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#boko no hero academia

Kirishima: Hey, babe. Can you come get me?

Bakugo: Uhh…sure? Why? And where are you?

Kirishima: The emergency room. I kind of got hit by a car

Bakugo: You what

Kirishima: It’s not that bad! I was pushing someone out of the way. Two broken ribs, a broken leg, and a broken clavicle

Kirishima: I vaguely remember Denki yelling, “YEET” as I’m sliding down the windshield

Bakugo: Neither of you have ever had an intelligent thought. No braincells whatsoever

Kirishima: Are you coming though?


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look like me? | yo shindo


pt. 2

✎ fluff / little angst (?)

✎ fem! mom! reader

✎ parent! au

✎ older! au

Shindo sat there in complete shock. Her face. The little light that shimmered in her eye, he hasn’t seen that in forever. Those plump rosy cheeks he used to pinch. A beautiful smile. Being with her was like a movie. He missed it.

It’s been almost a month since he saw the two. They never left his mind. Everyday he would just sit in bed, thinking of her. The pain of seeing her again physically hurt. It was as if someone was torturing him. Why couldn’t it just stop? It hurt so much. Deep breaths. His mind wondered off to whether changing the past would affect how it was now. If only he could go back.

“Shindo? You need to come out.” He had been in his room for 3 days. Nakagame knocked softly. She held a bowl of okayu. Shindo didn’t respond. She knocked again, nothing. He could hear creaks in the wood floor slowly echoing farther away. Tears trickled down his soft, heated cheeks. Dullness in his eyes. Emptiness.

He wiped his tears and sniffled into his sweatshirt. A little spot of sunshine peaked through the blackout curtains. His chest felt heavy. Heart aching. Memories of them together came back to him piece by piece each day. Why did he ever let go. Giving it all was the only thing he could do. Everything he did was for her.

7 years ago….

“ Please don’t go…”

“I need you…”

Shindo packed all the drawers with his clothes in it to his suitcase.

“Baby I’m sorry, things didn’t work out how I planned.” His eyes were watered to the brim. Shindo continued to pack his belongings in a rush. She held onto him, no space in between.

“I love you, p-please you can’t go!” Tear drops stained the loose gray shirt he was wearing. She sat at the edge of the bed holding on as tight as she could, believing that he would be able to escape. “It’s not alright…but we will find our way promi-” Shindo gripped her arm and shoved her off.

“I love you. I love you a lot.” He gazed into her eyes. She could feel the emotions dart through every part in her body. Shindo took one more glance at her face, beady, small, bright eyes filled with tears, mouth gapped open, before leaving out the door. [Name] just sat there with an empty expression. No ability to move. He left with no reason. He left before she could even tell him. [Name] focused her vision down below her chest. A warm hand lay on it, gently rubbing in small circles.


Shindo unlocked the hickory, brown, wooden door. Step by step out . The kitchen and living room were undisturbed as usual. The dimly lit area made it harder for him to make way around the living space. A pile of dishes stacked up in the sink beginning to mold. “Oh god what the hell is that smell.” A look of cringe on his face. He sprinted to the front door for some fresh air. Shindo considered going for a little jog past the park, it was nice outside. 

“Mommy! Look! Its a ladybug!” Sohan squealed like a small frivolous mouse. His baby smile reached to his eyes, almost as if they didn’t exist. The sun shone brightly, a hot summer day.  Sweat beads dripped down [Name]’s forehead. Cold water and ice cream sounded perfect at this moment. 

“Sohan! You wanna go and get some ice cream baby?” He widened his eyes,a lopsided grin appeared on his face. Sohan zoomed to the sidewalk, wind pushing his hair back. A tall muscular figure was in the way. 

Shindo jogged past the neighbor hood park. He had forgotten his sunglasses back home and just ended up squinting. The sun was too much for him. He absolutely hated this weather. Shindo could hear small, running footsteps in front of him but didn’t take that to mind. THUMP  A miniature human bumped into him. Besides being completely blinded by the sun, he kneeled down by the kid. “Hey, sorry. Are you ok?” 

“ITS YOU! I thought you’d look different by now ummm…” A familiar voice rang into his ear. The kid. [Name]’s kid. The one that looks like me. 

“H-how do you even-” 

“Sohan! Honey is everything alright?” [Name] rushed to his aid. She glanced at Shindo with anxious eyes. 

“Its you again..” 

hihi! sorry again for taking so long with this. i am starting to lose interest in bnha but i will continue writing for it (might take longer). i can take request for other animes/kpop! thank you! 


tags: @kotakingly@sonotvic@capricorn-nightmare​ 

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