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#bnha villain au

Villain au but in animal style, so it can be scary and cute at the same time :v


Villain au ver. 2 (I guess??)

Also here’s the sketch


Also some kimi no na wa Au of Erasermight :’D


“don’t you remember…?”


“My name is…!!!”


“Can I ask…your name…?”

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This is the wonderful Villian Au in BNHA featuring my BNHA oc Ayane.

Ayane is the UA traitor…In this AU Ayane’s father isn’t a supportive loving dad as he is to her in the main story. In this he resents being left to raise her and spends time more at work and hard with her, hating her for resembling her villain mother. Ayane has a lonely upsetting childhood resetting people all around her until she meets All for One, joining the League of Villains. She goes along with All for One’s idea of joining UA and giving them information about the school Wearing a disguise to hide her true identity from her classmates.

I’m in love with her costume to be perfectly honest >.> also if you couldn’t tell what that blue stuff around her, it’s ice. She had gotten trapped by Todoroki.

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Genre: Smut, nasty nasty smut

Warnings: Knifeplay, gunplay, non-con, slapping, facefucking, strangulation, exhibitionism, kidnapping, handcuffs, quirk play, orgasm denial, degradation, crying, master kink.

Wordcount: 4K

A/N: This is fucking nasty and I’m kind of proud of it. PLEASE READ WARNINGS.

Summary: Deku goes missing and you go to find him. Only to see he didn’t want to be rescued.


It was supposed to be a simple mission. Track down the league’s hideout, find Deku, and rescue him. However, it seemed that Deku didn’t want to be saved. That much was brought your attention when a seemingly scared and injured Deku grabbed you from behind and slammed your head into the wall, effectively knocking you out.

You woke up strapped to a chair with cuffs connecting your wrists behind the chair. You noticed five figures chained to a wall, and when your eyes finally adjusted to your surroundings, your stomach nearly dropped out your ass. The self-proclaimed ‘bakusquad,’ the very group you became a part of in your first year at UA, was chained to a wall with the same cuffs as yours.  The bakusquad was more than just your friends; they were your family, your ride, or dies. Kirishima, Mina, and Sero seemed to be the only conscious ones. You figured that Mina and Kirishima could easily use their quirks to get out of the cuffs, but one attempt at getting yourself out of the cuffs proved that there was no way of getting free.

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Sketched this a while ago but finally lined and coloured it!

It’s Izuku and Shoto from my villain au. You get to see a bit of their design and the colours. Also shoto has white hair in this au (he dyed the red half white) as seen from my first post. And there’s tododeku in this au too.

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Villain Waifu Deku’s Loving parents.

Before anyone hates on Inko, this isn’t a similar situation with Shoto and endeavor. Waifu Izuku WANTED her to train him. He WANTED the brutal training as he really wanted to become stronger.

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Villain Fantasy AU, Part Two

Uraraka Ochako

  • A well known witch in this AU. She’s more like an anti-hero rather than a villain. Ochako grew up admiring how kind and generous the Bakugou family was before Katsuki took over, they helped citizens in poverty. When Katsuki destroyed that, he practically doomed her parents and her closer friends. Because of this Ochako absolutely loathes Katsuki. She doesn’t everything in her power to spite him, and she eventually bonds with Izuku over their hatred for Katsuki.
  • Notes: is a healer, but refuses to help anyone associated with Katsuki. After Mitsuki fell ill, Ochako was the one taking care of her. Works with Tsuyu, they live together. Doesn’t trust Izuku, however, after finding out that Katsuki was the one that made Izuku so corrupted she feels immense pity for him. Occasionally helps Izuku in his battles.

Asui Tsuyu

  • Before meeting and getting attached to Ochako, Tsu was living in a swamp with her family and siblings. Not by their own will, but because they were forced there by, of course, Bakugou. Tsuyu is extremely powerful, but she mostly gambles to support her family, and eventually, Ochako and herself. Ochako fixed her family’s situation, so Tsu feels indebted to Ochako. She’s willing to follow Ochako to the ends of the earth, she’s even jumped into fights just to save Ochako.
  • Notes: her and Ochako live in a hidden cottage, they built it together. Tsu has a strong friendship with Fumikage, but since he travels so much they don’t talk as much as they used to. Is also friends with Mina, but since Ochako hates anyone associated with Bakugou, Tsu has to keep this fact a secret.

Iida Tenya

  • Has worked alongside Izuku for a very long time. He’s the only one Izuku considers a friend and that’s because Tenya knows literally everything there is to know about him. Tenya, after the death of his brother, started to do assassination jobs for Shoto, along the way he met Izuku, along with Ochako and Tsu eventually. After quickly proving himself, Tenya was put directly below Izuku, they work together as a team. They admire each other equally, and Tenya is the only person Izuku truly respects (other than his mother).
  • Notes: keeps an eye out for anyone who might go against Izuku. Still does assassination jobs for Shoto, but he isn’t loyal to the Todoroki’s, making him a flight risk in Shoto’s eyes. Is neutral towards Bakugou, but they’ve had their fair share of battles.

This AU had a pretty positive reaction, so I decided to build on it. I’m open to any ideas!

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