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#body modifications

Honestly going to probably get the piercing of my dreams this weekend. I’ll have snakebites. I’m excited

Not excited anymore because the tattoo shop says they aren’t doing any oral pericings because of Covid-19. I’m just I’m going to go cry and listen to sad shit now lol

Also I think it’s time to size up my gauges again since I’ve lost all my sets lol. Currently at 4g sizing up to 2g

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Ok fuck cleansing my piercings with salt water anymore, it barely does shit and just leaves them hurting a lot. I got some spray again and the issues were cleared up in a day or 2. I’m so annoyed though, as that’s probably why my bridge rejected, though I got it done from the local pericing shop and pretty much everyone I know who’s had a piercing done there the piercing in question has been in the wrong place or it has rejected. :/// I went to a piercing and tattoo shop across the county instead before lockdown and as soon as I said it’s name the guy stared at me and shook his head “that’d be why then”.

But anyway, I know people recommend salt water but do people find it any better or on par or worse than the bottle solutions? I’ve always found it much better and less painful to just use the bottled solutions even though everyone reasons that they’re both exactly the same.

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Me, seeing people who are heavily into body mod: “Oh wow that looks really scary”.

Me, realizing that I’m a tranner who used pills to grow her tits, electric needles to destroy her facial hair, and plans on doing elaborate cock origami in the future: “Yeah um nevermind.”

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i put one of my honey barbs in the piercing im trying to stretch and the tension of the glass against the piercing and the other side of my ear holds it in place and perhaps may overtime slowly passively stretch it :) (plus it looks hella neat) it’s only one size bigger and i don’t wanna force it, and it sits so nicely in place like this. i still put an o-ring on the end for security

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