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#boku no hero academia
wrongmha · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Todoroki: God knew I'd be too powerful if I could manage my emotions well.
Source: Tumblr
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kibbles-bits · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
For my third fic in the @hawksbigbang​ I pinch-hit for @scarletrain1724​‘s fic, Flap Your Wings Another Day featuring baby Hawks!
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endrae · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
it has been 84 years and I finally caught up with the anime 
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wrongmha · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Monoma: I've never taken the high road. But I tell other people to. 'Cause then there's more room for me on the low road.
Source: Parks and Recreation ("Ron and Tammy")
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story-kat · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Art by  Welllllll
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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dontdodrugskiddos · 23 hours ago
“You should get some sleep.”
Bakugou’s authoritative voice ruptures your train of thought and you groan, throwing a look over your shoulder at the ashy blonde. He leans against your open door, arms crossed, biceps looking especially big and you figure he just came from the gym.
“You should fuck off,” you grumble and turn back to your homework, zeroing in on the same math problem you’ve been tinkering around with for what felt like hours now. None of it was making a lick of sense and your tolerance for any and everything ran out a long time ago.
“Don’t be a rude-ass,” Bakugou sneers back. You flip him off over your shoulder, not wanting to deal with his antics while your brain is fried.
“Why’re you up so late anyway, shitty woman?”
You, finally, opt to acknowledge him, seeing as he isn’t going away. You spin in your computer chair, knees pulled to your chest, and let out an exhausted sigh.
“Ectoplasm’s assignment, it makes no frickin sense.”
He snickers. Of course he does. You roll your eyes and spin back around. School has always been a tough subject for you, you’re not stupid, but you’re certainly not making honor roll.
“Are you gonna stand there all night?” You groan out, praying to whatever higher power that he’s gotten his fill of teasing you and will just go away.
“What problem are you stuck on, dumbass?”
You didn’t even know he invited himself in until you felt his presence looming over you, the scent of sweat and his cologne- a woodsy smell that was unique to him- started to suffocate you. He placed a hand on the back of your chair and leaned over your shoulder, picking up your assignment in his free hand and looking it over.
“This shits easy,” he mutters, mostly to himself, but you still take it to heart and snatch the paper from his grasp.
“Are you gonna help or just belittle me?” You snap, looking up to meet his vermillion gaze.
“Shut it,” he gripes, taking the paper back. “You fucked up right here,” he jabs a finger at your written equation, “it’s supposed to look like this.”
He picks up your pencil and gingerly erases the first equation, then pencils in the correct one.
“See, you forgot to subtract like an idiot.”
“You forget to subtract like an idiot,” you mimic in a high pitch tone, then go to snatch your pencil back when Bakugou pulls it away.
“Take it nicely.”
“Oh fuck you.”
He leans in and usually, you were all bite, but having him so close made you all tongue tied. A factor that’s been happening a lot lately, but you’ve chosen to ignore it, especially for the time being.
“You fuckin wish,” he says with a dangerous smirk.
You bat your eyelashes up at him, “how’d you know?” Before scoffing and rolling your eyes, taking your palm and pushing his face away from yours so you could breathe properly again. “Don’t be a weirdo,” you commented.
“You’re the weirdo, weirdo,” he remarks.
“Oh,” you can’t help your amusement, “using grade school insults now? Has the Great Katsuki Bakugou ran out of shit to talk?”
“Fuck you,” he bites out.
You wink at him. “You fuckin wish,” you echo him early remark.
“Oh, I do.”
You gasp softly, brow furrowing a bit. “Don’t play with me like that.”
“Who says I’m playing, brat?”
His eyes darken a bit and you gulp. “You’re being weird, knock it off.”
“Tell me you feel nothing for me and I’ll go,” Bakugou says, his voice suddenly taking on a serious note. “I’ll leave and we can forget I ever said anything.”
“God, you’re so dramatic,” you try to lighten the mood and steady your beating heart with a bit of humor, but Bakugou doesn’t break eye contact.
“I- oh fuck it,” and you lean forward and kiss the son’ova’bitch smack on the lips. He returns the favor, matching your speed, not rushing the kiss or devouring your face.
It’s nice and slow and filled with emotions that Bakugou would never be able to say, seeing as he’s emotionally constipated and all.
When you both pull away he’s grinning, actually grinning and it makes you grin and suddenly you’re not worried about Ectoplasm’s assignment because Bakugou is looking at you like that.
“I fuckin knew it, you’re hot for me.”
You push his face away with a scoff. “Oh my god, you’re an idiot.”
“M’your idiot,” he mutters against your palm, pressing a kiss to the skin there.
“Oh, you’re mine now?“ you question with a raised brow.
He bites your hand and you yelp. “Fucker,” you hiss.
“Don’t play with me,” he replies, “you’re mine now, got it, loser?”
“Whatever you say, Mr. Your-Hot-For-Me.”
“Damn straight.”
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weebaboobs · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
You Belong To Me
Rating: NSFW
Pairing: Hawks x fem!reader
Word Count: 2.8k
Content + Warnings: Jealous!Keigo, teasing, biting, marking, unprotected sex, choking, breeding, cum play, spit.
This is a custom fic for @keigoscumslut for being my 200th follower! 🎉🥳
I will continue writing custom fics for my 300th, 400th, 500th, etc. followers until I reach a thousand! Already over halfway to 300 ❤️
I will reach out to you!
Must have your age in your bio and be prepared to prove it.
If you do not respond within 48 hours, and/or if you are not at least 18 years of age, I will move on to the next person (ex: 301).
I will finish your fic within a week of finalizing the details with you.
Pro Hero Hawks has had his eye on you for a while now.
Every time he strolls into Endeavor’s agency there you are, standing next to that flaming bigot and doing whatever he asks.
But what really pisses him off, is the way Endeavor watches you walk out of a room: ogling your ass like you’re just some prize to him.
One day he watches as Endeavor “accidentally“ knocks something off your desk, making you bend down and pick it up. He cups your ass when you do, whistling to the guy next to him and laughing like it was just a game.
Well it’s not a fucking game. Not for Hawks.
Not when he finds his mind wandering to you as he soars above the city. Not as he jerks himself off late at night to the thought of you. And certainly not now as he brushes past you in the conference room, catching whiffs of your perfume.
Your arms touch as you pass him, averting your eyes like you always do. It’s the last straw for Hawks. He grabs you by the elbow and pulls you into an empty room with frosted windows adjacent to the main floor.
He pushes you against the wall, pinning you there with his body, both of his hands next to your head. You continue to avert your gaze, nervous to be in his presence, so close to him.
“Why won’t you ever look at me?” He asks, all the emotions he’s had towards you are bubbling up at once, but he’s trying to maintain his composure. “Why do you let that big oaf boss you around?” He brings one hand to your face, grabbing your chin and turning your head, begging you to look him in the eye, “look at me!” He’s losing his composure just a little bit.
Tears start to well in the corners of your eyes. The sight snaps him back to reality and he drops his hands, stepping away from you and instead leaning against the table in the center of the room. One hand covers his face as he sighs, frustrated. “Why?”
You wipe the tears from your eyes and clutch the binder you’ve been holding from the joint conference just moments ago. You think back to every time you’ve watched him on TV, saving the day once again, cheering for him in your living room. Or how butterflies suddenly stir in your stomach anytime he looks at you in the office. You have to turn away just to keep yourself from passing out. “I-” you start to mutter, “you make me nervous…”
He drops his hand, eyeing you with curiosity. The tension shifts as you take a step closer to him, lowering the binder you’d placed as a shield between the two of you. “Truth is… I think you’re amazing Hawks-“
“It’s Keigo.” He interrupts, a small grin threatening to break through his facade.
“W-What?” Your grip on the binder loosens, and those butterflies threaten to tear you apart from the inside out.
“My name. I want you to call me Keigo.” He grips the edge of the table in each hand, bracing himself against it. He’s not sure where this is going, and for the first time in a while he’s unsure of himself.
“Okay, K-Keigo,” you step up to him, looking him in the eyes for the first time ever. You brush one delicate hand against his own, wondering how far he’ll let you go… how far you can make yourself go.
He’d been restraining himself all afternoon: watching as your skirt rode up your thigh when you sat in a conference chair, hearing your sweet voice as you debrief the group for the upcoming mission, moments ago when his body was so close to yours…
Brushing your hand against his was all it took to make him lose control. He couldn’t hold back any longer.
He swiftly grabs you by the waist and pulls you into him, hips pressed together and your hands against his chest.
You can tell his demeanor’s changed… it’s not as composed, but the frustration’s dissipated. You’re still nervous, but being held so tightly by your favorite hero sends chills down your spine.
His face hovers just above yours, lips almost touching, as he whispers, “You’re gonna be mine from now on, okay?” He’s telling, not asking. But you nod your head anyways, muttering “mhm”.
His lips lightly graze against yours, not quite a kiss. The sensation causes you to quietly gasp, goosebumps crawling up your arms. He smirks. Now he knows what he does to you, and plans to use that to his advantage. He won’t let the no. 1 hero touch you ever again.
“Do you want me to kiss you?” He asks, his breath hovering over your mouth, clouding your mind. You feel one hand snake down your lower back to grab your ass and you let out a soft moan.
“Mhm” you nod your head again, too shocked to really respond. Every nerve in your body wants to pull his lips onto yours, but for some reason you’re frozen in place, a slave to his muses.
“Ask me properly, baby bird.” His other hand cups your jaw, allowing his thumb to tug at your bottom lip. The pet name goes straight to your core and you can feel moisture begin to pool between your legs.
“Y-yes please—“
“Please what?” His grip tightens. Just enough to get your attention. “C’mon, be a good girl for me. You’re always such a good girl for him.”
“Please kiss me Keigo.” Lust flashes in his bright yellow eyes when he hears his name leave your lips. He wants to tear into you the way he’s dreamt of for so many months now, but restrains himself.
He methodically places his lips against yours, just barely slotting his in between. You exhale nervously, which he absorbs into his mouth.
The kiss is slow. Deep. He applies more and more pressure with each second, until you feel his tongue swipe across your bottom lip.
You open your mouth, reaching your tongue out to graze against his own. He hungrily slithers inside, your tongues swirling together and exploring each other’s mouths. He tastes incredible.
He moves his knee between your legs, giving you some friction against your clothed wetness.
You rock your hips into him as his hands roam your body. He pulls away, breaking the kiss, and you whine at the loss. He slaps your ass in response, causing you to yelp.
“Don’t complain, baby bird.” His hands grasp your hips, making divots under his finger tips. His lips find purchase behind your ear, “ride my thigh like it’s my cock, and maybe I’ll let you have the real thing later on.”
He bites down, sucking a bruise into your soft skin. You moan, the action causing you to involuntarily rock your hips again.
The sweet friction from his hero costume against your panties causes the delicate fabric to bunch up and get tucked away between your folds.
One hand trails down your thigh and underneath your skirt. His fingers lightly brush against your heat, playing with the bunched up fabric.
He slips one finger underneath, tugging it downwards and against your clit. You whimper as he bites down on your neck, “ow, K-Keigo—“
“Shh, baby bird.” He laps at the wound he created, trailing his warm tongue over the bright red skin, “‘m gonna mark you so everyone knows you’re mine.”
The domineering words have you dripping, soaking a small pool into the fabric of his pants.
“Look at you,” he rasps, this time biting down on your collarbone, “so fucking wet for me already.” He leaves another mark, “such a fucking slut, aren’t you baby bird?”
“Keigo, p-please. I can’t wait any longer!”
“Mm yes baby girl, love it when you beg for me.” He wraps his hand around your throat, applying pressure as he spins the two of you around, laying you against the cold conference table, propping yourself up on your elbows.
“Spread your legs for me like a good whore.” He commands, his fingers firmly wrapped around your throat now, his thumb caressing your jaw.
You do as you’re told, opening your legs and bending your knees. The hem of your skirt rides up your thigh, fully revealing your wetness to him.
He sneers as he reaches down, ripping your panties away and tearing the fabric. He chuckles, “Not sure if this tight cunt of yours can fit me baby bird.”
He slowly strokes a finger along your folds, collecting your slick before bringing it up to your clit. He maintains pressure, drawing little moans from you as he starts to tease your hole.
He dips two fingers inside, not waiting for you to adjust before pumping in and out. You squirm beneath him, writhing in pleasure. Your core continues to tighten and his fingers scissor deep within you, stretching your tight walls.
“Goddamn you really are tight” he mutters, unable to tear his eyes away from his fingers within you. For a moment, the thought of you possibly being a virgin flashes across his mind. The restriction in his pants gets tighter. He wants to fuck you already, but knows he should take his time with you.
He notices you clawing at your top, wanting to remove the buttons. He relinquishes his hold on your throat and swiftly unbuttons you with one hand.
You gasp, air returning to your lungs as your tits spring free.
“Not wearing a bra to work? God you’re such a fucking slut, baby bird.” He roughly cups one of your tits in his calloused hand, massaging the sensitive mound.
Tears begin to well in your eyes again. It’s all too much. Being teased over and over by your favorite hero, being so close to cumming, his hands actually touching your tits? You never thought this was how your day would go.
Hawks hears your whimpers and notices the tears in your eyes. He pulls out, giving your pussy a break while he instead rubs circles into your puffy clit.
“What’s wrong baby girl? Tell me and I’ll fix it.” He’s still teasing you, but you can tell he’s softened his act.
“I-I want you.” You sniffle.
“Want me how? Use your words sweet girl.” He picks up the pace on your clit and starts to tug at your nipple, bringing you dangerously close to orgasm.
“Ah, f-fuck Keigo, y-yes right there! Make me cum—“
Just as the coil inside you is about to snap he stops, withdrawing his hands from your body, leaving you utterly crushed.
“N-not fair!” You whine, tears now staining your cheeks. You look at him through wet lashes and watch as he unbuckles his pants, dropping them to the floor and revealing the hard-on he’s been suppressing until now.
Your mouth gapes open and your breath catches as you watch him drag his thumb across the tip, collecting the pre that’s dribbling down his cock. It’s a deep, angry red, with a thick bulging vein snaking up from the base.
He fists himself a few times, smearing his pre as best he can. He grabs your hip and pulls you towards the edge of the table, lining up with your dripping cunt.
He drags his fat tip through your folds, collecting your juices and thoroughly lubricating himself with them. He leans forward, letting a fat glob of spit leave his lips. It lands right on your clit and trails down and around his head, which is just barely scraping against your entrance.
You buck your hips ever so slightly, willing him to do something, anything.
“Impatient, baby bird?” He nudges forwards, just enough to pop his head through your tight walls. You gasp, unprepared for the stretch he warned you about.
He smirks, relishing the look on your face as he splits you open. “Told ya it’d be tight. Even for a slut like you.”
He rubs his thumb over your clit as he slowly works his way in, stretching you more with every inch. He lets out a low growl when he bottoms out, “such a good fucking girl, taking all of me like that” he praises.
You clutch onto his forearms to steady yourself, feeling like he’s going to rip you open but at the same time craving so much more.
“M-move Keigo…” you breathe, still not quite able to coherently form a sentence.
He laughs, a triumphant look on his face, “knew you’d catch on baby bird,” he pulls out, leaving just the tip in, “you’re so fucking smart” and then he buries himself in one swift movement.
Your eyes squeeze shut, your forehead wrinkling as you struggle to take all of him.
His hand grabs your face and he leans over until he’a hovering above you, “look at me” he commands, his thrusts only picking up speed.
You open your eyes, staring deep into his brilliant yellow ones. You bring your lips up to his, no longer able to control your moans.
Feeling you take the initiative to kiss him brings Hawks’ thrusts to a stop. He’s taken aback and incredibly turned on.
You hum when he stops, wanting him to continue. He mutters a ,”sorry” around your lips and quickly pick up pace again.
“H-harder” you pant against his lips, already so close to your release again, “m-make me cum, please”.
Your request brings back his possessiveness. He grabs your legs and pushes your knees into your chest, putting you in a mating press as he growls “who do you belong to?” His hot breath hitting your neck.
The new position gives him even deeper access to your cunt, his head hitting parts of you no one else has ever reached.
“F-fuck! You Keigo, only you!” You whimper, feeling as if you could cum at any second.
He hits your cervix, sending a wave of pleasure through your body like you’ve never felt before.
“And this,” he hits it again, “is your cervix baby bird.” He lets out a deep chuckle as he continues to plow into you, loving the fucked-out face you’re making, “‘m gonna make you mine forever ‘n cum with my cock pressed so far against your womb” he grunts, nearing his own climax.
“Fuck I’m so close” you moan, thinking about what it’ll feel like to carry his child. “P-please cum inside Keigo…”
His eyes light up, “yeah baby girl? Want me to breed this tight cunt? Wanna be mine forever?” His hips pick up pace as he thrusts into you, the sounds of your sloppy pussy filling the room.
“God yes, please! Wanna be yours!”
“Prove it. Cum for me baby bird.”
With his permission, you let go. White hot pleasure courses through your body as you cum, moaning his name in sheer pleasure.
He continues to pump into you, letting you ride out your orgasm. He feels your tight walls clench around him, sucking him in deeper.
Hearing you moan his name as you cum sends him over the edge. With a few more sporadic thrusts he buries himself deep inside you, pressing his cock against your cervix like he promised.
You feel his cum spill inside you, pushing its way into your womb. Warmth fills your core as he slowly pulls out, leaving a dripping mess between your legs.
He lets your legs down, laying them gently against the cool table.
“Better clean up this mess before Endeavor finds it” he teases, scooping his dripping cum out of your pussy and bringing his fingers up to your lips. “Suck it for me, would ya?”
You close your lips around his digits, savoring the salty taste of his cum. “Want more?” He asks, pulling his fingers out of your mouth and licking them himself.
“Mhm” you nod, eyes bright with excitement.
He smirks and positions himself between your legs. You sit up on your elbows again to watch as he sticks out his tongue, gathering fat globs of cum from your pussy and coating his mouth.
Once he’s had his fill, he comes back up to meet you, wrapping his arms around your waist and your legs around his.
You open your mouth beneath him, allowing your tongue to hang in anticipation. He purses his lips, dripping a mixture of his cum, saliva, and your slick into your open mouth.
You keep your mouth open, hoping he’ll give you more. He grabs your chin, steadying your jaw as his own tongue licks a fat stripe across yours, taking your muscle into his mouth and gently sucking.
You hum in pleasure, tasting his cum on the back of your throat as he sucks any remnants off your tongue.
He lets go with a *pop* but keeps your jaw firmly in his hand.
“So you’re all mine now, eh?” He smirks, already knowing your answer.
Your cheeks flush, “yes…” you reply, too embarrassed to look at him directly.
“Then I guess we better give Daddy Endeavor your resignation letter, huh?”
That was the last time you set foot in Endeavor’s agency.
Artwork by: @kbgoldfish ❤️
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wrongmha · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
All Might: The thing about youth culture is, I don't understand it.
Source: Parks and Recreation ("Pawnee Zoo")
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I mean Dabi drinking alcohol is dangerous for many reasons but mostly because he has a fire quirk and his body reacts poorly to trauma and that said fire quirk.
On the other hand Tomura has lived in a bar most of his life and somehow he just refuses to pass out??? And we've seen him making parkour and fighting an army while being severely sleep deprived???
Tomura has a better alcohol tolerance than Dabi, that's all that I'm saying.
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katsukixizukus-blog · 20 hours ago
Watch "【ヒロアカ/勝デク】【MHA/KTDK】shout baby" on YouTube
And it's so underrated!! What!!!?? Why!!!?? Please go watch and hit the like button and leave a comment for them. Oh also , make sure you are caught up in the manga story, because spoilers 😘
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