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#bnha x reader

Hi, hope you like this!

I give you………


Quirk type: emmiter

Quirk summary: you have the ability to to manipulate probability, like you can make it way less or way more probable that something will happen. For example if someone it shooting at you you can make it way less probable for the bullets to hit you, or you can make it way more probable to win a prize in your favor.

Drawbacks: there is still a possibility for the thing you are manipulated for or against to happen or not happen, that’s how probability works it’s not certain.

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@/colorfulhideoutstranger​ requested:  Hi! I really like your posts! I think you’re just great at writing these things. But can I ask you for headcanons for Shinsou Hitoshi, when he finds out or hears that their s/o can play the piano or sing?

a/n: sadkgfsdkjg i don’t play any instruments but i really wished that i did haha and i’m writing after a super long time so my writing may be really rusty, i apologize for that

Shinsou Hitoshi


- Shinsou is curious but he tries his very best to try and not to pry into your life because he believes that pushing his s/o out of their comfort zone to reveal stuff to him is not very nice of him

-But if you do choose to reveal or if he does manage to stumble upon you singing or playing the piano, your best bet will be that he’s simply entranced

-This one time, he found you humming under you breath as you were working on something

-He’d stop and try to search for the source of the sound

-And when he realizes that it was you who were humming, he just look into your eyes

-And when he realizes that he blatantly staring at you, his head just drops onto the table, as he uses his arms to cover his furiously blushing face

-Every single time you do meet up, he’s always intently waiting for you to hum

-Gets really pouty and disappointed when you don’t (someone comfort the boi please)

-But when you do

-His expression is as if he hit the biggest jackpot of his entire life

-He’s just there, keenly trying to listen to your melodious voice but his heart beat just becomes louder and louder as each moment passes by

-He’s just sitting there, covering his cheeks with his hands as a bright shade of pink taints his cheeks

-And trying really hard to fight the smile on his face

-But he’s not immune to that, so he gives gives in and his cheeks hurt from smiling too much

-When you see him in such a frazzled state and ask him what happened

-He tries his very best to brush it off and continue working

-But he can’t and confesses that he likes to listen to your humming

-When you properly sing tho

-The poor boy is on the verge of fainting from how much he likes it

-He’s just in his seat, chills running down his spine and a fond smile gracing his normally stoic face

-Absolutely loves it when you take breaks in your study dates when you notice that he’s tired

-And invite him to lay his head in your lap, as you sing and therapeutically brush through the voluminous locks of his hair

-He’s an absolute sucker for it and will do anything he can if it meant that he could listen to hum

-Will call you at 3 am and ask you sing something, anything really

-And when you try to tease him by asking him if he really likes it that much

-He just becomes really serious and says that he’d want to listen to it forever, if he could (protect your heart please)

-And when you do, he just slowly falls asleep with a pleased look on his face

-Please please please surprise him by randomly humming through your kiss

-You won’t regret that bewildered expression

-And you most definitely won’t regret how he seems extremely eager to steal more kisses from you

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“What did we do last night?”

Tenya Iida x fem reader (aged up to 18!)


Originally posted by derikisu

Iida groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. He sat up from his bed only to notice a familiar weight next to him. He looked over to his side and smiled a little, there you laid in his bed….with no shirt on?

Iida blushed a little as he stared at you in confusion, when ever you stayed the night at his dorm you always brought your own clothes and when you didn’t you would always wear Iida’s sweaters so why weren’t you wearing anything now?

Suddenly the young man felt a cold wind along his chest, the window was open that’s why, he was about to get up and close it but he then realized

He wasn’t wearing a shirt ether.

Iida looked down at his chest in shock. There were hickeys all over his arms, chest and neck. There were also bites here and there as well. What happened? Did the two of you fight something?

Then it came back to him.

He remembered making out with you. You giving him all those bites and scratches. You giving all those hickeys. He remembered you dominating him, you riding him, you biting his lip lightly and sucking on it you fucking him stupid. Him moaning so loudly, his legs giving out on him half way, him begging you to let him cum. You took his virginity.

Iida stared at the wall in silence, the two of you went at it HARD. Suddenly you started to move but Iida was still in complete shock. You sat up next to him and rubbed your eyes, you looked down at Iida’s chest, then at the messed up bed, then at Iida’s neck. You noticed that you weren’t wearing any clothes and nether was your boyfriend.

“I guess we really went at it,huh.” You said also staring at the wall in shock. Iida gave you a nod and you sighed.

“Was this your first time?” You asked falling back into your pillow. Iida nodded again still staring at the wall.

“How long did we do it for?” Iida asked not taking his eyes off the wall. You scratched you neck and sighed once again.

“Went at it for a while, 6 rounds I think. Stayed up till one in the morning, then I think you passed out.” You grabbed the pair of glasses that were laying on the floor and snatched a piece of cloth that was laying to on your side then started to clean them.

“You seem awfully clam about this, have you done something like this before?” Iida asked.

“Yup. Awhile back I dated a couple of guys and girls. Some ended quick and others not so much.” You gently grabbed Iida’s face and placed on his glasses. You gave him a peck on the lips and grabbed your shirt that was behind you then threw it on.

“We’re lucky today is Saturday, we can just stay like this for a while.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his stomach. Iida did the same and smiled

“Yes….I like the sound of that.”

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the early morning light filters through the window, stirring the both of of entangled bodies awake. todoroki shouto let’s out a sigh, wanting to nuzzle closer into the crook of you neck. however, the blaring alarm crashes his dreams as you try to tear yourself apart from his embrace, encouraging him to let you go by persuasively kissing his cheek. he reluctantly rolls out of the bed, while thinking about the remaining paperwork he needed to do.

he lethargically makes his way down the stairs, facing your back as you were busy prepping up your breakfasts for the day. he fondly smiles as you place the place in front of him, wishing him a good morning. he savors the delicious meal, as comfortable silence envelopes the both of you.

after finishing, he waits for you to clean up, silently preparing himself for his departure for work. while it was something he did everyday, he was unwilling to leave your side today. he kept on staring at your figure, however a sigh escapes past his lips as he realizes that time was ticking away.

as you finally face him, gracing him with a smile. he begins turning his back to grab the keys for his car but he couldn’t deny the reluctance he felt while doing so.


hearing your hesitant voice cutting through the silence, he instantly turns back, his eyes brimming with hope. when he feels your dainty fingers brushing the crumbs in the corner of his mouth, he smiles and thanks for you for it. you just smile and urge him to hurry up, while accompany him to doorway as he steps outside.

he promises to you that he’ll be back home as soon as possible. as he begins entering the car, you couldn’t help but say it out loud.

“shou-kun, i love you”

hearing those three words for the first time, he slams the door to his car and rushes to you. his eyes wide in disbelief, he holds you by your arms and asks you to repeat what you had said. and before you complete finishing your sentence, he hastily presses his lips against yours, effortlessly taking your breath away.

when he shortly pulls back, he takes a good look at your tainted cheeks, as his own cheeks mirrors yours. his heart is racing and he wonders if you feel the same. his hands place themselves behind you neck, gently caressing it. overwhelmed by the feelings, he slightly tilts your face before unexpectedly claiming your lips once again.

but this time, his lovingly kisses you, pouring in all the emotions he feels. as he fervently nibbles on your bottom lip, you gasp into the kiss, thus allowing your tongues to clash. the both of you continue, as neither of you were ready to pull away.

as the both of your separate to catch some breath, the sight of your swollen lips made his chest tighter. when you try to push him away and remind him of his work, he just chuckles, earnestly whispering “i guess i am going to stay with you after all”. when you try to fight back, he hushes you by placing yet another lingering kiss, slowly leading you inside your home, to show you how happy he really was.

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Would anyone be mad if I just empty my inbox? Like getting rid of most of my request and maybe taking more?

I’ll still finish the match ups I have and there’s maybe three request that I’m working on/ interested in, but I’m getting nothing from the others. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking for a reason or something like that, but I think part of the reason I’m taking a bit to get out of my little slump is the lack of interest.

I feel bad for saying that because y’all sent in some really good requests, but I just don’t feel any spark to write it and I don’t want to wait around and see if that changes when I could be working on something else for y’all instead.

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bakugou’s s/o getting shipped with todoroki

legend : [Y/N = your name] f! reader at the request of anon :))

notes : thank you anon :)) also, your request isn’t too much for me.

      ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚


bakugou katsuki

  • he’s so annoyed lol
  • but i feel like you and him agreed to make your relationship private
  • because he doesn’t want you to be bothered, and he doesn’t want to get teased by the bakusquad
  • so like.. he can get that you’ll eventually get shipped with other people since you and him usually hang out in private, and outside of class
  • but.. icy hot?? oh hell no.
  • everyone in your class ships you and todoroki for some odd reason
  • well it’s not odd to others, but odd to bakugou
  • you and todoroki are fairly close friends, and you guys spar a lot together.
  • so.. of course your class would start shipping you both
  • bakugou could’ve blasted todoroki then and there.
  • he asks you one day, “doesn’t it bother you that you get shipped with icy hot??”
  • and you’re like, “kind of, but it doesn’t matter to me since i’m dating you.”
  • he thinks you’re right, but it still bothers him since he can’t just do whatever
  • it’s him that offered to make your relationship with him private smh
  • todoroki is the only one that knows your relationship with bakugou, and he’s such a supportive friend.
  • and he swears on secrecy out of respect for you.
  • he doesn’t care about the shipping because he only sees you as his closest friend, and ain’t no way he’s a homewrecker 🤍
  • so one day, bakugou gets so fed up with the shipping—
  • to the point he suddenly outs your relationship so casually
  • your facial expression? flustered. his expression? smug
  • and that’s how the majority of your class found out your relationship. and the rest was history
  • though he was a little insecure, like.. what if you gave into the shipping and left him
  • he’s not the most romantic for sure, but he does love you!
  • you reassure him that you love him for him, even though he’s not the nicest.
  • and that’s all he needs to know tbh.


likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!

i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing.

do not plagiarize my work :))

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Take a Rest


Pairing: Hitoshi Shinso x Reader

[@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist]

Summary: Shinso has been studying in ungodly hours for the exam. You got concerned of him sleeping when the teacher was teaching. So you followed him and confronted him to go get rest.

Warning: Swearing, wrong grammars,

Genre: Fluff,


Y/n- your name, fs- favorite snack,

Reader: Neutral


Made by: ??? (Please tell me who the owner of the art is so I credit them!)

☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

You went to your boyfriend’s dorm, seeing him reading his notes over and over again. The exam was next week. You also should be studying right now but you thought you still had time.

“Hitoshi~” You moaned. Plopping yourself onto his still-messy bed. “How about you take a rest? Isn’t that fun?” You looked at his back while he ignored you, still reading his notes. You looked at the ceiling and hugged his pillow and pretending it was him instead.

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Ok, imagine this

You and your son are cuddling while playing, you give him a kiss and he gives one back.

And he’s all giggly and smiling so bright, loving the attention you’re giving him

Hawks low-key jealous wants some attention too, so he goes to kiss you but your son pushes him away and yells “that’s my mummy!”

Kei can’t believe his own son is possessive over you and won’t let him show you affection

So he just goes and pouts in the corner

While you’re laughing at him

It’s ok tho, you did give him affection later!

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Electric Love

pairings: hanta sero x reader

summary: with the help of his best friend and a tiktok trend, sero finally makes his move.

warnings: mmmm,, kissing, fluff and sweet stuff

notes: i’ve been such a fan of this song since i heard it in ‘Nerve’ and this -kinda old now- trend was just too cute to pass up.

『° 。✰˚⋆☾⋆。✰°』

You and the bakusquad had gotten bored, so, in order to cure that boredom, you all decided on a little drive. packing up into in Sero’s car, you turned on the music and jammed out, each person taking a turn on the aux.

after a while of driving, you all had gotten hungry, which is what led to where you all were now, currently parked in the McDonald’s parking lot as you all ate and talked.

everyone had their food in their laps, the back rows being the most hectic since there were more people. you watched in the rear view mirror as kaminari leaned over to dip his chicken nugget in bakugou’s sauce. the boy retaliated by shouting at him and hitting him upside the head, all the while mina and kirishima watched something on his phone.

“take that back! say you’re sorry!” bakugou shouted, grabbing kaminari by the neck of his shirt and shaking him, “i’m sorry!!” the blonde cried out, desperately trying to get out of his friend’s hold,

“and what are you sorry for!?” bakugou yelled at him, kaminari reeling as far back as he could, “for saying you’re aggressive!” he cried out, his words making you and sero laugh.

in the driver and passenger seat, you and sero were the most calm, simply eating and enjoying the music that still flowed through the speakers. over the voice, you wouldn’t hear what kaminari was currently up to on his phone, quickly showing everyone.

“Oh!” Kaminari shouted, the others groaning at his movements. you all watched as the eccentric blonde crawled over the armrest to set his phone on the dash.

“What are you doing?” Sero asked as Kaminari shushed him by running his hand over his friend’s face.

“I’m helping you out man.” Kaminari turned and kissed Sero’s forehead, making you snort.

He pressed play and the familiar song played through the car, making Sero freeze while the others scrambled to get out.

He watched as you stared, confused, as the others got out of the car, then turning to Sero and smiling.

He watched you dance in your seat to the music, lip syncing the words while his nerves arose.

And every night my mind is running around her

Then it’s getting louder and louder

Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle

I can’t let you go now that I got it

Sero looked out the window of the car to his friends as they threw him thumbs up, while you unknowingly giggled.

All I need is to be struck

By your electric love

You then prepared to sing the climax, but just as you were about to, Sero put his hand on your cheek and pulled you into a kiss.

Baby, your electric love

Electric love

Your eyes widened in shock, but fluttered closed after a few seconds, and your body moved to hold his wrists and pull him in closer.

Your lips molded together perfectly as the two of you were made for each other, two puzzle pieces finally coming together to create the whole picture of what is now a blooming relationship with Sero.

Your friends cheered from outside while you blushed and hid your face in his chest, making him laugh and kiss the crown of your head.

“So I take it you like me too?” He asked uncertainly as you looked up at him with a teasing grin, “I don’t know, maybe we should try that kiss again.” You laughed as his face flushed, “you can have as many kisses as you want, but just please tell me you like me.” Sero said sounding slightly panicked, making you feel a tad bit bad for teasing him.

“Of course I like you, you big dork!” You said as he sighed, only to be cut by you pulling him by the collar of his shirt into another kiss.

After a few, Kaminari knocked on the window, making you two pull apart, “can we come back in now?” He asked as Kirishima slung an arm over his shoulder while Bakugou grumbled about how “it was about time you two stoped pining for each other.”

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Quirk Matchups: Set twenty four

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house of wolves

incubus! shouta aizawa x fem! reader

desc: “s-i-n, i s-i-n.”

for someone who practices witchcraft, you’d think you’d be prepared to handle any spell. who knew that one wrong mineral could change your entire night?

genre: smut

warnings: aged up reader, incubus, witchcraft, alternate universe, monster fucker, oral, degradation 

word count: 3.8K

a/n: i really hope someone gets my mcr reference hehe. 

most adults around your age found fear in being victims of capitalism. maybe such a dream was the norm years ago, but nowadays, you craved more than just a career to rely on everyday. the cause could have been your everlasting fear of dying young, subjecting you to the constant paranoia of not living your life to the absolute fullest. or, maybe, a simpler cause was to blame for the reasoning. 

either way, you refused to live your life that way. 

this goal you had buried in the deepest routes of your mind never disappeared. in fact, this only fueled your desire to explore all things you could at the young age of twenty-one. while you could have been out drinking with your friends tonight, awkwardly rubbing your body against multiple strangers - you were sitting on your bedroom floor, trying to summon a demon. 

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a/n: aye have mixture of fluff and angst~ sorry for uploading late :c MY SCHEDULE IS SUCH A KILLER I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH huhuhu

warnings: this cannot be read solo

Links: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 22, part 23, part 23.5, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27

Masterlist to my other fics: here :) (that has not been updated for how many months now… proceed with caution~)


“Is that really you, Inspector (l/n)?” The hero asked. With each step she took, you made sure Chisaki’s face wouldn’t be seen. “It’s late.”

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y’all just know gunhead has the most soft, passionate sex ever -hands engulfing you everywhere, careful that his gauntlets don’t crush you kissing up and down your stomach and pushing a finger into you - hands so big your utterly stretched just taking in one and whimpering by two as he says the sweetest things.

“need to go slower baby?”

“I’ll be gentle I promise. Unless you don’t want me to be.”

“I really love you. how good you feel~ you make everyday so good.”

“i- wow baby you’re absolutely soaked.”


Originally posted by tsukkilatte

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Summary: Hawks comes over one stormy afternoon and there may be something more behind his easy smile today.

A/N: WHY DO I ALWAYS END UP WRITING HURT/COMFORT FOR THIS BIRB? Anw this is when his work for the commission started to breach the ‘dark areas’ and he might not be as OK as he seemed.

Warning: Light cursing, a sad birb, a slight suggestive joke.


Knock, knock, knock.

You startled awake at the sound of knocking, jerking up when you realized that you had fallen asleep on the couch, all tangled up in the blankets.

Your hand groped around for your phone, cursing when you saw the time and realizing that you had slept the whole afternoon away. The one day off you got and you ended up sleeping it away instead of doing something productive.

The knocking came again.

“Shit, wait, I’m coming!” You exclaimed, stumbling to the door as you tried to shake off the blankets from your leg. Distantly you noticed that it was raining hard outside… and then realizing that the noise didn’t come from the front door.

You stopped, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound, and was surprised when you realized it came from the balcony. You knew of only one person who ever used that entrance to get into your apartment so you dashed back and spotted a blur of brown and red from behind the frosted glass doors before swiftly unlocking it.

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Kids (Bakugo x Child!Reader)


Summary: Bakugo deals with another quirkless child.

Genre: Angst: One-Shot

Request: @krysaart asked: “ You know that kindergarten chapter in bnha, well how would Bakugou react if one of the kids (that’s qurikless) praise him and ask if they will be a hero like him in the future.”

A/N: I love angst.

Ask Box Open

 It was bothering him. The way you were off to the side, an eager yet nervous look on your face as your peers ran around the training ground. But you didn’t move from your spot, standing closely to the wall.

Bakugo fund himself drawn to you. Why weren’t you participating with the rest of your class? He turned back to the others, watching as Todoroki and the two idiots from Shiketsu deal with the other students. He turned around and marched towards you, noticing as your face suddenly lit up.

“Hey, pipsqueak, what the hell are you doing over here?” he barked, towering over your tiny form. There was a look in your eyes that was familiar to him.

“I-I… You’re so cool!” You exclaimed. “L-Like really cool!”

“Huh? That’s not what I asked,” he grumbled, crossing his arms. “Why aren’t you with your classmates?”

“O-Oh!” you looked down, kicking the dirt at your feet. “I… I don’t have a quirk. B-But I still wanna be a hero! L-Like you!”

His eyes widen for a moment. Though it wasn’t as uncommon for someone to be quirkless, 20% of the world population is still a huge number, but he’s not used to really interacting with people who are quirkless, aside from Deku. He has even less experience dealing with kids.

“Ew! He’s talking to Y/N!” some of the kids exclaimed. “She’s so weird! And quirkless!”

Bakugo clenched his jaw, glaring at the other kids. He squatted down to your eye level. “You wanna be a hero?”

“Y-Yeah,” you admitted softly. But you look down, a forlorn look on your face. “But I can’t. That’s what my mommy tells me, and everyone else too.”

Bakugo rubbed his face. What the hell does he say to this? With the exception of Deku, who got extremely lucky with his encounter with All Might, he wasn’t aware of anyone who was a hero and quirkless.

“I wanna be strong one day! Like Endeavor and Hawks!” you exclaimed, throwing you arm up in a familiar fashion. “I’ll be super strong and I-I’ll save everyone!”

There were tears welling up in your eyes causing a pang in his chest. He didn’t want to get your hopes up, he really didn’t. Because, unlike Deku, you probably will never encounter the chance of being given a quirk. Bakugo sighed heavily.

He ruffled your hair. “I’m sure you’ll be able to help a lot of people in the future.”

Maybe you couldn’t be a hero like Endeavor but there were jobs that you could do.


“You can be a firefighter or a detective,” he stated.

“A detective?” you seemed mesmerized by the word. “I can be a detective.”

Bakugo stood back up, holding out his fist. “Let’s work together in the future.”

You wiped away the tears in your eyes, smiling brightly. You pressed your fist against his. “Okay!”

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