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#bo burnham
sharkpansoup · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bo Burnham was very good in Resident Evil 8
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pompooko · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bo Burnham: Inside (2021) Dir. Bo Burnham
If I finish this special, that means I have to not work on it anymore, and that means I have to just live my life, and so I'm not gonna do that, I'm gonna not finish this special. I'm gonna work on this forever, so I'm not talking to anybody right now, I'm just talking to myself. So yeah, who fucking cares? Fuck you, and goodbye, and let's keep going.
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thenwedied · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I booked a haircut but it got rescheduled
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lucielovekj · a day ago
Honestly love the fact that Bo Burnham managed to make a commentary on how we need to be more careful and critical of the amount of time that young people (and all of us really) spend online doing mindless shit and talking about the ways in which it’s poisoned our human experience without it turning into a “kids are evil and stupid and it’s their fault” like most of these things do. He’s done it and phrased it in a way that’s encouraging them to be careful and to think about these things but in a way that won’t feel insulting to them, so they might actually listen to what he’s saying
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bugboyandtomatoman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Why am I sobbing
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broadwayandnetflix · a day ago
I’ve Got You - Bo Burnham x Reader
Warnings: Anxiety/Panic Attack, Language
Theme: Angst/Fluff
Request: I have a request for a bo burnham :) there’s a lot of fics about y/n helping Bo deal with a panic attack or anxiety and I really want to read one about Bo helping y/n through anxiety or a panic attack. I feel like since he understands he would be really helpful and sweet about it
Word Count: 1.5k
A/N: this was an angst fest, y’all buckle up. but I added some fluff! cause good lordy we can all need some good bo fluff rn. this request was sent in from the lovely @katelyneliz​ thank you sm for giving me a chance and I hope you enjoy.
Tumblr media
You could feel it building up over time as the weeks crept by, the way you were gonna reach your boiling point. The way that the overthinking clogged your brain with fears that you knew weren’t true, but they felt real.
More specifically, that Bo was falling out of love with you. Of course, he wasn’t, but that didn’t stop your mind from tormenting you with it.
Even at night, you’d lie awake. The bed was empty, the guest house lights on, music playing softly as he worked. Just wondering if he’d ever come up and sleep beside you. It wasn’t intentional, not on his part, but it didn’t soften the overwhelming thoughts of worry.
You knew he was hard at work, and god, you were proud of him for it. You just wanted to see the man happy, but as the days passed, you wondered if you made him happy.
Bo, it seemed, was always busy. The idea of implementing your anxiety onto him seemed fruitless, as he was also struggling with his own problems.
He tried to hide it, but you noticed. Late at night, practically early morning, stumbling into bed. It was apparent he had been crying even if it was too dark to see his tears. Or the way he looked lost and agitated when he’d come back inside the house after sessions of writing.
The man had a comedy special to write; he had to make people happy. Of course, he’d be stressed, and you? You were worried that your partner was falling out of love with you because he was busy.
God, you were such an idiot.
Yet here you were, anxiety building up over time. You were about to overflow, and you prayed that Bo wasn’t gonna be there to witness that.
It was the little things that you hung onto, hoping and praying that it wasn’t gonna be the last.
Whether it was the way he effortlessly cuddled with you in bed or the way he tended to pepper kisses all over you. The feeling of his developing beard tickling your skin or the way he whispered terms of endearment into your ears.
When he eventually realized this wasn’t worth it anymore, you’d miss his laugh. Or his smile, or the way that he towered over you, giggling as he’d hunch down to kiss you. You’d miss making him smile.
Except, it wasn’t until you felt a tear roll down your cheek that you realized you were crying. You had been cooking something on the kitchen stove, clearly not thinking straight. You had grown accustomed to being alone for a while, after all.
The leftovers that you had been cooking in the frying pan were practically charcoal. You cursed softly, quickly turned the burner off, and tossed the hot pan into the sink. Cringing at the way it sizzled dramatically against the wet sink.
If you weren’t before, you were really crying now. Practically hyperventilating as you reached out to hold onto the nearby kitchen counter. Chest heaving rapidly, your vision becoming spotty, and you felt like you were gonna pass out.
Groaning at how stupid you probably looked, you rushed over to the sink, sloppily throwing water onto your face. Trying to control your breathing which didn’t seem to help with your choked-up sobs.
Even as you tried to breathe, it was like you were running out of oxygen. Mouth open, gaping like a fish as you struggled to gather anything to live in.
You had been so lost in everything that you didn’t even hear the patio door open.
Or how Bo had exclaimed that he had forgotten to grab one of his stray camera lenses. Not noticing how the man stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of you crying over the kitchen sink. Or, more particularly, how heartbroken he looked at the picture of you so distraught.
What you did notice was a hand resting gently on your shoulder, Bo crouching to meet your height. The way that he murmured soft things to you didn’t seem to quite reach your ears.
His blue eyes carefully focused on yours despite you struggling to meet his gaze. His hands gesture if it was okay to take your hands into his.
You nodded softly, his hands squeezing yours tightly. Bo was a constant in your life, never wavering, consistent even now. His eyes never left yours as he began to rub soothing circles on top of your knuckles.
All the while instructing you through breathing exercises to calm you down. The shaky breaths coming out ragged at first until they subsided into your regular breathing patterns.
You met his gaze, his softening in pure love and concern once they clicked with yours. A soft smile met his lips, and he held up a reassuring finger before rushing over to grab something.
The loss of contact made your stomach jolt, already missing his touch. Quickly trying to focus on something so you could breathe.
Whether it was how the kitchen floor felt against your feet or the way the kitchen countertop felt on your back.
Or the way Bo carefully slipped a glass of water into your hands, you carefully looked back at him once more. You timidly lifted the water up to your lips, gasping slightly at how soothing the water felt on your throat.
“There you go baby.” Bo whispered sweetly.
You shakily placed the water on the cabinet and walked directly into Bo’s now outstretched arms. Thanks to his towering stance over you, you fit into his hold perfectly. His head gently rests on yours before softly pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“Thank you.” it was barely a whisper, but he heard it.
His hold clutching you just a bit tighter before he pulled away, wiped your tears with his thumb and scooped you up in his arms. Promptly carrying you to the shared bedroom.
“Do you know how much I love you?” he said absentmindedly while placing you down carefully onto the bed, sitting beside you.
You froze, looking at the man wide-eyed. His brow furrowing at the initial response, something he clearly didn’t expect from you.
That very question or general idea of his love for you had never been more hesitant in your entire relationship. The picture of him asking you, you knew the answer, but you knew you’d never be able to admit it.
The words didn’t seem to leave your throat, and you forcefully escaped his concerned gaze. Hands fidgeting on your lap, anxious for what was to come.
“Wait,” he paused, processing the information. “Do you really think that I don’t love you?” he practically whispered.
You couldn’t dare meet the man’s eyes, and if his heart hadn’t crumpled earlier, it did now.
“Honey,” he breathed, inching closer to you, taking your hands in his once more.
“I love you so fucking much, like Christ sweetie. Do you really not know? I’d be lost without you, if it weren’t for you I don’t know where I’d be right now. You are the light at the end of my tunnel, fuck, baby you are like my world.” he practically cried, tears threatening to spill from his eyes.
He sniffles and quickly rubs his hands over his face. To once again look back at you while you slowly rest your head against his shoulder.
“Thank god, I thought I was gonna lose you.” you croak, ignoring how the man stiffened against you slightly.
“Lose me? Honey you are stuck with me until you decide else-wise.” he scoffs playfully.
“You do know that I’m never leaving you, I know I haven’t been here as much lately. I'm committed to you though, I love you so much.” he quickly added, reassuringly wrapping an arm around you.
“I do know now, thank you Bo. I hope you know that I really do love you too, god, you mean everything to me. I’m just so glad I get to call you mine.” you admit quietly.
A giant grin filters across his features as he quickly sits upright and grabs his phone. Winking at you before pressing a few buttons and starting to make a quick call.
Something about a pizza, and you can’t help but smile at his dorky expression. The thud of his phone against the top of your dresser before he runs towards your bathroom.
The sounds of the bathtub faucet running fill the room, and it isn’t long before he leaps back into the room. His hands beckon for you to follow him, twirling you around as you get closer.
You can’t help but let out a giggle which softens the man to his core, pure glee as he leans down to kiss you.
“I love you.” he whispers before you say it back against his lips.
His grin everlasting before checking with permission helps you strip your clothes. Motioning you into the warm water and sitting behind you after doing the same for himself.
The two of you resting into each other purely focused on each other. Bo playing gently with your hair, peppering kisses gently up and down your shoulders.
You and Bo sat like this for quite some time, honing in on each other. Whatever stress or anxiety that you had felt prior about Bo had simply drifted away. Ensuring that you were able to find enough time for each other, not only just today but for every day. 
He loved you, you loved him, and things were gonna be okay. 
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ayalolly · 2 days ago
me: *experiences a rare and blissful moment of silence*
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cr0wrichie · 2 days ago
i’m not really feeling like i wanna get lit (tell us what you feeling)
i’m feeling like
ladies! (yeah) do you feel like shit?
tell me, do you feel like shit (oh yeah)
fellas, (yeah)
are you feeling like shit?
tell me, are you feeling like shit?
oh yeah
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freakslullaby · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Life imitates art which imitates life.
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heisenbergenthusiast · 2 days ago
could a fella get some general relationship headcanons for bo burnham’s character, zach stone? perhaps how he expresses affection, etc?
(a/n): got my first bo burnham request, heck yeah. i love zsigbf, and i have been kind of talking abt how he hides amy from the camera and stuff a lot and i just find it adorable so i kind of mentioned that in this. thank you for replying and i hope this is good :)
headcanon under the cut
Tumblr media
Zach has a hard time expressing his feelings and emotions in general, since he wants everything to be an act for the camera. When he is alone with you though, and there isn’t any camera around (which is rare) he slowly will open up.
He will be one for physical affection though he wont express that. He will just come up and hug you randomly, give you a kiss on your forehead and walk away.
When the cameras are rolling, he tries his best not to get you in the shot mostly because he is scared they are gonna like you more than him, and that he is going to lose you in some way.
He is so scared to lose you, and it is obvious. When you two are up late at night, talking on the phone or just laying outside on the grass, he will admit to that.
He is slow to tell you he loves you.
He feels like he will disappoint you, so if he told you he loved you and heard it back, he would just feel like it is one more person who loves him that will end up getting disappointed with his work and goals in life.
You slowly whispered that you loved him once when he “drifted” off to sleep in your back yard with you.
He heard it.
A few days later, he told you he loved you for the first time and he felt confident enough to say it without that fear being prominent in his mind, but it will always linger in the back.
He will hold your hands under tables.
He will always always play with your hair.
“When i am famous, everyone is gonna be jealous of you, obviously, because you are dating me!”
“But what if they are jealous of you for dating me?”
“Pfffftttt….I don’t know if this whole being famous thing will work out then” he would joke.
You loved his dreams and passions and that is what kept him going.
He wanted to have you along for everything.
He truly, truly, loves his significant other. Just has a hard time admitting it.
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fairy-feather · 18 hours ago
This isn’t a hot girl summer, this is Bo Burnham summer and y’all are just gonna have to fucking deal with it
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avenging-fandoms · 15 hours ago
Sexting / Bo Burnham
summary: It isn't sex it's the next best thing.. except for when you're horny for your partner you haven't seen in days.
*smut!!!! literally smut. and some fluff at the end cause it wouldn’t be an avenging-fandoms smut if there wasn’t fluff at the end
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raspberryroo1312 · a day ago
when you’re trying to write a book and you realize that everything you think is funny or interesting doesn't make sense to like 99% of the world’s population and all you’re making is a highly specific book catered specifically to you and nobody else is going to read this shit why do I even try anymore all my ideas suck
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bugboyandtomatoman · 15 hours ago
Do yourself a favor and go see Inside in theaters this weekend if it’s playing even somewhat near you. 
The experience of watching that in theaters surrounded by people who hold the same admiration for Bo Burnham was extremely special and idk if I’ll ever have a similar experience again. I don’t care if you live an hour away... make the drive. 
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