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#bnha twice

Ok that’s it, the dabitwice shippers have claimed the Billie Eilish Songs. They’re about dabitwice now

Ok, so I’ve loved this song for a while…. Didn’t think about it from dabitwice pov and fuck this hurts me like really really bad. Especially how Dabi’s reacting to Jins death, trying to pretend he isn’t bothered, saying he doesn’t care while he’s literally in hysterics hurting himself. Dude… Dude I…… He’s… He’s really not okay, is he? Fuck….

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Oh… Oh no I know this song. This was my angst song in high school and fuck, as a dabitwice song? This hurts…. “Am I supposed to be happy whenn all I ever wanted comes with a price. You said… you said that you would die for me.” … Shit…. Shit bro I’m here, like a little bitch, like a crying little bitch. Fuck this hurts… I gotta make some more angsty dabitwice mmvs sometime

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Yes give me all the dabitwice songs I’m building on a dabitwice playlist to cry to and a normal dabitwice playlist

Guys guys holy fuck this one hurts wtf I’m crying omg this is big sad ow ow ow!!!!

Guess what’s going on the dabitwice songs to cry to playlist? This one.

How much it fits to the recent chapters? Oh god it’s like…. Hey just rip my heart out and stomp on it, that’ll hurt less fuck I’ll never recover from this ship this hurts. I haven’t been this hurt since banana fish

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a/n: i love twice so much omggggggg

“I’m splitting again- holy shit this hurts!” 

You dropped your bag and hurried to your boyfriend’s side, quickly peeling off your jacket. 

“It hurts, it hurts, fuck, make it stop-” Jin cried, clutching the torn remains of his mask to his head as if to make up for its absence. “Just kill me or I’ll do it myself!!” 

“Please consider me an alternative to suicide,” You said, throwing the jacket over his head and pressing his face into your chest. “It’s gonna be okay. I’m here now…” 

It took him a moment to stop struggling against you, but it seemed the jacket and your chest was enough to calm him down. You sat on the floor with him for what seemed like forever until he asked, “Where’d you go?” 

You rested your head atop his own, separated by the thickness of the jacket, rubbing small circles into his back. “I had a meeting. What shredded your mask, sweetness?”

“Hero attack- like I’d tell you, woman!- they just- they came out of nowhere-”

Jin started to cry again, and you hushed him gently. You wouldn’t tell him that he’d get his revenge- he was tired of hearing it, even if he’d succeeded in it before. This was one of his moods where he was tired of everything, where it was enough for him when you sat like this in the middle of the living room with his head on your heart. 

Maybe one day you would both find peace, but for now, this was enough. 

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My dude, I have an entire playlist of sad dabitwice songs I can cry to with 43 songs and growing on it, I always want more sad dabitwice songs

Ahahaha 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I guess my playlist has 44 songs now cause bruh I’m hurtingggggg. It fits them SO WELL!!!! AHH

Seriously dabitwice has such a small shipbase and I am starved for content, anytime anyone wants to send me dabitwice songs or HCs or just yell with me about dabitwice, seriously, my askbox is open f e e d m e.

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Canon. I think Hawks wants to cook, and watches a lot of cooking shows if he has time, but it’s not a hobby he had time to cultivate yet so he is pretty bad at it right now. Jin, however, is 31 and has been living on his own since he was 14-15, so I’m sure he can feed himself properly when he has the energy too.

And cooking for Hawks is great because Hawks loves food so much and will be incredibly expressive and praise Jin for making him things, especially if they are a favorite food or tasty. So it’s not even much of a chore because in the end Jin get so much compliments and Hawks never shuts up that Jin just melts.

But he… Teaches him to cook eventually. Kid’s gotta enter his mid-twenties, you know?

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Villain LoVe Event! Week 1: June 1 - June 7

Ships: ShigaDabi | BlackMagic | GiranTwice


  • Day 1 - 6/1 - “It Terrifies Me”
  • Day 2 - 6/2 - Dark Magic
  • Day 3 - 6/3 - “I Just Wanted To Say I’m Sorry”
  • Day 4 - 6/4 - Hit With a Deaging Quirk
  • Day 5 - 6/5 - “I Just Want To Take It All Back”
  • Day 6 - 6/6 - Memory Loss
  • Day 7 - 6/7 - Free Day/whatever you like!

You can pick and choose one or more of the ships for the week for any of the Day Prompts. You may use these Prompts for fics, art, or other media forms. You may skip days if you like. We ask that works are properly tagged with appropriate content tags and that fic works are rated G or T, we are not allowing nsfw arts or fics in this event. You can send us links to your creations by direct message, @villain-love-ship-week, or using the hashtag #VillainLoVeEvent2020 to have your creations be reblogged/linked and featured on the Tumblr Page!!

Week 1 begins June 1st.

Week 2 will begin June 22nd, ships and details for week 2 to be announced by June 8th!

Have fun!

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Hello Everyone!

Me along with some other people have created something called, “The League Of Villains Ship week!” We are creating a discord server so that way everyone can participate! Be it by a drawing or a fic, anyone is welcome! There will be more to come very shortly, so stay tuned!

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A concept:

The next new member of the League is a necromancer who can conjure the dead and one day they ask the other members “Who’s Jin? Because he won’t leave me alone until I tell you guys he said ‘Hi’.” and Jin follows them around like a lost puppy all the time. and eventually they start to fall in love.

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I combined both requests in one!!! I hope you don’t mind

  • He was ignoring you, sitting on his big ass chair
  • Everyone was in the room doing their own thing
  • And what a better time than to tease him
  • “Tomu~” you moaned next to his ear
  • It was audible to the rest of the team as well, however no one did anything
  • Shigaraki thanked his lucky stars that Dabi wasn’t there to hear you
  • There are two ways this can go
  • A) he pulls you in his lap and grinds on you or makes you cockwarm him
  • B) he drags you to your shared room and gives you a rough and very good dicking
  • Usually it’s B
  • However, if he’s willing to mess around, maybe the former situation will be more possible
  • First time you moan without a reason, he is surprised
  • The second time you do it, he starts getting frustrated
  • “Stop”
  • And the third one did it
  • “Oh Dabi!”
  • He went off
  • He has this mentality of “You want to moan? I’ll give you something to moan about”
  • Will overstimulate you, no matter who’s watching, listening, or trying not to do either of those
  • He will make you scream forcefully
  • If his hips get tired he will shove his or your fingers inside of you and eat you out/suck you off
  • He won’t care, not at all I tell you
  • If you ever want to embarrass him or tease him
  • Just do that
  • In my eyes he’s a soft boy okay
  • So when he hears you moan oh my
  • You can see him blushing just beneath the mask as well!!!
  • He will nudge your side
  • Don’t do that. Keep going!
  • So when you pull his mask just a bit over his lips
  • And kiss him, not much just a small peck
  • Ohhhh he has lost it!!!
  • He’s adorable omg
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