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#body positivity

Oftentimes, that desire comes from internalized fatphobia and the wish to get away from the pain, abuse, and oppression we’re forced to endure. Here are a few things that have helped me:

1. Spite. Love yourself and your body out of spite if you can’t for any other reason. The people hurting you for your body would be pissed if you loved it that much harder in response. You end up winning by both loving yourself and getting back at the fatphobes.

2. Don’t weigh yourself. You might not be weighing yourself already, but I figured I would mention this just in case. The number on the scale really doesn’t matter. There’s no need to know it.

3. Try not to focus so much on times in your life when you were at your skinniest. For me, that would be high school. Looking at pictures of my skinnier body in high school can sometimes make me miss it. You don’t have to avoid all pictures of you from that time in your life, but try not to focus solely on it. Think about all different parts of your past and all the ways your body has looked.

4. Look at fat positive content. You already do, but maybe looking at even more fat positive content would help! I see so many pretty fat people every day because of my blog. Honestly, it’s helped me learn how attractive fat people are, how attractive I can be. I’ve learned that I genuinely prefer bigger people, and not just out of fear of being judged by a thin person.

5. Make fat positive content! I always appreciate new content to reblog, haha. But most importantly, making fat positive content can really help with self esteem. It also would help others with their self esteem too as they see how amazing you look no matter your weight. 

6. Keep your house stocked with food you actually like to eat. This is part of intuitive eating, but it can also help deter you from starving yourself.

7. Make sure you have clothes that fit and feel good when worn. Sometimes having clothes that are too small can make someone want to make themself smaller in response.

I hope these tips help! cx

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a list of numbers that don’t define you:

  • your height
  • your weight
  • your age
  • your bra size
  • your body count
  • how old you are when you got your first _________
  • how old you were when you first experienced _________
  • what percentage you made on your last test
  • what percentage you ended up having in a class
  • how many likes your posts get
  • how many followers you have
  • what size you wear in anything: dresses, pants, shirts, socks, skirts, etc
  • how many calories you ate today
  • pretty much any number ever

you are not defined by a number. don’t let them have power over you. they are not who you are. they do not make you any better or any worse as a person. you are far too complex and wonderful for something like that to determine your worth, ability, beauty, etcetera.

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I am not a “snack”. I’m a whole ass MEAL

Not an appetizer

Not a side salad

Not even those little peanuts at Texas roadhouse

I am a MEAL

The Last Supper? Gone

Thanksgiving? Already out the door

The Whoville Christmas feast? Might as well chuck the roast beast out the window

Cause I am

A whole ass


(yes I know I need help I have a therapy appointment on Tuesday)

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Hot take but calling another woman’s body type “pedophile bait” or telling other women that the only people who will ever love them are pedophiles is unspeakably fucking disgusting and sexist and the fact that the same people who constantly say this shit are the type who pride themselves on being body positive is fucking sickening. To cheapen and water down the definition of pedophilia to include women you don’t like because you’re bitter about some men liking them more than they like you is deeply misogynistic and also incredibly damaging to children and anyone who’s ever been abused by a pedophile.

No grown ass adult, no matter what they look like, is bait for pedophile and absolutely nobody on this fucking earth is to blame for pedophile and abusers except for pedophile and abusers themselves. Women who don’t look like you, women who wear things you don’t wear, women who shave, women who are shorter than you, women who are thinner than you, and flat-chested women are not the reason why pedophiles exist and arguing otherwise hurts women just as much as any sexist man ever could.

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