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#body suit
Kobra's motorbike is highly atypical to any other you can see both in the zones and in Battery city, most of those are road motorbikes but his is rather motocross motorbike and is way older than any other. That's because it wasn't made by BL/ind but instead it had already been in the dinner when the fabulous four found it. There were no signs of any owner or even a good reason to why it's standing among the tables but since no one seemed to be searching for it they kept it. A lot of work had to be done on it since it was all rusty and barely standing let alone being able to turn on but once it was done no BL/ind's motorbikes could stand a chance against it, especially on the sand dunes it was created for.
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night-fighter-x · 2 days ago
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The biological time machine in all of his fucking glory; straight outta the apocalypse
Aka Five in my style XD
What can I say, this boi loves his coffee 😆👀 (p.s. the original apocalypse from 2019 WAS on a Monday, and April fools, actually 😛👌🏽👍🏽
You may use this information as you wish 😋💕
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laurasrandomthoughts · 3 days ago
F*ck Diet Culture: I'm Wearing a Bikini to the Lake
F*ck Diet Culture: I’m Wearing a Bikini to the Lake
No, I haven’t lost a bunch of weight. Nope, I’m not a svelte size six (nor have I been a size six in my adult life). No, not a thing has changed about my larger-sized body. The only thing that changed is my attitude and my willingness to be held back from doing what I want by diet culture and its limiting ‘rules’. I didn’t need to get a bikini body, I just needed to buy a bikini. Every body is a…
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unclegarou · 3 days ago
Okay for thirst consider: Stinger has no ass but he’s got fantastic tits and this is a head canon I live and die by
agreed. it’s a shame his suit never got ripped while fighting, we were robbed of man titties 😔
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i headcanon his nips are sensitive though 😋😋 he’s a sub deep down idc idc
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arcgeminga · 3 days ago
If Aspros wasn't a gold saint, what other bronze or silver cloth might he have?
Tumblr media
♚— Hm... Aspros would take such a thought as a personal attack, but I think it's a good question. A little hard to place though.. since there isn't any sort of cloth that would fit him aside from the Gemini Cloth (in his opinion that is). But let's assume he pulled a Hakurei and allowed his brother to take Gemini.
Aspros wouldn't be handed a bronze cloth, since he thinks of them as too weak, but in regards to silver clothes... I think he would take up his mother's Cassiopeia cloth. A male version of it. And although it is rather unheard of a man taking up a woman's cloth, I think he'd pull it off.
Sure, there's the whole issue about the mask portion, but I mean... the Virgo cloth also has a mask, but all it ever has is men as its wearer. And I could say the same about the Andromeda cloth.
I know that the cloths aren't an heirloom of sorts and this does clash with my idea of Aspros' father and mother being saints, but like, lmfao no offense but a lot of the cloths that are mentioned in passing are rather ugly. Cassiopeia is pretty in some forms (like in Saint Seiya Awakening).
So yeah, he'll pick up Cassiopeia, imo. Cassiopeia Aspros. Nice ring to it--//punched
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shysouthernbohogirl · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Got to have some pool time this evening to relax and unwind. I hope everyone had a great day today. 💋
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nuggetspn37 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Jensen is going to murder this shit I am so excited for the range that he is going to bring to this character he looks like he's going to be the biggest douchebag and I am here for it oh my God I cannot wait for season 3
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