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#body image

Skin to bear -

The skin I wear is mine to bear

with all its flaws I hate so well

The fat that sits just below the surface

The marks and scars from who knows what

I try to change I try to improve

But it seems this body just won’t let me be

So pardon the trails left by the tears

I just wanted to feel pretty

Was that so much to ask?

- Robyn

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i really look like i’m about to ruin someones day, life, or rip off someone’s limbs, all viable options. anyways, i’m jennie. you’ll never not catch me in chanel, i’m a sucker for horrible romantic comedies (my badassery is a facade i’m so sorry), and i live off of an iced coffee IV. catch me if you can @ pettysvge

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hey i’m simone and before you ask, yes that baby from teletubbies was me!!

* come commit acts of silly @ 1800luvclub

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