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#body posititivity

Okay, but cellulite? Beautiful. Stretch marks? *chefs kiss* gorgeous. Tummy rolls? Stunning. Acne and acne scars? Immaculate. Body hair? Still splendiferous. Guys, gals and non-binary pals, you’re all absolutely perfect just the way you are.

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Someone thought let’s define beauty, let’s make a narrow waist the best thing a woman can have, let’s preach about long shapely legs and weight scales, let us all believe that a woman’s body should be molded into one sculpture, no matter what the woman’s age, ethnicity or genetic features are… They said everything that is natural isn’t enough, let’s glorify abs and straight hair and triangles between the thighs, with balloon- like butts and uncommonly perfectly rounded well-supported breasts!!! It seems like this voice that called out to all humanity about the beauty standards they should believe in and prefer was heard above all, now we think facial hair is disgusting, healthy body weight is overweight, our fashion brands only make clothes for a bunch of very genetically favored bunch (the irony of suffering for not being able to choose your genes). The lucky bunch are those graced with a skin free of blemishes and legs for days, not only are they very athletic but also usually very white and their diet consists of avocado on toast. I think its impressive that avocado on toast is now what any girl aspires to eat, not that a healthy lifestyle is a bad idea but how can you convince a short African / middle-eastern or Mediterranean woman with no avocados available all year round that this is what she needs to eat for a healthy diet, and I am by no means exaggerating just go watch Harper’s bazaar what I eat in a day videos ! Can you deny the ‘white’ cast upon the issue? For those following like sheep, it’s not really their fault, a model can’t be a model otherwise now, can she? You see those oversized models (which the industry considers oversized, but I don’t) struggling to fit and still eating the blasted avocado on toast !

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This is just a reminder:

  • Drink some water–your body needs to stay hydrated!
  • If you have them, take your medication! Or your vitamins! Or your supplements! And if it’s supposed to be taken with food take it with food.
  • Speaking of food, did you eat anything today? If you didn’t, go get something yummy and healthy! You need to give your beautiful self some fuel.
  • If you can, go outside, even if it’s just for a little bit! If you can’t physically leave your space, open a window and breathe some fresh air. 
  • Take a stretch break, if you are able, or move around a little. Those muscles of yours need some love!
  • Take a shower/ bath, or if you can’t, splash some water on your face or use baby wipes. If you haven’t recently, put at least one piece of fresh clothing. You’ll feel better if you’re nice and clean. 
  • Okay, one last thing. Repeat after me, out loud or in your head: “I am strong. I am intelligent. I am courageous. I am wonderful. I deserve love and respect.” I know, I know, it might sound silly to you, but it’s the truth!! You are all those things, and so much more. <3 



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I’m really passionate about the way plus size women makes me feel and I couldn’t have shown that in a better way than getting it inked on me ❤🙏✍🤞😉 4 yr anniversary CGG16 Big Facts

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full length mirrors | kuroo tetsurō


welcome to another one of my self-comfort writings :’)) this one focuses on body image, based on real experiences 

keywords: shopping date, frozen yogurt, kinda fluff? kuroo being a goofball and comforting boyfriend at the same time


when kuroo suggested going clothing shopping, you were more than ecstatic.  a whole afternoon of him all to yourself; a afternoon of trying on clothing, window shopping, treating yourself, teasing him, what can be better? 

“am i your personal baggage carrier now?” kuroo smirks, glancing down your hold on his arm. normally, you’ll hold onto his left arm, but today, his left arm is occupied by shopping bags. 

you smile at his remark and continues to skip towards the store you insisted checking out. “you signed up for this when you became my boyfriend; it’s in the boyfriend handbook to help carry their partner’s bags. everyone knows this :)”  

“hm, apparently everyone but me.” 

as the two of you walk, you can hear the gentle bumping of the bags held on kuroo’s arm. the ceilings are so high, the large windows allows sunlight to pour into the mall, the people walking towards you looks so cheerful. and rich … they all look like they only shop at designer stores.  

there’s a pair of teenagers walking towards you; a boy and girl, hand-in-hand, with ice cream cones in their other hand. they both have wide smiles on their face. kuroo catches on quickly. “you want ice cream, don’t you?” he asks, even though he already know the answer. 

you excitedly nod in response. “i’ll pay to repay you for carrying all the bags-” 

“oh really?” his right hand finds its way to your left hand and gives it a squeeze. “you know, i don’t really mind. it’s an arm workout ;)” 

“still, your poor arms must be dying already-” 

he quickly furrows his eyebrows. “what do you meann, there’s no way my arms are hurting from carrying just four bags,” he says defensively. “i’ve lifted-” 

“yeah yeah-” just as you’re about to go on how he’s afraid to arm wrestle bokuto, you spot a frozen yogurt place ahead. “babe, look look, let’s go,” you excitedly say, tugging on his hand. 

“that’s not ice cream.” 

“but it’s frozen yogurt! almost the same thing-” 

he softly smiles as he lets you drag him towards the waiting line. “who’s gonna tell you that frozen yogurt and ice cream are very different?”  he says, shaking his head in amusement. 

“they both taste good and that’s all i know.” 

“that’s a long line,” kuroo mumbles upon seeing 20 people waiting behind the counter. “maybe we-” 

“maybe we can go to other stores and then come back … maybe then the line won’t be so long and if it still is, we can get ice cream instead :),” you suggest, determined to be able to both shop well and eat well today. 

kuroo thinks about it for a moment and nods. “sounds like a plan … where did you say you wanted to go? was it victoria’s s-” 

you glare at him. 

he smirks back. “what?” he shrugs innocently. 

actually, i want to get new pants-” 

“mm … yoga pants, perhaps?” 

you glare at him again, quickly looking down at the floor in sudden embarrassment. you try to match your footsteps with his. 

he looks far off into the distance, pushing back the smile threatening to appear. 

“i was thinking more of jeans and sweatpants.” 

“so where is this store you’re going to buy your jeans and sweatpants?” 

“right in front of us :)” you reply, tugging on his hand once again as you two walk through the black door frames. the store’s full of clothing racks, posters, mannequins, and a giant screen behind the cash register. a funky song plays in the background and for a moment you’re afraid kuroo’s gonna break into a dance and give you second-hand embarrassment. but he doesn’t; instead, he follows your lead as you make your way to the jeans section. 

as you look around the stacks of jeans, kuroo checks himself out in the full-length mirror beside you. (why is he like this :’) okay, not full-on check himself out, but subtly fix his hair and clothes. “babe, c’mere,” he calls out to you. 

you look up with a raised eyebrow. 

“c’mere,” he says, waving his hand. 

you walk towards him and he turns your shoulders for you to see the mirror. 

“we can pose like those mirror selfies that other couples do,” he smiles. 

except you don’t smile back. all you can see is the way your thighs stick to each other, you see how stubby your legs look, how your arms just awkwardly flail on the side. all the excitement you felt a few seconds ago plummeted to the ground. it fell to the ground and got crushed under a rock. probably a giant one. a hole starts to form in your stomach. why do i look like that? i’ve been walking around … looking like that

you quickly suck your stomach in, biting your lip to stop the tears threatening to spill down. no, i’m over-thinking. stop being over dramatic. stop, you think. kuroo side-eyes you, wondering why the smile he loves so much isn’t appearing. 


“i don’t need new jeans” you softly say, leading him out the store; leading yourself away from the reflection you hate so much. 

kuroo narrows his eyes as he lets you pull him by his sleeve. “but you looked so excited to buy new pants … is it because of my yoga pants remark?” 

you softly chuckle at the remembrance of his remark he made a few minutes ago. “no it’s not that, i just realized i don’t need new pants. i have so many pairs already, remember?” you say, forcing a nervous laugh out, hoping he’ll drop the topic.

he stays unconvinced. “well, since you don’t look as happy as before, i’m sure some frozen yogurt would help with that.” 

“…no it’s okay.” you say, avoiding his gaze. “i don’t feel like eating right now.” 

“…you sure?” he softly asks, reaching for your hand again. “are you feeling sick? headache? cramps? stomachache? legs hurting from walking for so long?” 

“nope, none of that. i’m feeling just fine!” 

he gives you a silent look. “you know, you’re pretty bad at lying to me.” 

you don’t reply. you don’t know how to.  

“as someone who cares about you,” he says, leaning a bit down to get a better look at you. “i’d like to know the real reason behind you not wanting jeans anymore. if it’s hard to say out loud, give me keywords and i’ll guess.” 

you look at him for reassurance, like the way you always do. “thighs.” 

“…thighs?” he questions. “wait, where are we walking to? we’ve been walking around without a set destination. do you want to sit down on one of those benches?” 

you nod as he leads you to a bench. kuroo places the shopping bags on the end of the bench and sits beside you, your hand still in his. 

“thighs … let me piece all the puzzles together. you started not looking as happy when you stood beside me when i mentioned the couples mirror selfie…” he pushes his hair back with his other hand. “do you not like couple mirror selfies? no wait, that doesn’t have anything to do with thighs. did you bump your thigh against a corner?”

you shake your head, a bit amused at where he’s going with this. 

“…help me out, babe. did they not have jeans in your size? were they too expensive? were-”

”i wouldn’t look good in them anyways” you blurt out. 

his eyes widens as he suddenly realizes. “i don’t see what you mean. you would definitely look better than just good in those jeans. how’d you know if you haven’t even tried them on?” 

“just look at me,” you mumble, squeezing the fat on your thighs that takes up more space on the bench than you want them to. 

he frowns and rubs his hand over your right thigh. “why’re you frowning upon your body? the body that i love so much? if you’re not give it love, might as well trade it with me-” 

you laugh at the thought of walking around in kuroo’s body. what is it like to be 187cm (6′1″)

he smiles upon hearing your laugh. “seriously, you look beautiful. your face, your tummy, your thighs, those jeans don’t even deserve to come in contact with your legs-”

you give him a small smile, knowing he’s trying his best to lift your spirits. you know how much he loves you, he’s never failed to show it. after a few moments of kuroo rubbing your thigh in silence, you softly ask,“…can we still get frozen yogurt?”

an big grin creeps onto his face. “that’s the spirit,” he chuckles, standing up and collecting the shopping bags on his arm again. he holds out his hand and pulls you up from the bench.  

“also, when we get back home, can you give me a piggyback ride so i can see from your point of view? that way, i’ll know whether i want to trade bodies or not” 

“of course,” he laughs. “but the trading offer is closed. you’ve gotta learn to love the one you have.” 

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Hi, a puppy bruised my arm today☺️

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Good morning or I should say afternoon. I accidently slept my Saturday away

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