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#boku no hero academia

Pairing: Hawks x Fem!Reader

Summary: You begin investigating the Todoroki’s, earning the interest of the winged-hero Hawks.

Series Warning: angst, violence, cursing, BNHA spoilers/theories.

w/c: 1298

a/n: The gang is back together again lmao. Sorry for the filler-y chapter. They’re to set up all of the craziness for the next chapter. 

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The clacking of your computer filled the noise of Keigo’s quiet penthouse. You were wrapped up in one of his blankets. The soft texture trying to lull you to relax. You couldn’t though. You snuffed and swiped your hand across your nose to cease the snot and tears streaming down your face. You just needed to keep working. Your bloodshot eyes scanned line by line reading the interviews you had gathered.

In total you had statements from: Natsuo, Rei, Endeavor

But, you also had a few whistleblowers and gave you information such as the doctors who treated the Todoroki family, houseworkers and the mortuary who gave you details on their supposedly deceased son, Touya. It was all coming together. Your doom was all coming together.

Wrapped up in the blanket you could smell traces of Keigo’s expensive cologne. You could imagine him awkwardly cracking jokes and teasing you to lull your fears. Honestly, you wished he was wrapping his arms and wings around you then his blanket, but you’d never tell him that. As much as the two of you have grown, parts of him were still an ass.


Your eyes wandered down to your stomach. You hadn’t eaten anything after breakfast this morning opting to work instead. Your hand pats your empty stomach hoping Keigo had food in the cabinets. You put your laptop on the coffee table and take the blankets off of you so you could head into the kitchen.

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An: this is way too cute

  • She really feels bad having her s/o and Kota meet like this
  • She had wanted to make it a more special event
  • But hero work tends to throw a wrench in even the best of plans
  • She winds apologizing to them at least a half dozen times while the is calling them to come over
  • They brush it off easily, in fact they seem pretty excited to have some time with Kota
  • Which gives her a little hope that it won’t be as bad as it has been with sitters in the past
  • She rushes off, giving Kota a hug on the way out
  • And off to work she rushes with the rest of the team
  • When she comes home to find things calm and quiet she is surprised
  • Kota can be a handful on the best days
  • What she finds in the living room melts her heart
  • She finds the pair of them asleep in front of the tv
  • Kota with his head against her s/o and their arm around his shoulders
  • She gently goes to wake them both, first taking Kota upstairs
  • While she helps him along he murmurs a something in his half asleep state
  • Something that sounds like he is asking if her s/o is going to be his new dad
  • Which gets confirmed when he wakes up and demands to know when she is going to marry her s/o already
  • And that just makes her feel so much better knowing they are going to get along better than she could have hoped
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author’s note: Hello! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡❤️ I’m Reena and welcome to my writing blog!! ✍🏻🥰 I am currently accepting headcanons and oneshot requests for Haikyuu, BNHA, Demon Slayer and Bungou Stray Dogs. I hope you’ll enjoy my stuff, and thank you once again for dropping by lovelies! ( ˘ ³˘)♥💗


⤐ Navigate by school below ! 

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(more will be added soon!)

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‘not giving the league (especially shigaraki) a redemption arc is likely to reinforce really fucked up ideas about inequality and make BNHA even more ridiculously bootlickery than it is’ vs 'there is no better purpose in life than 'be gay do crime’ and i really like the league as villains’


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WARNINGS: ableism (Katsuki with quirkless, hello), abuse (choke me daddy), anxiety, blood (mild), drugs (mentioned), narcissism (KACHAN), sex, slavery (mmh ya), torture (not really), trauma, NON/CON, yandere-ish

Enjoy your narcissistic prick, i know i do… O_o


THE HERO – part two

She didn’t know how long she’d been out for. The remnants of a suppressed panic festering in her chest, simmering like charcoaled embers in her heart, still partially subdued due to the drugs still swimming about in her system, however ready to catch flame any second.

The sun was only slightly farther down the sky now as it was before. Whether that was an indication of how little time had gone or how much, she didn’t know. His teeth marks were ever present on her neck and chest the more consciousness she gained. Even though she had no way of seeing them. She felt them. Not only because they stung, but because they made her feel dirty, and weak, and fragile, and owned.

The more she squirmed the more she recognized other nips and pecks littered across her body, trailing down lower than just her chest. A sudden dreadful realization ran through her, the feeling cold and burning beneath her skin. Her clothes no longer adorned her body, and seemed foreign and unsalvageable in their singed state, where they were carelessly scattered on the floor next to her. What had replaced them was glistening drool that felt stiff but still wet, coating around the blossoming bruises he’d left in his wake.

“You look perfect like that.” The unmistakable tone seemed so strange and eerie and dangerous and gut-wrenching now. Making the thin hairs on her arms rise in cold-dreaded fear, as she met that crooked grin. Those vivid blood-irises and pupils alike blackholes, sucking her in and keeping her there with a death-grip. The other half of a hero she respected, looked up to even, despite his brash nature. “With my mark all over you.” She didn’t see a hint of that hero in the man before her. “Indisputably mine.” A villain had taken his place. A villain who ran his tongue over his lips, inspecting his victim.

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Deku squad and cat ear headbands. They caught poor Iida early so he couldn’t see to run away.

Bonus Todoroki because I imagine it would be like putting something on a cat. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s just staring into space and panicking. Someone help him or he’ll still be there an hour later.

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