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gateway-2000 · 3 months ago
if you are fat and you feel like dressing/presenting a certain way or being part of a subculture like goth, emo, etc. is off limits to you, i really need you to know: it's not.
i spent most of my life thinking about how i wish i Could dress goth or emo, but because i was fat, it would be inherently embarrassing, and that i dont belong. i wore clothes that didnt draw attention while wishing i could look cooler.
recently i snapped and started intentionally seeking out clothes i WANT. I've gotten more compliments in my life stepping outside in my goth, emo, scene and forestpunk inspired looks than i ever did when i was wearing bland, baggy clothing.
you don't have to hide. you don't have to pretend to like bland fashion because it hides your body better. you're not inherently embarrassing. your body isn't something to be hidden. fat ppl being bold, choosing to make appearances and proudly taking up space does so much to help break down stigma and social barriers. and it's one hell of an act of courage, so give respect where respect is due.
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x2c · 2 months ago
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SOLANGE ph. Renell Medrano / Manuel Obadia-Wills
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melodramas · a year ago
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KISS ME MORE (2021) dir. Warren Fu
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femaledaily · a month ago
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Halsey and Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards, shot by Kevin Mazur.
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ihatebnha · a month ago
Katsuki who thinks you're even sexier after giving birth ✓✓✓
(warning: insecurity, body image, bakugo calls you a girl, you have a baby tho it’s sorta not mentioned, stretch marks, weight + etc. mentioned BUT happy end!)
You feel his hands before you see him. Rough-skinned fingers creeping across the expanse of your back, smooth palms tickling where they brush down the naked curve of your sides.
“Hey, baby,��� Bakugo breathes, glancing at you with the lightest of smirks, narrowed red eyes meeting yours in the mirror in front of you, catching on your simple bra and high underwear when he curls into your body, “whatcha up to?”
You hum, letting him wrap his arms around your middle so he can heft you into his chest, wrapping around your back as he pulls you to the warmth of him. You do not tell him the reason you were staring at your body again, picking at the lines on your thighs, staring at the person you’ve become since having a child, but you let yourself smile.
“Nothing much.”
He sighs against you, ignorant of your distress, thick fingers toying with the elastic around your navel.
“You’re so fuckin’ pretty, you know? My favorite girl.”
You laugh at that, the sound mild and soft, your hands moving to hold his wrists where he holds onto you. His nose traces the outside of your ear when your head just barely tilts back, his lips just close enough to brush kisses against your hair.
You preen at the praise, the words like sweet butter on a warm piece of bread, but your heart sinks just quickly when you find yourself in the mirror and you are once more reminded that at your body is not what it used to be pre-baby, pre… birth.
“Thanks, Kat,” you whisper nonetheless, soaking up his affection as best you can, enjoying the shower of affections that are his hands creeping into your panties and his lips trailing kisses down your neck and into your shoulder.
He mumbles deep into your skin, something lewd and erotic you can’t quite hear, the newly arising, soft chub in that presses into where his crotch meets your ass overtaking any coherent thoughts he might’ve had about saying “you’re welcome.”
Still, you’re overcome with doubt, your body a constant reminder of everything you’ve put it through just as much as of the joy. You appreciate the sentiment, Bakugo’s unyielding dedication… but you know it must be hard.
“Sorry I’m…” you whisper into the air, making a face in the length-wise mirror, wrinkling your nose as you gesture to yourself, to the bits of your stomach that just haven’t flattened out, the stretch marks that now consume your thighs and hips, the bulges of sagging skin that haunt you like your baby’s cries in the middle of the night. “…like this now.”
Bakugo freezes, face still pressed in your neck, eyes closed but brows twitching the way they do when there is something dangerous that needs to be said
“What?” he replies, the word thick, tense and ticking like a clock.
“You’re sweet, but,” you continue, sucking your teeth, trying not to find yourself too deep in the comfort of his hold lest he confirm your suspicions and walk away, “I know I don’t look the way I used to and… it’s okay if you don’t… don’t…”
You can barely bring yourself to say it, to truly admit to yourself (and him) that doubt eats at your heart every single night when he turns you over in bed and kisses you, or when you allow yourself to think that there well could and might be any hesitance to his attraction to you now that your curves are more motherly than womanly. “I’ll work harder at, you know… promise.”
Frowning, you glance at him again, still behind you and wrapped around your middle… however Bakugo’s expression has since morphed, from something tight and neutral to seething; his eyes now wide open and on fire, temper scalding something hot and fierce even without any words.
He repeats himself again, finally, about as dumbfounded as someone so smart can get, and in his angry stupor, his question, you let your eyes fall to the ground
There is so much you could say, about as many apologies as there are diapers to change, but you find yourself stuttering, teary.
“I just—“
He cuts you off instantly, not waiting a second to grab your chin and turn your face close to his, cheeks nearly squishing.
There is anger in the words, but there is also sweetness, intense in the way only he can spin, like burnt sugar on kettle corn, and he holds you to him so tight part of you feels like it cannot breathe.
“The only fucking thing you should ever be doing from here on out is feeding my kid and laying back and letting me fuck you.”
Your knees go weak, and you slump back against him, the mirror staring back at your half concerned, half shocked expression just as easy. He continues.
“You are the… the most attractive… woman in the whole damn universe,” and you can tell by his low tone of voice and the red tips of his ears that he is finding himself frustrated at his lack of vocabulary, stunted by years of showing over doing and his legacy of action…
Still, he persists and you melt, embarrassed by how quickly the icebergs of doubt that float in your mind thaw into a soothing balm that is all Bakugo, your child’s father, and your lover, in every shapes and forms of the word, “…and I’d be one sorry motherfucker not to lay my hands on you.”
Giggling, you finally letting yourself melt into the embrace fully, gasping when he starts walking you out of the wide closet and into the cool of your room, baby already snuggled up in bed with the monitor, sheets already warmed by way he was waiting for you to get in.
“You are…” he continues, pushing you onto the bed, taking the smallest pause to admire just how hard you fall, stretch marks, tilted skin, sags and all… “the sexiest you have ever fucking been. Ever.”
Bakugo climbs over you and dives face first to kiss you, your hands barely staving off the intensity of it alls, thighs being lifted by those heavy, rough hands to wrap around his waist… and you finally, for the first time in a long time, let yourself give in.
“Am I making myself clear?” he says, in the one second he pulls back to look in your eyes, and you smile, taking him into your arms.
“Yeah,” you reply, “you are.“
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dailylgbtq · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
RINA SAWAYAMA Noctis Magazine, July 2021. Photographed by Niklas Haze.
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wiha-jun · 4 months ago
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WI HA-JOON behind the scenes of 배드 앤 크레이지/BAD AND CRAZY
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kitsu-writes · 3 months ago
In Excelsis
Content / Trigger Warnings: body image issues, mention of fatphobia and bullying, unprotected sex, oral sex, fingering, super soft dom, body worship, lots of praise, slight marking, light impact play, hint of overstimulation - overall it is very soft and loving sex
Characters: Tadashi Yamaguchi x chubby female reader
Words: ~3.4k
Tumblr media
This was written for @touyaspeach's Stay Soft Collab! A huge thank you to her for beta reading this for me <3
Being a plus-sized / chubby / fat woman myself, I put a lot of myself into this and it's probably one of my favorite things that I've ever written.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tadashi has never once said anything to make you doubt his attraction for you. He has done nothing but sing your praises, even before the two of you started dating. Everything about you is perfect to him, and he reminds you of it often.
But that doesn’t stop you from staring at your own reflection with a critical eye.
You stand in front of the full-length mirror in your bedroom, clothed only in your undergarments. Pinching and poking at the softer parts of you, you frown with dissatisfaction. It’s no secret that you look nothing like the women you see in magazines or on television. You’re bigger than them, plush in places where society tells you that you should be trim.
Clothes don’t fit you the way that they fit the mannequins. Even garments that are tailored for people your size, are almost always modeled by a woman who is ‘acceptably’ plus-sized. The same dress that had smoothly accentuated the curves of the model on the website where you had bought it, clung to you in ways that caused your already fragile self esteem to plummet. You had been so excited to wear it, but now it lay discarded on the floor in front of you as tears wet your lashes.
“Hey, sweetheart, are you almost ready?” Even after over two years of dating, and three months of living together, Tadashi still maintained a few of his shy habits. He knocked on the door to your shared bedroom, politely warning you that he was coming in before doing so. “Wait, why aren’t you dressed?”
His eyes moved from you, to the dress at your feet. Expression softening, he sighed as he reached for you. His face joined yours in the mirror as his arms wrapped around your middle.
The way that his arms pressed into your plump stomach left you feeling embarrassed and exposed. Wasn’t he disgusted by the way your flesh squished beneath his hold? Even if he wasn’t, you certainly were.
You untangled yourself from his grasp and turned to face him. Tadashi was trying, unsuccessfully, to hide the hurt that he felt at your rejection. He seemed conflicted, wanting to help you but unsure of exactly how to do so. As always, he was overthinking, worrying about all of the ways that he could accidentally make the situation worse.
“The dress doesn’t fit right.”
It was a pitiful attempt at an explanation, but he understood. He knew. You had struggled with low self esteem long before ever meeting him. When the two of you had started getting closer, you had opened up to him about your experiences as a larger woman.
He had been stunned. Obviously he was no stranger to bullying, having gone through it himself. But what you went through on a daily basis was something else entirely. Fatphobia went so much deeper than mere taunting. It was a struggle simply for you to be taken seriously. No matter how active you are, people assume that you are lazy. Medical professionals ignore your symptoms, always wanting to try to blame everything on your weight.
Your past has taught you that the way you looked was wrong. Society made it clear that you were not going to be accepted, that you were not good enough. After years of this treatment, it was no wonder that you had such a warped opinion of yourself.
“We can find you something else to wear.” Tadashi reached for you, one hand slowly tracing the curve of your hip. “Or we can stay in, and I can spend the whole night showing you how stunning you are.”
Rolling your eyes, you try to ignore the involuntary reaction your body has to him. “You don’t have to lie to me. I have eyes, I know how I look.”
“I’m not lying, sweetheart.” His voice is small, sad. “You know that I think you’re perfect, right?”
“You didn’t find bigger women to be attractive before me,” you argued as you averted your eyes. “You’re seeing me through rose-colored glasses. If I were just a random person on the street, you wouldn’t spare me a second glance.”
He frowns. “What do you mean? I did spare you a second glance - and a third, and a fourth, and so on. Ever since I first saw you, I haven’t wanted to take my eyes off of you.” Pulling you in by your waist, he uses his free hand to cup your chin and gently tilt your face up to look him in the eye. “You were the most gorgeous woman that I had ever seen, and you’ve only become more beautiful since then.”
“Do you- do you really mean that?” You desperately want to believe him. But the doubts that are constantly swirling around in your mind make it difficult, near impossible. “You’re not just saying it to make me feel better?”
Tadashi leans close enough to rest his forehead against yours. “Of course I mean it, baby.” The hand at your waist squeezes slightly. “Let me show you. Please?”
The word ‘yes’ barely leaves your lips before they are covered by his. There’s a tenderness in the way that his mouth slots against yours. One hand guides your head to deepen the kiss while the other settles on your lower back to push your body flush against his. Your fingers tangle in his soft hair, tugging lightly the way that he likes.
A single kiss leaves both of you breathless, and you gasp when he pulls away for air. His face is already flushed, pink coloring the skin beneath his freckles. It’s never taken much to fluster him. You wonder if he’s just easily flustered, or if you have that effect on him.
You barely have a chance to catch your breath before Tadashi is on you again. This time, his lips stray from yours. He teasingly nibbles the chub of your cheek before trailing kisses down your jaw to your neck. His hands wander down to your ass, squeezing and kneading the supple flesh as he sucks and bites on your skin.
His mouth returns to yours as you begin fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. The way that he sucks your tongue into his mouth makes it difficult for you to concentrate, and the task takes much longer than it usually would. When you finally finish with the last button, he pulls away just long enough for you to push the shirt off his shoulders. He discards it quickly before returning to you with even more fervor.
Lost in the kiss, you don’t notice right away when he begins carefully walking you backwards towards the bed. You’re caught off guard when you feel the back of your legs press against the mattress. A yelp escapes you as you begin to fall backwards.
Tadashi simply laughs, following you down. He assists you in climbing further back onto the bed before he comes to hover over you. He keeps his weight off of you with a knee in between your legs and a hand on the side of your head. The other hand smoothes across the skin of your stomach, caressing you tenderly.
“I wish you could see how beautiful you look like this,” he mumbles as he pulls back to look at you. “God, you have no idea what you do to me.”
His touches become a bit rougher as his eyes darken with lust. He massages one breast through the cup of your bra. When you lift your upper body and unclasp the garment, he wastes no time in removing it, tossing it aside without care.
“You’ve got such perfect tits.”
Balancing on his knees now, he cups your breasts in his hands. His thumbs ghost over your nipples, which pebble beneath his touch. He groans at the sight. Ducking his head, he takes one perky bud between his lips and suckles. His tongue alternates between tracing circles around and flicking rapidly against it. He catches the other between thumb and forefinger, pinching lightly, and smiling at your resulting gasp.
The attention he lavishes upon your breasts is akin to worship. Mouth alternating from one to the other, he leaves your nipples sensitive and saliva slicked. Eventually his fingers take over, while his lips kiss, bite, and suck their way across your chest. Bruises color your skin, leaving a possessive display of blossoming purple.
“Dashi!” you squeal as he nips at one of the marks that has just been formed. Your fingers tangle in his hair, tugging lightly to get his attention.
“Sorry, gorgeous.” He apologizes with a soothing kiss to the sore spot. “You just look so good, it makes me go a little feral.”
Slowly, his attention begins to travel lower. His hands grasp at your plush stomach. The feeling of his warm, wet tongue traversing the soft rolls has you squirming. He is quick to hold you still with a hand on your hip, admonishing you with a gentle swat to your thigh. “Stay still baby, and let me enjoy you the way I want to.”
His command has liquid pooling between your thighs. But it’s more than just the physical sensation, or the display of dominance. What really turns you on is the way he truly seems to be enjoying himself. He appears to have already forgotten his original intention of proving something to you, as he instead becomes drunk off of your body. The proof of his own pleasure is in the small moans and grunts that leave his lips, and the way that he grinds his hips down against the mattress.
“Gotta taste you.” Tadashi’s voice takes on a slightly whiny tone as he slips his fingers beneath the elastic of your underwear. “Lemme take these off?”
You nod and lift your hips, allowing him to pull your panties down your legs. He stares at your exposed cunt reverently as he settles on his stomach. Squeezing the fat of your thighs, he brings your legs over his shoulders and turns his head to scatter kisses up and down your skin. Each time his mouth nears the spot where you need it most, he pulls away.
Patience wearing thin, you huff. “Stop teasing! Please!”
“Shh, baby,” he coos. His thumbs part your lower lips and he leans forward to sweetly kiss your clit. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, give this pretty pussy the attention it deserves. Promise.”
Flattening his tongue, he licks a stripe from your hole to your clit. Your eyes roll back as he buries his face between your legs. He’s sloppy, too captivated by the smell and taste of you to worry about the way the mixture of your juices and his saliva drips down the curve of your ass and soaks the sheets below.
The noises are obscene. Your cunt squelches as he begins to fuck you open with two fingers, lips smacking messily against your folds. While his moans are muffled, sending tingling vibrations straight to your core, yours are loud, unrestrained and desperate.
“Gonna cum!” You’re panting now, chest heaving as you lift your hips to grind against his face. “Fuck, Dashi, gonna- I’m- cumming!”
Your thighs clench tight around his head while you ride the waves of pleasure that are coursing through your body. His tongue slowly laps at your clit, fingers leisurely pumping in and out of you as he works you through your orgasm. When you finally manage to open your eyes, you watch as he pops the appendages in his mouth, eyes closed as one by one he sucks them clean and releases them with a small pop.
Tadashi takes his time kissing his way up your body. When his lips finally land on yours, his tongue immediately bullies its way into your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself on him. “See how sweet you are?” he mumbles into the kiss.
You’ve only just come down from your high, but he’s impatient. Hands smoothing up and down your trembling thighs, he pushes them apart so that he can settle his body between them. You can feel him pressing against you through his slacks, hard and ready. His eyes are glazed with pleasure and he whimpers softly with each needy roll of his hips.
"Fuck," he groans against your lips before pulling back. He seems to tower over you as he sits back on his heels, gaze roving up and down your body. "Look at you, pretty girl. Jus' seeing you laid out for me like this makes me so hard."
He unbuttons his pants and shoves them down, kicking them off somewhere behind him. The sizable tent in his boxers is a temptation that you simply can't resist. He hisses and throws his head back when you squeeze him through the fabric, slowly stroking from base to tip. Your eyes lock onto the slowly growing wet patch, unmistakable against the light colored underwear.
It’s not enough for you to feel his warmth through the clothing though. You pull them down, watching as his hardened cock slaps against his stomach. He’s a little above average length, but thicker than one would expect given his thinner frame. The tip is blushed pink and leaking, and you salivate at the sight.
Your grip tightens as you begin to pump his length more vigorously. Tadashi bites his lip, barely restraining his moans. His hips buck in time with your movements as you use his own pre as lubricant, hastening the rhythm at which you jerk him off.
“S-slow down, sweetheart,” he begs. “Gonna make me cum too quick if you keep doin’ that.”
But you have no intention of slowing. His expression, the little sounds he makes - all of it only encourages you to keep going. You want to see him come undone, lose himself to the pleasure.
“I said. Slow. Down.”
Hands grip your hips tightly enough to bruise. You instinctively let go of his cock in order to clutch at his wrists. It’s too late to stop him, though. He’s already moving, repositioning you so that you are now on your knees, ass in the air.
There’s a sudden, sharp, stinging pain as Tadashi brings his hand down on one of your cheeks and then the other. He’s quick to soothe the pain though, gently rubbing the heated skin and even bending down to press a kiss to the affected area.
“You gonna be good for me, now?” he asks. While one hand keeps a tight grip of your hip, the other smoothes down your back. His long, thin fingers wrap around the back of your neck and push you down so that your face is smushed into the pillows beneath you. He parts your legs with one of his, putting you in the perfect position for him.
For a moment he keeps you like that. You can practically feel his eyes boring into you. You’re sure that if you were able to look back at him, you would see him staring at the way your back is arched for him, your plump ass raised and on display, your glistening cunt just waiting for him.
Finally, you feel his hips come to meet yours. His hard cock grinds against your ass for a few seconds. He begins to glide through your slick, lubricating himself. When the blunt head catches against your clit, you keen and push back against him. He delivers another harsh slap to your ass, eyes narrowing as he watches the resulting jiggle.
“Gonna fuck this pretty little hole,” he says as he begins to prod against your entrance. “You want that, don’t you, baby?”
The feeling of his thick cock slowly pushing inside of you makes it nearly impossible to speak. You’re barely able to whimper out your approval as he begins to stretch you out. The feeling is indescribable, every vein rubbing deliciously against your gummy walls as he dregs in and out of you at a pace that leaves you desperate for more.
“God, sweetheart, you take me so well.” His body leans over yours, allowing him to leave sloppy kisses along your shoulders and the back of your neck. “Feel so good, squeezin’ me just right.”
As Tadashi begins to pick up speed, his hands roam over the expanse of your body. He reaches below you with one, greedily grabbing at your stomach and breasts. The other rests on your ass as he enjoys the way the fat ripples with each thrust.
“‘s too good!” His breath is hot against your ear as he presses his weight into you. “I’m not gonna last. You’re so good, so goddamn sexy, fuck!”
The noise of flesh against flesh is almost loud enough to drown out the sound of your joined moans as he sets a relentless pace. His balls slap against your clit as he pounds into you furiously. He’s lost in pleasure now, unable to think about anything but chasing his own release.
Suddenly he changes the angle, allowing him to hit a spot inside of you that has you seeing stars. You reach back, desperate for something to hold onto as you feel your second orgasm rapidly approaching. His fingers twine with yours, lips ghosting over the lobe of your ear as he whispers praises.
“So gorgeous like this,” he croons. “My perfect girl, with a perfect fuckin’ pussy. Just for me, all mine, right baby?”
His thrusts became sloppy. Free hand snaking between your legs, he rubs frantic circles on your clit. “Wan’ you to cum with me, can you do that? Come on, sweetheart, let go for me.”
At his command, the coil in your stomach tightens and then snaps. You chant his name over and over again like a prayer. Your whole body shakes from the intensity of your pleasure.
The feeling of your already tight walls clamping down on him is just what Tadashi needs to send him over the edge with you. His body practically collapses on top of yours as you feel his warm seed fill your spasming cunt. But he continues moving even after he’s been milked dry, humping into you and overstimulating himself until tears gather in his lashes.
“I don’t wanna stop,” he confesses. “Wanna keep fuckin’ you, pretty girl.”
“Dashi, s’too sensitive!” You whine in protest. “Please, I need a break!”
Reluctantly, he pulls his softening cock out of you and falls beside you on the bed. You can feel his release dribbling out of you and clench your thighs together in an attempt to keep from making more of a mess than you already have. Rolling over, you seek out the warmth of the man beside you.
Tadashi pulls you close, wrapping his arms around you and guiding your head to his chest. You can hear the rapid thudding of his heart, and listen as it begins to slow. Nuzzling close, you sigh happily at the contented feeling of being in your lover’s embrace.
“I don’t ever want you to doubt how beautiful you are,” he murmurs. Cupping your face in one hand, he gently pulls you up so that he can brush his lips against yours. “Every part of you is perfect, and it affects me in a way that no one else ever has, that no one else ever could. I want you, all of you.”
“No buts.” He interrupts you before you even get the chance to argue. “Sweetheart, I love everything about you. I love the way that your eyes light up when you look at me.” He kisses your forehead. “I love how soft and warm your body feels against mine.” He kisses one cheek, and then the other. “And I love how much of you there is for me to love. Just wanna grab you and kiss you all over, all the time.” He finishes with a tender kiss to your lips.
You bury your face in his neck, hiding how emotional his sincere words have made you. He chuckles, playfully tickling your sides. “Don’t get all shy on me now, baby.”
A sudden pinch to your rear causes you to squeal and try to jerk away. But he catches you by the waist, pulling you so that you’re seated on top of him. To your surprise, he’s already hard again. He grasps your hips and guides you to grind against his length, pupils blown with desire.
“I’m not done showing you just how much your body turns me on.”
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lovelctters · a month ago
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halahala · 12 months ago
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wooyoung's fatherly pride
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draumas · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
EVAN MOCK 2021, ph. Quil Lemons for Calvin Klein
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deludedandlostcause · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Louis and Harry being northerners.
Please do not repost.
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cinematv · 3 months ago
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EUPHORIA 2.02 | "Out of Touch"
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melodramas · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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halekulan-i · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Fashion will not reject you because of your body. You are beautiful, and this outfit looks perfect on you."
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song-mingi · 4 months ago
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NINE ✧ skinz ✧ 220113
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megantheestallion · a year ago
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Megan Thee Stallion photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein (Spring 2021)
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kitsu-writes · 2 months ago
Content / Trigger Warnings: body image issues, a bit of angst with a happy ending, pining, polyamorous relationship, threesome, overuse of praise and pet names, dirty talk, very slight degradation (like one use of the word 'slutty'), dominant Mitsuya, oral sex, ass play (male receiving), vaginal sex, cum play, cum eating, slight overstimulation, like one thigh slap, facial, aftercare
Characters: Takashi Mitsuya x chubby female reader x Hakkai Shiba
Words: ~7.7k
Tumblr media
My second, very belated entry to @touyaspeach's Stay Soft Collab! A huge thank you to @fuzztacular for beta reading this for me <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Can you hand me a pin, pretty?” Mitsuya blindly holds out his hand towards you, his eyes still focused on the hem of the model’s skirt that he is currently adjusting.
Being careful not to stick him, you gently press the requested item into his hand. You watch curiously as he carefully fixes the length of the clothing. It’s a barely noticeable change to you, but he has an eye for these things that you simply do not.
He steps back, carefully inspecting his work. “Looks perfect,” he says finally.
You have to agree with him. The model is already gorgeous, with not a hair out of place, perfect bone structure, and skin that appears to glow thanks to the dewy makeup that has been applied. In his apparel, she looks ethereal. The shape of the clothing perfectly accentuates her trim waist and the round curves of her chest and rear.
She’s everything that you aren’t.
But she isn’t the only one. Even the photographer, hair stylists and makeup artists are perfectly put together. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by men and women who look as if they’ve just stepped off the cover of a magazine. Now that you think about it, you may recognize one of them from a fashion magazine you were reading the other day.
It causes a pit to form in your stomach. You know that you don’t belong here. You’ve always known. Yet you continue to come, because you enjoy spending time with your two roommates, Takashi Mitsuya and Hakkai Shiba.
Moments like this, however, make you wish that you would have stayed home.
Your stomach suddenly begins to churn. The more rational side of you knows that Mitsuya is simply appreciating his own work, rather than the woman in front of him. He would never disrespect his boyfriend by openly gawking at other models. However, that doesn't stop your insecurities from flaring up as you tell yourself that no one would ever look at you the way that he's currently looking at her - or rather, the outfit that she's wearing.
A breather, that's what you need. You just need to take a step back and take a moment to push away your own feelings so that you can focus on assisting the man with his work. After racking your brain for a believable excuse to leave, you finally say, "Are you hungry? You haven't eaten yet today. I can grab you a snack or something if you like."
The man barely spares you a glance as he chuckles. "Nah, I'm good. You know that I can't focus on anything else until my work is done. I bet that you're starving though, huh? Go ahead and hit the buffet table, I've heard it's got some pretty nice options today."
At his words, you feel your forced smile fade. Is that really how he sees you? As someone who can't even go a couple of hours without stuffing her face?
"Oh, okay, sure," you respond in a monotone voice. "I'll just... leave you to it, then."
Perceptive as ever, Mitsuya notices your sudden chill in demeanor. He turns to you with a questioning gaze. "Hey, is everything okay?"
"Oh yeah, I'm fine," you lie. "I must just be hangry. You know, because I always need to be eating." It's a passive aggressive response and you know it. Part of you wants to take the words back as soon as they leave your lips, but you don't feel like sticking around and having to explain yourself. So instead, you simply turn on your heel and begin to walk away.
Behind you, you can hear him call out your name. But then the model begins speaking, pulling his attention away. You take the chance to escape, bolting away before he can stop you.
You're half-heartedly picking at a plate of food when you feel a pair of long, thin arms wrap around your waist. A lanky man drapes himself over your back, fingers tickling your ribs playfully as his warm mouth leaves a loud smooch on your chubby cheek. It's a familiar greeting, one that normally elicits a giggle from you. This time however, you simply sigh and remain still.
There's a moment of hesitation before he turns you in his arms. Hakkai's indigo eyes peer worriedly into yours, scarred lips turned down. "What's wrong?"
Your first instinct is to brush off his concern. But in the end, your desire for comfort and understanding wins against your pride. Taking a deep breath, you lean your forehead against his chest and begin mumbling quietly.
"It's just- I don't feel like I belong here," you admit. "Everyone here is so beautiful, and then there's me. I just don't feel like I measure up, you know?" Before he can respond, you chuckle darkly. "Wait, of course you wouldn't know. You're one of the beautiful ones. This is your world, not mine."
Long, slender fingers cup your chin. You allow Hakkai to guide your face upwards until your gaze meets his. "Don't talk about yourself like that," he pleads. "That's complete and utter bullshit. You're by far the most gorgeous woman in the whole fucking world."
You roll your eyes and scoff. "C'mon, Kai. You're just saying that to try to make me feel better."
"Nope," he disagrees, popping the p. With his free hand, he taps his index finger to your nose playfully. "I work with female models all the time, and I can never remember their faces the next day. But you, baby, you're a vision that lingers in my mind constantly."
Warmth overtakes you. His expression is so sincere as he leans down to tenderly kiss your forehead, letting his lips linger just a bit longer than necessary. When his forehead comes to rest against yours, the intimacy of the moment steals your breath away.
Stop it, stop it, you try to tell yourself. He's one of your best friends, and a taken man. The only reason why he is so comfortable showing you affection like this is because he trusts that you would never overstep the boundaries of your friendship. You can't let yourself break that trust. It would be a betrayal not only to him, but to the one he actually loves, Mitsuya.
Still, you find it difficult to only see the two as friends. Even after years of repressing your feelings for the couple, it never gets easier. How could you not fall for such perfect men?
"You're just not feeling so good today, huh?" Luckily, Hakkai's words break through the self-indulgent fantasies currently running rampant inside your mind. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulls a sleek black credit card from his wallet and offers it to you with a wink. "Go spoil yourself a little. Get nice and pretty for Taka and I."
It's not the first time that he's done this, and you find yourself automatically accepting the card out of habit. Both of your roommates seem to enjoy pampering you as often as you'll let them. They always coo happily at you when you hand them back their card with your freshly manicured nails, or when you spin around to let them view your new outfit from every angle. You assume that it's just their way of saying thank you for helping them out like this at their photo shoots.
"Okay," you give in quickly, knowing that he'll just keep insisting if you try to argue. "I'll pick up dinner for the three of us on my way home, then."
Standing on tiptoe, you give him a goodbye peck on the cheek before heading out of the building.
Normally you would take the opportunity to do some shopping and pick up a new outfit or two. But considering the current circumstances, you don't really feel like trying on clothing. The clothing in stores never fits you the way that you expect it to, and you usually end up spending a good hour or two glaring at your reflection in the dressing room mirror before finding a single item you like enough to purchase.
So instead, you settle for a day at the salon. Slowly, your mood begins to lift as the masseuse releases the tension from your body. By the time you leave, freshly manicured and pedicured, you are feeling much better.
Things only continue to improve once you get home and find your best friends already waiting for you. It's hard to stay upset when the two of them are constantly doting on you. Mitsuya takes the takeout bag from you, bringing your hand to his lips so that he can kiss your palm. He doesn’t mention your previous comment, forgiving you easily with no apology necessary. Meanwhile, Hakkai is already clinging to you, arms placed firmly around your waist from behind. You're forced to waddle forward awkwardly when he refuses to let go.
You find warmth in their presence, and the desire to stay close to them has you suggesting eating dinner in the living room, where you can all snuggle up together on the couch. Both men agree, and you relax on the comfortable furniture while they dole out the food you had purchased.
The three of you fall into a comfortable silence as you eat. Television droning in the background, you lean back against the arm of the couch and dangle your legs over Mitsuya's lap. He grins at you, letting a hand fall onto your calf so that he can massage the muscle as he leans into his boyfriend.
"Hmph, where's my massage?" Hakkai pouts teasingly. "I'm so sore after all of that posing. I could really use a bit of affection from my two favorite people."
Suddenly feeling a bit mischievous, you grab one of the couch pillows from behind your back. "How's this for affection?" you ask, before launching the pillow at his face.
Eyes darkening evilly, he chuckles. "Oh, you've done it now, baby." Before you can react, he grabs one of your ankles in a vice-like grip. He tickles your foot relentlessly, drawing peals of laughter from you as you squirm and kick your free leg in an attempt to free yourself.
"Takashi, help me!" you squeal.
"I'll save you, princess!" Mitsuya pulls you into his lap and out of Hakkai's grasp. He turns his body, effectively shielding you from the other man's attack.
Giggling, you kiss his cheek with a loud smack. "My hero!" you exclaim. Peeking over his shoulder, you stick your tongue out at Hakkai, who is already pouting again.
He huffs theatrically, arms crossed over his chest. "Traitor," he mumbles under his breath. "I don't wanna sit next to you anymore, Taka." As if to prove his point, he slides off of the couch and onto the floor where he sits cross-legged.
"C'mon you big baby." You pat the cushion next to you invitingly. "If you don't want to sit next to him, come sit next to me instead. You just have to promise that you won't try to tickle me again."
Perking up, he nods. "Deal!" He clambers up onto the couch beside you and opens his arms invitingly. "How 'bout a hug to make our truce official?"
Mitsuya watches the two of you fondly as you climb from his lap into Hakkai's. Straddling his hips, you wrap your arms around his neck and nuzzle into him. He holds you close as he drops his head, leaning his forehead against your shoulder.
It's one of those moments that you wish that you could live in forever. If you could freeze time and spend the rest of your life right here, you would. The affection warms you from inside out, and it's enough to make you temporarily forget about everything else.
And then Mitsuya is tapping his boyfriend's shoulder, and the two exchange a look. Before you can even ask what's happening, you're being moved out of Hakkai's lap so that he can stand. Just like that, you feel your heart drop. Your fantasies are shattered as you watch the taller of the two reach out and help the other up, their fingers remaining intertwined afterwards.
The parting is inevitable yet it hurts every time. You expect them to bid you goodnight, disappearing into their shared bedroom where they will probably fall asleep in each other's arms, while you are left awake and alone. Just like always.
But to your surprise, both of them grab one of your hands and pull you to your feet to join them. "We have a surprise for you," Mitsuya explains with a grin as he pulls you down the hallway.
"We were gonna wait for your birthday," the other man adds. "But we decided that we're sick of waiting."
Your questions are ignored as they guide you towards the third bedroom that serves as Mitsuya's workspace. It's not a room that you've spent a lot of time in due to your worry of distracting the designer. So once inside, you take a moment to look around.
There are several mannequins of differing sizes, and a few clothing racks. Sewing supplies and a variety of fabrics litter the space. The desk pressed against one wall of the room is cluttered with sketches of clothing designs. You lean forward to get a closer look, expecting the sort of outfits that your friend normally designs. Instead, you are surprised to find that every single one of them is a design for lingerie.
"Do you like them?"
You jump when Mitsuya whispers right into your ear. His laughter warms your skin before he pulls back and studies you with arms crossed over his chest. For a brief moment, his normal confidence is replaced by something else - trepidation, perhaps?
"They're beautiful," you answer honestly. "I was just surprised. You haven't ever designed anything like this in the past. What inspired this?"
The man glances over at Hakkai, who nods encouragingly. He takes a deep breath, and you feel a pit of worry in your gut. The atmosphere has suddenly changed, and you could cut the tension with a knife when he finally speaks.
"You inspired it."
This time when you look at the sketches, you start to notice small details about them that you had missed before. Each design has been given personal touches that are perfectly catered to your preferences. There's no doubt in your mind that he is telling the truth. These are all for you.
"I wanted to have a few more of the pieces finished before showing you." Mitsuya reaches towards one of the clothing racks, carefully removing a single item from its protective garment bag. "So far, this is the only one that's done. It's probably my favorite, and I couldn't help but get a head start on it." He offers you a sheepish smile. "Do you like it?"
It's quite possibly his most gorgeous work yet. The babydoll is pristine white, the cups of the bra decorated with floral lace that leads into the thin straps. Beneath the bust, the sheer fabric seems just long enough to fall to around mid-thigh. The lacy white panties match perfectly, completing the outfit.
"I love it," you reply honestly. "But I don't understand. Why would you go to all of this work just for me? Not that I don't appreciate it, of course! I just want to know your reasoning."
"Well, the truth is," Mitsuya speaks slowly before pausing. He's hesitant, more nervous than you've ever seen him. But then Hakkai takes his hand and squeezes it encouragingly, and it seems to give him the courage he needs. "The two of us have fallen in love with you."
Your jaw drops as you glance from one man to the other. This is some sort of cruel joke, it has to be. There's no way that both of the men that you've been pining over for god knows how long, would actually return your feelings.
But they are completely serious. There are no signs of teasing, no indication that they are being anything but completely honest. They look so vulnerable like this, as they anxiously await your response.
"So," you speak slowly, stalling for time as you attempt to wrap your brain around this new piece of information. "This- this is a confession?"
They nod in unison.
"We tried to kind of ease you into it." Hakkai steps forward, reaching for you instinctively before stopping and letting his hands fall back to his sides. "I mean, we pretty much outright told you that we loved you. Multiple times, in fact."
"I thought you meant as friends!" Suddenly, you're thinking back to every interaction you've had with either of them over the past several months. Every affectionate touch, ever sweet compliment. They really did make it glaringly obvious. You had just been too dense to recognize what they had been doing.
You should be ecstatic. This is literally a dream come true. You've wanted both of them for so long, hiding your love for them and forcing yourself to be content with simply being a friend. Now, they are offering you everything that you've been longing for on a silver platter.
Yet your insecurities won't let you believe it. Not yet.
"Why?" you ask, hesitantly. "I just- the two of you are both surrounded by beauty on a daily basis as part of your job. Why would you ever want to settle for me?"
"Settle?" There's a dark, almost angry tone to Mitsuya's voice that you've never heard. "Baby, don't you dare sell our emotions short."
Hakkai interrupts, gently squeezing his boyfriend's shoulder to help calm him down. "We love you because of everything you are and everything you're not. There isn't a single thing about you that we don't find perfect."
He turns to the other man, who nods approvingly. "Your beauty has been an inspiration to me for a long time now," Mitsuya admits. "Whenever I get burnt out, and feel like I have nothing left to give, you manage to pull me out of my creative slump without even trying. You're a goddess, and it hurts me every time I see you turning a blind eye to your own perfection."
Never before has your heart felt so full. They love you. They want you. They desire you. It's not enough to completely vanish the intrusive thoughts that plague you on a daily basis. But you can't deny the sincerity and complete acceptance that they are both showing you. It puts your doubts to rest, if only for the current moment.
"I love you. Both of you." Your trembling lips finally speak the words that you've been too scared to say. They flow from you with surprising ease, and it immediately feels as if a weight has lifted from you. "So... what happens next? I know that any relationship takes work, but this sort of thing - polyamory - it's not easy. I already have so many insecurities. Are you sure that this is something you really want?"
It takes less than a second for you to find yourself trapped between the two men as they embrace you. "We wouldn't have brought this up to you if we weren't sure," Mitsuya says, nuzzling his nose against yours.
"We've been talking about it for weeks," Hakkai adds. "And if you accept joining our relationship, we promise to be completely honest and open with you. We're willing to take things as slowly as you want. Or, if you don't think that this sort of thing is for you, nothing has to change between us. As long as we get to be in your life, support you and love you as your friends, that's all we really want."
You shake your head adamantly. "I want this." Looking between the two of them, you smile softly. "As long as you both want me, I'm all yours."
Mitsuya is the first to react. He cups your face in his hands, breath mingling with yours. "Can I kiss you?" he asks as his thumbs tenderly brushes against the apples of your cheek. As soon as you give permission, he tilts his head and slots his lips against yours. They are soft and warm, tasting of the cherry chapstick he wears so diligently. It's a sweet kiss - chaste, innocent, sincere.
When he pulls back, it's just enough for his forehead to press against yours. "You're so perfect," he murmurs dreamily. "I can't believe you're finally mine."
"Well, not all yours." The other male interrupts. Hands on your hips, he turns you to face him. One hand going to the back of your neck, he massages the skin softly. "Is it my turn?"
Giggling, you lean forward and bring your mouth to his. He catches you off guard when he deepens the kiss. His head tilts, tongue darting out to trace your lower lip. Your surprised gasp gives him just the opening he was looking for. The pink muscle brushes against yours teasingly before pulling back, leaving you whining at the sudden loss.
You're confused when Hakkai turns away from you so suddenly after such a passionate kiss. But he's quick to return his sights to you, and this time he's holding the lingerie that Mitsuya had designed. He holds it up to your body, as if imagining how it will fit you.
"How about you put on a little fashion show, just for the three of us. What do you say, baby?" As he speaks, the hand that isn't holding the outfit slips beneath the hem of your shirt, rubbing circles into the bare skin of your hip.
Hesitating, you bite your lip. The thought of being so bare in front of them is a little intimidating. What if they change their mind when they see your body, no longer hidden by the layers of clothing?
"You don't have to," Mitsuya reassures you. "If this dumbass is being too eager, just say the word and I'll put him in his place." He gently smacks his palm against the other male's head, simply grinning at the resulting shriek and the glare that his boyfriend sends him.
The tension you were feeling dissolves slightly as you giggle. "No, I think- I think it's okay." You reach for the clothing. "Um, should I just change right here, or...?"
"I'm sure you'll be more comfortable undressing in your own room." Mitsuya gives you an understanding smile. "If you don't like the way that it looks, or if it doesn't fit right, you don't have to show us. But make sure to take note of anything you don't like so that I can fix it for you."
Nodding, you press the outfit to your chest as you walk towards your room. You can hear their footsteps following you from a respectable distance. Your hands are shaking slightly, and you aren't sure if it's from nerves or excitement.
You fumble with your clothing, shedding each article much more slowly than you normally would. Once you are naked, you take the time to trace your finger over the lingerie that had been designed just for you. It's too exquisite, you think. Too beautiful for someone who looks like you. You have no idea how many hours were spent on this single outfit, but you knew that it was surely far more than you deserved.
No, you scold yourself. You wouldn't let your doubts belittle the thought and care that Mitsuya had put into this gift. Even if it meant repeatedly fighting that little voice inside your head whispering that you weren't good enough for it, for them.
You kept your back turned to the mirror as you carefully slipped into the lingerie. It slid easily against your skin, no pinching or squeezing like you were used to when trying on more intimate apparel. As far as you could tell, the measurements were perfect. Now all that was left was to see how it looked. Taking a deep breath, you turned towards the floor-length mirror.
The babydoll was flawless. It perfectly enhanced your natural body shape, and the panties were comfortable yet flattering in the way that they snugly fit the globes of your ass. You had no complaints... about the clothing, that is.
It took effort to keep your gaze from wandering to your exposed skin. Everything that you were self conscious about was now exposed and on display. The rolls, the stretch marks, the parts that jiggled. They were about to see all of it.
"Are you okay, sweetheart?" As if sensing your anxiety, Mitsuya called to you from the other side of the door. "You don't have to show us, even though I'm sure you look incredible."
"Incredible?" Hakkai snickers, trying and failing to keep quiet. "I bet she looks fucking sexy as hell, is how she looks."
You can't help but giggle. Their dumb back and forth teasing is so familiar to you. It calms you slightly, gives you just enough confidence to stride over to the door and yank it open.
"Well?" you ask. You stare from one of them to the other, waiting for their reactions. "What do you think?"
Hakkai rakes his wide eyes up and down your form, mouth hung open in awe. He licks his lips, swallowing thickly before mumbling simply, "Damn." He seems to be trying to think of something else to say, but all that comes out is another, "Damn."
"Fucking perfect." Your gaze moves to Mitsuya when he speaks. The way he looks at you - it's an expression you've seen so many times before. It's the way he looks at his designs when they finally come together perfectly, a mixture of pride and wonderment. Only this time, it isn't for the clothing.
It's for you.
Your face heats beneath the intensity of their stares. A familiar feeling of want begins to form in the pit of your stomach. And it only grows when you notice that both of the men are sporting bulges that they make no effort to hide from you.
"You know, I bet you'd look even better in nothing at all." Hakkai finally regains his ability to speak as he sidles over to you. His hands reach beneath the sheer fabric to glide up and down your sides before lifting to rest on your shoulders. "No offense to Taka, of course."
The man in question simply chuckles. "Oh no, I completely agree with you. My skills could never compare to such a natural beauty." He takes your hand in his, raising it to his lips while never taking his eyes off of yours. "You are far more stunning than anything I could ever design, angel."
While you are distracted by Mitsuya, Hakkai takes the opportunity to hook his thumbs beneath the straps of the lingerie. He slides them down your shoulders slowly, tracing your skin with his fingers as he does so.
"Is this okay?" he asks. All traces of teasing are gone from his voice as he searches your face. "If I'm moving too fast, let me know. The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable."
He's giving you one last chance to back out of this. If you give him permission, he will strip you until there is nothing to hide you from the hungry gaze of the two men. You'll be completely exposed to them both, vulnerable to their visual critique.
"Keep going," you say. "I- I want to keep going."
Hakkai walks you backwards into your room as he fumbles with the lingerie. Too embarrassed to watch as he undresses you, instead you look past him, searching. When you find Mitsuya, your throat tightens and your mouth goes dry at the sight.
He's leaning against the doorframe, slowly stroking himself through the layers of clothing. His smile is almost predatory when he catches you staring. When he winks, you quickly turn your head in an attempt to hide your expression. Despite the intimate actions that you are currently taking part in, the unadulterated lust in his gaze still manages to take you off guard.
"Oh my fucking god," Hakkai steals your attention with a whimper. You shiver slightly as he stares at your now nude form. His eyes are dark, pupils blown and almost completely swallowing the indigo irises. "Can I touch you? Please?"
As soon as you nod your approval, he is moving. He cups your breasts in both hands, humming in contentment at their weight. His fingers are soft as they trail along your skin.
"Shit, you're so soft," he coos. "Taka, you gotta feel her. You gotta-"
"Hakkai." There's a sudden authoritative tone to Mitsuya's voice that causes both you and the other man to snap to attention. "I think I can decide for myself what I 'gotta' do. Don't you?"
There's a palpable tension in the room as the power shifts. Hakkai remains as frozen as you, the two of you simply waiting for some sort of command. It feels as if you shouldn't even breathe without permission.
"Strip, love," Mitsuya says. Lavender eyes appraise the two of you as the taller man scrambles to obey. "I want to admire the two most beautiful humans in the entire world, together."
Lean muscle is revealed for your viewing pleasure as Hakkai practically tears his shirt in his haste to remove it. It's nothing you haven't seen before, both in magazines and in person. Yet he seems somehow even more beautiful now that he's yours to admire, yours to touch.
"Go on, angel, you can touch him." As if reading your mind, Mitsuya gives you permission to do exactly what you've been wanting. "His nipples are especially sensitive. Try rolling them between your fingers, he whines so pretty when you do it."
Sure enough, the room is soon filled with high-pitched whines as you let your hands wander across the man's tall frame. You tease one pink bud between thumb and forefinger while your other hand traces the lines of his abs. It's impossible not to marvel at the way his stomach tightens, muscles contracting as his shoulders hunch and he barely seems able to keep from doubling over.
The two of you continue to obey the commands given to you without question. You are currently caught in a sloppy, heated kiss, and Hakkai can't keep his hands in one place. One moment they're squeezing their ass. The next, one is tangled in your hair while the other keeps a bruising grip on your waist.
Meanwhile you are struggling to remove his pants as you were ordered. There is barely enough space between the two of you to fit your hands. But you finally manage to tug them down past his hips. They fall, pooling around his ankles. His boxers are much easier to maneuver, and within seconds he is whimpering as he grinds his bare cock against you.
Unable to resist the urge, you pull away so that you can get a good look at him. He takes the opportunity to kick his discarded clothing out of the way. You barely notice though, too entranced by the sight of him.
His cock is pretty, long and thin with a single prominent vein along one side. The head is flushed pink, with a single drop of pearlescent precum beading at the slit. He is shaved completely bare - a prerequisite of his job that he's complained about more than once.
"You want to taste it, don't you?" Once again, Mitsuya manages to know exactly what you are thinking. "Go ahead, baby. Get on your knees and suck him."
Hakkai watches with eyes half lidded as you obediently sink down until you are level with his length. His breathing hitches when you lap up the precum, the bitter flavor filling your mouth. You kitten lick the head before wrapping your lips around it and sucking.
He instinctively bucks his hips forward, forcing himself further into your mouth. You gag as he hits the back of your throat, and he immediately pulls back. "Shit, sorry! Your mouth just feels so good."
He's more careful as you begin slowly moving up and down, letting you set the pace as you slowly take more of him. Your hand wraps around the base, stroking what you can't fit in time with the bobbing of your head. His hands gather up your hair, holding it back in a makeshift ponytail.
Tears gather in the corners of your eyes as you continue to gag on his cock. You try to keep your throat relaxed, letting his length work it open to take as much of him as you can. The pleasured sounds that he makes are more than worth the difficulty that you know you'll have speaking later.
"Fuck," Mitsuya groans from where he stands in the entrance of your room. He's discarded his shirt now, revealing a toned torso criss-crossed with a few thin white scars. No longer content with just watching, he beckons you with a single finger. "C'mere, both of you."
Hakkai helps you up, supporting you as feeling returns in prickles to your numb legs. Once you are steady, he turns his attention to his boyfriend. Practiced hands begin removing what remains of the other man's clothing.
"You looked so fucking good with his dick bulging in that pretty throat." Mitsuya wraps his fingers around your throat, pressing down just enough for you to feel the pressure. "But I bet you'll look even better when mine is splitting you open."
As the last of his clothing is discarded, you look down just in time to watch as his cock is freed from the confines of his briefs. It's shorter than Hakkai's, but thick with a fat head that is sure to stretch you out nicely.
His hand moves from your throat to your jaw, forcing you to look him in the eye as he captures you in a kiss that is surprisingly tender. Backing you closer to the bed with each sweet brush of his tongue against yours, he stops when the back of your knees hit the mattress. Turning to the other man, he gestures for him to join the two of you.
"Lay down on your back, handsome." Mitsuya pulls his boyfriend in for a brief kiss before lightly shoving him towards the bed. Then his attention comes back to you. "Are you okay with riding him? Do we need condoms? Both of us are clean, but if pregnancy is a concern-"
"I'm on birth control," you interrupt. "No condoms."
The desperation in your voice is impossible to hide. Now that all of the things that you've fantasized about are finally happening, you don't want anything in between you and them. You want to feel the warmth of them inside of you as they stuff you full of their cum.
You soon find yourself straddling Hakkai's hips, dragging your soaking cunt up and down his throbbing length, coating him in your slick. Steadying yourself with a hand on his muscular abs, you throw your head back in pleasure as he catches against your clit with every stroke. The stimulation is driving you crazy, wanting more, needing to feel him inside of you.
Mitsuya sits across from you, face flushed as the other man's tongue eagerly probes at his asshole. He leans forward to kiss you again, one hand cupping your breast and teasing the perky bud while the other guides Hakkai's cock to your entrance.
"Fuck him, baby," he pants. "Wanna see how well you take him."
Cooing encouragement, Mitsuya helps you slowly lower onto Hakkai's length. He brings a thumb to your clit, the pleasure easing the way for you to fully seat yourself. Your tongue lolls out of your mouth, sweat beading at your hairline. No one has ever reached this deeply inside of you before, and you can't tell if the sensation you feel is pleasure or pain.
"You're doing so good, angel." His voice is strained as he tries to focus on you, instead of the tongue squirming inside of his ass. He leans forward to pepper your face with kisses. "Start nice and slow, okay? We're not in any rush. You can take all the time you need."
As you slowly bounce up and down, the pain eases into pure pleasure. The man beneath you begins to buck up into you, the force of his thrusts sending your body tumbling forward into the other man's waiting arms. He traces his fingers up and down your spine, the other tangling in your hair as he catches your lower lip between his teeth.
While he kisses you roughly, you wrap your fingers around his neglected cock. He moans into your mouth as you begin stroking him, slowly spreading the precum that has gathered at the tip down the rest of his length. You set a slow pace, enough to stimulate him but not enough to let him finish too quickly.
It's a little overwhelming, being with both of them. There are two pairs of hands on you, one clinging to your hips and the other groping your breasts. One long cock is nudging against your cervix while another throbs in your hand.
"Getting close, pretty boy?" Mitsuya grinds his ass down on Hakkai's tongue, giving the other man no chance to answer. "Bet you wanna cum in that pretty pussy."
You can feel as he throbs inside of you at the other man's words. His movements become more frantic, drawing a moan out of you as he drags deliciously against your gummy walls. The angle of his thrusts has him pressing against your g-spot, and you tense as the pleasure begins to build up.
The simple command is enough to tip you over the edge of bliss. Your orgasm triggers Hakkai's, who gives one more sloppy thrust before flooding you with warmth. He groans loudly, "Fuck baby, you're milking me so good, oh my god."
A hand catches your face as your head tilts forward, suddenly too heavy for you to lift on your own. "You did so good, angel," Mitsuya whispers against your lips. "Look so pretty when you cum for us. Think you can give us a couple more?"
"Mhm," you agree quickly. "Wanna make you feel good too, Taka. Wan' you inside, please, need it so bad."
He silences you by stuffing three fingers into your mouth. You immediately obey the unspoken request, sucking on the appendages and lolling your tongue around them. There's a pleasant haze clouding your mind, leaving you barely able to think about anything but your desperation to please the two men.
"Shh, be a good girl and wait a bit for me, yeah?" He pulls you off of Hakkai, gently laying you down with your back on the bed. Sliding down your body, he parts your thighs, peppering them with kisses. "You're such a mess down here, fuck. Let me help you baby, I'll get you nice and clean. Then I'll give you my cock since you're beggin' for it so nicely."
While Mitsuya trails open mouthed kisses up your thighs, the other male curls into your side. He mouths at your jawline, your neck, your collarbone. Littering purple marks on your skin, he marks you lazily, hands groping your stomach, chest, and waist as he does so.
It's so much happening at once, too much for you, still sensitive from your orgasm. You begin to squirm, but a sharp swat to your inner thigh stills you and causes you to gasp in shock. Light purple eyes look up at you from between your legs as he frowns at you. "Be still," he orders. "All you need to do is lay there and look pretty while I lick this slutty little hole clean. Got it?"
Before you can even form the words in your mind, he's sliding his hands beneath your hips. Sitting back on his heels, he lifts your lower half until your cunt is right in front of his mouth. Flicking his tongue against your clit, he smirks at your resulting moan before burying his face between your legs.
He eats you like a man starved. His tongue pushes past your entrance, scooping out the mixture of yours and Hakkai's cum and swallowing it with a satisfied groan. Smacking his lips, his eyes roll back in pleasure.
"So fucking good."
It doesn't take long for the men to work you back up to your high. While Mitsuya wraps his lips around your clit and sucks with just the right amount of pressure, Hakkai's face is buried between your breasts. He's leaving sloppy kisses as his fingers pinch and lightly tug at your nipples.
Your second orgasm hits you much more suddenly than the first. Tremors wrack your body and your vision goes white. But neither of them pull away, leaving you whining and trying to push their heads away as the overstimulation becomes too much for you.
There's no chance to catch your breath. Hakkai moves out of the way, kneeling above you and giving Mitsuya the room he needs to hover his body over yours. Propping himself up on one elbow, he grips his length in the other hand and begins guiding it up and down your slit, coating himself in your slick. You shudder as he bumps against your clit, the overly sensitive bundle of nerves still throbbing from your last orgasm.
"Think you're ready to take me, angel?" he asks. "If you need to tap out-"
"No!" you don't even let him finish the sentence. "I want you to fuck me, Taka. Please, you promised that you would."
He leans his forehead against yours as he guides his cock to your entrance. "Okay pretty baby. I'm gonna go nice and slow, but let me know if it hurts."
Despite all of the prep and having already taken Hakkai, it burns as your walls stretch to accommodate his girth. You imagine that it would hurt no matter how slowly he inched inside of you. But he's being so gentle, reaching for your hand and twining his fingers with yours.
"You're doing so good," he praises. "Taking me so well, pretty girl."
When his hips finally press flush against yours, he gives you a moment to catch your breath. His lips ghost your skin - your forehead, cheeks, even your nose. Once he feels your walls beginning to relax around him, he nuzzles his nose against yours. "I'm gonna move now, okay?"
He begins thrusting slowly, letting you feel each and every drag of his length inside of you. The pleasure has you digging your fingers into his back, locking your legs around his hips. You want him as close to you as possible, sharing the same breath as he fucks you tenderly.
Something slaps against your cheek, drawing your attention to Hakkai. He kneels at the side of your head, his neglected cock hard again as he fists it over you. "Forget about me already?" he pouts. "Let's fix that, okay baby?"
He supports the back of your head with one hand, holding it up so that you can suckle the tip of his length. Throwing his head back, he moans loudly as your lips wrap around him. He continues jerking himself off, doing most of the work himself while spreading your saliva down his shaft, using it as lube. "Fuck yeah baby, just keep sucking the tip, just like that."
There's a sudden shift in position as Mitsuya grabs the backs of your thighs and pushes them towards your chest. He's hitting you deeper now than before, thrusting harder. Your breasts and stomach jiggle with each harsh slap of his hips against yours.
"God, you feel so good, angel," he pants. "That perfect pussy of yours is just sucking me in. You're squeezin' me so good, so fucking tight."
"Holy shit, you look so good with your tits bouncin' like that." Hakkai joins in on the praise. His voice is tight, and his hand begins moving more frantically. "Fuck, 'm gonna cum. Gonna paint that pretty face with it, you want that baby?"
Pulling off his dick with an audible pop, you nod. "Wan' your cum, Kai. Wanna be covered in it." You let your tongue loll out of your mouth, wanting to taste him.
"Fuck," he grunts. You can see the muscles in his stomach tensing as he gives in to the pleasure. Several ropes of white coat your face, some of it landing on your tongue. You lick your lips, making a show of swallowing what you can.
Hakkai scoops up a glob of his spend, shoving his fingers in your mouth. "That's right baby, tell me how I taste. Good, huh?"
While you suck the cum from the other man's fingers, Mitsuya's thrusts are beginning to become sloppy. His brow is furrowed as he tries to stave off his impending orgasm just a little longer. Thumb coming to rub tight circles against your clit, he pleads, "Gimme one more, wanna feel you cum around my cock."
Your third orgasm isn't as intense as the others. It's a gentle wave of pleasure, carrying you somewhere far above your body. Senses fuzzy, you can barely make out the sound of your name on his lips as he fills you with his warm load.
"C'mon sweetheart, are you with us?"
You blink your eyes open, not even realizing that you had closed them. Mitsuya's face fills your vision, his lips turning up in a smile as he meets your gaze. "There's our girl. Are you okay? We didn't go too rough on you, did we?"
Shaking your head 'no', you return the smile. "It was perfect," you say. Turning your head, you find Hakkai hovering on the other side of you. "Both of you were perfect."
They work together to clean you up, gently wiping the drying cum from your face and thighs. Once you are clean and comfortable, they sandwich you between them on the bed. Arms surround you from either side, leaving you completely cocooned in their shared embrace.
"I don't think I've ever felt this happy," you admit. "I love you both so much."
Pressing his lips to your neck, Hakkai chuckles against your skin. "Love you too, baby." He nips playfully before soothing the spot with a kiss. "Everything about you is perfect. You may not believe it now, but we'll tell you every day until you do."
"We love you," Mitsuya echoes. "And we always will."
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hot take but acne scars (and scars of any kind!!!), big noses, crooked teeth, hairy arms or legs, soft and round bodies are not only completely normal and acceptable BUT beyond that??? they’re so unique and mesmerizing and remarkable in every single way. in a world where everyone wants to look the same with pointy noses and airbrushed skin and facetuned waists, all i hope is to meet people who look entirely different and make me believe in the beauty of being alive and being human.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
HUNTER SCHAFER  — photographed by Hex Hudosh
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