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#bnha x reader

Chapter 7: The Battle at the USJ

[Summary: The USJ becomes a war zone as class A-1 has to attempt to battle their way to safety as villains attempt to capture them and kill All Might. As you find yourself witnessing the fight between All Might and Nomu, you can’t help but think that it doesn’t look good.]


When you finally got your bearings it only took you a few moments to figure out where you were, despite the fact that your head was spinning and your heart was pounding. A quick look around at the strategically damaged walls around you, enough cracks and dents to look as though it had just gone through some sort of disaster, but they hadn’t been damaged enough to start collapsing even more over a light touch like a real collapsed building. That, of course, was a pretty clear clue as to where you had been sent to. And with a second glance around, you see who you had been transported with.

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i am working on a series right now! it’s going to be a bnha x reader

(with maybe a ??? x reader sub plot to it)


i’m actually really excited. i just got this idea for it and i’m gonna be writing out how i want to go about it. i know i haven’t been active much lately but i hope this will drive people to want to read my series more. i hope you all enjoy! coming soon!! i’ll also probably upload on ao3

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author’s note; so here is my submission for @heroheads 500 follower contest!! i know i’m pretty late considering it is ending soon but it’s almost 1am rn and i really wanted to finish it!! also j'ai taime very much 💕💕💕🥺🥺 (also special thanks to @bratwritings for being a sweet baby angel and basically proof reading this like ily i would be lost without you)

pairing; tamaki amajiki x reader

word count; 700

warnings; none?? except for bad writing and unoriginality

requests; closed

taglist; @bokunokangae @imconfusedanditsok @bratwritings @mo0o0milk @nobodyw8s4evr @quirkless-fics @tooloudarts @alaromero @jibakuganjas @in-the-end-im-still-trash @crazythypoon

amajiki taglist; @seiiblue @kurinhimenezu


W-What?”, disbelief was evident in his stuttery voice, his face beet red as he cast his eyes towards the floor, not quite believing the words that just tumbled out of your mouth.

“I want you to teach me how to kiss.”, you repeat, so nonchalantly that Tamaki couldn’t help but let out a slight whimper. How in the world could you ask him something like this? And be so bold about it as well?

You don’t have to, you know? I just…never kissed someone before and….uhm…”, there was a hint of sheepishness in your voice as you let the sentence fade out, something Tamaki rarely ever heard from you, and it made his heart ache. It must really be incredibly embarrassing for you to react so bashfully.

He wanted to kiss you, the amount of times he had imagined pressing his lips against yours was embarrassing in it’s own right. But how could he teach you if he himself had never even as much as hugged a girl in his life? Maybe it really didn’t matter all too much, you’d just be practicing it together and perhaps this was his only shot at ever getting to kiss you, to feel your supple lips pressed so deliciously against his own. Just thinking about it had his head spinning, so much so that he barely registered the concerned look you gave him.

Tamaki, are you al-


The confidence in his statement stunned you; it was rare for Tamaki to speak without stuttering let alone say things with such certainty. It made you stare at him in utter bewilderment.

His eyes widened in return, most certainly not expecting to sound so eager. Hopefully you wouldn’t think of him as desperate, or even worse…a creep. Instead of scolding him, as he half expected, you just sat down on the bed, patting the empty spot beside you, a clear invitation for him to join you. But he didn’t, not until you shot him a rather amused look, your eyebrows raised slightly and a hint of a smile dancing across your lips. Hastily, he sat down on the bed…with an arms-length of space between the two of you. A slight chuckle left your lips at his odd behavior before you scooted closer to him, making Tamaki tense up even more.

How are we supposed to practice like this, Tamaki?” He was sure he was going to die if you continued smiling at him so brightly. Your side pressed so closely to his that he was certain you could feel the goosebumps decorating his pale skin.

“I-I…uhm…”, nothing but stutters would come out of his mouth; it was as if every word he ever knew decided right then and there to slip out of his mind. Surely you must think he was a complete idiot, how could you not when he barely manages to say a single word without stuttering horribly. Somehow the smile on your face never seemed to fade, and the way you looked at him? With so much adoration and….*love?* Surely he was imagining things, Mirio did always tell him how great of an imagination he had. He was so caught up in his thoughts, it took your breath fanning over his cheek for him to notice that you had gotten even closer to him. A warm rosé colour spread across his cheeks, a lovely contrast to his otherwise pale skin, but it most definitely did nothing to calm his racing thoughts. Are my lips chapped? I probably should have applied chapstick. What if my breath smells? Oh god, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I-

And with one firm press of your lips against his, it was as if every little anxious thought just vanished, abandoned and forgotten. The only thought on his mind being the fact that none of his daydreams could have ever compared to this. He was convinced there was no place he’d rather be than by your side, your hands holding his face so tenderly as your lips moved against his own with such love.

Reluctantly you pulled away from him once the need to breathe became too strong, your e/c eyes lovingly beaming at the boy in front of you. Tamaki gently planted an almost feathery kiss against your forehead before placing his forehead against yours.

“That was….wonderful.”, you breathed, yours eyes never leaving his indigo one’s.

“Yeah…”, an equally breathless sigh left his lips, before slightly angling his head to the left, leaning in for another kiss, one you reciprocated without a hint of hesitancy.

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What if kaito hears his parents fight and goes to pops for comfort and the next day he ask if they are getting divorced abd they are like "WHAT why would you ever think that"

The elder was simply enjoying some music while taking care of his bonsai trees before he heard the door slidding open to reveal a rather shaken up and sad Kaito Chisaki.

“Would you look at that, if it isn’t my favorite grandson.” He chuckled but furrowed his eyebrows at seing that Kaito didn’t giggled or returned with a smartass comment like ‘I’m your only grandson’.

No. This time the boy just was stating at the ground, fidgeting with the end of his shirt as his serious eyes were slightly pink. The old man could see that the kid didn’t dared to spare a tear, but he sure as hell was doing his best on not doing it.

“Right.” He sighed and placed the special scissors down on the table before taking his own seat, inviting Kaito silently to do the same.

“To leave you or your father on this state it takes a lot. Mind telling your old man what left you on this state kid?”

Kaito sniffled and rubbed his little arm over his eyes before placing them back on his lap, hands tightening over the material of his pants.

“Mommy and daddy are fighting on the other room… they didn’t let me stay, but I know is something wrong.”

“Ah. That.” The boy nodded and the elder smiled in sympathy, lifting himself up with a grunt to pat Kaito on the head affectionately “Listen Kaito, whatever it is, I’m sure neither of your mom or dad will stay much like this… those two cant bare at being separated, even if your own father doesn’t show it.”

He could see that Kaito wasn’t convinced, but at least he could do was to ease up his shaking a bit.

“What about some tea, eh, my boy? Or even some other things, a secret mine and yours to keep it away from your dad, how about it?” He mentally sighed in relief when Kaito nodded and half smiled at him before following the old man through the house.

When he went to sleep he received the ocasional kiss on the temple from you and the pat on his head by his dad… yet they were separated. Kai went first in the room and immediately left when you entered.

He turned around on his bed to grab his plushie, one that both you and kai had given him as far as he could remember… then, one word came to his mind that left him crying himself to sleep for the first time on his short life.



He woke up with a grunt, rubbing his face, dried tears still remained on his chubby cheeks and a slight wet spot wa son his companion.

He slowly got out from the bed and placed the elephant just on his pillow and numbly walked out of his room… receiving the same silence, torturous silence he got yesterday from his parents.

“Ah. Finally awake?” His father spoke from the chair, not even lifting his gaze from his book “Had to admit, first time on ages I got to wake up without you as allarm.”

Although, Chisaki arched his eyebrow when his kid hesitantly took a seat, not even answering him back like he usually did…

He could feel it that you sended that too, because he caught your worried and confused eyes on him as you made your son’s breakfast.

“So… did you sleep well baby?” You placed the plate in front of him and kissed his temple as a good morning, but Kaito merely hummed, numb look at the breakfast in front of him as he poked with his spoon.

“No playing with your food.” Chisaki said sternly “Is considered a sin.”

Again. Not response. Now you two shared rather worried looks as Kaito still stood with that empty broken shell expression.

The usual calm and peaceful silence was replaced by a very worrisome and uncomfortable one at seing your little 4 years old boy so… down.

You hesitantly took a seat just when Chisaki had placed his book away and changed out of his normal gloves to new ones. The silence was finally broken when surto murmured something so soft and weak, that neither Chisaki that had a good hearing could catch it.

“Brat, if you want to say something, then say it.”

“… you two are mad and going to get a divorce?”

You choked in your own toast as Kai’s nonchant golden eyes open wide at his son words… before he went to pat your back a little, because holy shit you sounded like you were dying.

“Care to explain to us where did you get that idea?” Chisaki’s words were a bit harsh and angrier at his son statement, not really meaning it but this had got him out of guard.

“You two yesterday were fighting…” he mumbled sadly as you finally regained your breath, Kai looking at you dead in the eye but still rubbing your back.

“Are you alright my angel?”

You nodded and smiled a bit. Taking the events of yesterday, sure, you and Kai did had an argument because he was overworring about your safety again and becaus eof ithe pretty thing tht surely neither of you remembered. The fight happened on the afternoon but you both sorta the things out right when you two were in the safe confinement of your bedroom.

But apparently your son had taken this for the new level…

“Where did you even get that sweetie?”

“Do you even know the meaning of the word 'divorce’ to accuse us of this?” Chisaki arched an eyebrow as Kaito’s eyes started to tear up a bit.

“I-I… I hear it a lot coming from the tv and some man that work here… is when daddy and mommy dont love each other anymore and fight then…” he gulped down one sob, breaking your heart in half at the sign “ T-Then they dont live together anymore…”

You changed looks with your husband before Kaito let out a muffled little sob, finally looking at both of you with teary eyes.

“You won’t get a divorce… r-right? B-Because I-I… I-I-!” He sobbed harder this time before crossing his arms over his face “I don’t want my mommy and daddy away! You two married for a reason!”

The kid started even to wail and you immediately jumped from your seat to lift him up in your arms, hushing him ever so gently as you carresed his scalp..

Kai sighed and standed up as well, hesitantly laying on hand at the boy’s head as he cried on your shoulder, looking at you for any signs to help him since he never was on the best place to comfort someone.

“Honey, I love your daddy with all my soul and whole life. Of course I would never ask for a divorce.” You whispered as soon as Kaito’s cries calmed down, only remaining tiny sniffles here and there.

“The same way goes for me about your mother.” Kaito mumbled nonchantly as Kaito lifted his face a bit, rubbing his eyes with another sniffle as his father sighed and grabbed his handkerchief.

“B-But, I heard-”

“You listen too much brat.” Kai spatted as he wiped his son’s tears and snot away, wincing at the disgusting wetness of the material before throwing away in the near trash can

“Parents even loving each other very much, they sometimes fight, and that’s perfectly okay… as long as each one of them notices their own mistakes and sort teh things out together later.” You said as you cupped your son’s cheek and carresed with your thumb a bit, his bottom lip not anymore trembling as his eyes came back to his usual serious ones, but the frow still remained.

“Our fight yesterday was becaus eI worry too kuch about your mother. Is mostly that.” Your husband sighed before flipping Kaito’s forehead “First, there is no way that WE would want a divorce.” *mostly him but okay*

“And besides, not only we love each other the same way that we always do, but we have a amazing little deviant of ours here with us that we love just as much!” Kaito finally smiled at that, as he giggled a bit.

“Right… I was silly about it…” he mumbled as you kissed his cheek giggling as Kai messed up with his hair.

“You were stupid.” Your husband said nonchantly, smirking at your scold and glare before he yanked Kaito out of your grasp, rolling his eyes at the kids laughter “I can see that you didn’t did your morning hygiene schedule brat.”

“I won’t brush my teeth before eating breaks daddy! Is gross!”

“He does have a point.” You giggled while Kai sighed in defeat, placing his son back on the chair with a huff.

“Then eat, after you go to the bathroom pest.” The kid smirked devilish up at his father before you traced your fingers up and down his back, getting a arched eyebrow as a response.

You only gave him a suggestive smile, for a moment forgetting that your son was in the room as he lowered his mask enough to give you a kiss… nao even during twenty second before your son’s disgusted sounds interrupted both of you.

“Ew! No mommy, daddy that’s more gross than anything!” He covered his eyes with a grunt “Grosssss!”

“Wasn’t he crying minutes later that he wanted us both together or something like that?” Kai muttered in irritation as he arched his eyebrow, not apreciating your giggles on the slightest.

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Reader: F
Character: Enji Todoroki/Enji
Rating: E
Summary: You decided to surprise your boyfriend with some lingerie. Some All Might lingerie
Warning: Lingerie, Rough Smut, Hair Pulling, Slight Sugar Daddy, Mind Break, Spanking
A/N: Enjoy!
Tip Jar 🍸 (Saving up for a new binder) | Ask Box: Open


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Don't let me spam you with requests, you'll have stuff to write until next year! I'm hooked on your writing lmao, but if you allow me to, I shall provide a few before the event ends! 💚 for Bakugou, BNHA! 🧡 for Tai Kamiya, Digimon! 🖤 for Aang, Avatar! (aangst lmao) and a last ❤️️ for Midoriya, BNHA as revenge because he stole all my uwus! You can chose one or do all of 'em!

I wouldn’t mind having a stack until next year! 😂 Also, guess who did not do a word of writing today? Catching up now. Hopefully. 

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia 

Character: Katsuki Bakugou

Prompt: 💚(green heart): Friendship

A/N: From now on I’m open for regular requests. 


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

You and Bakugou had a strange dynamic. Where most of his friends, or those who could be considered friends, were all very much in his face, you had mostly kept to yourself. Or rather, you seemed to keep to yourself as Bakugou did most of the talking.

However, sometimes there would be surprising moments in which your presence took all of the attention away. When the hero-in-training got too heated, about to blast off into impulsivity, or whenever his attitude got more scary than adapting, you would reach for his arm and tug his sleeve three times.

Nothing more was needed for the male to quiet down, a huff escaping him, but ultimately respecting your request and call.

It was a strange dynamic, but one that worked.

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Hi i like your writing! Can I request one where Todoroki has an s/o whose quirk is exactly the same with him? (half cold half hot). Thanks a lot before 💞

Icyyyyhoooot! Also, i wrote like the first couple points in french before i was like WAIT noone asked me anything in french. It’s like 4am when I started writing this so ugh, don’t stay awake for so long ig?? Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

-When you met, it was so shocking, for the both of you actually.

- While his quirk was physically obvious, yours was a more hidden.

-So he got to discover it while you were fighting against each other.

-To say it was an interesting, intense match was an understatement. It’s like you’re fighting against yourself.

-But that’s what kept the both of you so close.

- You’re so similar, yet so different.

- Whilst he always seemed so calm, so cold, and distant, you were the opposite, wild, warm, so friendly.

-You helped each other a lot, where he lacked you helped improve and vice versa.

-Everyone thought it was so cute how you were literally the same person!

-But with that also came a lot of difficulties.

-You both wanted to prove to the other that you can control your quirk better.

-Although it never resulted in bad fights, it did hower end up with the two of you overworking yourselves.

- Just because you have a simialr quirk, and that you can control your body temperature, doesn’t mean that you won’t cuddle up to his warm side in the winter, and do you absolute best always stand on his right side during summer.

- Anyway, you were really thankful that you and your boyfriend shared quirk, it felt special, it felt like you belonged to each other, or in other words, maybe you two were soulmates.

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Mind if I request a scenario where like miruko is meeting her girlfriend!readers older sister (who is a lot like Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal alchemist)

……….*starts sweating in gays* FUCK y’all are trying to kill me with these Bad Bitch requests today. As if Mirko weren’t enough, you had to bring up the OG Olivier Armstrong.

  • Yeah. Okay. You might as well just introduce them and then walk straight outta the room to let them…. I dunno. Stare each other down for hours? Arm wrestle? Actually fight? Whatever they gotta do to establish dominance and figure out who the alpha is. 
  • Like, your girlfriend is Japan’s #5 hero and your big sister is a general? A colonel? Whatever her occupation, she’s used to being The Head Bitch In Charge™. And your girlfriend? Rumi knows she’s hot shit and sure as hell acts like it.
  • You sure they gotta meet? Jesus Christ, you might as well just throw some kerosene over gunpowder and flick a match on top.
  • For real. The first meeting is terrifying. They just  l o o k at each other for a couple minutes, completely stoic, saying nothing. Sizing each other up.
  • Then…this slow, wide, terrifying grin spreads across Rumi’s face. Crazy bitch probably licks her lips, too, because at last.
  • A Challenge.
  • Good news: You’ve found literally the one person who can’t be scared off by your big sister. Maybe Rum really is the One.
  • Bad news: Rumi met your sister. Your sister doesn’t take shit, and Rumi - love her, but gotta be real with y’all - is full of shit.
  • They’re fightin’.
  • And as if their Bad Bitch pissing contests weren’t bad enough, their personalities c l a s h. Rumi’s the crazy, goes-off-on-her-own-against-fucking-Nomu, tourniquets-her-fucking-arm-with-her-own-hair adrenaline junkie. Your uptight, serious, intimidating af older sister is a Woman in Charge of an entire company and will have order.
  • Again, in case you missed it: They’re fightin’. 
  • Your poor parents, man. They just want a nice family dinner with everyone but every time Rumi and their older daughter are in the same room, it’s chaos. Utter chaos. smdh just take ‘em out for a nice dinner while your batshit crazy girlfriend and near homicidal sister duke it out at the house.
  • The worst part? You wanna know the absolute WORST part? Rumi fucking loves it. She’s having a goddamn blast. She thrives off this kinda shit. SHE’S the one who ask, “Hey, when’s the next family get together? I wanna rematch with your sister.” 
  • Your sister isn’t too fond of her lbr the only time Rumi gets mad - actually mad - is when your older sister tries to even insinuate you two breaking up. Carrots ain’t gonna take that sitting down.
  • Oddly enough, though, it’s that fight in particular - the one over you - that finally earns your sister’s grudging respect. Anyone who puts up that fight for her sibling…is tolerable enough.
  • They’re still fightin’.
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I’ve got NO shame 😶 Dabi Shiggy poly is what I LIVE for I’m bad with ideas Rip How about Shiggy and Dabi got a thing for the leagues “mom” member (she cooks cleans takes care of their injuries etc but she isn’t helpless she is a villain after all. Even if they are really nice) Can be gender neutral (I put she but It’s outta habit to lazy to fix tbb 😭😂)

A/n: I felt that sometimes I get out of habit of using gender neutral pronouns if I’ve been working on other stuff

Shigaraki x reader x Dabi


Originally posted by causeimfeelinblue

• Shigaraki will be the first one to ‘claim’ you as his

• dabis gonna be like fuck you they’re mine

• after a l o t of arguing and petty moves they’re going to agree to share you

• I’m the beginning they’re going to compete over everything

• and it’ll be stupid stuff too like ‘who have you made the most meals for, how many times have you tried to comfort one of them’

• it just gets ridiculous

• Of course they won’t even realize that until you’ve had enough and go off

• ‘I’m sick if this shit, it’s like you two are just with me because it’s a competition’

• after you storm off they’ll share a look of oh shit what do we do

• they’ll silently follow after you and climb into bed, Shigaraki clinging to your front and Dabi around your back

• ‘I’m sorry doll, we didn’t mean it like that.”

• dabis rubbing your back as you sniff as Shigarakis pressing quick kisses all over your face

• this is probably the first time they haven’t argued over you

• and one of the lasts after this they’re arguements are playful and meaningless

• they baby you alllll the time

• it’s like they forgot they spent months trying to get you to join the league

• but they won’t stop, not when you ask not ever

• just because you’re the mom friend of the group doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be pampered with affection

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april fools! | bakugou drabble


“Bakugouuu! Y/N-chan has something to give you!” Mina’s smiley pink face irked the hell out of said boy, but he turned to glare at you and he ignored the harsh pumping of his heart. You looked nervous, shifting your weight onto either legs while avoiding eye contact.

“Eh? What the hell do you want?” 

You sighed, giving Mina a soft look that asked ‘do I have to do this?’ The pink alien nodded eagerly and gave you a tiny push forward, to which Bakugou put his hands on his hips. Closing your eyes, you lunged forward and placed a soft kiss to his cheek. 

Katsuki quite literally exploded. Sweat that accumulated on his nose and cheeks sparked and crackled, red overtaking his entire face. He blinked numerous amounts of times, still just staring at you. You couldn’t tell if he was angry enough to blast you into space or just embarrassed, so you decided not to take any chances. 

“S-sorry, Bakugou! April fools!” You cried out before running away, Mina giggling after you and Katsuki came to just as you were about to run off to your dorm. “Y-You idiot! You can’t just kiss me and run off! Get back here!” He rumbles, hot on your tail. The rest of your classmates watch and laugh at your antics, Bakugou chasing you around the dorm.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” 

“Oh you’ll be fucking sorry! Stop running dumbass!”

You made a wrong move when you tried waiting for the elevator, smacking on the button five times. He caught your wrist, spinning you back into him. Katsuki looked from right to left, almost as if he was checking if no one was looking. “Wha-” You started, only to be cut off by Bakugou’s heaving chest and lips pushed against your own. You cringed as your teeth clinked together, but he moved slowly and less rough than before.

He let go of your wrist and you wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. 

Katsuki pulled away a few seconds after that, frowning and still blushing. 

“There. I-I got you back. Don’t try that shit again…”

Still dazed from his abruptness, you nodded and tried to unravel your arms from him but he poked your side to get you to stop. “Wa-wait..was that for april fools, too?” You asked, secretly hoping and wishing he would scream in your face and tell you no. 

His heart jumped at your question and he looked away to the potted plant instead of your cute and innocent face. 

“No, you idiot. It was for real…” Katsuki trailed off and a smile sneaked its way on your face. Katsuki stole a glance at your smile and huffed before pushing you off him. 

He trudged off, knees slightly wobbling and you giggled. “Do that again and I’ll blast you to kingdom come. Got it?” 

You smiled, knowing it was an empty threat. 

“Got it.”

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I tried something new and a little out of my comfort zone! I’m on a MHA X Readers Discord and participated in a server wide prompt with wonderful writers like @liliesoftherain !!! It’s not my best piece, and I’ll probably further change it down the road!

This is an Aizawa x Reader Soumate AU where they share pain. Warnings: descriptions of pain!



“We should probably get up.” You said quietly. Aizawa gave you no response as he furrowed into the blankets.

Your hand slowly ran through his hair. He must’ve enjoyed the methodical detangling, because he seemed to relax further into your side. You found yourself dozing off again mere minutes later, draw in by the lure of sleep.

When the alarm went off, it was so loud. As if it was right next to your ear rather than across the room. You tried to sit up, but his arms stayed firm around your waist.

“Sho, let’s get going.” You mumbled, trying to wiggle from his grasp.


“I don’t have to go in until eleven, I can make you breakfast and coffee to go.” You said softly, leaning to place a kiss on his forehead. His response was almost immediate as he let you. You chuckled softly to yourself, sitting up and placing your feet softly on the ground. It was cold.

When you finally stood, you made your way to the bedroom door. Halfway through, you started to yawn, stretching backwards and stumbling slightly.


You were now completely awake, thanks to the pain of stubbing your toe which shot up your leg. You hopped one foot as tears sprung to your eyes.

“Watch where you’re going.” A grumble came from behind you. Shouta’s languid body was emerging from the covers. You smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry, Sho.”

When your soulmate bond emerged, it was the second year of high school. You were at the mall with your mother. You had collapsed, screaming as a fiery pain ripped through your abdomen. You mother nearly had a conniption when she had taken you to the ER only for them to say it was ‘only her soulmate, ma'am.’ You had learned he had gotten stabbed while working as a sidekick for a hero during that time. You had gotten feint scarring from it, just like the time you had split you head open on the sink. There was a feint scar barely visible on his hairline.

“This is the first time we’ve had breakfast together in a while, hasn’t it?” You asked, setting the two plates of eggs and toast down on the table. He entered the room in complete hero gear, a stack of graded tests under his arm. He looked tired, but he had definitely been in worse states before.

“This smells good.” He said, sitting down in the chair across from you. You watched with a smile as he leaned close to the meal subconsciously. His eyes were hooded as the steam from the eggs wafted to his face.

“Here’s the coffee.” You said with a smile, setting it carefully front of you. He murmured a 'thank you’ as he began to eat.

The two of you relished in each other’s company for a moment. You stifled a yawn between bites, and he broke the silence.

“I’ll be home late today. I’m behind on paperwork and need to stay a little bit longer than normal. You shrugged.

“I’ll stay a little later too then. Then we can have dinner together. “

He smirked softly, nodding as he ate. He took a drink of his coffee, and you flinched as your tongue burned. You scoffed.

“Why do you drink it when it’s still so hot?!” You exclaimed with a laugh. He just laughed, gathering his things as he got ready to leave. You cleaned his plate off for him.

“I love you, Sho!” You called as he headed out the door. He waved.

“I know.”


You arrived to the office, coffee in hand. Your supervisor immediately greeted you with a smile.

"I have two possible commissions in line for you. I was emailed this morning. Before you start on anything else, could you check on those and give them a reply?”

It started right then. Though strain on the body was a different type of pain, it was pain nonetheless. You could usually tell when Aizawa was fighting, or putting himself through a form of exercise.

You furrowed your brows. Why was he fighting? He’s at school. He didn’t say anything about sparring with the students today.

“Can you do that for me, (Y/n)?”

You turned to your supervisor and smiled.

“Ah, sorry, of course I can.” You said happily. She smiled.

“I appreciate that, it helps me out a lot.” She said, and you headed to your desk.

The persistent feeling that he was fighting didn’t leave. And it only seemed to go on. After about ten minutes of the continuous strain, you were beginning to get worried.

Shouldn’t he be done, if it’s only a sparring match? Surely a student couldn’t match with him for this long….

You pulled out your phone, dialing Hizashi’s number. Worry was getting to you.

“Well look who it is! What can I do for ya, listener?!” He exclaimed. You chuckled at his enthusiasm, always expecting it from him.

Before you could speak, your elbow alit with a searing pain. It happened suddenly, causing you to audibly react. Your desk mates raised their brows at you as you phone clattered on the desk.

The pain radiated from your elbow, and started creeping upwards. Your hand clenched into a fist as you struggled to stay quiet. Despite the pain, you were worried. You arm was hanging limp to your side now. Your elbow was unusable. This meant Aizawa was going through the same. Something was happening. Something bad.

You grappled for your phone.

“H-Hizashi.” You murmured weakly. “Is everything alright? Is Shouta alright?”

“What do you mean, doll? He’s alright. I talked to him this morning! I should be asking you if you’re okay.”

He seemed confused, and you were vaguely aware of your desk mates attempts to comfort you. One placed a hand on your shoulder as another called for your supervisor.

“He’s in pain. I can feel it. Hizashi it hurts.” You pressed.

There was a moment of silence.

“I’ll go check. Would that be okay.” He said seriously.

Suddenly, your legs gave out as a piercing pain ripped through your skull. You screamed, truly starting to cry. Not only for your pain, but Shouta’s. Someone was causing him this pain.

The pain was indescribable. You’ve gotten a concussion from a car accident before. That was nothing compared to this. It was as if you were being slammed into a wall.

“Someone call an ambulance!” You supervisor called. She hovered nervously over you.

“Can you breathe? You need to tell me what’s going on!” She said anxiously. You couldn’t focus, not as you felt the tendons in your arms alight. You screeched, attempting to stand as someone held you back.

“If you’re hurt miss, you need to stay sitting.”

At this point, you were delirious, struggling to stand. Your fight or flight was activated when there was nothing you needed to run from.

Finally, you passed out as the paramedics arrived, the last thing you remember was the pressure in your head becoming too hard to handle.


Hizashi met you at the gates of UA as the sun began to set. You has spent nearly seven hours in the hospital, four of those hours unconscious.

The golden hue would’ve been beautiful, hadn’t it been for circumstances. Hizashi greeted you with a nimble hug. He noticed the slight bruising around your eyes, and how dark purple shades were ebbing from under the collar of your shirt. He noticed how red your eyes were, and how hoarse your voice was.

“How’s he doing?” You asked softly. He held his arm out, and you linked yours in it so he could lead the way.

“This is the worst shape I’ve seen him in. I’m thankful we have one of the best healers in the country at this school.” Was all he said.

The halls of the school were empty, and it was harrowing to walk through them.

“He’ll probably stay here overnight. That’s what Recovery Girl wants.”

You managed a dry laugh.

“That’s definitely what Sho doesn’t want.” You said with a chuckle. Finally, the walk ended in front of a door with the nurse’s plaque glued to it. You gulped.

“Will he be alright?” You asked wistfully. “He-he was in so much pain. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

Hizashi just sighed.

“He fractured his skull, tore and broke nearly everything in one arm. The tendons of his elbow on the other arm were almost completely disintegrated. There may be permanent nerve damage.”

He looked to you with a somber smile.

“But he’s alive, and that’s what matters.”

You nodded, and he motioned to the door.

“I’ve been in there enough today. I’m just outside if you need me.”

He walked down the hall a little ways, leaving you to stand in front of the door alone. You opened it quietly.

Aizawa was sitting up. That would’ve been the first good sign he he not had his entire face wrapped in bandages, and both arms in casts.

“Why hello there dearie!”

A small woman approached you with a cheery smile.

“You must be the little soulmate. Come, come, sit down. You’ve been through a lot today as well.”

She ushered you into the seat next to Shouta’s bed.

“I’ll go get you some tea, my dear. I’ll be right back.”

When the door snapped close, there was a suffering silence.

“You look like shit.” Was all you managed to say to him. You cursed your voice for cracking. He had warned you about this. He was a hero. He would get hurt.

“It’s alright. It’s okay to cry.” He said softly. That triggered the water works. You wished you could hold him, or grab his hand, but it was impossible. You resorted to placing your face in your palms and breaking down.

“Sho, I could feel it. I could feel it all. You were in so much pain. And it just kept getting worse. I thought, I thought I was going to feel it.” You sobbed.

'It’ hung like an omen. It was unspoken, but he knew what you were referring to.

He sighed.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with this.” He said quietly. You frowned, reaching a hand to gently cup his cheek.

“You’re a hero. It’s your job. We’ve talked about this. What matters right now is that you’re alive. I’m alright. Those kids are alright.” You said. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired. But, I’m glad you’re okay.” He said softly. His face was wrapped in bandages, but you knew he was okay.

You leaned over, placed a kiss on his bandaged cheek, he was okay. He would be okay.

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AN: This is a server prompt for MHA & readers server which I own along with @liliesoftherain​ . It’s a soulmate AU with fem reader x mirio

Warning: Explicit sex with Mirio Togata, angst, with a bit of one sided enemies to lovers



Y/N gritted her teeth as Hado cheerfully loudly greeted Amajiki at 8 AM. All mornings were terrible for her, but Mondays were the worst. The fact that Hado had no consideration for other people’s nerves on an early morning, really, really made Y/N dislike her even more than she already does. And she already disliked her enough to ignore all of Hado’s many attempts to befriend Y/N. Especially when Hado figured that Y/N and her quirk were the same. Which is not true, Y/N’s quirk worked on the fact she could absorb small wavelengths of energy like incandescent bulbs, LEDs, or artificial lights that didn’t generate violet waves. Y/N then used that energy to make whatever she desired from beams to moving at lightspeeds using her absorbed energy.  Nothing at all like Hado’s whatever waves.

Now there was a good reason to hate Hado and that reason was the fact she was friends with her mortal enemy AKA Togata Mirio. He probably didn’t even know she existed, but Y/N hated him since second year. First year, Y/N did the impossible with her difficult to control quirk as she absorbed the LED lights in the stadium to blast her way to 4th place in the Sport’s festival. 2nd year she didn’t even make it to the top 10 because Togata had knocked her out in the 1st round of the last tournament. Ever since then Togata Mirio had exploded onto the scene of U.A., he was praised universally, and all the 3rd years worshipped him like he was a god. Y/N’s grinding of her teeth became even louder as she thought of the blonde idiot. Yes, Y/N didn’t just dislike him, oh no she hated him with every fiber of her being. She might be called a monster for it, but what she wouldn’t do for a chance to wallop his idiotic face. Maybe even strangle him for a minute or two after getting a few hits in.

Y/N watched as the slouched, nervous boy with pointed ear greeted Hado back quietly and sat in his seat. See, she didn’t make a point to be rude to Amajiki. What would be the point of doing that when he was basically a scared rabbit? Even she wasn’t that much of a monster to destroy his badly needed confidence, so she mostly just ignored him.

Finally, the sensei had come in and all the student quieted down for the morning lessons. Y/N stood up and bowed as the class president called out the greetings and they all sat down when the teacher let them. Most of the morning passed by quickly as Y/N actually did pay attention since she had a couple of tests coming up, otherwise she would be sending texts to her best friend in 3B all throughout classes. The bell rang indicating it was time for lunch, sending a quick text to her best friend to save her a seat as Y/N needed to use the restroom. She took her time leisurely to wash her hands and straightened her school uniform and made sure her hair wasn’t mussed. She even reapplied her nude pink lipstick, before taking a quick selfie to send to her friend. Y/N walked out as she used the Line app to edit some cute stickers and added on the hashtag “felt cute”. She didn’t notice until it was too late as she crashed into a wall of muscles. Y/N bounced off their chest, and her phone scattered to the floor. Quickly grabbing the device, she made sure the screen wasn’t broken. A huge sigh left her, and she turned around to give that idiot a piece of her mind.

“You moron, can’t you watc-“ Y/N cut herself as she realized she looked into the eyes of Togota Mirio.

Her whole view disconnected and reconnected as both of their minds melded. Her feelings were no longer just hers, but rather a whole of synergy of emotions as both of their desires, wants, and even fears entangled. Why was she so angry most of the time? So afraid. So anxious. She was no longer alone because he was her-

Those thoughts disconnected as the meld ended, their connection broken. Y/N stepped back in horror. Oh no. Togata was her soulmate. She just found the one person who was supposedly the perfect match for her, and it turned out to the person she hated the most in U.A.

‘Fuck my life.’ Y/N thought. She quickly turned around, ignoring his very loud protests, sprinted all the way back to the 3rd year hallway. She sent a quick text to her friend saying she was feeling sick and was at Recovery girl’s office when in reality, she was currently hiding out in the girl’s restroom. Sitting on top of a covered toilet, she frantically searched the web for a way to get rid of one’s soulmate.

Y/N knew since she hit puberty the science behind soulmates. Basically, a body’s way of finding your perfect mate that will the create the most optimal offspring. When two individuals’ eyes meet, their minds would mesh and basically their souls would connect. Y/N had watched a health video in her junior high year as two soulmates would stand there make eye contact for 5 mins with large creepy smiles and hazy eyes. Basically, looking like two drugged out idiots before regaining their senses. She remembered thinking how dumb the two looked whereas everyone else cooed at how romantic it was.

As for their souls’ connecting, it was another sugarcoated way to say the two soulmates would share emotions. Even now despite being hopefully far away from Togata, she could feel his frantic worry causing her chest to burn. Y/N tried to sooth the pain with one hand and the other one scrolling through articles. Anything that could help get rid of the moron that was her soulmate. She didn’t know how fast the lunch period passed because she was reading articles when she got jerked out of trance by the bell.

Y/N aggravatedly sighed. All the damn articles were no help, they just kept spewing the gospel of soulmates and how 80% of all soulmates would succeed in creating a healthy, loving relationship. She scowled, the only thing she would create with blonde Astro boy will be a lawsuit after she kneed him in the family jewels. As the bell rang once more, Y/N got up and kicked the toilet out of pure frustration before sulking back to her classroom.  She made it to her seat and slumped over her desk. Y/N rested her eyes for a few minutes as she could hear her fellow classmates make it back from lunch. She jerked out of her nap when she heard the familiar voices of Hado and Amajiki. Keeping a close eye on them without being obvious, she noticed how they didn’t acknowledgeable her more than normal.

Letting a sigh of relief, she relaxed knowing that Togata hadn’t let his friends know what happened in the hallway earlier.  The rest of the classes continued as normal except for the occasional bursts of happiness and the need to laugh startling her throughout the day. Y/N scoffed, of course he would be happy whereas he continued to be her source of frustration. The last of the classes were soon over so she headed home on her own. Usually Y/N would walk with her best friend, but she had an appointment with the support department to fix her hero costume.

Y/N walked leisurely down the sidewalk, enjoying the warm sunny day when a voice called underneath her.

“Hey-“ A familiar blonde face appeared in the sidewalk. Y/N screamed and bunched her skirt together so he couldn’t peak at her underwear.

“Pervert! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she screamed as she stomped at the face.

“N-no wait! It’s your soulmate, Togata Mirio!” the face yelled desperately as he dodged her stomps.

Y/N paused in her stomps. “Well, that’s even worse than a pervert!” She resumed her stomps before giving up entirely and running away.


The next morning, Y/N used a baseball cap to keep her face from being visible and hopefully go unnoticed until she arrived in class. She didn’t need a repeat of yesterday. Arriving in class, she took off her the cap and settled in her seat. The morning lectures continued as she halfheartedly took notes and completed her assignments. Everything was going well until Togata walked in during lunch break.

Y/N jerked in her seat and turned away using her long hair as a curtain to hopefully escape his eyes.

She could hear Hado yelled out Togata’s name as the two friends conversed.

“Oh, this time I’m not here to hang out. I’m looking for Y/N. She is in this class, right?” She heard him ask.

Y/N looked up when she heard her name and saw Hado looking in her direction in confusion. She also saw Togata follow Hado and turn in her direction. Her eyes shifted to Togata, noticing the way his face lit up as he waved her over.

Y/N groaned. There was no way she could get out of this. She got up reluctantly and approached Togata, the entire class erupting in whispers and some of the girls were either giggling or shooting her glares. Y/N couldn’t help the flush, she never did like being the center of attention. Togota led her out of the classroom before pulling her aside in a nearby hallway.

“Look, I’m not sure why you are calling me out,” she began.

“I wanted to introduce myself.” Togata held out a hand for her to shake. “I’m Togata Mirio.”

Y/N stared at his hand in disbelief. “Of course, I know who you are,” she spat out.

“You do? I thought you ran away yesterday because you didn’t know who I was,” Mirio sheepishly said.

“No, I know. I ran away because I want nothing to do with you!”

“N-nothing? But I’m your soulmate, we should get to kno-“she interrupted before he could finish.

“No, No! And No! I wouldn’t want to get to know you if you were the last guy on earth. So, you better leave me alone!” she yelled. Seeing the shocked face of Mirio, Y/N felt satisfied that he had gotten the message and marched away to enjoy the rest of her lunch period. Still, she couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty when she felt the hurt coursing through Togata.

Meanwhile, Mirio shoved the hurt away and looked on in determination at the challenge that was walking away. Next time he wouldn’t let her walk away so easily, he promised as his eyes burned and sparkled.


Y/N drew a makeshift figure of Togata’s face on her notebook before she viciously started stabbing the drawing. ‘Stupid Togata, why can’t he get that he’s not wanted’ she thought. She threw a glare at the pretty arrangement of flowers on her desk. Every morning there was a new bouquet waiting for her on the desk. It attracted a lot of unwanted attention from her fellow classmates. At first, she threw all of them away in the garbage in a fury. But, over time the arrangements became more complicated and more beautiful than the last and her heart couldn’t bear the thought of throwing them away. So, she took it upon herself to donate it to Recovery girl’s office. She knew the older women appreciated them. Y/N saved the scattered chocolates in the bouquet for herself before dropping off the peony flowers at the Pro Hero’s clinic.

As Y/N walked to the lunchroom, she was interrupted when Togata came through the walls and in front of her.

“Y/N! Do you want to eat with me today? I brought a bento,“ Togata asked.

She looked down on her own bento and wondered how he knew that she was going to bring her own lunch today.

“Are you a psycho? How many times do I have to say no to you before you get it through your head?”

“I’ll keep asking until you say yes. I won’t ever take no for answer,” he cheerfully replied.

Y/N felt the fury inside of her build up and her face became tomato red. “Time to die, Togata.” She stepped towards him before tripping on her foot and her entire bento fell on the ground. She watched in shock at the hard work that had gone wasted and she turned towards Togata and sent him a death glare. Togata fearing for his life, slipped his bento into her hands before bolting out of the hallway. He activated his quirk and vanished through the walls.


Y/N panted as sweat dripped down her face. She’s never felt so tired in her life yet so energized. The roar of the crowd helping her forget the aches and pains of the fight. Togata wasn’t even winded as he stood across from her.  This was the revenge she wanted. The second round of the battle tournament of the Sports Festival.

“Come on, Togata. Give me everything you have. Otherwise, I swear I won’t ever forgive you. I’ve given everything to be here. So, extend that courtesy to me,” Y/N said.

She knew he wasn’t taking her seriously. Though, she landed a few hits and gave 100% percentage to her energy attacks. She couldn’t say the same for him. His punches and his overall speed were too slow. She knew he was capable of being faster than what he was displaying right now. Her words affected him, as his face lost the pensive look and a look of concentration overcame it.

She remembered the humiliating defeat by him in second year. A blonde blur, a scream of “Poweeeerrr!” and Y/N was knocked out of the ring. She wasn’t even able to display her growth or how much she improved from the 1st year.

However, this year Y/N showcased everything she learned in U.A. and she showed everyone in Japan that Y/N was ready to be a Pro Hero. When she would lose to Mirio and she knew she was going to, Y/N had no regrets.

Y/N raised her hands to gather the energy from the LED lights in the arena as they blew out one by one overwhelmed by her quirk. She felt the energy rush through her body and readied herself for a charge at Mirio. This time she would lose on her own terms.



Y/N sat nervously on Mirio’s dorm room bed and watched as he scrambled around his room to get her birthday gift. She had gone home last weekend to spend her birthday with her family, so this was the only time Mirio had to give it to her. His relationship with her was still pensive. Y/N didn’t scream at him to leave her alone and she stopped calling him Togata. Most of all that bitterness dissolved after the Sports Festival, there was no reason to keep him at arm’s length anymore. Still, there was a degree of unsureness, Mirio being too afraid to set her off again and she too unexperienced on how to properly convey her feelings.

Mirio came back with a small gift bag that he held out for her. Y/N took and peered into it to see an assortment of chocolate.

“Remember how I would send you those bouquets and you never kept them except for the chocolate in it? I thought this time I would give you something you would want to keep.”

Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle. Mirio smiled goofily in return, satisfied that he had made her happy. She wanted to do something in return to show him how happy she was. Y/N leaned forward to kiss him on his cheeks, while at the same time Mirio purposely turned his face so she could kiss his lips instead.

The touch of his soft lips quickly made Y/N break contact. She turned her blushing face away and was about to quickly run out of his room in embarrassment, when Mirio grabbed her and mashed his face into her. Their teeth clanged together, and it was soon clear neither had any idea on how to kiss.

Y/N pushed Mirio away and clutched her lips and teeth.

“Mirio! Why did you do that?!” She could feel embarrassment surging within him and a small ounce of shame for hurting her. Feeling bad for her overreaction, Y/N grabbed his hands and pulled him close.

“I-I think we should try again and maybe a little bit slower. Like how they do on TV dramas,” she said as she coaxed him into trying again.

Mirio gave her a small peck, withdrawing to see Y/N’s reaction. She nodded in encouragement, excited he continued to slowly give her kisses that caused her to chase him and eagerly respond to his administrations. He caressed her cheeks and snaked his hand down to her waist to pull her close. Licking her lips and asking for permission to enter, Mirio entangled his tongue with hers as it sensuously made contact and cajoled her to respond. Following Mirio’s lead she responded back to each lick, feeling her body get hotter and hotter. Wanting to get closer to his body, she sat on top him and wrapped her legs around his waist. They continued to slowly kiss; Y/N liked this attempt immensely compared to their first one. Mirio wanting to feel her, grabbed Y/N’s hand and placed it on her member. Y/N curiously touched it, wondering what she was touching that was so hard and warm. She broke contact from his lips and looked down at her hand. ‘OH MY GOD. I’M Touching A MAN’s PENIS!’ she thought hysterically. She poked it a couple times, finding it rock solid and admiring the length of it. Her tiny hands couldn’t even fit most of it. Mirio startled her out of thoughts when he placed his hands onto hers and started moving them along with him.

“Like this, Y/N, ok?”

Y/N short-circuited realizing what Mirio was asking from her. ‘Oh god, we are doing this now? Are we going to have sex!! That thing is going to fit inside of me? I’m going to die!!’ her thoughts spiraled and made Y/N panic. She quickly disentangled herself from Mirio, ignoring his grunt and his confused call of her name. Y/N grabbed her gift, not forgetting to say a quick thank you to Mirio before hightailing it out of his room and back to the sanctity of her own dorm.  


Y/N waited anxiously outside in the cold, windy afternoon. Yesterday’s snowfall had already covered the entirety of the park, most kids were playing in the snow. Either making snowman or trying to hit their friends with snowballs. She huffed out a few breaths, watching as her warm exhales became smoke. She overheard footsteps and saw Mirio heading her way. Y/N sighed, relieved that he had showed up. Ever since a month ago Mirio had lost his quirk and Sir Nighteye, he had been avoiding her. She wasn’t the best person when it came to comfort, so she figured he needed time on his own. But as weeks went by without any sight of his blond hair or blue eyes, she couldn’t help but worry. So, Y/N had tracked him down and called him out during lunchtime just like he did so many months ago and made him promise to meet at the local park so they could talk things out.

She stood up to greet him, but he just motioned for her to sit back down and took a seat besides her on the park bench.

“Hey, Mirio. How have you been? We haven’t talked in a while,” Y/N cautiously began.

“Well, you are my soulmate. You probably know better than me how I’ve been this past month,” Mirio said quietly.

It was true, she felt his sorrow and loss like an aching pain in her chest. Y/N knew he went around school acting happy go lucky, but she knew he couldn’t fool her or himself.

“That’s true and its probably why I was so worried-“ Y/N began.

Mirio interrupted, “Worried? Why? You must be happy that I lost my quirk. No more competition!” He let out a weak chuckle.

Y/N couldn’t help the hurt that rose in her despite it being a fair assessment. She had treated him terribly, the fact he was lashing out at her now just showed how much patience Mirio really had. She swallowed the lump that had arose from her needing to cry because this wasn’t about her or her feelings now.

She turned to him, watching as his face twisted with guilt and he opened his mouth. Y/N cut him off.

“I know. You can throw everything at me, Mirio. I will take it if that’s what it takes for you to feel better. I don’t know what to do or what to say to make you feel like your old self again. I’m not good at any of this. But I don’t want you to feel like you have to be alone. Don’t shut me out,” she pleaded.

Y/N saw the way the shine returned to his dull eyes and the soft blush that made its way to his face. He was looking at her like he had never seen her before. She could feel her own cheeks heat up due to the unnerving way he was looking at her. Mirio leaned forward as if to kiss her when Y/N put a hand to his chest to stop him and turned her face away.

“We can’t we’re in a park. There’s too many people,” she whispered.

Mirio let out a boyish giggle. “Right, sorry.”

She toyed with her fingers as a thought occurred to her. “Do you wanna go to my house instead? It’s nearby, we can warm up and get some hot chocolate.”

Mirio at the thought of seeing the place where Y/N had grown up shyly agreed. They both got up and walked for 15 minutes before coming to a modest house. She unlocked the outdoor gate and let them both in. They went the steps before Y/N unlocked the door.

“No one’s home it’s just me,” she said as she turned the house’s light on and started to prepare some hot chocolate for them both.

Mirio made himself home in the living room as he snooped around and looked at the various pictures of a younger Y/N. She came back with 2 hot chocolates. Mirio thanked her and steadily drank the hot chocolate. Y/N sat next to him and observed him as she finished hers. Though, her earlier words lifted his mood, she could tell that her distraction was only temporary.

“Mirio,” she began as he looked up at her, “I wish I could do more for you. I feel everything, all your pain and I can’t imagine what it’s like for you. I wish I can take it away even just for a while.”

Mirio looked at her seriously and put his drink on coffee table. He grabbed Y/N’s drink and put that on the table as well. She just looked at him in confusion as she hadn’t finished yet. Mirio grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. Y/N blushed at their proximity as her breasts were squished against his firm chest.

“I know what you can do for me, Y/N..,” he trailed off as he leaned in close to kiss her. She closed her eyes as his soft lips connected. She could taste the remnants of the hot chocolate on his lips as she desperately responded back. She clutched him tightly as she couldn’t remember the last time he held and kissed her. Y/N didn’t think it was possible to miss someone so much who wasn’t her immediate family let alone someone she used to hate. Her fingers dug into his soft hair as she tightened her hold and pulled. Mirio let out a groan in response and rolled his hips into hers. He disengaged from her and quickly kissed her cheeks, forehead, and nose in succession.

Mirio panted. “Y/N, please I need you.” She blushed as she knew what he was asking from her. “I-I’ve never…,” she trailed off.

“Neither have I, we’ll go slow. I promise I won’t hurt you,” he said. Y/N nodded, giving him consent. Mirio pushed back one of the curls on her face and brought her close enough for him to kiss. Giving a nip to her lips, he explored the inside of her mouth, still tasting the chocolate. She moaned into the kiss and messed with the hoody he was wearing, trying to get to the smooth skin underneath. He tried to help her take off while still kissing her hard. He broke away in frustration when the hoody wouldn’t budge.

“Wait maybe we should take this to my room,” she suggested. He liked the idea at least they would know beforehand if they were about to get interrupted.

Mirio tried to get Y/N to let him carry her bridal style up the stairs like in the movies, but she adamantly refused. She led them to a very pink and feminine room unlike the fierce Y/N he had gotten to know. Y/N stood in awkward silence not knowing what to do when they had arrived in the room. Mirio taking the lead, took off his hoody and his jeans. He immediately went over to Y/N to help her take off her clothes. She tried to protest but it got muffled by a kiss.

Hoisting Y/N in his arms, he dropped her delicately onto her bed. It was medium size just enough room for both. Mirio couldn’t help himself as he let his hands roam the entirety of her soft skin. Her heaving breasts caught his attention as she looked at him with dilated eyes. He tugged the cups of the bra just a tiny bit for her cleavage to spill over, He bit and sucked them, leaving red marks all over. Y/N let out a whimper as he continued his ministration on the other breast. Mirio moved her legs aside, allowing his body to settle in nicely between her thighs. Slipping his fingers into her panties, he immaturely explored her.

“Like this,” she said as she showed him what she liked best. Wanting to see all of her, he slipped off her panties and snapped off her bra with ease, tossing them somewhere in the room. The two teens continued to explore every inch of their soulmate. From the beginning they were connected by their minds and hearts, now they were crossing the final threshold of their bodies. Preparing Y/N had paid off as he inspected his fingers that were wet with her essence. Curious he tasted the wetness and discovered he liked the tangy flavor. He wanted to lick up all of it, to savor the taste, but that was something he wanted to try out in the future. Mirio shimmied out of his boxers as he lined up his member with her center. He felt her tense, so he whispered reassurances as he stroked her face.

Y/N felt his member slip a few times before he finally got it into her. The initial pinch startled her before she forced herself to breath and relax. Mirio didn’t lie, he went slow prioritizing her needs over his own. Y/N hardly felt a pinch when he broke through her membrane and filled her up to the brim. She raked her short nails down his back, causing him to buck into her. She gasped at the sudden movement.

“Y/N, don’t do that, love,” he panted into her neck.  Y/N flushed at the impromptu nickname Mirio had bestowed her.

He waited a few minutes before trying out short, shallow thrusts to see if she flinched in pain and seeing her writhe and moan gave him the signal to move.

Mirio tried out different rhythms to see what she liked first, matching his thrusts to her reactions. When he lifted up her hips a bit and hit a particular spot that had her gasping and tightening her hold on the bedsheets, he hit that spot over and over in a frenzy. It wasn’t long before Y/N became a babbling mess as she came all over his penetrating member.


Mirio lifted his head up in confusion when he heard the slam of a door and muffled talking.

“Y/N! Is that you? Okasan and Otousan are home. Come downstairs we brought food!” Y/N’s mother called out.

Y/N looked at Mirio in panic. She tried to push him off so she could get dressed and go downstairs to greet her parents.

Instead he held her hips tight as he slammed into her over and over, muffling his moans by biting onto her shoulder.

“Mirio! Ahh, what are you doing? We’ll get caught,” she said.

Letting her shoulder go, he whispered back, “just a little more I’m so close.”

When she didn’t say anything else, Mirio took as a sign to keep going so he chased his own pleasure. It wasn’t too long before he pulled out and came in the junction of her thighs.

Luckily for the teens, they were both able to get dressed and downstairs in time for Y/N to introduce Mirio as her soulmate. Her parents were delighted to meet him, and Y/N flushed with happiness knowing that her parents approved of him. Though, she didn’t notice how her mother kept sending them suspicious glances when she noticed the bite mark on Y/N’s neck.



Mirio’s tousan watched in absolute happiness as his son graduated from U.A. Who knew his son would one day graduate from the most prestigious hero school in Japan?

He looked around for his tall, blonde son as many graduates filled in from the auditorium outside in the sun to find their parents.

He finally found his wayward son and was about to call out to him when he noticed his son holding and teasing a girl. She seemed very frustrated, gesturing wildly and pointing at him in anger. Mirio just laughed and hugged her. What was even more astonishing was that Mirio kissed her forehead and the girl blushed and yelled at him some more before she stomped away. So that was his soulmate.

He remembered how his son came home one day in jubilation and explained everything in one breathe. Though, Mirio seem to be disheartened when he explained how his soulmate didn’t seem to like him. Mirio’s tousan just laughed in glee and Mirio watched him in confusion.

He went on to explain how Mirio’s okasan hated him at first glance and threw a glass of water at him when she discovered her soulmate. He remembered how each day he would do everything to win her heart over and he encouraged Mirio to do the same. He smiled now knowing that Mirio had won his soulmate over just like he did his.

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summary: where you live a life without color until you finally get saved by izuku midoriya.

prompt: You see in black and white until you meet your soulmate - then you can see colors.

⚠ NOTE: this was done in collaboration with a discord server I am a part of

word count: 1,453 words

warnings: word choice: v*mit.

Black, grey, and white was what filled your world. You had never in your life experienced the warm golden light shedding in through your bedroom window in the morning. Eyes unseeing of the vibrant shades of autumn and spring. Gazing into the color of your own mother’s eyes was merely a dream. She would describe it to you, but that left you dreaming of more. You craved the sight of every droplet and speckle of tone in the perfect iris that you so desperately sought comfort from.

Surely, you couldn’t spend too much time complaining. Half of the population was going through the same exact predicament you were going through, and it wasn’t like you were in any rush. You were of the younger population, there were some people older than you who would probably never experience color in their life. Even so, as a child you had dreamed of the day you would finally be able to twirl around a park, enjoying every stain of leaf and stretch of blue sky above you. You wanted to know what blue looked like!

What made your situation even worse was the fact that you worked part-time at your aunt’s floral shop. Thankfully, the woman didn’t make you design the bouquets, how could you? You would stick one flower of one shade of grey in with another flower of a similar shade of grey and hope you didn’t stick two clashing hues in? It would be a disaster. So you spent most of your time there tending to the plants, watering and feeding them as needed, shifting around and rooting through the old ones.

Every day you worked the same boring shift, opening to mid-afternoon and then you were on your way for the rest of the evening. You loved your job, but soon enough it grew very mundane. You imagine it would be much more enjoyable if you could actually savor the vibrant colors of flowers. Sure, they smelled beautiful, but you could only tell that they would be the most gorgeous hues of oranges and reds, pinks and purples. You were itching to uncover every single color in that perfect little canvas of white and black that you watched daily.

And today was no different. You finished your shift at the shop, cleaning the counters and waving goodbye to your aunt as you pushed your way out of the extravagant colonial-style door out into the world. Your world. You let out a sigh at the feeling of the cooling breeze prickling at your eyelashes, a warm sheen of sunlight falling on your shoulders, and a whole lot of plain black and white surrounding you. You stepped onto the sidewalk, padding in the direction you always went; past the bakery, along the river, and to your home.

You couldn’t see color, but you could smell the scent of fresh-baked bread and hear the song of water careening along the riverbend as you walked. It almost made up for everything that you were seemingly missing out on, all the sights you could be relishing in in their full capacity. You found yourself looking at every person that passed by, hoping and praying deep down that suddenly the world in full would wash over you. You kicked a rock from the pavement into the river after watching the most recent failed attempt at finding your soulmate pass by.

A loud explosion tore you from your soulmate expedition as your eyes flicked around the dank environment, wide and alert for any noticeable danger. A flash of bright green electricity interrupted your vision and you were whisked away in the arms of a stranger.


Green electricity.

You opened the eyes you hadn’t even realized you closed and looked around, the world passing by you in a flash as a cascade of warm tones and cool tones began to seep onto the canvas of your world.

You shook your head. No, this couldn’t be real. You didn’t even get a chance to see your soulmate, how would you ever find them again if you didn’t know what the person who triggered this looked like? Your fingers curled into the fabric of the person who was currently gripping onto your body bridal style, the passing air causing the curly green locks on his head to whip behind his head as he moved. You couldn’t stare at him too long, you were too enraptured by the quick saturation of the world forming around you.

Shades you never would have imagined oozed together to create even newer tints as every color possible bled into the sky and trees and people around you. The way the world that you had grown so used to surveying bled hit you in slow motion. You saw every pixel of your world twist into something entirely new and it overwhelmed you. You had to bury your face in the chest of the person that held you, focusing on the pounding of sound as his feet hit the pavement.

All of a sudden he came to a screeching halt, flicking his gaze behind him before he turned his sights down to you, concern woven through his features as he watched you. “Hey, are you alright? Sorry, I probably should have warned you before grabbing you so quickly but I had to get you out of there!” His lips curled up into a bright smile as you stared up at him, noticing the light shade of pink dusting across his freckled cheeks. You felt him shift underneath you and you quickly scrambled to put your feet on the ground. “I’m Deku, a pro-hero. But you can call me Izuku.”

You raised your eyes to meet his gaze, noticing the sensitivity he held in his emerald eyes. The first pair of eyes you saw in their full capacity. The eyes you could nearly drown in just by staring into them. “I’m-” You started, finding it hard to speak to him. The olive-toned skin that expanded across the visible parts of his body, the shaggy forest green hair that fell in a mess around his eyes, the soft amaranth skin around his mouth, it all made your heart race as you took it all in. Finally, you allowed the smile to grow on your face. “I’m Y/N.” You quickly stumbled to shove your hand out in front of you, initiating him to take it.

He chuckled lightly, taking your hand with his own and shaking it. “Nice to meet you.” He seemed to hesitate slightly after dropping your hand, his bottom lip just barely quivering as he fought for the words to say. Clearly, you both were experiencing the same sensation, but what do you even say in this situation. “Uh, I’ve… I’ve been looking for you.” He said timidly, scratching his arm as he avoided eye contact with you. “I-I mean, not in a weird way! Just… Clearly, you’re my soulmate. I don’t even know if you just got the same reaction as me, I-I mean that’s not to assume I’m your soulmate as well.” He stuttered, waving his hands in front of him frantically.

You let out a laugh of relief, putting a hand on your forehead, instantly silencing the word vomit that aggressively tumbled from his lips. “Okay, yeah. I didn’t know what to say either. Thank god we’re both weird about this.” You joked, eyeing him warmly for a moment before speaking. “Uh, would you like to go experience this new revelation elsewhere?” You suggested, cocking your head to the side curiously as you closely eyed his reaction.

He swallowed hard, face growing even pinker as he nodded quickly, his green curls bouncing around his face as he did so. “Y-yeah! That sounds perfect I just have to check on th-the others. Make sure they took care of the villain. W-which is what I grabbed you for not because you’re my soulmate or anything I didn’t even realize that I could see colors until I stopped running just now!” He squabbled, eyes wide in fear of creeping you out.

You giggled and made a bold move, leaning in to press your lips against his cheek to quiet down his rambling. “I understand, meet me at Les Flor when you’re. We’ll go from there.” You murmured, pulling back to exchange a nervous smile with him as he began backing away. He was gone in a flash, and you watched after him with a smile so wide it tore at your cheeks. There was something to be said about falling in love with the person you’re destined to be with because of the color of their eyes. It was like nothing and everything you could ever imagine.

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Originally posted by baekugos

A/N: So I’m in a discord server with @liliesoftherain​ and they did a server prompt where everyone chooses a character to write about. The server prompts topic was “Soulmate AU.” This isn’t my best work and I had another idea on how it would go, but I felt it would be too long so I decided to shorten it. It was still fun writing, though and I hope you enjoy it! I still feel like this one is too short, though, so if you want a second part, tell me and I just might make it.

Prompt: “Soulmate AU.” I decided to do a soulmate AU in which a tattoo matching your soulmate’s shows up on your skin when you turn 16. The tattoo represents both of the soulmates’ quirks combined

Pairing: Todoroki x Reader

Warnings: Nope, just lots of fluff I guess!

A (h/c)-haired girl excitedly walked down the boys’ corridor on her floor. She had a wrapped up box tucked under one arm as she carried a plate of delicious-looking breakfast with her free hands. It was Todoroki’s birthday and she wanted to surprise him with a breakfast she made herself, something infamous in the class 1-A’s dorms. As she came up to Shouto’s door, she knocked gently and waited a few seconds before the door opened. “I knew you’d be up,” she said happily before walking past a confused Todoroki into his dorm room. “What’re you doing here so early?’ Todoroki asked as he closed his door and walked to where Y/N was sitting on his bed. “It’s your birthday, Todoroki! I wanted to make you some breakfast for it, and I brought you a gift,” she responded. Todoroki looked at Y/N for a few seconds before taking the plate she was holding out to him. “Thank you, L/N,” he said, “you didn’t have to.” Y/N laughed, “I know, but I wanted to so no need to feel guilty. Now eat it before it gets cold or all my hard work will have gone to waste.”

“O-okay,” Todorki responded as Y/N laughed. After Todoroki finished eating, Y/N gave him his present. He opened the small box to find a simple silver ring inside. “I have a matching ring,” Y/N said, embarrassedly holding up her hand. She continued, “They’re friendship rings since we’ve been close friends for a while. I hope I didn’t go too far.” Todoroki slipped the ring on and replied, “Not at all, I like it. Thank you, L/N.”

“N-no problem,” she replied, still a little embarrassed. “Anyways,” she said trying to change the subject, “has your tattoo showed up yet? Since it’s your 16th birthday and all…” Todoroki nodded, pulling up his sleeve to show a tattoo of a rose, with a stem that appeared to be made of fire and a flower bud that looked to be made of ice. Seeing the rose sparked a hope in Y/N’s chest that the rose might be referring to her, but she couldn’t know for sure until she tuned 16 herself, and that wouldn’t be for a few months. “Cool!” Y/N said. “Who do you think the rose represents?” she asked. 

“I’m not sure,” Todoroki responded, glancing at Y/N.

-Months Later-

Y/N groaned as she was awakened by knocking at her door. “Who is it?!” she shouted at the door. When she heard the muffled reply of “Todoroki” she rolled out of her bed and quickly brushed her messy hair before opening the door. “Hey, Todoroki. What’re you doing here so early?” Todoroki looked at Y/N before responding, “It’s 9:30. I had figured you would be up by now.”

“Ahh, but it’s the weekend! Besides, I was up late last night,” Y/N laughed before gesturing for Todoroki to come into her room. It was then that she noticed he had a plate in his hand with breakfast on it. “Aww!” she exclaimed, “Did you make breakfast for me?” With a slightly flushed face, he nodded and handed Y/N the plate before saying, “I figured I should make it for you on your birthday like you did on mine.” Touched, Y/N began to eat the breakfast before it could become cold. “This is delicious, Todoroki! I didn’t know you could cook this well!” she exclaimed after taking a bite. Todoroki blushed, “It’s not as good at yours, but I’ve been picking up on all the tips you talk about.” *That’s so sweet!* Y/N thought to herself.

“I also got you a gift,” Todoroki said as he handed her a small box. As she opened it and saw what was inside, Todoroki explained, “I know you like necklaces and your favourite thing to grow with your quirk is a rose, so I got you this.” Y/N picked up a gold chain necklace with a rose gold charm of a rose on it. “I love it Todoroki, thank you,” she said as she put the necklace on. “This actually reminds me of something,” she said, “I still haven’t looked at my tattoo yet.” Y/N pulled up her sleeve and flipped her forearm over to reveal a tattoo of a rose, with a stem that appeared to be made of fire and a flower bud that looked to be made of ice. It was identical to Todoroki’s. Both of the teenagers stared at Y/N’s tattoo.

“I-” Y/N started, “I had always hoped that my tattoo would be the same as yours but I never thought it would actually happen.” Todoroki was still silent and Y/N was becoming worried that he was upset. “Todoroki? Are you okay?” she asked. Todoroki finally looked up at Y/N and responded, “Yes, I just don’t know how to react. I’m not really sure what we’re supposed to do now that we know we’re soulmates. I mean, my mother and father weren’t soulmates.”

“Don’t worry, Todoroki,” Y/N said, “We don’t have to jump straight into being a couple or anything. But knowing that we’re really soulmates gives me the courage to ask you this,” Y/N took Todoroki’s hand in hers and asked, “Will you go on a date with me?” Todoroki nodded before replying, “I’m not sure what I should do, though. I’ve never been on a date before.”

“Don’t worry, we can just go to lunch or dinner. Oh! Maybe we can go to that new cat cafe near here!” Todoroki chuckled as he still held Y/N’s hand and said, “That sounds fun.”

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Love Sparks

Pairing: Kaminari Denki x Reader

Soulmate AU

Warnings: None

P.O.V: Reader’s

Word Count: 2,644

The knowledge about how and when Quirks came along goes far beyond my family’s history, at least I think. My name is Aizawa, (f/n) and I am preparing for my UA entrance exam, thankfully my mother has allowed me to come to Japan from America for schooling. She mentioned something about being able to meet my grandparents as well as my biological father, if I get the chance. She hasn’t told me much about him, every time I’d ask her she’d get really mad and tell me not to ask again, but I was persistent, I just had to know. But that’s not the only thing I had to know, not only are quirks a fascinating part of our lives but so is the way we find our forever person, our body’s receive a shock that courses through our bodies when we make skin to skin contact with our soulmate. 

I stood at the main gates and took a few deep breaths, this was it, the beginning of my future, if I passed this entrance exam I will officially be a hero student at UA High. As I took my steps over the threshold and moved closer to the designated building I let out a shaky breath I didn’t realize I was holding. What if my quirk might not be good enough to get through? What if someone has a similar quirk and they have better control over it than I do? I stopped walking all together and was about to turn around when someone crashed into me. 


I looked up to see what I could only describe as an angry porcupine, his face contorted with rage if I looked at him close enough I’d probably see steam coming out of his ears. I let out a quick apology and nodded, he tsked and walked away grumbling, boy I would hate to be in the same testing area as him, I’m just grateful that I didn’t say anything back to him.  I shook my head clear and walked into the building, looking for my number I sat next to a kid who looked like he was in the wrong place, he dressed a bit too formal. I wonder if he’s going to take the exam in that? 

I took a quick glance around and gulp, there’s a lot of kids here, I knew how prestigious the school was and how low the acceptance rate was, but this was just insane. My attention was soon directed to the front  where- oh my gosh it’s the Pro-hero Present Mic., he’s giving us the run down for the practical? This should be good. 

Present Mic. walked to the middle of the stage, he turned to all of us and screamed,

“Welcome to today’s live performance. Everybody say, hey!”

We were all silent. You could hear crickets chirping. 

“Well, that’s cool, my examinee listeners! I’m here to present the guidelines of your practical, are you ready, there was silence, yet again as he screamed, "YEAH! ”

Listening to Present Mic. screaming and talking loud like he always does began to give me a headache, rubbing my temples I tried to focus on what he was saying. A few rows or so away, I heard what sounded like muttering, I quietly turned and looked towards it, there was a boy with unruly green hair next to, I can’t believe it… it’s the angry porcupine from earlier who knocked into me. Though he didn’t seem too happy to be next to the green haired boy.

“This is how the test will go, my listeners! You’ll be experiencing 10-minute-long "mock cityscape maneuvers”! Bring along whatever you want! After this presentation, each head to your assigned testing location.“

"Is that so kids from the same middle school can’t help each other out?”

I heard from the duo behind me, shaking my head clear I was happy that I didn’t know anyone from Japan so it’d be easier for me to take the test and not worry about  any of my friends who were also trying to get into UA, all I have to do is worry about myself. 

“Each site is filled with 3 kinds of faux villains, points are rewarded for defeating each according to their respective difficulty levels!! Use your quirks to disable, these faux villains and earn points! That’s your goal, listeners! Of course, playing the anti-hero and attacking other examinees is prohibited!”

I noticed during this part of Present Mics. explanation, the boy dressed in formal attire next to me was twitching in his seat, he waited for Present Mic. to finish talking before he up abruptly stood up with his hand and paper in the air.

“Excuse me, but if I may ask a question?!”

Oh boy, this ought to be great… 

“There appear to be no fewer than 4 varieties of fuck, the one on this handout, such a bland, if it is one, is highly unbecoming for you. Japan’s top academy we’re all here today in the hopes of being molded into model heroes.”

He then turned and pointed to Green Bean. 

“And you with the curly hair, you’ve been muttering this whole time, it’s the strap thing if this is some sort of game to you then please leave immediately! ”

He muttered, sorry and put his hands to his mouth, I covered my mouth with my hand and fought back a giggle. 

“Alright, alright, examining 7111 nice catch thanks, but the 4th faux villain variety gets you zero points this more of an obstacle, have you all played Super Mario Brothers, the old retro games?”

“It’s kind of like a thwomp! Only one at each site, a "gimmick” that will rampage around in close quarters.“

I heard quiet murmurs about the zero pointer all around me and just shook my head in pity, clearly this is a decoy. Yes, there may be a zero pointer but it’s more likely to be the biggest one there is otherwise there’d be more stationed at each site. They expect us not to worry about said faux villain, yet it’ll probably be the most important one in the whole exam, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. 

"Thank you, sir, I apologize for the interruption!”

With that the formal guy next to me took a bow and sat back down. 

“That’s all for me, I’ll leave my listeners  with our school motto, the great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘true heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life!’ plus ultra!! Break a leg everyone! ”

With that everyone got up from their spots and filed out in search of where they were to go.  As I looked around the battle center I was sent to a breathed out a sigh of relief, neither the formal dude or the hot head were in sight. I looked around for the green bean to ask him what the hot head had shoved up his butt, but to my dismay he wasn’t assigned to my battle center either.  Looking around I see people meditating and conversing with each other, I don’t need to do either. I began walking towards the front of the crowd marveling at the city front before me. I looked around and saw Present Mic. on top of a platform and smiled up at him and waved, like a buffoon he looked and and pointed to himself in confusion then waved back before pointing to the city urgently. 

I took that as my cue to go so I took a deep breath and ran in, I made in about 10 feet into the city before I heard him call out. 

“What are you waiting for?! There are no timers in real battles! Begin!”

I knew if I turned around I’d see all the kids running towards me so I decided to get some air coverage. Sticking my arms and hands out to my sides I shot up into the air leaving a trail of water spiraling down below me. I landed on a high rise and looked around the city, seeing a 1 pointer and a 2 pointer approaching I summoned a ball of water into my hands and contorted it into a spear. 

I began to run and jump the rooftops closer to the faux villains and replicated the spear before throwing them both at each bot, taking them down. As the bots were falling I hopped onto them and used my water to slide down to the ground. Looking around them I did a double check to make sure nobody made it this far and accidentally got crushed by a giant falling robot. After seeing it was clear I decided to make way to the center on food, as I began to jog I heard a scream from behind me. I turned to look and saw a 3 pointer ready to crush a girl with pink hair and what appears to be horns? I looked closer and saw her foot was stuck and she was trying to get out without using her quirk on herself. I definitely wouldn’t make it to her by running, so I had to muster up my energy and use my quirk from afar, something I’m not too good at. 

“Hey! Close your eyes!”

The girl looked at me and nodded, I then stood next to one of the fallen faux villain bots and took a stray piece in a ball of water I expanded to its size, quickly I released the piece and expanded the water ball more until it was the size of the bot. I hurled the ball of water at the bot and encased it in my water ball before throwing the water ball into the air, it disappeared from the center and past the clouds. 

“Okay, I may have been a little too extreme… ”

I muttered to myself, as I walked over to the girl and helped free her. 

“You good?”

She nodded and thanked me. 

“Don’t mention it, just go get some more points for yourself. I’d hate for you not to be able to get in because you were stuck and couldn’t stop thanking someone who saved you.”

After taking down a few more bots and saving a few people I estimate that I have around 35 points right now which means I should be in good standing. I was so lost in thought that I bumped into someone, they sent a shock through me and I froze for a second before shaking my arm. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you with my quirk are you okay?" 

'What? Wait? He hit me with his quirk?’

I cleared my head and looked at him in confusion, that wasn’t just the electric shock that goes through your body when you meet your soulmate? 

"Oh…  uh. Don’t worry about it. I’m all good.”

'Lies, why would I be alright? You know damn well it wasn’t your quirk.’

He gave me a look of uncertainty and smiled. 

“Hi, I’m Kaminari Denki. Nice to meet you uh…  what’s your name?”

I scoffed internally, 'really? That’s how you’re gonna ask me my name? Dude just how dense are you?’

“F/n L/n. Crap, sorry. L/N, F/N. Nice to meet you as well Kaminari. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and rack up more points so if you don’t mind I’ll just be o-”

Kaminari cut me off by yelling. 

“That’s a zero pointer! No way! That thing is huge!”

Looking up I saw what he was talking about, I smirked. 

“U.A. definitely lives up to its prestigious name. I am impressed. Wow. This zero pointer is glorious.”

Kaminari looked at me like I was insane, as if I somehow sparked a fire in him he puffed out his chest in glee and smirked. 

“All the more reason for me to prove my strength. Stand back L/N I’m gonna light this bot up.”

I blinked in surprise as he ran towards the bot and he charged up- no way, he wasn’t kidding. Large amounts of electricity sprayed out of his hands to the bot, it froze in place for a few moments with electricity spazzing all around the bots frame, but it didn’t go down. Kaminari turned to me and gave me a thumbs up and a dumb look on his face. 

“Kaminari you fool! You fried your brain with that foolish attack!”

The bot soon was out of its shocked state and raised it’s foot ready to pummel the poor dunce. I quickly mustered up my strength and formed a water ball and sent it at Kaminari, once he was inside I whipped it at me. Kaminari and the water ball collided into me just as the bot stomped down where Kaminari was seconds before. I stood up and slapped Kaminari, feeling another jolt of electricity surge through me. 

'Awh hell. This fool is my soulmate and he’s too dense to realize it’s not his quirk.’

I turned to the bot and watched it moved closer before turning back to Kaminari. 

“After this exam you’re taking me out for ice cream for saving your fried ass not only once but twice.”

I turned back to the bot and sent two water balls towards the next spots where it would step, not satisfied with the ground I sent more until the bot stepped and sunk a few feet. 

“Yes! It worked!”

I happily then made a few water spears and threw them at the bot before I took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and concentrated on a tiny ball of water in my hands, I needed to focus all my energy if I wanted to make this work. I slowly enlarged the ball in my hand and listened as it started to crackle and pop, taking another deep breath I slowly opened my eyes and smirked before shrinking the softball sized water ball and throwing it at the exposed part of the bot. Once it was a foot from contacting the bot I spread my arms out enlarging the crackling ball and watched as it downed the bot. 

I looked to Kaminari and sighed. I need to get him somewhere safe until this wears off, if I leave him here he’ll be an easy target for the other bots. I’m pretty sure there’s five minutes left meaning I can still get a few more points if I hurry up. I took some gummies out of my pocket and threw them in my mouth, I’m lucky we were allowed to bring things in that would help us, otherwise I’d have been out for the count when I helped that pink girl.  I led Kaminari to a safe area and smirked as a three pointer came out of the alley next to us, I jumped up with my water and formed water around my wrist as I plummeted down and punched the bot. It went down just as Present Mic. screeched. 

“It’s all over! Good job everybody! 

Within moments Recovery Girl was by my side looking at Kaminari, she shook her head and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Kaminari blinked and looked around in a state of confusion before looking at me. 

"Come on Kaminari, you owe me an ice cream.”

I poked his cheek and was sent another shock of electricity, which he definitely would have felt as all and leaned into his ear. 

“After all we are soulmates, and I just saved your butt.”

I gave the shocked boy a knowing smile and grasped his hand and began leasing him away towards the exit. If we both somehow get into the hero course this was going to be one exciting year…

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Tamaki Amajiki: Festival

Fandom: BNHA // MHA

Genre: Lil angst but it’s all about the fluff

Warning: None~

Request: Y/n has a crush on Tamaki and even though she’s great friends with nejire, y/n secretly feels inferior to her. Nejire and Mirio encourage her to ask Tamaki out at the school festival, but y/n gives up as soon as she sees Tamaki’s smiles at Nejires beauty pageant performance. Tamaki (who likes y/n back) realizes that she’s feeling down and tries to cheer her up for the rest of the festival.



Originally posted by makethiscanon

Nejire Hado.

A goddess in your eyes, as well as a wonderful friend who’d enlisted both yours and Tamaki’s skills in her endeavour to win the U.A Beauty Pageant this year.

She twirled in her dress, winking at you with a shimmering grin as you nodded in approval and moved to fix her spiralling tresses before she giddily clasped you’re wrists.

“So, are you going to do it (L/n)-chan?”

“Do what?”

“The thing that I’m not allowed to talk about - you are thinking about it aren’t you? Ohhh, is that why you’ve become so cutely flustered?” Your friend radiated cheerfulness, excited over the possibilities your decision could lead to even if you weren’t.

“Nejire, please - it’s a bad idea…” Your justification trailed off, but Mirio latched onto the conversation topic rather quickly much to your chagrin.

“Yes it is! C'mon (L/n), you gotta do it! You gotta - you gotta - you gotta!” The over enthusiasm he brought drew more attention, yourself desperately attempting to capture his rapid arm movements - sighing in relief once you’d successfully held his hands in place.

“I’m not asking someone out who doesn’t view me in a romantic light, it’s best to just leave it alone.”

Mirio and Nejire exchanged a hopeless glance, a hint of disappointment etched onto their features as you shook your head with a laugh before ushering Mirio back to a young Eri and Izuku.


A sense of wistfulness radiated through your veins as you watched your friend perform so elegantly on stage, the crowd seemed in awe which was a good sign. It was this moment that you stole a glance at Tamaki beside you, only a second ago he’d been anxious but now was completely enthralled.

“Hado really looks… like an innocent fairy.” If not the sincerely kind words, it was the way he looked at Nejire that truly captured your attention - why couldn’t he see you like that?

His eyes sparkled and a genuinely blissful expression appeared as he gazed at her, completely lost in the beauty she radiated - you’d be the first to admit that Nejire was simply enchanting but you couldn’t help the sudden urge of overpowering self consciousness that surfaced as a sickening feeling deep in your stomach.

Then came the guilt for even thinking such a thing, you loved them both - Tamaki a little more romantically but that wasn’t the point - instead you made yourself scarce to recollect your composure and disregard the idea of asking him on a date.

You took a break from the festival crowds, welcoming the refreshing air on the school entrance staircase whilst overlooking the bustling activity on the grounds.

“There you are (Y/n)…”

The shy voice startled your monotonous daze, flicking to the origin only to find Tamaki taking a seat beside you on the steps.

“Did I say you could join my depression session Amajiki?” Missing the lightheartedness of your tone, Suneater immediately panicked assuming he’d overstepped his boundaries and held his hands up in shaky defence.

“I didn’t mean to - sorry (Y/-y/n)! I - I thought I could -”

“I’m joking, don’t worry. You’re welcome to join me anytime Tamaki, trust me.” Upon seeing your playful smile, your friend relaxed significantly whilst you set your eyes on their previous view.

It was silent for a few moments, basking in one another’s company before your friend voiced his original intention.

“You left shortly after the performances, I was worried… is everything okay?”

“Of course.”


You knew it, and judging by the way Tamaki furrowed his brows at your response he probably did too but chose not to mention it and instead stood up, offering his hand out to you with a weak smile.

“Well, I think Class 2-E have organised a crepe stall, do you ah - do you want to come with me?”

“We have got time before the contest results~”


To save Tamaki’s sanity you did most of the ordering, and despite the Crepes being a welcomed diversion to lighten your mood, he could see that whatever had dulled your spark still lingered on your mind.

“What about Class 1-C’s Haunted House?” You curiously proposed, ducking under the colourful streamers apart of Class 3-D’s culture celebration whilst your comrade shrugged at the idea.

“Re-really (Y/n)?”

“It’ll be fun - unless you don’t want to then we can do something else.”

“No no, I’d love to see what they came up with.” You believed it was the prospect of fewer people in the Haunted House compared to concerts or food stands which prompted his agreement. In reality he simply wanted to spend time with you.

“I can’t see a thing, which w- ouch~” You mumbled, knocking into goodness knows what with embarrassed laughter escaping you.

“You’re lucky I had Cuttlefish today, they hunt at night so I can use that to see in the dark.” Tamaki added and activated his quirk but was knocked out of his stupor the moment your fingers gently interlocked with his own almost hesitantly.

“Lead the way then, I’ll follow.”

And so he did, silently thanking the gloomy atmosphere for concealing his flushed skin but couldn’t exactly control how tense he was by simply holding your hand. Not that you were any better.

The lighting altered further in so your vision wasn’t as impaired and it was here you stumbled across familiar faces.

“Mirio, Eri!” You waved over, pulling a content Tamaki with you.

“Hey! I’m surprised to catch you two in here - wait, you did it!“ The blonde started inquisitively before the sudden wave of excitement washed over him once noting your interlaced hands.

Your eyes widened, Tamaki turning to you with a raised brow due to your recent flip of demeanour.

Woah nooo - Amajiki can see in the dark, and I walked into props so he’s my hero right now, which is why uh - this - is happening.“ Came your stammered explanation, holding up your tangled digits as evidence regardless of the blushing hero beside you who you’d unknowingly enamoured with your words.

"Are they on a ‘date’ Mirio?” Eri tugged at Togata’s jacket, whispering her question a little louder than anticipated - Lemillion proudly grinned, announcing his confirmation with his fist pumped.

“Yes they are!”

Amajiki immediately headed for the nearest wall, a depressing aura enveloping him as he rested his forehead against it and mentally cursed his best friend for almost exposing his feelings toward you so casually. You remained unaware of this however, so with a hint of guilt regarding Mirio nearly revealing your crush, you delicately captured Tamaki’s hand again and indicated toward the exit.

“The Pageant results will be up shortly, you should head to Class 1-A’s concert and we’ll support Nejire.” Came you upbeat excuse, Amajiki purely thankful you were getting him out of this nightmare situation - you missed the look of sheer admiration he offered to you.


In the flurry of organised chaos, you found a place in front of the stage as the results were finally announced, Nejire achieving her goal of being crowned champion this year much to both your appraisal.

“Hado really is incredibly beautiful isn’t she?” Your question was rhetorical, but the wistful longing in your voice caught Tamaki’s attention.

“So are you though…” His response was instinctive, no matter how quietly it was said but it only lead you to unintentionally elaborate on the pessimistic view that had plagued you this afternoon.

Don’t Tamaki, I’ve always admired Nejire… she has a cute innocence about her, a lovely personality, gorgeous looks and is apart of The Big 3, what’s not to like right? I’m lucky to call her my best friend but to compare me to her level is ridiculous…”

“That’s why your eyes haven’t been as bright today.” His attentive acknowledgement brought you back to reality, you hadn’t realised he’d paid such close attention to you nor believe you’d actually voiced that - resulting a recovery attempt.

“Uh - no I got lost in thought there sorry, I’m fine, honestly.”

Tamaki’s expression was a contrast of concern and frustration, this was something he was passionate about and you could tell he had confidence in his following words.

“You shouldn’t undermine your strength or beauty, people admire you exactly how you are just like I do.”


It just registered then, exactly what he’d said and he hadn’t the will to speak again - only offering a meek nod in its place but that was enough, you hugged him out of gratitude for lifting your spirits even if he remained rather flustered with the contact.

“Thanks Amajiki, for everything you’ve done today.”

The Beauty Winner caught this exchange, a gleeful grin marking her lips once she’d made eye contact with the two of you and ensured you witnessed her joyous clap before making a heart with her fingers. The two of you paled once recognising her motive, pulling apart and searching for some kind of reasoning to nullify the implications but ultimately decided you’d dodged the truth enough for one day.

“Nejire wanted me to ask you out.”

“Nejire wanted me to - to ask you um… ask you on a date.”

You both awkwardly admitted simultaneously, instantly snapping your surprised gazes back to one another.



After confessing your feelings to one another, the strange circumstances of the day began to piece together.

“Hey, how would you feel about a second date?” You playfully commented as you walked back with Nejire and Yuyu skipping ahead, Tamaki gave you a quizzical look with his thumb tracing over your knuckles.

“Shouldn’t we go on our first one?”

“I would say our friends will argue this was our first one, and honestly I wouldn’t change it. I had a great time with you today Amajiki.”

“Me too (Y/n), I’m lucky to have spent it with someone as beautiful as you.” He looked away after saying that, leaving him wide open as you placed a quick chasté kiss to his cheek.

Tamaki.exe has stopped working.

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Genre: Smut but like soft

Warnings: Daddy kink, breeding kink (a lil’ bit), size kink (if you squint),

Wordcount: 1.6K

A/N: @redbeanteax immediately gets a tag because Natsuo (I probably wouldn’t have written this if I didn’t have her to thirst with me) Also thanks to @dee-madwriter for reading this through for me.

Tags: @humanitysfandomhoe, @mothwithteeth


Today had been complete and utter bullshit. You had to deal with your horribly rude coworkers, who loved to gossip about your relationship. You were tired of it, hearing about how the hell you ended up with the son of the number one hero, being told that you weren’t good enough for someone like him, and on top of that, you have so much paperwork to catch up on. The only thing keeping you sane right now was your wonderful husband waiting for you at home, and you knew exactly what you wanted from him. As soon as you walked through the door of your house and kicked off your shoes, you shouted out to him.

“Natsu? Baby? You home?”

“Yeah, I’m upstairs,” he called back. You stalked your way to the bedroom and saw Natsuo on the bed, in nothing but grey sweats, scrolling through his phone. He made small conversation with you as you changed into something more comfortable. You tried to avoid talking about your day at work, but it was inevitable, and as soon as he pressed you for answers on why you seemed so down, you crawled onto his lap and buried your face in his neck.

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domestic life ⋆⋆⋆ aizawa shouta

  • i feel like he’s gonna have to be with you a long time before he finally proposes. he’s the kind of person who needs someone he can rely on 24/7 through the thick and thin and to him, it takes time to build that kind of trust
  • that being said, when he knows you’re the one, he knows. there’ll be no doubt in his mind. one day, it’s just all going to click for him and he’s going to think ‘yup this is the person i will marry’ and that’s all there is to it
  • the proposal was very simple but exactly what he wanted. he planned it down to the smallest detail and, luckily, everything went accordingly. it was late at night and you were sitting on your balcony, sipping hot coffee/tea/cocoa and watching the cars and people move down below. he started talking about how you have changed his life and you’re forever going to be the only person he’s ever going to want and then boom! he’s down on one knee and you’re crying happy tears
  • the wedding was a lot like the proposal, laid back and relaxed. only close friends and family were invited, but it was still a pretty good sized group. your reception was a blast too. aizawa knows he’s only getting married once so he is absolutely going to get trashed
  • ok so some of his favorite times spent are with you, doing chores. he may seem a little messy, but he prefers his life to be organized and as stress free as a pro hero’s life can get
  • he loves those lazy days where y’all just sit around and watch random documentaries and shows. he doesn’t get to relax much, so when he does you can 100% bet he is not moving unless he is forced too
  • a master at folding towels. if you had to guess, it’s probably from carrying around a sleeping bag from so long, but this man can always makes the edges line up perfectly and is able to stack them so they fit in the cabinet just right
  • i don’t think he’s one for taking baths together. he’s fine with showering together, but the thought of not only sitting in his own filth but also someone else’s? he’s good. however, he will sit in a bath if you agree to wash his hair for him. he is an absolute sucker for that
  • for how much he loves being home and doing stuff around the house, he can not cook for the life of him. can and has before burned water. you don’t know how it even happened, but it did. the only thing he is even remotely good at making is coffee and yet he prefers you make his for him daily
  • when aizawa brings eri home, you immediately fell in love with her. she’s such a sweet girl, how could you even try to say no to her?? you absolutely invite mirio and shinsou over for weekly dinner so that you can have a big wholesome family meal
  • if you don’t think he’s adopting a cat you have the wrong idea. this man LOVES cats and will beg and plead you to get one. if you don’t like cats, he’ll understand and leave the topic along
  • wears his wedding ring proudly. he definitely will humbly brag about you if asked. he is just so in love, he can’t help himself. he loves the life he’s building with you and he’ll be damned if he’s not going to share that with the world
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