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#bnha spoilers

(+) The HPSC makes a false announcement saying that Hawks was deceased due to his injuries, and everyone (mostly Tokoyami) has angst about it, but then they follow a code to that little underground bunker. I talked about it in more detail on another blog, (or just ramblings, this pretty much covers it without excess wording lol) but since you were answering an ask about post-war arc, I wanted to share the short cut version I remembered with you too.

sorry for another late reply! i really like this concept… post apocalypse-ish always very cool,, sorry to zero in on one thing but the hpsc faking hawks’ death continues to be a guilty pleasure lmao. so much potential for a “i lived bitch!” reveal. very cool i’d love to hear more 👀

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Some Denglish BNHA Rant Theories(?)

[24/10, 12:19] rosa: aber im excited for that fight oooof but also pls dont kill toga

[24/10, 12:19] rosa: oh god just had a thought

[24/10, 12:23] rosa: an sich sind die LOV ja auch nur n story arch genau so wie overhaul das war nur dass die LOV halt größer sind und weil mit AFO connected viel länger anhalten als alle andern

aber like der arch muss ja auch irgendwann vorbei sein, heißt das dann, dass wir die charaktere nie wieder sehen? wie beenden die überhaupt die große schlacht grade weil entweder die LOV sind danach gone/dead/verschwunden oder sie haben basically herrschaft über japan und ich glaub eigl nich dass sie das hier gewinnen weil dann würden vieeel zu viele heroes sterben und es gäb erstmal n dystopisches japan und wir bräuchten wahrscheinlich erstmal nen timeskip um uns da wieder raus zu graben lol wär iwie cool aber ich glaub nich dass ers macht so im just like???? i dont want to never see dabi and toga and spinner again pls

[24/10, 12:23] rosa: shigaraki can lowkey die theres no other option hes too op

[24/10, 12:29] rosa: tell me i’m wrong hhh he can’t Survive this. either his only-80%-finished body selfdestructs in some way or AFO basically kills him in trying to fight with OFA or Deku straight up kicks his guts in

[24/10, 12:31] rosa: if he survived he’d destroy the whole world so thats a big no no hdhdh

[24/10, 12:33] rosa: but also if shigaraki dies, does that mean they’ve defeated AFO?? that feels too easy

[24/10, 12:26] rosa: PLUS a tiktok reminded me that dabi told keigo who he is it was just blacked out for us and like there HAS to be a big reveal of Some kind and i dont want it to fucking be when like… endeavor is about to kill him if he ends up killing him

i want him to survive ugh thered be so much good story there

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oh man. lol well I’m not gonna try and sum it all up right now cuz it’s late, but here’s a link to a post I wrote about it some time ago, and here’s a much, much longer post + comment chain started by @class1akids which elaborates further on the idea. basically the VERY short version of it is, “doesn’t that one vestige look kind of EXACTLY like Bakugou lol wtf,” and then trying to do the math from there and arriving at time travel MAYBE?? because even though it’s completely outrageous it’s also honestly one of the few ways to explain that.

full disclosure/warning that this is by FAR one of the most hated theories in the entire fandom, if not THE most hated lol. like to the point of people being fully prepared to immediately drop the series if it happens. the first time I brought it up, I wasn’t aware of the controversy surrounding it and it kind of took me aback tbh. apparently there’s some ship war drama tied to it or something which I think is a part of it, and then the other part of it is people just feeling like it doesn’t fit at all with the general tone of the series, or having concerns about how it would play out, both of which are very fair critiques. but I also think there are a lot of assumptions being made there as well. there are just so many potential different ways that it could play out that it seems too early to pass judgement. that’s of course assuming it plays out at all, since right now this is mostly just all hypothetical.

but it’s like, if you’d told me at the start of the series that Endeavor would have a redemption arc, I would have been very skeptical and wary of all the potential ways something like that could go wrong. but as it turns out, Horikoshi impressed me at every turn with how he went about doing it. and so for me at least, he’s kind of earned the benefit of the doubt as far as me being willing to take a wait-and-see approach with a plot concept as nebulous as this. I have no idea where he’s gonna take it, honestly, if he even takes it anywhere! but I’m definitely intrigued by it all the same.

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this is one of the ruder asks I’ve ever gotten for sure, but I kind of like the directness of it too lol. yes Kacchan you get to keep your quirk this time lmao. I have no complaints, I’m certainly satisfied with what we did get.

but you gotta shoot your shot, anon! what is the internet even for if not for posting all of your outrageous anime theories and putting them all out there for anyone who might care to read them! the time travel theory is kind of a weird case, because I’m not fully sold on it by any means, but I’ve yet to hear any other halfway convincing explanation for the mystery surrounding the second and third vestiges. putting aside judgements of whether or not you think it’s a terrible or stupid idea or poor character/plot development, and just looking at it from a strictly rational standpoint, I haven’t heard any arguments that have convinced me to write it off as a possibility as of yet. and thus I have not written it off! but I am fully prepared to don my clown mask many more times if need be lol. it’s fun to speculate about it so I will keep speculating.

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So we know that Midoriya’s father’s quirk is fire related. And we know a few characters in the show who has that quirk:

Todoroki family. And theories say that it might be Enji Todoroki that’s the dad, but what if no?

There can be another character who has the same quirk but not related to the todorokis.

But can be related to Dabi-

I mean- we don’t know who he iS (yet)–

Yes it’s too early, and no I’m not rewatching the anime.


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@tenacityblitz​ said: 💔 👎 👀

Controversial Shipping Asks: Ship that makes you sad: 💔 || Ship that you can never see happening: 👎 || Ship you’re curious about: 👀


💔 : I would say endhawks but that ship makes he feel a roller coaster of emotions. So, I’m going with Nana and Gran Torino. Like oh my god romantic and platonic shipping of that is so damn sad. Their friendship is tragic and a romance between them? Now that’s just devastating

👎 : Besides all the obvious super crack ships, and by crack ships I mean characters that have never met or shared screen time for 5 seconds, I would have to say DabiHawks. Liiike nahh there’s no way can end in a uwu lovey dove romance. It can hardly be hate fucking at this point. Dabi literally burnt Hawks to a crisp and nearly killed him. I don’t see how that wouldn’t be traumatizing for Hawks. So yeah, I can’t ever see DabiHawks happening in canon. Dabi is a psycho and I think that is the direction his character should stay

👀 : My answer is boring but BakuDeku. Liiiiike, I’ve been seeing more of that ship and it seems really very interesting. Could it ever be romantically canon, lol no way but it’s still an interesting romantic dynamic to look at.

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I’ve talked at length about Keigo and Rumi but Enji and Rumi are like their separate brand of fun like I’ve been thinking about these panels again and everything about this scene just makes me smile (even though I was scared shitless for Rumi), like they’re dynamic is so good?? 


They’re in a bad situation. Mirko is bleeding badly, has a gaping wound on her side, is missing pieces of her arm and leg but Enji isn’t visibly panicking, (his voice is prob loud but that’s just him). He knows what to do, tells her exactly what he is about to do, (and it makes you think about how many people he’s had to do this before, how many heroes he’s had to hold as they die, shows the generational gap between his generation and Rumi and Hawks’ generation) gives her his personal handkerchief, WARNS HER! Like he’s literally covered in his blood, thinks about how badass she is and he’s so calm, has his powers so well under control that he can cauterize her wound.

And Rumi is literally seething, she’s badly injured and she’s angry that she has to stop, is livid that Enji thinks he owes her anything for her just doing her job, grits her teeth, lets him burn an ugly scar into her side and then when the nomu attacks, grabs HIS communicator and begins giving orders to the others.


Like literally on her last leg and she’s STILL heroing! And it also a really good showing of Enji’s growth into being the number one hero. He’s performing first aid,  taking his time, being as gentle as he can be given the situation. He’s literally so guilt-ridden he can’t avoid bringing up High End and he’s just being such a good hero (which bare minimum! but still) And it just goes to show how AT THEIR CORE THEYRE JUST SUCH GOOD HEROES! They’re badly injured, overexerted and they’re still such good heroes and I love their dynamic so much! Please let this not be the last of them.

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Generational Timeline


So this isn’t directly related to the question “How did OfA survive as long as it did?” But I was working on it anyways, and the timeline of OfA is in there, and I’ve kind of been stalling on this, so I’m just going to submit this rough draft thing to you, and let everyone else worry about it


Assumption 1: “Generation” as referred to in the phrase “X Generation Quirk” is in reference to “social” generations since the Dawn of Quirks, not how many generations quirks have been in an individual’s family

I’ll be using 25 year generations, because while I could use 30 year ones, the shorter generations make for a nice snug timeline, and I don’t want to do double the math to show both variations of the timeline at once

Inko is 4th generation (Chap. 1, pg 19) and 42 years old in canon (Character bio + birthday)

Izuku is 5th gen. and 16 in canon (bio + birthday)

Assumption 2: The kids in the Remedial chapters are supposed to be the start of the 6th gen (based on the fact that the Quirk Singularity first gets brought up by Mic and Meatball in 166, and basically everyone makes a point of bringing up how powerful their quirks are)

These kids are in primary school, and based off their appearance and the school’s name (translated “precocious brat”) I’d say they’re probably 6-7, 8 at the oldest. I will average this to 7, meaning that the current timeline is approximately 7 years past the start of the 6th generation, which gives us an almost exact timeframe (~132 years)

Now we can start working backwards.

Years ago / Years from the Dawn of Quirks

6 - less than 7 /132-126

5 - 7-32 / 125-101

4 - 33-57 / 100-76

3 - 58-82 / 75-51

2 - 83-107 / 50-26

1 - 108-132 / less than 25

Izuku was born 9 years before the end of Gen 5, or 16 years into it, meaning he’s a mid-5th gen child

Inko: 57-42=15

Assumption 3: AfO was born during the first year of quirks

Daruma Ujiko is over 120 (Chap. 270, pg 3)

AfO would be in his 60s when he meets the doc in his 50s

I’d also like to point out just how convenient it is for AfO that Ujiko would just so happen to be rendered completely destitute and thus devote himself and his longevity quirk to AfO (chapter 270, 4) right around the time that he’s probably starting to worry about old age doing him in

AfO and OfA are both adults when OfA the quirk is created, so it was likely made approx 30 years after quirks, though I suspect for symbolic reasons it was ~32 years, so that OfA would be exactly 100 years old and that’s the reason it’s “reaching singularity” for Izuku

All Might Rising shows Nana died when AM was 18, then he leaves the country less than a year later

Before that Gran says All for One is OVER 100 years old, which means this is at maximum ~31 years ago, so All Might’s probably 48/49

Also, since he had OfA for ~30 of its 100 years, that means each of the previous holders would have had it for an average of 10 years

Assuming they all (except All Might and Izuku, of course) were adults when they got it, the approximate timeline for when they had it would be something like this:

First: ~100 years ago - ~90 years ago (had it in early-mid 2nd gen) (First generation quirk, obviously)

2nd: 90-80 (mid 2nd/early 3rd) (first generation quirk)

3rd: 80-70 (early-mid 3rd) (1st or 2nd gen quirk)

4th: 70-60 (mid-late 3rd) (2nd gen quirk)

Daigoro: 60-50 (early-mid 4th) (Black Whip, 2nd or 3rd gen quirk)

6th: 50 - 40 (mid 4th) (3rd gen quirk)

Nana: 40 - 30 (mid-late 4th) (Float, 3rd gen quirk)

AM: 30 - 1 year ago (early 5th-early/mid 6th) (4th gen, quirkless)

Izuku: 1 year ago to now (early/mid 6th) (5th gen, quirkless)

Off to another point

Kotaro was 32 some 15-20 years ago before he died (bio + math doesn’t work if he would have been 32 now) when Shigaraki was 5, and we know Tomura’s in his 20s now, which means Kotaro would be around the same age as, or slightly older than, All Might if he was alive

Which raises an interesting insight into his character. Since we know

A. Nana gave him up when he was younger,

B. He would have been around 18 when she died,

C. Nana probably had OfA around 10 years just like her predecessors,

We can get a timetable something like this: Nana gets OfA, AfO kills her husband shortly after, and she gives up Kotaro. Then she goes off to be a (public?) hero for A DECADE, eventually picking up Yagi because he’s around the same age Kotaro would be, before dying. From his perspective that would be around ten years of watching his mother be a hero and not coming back for him, and just as he’s reaching adulthood and maybe coming to terms with things, she dies in a way that almost certainly wasn’t publicized. (If the general public is mostly unaware of him save as an urban legend, there’s no way the government told people he killed her.) Which really puts his whole “Heroes hurt their families to save strangers” thing into perspective.

Now to a different thing,

The Meta Liberation Army had been in hiding “for generations” when ReDestro was a child, and since there’s no way he’s not in his 40’s bare minimum, (the man is balding for god’s sake, even in a high-stress environment there’s no way he’s the same age as Aizawa)(not to imply Aizawa is not in a high-stress environment) that means he’s 4th gen, and the only way things work out is if Destro was 1st gen and the Liberation War was during the 2nd gen. Which probably seems obvious without all the math, but that just helps confirm it’s not baseless.


Originally I was going to use this timeline as a backdrop to make a meta about the Quirk Singularity, but it kudzu’d, my focus is whack and you started making timeline posts and I wanted to throw my two cents in, so I’ll just summarize that:

A. The Quirk Singularity refers specifically to the increase in physical backlash from quirks over time, not just increasing power

B. Ujiko was correct that the earliest signs of it were visible in the fourth generation (Endeavor)

C. You can actually track the general trend of the singularity in the manga, based off characters’ ages (this was the part I still needed to get evidence for, but Aizawa’s dry-eye doesn’t seem anywhere near as severe as Shigaraki starting to disintegrate himself during Deika or Aoyama, and Recovery Girl and Gran Torino’s quirks both seem to not have any negative effect on them at all)

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The Lov real victory wouldn’t be in winning the war but lies in people losing faith in hero society. what Tomura said before in this segment,


there real victory is when people doubt the hero society and other heroes. They may lose the battle but the war of ideologies is where they really won the entire war.

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this is dumb but-

idk bk and dk get deaged but still retain like their memories? and ofa is still with dk b/c ‘cannot be taken’ applies for that. but idk they have like a lead and decide to go take out the villain even though theyre like baby

dk’s like ‘i wont use my strength :)’ and pulls out one of the other fucking quirks

so they’re sneaking around and trying to avoid their friends and trying to avoid suspicion but arent acting their perceived age at all

/bk kicking down the villain’s door

/squeaky voice

“come here motherfuckers!”

dk is just a tiny floating eldritch abomination

idk i just wanna see some grown ass villains getting their shit wrecked by liddol bk and dk for funsies

is crack, u see

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I thought I answered this 💀

I love that Hori builds in these fatal flaws into all his characters it makes the world so much more dynamic and interesting. The fact that we meet All Might who is the pinnacle of their society and he has his own weaknesses and flaws just makes his character so much better to me. (I love All Might so much)

BNHA shows us Izuku’s growth, we know that when he goes Plus Ultra  he has consequences, and that might be one of the things that make BNHA so good and also why I’m very 👀👀👀 right now because we’ve burned Shiggy to a crisp and he’s still fighting. Wanna really dig in and see what weaknesses he has now that he’s all juiced up. 

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[Manga Spoilers]


So, I don’t know if this theory has already been done, but my friend told me about it and I think it has potential.

I have seen a lot of theories about how AFO gave Deku a quirk or how Deku already had one since the beginning, now, I like both theories so you can pick whichever you prefer for the next part.

DEKU has another quirk (and not the ones that come from the other OFA users, but those are important too) apart from OFA.

Deku is awakening the quirks of the past users, and when he asks All Might about it he says is the first time that has happened, which is intriguing, either Deku has a strong connection with OFA, or the fact that he is facing this new kinda threat that not even All Might faced OR he has a QUIRK that helps him have access to the other quirks.

I’m sorry, I know is not much, but when me and my friend started thinking about it and connecting it to the other theories, it kind of made sense. Right now that is all that I got, and I don’t know if later on I’ll write more about it, but the idea is there.


Originally posted by deku-smash

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