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The Carpenter

(Spring Break Pirates 1 of 14)


This fucking sucks! My fucking back hurts all day. I’m fucking exhausted by the time the sun goes down. Most of the other guys got it it so easy.

We shouldn’t have let that guy join the frat. He was a fuckin nerd. He was stick thin and pale. But noo, he said he had a yacht we could use for spring break, in Florida. He even paid to fly us all there. It was supposed to be lit.

But, of course it was some fuckin scam. Apparently his uncle runs some type of erotic pirate adventure company. He needed staff to work one of his boats. And, that’s were me and my frat bros come in.

You see, me and brothers got new bodies to fit our roles. I probably got one of the worst roles. I’m the Carpenter. So, most of the clients don’t even see me, while I work on fixing the boat all day. It’s like the fucking boat magically always has something to work on, even when I think I’m almost fucking finished.

Thus, I have no use being in an “actor role” type body. Now, I aged up 20 years. I lost my abs and the rest of my muscle definition. Everything is covered in a small layer of fat and a lot of fucking hair. I’m so fucking hairy!! I miss my eight pack, my pecs, and my huge biceps. I was probably the buffest of the bros, and now I’m this.

The weird part is I’m actually stronger now. I can lift all this huge boat equipment like it’s nothing. And, I have the energy to do it all day. But, being in this older body there is some pain. And, once the sun goes down I feel the effects from the full day of work. But, it not like this body isn’t hot in it’s own way. I have a beefy dad bod going on. I just really wish I didn’t have to do all this manual labor. I remember wanting to escape the first day. A few of us guys, that got it the worst wanted go escape. But, we knew we couldn’t. If we don’t play along, we will never get our bodies back.

But, most importantly my mind has been altered to help me keep up with my duties. If I escaped who would take care of the boat. I mean someone’s got make sure this boat stays afloat. And plus, the boys are safe in my hands.

I might not total love the role I was given but, at least I didn’t end up like the president of the frat … or should I say captain, now.

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