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#body confidence
warm-suggestions10 months ago
Things you don鈥檛 need to feel guilty about: eating, how you look, standing up for yourself, relaxing, sleeping in, taking a mental health day, saying 鈥渘o.鈥
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phoebe-does2 years ago
Listen, as someone who used to be too self conscious to wear a sleeveless top or even shorts who now has a nose ring, several ear piercings, ombre vibrant red hair and wears clothes that I鈥檝e drawn on, no one cares what you look like. The only people who judge you are the people who are too scared to wear what you rock. They judge because they鈥檙e envious of your confidence. Wear what you like, get a fucking tattoo if you feel like it. Do and look however you want and do it with confidence. Wear that mf crop-top regardless of your size. Get a lip piercing, it doesn鈥檛 matter about the people who stare, often they鈥檙e staring cos you look great. You have a right to look and feel hot, regardless of size or whatever you feel is stopping you. Don鈥檛 let anyone tell you otherwise.
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blaruto3 years ago
Steven Universe x Dove Self-Esteem Project: We Deserve To Shine
Please embrace yourself, accept yourself and most important love yourself because you deserve to shine 馃専
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