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#boku no academia

hi so um,, 🥺🥺🥺🥺

i really wanna penpal !!! it doesnt matter who it is as long as you’re in the us <333

heres a few things to know;

- im 17!! i do ask that you be at least 13 and older tho :c (ik i said it doesnt matter but this does ejk)

- i luvvvv snakes and foxes!!! i have a pet snake uwu

- i love love LOVE anything kawaii and aesthetic it makes me happy :D!!

- i love anime!! even tho i just got into it a year ago 😂 i watch sao (just started), mha, and wanna watch tokyo ghoul!! :3

- i luv video games (if u couldnt tell oop) wattson is my babey & todoroki is my fav mha character 💙❤️

- im open to totally making friends so pls hmu. :c i love art too.

- it genuinely doesnt matter to me if u cant send me a buncha things with ur letter!!! i’d be totally happy with just a letter explaining yourself 🥰.

- i love u! stay safe n super healthy bcs it means a lot to me >:( follow me on tiktok too hehe @gasstation14 ;) have a great week ilysm 💗

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Hi! Can I request a Kirishima on his wedding day to the reader please 👀

I’m gonna do this headcanon style because you didn’t specify, please let me know if you wanted a scenario. I apologize if it wasn’t what you wanted-

-Wow he was nervous! Like wow son, Bakugo has never seen him sweat this much…it was actually gross.

- He stood there waiting, and waiting…and waiting. It felt like hours! But in reality it had maybe been five minutes.

- How did he style his hair? He spiked it up extra pointy for today!

- Bakugo had to tell him “Cool it.” about seven times because he kept moving around and would stand still.

- Your family was there, taking pictures and waving. Your family loved him! And he loved them, but he felt like he was going to pass out.

- Finally when the music started, he knew what was about to happen.

- Cue Kirishima almost throwing up on sight.

- When the doors opened and he saw you, his soul could of left his body. You looked- amazing!

- Is Kirishima going to cry? Y E S. Have you met this man? Mr.Emotional.

- He is a mess by the time you come down the aisle and stand across from him. Even Bakugo looks a little teary-eyed because his best friend was so happy…and maybe you were really pretty.

- You smile at him, tearing up as well but able to keep your composure however, he is not able to keep his composure.

- He whispered softly before they start, “Y-You look so beautiful.” he’s a hiccuping mess, which makes you almost start sobbing.

- You two say the vows, and you go first so your poor boy has time to calm down. Then he says his, which take like five minutes because he’s still trying to get a hold of himself.

- You two kiss, and Kirishima has never been so gentle in his entire life because he wants to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

- The reception was wild. Kirishima was way too ready for the wedding garter toss.

- Iida accidentally caught it and freaked out, “Someone please take this from me!”

- You threw the bouquet and Yaoyorozu caught it and kept glancing at Shoto for the rest of the night, which sort of made you happy for her. 

- There was no slow dancing because the two of you were too hyped about getting married, you even got Bakugo to come and dance!

- Basically, the wedding went amazing!

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Apesar de sua habilidade ser relacionada a física e química é péssima em qualquer uma dessas matérias o que resulta em algumas gafes as vezes. 

Ela poderia fazer outras coisas com seus poderes, mas se limita a mudar a forma das coisas para a auxiliar no trabalho de herói. Mas o fato de ter que carregar um material com massa suficiente pede dela bastante força física portando ela tem que estar sempre em boa forma para aguentar manejar tanto peso. 

Não gosta de lugares com muita gente, mas ama instigar uma briga mesmo sendo na dela na maior parte do tempo. 

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May I please request dabi taking care of his s/o who’s on their period??🥺👉🏾👈🏾

You sure can! I know Dabi is sort of sarcastic and somewhat rude sometimes, but I feel like if his s/o was in pain he would be sweet!


Originally posted by dxkus

- It starts with him walking in on you curled up in bed, which he just thinks you’re playing a game with him. As he approaches you, he realizes something is wrong from your position, “What’s up with you..?” he ask nonchalantly.

- You told him everything hurt and you felt sick and it was ‘that time’.

- At first, he begins to tell you to ‘suck it up’ but then you begin to cry which sends this poor guy into overdrive.

- You’re crying? Dabi doesn’t know how to handle emotions that well, but you crying made him feel like a terrible boyfriend.

- He ask what you need and tries to go out and retrieve it.

- Calls you at the store because “There are so many options for ‘products’ how do girls even figure it out?!”

- Buys your favorite candy as a side gift since he made you cry like a “Big meanie.” as you said to him before he left.

- He ask Toga for advice, only to get yelled at because “You don’t just ask a girl about that!” He didn’t know!

- This was just a bad day for poor Dabi, but he learned a lot.

- He got some water and some medicine for the cramps as well before coming back for you to shower you with the gifts, and an apology or two…

- He decides to sit on the bed while you’re curled up and rub your back, play with your hair, whatever you ask him to do for now.

- Enjoy this, because Dabi isn’t always so attentive and soft towards you!

THANKS! Feel free to leave more ask, I love to answer them!

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