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Of course, one fluffy drabble for my Pikachu boi! 💫💖 I think my dialogues are catastrophic, but we’ll ignore that. 💖 I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a clue about American christmas and what they eat, soo I’ll go with tradition in my country, sorry 💖


Originally posted by denkibaechu

Denki Kaminari, known as hero Chargerbolt, he’s energetic, friendly, crack head, huge gamer, your best friend and person you’re in love with. You’ve known him since elementary school and he was your buddy in everything. You went to UA together and after graduation you started working at the sams hero agency, you were always together so nobody can blame you for falling for him.

You didn’t have exactly great relationship with your family so you were with Denki on Christmas, who was kind enough to spend them with you rather then with his family. You went into city to buy some remaining gifts for your friends since you weren’t able to go buy them earlier due to your laziness.

After few hours of choosing gifts for the whole Bakusquad, you were finally done. For Bakugo you got plush toy of Pomeranian with Katsuki written on it, for Mina you got beautiful bracelet with charms that resembled everybody in your friend group, for Kirishima you got photo album with pictures of you all together and for Sero you got merch of his favourite band. You had gift for Denki already few weeks, it was really hard to get, but you knew he’s gonna love it.

You walked to the shopping center since it was sunny when you got there and you wanted to take a walk, but since it was already getting dark now, it was really cold outside and the fact that it started raining didn’t help it a little bit, you weren’t dressed enough for that. You were both freezing and drenched by the time you got to Denki’s apartment.

You quickly changed into some dry clothes and since you didn’t had any, Denki gave you his sweatpants and hoodie, which both smelled and felt amazing and comfy. You laid at the couch, covered in blankets and watched TV, but you still weren’t warm. You shifted closer to Denki in hope of getting warmer and it actually worked. „Y/n? What are you doing?“ Danki asked you, confused by your actions. „I’m still cold and you’re really warm.” You snuggled even closer, laying your head on his chest while hugging his waist. „Ehh, okay then?“ He turned his face away to hide the blush that crept on his face. You didn’t respond as his warmth slowly lulled you into sleep.

You woke up alone, but you knew where Denki was by the loud clanks of dishes and oh no’s coming from kitchen. After few minutes of property waking you you made your way to kitchen. You saw Denki with pan in one hand, fork in the other and what was onece probably fish meat everywhere. You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing which led to Denki getting startled and dropping everything. „Do you want some help?” Denki rolled his eyes at your teasing tone, but accepted your help anyways. You sent him to prepare the table in the living room, while you try to save remains of the fish that fell victim to Denki’s horrible cooking skills.

When you finished and served the food into plates, it was time to eat. You were both starving so it disappeared in few minutes. „It was really good"„Because you weren’t in the kitchen" You teased him despite the blush evident on your face from his compliment.

Now to the best part you both couldn’t wait for, gifts. You both sat under the tree with your gifts for each other behind your back. „I’ll go first!“ Denki couldn’t even keep still from how excited he was. He handed you small, poorly wrapped gift. After trying to not laugh at how bad at wrapping gifts he is, you finally opened the small box. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Inside was silver necklace with pedant shapped like lightning littered with yellow diamonds. When you turned it around, today’s date was written on it. You looked at Denki confused. „Thank you so much Denks, but why today’s date?” „I actually want to tell you something" He looked down nervously.„Go ahead then" You didn’t knew what to expect so you were little bit scared. He took hold of your both hands and looked into your eyes. „Y/n… From the moment I met you I saw something different in you, from the way you weren’t scared to stand up to anybody to the way you always protected everybody around you and I knew I had to know you. We became best friends and you we’re there for me always when I needed you, you always looked after me when I short circuited and soon I fell in love with you… “ you listened with held breath as he confessed his feelings for you ” do you want to be my girlfriend?“ He almost whispered the last sentence, but you clearly heard him. You sitted stunned for few seconds before you jumped at him, pushing him onto his back with you on top if him. He didn’t had time to ask you what you’re doing before you pressed your lips on his. After coming to his senses, Denki kissed you back and his hands settled on your hips, keeping you close. Your hands drifted into his hair, tugging slightly which made Denki softly moan into your mouth.

After you ran out of breath, you slowly pulled away, staring at each other. „I love you too and I’ll love to become your Pika girl” You smiled at him and he smiled back. „Did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?“ He said, love lacing his tone. „Yes, right now” You couldn’t restrain yourself from teasing him which led to him pushing you off his lap.

„Now I want to receive my gift" Denki got excited again, sparks in his eyes. You handed him the small envelope. As soon as he got his hands on it, he tore it open and yelled out omg when he saw it. „Tickets to my favorite band? And meet and greet? I love you! “ He leapt to you and it was you who laid in floor this time. He may act like puppy sometimes, but you won’t trade him for anything.

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Kirishima: Uh, well, we went to a bar, and um, got drunk and got in a bar fight, and then we went to a…

Sero: *mouths* Escape room.

Kirshima: A escape room! we went to a escape room.


Bakugo:…You three idiots are in jail, aren’t you?

Kaminari: *in the background trying to pick the lock of the holding cell* IT’S A ROOM THAT WE’RE TRYING TO ESCAPE!!

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I finally got a drawing tablet and this was the second drawing I did on it! This is my first time drawing digital, so I know it’s not perfect, but I feel like I got really good practice today! I did trace an official artwork of Mina for the body, but free handed everything else.

This is my OC, Alya Smith. Alya means “sent from Heaven.” She is from America, but where she grew up isn’t accepting of quirks, especially ones that change your appearance. Her father’s side is huge (her dad, Dave, is one of 13 kids, and those 13 kids have 2-3 kids each) and all of them are quirkless. They have a major “I’m better than you” complex, especially to those who have quirks who alter their appearance.

Alya gets her quirk, Heaven’s Charm, from her mother’s side. Her grandpa had a wing quirk and her grandma had a healing quirk (like cuts, bruises, up to 2nd degree burns, that type of thing). Alya’s mom, JoMary, got the healing quirk, so it didn’t alter her appearance. She hid this quirk for a long time from her husband’s family, but when Alya was born, that all went out the window. JoMary was one of 5 kids and only she and her youngest brother, Paul, had kids. Paul also obtained the same healing quirk and the middle sister, Cynthia, received a mix of the wing quirk and healing quirk. Cynthia could heal people with the feathers on her wings, which is what Alya’s quirk is.

If Alya focuses on healing for too long, she can get a bad headache. She also cannot fly when it’s too cold or windy.

Alya decides to move to Japan, since they are more accepting of quirks there, and her maternal uncle and his wife are currently working in the medical field there, since that is where her aunt is from. Alya obtains a job at UA working under Recovery Girl to help heal the students who study and train there. She hopes to learn how to better utilize her quirk while living here, since she didn’t get a lot of help learning after her aunt passed away.

Alya Smith

Hero Name: Ophan

Quirk: Heaven’s Charm

Birthday: March 2nd

Age: 23

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

Blood Type" O+

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shark boy | kirishima e.

anon request - How do you think kiri will act when he discover that readers favorite animal is a shark? I see aquarium dates!

pairing - kirishima x gender neutral!reader

warning - pure fluff! ⚠️ mention of a panic attack⚠️

a/n: that’s so cute! kirishima is my comfort character so of course I went all the way with him 🥺 sorry this is short :(


Originally posted by jubileedee

  • Ever since you were little, you always loved sharks. You never knew why but they looked cute to you!
  • People never really got that part. How could you find a shark cute??! Well you did and what about it?
  • Ever since you started dating Kirishima. He just reminded you of a shark! Those pointed teeth just reminded you of them 
  • Well kirishima was definitely different from a shark. He was gentle, comforting and best of all the best boyfriend you could ever ask for.
  • So naturally, you gave him the nickname “shark boy.” Kirishima really never got it but he thought it the most cutest thing! However, he did get curious and one day decided to ask you.

“Wait your favorite animal is a shark?!” Kirishima’s eyes blinked rapidly, his face practically smooshed onto yours. You smiled a little bit surprised that he didn’t ask earlier.“Yeah sharks have anyways been my favorite animal! I didn’t really know why until I met you!” A little laugh escaped your lips as you took in his confused expression. He was really hopeless huh? “Your sharp teeth reminded of shark’s teeth! You’re so cute my little shark!” You gave his lips a small peck before Kirishima blushed and backed off, “So that’s why you call me that?” He rubbed his neck and shyly looking away, “That’s so manly that you like sharks! I never would have guessed!”

Kirishima did remember that and being a good boyfriend that he is! He decided to surprise you one day. “Hey babe!” You turn around to see Kirishima standing near the doorway, his hands in his pocket, his wide smile and his whole vibe just gave you the impression that something was wrong. “Oh no what did you do?” You sighed as he swiftly walked towards you. Kirishima blinked in confusion before realizing how he came off. He waved his hand quickly before a little chuckle escaped him, “Huh? Oh no no no! I have something planned for us today!”

It then your turn to blink in confusion making Kirishima laugh, “You forgot didn’t you?” You stared at him until it finally hit you. Today marked three years that you two meet back in U.A. Your hand immediately onto slapped your forehead, “Gosh I’m so stupid! How could I forget?!” Yeah how could you forget that important night..

You closed your eyes, remembering that one faithful night that changed your life. Three years, your life was crumbling down before your eyes. You found out that your parents were separating, you were basically failing three important classes, and your ex partner dumped you. On top of that, he decided to tell everyone you were a mental case. It wasn’t going well for you at all. One day, you couldn’t handle it anymore. The pressure got to you and without thinking you collapsed into a panic attack. You didn’t think anyone would hear you but you were wrong. Someone did hear your cries as they rushed to your room. Kirishima opened your door and held you close to him without question. He waited until you calmed down and stayed with you the entire time. You never knew that day would be so important to you.

You let out a big sigh looking back him feeling guilt wash over you. Kirishima chuckled noticing your reaction, “No it’s fine babe!” You frowned feeling like he was letting you off easy. You opened your mouth to say something but his hand on your cheek quickly caught you off guard. Kirishima leaned in and kissed your lips softly, “I said it’s fine. Hero work got busy for you so I figured...” He rubbed your cheek softly. You flustered as back off and smiled gently. “Besides I already got us tickets! We don’t want to be late!” You quickly looked at him surprised, “Wait! Where are we going?!” Which earned a chuckle from him.

You stood in front of the aquarium with pure shock before running in pulling him with you. You heard Kirishima laugh behind you, “You know for someone who loved sharks. I’m surprised you never went to the aquarium!” You excitedly shook your head, “I never got the chance to with my parents constantly fighting and school work just piling up. My family never brought me here!!” You couldn’t believe it he actually brought you here! You told him weeks ago and the fact that he didn’t bear no ill will for forgetting your anniversary. He really is the best boyfriend ever!!

Kirishima didn’t say anything the entire time. He just wore a big smile on his face as you looked around at every little aquatic animal in there.His heart warmed up every time you pointed out something to him with a big smile. He wondered what would’ve happened if he never woke up that night and never rushed to your room. He doesn’t like to think about it because he couldn’t imagine a life without you. You honestly didn’t expect Kirishima to take you here! He told you before you two came here that ‘it’ll be perfect to replace that old memory with something better.’ You both soon found where they kept the sharks, your eyes widen a bit, you finally saw a shark in real life! You pressed your hand on the glass watching the sharks swim by. “I didn’t expect them to be so big! I thought they were a least dog sized or something!” When you didn’t get a response from Kirishima, you blinked and turned around, only greeted by a large shark plushie. 

“Surprise!” You heard him chuckle behind the plushie. You laughed as you went to grab the soft plushie from his hands, looking back up at his red eyes. “Happy ‘I met you day for us’ babe!” You stared up at him watching how he rubbed his neck with a little shyness.You walked towards him moving the shark plushie to your side. Your hands slowly grabbed his cheeks making him freeze and look at you confused. You pressed your lip softly on his letting the kiss convey how you felt about him and backed off leaving Kirishima looking flustered. “Thanks sharky..” You whispered as Kirishima smiles softly. He surprised you again by grabbing your waist, closing the space between you two once more.

“No thank you..” He whispered into the kiss. Kirishima is really the best boyfriend.

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Sure! 💖 I hope you get better and you can write me anytime if you want to talk! 💫💖 I haven’t wrote a fic scenario in almost a year so it’s probably really bad.. But I tried as best as I could 🥺💫 Also sorry it’s just Denki, but I wanted to write my first scenario in a while with somebody I feel comfortable writing a because I wrote Shinso only twice, I choose Pikachu boy 🥺💫💖 And also sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted and I made the s/o too lifeless 🥺💖 And also, some critics about my writing would help 🥺💖


- Denki -


Originally posted by lofiixx

• Denki fully understands you, with him being future pro hero, big expectations are placed upon him and he goes through hard times sometimes too, so he’ll do his best to help you as much as he could

Denki woke up to bright morning sun shining into his eyes and when he turned around in his bed, he found out you were still sound asleep. He knew how hard last few days has been for you, so he let you sleep and just watched your peaceful expression contour into frown from time to time.

After a while, your eyes fluttered open and you saw Denki staring on you with a smile on his lips, you tried to smile back at him, but it came out more like a frown. „Good morning, you’re shining more then sun today babe" Denki winked at you with intention of improving your mood, but it didn’t worked. „Good morning" You greeted him back quietly.

After few minutes of laying in bed, it was time for breakfast, so he picked you up bridal style, carried you into bathroom where he placed you on edge of bathtub and gave you your toothbrush with a toothpaste already on it. „Do you want me to help?“ He asked with concern after you just stared on the wall in front of you. You nodded, so he took the toothbrush into his hand and started brushing your teeth carefully to not hurt you.

After your morning routine was done with the help of Denki, you were able to walk without your legs failing you, so you walked into kitchen where he sat you on chair at kitchen bar and began preparing pancakes if you hate pancakes, just imagine something else.

He was done in less then five minutes and in front of you sat few fluffy pancakes. Denki took a piece and held it to your mouth. You took it into your mouth and began chewing. The sweet mix of sirup and pancakes sure made you feel little bit better.

When nothing remained in front of you, you both got up and went to get dressed. Denki helped you pick what to wear. You were able to change your pajamas for underwear and socks before you got tired again, so Denki helped with sweatpants and t-shirt. On top of it you wore his hoodie to have something reminding you of him while he’s working.

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ʚ𝘀𝗅𝗄𝘃𝖾𝗇𝗎𝗌 ּ 𝗶𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗌 ɞ


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀   𖠿 ܸ 𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚֨ 𝃨 𝅓 ˛𞥊⠀⠀

⠀⠀ 𝒊𝒇 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒖𝒔𝒆, 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒐𝒓 𝒓𝒆𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒈


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Got this idea of an Izuku x Jim Hawkins crossover from bakabekah on TikTok. Gotta say the idea is intriguing.

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Of course! 💖💫 Sorry it took so long, as I said to others before, I have posts in queue for more then week foward 🥺💖


- Shigaraki -


Originally posted by natsukitakama

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

• He’s not much experienced, so his kisses are clumsy and rough at first

• But he gets better eventually

• They’re still rough tho

• He doesn’t like kissing you on lips that much, he enjoys kissing your neck more

• He’ll also like getting kisses on neck, he’s a pervert, so he prefers more suggestive stuff over romantic


R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

• His birthday

• He was stressed a lot recently and you noticed it, so you decided to make him the best b-day ever

• In the morning, you woke him with breakfast into bed and you stayed there until lunch

• Together you cooked him his favourite meal and you gave him you gift for him

• It was the gaming console he wanted for soo long, customized so it had pictures of you two together on it

• You two then played on it

• In the evening, you watched movies together, cuddled in his bed

• You fell asleep with head on his shoulder and he knew he found true love


S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

• He’s overprotective

• He’ll kill anybody who even dares to look at you differently then with admiration

• He’ll stalk them and then show them what happens to people who doesn’t respect his lover

• Or he might cause a scene and yell at them

• It’s 50/50

• He doesn’t want you to protect him, he’s not loser

• He might even get angry if you protect him, because he thinks you find him weak


- Aizawa -


Originally posted by bokenoboke

K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

• Due to his age, he’s very experienced, so his kisses are awesome

• He’ll be slow kisser, but little bit rought

• He likes kissing your forehead when you’re cuddling, but he pretty much enjoys any kind of kisses

• If you tug at his hair while kissing, he’ll moan

• He likes when you give him quick peck on cheek, he finds it adorable


R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

• When he was sick, but he still went to work

• He hid how bad he felt in front of you, so you didn’t know anything

• But Hizashi noticed and called you

• And you decided to take matters into your own hands

• You baked a lot of cookies and found that album with pictures of Aizawa when he was young

• You went to UA and into his class

• He was surprised and as soon as he saw the album you were carrying with you, he looked scared as well

• You sent Aizawa to sleep in his teacher room idk what it’s called in English and introduced yourself to his students

• You told them how sick he was and they fully understood

• You gave them cookies and talked with them about Aizawa’s life

• He woke up after an hour to find you in the ground, surrounded by his students who listened to your stories about your husband

• And right there he knew marrying you was the best decision in his life


S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

• Also overprotective

• If he finds somebody making you uncomfortable, he’ll just stare them down, but if they dare to hurt you, he’ll fight them

• He thinks it’s adorable when you protect him

• He doesn’t need it, but it makes him feel good

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