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#boki no hero academia

So I was rereading Boku no Hero Academia from the top cause I’m invested in the futile attempt to delay the inevitable, and by that I mean the new chapters.

Anyways~ I came across this again and I just- *sobs in cheap university student and the small dorm room I have to share with 5 other people*

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“I think I’m in love with you, and not in the fake way.” (Part 2)

-Based off of ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before" -Kirishima x Reader, Bakugou x Reader, Uraraka x Bakugou

Trigger Warning: Sleazy man at the club


You and Kirishima walked into lunch, and as you expected, everyone was staring at the both of you.

“They’re staring.” You looked up to Kirishima, nervously biting your lip.

“I know, but isn’t that the point?” He rubbed circles on your waist, trying to make you feel better.

“I mean, yeah.” You said and Kirishima stood in front of you and took your hands.

“Look,  you’re not alone. It’s gonna be okay, when we figure out what this is.  Our arrangement isn’t forever, okay?” He gave you a toothy smile, his  sharp teeth poking out. You smiled.

“You always know what to say.”

“Of course I do, I’m your boyfriend. Let’s get lunch, babe.” He winked at you.

You’d be lying if you said his wink had no effect on you.

You  both got lunch and you were looking for a place to sit. You wanted to  sit with the Bakusquad, but obviously Bakugou was there, and you wanted  to avoid that. You looked up at him to see him glaring at you, squishing  something in his fist.

‘That’s my letter…’  Your thoughts were cut off by Kirishima.

“Here,  let’s eat outside. It’ll give us more privacy.” Kirishima could tell  you were uncomfortable and led you outside to eat by yourselves, a hand  on your back.

You sat down across from him at the table when you got outside.

“So how are we doing this?” He asked first. You pulled your notebook out, and put it on the table.

“We should make some ground rules. Things we both have to do, you know.” You looked away awkwardly.

“I’ll start…” You said grabbing your pen. “I like that thing you did back there,” you blushed.

Kirishima looked up at you genuinely surprised. “What thing?”

“The thing where you put your hand in my pocket. I think you should do that more often.” You said and he blushed.

“Ah, I, uh…I guess I could do that.” He said as you wrote it down.

“I’ll go next.” He smiled. “I think we should have special nicknames for each other.”

“Okay, like what?” You said as you smiled at him.

“Well, I already thought of yours in the lunch line. Mochi.” He reached out and squeezed your cheek.

“Hey, what? Mochi? What happened to baby?” You giggled, slapping his hand away.

“Yeah.  They’re cute, you’re cute. It works. And I can still call you baby,  L/N, if that’s what you prefer.” He said it so genuinely, you almost  forgot he wasn’t your actual boyfriend.

“I mean, that is cute. Mochi. But what can I do for you?…” You said out loud.

“Sweetheart!” You suddenly yelled, and he smiled.

“Sweetheart. I like it.” He took the pen from you. “I’m writing that down.”

“Alright,  I thought of another one.” He said staring down at the paper. “You have  to come with me on the trip in two weeks. The trip to the  ski lodge.”

“Two weeks? Will we be doing it this long?” You said and he shrugged.

“I don’t know, but if we are, I want to spend it with you. Then after the ski trip, we can stage a breakup.”

"Okay.” You agreed. Soon you and Kirishima had a list of rules.

'Kirishima and Y/N’s Relationship rules

1.)Put hand in Y/N’s back pocket

2.)Nicknames - Mochi and sweetheart

3.)Ski trip - go together!

4.)Do 'boyfriend’ things (give jacket, walk them home, etc.)

5.)Give Kirishima a kiss every morning in front of everyone’

6.)Go out together on 'dates’

7.)Post about each other on social media

8.)Make each other your phone background

9.)Breakup after school trip’

You two stared to stare at the list satisfied.

“Boyfriend things?” You giggled up at him, and he flushed.

“Well,  yeah. I need to take care of you if we’re really doing this.” He looked  down at you with a soft gaze, and you could’ve melted into a puddle  right then and there. He glanced back at the list.

“Kiss every morning?” He smiled at you.

“Yeah isn’t that what you do when you’re dating someone?” He giggled.

“I guess so,”

“So are we satisfied?” You asked as you both looked over the list again. Until Kirishima thought of something you didn’t.

“Can I see your pen again?”

“Sure,” you took it out of your bag and handed it to him. He scribbled something and gave you your pen back.

‘10.)Don’t fall in love with each other’

You looked up at him. “Kiri?”

“I don’t want either of us to get hurt.” He scratched his neck. “I still like Mina, you know. And you still like Bakugou.”

“Right, I understand.” You smiled and he smiled back.

“Oh shit! We’re late for class!” You looked at your watch and he widened his eyes.

“Quick, get on my back.”


“Don’t question it, just get on my back.”

“I  mean, okay.” You hopped on his back as he ran to the classroom. You  weren’t going to lie, it felt nice having him piggyback you.

He put you down when he was outside of the class. “Thanks Kiri.”

“No problem, Mochi. What are boyfriends for?”


You and Kiri were ridiculed by Aizawa for being late, but he let you off with a warning.

You two were hand in hand in the hall when class was over until you were approached by Uraraka…and Bakugou.

“Hey  L/N!” she yelled tugging Bakugou over to the both of you. You and  Kirishima looked at each other, and you felt him squeeze your hand  tighter and pull you into him, both his arms around your waist by now.  Bakugou noticed this and grit his teeth. Seeing you in someone else’s  arms didn’t look right to him…even if it was Kirishima.

“Oh, hey Uraraka.” You smiled warmly at her.

“Well,  me and Bakugou usually have date night a week from now with Denki and  Jirou, but they can’t come. So we were wondering if you guys would like  to come instead?” You were surprised and turned around to look at  Kirishima, who was nodding at the two.

“We’ll be there! What time?”

“7,  we’re going to a club! We’re looking forward to it!” She squealed and  Bakugou refused to look at you two as he let her pull him along.

“Did you see the look on Bakugou’s face, L/N? I think our plan is working!” He gave you a high five. You smiled.

“I think it is, too. But are you sure you want to go out with them? We don’t have to.”

“No, I think this deserves a celebration. Get dressed up all pretty, Mochi. It’ll be great!”


It  was a week later, and you sat with Mina in your dorm room getting  ready. You and Kirishima had grown closer over the week. As friends. Or  at least that’s what you told yourselves

You both were catching feelings. Neither of you wanted to admit it. This was to make your crushes jealous…that was it.

“Are you sure I look good?” You turned to her, running your hand down your outfit.

“Oh for sure, L/N. Kirishima is gonna be drooling all over you!”

“I  hope so,” you smiled to yourself in the mirror. And part of that  statement wasn’t a lie. Even if you weren’t actually together, you still  wanted to sell the part and look good for him.

“I’m meeting him down in the common room at 6:45.” You checked your watch. It was 6:46.

“I’m late!” You yelled to Mina and she giggled.

“By one minute, but go get him, tiger!” She pushed you out of your room. You ran down to the common room, seeing everyone in there. Bakugou,  Kirishima and Uraraka were waiting for you. But your eyes gravitated to  one person, and it wasn’t Bakugou.

Kirishima stood there in a black dress shirt pulled up to his elbows. It was tucked into his black  dress pants. He had his hair pulled back into a ponytail, with long  hairs poking out of the front, falling on his forehead. He shaved his stubble. His muscles were  poking out of his shirt and he looked really good. He was holding his blazer in his hands as he talked to Sero.

Aoyama noticed you  standing there, and gasped. Soon everyone turned to look at you. How  beautiful you looked, everyone could see. Kirishima gulped. Why was his heart beating so fast seeing you looking like that?

“Pardon me, mon ami, but you look-”

“Perfect.”  You heard from someone say. You looked up into the red eyes of  Kirishima. His face was red as he looked you up and down, biting his lip. Color flooded your cheeks as he walked over to you, took your hand, and kissed your  knuckles.

“You look perfect, Mochi.”


You all had arrived at the club. It was a little crowded for your liking, but with Kirishima’s arm around your waist, you felt safe and protected. Bakugou hadn’t said a word to you since he saw you.

“Let’s sit here.” Uraraka pointed to a table and you all sat down at it.

It was awkward for a minute, before Kirishima and Uraraka offered to get you all some drinks.

“I’ll be right back, Mochi.” Kirishima kissed your cheek, going with Uraraka up to the counter, leaving Bakugou and you to sit there in silence.  Until he spoke up.

“You…you look nice, L/N.”

“Oh, uh, thanks Bakugou.”

“So you and Kirishima, huh?”

“Yeah,” you turned to Kirishima, seeing him laughing at the counter with Uraraka. He winked at you, noticing you staring at him.

Damn, did that wink always do something to you.

“He’s in love with you.” Bakugou looked at him.

“Wh-What?” You turned to look at Bakugou. He 'tch'ed.

“I said he’s in love with you. He looks at you the way I used to look at you.” Ouch.

That broke your heart a little bit. But not as much as you thought it would. You actually felt pretty content with the confession.

“Listen, let’s put the note behind us. I liked you once, but I can see how much he cares about you. He never fucking shuts up about you.” Bakugou rolled his  eyes. But what he also didn’t tell you was that he was lying. Not about Kirishima, no. That man loved you, whether he realized it or not. But what he was lying about was his feelings towards you.

He was in love with you too, and he fucking hated it. He liked his best friend’s partner. Don’t get him wrong, he loved Uraraka too, but that note did something to him, and he didn’t understand it.

“He doesn’t?” You asked about Kirishima.

“God, no. Do you know how many times I have to hear him talk about you? I’m guessing not, based on the look on your face. And by the way you look at him, it’s clear you love him, too.” He looked at your face. It went red. And it was true, he saw the love in your eyes for Kirishima. And he fucking hated that, too. He knows you used to look at him that way…and now, that’s how you looked at Kirishima. He knows it was wrong to think this way…he had a girlfriend, for Christ‘s sake.

Bakugou shut up as Kirishima and Uraraka came back.

“Everything okay here?” Uraraka said, leaning into Bakugou. You looked at each other with a nod.

“Everything’s okay.” You smiled. You 4 sat there for awhile until Uraraka wanted to dance.

“Cheeks, I’m tired.” Bakugou sighed.

She turned to you and Kirishima. “So?”

“I’ll dance.” You stood up. You turned around to Kirishima.

“I’ll stay here with Bakubro.”

“Okay, we’ll be dancing.” You smiled at him as he blew you a kiss.

“Be safe, Mochi.”

Uraraka pulled you out on the dance floor, and smiled as she saw you sneaking glances at Kirishima. You were thinking about what Bakugou had told you.

“You two are so cute, you know that?”

“What? Sorry, I was distracted.” You said embarrassed and she giggled.

“I said you and Kirishima are cute.”

“Oh, you think so?”

“Yeah, he hasn’t taken his eyes off of you all night. He was practically drooling over you at the dorm.”

You face heated up. “Really?”

“Yeah, it was very noticeable, L/N.” You froze. Was he…falling in love with you?

Damn, were you falling in love with him?

“Hey you okay?” Uraraka asked, breaking you out of your trance.

“Yeah I’m just gonna use the restroom.” You smiled, finding your way to the restrooms through the crowd.

You made it there and splashed cool water over your face.

“I  can’t be in love with him, he likes Mina…” You told yourself. “I like Bakugou…” you couldn’t even convince yourself of that anymore. You didn’t think about Bakugou as much as you used to. Everyday in the dorm, you and Kirishima would kiss in the common room before one of you left. The thought of his lips connecting with yours left butterflies in your stomach. Your head was filled with only Kirishima, he was making you dizzy.

You broke rule number 10. You were in love with Kirishima.

“I can’t break the rules…” You muttered, silently. You had to get rid of these feelings. He liked Mina, not you. Why couldn’t you just realize that? And you only had a few days left with him anyway. The trip was this weekend…

You heard someone come in, and you thought nothing of it. Until this person  pushed you against the wall. You cowered fearfully under their gaze.

“Hey, you were dancing so sexy out there.” It was a drunk and sleazy man, and he smelled of whiskey.

“I have a boyfriend.” You panicked slightly. Although you and Kirishima were fake dating, you tried that excuse to get this man away from you. You should’ve asked Uraraka  to come with you. You should’ve stayed with Kiri. He could protect you. Your quirk would do no good in situations like this.

“I  don’t see him. Let me just…try something.” You began to shake, and panic as he moved to touch your thigh. You were genuinely having a good night, and this happens. You were so panicked, so scared, you yelled out the first name that came to mind. The first person you knew would protect you with everything they had.


to be continued…


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I haven’t posted a lot about BNHA yet so this is kind of random, but how awesome would it be if Bakugo lost his quirk (even temporarily)? Obviously, it wouldn’t be awesome for him, but awesome for character development purposes.

We know it’s possible, like All For One has the power to take people’s quirks and I haven’t gotten that far in the anime yet but apparently there’s also quirk destroying bullets? But anyway, Bakugo’s entire life and basically his entire sense of self worth revolve around being strong and powerful and constantly showing off how strong and powerful he is. Imagine if suddenly he lost it all. I feel like it would absolutely destroy him.

But for once he’d have to see the world through the eyes of Deku and probably other quirkless people he’s bullied in the past. He’d have to see that quirks aren’t everything, and hopefully be able to find something he likes about himself other than how powerful he is. And hopefully, even if he found a way to get it back he would keep that perspective with him.

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Out of all the bnha theories I can think of, the one I dislike the most is the one where the second and third wielders of One for All are Kirishima and Bakugou.

And it’s not that I mind the idea of kirishima being a holder (bakugou being one is a whole other story) but it’s just I really don’t want some convoluted explination on how these two went to the past, got the quirk from the first user, lived long enough in the past to cultivate it, find a successor, and pass it on. And since all the users have been confirmed to be murdered by All for One, then Bakugou and Kirishima would be dead.

Now I won’t deny that one if the users looks a lot like Bakugou so I can see where the theory came from, but I’m hoping in the end that it’s not actually them. I’d be perfectly fine with them being ancestors of the two of them though.

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