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#bobby knows
evaneddiediaz · 2 months ago
Bobby when he hired Eddie: He would be a perfect partner for Buck. He’s a veteran, an army medic. He’s serious, collected and wouldn’t let Buck jump into danger without thinking about the consequences.
Buck & Eddie on their first task together: *blow up the ambulance*
Bobby: I take all my words back. I think I made a mistake. Now I have two idiots to look after.
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lovebuck · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4x10 ➜ #BobbyKnows
↳ bobby knowing the idiots are in love before they do 20/∞
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fandom-hoarder · 2 months ago
Imagine how many times Dean and Sam almost got caught by Bobby or John. Almost caught when they were sparring. Sneaking in touches and kisses when they thought no one was looking. Like to think that Bobby knew and had a mentality of "not in the junk yard and not in the house while I'm here" like to think that John is completely clueless to it all and Bobby doesn't say a word because he's seen how Sam gets when Dean and he are separated.
Omfg, nonnie, yesss! I love when Bobby knows and keeps it to himself lol. Bobby mostly just wants to do his job and mind his damn business. And those boys can be insufferable when they're not attached at the hip. Besides it's not like they're hurting anybody. 👀👀👀 But John doesn't notice anything weird cuz he's too close to it. They grew up this way and intertwined so naturally he doesn't see!!
Like think about Sam and Dean sparring turns into a wrestle for dominance and Dean goes for the titty twister, but he's sneaking pleasure with the pain. Sam's red-faced and sweaty, breathing hard and pretending to struggle when Dean gets him on his back again--
And John's suddenly heart-droppingly close. "Alright, Dean, give Sammy a break. Kid looks like he's dying."
Luckily dad doesn't stick around to watch them pull apart with tented pants. Just trusts they'll follow his order.
Or they're outside at dusk smoking at Bobby's--well, Dean's smoking. Sam's taking shotguns from his mouth that are more tongue than smoke--the way he likes it. And suddenly Bobby's voice comes from a nearby window, "Sam, you better not be smoking out there with Dean. I know your daddy wouldn't like it." And the boys freeze and stare at each other like, 'Did he see? Nah, couldn't have, or he'd be blowing up.'
But Bobby is all long suffering on the other side of the screen thinking, 'Right by the window? Be more subtle, ya idjits. It ain't that dark yet.'
Sam's doing the dishes at Bobby's and Dean crowds against his back to reach for something, breathing on Sam's ear before he leans up, body pressing in tantalizing places, a hand on Sam's waist to steady himself. Hears floorboards squeak behind him and pulls away casually. Flicks Sam's ear and tickles his side hard for show, making Sam squawk. Turns around to see Bobby rolling his eyes.
"Leave your brother to those dishes and come talk some sense into your daddy about this hunt."
Sam flinches before sighing in relief. Dean's going to get them caught.
Dean and John have just gotten back from a long hunt and it's all Sam can do not to cling to him like a limpet--Bobby can tell. Dean has a set of butterfly bandages from his eyebrow to his hairline, the eye already purpling, a cut on the bridge of his nose. And Sam's almost forgotten the two other men in the room when he starts grabbing at Dean to check for more injury, pulling Dean towards the bathroom by his shirt.
John gets this irritated look on his face, like he's going to grouse about Sam not trusting his first aid skills, but Bobby claps a hand on his shoulder, "Let's go out for a drink. I'm outta whiskey and you look like you can use it."
Gives the boys a call a couple hours later. Ostensibly to get their dinner orders but really to give them a heads up he and John are coming back. They take awhile to answer, and Bobby notes the breathy disappointment in Sam's voice over the line. He looks at the near-empty bar and grill and tells Sam they'll probably be waiting awhile for the order--busy night. He's glad John is too drunk to notice they take another hour to actually order the food.
It's a hot, summer day and John barely even notices the fact his boys are traipsing around the small apartment in their underwear when he gets home from his temp construction job. The extra marks on their skin blend in with those left over from their recent hunt. And if it smells extra musky in here? Well that's what you get in a non-air conditioned building in the middle of July in Georgia.
Dean tries to teach Sam some car maintenance, and Bobby makes sure to make a lot of noise before he walks into his garage to find them both covered in greasy fingerprints. He rolls his eyes so hard they could pop out of his head.
"Enough horsin' around in here. You're gonna make a mess."
And they blush under the oil streaks, Dean grabbing a shop towel to clean them both up, thinking Bobby doesn't know how right he is.
But, oh. He does. He does. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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deluweil · a month ago
9-1-1 4x05 rewatch, let's talk about how Eddie is waiting in the hanger for Bobby to bring his husband Buck back from a check-up at the hospital.
And how Bobby gives the medical report to Eddie, as if it's a normal thing?
Not to talk about Eddie standing there expectantly with arms spread as if saying "Well?" And "Thank you for bringing him back, I'll take it from here."
And Bobby indeed reporting to Eddie then leaves Buck in Eddie's care, with a pat on the back to Buck. As if saying "Glad you're OK." And "Good luck" lol.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also Buck looks wary, as if everything he's been through, all his troubles and self doubt left him unsure of Eddie's welcome.
Which Eddie immediately sees through and allays all of Buck’s concerns by sort of opening with a joke ;) then this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I always want to hug them both after this. Because I just know that if we got to see what was happening outside we would have seen Eddie rushing inside first as soon as he was allowed to, we would have seen more than the anguished look on his face when he finally reached Buck (first!) who looked completely broken on the floor inside the factory.
Tumblr media
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x-lovemeanyway-x · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s funny how they only focused on Eddies reaction to what Bobby said, isn’t it? And how Bobby looks directly at Eddie even though everyone else is there too? Bobby knows
and then this happened right after:
Tumblr media
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yerwizardharry · 9 months ago
Bobby better officiate their wedding so we can come full circle
Tumblr media
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evanbuckdiaz · 9 months ago
My hypothesis for 3x06
bobby: sometimes you gotta move on
eddie: i’m still not over it
*goes on date with ana to potentially “get over it”*
bobby: [in the background] i meant with buck you fool BUCK
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I am honestly just waiting for Buck to finally have his *lightbulb* moment where he goes to Bobby to talk about his feelings for Eddie and we get to see the "I was wondering when we were going to have this talk" conversation. I need it, please.
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rosstrytobe · 6 days ago
Rewatching season 2 of 911 and seriously Maddie is a Buddie shipper from the start for how much she joked about Buck having a crush on Eddie...
Also, Eddie and Buck are the enemies-to-friends-to-lovers combo and it just took the first episode of season 2 for showing it...
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cherishingstydia · 3 months ago
Buck: *exists*
Bobby: *watching everything* 👁👄👁
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lukessideboob · a month ago
Eddie and Buck laughing and talking in their own little world as they exit the stations kitchenette/dinette and once they disappear down the stairs Ravi turns to Hen and hurriedly asks "so are we just supposed to ignore that the reason their relationships are failing is because they want to be with each other" and Hen replying with a shrug, Chimney mirroring her and Bobby being the one to say "we've agreed to let them figure it out on their own"
"But Cap," says Ravi "it'd save everyone so much trouble if we just told them."
"Son," says Cap, "just drop it. They'll come to it in their own time."
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deanwasalwaysbi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and then they specified "He'll be along"
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lovebuck · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4x14 ➜ #BobbyKnows
↳ bobby knowing the idiots are in love before they do 21/∞
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gipsy-dangerism · 9 months ago
I'd like to personally thank Peter Krause for being captain of not only the 118, but also Buddie in every background shot.
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deluweil · a month ago
Repeated rewatches leads to obsession 😉
I noticed that even though when we see Eddie pulled into the roof it's Hen and Bobby who are visible on screen, they are not the first to pull him in.
I looked into it more closely and gif-ed it 😇
* In the first one, on the left, we see Buck and Bobby turn quickly from the patient to the look back down to the chopper. - And we see Eddie looking down through the window. (which from the promo we know originally opened and he nearly falls, only it was cut in editing for some reason - I bet we had missed Buck screaming out Eddie's name in panic.)
* In the gif on the right though, we see Chimney and Bobby pulling Hen into the roof. - I'm guessing Buck stays aside to look down and make sure Eddie is ok.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* In the last one, Buck is the one who reaches for Eddie and pulls him in, even before Hen and Bobby turn around to help. (Buck doesn't look at Eddie, he's still staring at the chopper, I have two theories why.
One, because originally Eddie nearly dies when the chopper's door opens - it was cut in editing, but this had to have had some sort of influence on Buck.
Two, he's staring at the organ still in the chopper, but he's not the one automatically getting ready to get down, it was Bobby. - I did love that no one argued they just quickly and efficiently rallied around him to help.
So I'm leaning towards my first theory.🤔)
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huggybearsunshine · 4 months ago
That’s the Thing
15x20 Bobby and Dean scene but with Cas
“Cas helped,” the words, though spoken flippantly, hit Dean like a tank and his breath catches in his throat.
Cas. Cas isn’t gone. Cas is here.
By the time he can manage his thoughts and chance a look in Bobby’s direction, the man is staring pointedly at him.
“Boy, before you say a word, I want you to listen to me…” the older man cuts him off, gaze drifting toward the tree line ahead, “I’d like to think I know you pretty well… loved you like you were my own, been through hell and back, and was witness to a good chunk of your life so if you’re about to sit here and tell me you aren’t in love with that damn Angel, then you must think I’m the world’s biggest idjit.”
Dean can’t help the laugh that erupts from him, and he lets himself laugh, releasing tension with each passing moment before the sound fades slowly on his tongue. He swirls his beer, smile still spread wide across his freckled face and eyes cast downward at his hands in thought.
“That wasn’t what I was going to say,” Dean starts but quickly throws his hands up and amends it when it earns him a skeptical look, “Okay, yeah it kinda was…”
This time he has to laugh at himself.
“Why am I so bad at this?”
The question is rhetorical, but when has that ever stopped Bobby before.
“You didn’t get much training in that field, I s’pose,” Bobby’s voice is noticeably somber as the words come out, pulling Dean’s eyes toward him again, “No one to really watch and not much on hand experience…”
“Hey I’ve got plenty of experience-” Dean speaks up in playful defense, but it too is silenced.
“Not the kind I’m talking about,” Bobby says with another swig from the bottle in his hand, “How long did you two go on like that after I died?”
Dean thinks for a moment, “Another… 4 or 5 years…”
Bobby’s eyebrows shoot up and a whistle escapes him, “That’s a hell of a lot of build up there…”
“Well hell, Bobby, there was never any time,” Dean huffs out, finding himself inexplicably on his feet somehow.
“Plenty of time now…” is Bobby’s simple response.
“Yeah,” Dean practically spits the words out, his anger surprising even himself, “And where is he?”
“That’s the thing, son…” Bobby speaks gently as he rises to his feet as well, “He’s waiting inside.”
Dean’s eyes widen and dart toward the cabin before finding their way back again.
“I told him to give me a minute with ya first,” Bobby adds with a wink.
Dean’s eyes cut back and forth a few more times, but his body doesn’t seem to make any sign of movement.
“Well, go on then,” Bobby remarks gruffly but a smile pulls at his grimace.
He slaps Dean on the shoulder, and this seems to give the former hunter the momentum he needs because next thing he knows, his hand is on the door handle and his feet are carrying him through the entryway.
Once he’s inside, he faintly hears the sound of the screen door springing closed behind him before a gravely voice cuts through the room.
“Hello, Dean.”
Cas is standing stiffly in the corner of the room with a look Dean hasn’t seen in his eyes since that night with Chastity all those years ago.
“Cas,” Dean’s voice breaks on the tiny word, and he can feel his eyes water as he crosses the room.
As soon as he can reach him, Dean’s fingers tighten around the other man’s shoulders before an uncertainty seems to cross his features.
“This is really you, right? I mean, I know I’ve got some trust issues and all, but I need to know…” the former hunter rambles, “This isn’t some heavenly mirage or some shit, right?”
“No Dean, it’s really me,” Cas responds fondly, bringing a hand up to grasp one of Dean’s that are still clinging tightly to his shoulders.
“Cas, what you said before…” he searches the other man’s eyes for understanding and seems to find what he’s looking for, “I didn’t have time to think and everything was happening all at once and-and I’m not good at this stuff… like epically bad at it- but you gotta know…”
Dean seems to run out of steam, and his eyes scan desperately over Cas’ before he lets out a ragged breath.
“Fuck it.”
And with that, Dean is leaning in and pulling Cas toward him until they inevitably crash in the middle.
A startled noise escapes Cas’ mouth, but he clings to Dean when he tries to pull away, encouraging the other man’s actions on.
When they finally do break apart, their foreheads connect and breathes mingle in the small space separating their lips.
“I haven’t been something you couldn’t have in a very long time, Cas…”
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x-lovemeanyway-x · 8 months ago
Eddie: "that was amazing"
Buck: "that was a miracle" *looks at eddie*
Tumblr media
and i couldn’t get a good gif but right after this, Hen gasps and Buck and Bobby turn around to hold her and Eddie just softly grabs Buck’s shoulder to hold him
the universe is screaming
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buddiecanon2022 · 4 months ago
If you think back in all of Season 4, what scenes scream that BOBBY KNOWS about BUDDIE? I wanna make another video of Bobby knowing for Season 4.
Tumblr media
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Look 911, I really need a parallel between Buck and Bobby where Bobby helps Buck with his tie again.
Tumblr media
Whether it be Buck and Eddie's first date or a Buddie wedding, I don't really care. I just need you to parallel this scene because it would bring me so much joy and also I would sob. Thank youuuu.
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destielprophet · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Dean, everyone knows about your crush on Castiel...
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