mouth felt against yours, warm and wet, greedy as they suck on your bottom lip before snaking his tongue into your mouth. 
You weren’t sure when you lost yourself, somewhere between the way he bit at your neck and shoving his fingers into your leaking cunt. But soon, fever took over, and all you could see through your hazy omega eyes was him, kneeling between your legs as you sat up on the bathroom counter. Sero pressed the flat of his hand against your inner thigh, tongue working hungrily at your clit. 
“Always did taste fuckin’ good down here.” He grunted into you, pressing your thigh back further so he could shove his tongue further into your cunt, nose against your clit while he licked inside of your hole. Sero gave you a grin from between your legs, just as hazy as you. 
He was lost in your cunt, finally giving way to his urges. He had to get his cock in you, had to have you creaming on him again. The urge to breed you full was overwhelming as he tongued your cunt, cock twitching between his legs and scent glands leaking with desire, just like yours were. He wanted to stuff you, more than he ever had before, knot you once, twice, fuck, as many times as he could. Sero wanted to make sure your cunt was his, mold it to fit his cock perfectly. His pretty, perfect, omega fan. 
You were trembling under his tongue, whining for his cock, for him to give you his knot like he had a million times before. You’ll take a plan B, it doesn’t matter, you just want it now. But Sero’s always been a tease, licking at your cunt until you were cumming on his face with a final plea for his dick.
“Relax, sweetheart,” he stood up from between your legs, “m’gonna give it to you. Been too long without your sweet cunt, wanted to get you ready to take me.” 
Sero wiped his mouth with the back of his hand stepping between your legs as you reached out blindly for him. He wouldn’t be able to keep it together much longer, the promise of your omega pussy so close as he finally pushes the head of his cock into you again. 
“Please, please Sero.” You mumbled as he filled you up, deep gasp at the back of your throat. You whimpered when he bottomed out, clawing at his back, bare now. 
“Sh, I’ve g-got you.” He grunted, thrusting once, then twice. 
Sero fucked you until the granite counter practically cracked, pounding your pussy with his thick alpha cock until you were cross eyed. He mumbled promises to you, that you were fucking his, that you wouldn’t go fucking other guys because he owned your soft omega cunt. And you nodded, agreeing again and again because you could feel him in your throat. 
He took his fingers, hooking them on your jaw and holding your mouth open. Sero kissed at your neck, left marks across the skin, dragged his teeth across the scent glands that gave him the drug he couldn’t seem to quit. Fuck, he loved you, loved your cunt.
“M’yours yeah?” Sero smirked into your neck, delirious as you were. “Only want my good omega’s cunt. Fuck, you feel fucking good. Shit.” 
He was slurring his words, pushing against your gummy walls with each sloppy stroke. 
“Ah, fuck. Gonna give it to you…” He warned, cock beginning to swell. 
You looked down between you both to watch like he always had you do and Sero smiled, pinching your chin to hold it in place through his steady thrusts. “That’s a good fuckin’ slut.” He cooed, voice growing tense until he started filling you up with a long and deep groan. 
You could feel his knot bully it’s way inside of you, swelling while your thighs shook around his waist and Sero sighed with relief at finally filling up his perfect girl again. You always looked so pretty on his knot, trembling with the pain of the stretch while he kept you plugged up. 
When he could finally pull out, you sat against the mirror, panting before moving to get up. 
“Where’re you running to?” Sero asked, grabbing your arm and sliding his fingers through your slick and cum coated pussy. “M’not done yet. Got another for you.” 
You looked up at him with wide eyes, the ones he loves. “There’s that look.” 
Sero pushed his fingers into you, curling up and earning a whine and a low whimper as he pushed gently against your overstimulated g-spot. Fuck, this scent– your scent– drove his fucking insane. He needed it, more of it, of you. So he worked his fingers into you until you were panting again and his cock was hard between you both. 
You reached for it with a quiet whine of his name, wrapping your smaller hand around it and pumping, hips moving so the head brushed against your clit over his fingers. Sero groaned, eyes rolling back as he pulled his fingers out, licking them clean while simultaneously sliding back into you. 
Sero pulled you against his body, thrusting with quick flicks of his hips, face buried in your neck, kissing and biting the soft flesh. You mouthed at his neck, weak and feeble as you went stupid on his cock, eager to be knotted again. 
“Mark me up, baby.” Sero muttered, licking a slow stripe up your neck. “Go on.” 
And you did with a moan, biting hard at the flesh above his scent glands, whining as he drove you further into a frenzy. Sero nearly whined when he felt your teeth against his neck, hands flying to your hips and digging into them with a bruising force. “Fuck.” He groaned out, dragging out the vowel. 
He moved your hips back and forth on the counter, guiding your nearly spent body back and forth on his cock, holding them up slightly. This angle had him pulling your g-spot, eyes rolling back into your head as you leaned against the mirror, watching him in your fucked out haze. 
Sero kissed you gently, far softer than he ever had, just tasting you as you struggled to taste him back. 
He kept you like this for a while, bullying your cunt as he gave you orgasm after orgasm, until you were making a mess over him. Sero brought his ringed fingers to your clit while he fucked you rubbing back and forth quickly, encouraging you to cum, to cream around his cock however much you wanted to. And you did, desperate whines escaping your lips, careless to just how much noise you were making. 
“You ready?” He groaned, pulling back to look at you. You nodded eagerly, hands coming up to his shoulders. 
“G-gimme it, Sero.” You panted. “Knot me again. Lemme have it.” 
He leaned in once more, kissing you. His tongue lapped languidly at your bottom lip as his eyebrows pulled up, whimper forcing it’s way from his lips as his knot once again pushed its way into your womb. 
You gasped, half expecting him to make you watch, before your eyes rolled back and you dipped your head to kiss at his neck. Sero’s thumbs worked circles on your hips after he came, making sure to keep still so he didn’t hurt you. He pulled you close to his chest, clearing his throat once both of your delirium had worn off. 
“I meant it…” He muttered, half like he was admitting defeat. 
“M-mean’t what?” You responded, hair still stuck to your face in your post-fuck haze. 
“That I don’t want anyone else.” Sero pulled away to look at you, face flushed a deep red while his knot pulsed inside of you. 
And you laughed, tired and fucked-out, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him. 
Tumblr media
did you know that giraffes’ tongues are purple?
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honeymaki · a day ago
for the drabble, momo + facesitting and praise?
Warnings: face sitting, overstimulation, multiple orgasms
Tumblr media
"Up here honey, don't be shy, I won't let you fall,"
it's your second date, and she's got you straddling her abdomen, naked and panting and leaking on to her soft belly. Momo assured you that she wasn't some cheap slut, she didn't sleep with all her previous partners on the second date; but you were different with your plush thighs and puffy cunt, clit peaking from its hood and folds hiding what she so desperately wants to taste. She's proud of you, god - so pleased that you don't argue aside from a shy little whimper before crawling up her body, adjusting for her to prop a pillow beneath her head - just so she could have a better angle to watch you.
"Good girl, s'okay, I got you," your thighs are either side of her head, hips twitching when she surrounds them with her hands, fingers digging into the fat of them, "Lower baby, can't wait to taste you, been dreaming of this all night,"
you can't really reply, not when Momo leans up the rest of the way and presses tiny little kitten kisses to your clit, over and over till you're sagging and curling and resting all your weight on her face. then - then she moves down, tongue pointed and sharp and precise with circling your fluttering hole, nose nudging your clit and there's something about the way she moves her entire fucking face against you that has you absolutely loosing it. Grinding down, hands on the metal rails of the bed frame, breasts bouncing with every thrust of her tongue into you, lips wrapping around your clit and sucking with a strength that forces a squeal from your throat, body shuddering and shivering and gushing all over her face. God, you don't even know when you start cumming, or when you finish, or how long it's been since Momo shoved her face into your pussy and fucked you like it was her last time - but she doesn't seem to want to let up any time soon, moaning and hissing and spreading your folds with two fingers to zero in on your throbbing, puffy bud.
"Keep going baby girl, I got you, m'not letting you go till you cum twice more okay? I know you can do it, I got you I promise,"
Tumblr media
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todorkihoe · 2 days ago
peeping tom
Tumblr media
“Izuku is lucky on multiple levels due to this characterization of him. It means that he’s able to slip through the cracks with all of his pervy behavior. Had it been anyone else, they would’ve been caught immediately. But Izuku is cunning and he uses this image people have of him to his advantage.
Which is why he now finds himself in a shower stall in the girls bathroom.”
Tumblr media
pairing: midoriya x reader
genre: smut 18+, minors dni
warnings: perv!deku, fem!reader, masturbation (m & solo), aged up 3rd years, peeping/voyeurism, not really proofread but i did some editing for once (please lmk if i missed anything i’ll fix it immediately)
wc: 1.2k
synopsis: deku has a crush on you...and he jerks off while watching you shower
a/n: this is a whole mess and it sucks ass ik but leave me alone 😩 i wrote all of this on my phone too 😶happy 1 year to this blog
Tumblr media
Izuku has wanted you since the very moment he laid his emerald eyes on you. It’s blatantly obvious too with the way his head shoots up to watch you whenever you enter the room. Or when a scarlet blush blooms across his cheeks at the mere sound of your voice.
His crush on you is clear and everybody finds it endearing; adorable even. Sweet Izuku with a sweet crush on a pretty girl.
Izuku is lucky on multiple levels due to this characterization of him. It means that he’s able to slip through the cracks with all of his pervy behavior. Had it been anyone else, they would’ve been caught immediately. But Izuku is cunning and he uses this image people have of him to his advantage.
Which is why he now finds himself in a shower stall in the girls bathroom.
Now, ending up in the bathroom was a genuine mistake on his part. He was on his phone, not paying attention to where he was walking and ended up going through the entrance to the girls bathroom instead of the boys. Before he could even think to leave after realizing his mistake, he heard a set of footsteps walk in too. He quickly slid into one of the showers and closed the curtain quietly.
Just his luck.
He’s pressed up against the wall, listening to figure out who it is, or to find out if he can safely slip away. Much to his dismay, there’s a few seconds of a shuffling noise and the then sound of clothes hitting the floor. The unknown person then gets into the shower across from the one he’s in and then turns the water on.
Izuku knows he really shouldn’t look, lest he see something that he shouldn’t have. But the thought that the person across from him might be you is too tantalizing so he can’t help but peek. He sees the shower caddy hanging on the wall and his blood goes cold; then it starts burning. He recognizes it as yours, having seen you walk into the bathroom with it once.
His hand covers his mouth quickly to stifle his mumbling. Shitshitshitshit. You are showering across from him, naked no less. He doesn’t know whether to cry or praise whatever higher power there is for putting him here.
Now he starts overthinking. Big time.
He would possibly be able to slip away without you hearing, considering the sound of the shower. But then there’s the possibility that someone could see him on his way out and he cannot have that. Maybe he could wait until you finish your shower and then explain how he got there? No, that definitely wouldn’t work; in fact, none of those options really sound viable.
The sound of you humming some random tune snaps him out of his thoughts. He tries to fight the downward rush of blood but he is just too weak for you. The hand on his mouth presses down more to suppress the groan that wants to leave him.
He needs to leave really, really badly but...he can’t find it in himself to do so. Not with the opportunity to see you like this.
So, against his better judgement, he hooks a scarred finger around the curtain and pulls it open just a little and his jaw drops. You haven’t fully closed the curtain of your shower so his eyes are met with the sight of your naked, soaped up body.
He swiftly pulls his hand away from the curtain and backs up against the wall. God what was he doing? Now he’s no better than the likes of Mineta, eyes feasting on your unsuspecting form while you bathe. Guilt fills him but lust starts to cloud his inhibitions, washing away whatever negative feelings he has and replacing them with need.
He pads forward again and peeks at you, almost as if he’s trying to make sure that you’re real and he’s actually in this situation. Without even thinking, his hand moves down his body to palm the bulge in his jeans. The water makes your skin shine and his eyes hungrily trail over your body, watching soap suds run down the small of your back and over the curve of your ass.
You look absolutely delicious to him and the hand cupping his clothed cock squeezes just a little harder, desperate for friction and a creation of what you would feel like around him.
“Oh f-fuck..” he mumbles while pulling the zipper of his jeans down. This is so filthy of him, creeping on you in this vulnerable state. You reach for a bottle in the shower caddy, only to have it slip from your wet fingers. Izuku freezes when you bend over to grab it, ass perked up in the air, exposing your most intimate parts to his eyes.
His whole body feels hot as he pushes his boxers down to free his aching cock. The hand previously on his mouth moves down to wrap around his dick while his eyes drink in the sight of your exposed pussy.
Something about this depraved moment turns Izuku on even more and his hand slowly strokes his cock. He swallows down a moan when you slightly turn to the side, giving him a small view of your chest. He wonders what you would look like under him, tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts.
But oh the way you would look on top of him, hands placed on his chest, nails digging into his skin while you ride him. The thought causes his hand to tighten around his cock as he lets out a quiet groan.
When he notices that your back is facing him he gets a little braver and sticks his head out more to get a better view and he is not disappointed. You’re like a goddess to him...albeit some shower goddess but one nonetheless. What would he give to touch you, worship you as you deserve, feel your soft skin under his rough palms while he brings you to the pleasure he so desires in this moment.
His cock manages to get harder as the minutes continue to pass, watching you in such a mundane moment. Izuku would give anything to feel your soft, shower slicked skin under his fingertips but you are quite literally just out of his reach. He strokes himself quickly, avidly watching you all while imagining everything he wishes he could do. It’s when you trail and hand down your soapy body to rinse yourself that he can no longer contain himself.
Hard as he tries, Izuku is simply unable to supress the whine that falls from his mouth as he spills hot cum into his hand. He couldn’t care less in the moment but when he snaps out of his post-orgasm haze he notices with a horrified expression that you’ve appeared to freeze at the sound of something.
A few more seconds of silence pass and Izuku slowly steps back to hide himself in the corner of the shower stall. Then a few more seconds pass before you step forward and turn the water off to make the sound of your voice louder.
“Is someone there?”
Tumblr media
a/n: this has been sitting in my drafts for months but i decided to finish it for my anniversary so 😼yeah😼
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johnsrevelation · 2 days ago
DILF!Shinsou who's so fucking in love with his new neighbour, a cute younger woman who always smiles at him and just seems so... soft and... He just wants to bury his face in your tits, between your legs, in your hair, wants to take care of you. He's obsessively vetting his conversations with you, building every sentence carefully so as not to ask you a question - but when he finally slips one day, flustered because you seem to be flirting, and he doesn't understand why - don't you see the age difference, the tiny wrinkles at his eyes? the light band of skin where his ring used to be? - he just can't help it. He asks you if you wanna go out. If you like him. If you think he's got a chance. And when you say "I've wanted you since the moment I saw you, Hitoshi. I want you to ruin me," - in that moment, he is ruined. He turns away and goes to his lonely home, tries to cool off. When you knock on his door an hour later, your eyes brimming and ask "Did I say something wrong? You were there one moment, and then... I'm sorry if I offended you somehow, I just... I really like you."
He lets out a heaving sigh.
"Oh baby girl, you have no idea what you do to me."
He pulls you inside and pins you to the door, his arms encircling your waist. "I want you to tell me if you want this in very specific terms. I can't ask you. I need you to tell me." You feel yourself wetten at his words, his intense violet eyes boring into yours. So you tell him everything - how you touch yourself every night thinking of him, how you daydream scenarios just like this one, how much you want him to fuck you, mark you, make you his, fill you up and never let go - and he's pulling you down to the floor, undressing you, panting, putty in your hands. yeah... just... desperate sexy man.
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dabisbratz · 2 days ago
bakugou katsuki x male reader. nsfw.
word count: 1.1k
WARNING: face slapping, hint of d/s dynamic, top!katsuki bakugou, gagging, panties/lingerie, no aftercare written (but, ofc provided), slight under-negotiated kink (lingerie). (male) reader can be read as trans or cis. all characters are & will always be depicted as 18+
Tumblr media
At first, Katsuki isn’t sure what to think when he sees it. He finds it peeking from your basket of freshly washed laundry, sitting pretty on top of a few towels and- oh, his own sweatpants. When he picks it up it’s rather dainty. Soft fabric that flows between his fingertips and drapes along his large hands. He imagines it on you. Lace trailing around your figure, hugging each curve and contour of your body perfectly. So pretty, so delicate. He wants to rip it off, burn through it with the heat of his palms just to hear you whine in irritation.
He imagines running his palms up the soft skin of your thighs, squeezing the swell of your ass before lifting your legs up to your chest, exposing every sensitive, aching part of you. Even if you’re not flexible, he’ll make you bend as you take it, sobbing on his cock in those pretty, dainty panties.
But he’s getting ahead of himself.
Katsuki settles on the couch, lingerie clenched between his fist as he relaxes into the soft cushions and spreads his legs. An impressive tent adorns his black sweatpants, straining the fabric as his cock twitches at the sensation of lace against his fingertips. He can’t seem to help it, not now. Not when all he can think of is groping you through it. So he tugs down the band of his sweats, looping his thumb around his briefs in one foul swoop, freeing his cock in a matter of seconds.
Then, with your freshly washed lingerie still in hand, he places it at the pink head of his dick, thrusting upward into the lace. He can’t contain the low groan that erupts from his throat the moment it’s around him. He imagines your velvety walls instead, fantasizes about the feeling of stuffing your hole with the lace to keep his cum trapped inside of you. He squeezes the base of his cock with a firm hand, running the lace up the thick, prominent vein that disappears near his shaft. Filthy, he’s leaking all over the delicate pattern and smearing pre-cum onto his black tank top.
“What, you think you can get away with whoring around without me noticing?” Katsuki grabs you by the ankle, tugging you down towards the edge of the bed. He towers above you, vermillion eyes piercing through you as his biceps flex with each movement he makes. His grip on your ankle was far from gentle, enough force to pull you into him with a small noise of surprise. You’re so easy to throw around.
He doesn’t care for the clothes you’re wearing above the lace, burning them to shreds with small explosions that tingle against your skin. Until you’re stripped down to the bralette that doesn’t have much to cup or support, and lacey panties that leave little to the imagination, Katsuki isn’t satisfied.
“You’re gonna take it so good, like you always do, aren't you?” He grunts, removing his hand from your leg to grip your jaw, rotating your face with a bloodthirsty smirk.
The feeling of his skin against yours, warm and inviting and so, so—
The blond’s eyes flicker to the door before the lock can even begin to click, but he knows you’re behind it. Probably struggling to get the key in like you always do, with eyebrows that twist in frustration, almost the same way they do when you’re crawling on top of him. Cute.
The door swings open with you behind it, loosening the tie around your neck as your dress shirt falls apart on its own. A huff leaves your lips, and Bakugou finds himself staring much more intense than he, probably, should have been. He lets you take your time, watching as you kick off your shoes and close the door behind you. Completely unaware of your surroundings— it was no question why you never became a hero.
Squeezing the base of his cock, Bakugo clears his throat to get your attention. It pulses in his hand when you whip your head around to meet his gaze, wide eyed and so, so pretty. He imagines your tongue tracing the prominent veins in his cock, the loud suckling noises you make as you all but make-out with the tip of his dick.
His pretty boy.
When you blink back at him you’re completely unsure of how he managed to strip you of your clothing so fast, but the smell of singed fabric isn’t surprising. He’s hell bent on getting you into something else, something prettier, and something you thought you hid pretty well.
But not well enough, apparently.
Familiar lace is placed into your mouth, weighing down on your tongue and successfully gagging you for the time being. You can taste the traces of Katsuki’s pre-cum, and suddenly you long for something else in your mouth. Your boyfriend understands immediately, by the glossy eyes and dumb look you get on your face whenever you start to get submissive. He grins, proud and slightly sadistic.
“Not yet,” His large palm taps your cheek, and you whimper deliciously from the impact. “Dumb mutt. How long you been keepin’ this a secret from me, huh? Gonna let me fuck the cum outta you? Stuff your little hole with my cock? Maybe I’ll even use those pretty panties of yours to keep my cum inside.”
“Ka-” Your voice is muffled, but it only seems to make the hardened glare Bakugou gives you even more intimidating.
“Hole-a yours is mine, ain’t it? Get to do whatever I want with it.” His voice is gruff and mean, just how you like it, but you know he’s actually just checking in on where you stand. You nod, eager enough to hear a low chuckle erupting from his throat.
Tumblr media
The blond watches as his cock drags in and out of your hole— which belongs to him — with gritted teeth. You always make such pretty sounds, whiny and desperate as your hole catches on the head of his cock. Puffy and abused, Katsuki goes feral as you claw at your sheets like a kitten. You clench so nicely, your pretty hole (his hole) fluttering and stretching around his cock.
It’s so big, almost too big— you’re sure you’ll rip in two if he keeps at it like this (he assures you it’s just because you’re so tight— his perfect fuckhole. And he’s right).
“Good fuckin’ boy, that’s a good boy,” He groans into your shoulder, sinking his teeth into the soft skin. Your hips raise upwards, desperate to meet his thrusts and keep his cock as deep as it can get. “Atta-boy, gonna cum on my cock like a cockhungry whore? There you go.. There you go.”
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simp4bakubro · a day ago
Tumblr media
okay but overstimming bakugou???
he’s grunting and growling underneath you as you continue to grind down on his still hard cock, gliding easily with the help of his seed still leaking out of you from his last orgasm.
“F-fuck, babe. ‘S too much- you gotta give me a- fuck- gimme a second..” he pathetically groans out, practically a whisper with how hoarse his voice had become.
“Awe, what’s the matter Katsu?” You’re teasing him, lifting yourself almost fully off of his length before slamming back down, breath puffing past your lips in small gasps as his tip kisses your cervix. “Can’t take it anymore? Is three times too much for you?? Do you need me to take it easy on you baby?”
He’s seething below you, unable to help the way he’s pitifully rutting his hips up to meet yours despite his cock aching in protest because it truly is too much, it’s too sensitive, but it’s you and it’s so, so good. And he’s never been one to bow out gracefully, never been one to back down from a challenge, so he grits his teeth and bites back at you.
“Fuck no, of course it’s not too much. Don’t you dare fuckin take it easy on me. D-do- fuck- do your worst.” And he’s mentally cursing himself for tripping over his words but he can’t help it. His brain is turning numb, his thoughts are becoming centered only around the feeling of your wet heat slamming down on him, on the feeling of his cum sticking the space where your bodies meet, of it seeping out and splashing his abs as his muscles tighten, preparing to snap for the fourth time tonight.
You feel this too, smirking and greedily slamming down faster on him, all to eager to milk him again and again until he finally gives in, finally let’s you be the victor if only for tonight.
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fuwushiguro · 18 hours ago
I know you already did a dabi fort the on the job event, but like this idea is sexy: What about dabi as private college tutor
Notes: 🚫 venus.exe has stopped working 🚫
Warnings: Cheating I guess, Fingering, Squirting, Dirty Talk?
tutor!Dabi x f!Reader
"Please Touya? It pays well and it's only a couple of hours!" Natsuo begs, looking at his brother with pleading eyes. He rarely asks for anything of him, why can't he just do this one thing?
"No." he responds sternly. "Why can't you do it?"
"I have a test tomorrow I really gotta study," Natsuo confesses. Touya rolls his eyes and cracks open a can of Coca-Cola, his stare not leaving his brother's. He's encouraging him to continue begging, regardless of the fact he's fully dug his heels in over the matter. "Please man, I love tutoring her I just can't tonight... I really like her, man."
"Aww... Isn't that sweet?" Touya hums. Natsuo's cheeks dust a light pink colour as he looks away from Touya. "Still not doin' it." he chuckles as he slurps his drink.
"Okay, wait. Look at her," Natsuo speaks as he pulls out his phone searching up a profile. "She's so cute, how could you say no to her?"
"That's her?" Touya asks, pulling the coke can away from his lips. The younger brother nods as he scrolls through the photos. "I," he coughs, clearing his throat, "I suppose I'm in no position to turn down money right now."
Tumblr media
A few hours later, a stranger is at your front door. He explains that Natsuo can't attend, so you're stuck with him instead. You shrug your shoulders and welcome him in. He is a little scary looking. Natsuo's same white hair but with inky black tips. And he's covered in tattoos.
He trails behind you as you lead him upstairs to your room. Observing the way your ass moves in your comfortable grey sweatpants.
You sit at your desk, and Touya pulls up another chair beside you. You're looking through your maths text book together. He's smart. Really smart. He might even be smarter than Natsuo. He is.
He's getting frustrated with you. You can't answer simple questions. Touya would do just about anything for an easy buck. He did only agree to do this because he thought you were cute, he didn't care about doing any favours for his sibling. But this was insufferable.
"C'mon babe, answer the question. Stop squirmin' like that, d'ya need the bathroom?" he asks. You shake your head. "Then what? What's the matter with you? I don't believe you're this dumb."
You remove the pencil from his hand, the one closest to you. You guide his hand. He's sure you're not taking it where he thinks you are, but you are. He is in awe as you take his hand passed the waistband of your sweats.
"Heh," he lets out an amused sigh as his fingers come into contact with your damp folds. You bite your lip as his eyes look up and find yours.
"'m all wet..." you admit. "Can't concentrate, 'm too horny." you keen. "Natsuo makes me... y'know... when I can't think good." you confess.
No wonder Natsuo is disappointed he couldn't be here tonight. No wonder he's head over heels for you. A perfect little bimbo. You're soaked. This is what Natsuo wanted, though, he wanted Touya to help you. Maybe he was naïve and thought you would get a drippy cunt for him only.
Sorry Natsuo... Touya internalised.
You mewled as he rubbed slow, tormenting circles into your swollen little bud. God, you're cute. Do you know how cute you are? You must.
"He makes you cum. Say it baby,"
"H-He makes me- Makes me cum." you repeat bashfully. The word always making you feel a little embarrassed. Touya is so pretty. It's obvious they're related, a pretty pair of brother's. An intense glare stares at you, turquoise orbs studying every inch of your face as he touches you.
"D'ya want me to make you cum too? Want me to make this wet little pussy feel good?" his fingers circling a little faster as he questions you. You nod, dumbly. "If I make you cum, I want you to be a good girl for me and use that stupid little head of yours to study. Alright?"
"Touya... please. Wanna cum... wanna cum s'bad. I'll do anythin'... Anything f'you."
And with that, his hand snakes down further until two fingers enter your sopping core. You yelp at the contact, silencing yourself with your hands so that your parents won't hear what you're up to. He curls his fingers directly into your g-spot as the heel of his palm massages your clit.
You pull him towards you by his shirt into a show-stopping kiss. It's breath taking. The fingers on his freehand lace into your hair, holding you close and not allowing you to escape. He's such a good kisser. Much better than Natsuo.
Oh, Natsuo. Touya does feel guilty now. He isn't a kisser, he's good at it, but he avoids it if possible. Feels too sweet, too romantic. His fingers buried deep in your cunt is nothing to him. But he feels bad knowing that he's locked lips with you like that and his younger brother really likes you.
"T-Touya... Cumming... 'm cumming f'you."
"Good girl, good fucking girl. Cum f'me baby, cum all over my fingers."
"Ah, ah-! nngh... Hnnng-!!" you screech as you finally hit your peak. And when he said cum all over his fingers, he didn't mean it quite so literally. He only meant for you, only expected you, to cream his fingers. But instead, you squirted, completely soaking your sweatpants. Turning them from light to dark grey.
"Oh, fuck. Fuuuuuck, that's so hot." he tells you as he continues fingering you. "Again, do it again." he commands. You shake your head.
"You can, you need to. It'll help you focus..." he reasons with himself, desperate to see the way your pussy orgasms so dreamily for him one more time.
He batters at your g-spot. It takes less work than the first time, you're already riled up and ready to cum. So, you do. Squirting more through your panties and getting the dark patch of your sweats even wetter. The material literally dripping onto the floor below you.
"Fuckin' beautiful, good girl..." he tells you, massaging your clit slowly.
"D-Don't tell Natsuo." you tell him. He shakes his head.
"No, no telling Natsuo about this." he nods in agreement. "Now, I hope your mind is clear. Gotta answer these math questions for me now baby."
You pout, you're too fucked out to think about anything other than sleep. He pinches your face with his hand until your lips pucker.
"You promised. Anythin' for me if I make ya cum, you said."
Tumblr media
this is part of my ON THE JOB event
Tumblr media
© 2021 fuwushiguro
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katsuroses · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
bakugou x reader thirst <3
Tumblr media
thinking of ;;
Soft music playing in the background in extreme contrast with the way your legs are bouncing urgently under your desk, fighting off the need to relieve your poor bladder. You knew you should’ve gone earlier before you started this project but the need wasn’t as sharp as it was now. You breathed deeply trying to focus on the task at hand.
“Just finish the damn line art.” You mutter to yourself brows tinted in concentration and slight pain. Who knew having to pee could cause this much discomfort? The answer to your own rhetorical question to yourself was... you. You knew this would happen. You do this way too often..
Groaning while erasing the same line for the hundredth time, the bouncing in your legs had traveled up and morphed into you squirming and readjusting in your seat. You almost rise after feeling the urge to release your bladder nearly overwhelm you but you squeeze your thighs together tighter and cross, uncross and cross your ankles once again.
“Almost, almost, almost..!” Your frantic mutters breathe across your tablet housing your troublesome art commission with its damned line art. “Who made hands this damn hard to draw in the first place!?” You whine at the character on your screen. Your bladder is practically screaming and little groans are escaping your lips.
Unknown to you, Bakugou had made it home to your shared apartment and was watching the slow torture of yourself unfold. His muscular build leaned up against the door jam of your in home art studio, arms crossed lazily over the expanse of his wide chest while his deep vermilion eyes took you in. He knew you were close to pissing on yourself but he also knew how wrapped up you tend to get once you’re in the zone. So he just watched a little longer until you finally rose up from your seat all rushed limbs and panic. Watching the way you still pinched your plush thighs together to ward off the inevitable stream of piss, he watched you try to walk to couple of feet to the door he was at in a poor imitation of a duck walk, your eyes downcast and mutters of “ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd!” Pouring from your plump lips. You didn’t even see him standing in the doorway.
“Oi.” his booming voice tore through the air startling you.
A gasp tore from your throat and to your horror a little pee spilled from your bladder. Your hands fly your crotch trying to physically hold in your piss.
“When did you get here!?” There’s a whine in your voice, a desperation he can clearly see in your eyes. Perfect.
“I’ve been hear for hours now. You’re just too preoccupied to notice. Show me your drawing.” Pushing out of the doorway he crowds your space to get you to move back to your desk. You take one hand away from your damp crotch and brace it against his torso trying to push him back.
“Noo! NoNoNo. I gotta go pee Bakugou!” You moan shifting frantically from foot to foot awkwardly.
“Should’ve thought of that before I got here, huh, shitty woman. Show me.” And with that his huge warm hand grabs yours a pulls you back to your desk. He takes a seat in your chair and pulls you over one of his thick muscular thighs and you nearly lose it then. Your quivering thighs pull up and clamp tight around his while you clutch the desk.
“Katsuki, please! I really gott-“
The hand he had braced on your belly for stability cuts your words short when he presses down slightly on your swollen bladder. You squeal a little in fear.
“Please, please, please! Ohmygawd please stop. I’m gonna pee!” Desperation clear in your voice as you try to scramble off of his thigh but his strong arms hold you down. The next words out of his mouth though let you know that you’ve made a big mistake by not going earlier.
“Good. Go ahead.
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midoriyas-wifey · a day ago
bakugou making you facetime your cheating ex (who’s desperate to get you back 🙄) while he’s eating your pussy, making you give them a manifesto about how shitty they are while he has his tongue up your cunt and destroying your mind
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erikspartnerincrime · 2 days ago
Vibrator Torture - Adult! Izuku Midoriya x Reader SMUT
For legal purposes, the characters will be old enough that they graduated U.A and are now pro heroes. 
NSFW Content ahead.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You want me to use what!?” Y/N exclaimed, looking at her green haired lover.
 “I want to use this on you in public…” Izuku explained shyly, holding up a small pink remote controlled vibrator.
“B-but why?!” She exclaimed again.
“Please, Y/N, just this once. If you don’t like it, we never has to do this again!” He pleaded, looking at her with ‘innocent’ eyes. 
The girl sighed and nodded in defeat. “Fine… just this once!”
 “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He peppered her face in small, gentle kisses. His lover laughed softly, “our safe word will be ‘red light’, that way it’s like a traffic light.” He smiled. 
“O-okay.” Y/N agreed, still slightly hesitant with this whole idea.
She took the toy from him, walking into the washroom to insert it into herself. She came out from the washroom to see Izuku already ready to leave.
 They were going to a café to meet up with their old friends from school, Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki.
 “Ready?” Izuku asked, “yeah, I am.” Y/N replied, slipping her shoes on. 
Izuku nodded, taking the remote to the vibrator off the counter and slipped it into his pocket. 
“Lets go then.” He smiled, offering her his hand.
 She gladly took it and they walked out the door, locking it behind them and started walking in the direction of the café.
 “I still can’t believe you let me do this.” Izuku chuckled in slight disbelief. 
Y/N looked over at him and quickly kissed his cheek, “that’s because I love and trust you… and I’m willing to give it a try if you really want to.” She smiled softly. Izuku beamed an adorable flashy grin in reply.
They soon arrived at their destination, seeing their friends sitting inside already. They walked into the small café at the corner of the street, the smell of coffee and different small baked treats filled their noses as soon as they entered. 
“Hey guys!” Izuku called out to the booth, sliding in with Y/N.
 “L/N! Deku!” It feels like it’s been so long since we saw you last!” Uraraka exclaimed, looking at them with a bright smile.
“It has been a while has…” Y/N was mid sentence when she felt the vibrator turn on, starting to stimulate her clit.
“Hasn’t it?” She finished. The three of them looked at her, slightly confused but Izuku paid no attention to it. 
The small talk went on for a while, the vibrator only on the first setting, before Todoroki turned to Y/N. 
“So L/N, how has your agency been going? I heard you started one of your own, yes?” He asked.
Y/N nodded, “it’s been going fairly well! I’ve been told they are a few students interested in going to my agency for their own work agency!” She exclaimed, her eyes shining. 
As her and Todoroki kept talking, Izuku slipped his hand back into his pocket, gripping the remote and turning it up a notch again.
 Y/N started to shift in her seat, starting to feel more arousal and the need to release more than before now. 
“Are you okay, L/N?” Iida asked her. She went to reply, but Izuku turned the toy up again to the max speed.
This caused her to let a small moan slip and she immediately closed her mouth, nodding to signal she was okay.
They all looked at her, confused and worried, while Izuku just smirked. To make matters worse, Izuku slowly started bring his fingers closer to her cunt, slowly rubbing her from outside her clothing.
Y/N started squirming again, luckily they were talking amongst themselves so they didn’t notice this time. 
Y/N sent a glare towards Izuku, to which he just beamed seemingly innocently. Soon the others started talking to them again, it was becoming harder and harder for Y/N to stay still, so desperately wanting a release.
 Suddenly, the teasing of Izuku's fingers and the vibrator got to much for her. “Red light! Red light!” She called up, standing up and grabbing Izuku’s hand.
Izuku smirked in victory as she finally broke, “sorry guys, I just got a text message from my agency, we have to go.” Izuku said calmly, knowing exactly what he was doing.
The others looked at them confused, however they nodded and they bid the couple farewell. 
Y/N walked into the washroom, shutting the door and locking it. “Please Izuku, I need to release! Please let me!” She cried, clearly sexually frustrated.
“Okay, you’ve been a good girl, come here.” He said softly, picking her up and placing her on the counter of the sink. 
Izuku stood in between her legs, kissing her passionately. Y/N whimpered against his lips, sloppily grinding against his thigh, trying to relief the sexual frustration she was in.
 Izuku brought his one hand down to her clothed clit, rubbing it roughly, the other arm groping her breast. 
Y/N moaned in ecstasy, feeling the knot starting to form in her stomach. “P-please, let me cum!” She moaned.
“Cum for me baby girl.” He whispered into her ear, biting and sucking on her neck and collarbone, leaving several dark hickeys.
That was enough to push her over the edge, she moaned loudly, clasping a hand over her mouth to try to quiet herself down as she rode out her orgasm.
 Her vision doubled as she started to see stars as she came down from her high.  
Her juices seeped through her underwear and down her thighs, the skirt she was wearing not concealing it at all.
 “Good girl.” He whispered hastily. “Let’s get you cleaned up and then we can leave.” She nodded, her breath ragged and knees shaky from the intense orgasm. 
Izuku turned the vibrator off, grabbing tissue and cleaning her thighs. “You were such a good girl for me, baby.” He smiled.
 She only nodded in reply. Izuku helped her get off the counter and held her hand. “Lets go home.” She nodded again, heading towards the door.
Izuku stopped her before leaning into her ear, “then I can give you a better orgasm then that silly toy could ever.” He smirked, leaving her a blushing mess as he walked out the café washroom. 
Tumblr media
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katsukismrs · 20 hours ago
i’ve had a kirishima brainriot recently and thought of this :((
Tumblr media
warnings; prohero au, fingering, public sex, degradation.
notes; i was gonna write bakugou and kiri fucking you in their office but i couldn’t do it, so if you want a full fic of this lmk😋.
Tumblr media
Just thinking of Pro Heroes: RedRiot and Dynamite owning an agency together. Thinking about being RedRiot’s cute, precious little girlfriend that visits him at the office almost everyday.
When you visit the office you’re dressed head to toe in RedRiot merch, bringing the two beefy heros their lunch. You smile at their receptionist, and take the elevator up to their office and walk in like you own place.
Kirishima greets you with a smile, while Bakugou acknowledges you with a nod of his head continuing to do whatever he was doing before you walked in the room. You hand the blonde his food before sitting on the redhead's lap, handing him his food before eating the food you made for yourself.
Bakugou went back to working after eating, but Kirishima had other plans. His hand found its way between your legs, fingers getting lost behind the waistband of your panties, exploring deeper until they found your clit. He rubbed soft, gentle circles onto your clit just enough to get shaky breaths from you.
When you asked about the blonde, his only response was, “it’s fun, no? The rush of him finding out how much of a little slut you are for daddy’s fingers?” His words and the new added of his fingers against your clit, pressing a little harder and rubbing a little faster pulled the most delicious moans out of you.
He had you begging to cum when Bakugou snapped his head up at the two of you, “the fuck are you two doing?” The blonde’s brow rose, he stood up from his own desk, making his way over to the both of you. Kirishima left taunts in your ear, telling you that Bakugou was about to find out how much of a slut you really were.
Tumblr media
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honeymaki · 22 hours ago
M thinking of praise🥺🥺 your fave kissing your cheeks nd eyelids nd forehead as you stutter beneath them, legs pried open wide nd pussy stretched around their thick cock🥺🥺
“Look at that princess, you’re doing so well f’me, so so pretty all spread out nd messy like this - my messy little princess aren’t you?” Nd they rub your lil clit till your legs shake nd your belly goes all quivery🥺 “Taking my cock so well, can you let me in a little more? That’s my good girl, just relax now, I got you - a few more - there we go!” Nd You’re blubbering with the stretch when they sheath in to the hilt and kicking your legs out only to have them pinned lovingly to your chest, a hand pressing on your lil folded belly🥺🥺 “Always take me so well princess, such a good fucking girl for me nd my cock, so proud of you”💕💕
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cupcake-rogue · 18 hours ago
Incoming thirst, partially inspired by a lovely discussion with @reinawritesbnha @sendhelpimstupid and @sugarspiceanddynamight
Warnings: lactation kink
Bakugou's baby mama took off right after the baby was born, a rare one night stand anyway, but now he's stuck with a brat and fuck if he's gonna let just anyone take care of it while he's out saving the world
He goes through too many nannies and baby sitters to count, no one is trustworthy enough to watch his kid. Did Japan run out of capable people that can handle a baby? He's getting desperate and he can't take any more personal days. In his desperation he contacts all the agencies again only to be told that they don't have anyone left that he hasn't turned down. Katsuki remembers reading something about women that care for babies when they don't have mothers, wet nurses
You're less obnoxious than the other people that came to the apartment, you have good references, and the baby doesn't shriek its head off when you hold it. So, you get the job. It's not so bad having you work for him, you're quiet, don't leave the place a mess, and the baby is happy
One day he gets home from work a little early to find you on the couch, holding the brat, and he finds himself smirking at the sight of you, coming closer to ask how the baby did today only to stop in his tracks, eyes wide when he sees your nipple in his baby's mouth. You smile at him like you don't have your tit on full display and ask how work went. His brain catches up with his mouth and he tells you, all while finally realizing that the bottles you leave in the fridge overnight aren't formula. And he can't deny the throb in his pants when he watched you feed his spawn
He finds himself skipping the gym to get home early so he can huff and grunt at your questions, too focused on pretending to be on his phone because he's hoping you'll whip out the titty so he can pretend he's not staring. He's not a fuckin' pervert, he's just curious. And a little jealous
He just wants a taste. Just a little one. So he tries it from the bottle. It's good. Thinner than other milk and sorta sweet, kinda like melon. Katsuki wants more and not from some cold, leftover bottle in the fridge
He can't just ask to suck on your nipples. He didn't want to find someone new to watch the baby. So he waits. And waits. Watching enviously while the baby gets to have what he wants directly from where he wants. Until one night you decide to hang around for a bit in case his brat gets hungry, since it didn't drink much before getting sleepy
You offer to get him something to drink and he sees his opportunity, turning down everything you offer until you scrunch your cute face in thought and tell him "I think there might be some milk left."
Katsuki grabs you, pulls your shirt up, and latches onto your nipple, sucking and nibbling lightly until he gets what he's been wanting for too long. It's so fucking sweet, so worth the wait. He looks up at you and growls hungrily at the stunned expression your wearing, grabbing your other breast and massaging, he'll want more
You don't even protest or try to push him away, instead you grab his hair and keep him held close while your mouth falls open and whimpers and mewls spill from your pretty lips. So fuckin' cute
By the time he moves to your other nipple he's humping the couch. He can't help it. Seeing you like that because of what he's doing to you and the taste of your warm milk in his mouth nearly has him creaming his pants
If only the brat hadn't woken up hungry. That's okay, he'll get more when you're done
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