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#bnha x black reader

WARNING: suicide, dark intrusive thoughts, heavy angst, no happy ending

Suicide Hotline : 800-273-8255,

Ngl I almost cried writing this. Imagine that out of all the literature to make me break it’d be my own.

The rain dripped down his discolored body as he stood in it. Unbothered by the lack of weatherly protection he wore, he allowed the droplets to collect on his lashless lids imitating the tears he couldn’t cry. Inky black lines fell down his face in a mockery of the sorrow he didn’t deserve.

It happened again, he should have seen it coming. Why did he expect it to be any different this time? The wilted flowers in his hand bent as the drops of rain they needed, crushed them in its unbearable weight. It was your birthday, the day he thanked this Godless world for, something you would hit him for whenever you tried to share your bible study teachings.

A shaken hand lights a cigarette as he recalls the sight he was destined to witness. Blue smoke filled the air and in the distance, he heard the siren of the authorities, but he didn’t care.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to not answer the door, you weren’t one to get up early. Something he took advantage of by snuggling close to your sleeping form whenever he snuck in. So he did his normal routine of walking around and jumping through your always-open window.

After stepping one leather-clad shoe inside he knew something was not right. Your usual smell of incense had dwindled down to only a spicy taste on his tongue. The darkness of your home was unusual in itself since you always thought monsters lurked in the dark.

He resisted the cough that swelled in his lungs as the smoke polluted the once clean air.

Monsters, a topic you brought up so commonly, he almost believed them to exist. Laughter bubbles from his discolored lips. He supposed they do exist, in the down ridden alleys of the world, lurking to catch some unsuspecting victim and leading them closer to their own demise.

Then there were the once in our own heads. Oh, he was familiar with those. The nagging crawling feeling of them whispering in his ears as they dragged their claws along his skin, urging him to hurt either himself or others. He listened to their every whim and need just to get them silent for only a moment. Then you came along.

You didn’t heal him, he was no fool, this wasn’t a fairytale. But for the few moments he spent with you, he felt almost free, normal. The voices and urges seemed to lessen almost as if they were afraid of your brightness. Afraid of the smile that once lit up the room. The smile that told him everything would be okay, that forgiveness can be had by all.

But now, now he was afraid. It had only been a moment but he could feel them coming back tenfold.

“It’s your fault. She couldn’t stand to be near you no longer.”

“You were being so selfish you didn’t even know she was hurting too.”

“There’s Dabi, doing what he does best and ruining things for everyone.”

The numbness he felt as the words pierced his brain was telling in itself. He tried to hold on to the words you once said, your laughter. Anything that would keep them away for a little longer. Why did you leave him, was it something he did? Was he so blinded by the selfless help you offered that he couldn’t see past his own needs?

The image of you laying on the floor flashed in his mind. The way your cold skin made even the furnace inside him tremble as he held your limp body against him. How the room shook as he wailed tearless cries rang throughout the lifeless home.

He held you close against him as if encouraging your body to soak up his heat. That’s all, you were just cold, he could warm you up. All you needed was to be warmed up. Dabi had hoisted you in his arms. You had never felt smaller. Your hair was long overdue for a redo as stray strands tickled his nose.

He laid you in your bed and draped the cover over your body. You could bathe later when you woke back up. Dabi sat with a beating heart, he raised a finger to light the dumb little candles you kept in your room but stopped as he remembered you didn’t like him using his quirk in the house.

“She was scared you’d lose your temper and burning her.”

Dabi rummaged through the kitchen till he found a lighter, not forgetting to fill a vase with water. You would love the flowers he got you, some still had the root so you could grow them. The smell of the candles filled his nostrils. You said they were cinnamon eggnog but he could hardly smell with his burnt sinuses. The spice of the strong herb was the only thing that brought him comfort.

Dabi removed his dingy coat and laid next to you, you’d wake up, you had to. To protect him from his monsters. He held your steadily chilling body against his own, as he emitted a small amount of heat that he could share between the two of you.

The sound of the birds awakening filled his ears. You would wake up soon, you loved to hear the birds in the mornings even though he found them annoying.

Open pill bottles laid complacent on the bathroom counter but he ignored them. You would never do that, they were just to help you sleep, or your asthma. You didn’t take more than nessasary, they werent’ ‘empty’, you simply needed a refill.

“Don’t lie to yourself you morron”

“Wow, she couldn’t stand to be with you so much that she took that route.

Dabi buried himself in your soft hair, no, that isn’t true.

“You should take some with her, I’m sure she had a plan two if these didn’t work”

“Go ahead, kill yourself like a coward!”

He kept his eyes squeezed shut in a way to protect himself, he wasn’t going to listen, you loved him. This wasn’t his fault.




The sound of your voice above all others drew him to silence, maybe he’ll listen a bit closer. You’ll tell all his monster off just like you used to.

“Dabi you’re horrible.”

Look at what you did to me”

I was dying and you did nothing”

I’m dead.”


“Even in my last moments, you’re clinging like a kicked dog”


The mantra of voices sounding of you filled his head. His chest bounced up and down from a breath he could not feel. His hands clenched in your shirt as the smell of singe filled his diluted senses. The sight of his blue flames enveloping your form haunting his dreams for years to come as he fleed your once happy home.

His memory is cut as he feels his fingers burn from the dying cigarette. He never even put his lips to it. You hated when he smoked. He didn’t need to anyway, the sight of your house burning to ashes before him, was enough to satiate his longing for smoke in his lungs.

Dabi released a scoff as he tossed the ashes onto the water flooded street he stood on. Monsters, what you were most afraid of and something he couldn’t even protect you from. How could he, when he was one himself?

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Sure thing!👀🙈

Eisaku Kirishima with a Black gf


Warnings: Eisaku being Eisaku

  • Oh lawd💀
  • He’s a himbo so you’re gonna have to have major patience with this one
  • He’ll tease you about your hair and everything else about you just to get some type of reaction out of you. Don’t worry tho, he loves every inch of your body he really just likes making you mad💀🤣
  • He does the absolute most to get your attention. He’d flex his muscles at random times when he was around you and you thought he had a Fasciculation issue 💀
  • He’s naturally flirty (got it from his Momma and Uncle Mori) so he’s gonna be flirting with you 80% of the time
  • He’s an aussie so his accent can get pretty thick from time to time

“Eh, I think I’ll just chuck a sickie.” Esiaku exclaimed before taking off his uniform

“Huh? Kuku, what the fuck are you talking about? ”

He sweat drops. “Sorry, I have a habit where I go back into using my accent. I’m taking a day off from school.”

“Oh okay!” You smack him on the arm. “That makes sense… kinda.”

  • Love’s calling you Babe, cuddlefish, and Beaut
  • He loves resting his head between your thighs or on your butt.
  • If he’s feeling “hungry” he’ll nibble on them🙈🏃🏾‍♀️💨
  • He loves Black/African culture. he sees it as something sacred that nobody non black should fiddle with.
  • Loves Dr. umar🗿🏃🏾‍♀️💨
  • You have some type of unique connection with him when it comes down to black classics. He’s completely in love the movies Friday and Boyz n the Hood.
  • When you took him to his first cookout he fits right in with everyone
  • Gains 20 pounds from potato salad and collard greens alone
  • Grandmamma and the rest of the family loves him so that’s a really good sign that he’s the one for you.
  • Like his mom and uncle, his heart is at sea. He’ll take you out on the beach to relax and to watch the sun go down
  • He loves taking you out on fancy dates. (With mommy and daddy’s money of course) he normally gets a private booth or rents out the entire restaurant for just you two
  • Swimming dates! baby makin Music will be playing in the background while y’all swim back in forth in the water
  • If you don’t know how to swim, he’ll teach you. He’ll be extra patient cuz he knows you’ll most likely panic over a drop of water💀
  • He loves to seeing you smiling and happy. It truly makes him warm and soft inside🤧💗
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Request: from @tangirlisfangirl

Duet: Todoroki x reader

Song: Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish


I’ve been watchin’ you for some time

Can’t stop starin’ at those ocean eyes

Shouto doesn’t understand how beautiful his eyes were or how he attracts people with his own duality. He looks good at any angle. From one side, his brown eye becomes a rare moth in the snowy winter. On the other, his eye was a pool of water untouched in red hot lava. Together, they expressed his soul. No matter what, his eyes would never betray you. His face would show the littlest of reaction only those closest could assess. But for you, he didn’t need to move a facial muscle, as his blue-brown hues told you all in the most colorful ways.

Right now, he bore the cups of rich honey and refreshing ocean water. Two contradicting pairs that looked oh so well together. However, the glimmer in his eyes held a hidden emotion, anticipation. Your hand fell over his on the balcony; he averted his gaze from the sinking horizon to connect with yours.

“Shouto? Are you nervous about something? Do you want to go back to the hotel room?” You asked, concern flooding your own irises. A ghost of a smile found itself on his lips. He loved your eyes as much as you loved his.

“No, love. I’m fine.” He cupped your hand in his.

“In fact, I’m more than fine.” You said, getting on one knee. A gasp left your mouth before you could cover it. His earth and sky stared up at you.

No fair

You really know how to make me cry

When you give me those ocean eyes

“Izuku helped me with this proposal, but… I forgot the words.” He confessed. Anxiety flooded his features. You almost laughed at his expression before his eyes magnetized you, declaring all that could have been said on that written paper. Clear beads of tears fell from your lash line, but your eyes shone happiness; your body shivered from joy. It was then Shouto knew, in the golden sunset, your eyes were the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen.

I’ve never fallen from quite this high

Fallin’ into your ocean eyes

“(Y/n), will you marry me?”

Those ocean eyes.

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Thank y’all so so much! Words truly cannot describe how much I love each and every one of yall😭❤️ I wouldn’t have never gotten this far if it wasn’t for y’all’s support and for that, I promise to work even harder to push out more content for y’all to enjoy reading! I hope yall have a wonderful day/night😌✨

Special thanks to:

@blackweebtrash @rosetheshapeshifter @lilsparkyswife @1-800-s1mping @hawksbff @optimal-idiot @angiebug101 @myonepiece @myhoodacademia @vemuabhi @zorosbabymama @lawslessons @skepticalkoi-catastrophe @lxstfulbeans @aalvyah @hoestarave2 @violetmakkisun

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i think this is my second dabi work, so lets see how it goes with the rat bastard.



  • Whenever he sees people giving you looks, he gets pissed off. First of all, why the fuck are they looking at you? You’re his, not theirs. But when he gets a glimpse of the judgy look in their eyes, he has to hold back the urge to grab them, ask them what they were making that look for
  • But the moment someone actively says or does something, Dabi’s on their ass. He knows you’re uncomfortable the moment they comment on your skin, thinking you can’t understand them. He doesn’t care if he’s blowing his cover. He’s going to give them a friendly talking to.
  • And by talking to, I mean he’s putting his hand on the back of their neck, slowly heating up his hand so that they can feel the slow burn. They have the nerve to say your skin is too dark? To tell you aren’t pretty? Fine then, he’ll mess them up a little bit as payback, give them a little pep talk.
  • “Hmm? You want to say that again? Something about ‘skin too dark to be pretty?’ You know they can understand you? I can too, but I’m not as nice, buddy. You look at what’s mine the wrong way, and I’ll get a little pissed. But the moment you insult what’s mine? Oh, you’re in for a nice one-on-one with me.” He thinks he sounds cool when he says it, but honestly, it’s very cheesy.
  • Of course, he doesn’t tell you he does this, not wanting you to curse him out for burning people in case you’re a person with a good heart. He thinks it’s only fair. You’re hot, you’re sexy, you’re beautiful. Just because you’re black doesn’t change any of that, and anyone trying to say something against it will feel his wrath.
  • If he notices your still a little upset about it, which he completely understands, Dabi’s taking you home ASAP, wanting to have time with you alone to let you know how beautiful you are, no matter what. He genuinely wishes he could do something about the discrimination for you. Hell, he’d kill people if he had to. It’s no biggie for him. He knows he’s a little hypocritical, but that’s not going to change it. You’re his S/O. No one is allowed to insult you and hurt you without consequences.
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bakugou, kirishima, and todoroki’s reaction to the reader killing it during karaoke

a/n: i’ve had since u been gone by kelly clarkson on repeat and have been thinking of this prompt for a while LOL so ig this song in particular is inspiring me rn, hope you enjoy!! this was more of a self indulgent post lol

essentially all of these start with mina n the 1-a girls getting the reader to sing bc they know they have a nice voice

bakugou katsuki


Originally posted by sukifics

  • Bakugou was being grumpy as usual (he had actually always been curious about karaoke but he would never admit that🙄), arms crossed and the same scowl on his face as always, quiet but definitely listening as Mina was shoving the mic in your hand and encouraging you to sing.
  • Your eyes dart to the side, heart beating a little faster at the suggestion. Sure, you had sang for fun whenever you were hanging out with Jiro and the other girls, but this situation was different.
  • It was the whole class this time…. but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t already have a song in mind. Taking a deep breath you look back at Mina and the other girls.
  • “Fine, but only if someone else joins me.” You say someone else, but your pointed stare at Mina says enough lmao
  • After you tell her the song in mind you both go👀👀 cause you already KNOW y’all are gonna eat this up
  • The moment the song starts playing and you get into it, this man gets entranced almost instantly LMAO (Kaminari notices and takes a pic bc Bakugou with his mouth dropping open was a sight to SEE BDHDJD)
  • “When I’m outside please don’t make me wait. The party started when we pull up to the gate—girl we so late~” You obviously feel much more comfortable performing with Mina, Bakugou’s eyes on you the entire time, unbeknownst to you. Your body is flowing and swaying with the beat, your voice soothing to his ears.
  • If he wasn’t already aware of his crush on you, he definitely couldn’t ignore it now💀 He’ll put up a front afterwards like he wasn’t jamming along in his own way while the rest of the class was singing along to the chorus and hyping you n Mina up.
  • Will DEFINITELY kick whoever’s nearby if they say something romantic or flirtatious about you afterwards bc DAMN they really didn’t know you had a presence like that, singing and dancing involved.
  • You can’t tell me Mina isn’t a ChloexHalle stan🤧 you both have seen the Do It challenge on tiktok so when the chorus comes and y’all are dancing his eyes (again) are literally stuck on you like glue.
  • “It’s a homies only kind of mood~” Man got goosebumps
  • Will tell you you did “Okay, I guess” not looking at you while everyone else was complimenting Mina and you
  • If you’re already dating when this happens he’ll ask you to sing more often.

kirishima eijirou


Originally posted by bokenoboke

  • The moment No Scrubs comes on and you start he’s got the biggest smile on his face. If you didn’t already know he had a crush on you anyone else that didn’t know him would know he did the moment they saw him lmao
  • “No, I don’t want your number, no, I don’t want to give you mine and no, I don’t want to meet you nowhere, no, I don’t want none of your time” Kirishima is just in awe before he remembers that if he wants to cheer you on he actually needs to MOVE HHDJDJD PLS
  • I’m talking lovesick expression on his face as he whoops and cheers you on, clapping and talking about how manly and attractive you were while you were singing, swiping away at tears
  • He’s so sweet I love him
  • He didn’t know too much about the song (you and Mina explained to him what a scrub was in more detail afterwards), but even if he didn’t he definitely had an idea if your performance with Mina was any indicator (singing it literally gives me such an ego boost everytime it’s so good)
  • He’ll try to push away the thoughts that come to his mind whenever you would sway your hips or when you sang a lyric in a certain tone, he’s gotta stay respectful
  • Will definitely be blushing as he compliments you, he was blushing pretty much the entire time you were singing and dancing
  • If he hadn’t already asked you out, he definitely would after everyone left. His feelings for you pretty much surged sky high, even more if that was possible
  • You’re so amazing. W-would you go out with me?”

todoroki shouto


Originally posted by animeenthusiastxoxo

  • Just like the other two, Todoroki is just as in awe with his eyes glued on you. He was definitely caught off guard. While he didn’t expect you to be a bad singer, he didn’t expect to love your voice as much as he did
  • To be honest, it went by too fast for him
  • He wanted to hear more of your voice, he really did love it
  • While his face is generally stoic while you sing, if you look closer he’s got the faintest of smiles tugging at his lips
  • He’s happy to see you enjoy yourself as you dance with Mina, vibes on maximum
  • Again, you can’t tell me Mina doesn’t stan SZA either
  • “Now I’m wavy~~~” you both sing, smiles on your faces, bodies swaying
  • I think the best way to describe his reaction was basically a mental glitch LMAODHDHSJ he was just 🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️ as you were doing your thing. He definitely wasn’t complaining though
  • It takes Midoriya elbowing him as you walk back to your seat next to Todoroki as he asks him if he also thought you and Mina did great to snap out of it
  • He has to blink a few times to get himself together as you sit down, nodding.
  • I’m going to give Todoroki the benefit of the doubt and say he already knew he had a small crush (not small anymore LOL) on you, heart beating a little faster as he turns to speak to you
  • “You did great, _____.”
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@blackweebtrash @lilsparkyswife @starlightnews @angiebug101

Im finna introduce yall to one of the most popular ocs of mine that the poc girls are just lovin rn:

Haru Kobayashi (17)

Quirk: Mother Nature🌿

Height: 6’8

Personality: He’s we’ll reserved and quiet but dont let that fool you he can get down with the rest of em😭

Fun facts: (1) He has a bunch of fan girls/boys that follow him everywhere (2) has sensitive hearing (3) hates Bakugou with a passion(4) a plant lover (5) loves southern comfort food (6) has hooked up with at least 4 people in class 1-A


Feel free to send in requests about him or if you’d like to make headcanons/one shots about him, by all means do it.

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For the second time send in requests but make sure you look at my rules first😌✨

8 notes

prompt: just some general headcannons of what bakugo would be like in a relationship with black s/o

warnings: negro shit, fem!black!reader, aged up bakugo

an: ok boom, so i think it is so hot of this fandom to just headcannon that bakugo is a whore for black women like- yes 💕

  • this mofo y’all-
  • this boy loves you so much but that pride fucks him up every single time
  • he has no problem saying i love you or even showing his love through actions but in public, you ain’t getting shit
  • he just gets way to flustered; like he’ll hug and whisper the shit, thinking you didn’t hear
  • “i love you” “huh?” “SHUT UP! I DIDN’T SAY SHIT!” “nigga-”
  • beyond that, this man will go above and beyond to make sure you know that you are loved
  • hell, he’ll spoil you for the sole reason that he does in fact love you more than life itself
  • i personally think he takes pride in buying you shit so when people ask, you can be like “oh yeah, my boyfriend brought me all of that” “…sis thas at least twenty damn bags of clothes and jewelry-”
  • his big-headed self is probably like “hell yeah I did”
  • ironically, he hates when you spend yo money on him or yourself; he doesn’t mind you being independent and shit, he actually encourages it but this is the one thing he won’t let go
  • this nigga will start hiding yo cards and shit or start blowing them bitches up
  • he feign like he stupid or some shit; he da smartest, most organized nigga you know but when yo card goes missing all of sudden he done lost his damn memory?
  • “Katsuki, where my card go?” “…huh?” “nigga- YOU FUCKING HEARD ME! WHERE IS MY DAMN CARD!?!?”
  • this motherfucker is definitely checking on yo back account every two days just make sure money is coming in and not out
  • if you somehow find that card, props to you, just know it is not yours forever and it will go missing again in under 24 hrs
  • the most important thing he decided to buy you was a pretty gold custom necklace of his name and gold bamboo hoops to match
  • the hoops he didn’t really care for but that necklace- chile
  • it was almost like he cared for it more than you did…cause he did; he always touching it, fiddling with it, and you know that bitch is real so sometimes he likes to polish it so it shines
  • but if you take it off- sis, did you write yo will yet? put that bitch back on before he catch you
  • it’s real for a reason- so you don’t have to take it off; if he does catch the necklace not on yo body, he’s gon be pissed
  • “WHY IN THE HELL IS YO NECKLACE NOT ON YO NECK AND IN MY HAND, DUMBASS!?!?” “hol on now- calm yo self. i took it off cause i didn’t want it to get messed up-” “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! PUT THE SHIT BACK ON!!” 
  • ….it’s such a silly thing to get angry over but don’t take it off sis, if you value yo life
  • for some reason whether big or small, he loves hitting your ass. and i don’t mean no petty swat, i mean he’s throwing hands 
  • “SMACK!” “Ow! Nigga, have you lost yo god damn mind?!?” “What? It was just there”
  • not to mention but any chance he get- he’s grabbing the yams
  • motherfucker can not keep his damn hands to himself, he gotta touch, even if it’s a quick squeeze 
  • y’all laying in bed? grabbing the yams. you laying on yo couch, minding yo business? grabbing the yams. talking to yo lil friends? grabbing them yams. working on the field with him? grabbing the yams. 
  • When y’all sleeping together, his hands always gravitates towards ya ass and stays there
  • moving on- 
  • I’d like to mention that, he is a big baby
  • He won’t ever admit it out loud but sometimes he hates how good you get along with his friends; like yes, he’s happy that all of you get along really well but damn it pay attention to him, not no fucking extras 
  • and he’s so petty about it. you’ll be talking to kiri and em’ and all of sudden this mother fucker is pulling you into his lap
  • if you still continue to ignore him or don’t give him all of your attention, he’ll pull away from everyone to some where private and start ranting on how you should pay attention to him and not some fucking extras
  • and if it’s deku who’s has your attention- ok first of all, how dare you? and second of all, getcho yo ass over here before I kill that nerd   
  • dramatic much? like damn nigga calm down
  • and now lastly, let’s talk about golden hour
  • at first he didn’t know what the fuck it was but when he learned, he was obsessed
  • “suki, do you wanna do golden hour pictures with me?” “what the hell is that?” “…just bring yo ass on-”
  •  the way you was just sitting there, shining and shit; melanin taking in all that good sun and the way his necklace was shining against you- mans was hooked 
  • man’s in his head was like “i’m dating a literal goddess….good job, katsuki😌” 
  • now he thinks it’s his personally duty to become yo photographer at golden hour. if you let anyone else do it, he will throw a very big tantrum
  • he loves taking the pictures especially when have just woken up, bonnet still on head, bare face, wearing his t-shirt- yuh yuh, that part;  those pictures go up on his instagram page that has more pictures of you than him, with the caption “look at my baby 🥰” sappy, corny ass nigaa
  • the fangirls was not happy about that but ha! the comments have been off- 
  • but yeah, boom boom boy loves you more than anything in this world💕

an: y’all tell me if you want me to do other characters 😌

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Imposter Bakugou pt 2


You stand there shaken as you watch Bakugou kick Shinsou into the vents, a smear of blood leading from it. “I respect the bastard for putting up a bit of a fight.” Bakugou laughs darkly, looking at you to join in but honestly you found nothing funny.

Watching Bakugou cover his work, you took the time to assess your options. On one hand, you could run and tell the others, you’d made a pretty strong bond with the rest of them. Then again they knew Bakugou longer. On the other hand, you could simply go along with what he wanted but wouldn’t that just prolong your inevitable death?

Your thoughts are cut at the sound of the door opening. Bakugou narrowed his red eyes at the shadows approaching.

Your time of evaluation had been cut shorter than you expected.

You take a step forward but Bakugou quickly cuts off your path, pushing you against the wall. From an outside view, it would seem like you two were caught in a moment of passion. But the reality was that Bakugou had his utility knife against your side. “Don’t be stupid.”

The irony

You two part ways there, unable to continue further. Bakugou didn’t approach you after that day, but you both knew your decision was already made. Whether it was the selfishness of caring for your own life. Or the sick illusions that your friends would go peacefully if you didn’t cause panic.

Little by little they disappeared and it wasn’t until it was only 4 of you left. For a moment, you felt a slight hope that the 3 of you could ban together and stop Bakugou. But that illusion was decimated as you watch crimson blood drip down Sato’s arm as he crushed Kouji’s head with his bare hands.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t feel a thing. Well less than he would have if Katsuki had done it, he eats people.” Sato said, shivering from an unpleasant memory. He then looks at you from the corner of his eyes with a lifeless gaze, and you take that as a chance to run.

As you sprint down the corridors, Sato makes a move to go after you but Bakugou dissuades him. “We have some unfinished business with each other.”

The sound of carefree whistling, reached your ears in no time and the hammering of your heart became too much to bear. “Come on out, make this easy!” Bakugou’s gravelly voice resounded throughout the now empty halls is the skeld and strikes fear in you.

You try to calm your breathing as you lean against the closet door and the sound of his footsteps retreating became obvious. There was a deafening silence, and then there was a loud crunch of your door being punched through. The familiar sight of Bakugou’s alien tongue crossed your vision as it retracted just inches away from your head.

“Did I get you?” The realism of it all hit you like a brick and you dropped to your knees as Bakugou opened the door. “Guess not. Why are you on the floor?” Bakgou looked at you with slight confusion but mostly disinterest.

You paw at the front of his suit, trying to get it undone before he grabbed your hands. “Aye what’s wrong with you?” You looked at him dumbly, Bakugou wasn’t one to play mind games. It took you awhile to realize his seriousness. “B-But you said that you were going to…” you felt your body heat up at the memory of his words.“

Bakugou smirked, "Ah that, honestly I was just going to kill ya.” You snatched your hands away quickly as the blond man unzipped his orange suit. “But now that I see what a truly desperate little slut you are, how can I pass up this opportunity!?”

You squint your eyes preparing for some disgusting deformity on his body but it seemed mostly human. In fact the only indicator that something was wrong was the small sliver of skin overlapping past his belly button. Bakugou snaps his fingers in front of your face.

“Eyes up here!” Pulling the suit pants low off his waist, the vision of a pink tip flashes before you as his dick hits his stomach. And as much as you hated it, the sight made your mouth water.

Bakugou snorted, “Even I can see how pathetic you are. ” Bakugou holds his member and stores it slowly, “Fine. Open wide for me and I just might let you live.”

You doubted that statement but follow your instructions nonetheless

His cock was hot and heavy on your tongue as he tapped against it a few times. The pre it was leaking was salty and bitter, encapsulating Bakugou’s personality or lack thereof. You hum as he places his hand on the top of your head, urging you to explore.

Oral was never your thing but, being there on your knees, with the possibility of death was enticing and left your skin tingling with excitement. “You’re moving too damn slow, human.”

Bakugou grabs the side of your face and thrusts himself the rest of the way. You choke, tapping his leg rapidly as a sign that is ignored. “Ohh fuck.” His speed was brutal and the feeling of his balls slapping your chin only made him want to go faster.

You sat limply on your knees as Bakugou used you as he pleased. You felt about as useful as a sex toy and he treated you as such. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard and I want you to swallow it.”

You make a noise of alarm as his dick begins twitching in your throat. “Shut up, be a good cocksleave and I might just let you live.” Bakugou’s hips stutter for a moment and next thing you know, sticky strings of cum are sliding slowly down your throat, and it takes deep concentration to keep it from going down the wrong pipe.

Bakugou pulls away and your watch fearfully as his cock bobbed in front of you. Still hard. “I might just keep you around a little while longer if you keep this up.” He slaps your face lightly as he zips himself up.

You are dragged behind him as he pushes you in a capsule that Sato sat waiting in. You didn’t know where you were going but you did know you weren’t dead and that’s all that matters now. Bakugou watched you from the corner of his eye and his mouth spread in a toothy grin.

This would be fun.

Ion really like the ending but ig

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Dabi: “Fuck, Why should I care that you’re crying!?”

Y/n: “Because you love me God Dammit! You do. You know it hurts you inside when you see me like this!”


Shii I might turn this into a one shot👀🏃🏾‍♀️💨

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alright [redacted], the shit below is my work. i do not own the characters, just the writing. i do not allow any reposts on any other platforms or pages, reblogs not included. 


personal mha headcannons pt.1

⤷ includes class 1-a

class 1-a gender identites

⤷ includes class 1-a


⤷ includes kirishima, bakugo, mina, sero, + kaminari

relationship headcannons

⤷ includes bakugo

meeting their kids but they’re dating other people

⤷  coming soon!


izuku and his kids

⤷izuku midoriya, fluff


need to fill…

other/random thoughts


⤷ includes nsfw thoughts, mild violence, + slight mentions of death

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POV: You wake Katsuki up @ 1 am cause ur hungry

“Babe…” you whispered as you poked your boyfriend’s cheek. He only let out a small groan before his light snores could be heard again. “Babe?” You question, whispering just a bit louder.

He stirs a little, his grip tightening on you. You groan. You spent 30 minutes trying to wriggle free from your boyfriend’s arms just to move your arms, and here you are again.


“Katsuki.” You’re hangry. Very hangry. You’re no longer whispering. “Katsuki Bakugo.” No movement.

You let out a small whine and immediately try to wriggle free again. This time Katsuki stops you.

“What are you doing?” His voice is gruff and raspy from being unused. You can almost hear the rumble in his throat.

“I’m hungry.” You waste no time getting straight to the point. He sighs.

“Okay, go grab a midnight snack.” He scoffs. You pout and furrow your eyebrows.

“I want McDonald’s’.” He looks down at you, and for a moment, you swear his eyes glowed.

“You’re kidding, right? You’re not fucking serious.” Some would say Katsuki’s whipped for you. Actually, everyone would say that.

He likes to think he isn’t. You just so happen to earn everything you ask for. Pfft- okay.

“I’m serious.”

“Babe, it’s 1 in the morning. I’m tired. You have work tomorrow. We can get McDonald’s’ for breakfast in the morning. Please go back to sleep.” Katsuki just wants rest. Too bad.

“But I want it now…” you whine, “Please, Katsu?”

“I’m not going to McDonald’s at 1 in the morning. Can’t you wait? Go to sleep.”

“But I can’t wait. I can’t sleep if I’m hungry.”

“Baby, it’s 1 am, what McDonald’s is going to be open-“

“The one down the street.” He sighs as he moves to get out of bed. You cheer quietly.

“What do you want, dumbass.”

“Chicken nuggies.”

“We have chicken nuggets here!” He groaned.

“But McDonald’s’ is better!” You say, sitting up. “Oh! You also have to get me a caramel frappe. They smell like you.”

Katsuki’s sitting in the drive-through, trying not to fall asleep at the wheel. He then realizes something so painfully obvious.

He’s pulling up to the window to get the food when he just looks at the male cashier and goes, “Holy shit, I’m a fucking simp.”

Cashier just looks at him when a look of sympathy, “Happens to the best of us…”

I had two posts scheduled for yesterday, and I forgot to queue them. 😀 Anyway, it’s 1 am, and I’m legit hungry, so here. Random oneshot(???) I guess. I know for a fact this has tons of grammatical errors, but I’ll fix it later.

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pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader

warning: nsfw, smut, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, marijuana, drugs

disclaimer: sex under the influence, high sex, praising, fingering, creampie, spanking, sex with plot

w/c: 2k

a/n: This is actually based off of the College AU! I did. I hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for holding off so long for this :,). Good luck this semester everyone! I promise you’ll survive this! Summer break will come sooner than you know it!


Just like clockwork, the spring semester was starting up once more. Students from all across the world flocked back to their universities. Some, happy they are free from the clutches and rules of being at home with parents and guardians. Others, unsatisfied by the classes they would be partaking in on Monday. One thing everyone could agree on though, things would relatively be back to normal as they were before everyone left.

Your head slowly nodded to the beat of your headphones, lips mouthing the words as if they were your own. Your hands retrieved another shirt from your suitcase, unfolding it and putting in on a hanger. It seems like you’d been unpacking for forever, clothes thrown on your dorm bed before you put them in a closet. Thankfully, your suitcase was now empty. Zipping the clunky object, you pushed it under your bed where it would remain until spring or summer break.

A small smile crept up on your lips, satisfied with the work that you’ve done so far. You’d have the entire dorm to yourself until tomorrow. Mina was always the type to wait as long as she could before coming back on campus.

You reached down to your cellphone, getting ready to text Mina you made it to the dorm safety, you felt someone taking your headphones off. With a gasp, you turned around. Maroon eyes gazed over at you, brimming with mischievously and amusement. A cruel smirk was plastered on this thin pink lips, ash-blond hair covered from the black beanie he was wearing. You let out a sigh, ripping your headphones out of his grasp as he snickered.

“What? I figured you’d miss me,” Bakugou murmured out. You rolled your eyes, trying to fight the smile on your lips. You slowly walked into his chest, his arms wrapping around you. His head nuzzled into your hair, his grip on you slightly tighter than before. Bakugou usually wasn’t this clingy.

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Ive been waiting for this one..TURN IT UP!!


Haru with a Black Girlfriend

warnings: Nsfw towards the end

  • He loves everything about you
  • Your skin, curves, THE WHOLE NINE💅🏾✨
  • He believes in y/n supremacy🧍🏾‍♀️🧎🏽‍♂️
  • He loves to hear you talk (baby boy didn’t know what AAVE was until you came along😭✋🏾)
  • Even though he’s blaisian, he’s still ignorant about black culture so when you educated him about y’all’s history and taught him a few things, he was really intrigued and he thinks you’re ten times more attractive now cuz you’re really smart and you’re so passionate about y’all’s culture
  • Y’all finna slow dance to I like it by DeBarge and Voyage to Atlantis by The Isley Brothers 🤧💕
  • loves to help you fix your hair.

“Y/n love, can I braid your hair?”

“Sure baby! You don’t have to ask. I trust you with it.”

  • Haru is very gentle on your head. Gentle to the point that you can’t even tell if he touched yo scalp at all. Shii i need him to do my hair lol
  • He does the braids very neat and even. if you lucky he might do shapes
  • Baby will defend the fuck outta you if someone disrespects you in any way (especially if it’s racism)
  • Haru is a big softy and sensitive but when it comes down to you and his plants he’s willing to change

“If I catch a worthless piece of trash like you talking shit about my baby again, don’t be surprised if you see a man eating plant sleeping with you in bed that night. Stay the fuck away from her and me. We clear?”

  • you baby him A LOT and he loves it. He turns into a big baby

“Here baby, put on this jacket it’s cold outside.”

“Make sure you take all of your vitamins so you can stay a big strong and healthy man for me. okay baby??

  • Haru: 🥺💕


First and for most he won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do and he waits untill you give him Consent (he does this every time)

  • For all of my horny hoes out there, he’s PACKING
  • Like 13 inches packing
  • This finna be y’all: 👩🏾‍🦽
  • His voice gets a lot deeper when he’s horny
  • He has a lot of kinks but his biggest two I’d say is the size and bondage one.
  • It doesn’t matter what size you are he still gonna fuck the hell outta you
  • He’s low key sadistic so….👩🏾‍🦽
  • Did I mention he has sharp teeth like Kiri? Yeah haru likes to bite🙈
  • His favorite parts to bite is the neck obviously, your inner thighs, and boobs, Shii if he really in the mood he finna be biting that pussy of yours
  • He’s bisexual so like if you’re into that threesome shit with another guy he’s down.
  • He turns into your little bitch if you decide to take the controller
  • He occasionally likes to be pegged 👀
  • Haru actually doesn’t care for dick sucking baby wants you to just ride that shit
  • He’s a fast cummer so like it wont take that long. Maybe like five minutes at least and he cums a lot like from 12 to 16 oz
  • He’s very vocal in the bedroom nigga really be waking the neighbors up lmaoo
  • Haru is very aggressive cuz he got major ✨stamina✨ and cuz your moans encourage him to fuck faster
  • He enjoys that pussy juice so be prepared cuz he a hard ass sucker. That nigga will literally suck u dry
  • After sex he’ll start a bath for you both and he’ll offer to clean you all up while you relax ✨

Y’all i know the end part was bad this is my first time doing this nsfw type shit😣😖 hope you liked it tho :)

@1-800-s1mping @hawksbff @kalopsiaologist @skepticalkoi-catastrophe @lilsparkyswife

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Ima tell you this right now. I don’t know how to write a song fic so this is going to be trial and error. Also this song ruined my life, my subconscious learned the lyrics immediately and I only listened to it 4 times. This is not my type of music. I don’t need it in ma brain fam!! 


I never really had a bad boy

You know I’ve always been a good girl

You lived your life as a master in the art of minding your business. Although you were in the one class in the whole school that couldn’t get a break from excitement, you were able to flawlessly blend into the seams. Of course it wasn’t on purpose. You just liked to be in your own bubble. You got good grades and didn’t take part in extra curriculars. An excellent background character.

It wasn’t until you were partnered with the class loud-mouth Katsuki Bakugou, that your life started to take a turn for the better. 

Crazy how it happened so fast boy

The way you rocking my world

Anyone could easily tell you two were opposing forces like oil and water. But as corny as it was, the connection was immediate. Your first plan was to only speak when needed and drown out the white noise with music. Working silently was obviously a struggle for your partner because the next thing you knew, one side of your hearing was exposed to the buzzing excitement of your class.

“What crap are you listening to extra?” You looked at him blandly, one would be a fool to take offense from anything Bakugou says. You watched his face scrunch together in concentration and you could tell that he liked what he was hearing. For the rest of the class hour, you shared headphones and song interests, and for the first time, Bakugou wasn’t yelling.

Yeah, you’re my distraction

Love our connection

He often joined the family for dinner and could even hold fluid conversations with your mother without missing a beat or falling behind. 

It didn’t take long for him to even invite you to his own home as well. While your must tastes were similar, home life and house decor were largely different. You found yourself spending hours with his father, gushing over baby pictures of Bakugou, and dinner was quite the spectacle as you watched him and his mother play ping-pong with insults while you enjoyed new Japanese cuisine.

I see so much when I look at you

You got potential

It became a bit of a routine. He would come over your house, your room would be filled with the warm gooey vibes of soul and r&b and you would day dream your worries away. At some point, Bakugou had become a key item to your way of living. 

When you two were alone, he surprised you by toning down his brash attitude and seemed genuinely interested in your aspirations. “So when you graduate, you’ll still have to take another 8 years of college plus 1 more of residency?!” You nod as you eat a spoonful of Cinnamon Crunch. “Why are you acting so surprised, you want to be the president.” Bakugou shrugged with a small smirk on his face, “Yeah but that’s plan B.”

Time is essential

But I'ma take my time with you

Cause you need it

It was Thursday and at 5am when Bakugou called you. He was drunk and angry, cursing with every sentence. You quickly went to pick him up in your mom’s car as fast as you could. An upset Bakugou was a menace to society and if he felt that he needed to call you this late, it must be serious.

You just need someone to keep it real with you

And I see that

“Fucking bitch!” He slurred, leaning against your car door. “That’s not nice Bakugou, at the end of the day that’s still your mother.” You focused on the road trying to avoid flinching whenever he randomly got loud. “You don’t understand. She won’t fuking listen, ion what to be a damn lawyer.” 

You glance wearily over at him downing the rest of his bottle. “I’m assuming she denied the architect’s idea.” “What do you fucking think! Old lady want’s me to “continue the family business” like hell!”

I'ma be the one to plant that seed in you

You don’t gotta worry

You sighed and made a sharp turn into a Target parking lot. “What the hell we doin ‘ere?” You park and turn the car off, you knew your mom would kill you if you stayed out too long, but this couldn’t wait. 

“Katsuki, I’m going to tell you this right here and now. Sometimes adults think they are doing the best for you but they aren’t and you gotta show em that by doing what you think is the best for you and doing it well.”

I won’t judge you from your past

I know you’re not my first

Bakugou looked at you with slow blinking eyes before scooting closer in his seat. You allowed him to take hold of your face, and didn’t look away as his finger rubbed gently along the curve of your lips.

“If you don’t want this….please…tell me to stop.” His face was red, the air was thick and something that was always there, ignited as your lips met.

With drunken strength, he pulls you onto his lap and feels gently along your body as you tug on his lips with your teeth. The car was filled with hormones and heavy breaths as you got more desperate, but not once did he try to undress you. It was him that pulled away first, “What’s wrong?” you asked, out of breath and concerned, but he only shook his head with a wide grin on his face. 

“Marry me.

But I’ll make sure that you’re my last

We live two different lifestyles babyBut we can change that

“Huh?” you laugh breathlessly, not believing your ears. “Marry me.” You feel your heart speed up so much so you could almost hear it. “But we’re so young, Bakugou, are you sure?” Bakugou cards his fingers through his hair with a determined look on his face. “Of course not now! But in the future.” You cross your arms and look down at him, “You’re not messing with me are you Katsuki?” He scoffed, “Do I look like I’m joking you damn nerd?”

Just promise not to hurt me

Cause you know I told you that

You hold out a pinky, “Promise me then.” Bakugou jokingly pretends to bite your finger, “Are you serious right now?!” You huff indignantly, “Promise me Bakugou.” He rolled his eyes, “Ooo, pulling out my last name like that. Fine, I’ll be weird with you just this once.” 

He holds out his pinky finger and loops it with yours. “I promise that as soon as we graduate, I’ll make you mine.” You share another kiss and watch the sun rise over the large Target building without a care in the world.

I never really had a bad boy

You know I’ve always been a good girl

Crazy how it happened so fast boy

The way you rocking my world

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