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#boku no hero academia imagines
may i request a scenario where reader sees child! shigaraki and raises him instead and treats him as their own? happy birthday to him!! he deserves so much more

i whipped this up so fast just so i can post it in time for his birthday, i hope it’s good and that you like it anon! happy birthday shigaraki!

mom!reader x child!shigaraki


Originally posted by shigashimura

happy birthday! | t. shigaraki 

“Please, help me.” The boy sobbed in front of you.

Your heart ached at the poor boy, hands covered in blood and sobbing in an alley all alone, “Hey, I heard you need help, buddy.” You said gently, smiling a little to make him know that you’re not a threat.

His red eyes looked up at you, a choked sob escaping his lips as he hiccuped. “Y-yes, can you help me?”

Smiling at him, you nodded, holding out your hand. “I can, now c’mon, let’s give you a warm bath and some snacks, okay?”

“I’m Tomura Shigaraki.” He said quietly still sniffling, shying away from your touch. “You can call me Tomura.”

“Nice to meet you Tomura, I’m (y/n).”

It’s been 2 years since that chance encounter in the alley that blessed you with Tomura.

It took some time to be able to have Tomura open up to you, scared that he might hurt you with his quirk by accident. But after a few months, numerous furniture gone up in ashes, and a pair of specially made gloves later, he was finally comfortable enough to start talking to you and opening about himself.

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Could we please get some nsfw/kink headcanons for Mina, Momo and Uraraka with a male s/o?

hello anon! here it is and i hope its okay with you, its my first time writing something like this so i hope i did you good! 

warning/s: nsfw, spanking, oral, edging, bondage.

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Mind if I request headcanons for miruko with a female s/o (who’s also a pro hero) who’s quirk is basically star platinum from jjba plz

I’ve never had the desire to watch Jojo but yanno, nonny, I did it for you. And Mirko. Mostly Mirko. But you, too, I swear!

Mirko with a BAMF Pro-Hero S/O

  • “Don’t think for a second just because you’re my life partner that we’re working together on the field! Watch out, babe, ‘cause I’m coming for your ass!” not in a sexy way
  • I’m sorry, were expecting Rumi - Rumi Usagiyama, the Rabbit Hero: Mirko - to suddenly play nice? To actually work together just because you’re dating? Ha. Hahahaha. No. She’s still stupidly competitive and bull-headed about working independently. It’s a matter of pride for her, especially as THE highest-ranking woman pro-hero. 
  • Sorry, sweetie, you’re not going to change that - no matter how much she really does love you. She’s still gonna kick your ass. :)
  • More than likely, it’s BECAUSE you’re dating that gets Rumi all the more revved up and ready to square off. This woman thrives on competition and it adds some real passion to the relationship.
  • You’re about to apprehend a villain? Oh, look, it’s the Rabbit Hero coming in with a well-timed kick! Mirko is about to pull some civilians out of harm’s way and - whoops! Sorry, dear, I got ‘em.
  • With a Quirk like Star Platinum (…which I kind of understand? I think?), Rumi is of course impressed but she also likes to mock you over it. Whereas her Quirk is purely physical, half the time it just looks like you’re standing around with your arms crossed while your Quirk goes to town on some villain. 
  • “Heh. When’s the last time you threw an actual punch? Can you even kick? Let’s go a round - see what you’re really made of.”
  • sometimes, Rumi feels more like one of those mean older brothers that’s always playfully beating you up and less like a girlfriend. Especially after she gets off patrol and still has that adrenaline in her system.
  • It’s a toss between play fighting (”training”) and post-patrol sex. Or weirdly both at the same time? Sometimes you don’t even know.
  • She talks a lot of shit and is all about the competition but sometimes - sometimes - she finds enough chill to stand back a bit and just…watch you do your thing.
  • ‘Cause hoooooooooo boy look at you go! Damn. That’s her baby out there, kicking ass and looking fine as hell. It’s just so hot to her.
  •  And Rumi’s not ashamed to admit it. Hell, she’s outright bragging about how good you look. “That’s my s/o!” 
  • …and doing a little something something about it when the fight is over. If you know what I mean. >:3c
  • Seriously, if people think the villain you busted looks worse for wear after you’re through…wait until after Rumi drags you off somewhere private to “congratulate” you on a job well done.
  • Don’t worry. You two have a good ol’ time. 
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How would my girl Melissa shield handle being in a relationship

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

Holy shit - the rarest of requests…in MY inbox. *cracks knuckes* 

Melissa Shield Relationship Headcanons

  • First of all, congratu-fucking-lations on getting the Melissa Shield to date you. You’ve landed yourself the new and improved blonde Tony Stark. Think all the perks with dating a genius philanthropist but none of playboy billionaire crap because Melissa pays her goddamn share in taxes as well as a full living wage to any and all employees WITH FULL BENEFITS
  • Anyway. Lemme tell you about what makes Melissa Shield the best girlfriend ever.

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Can I have a scenario with Midoriya and his 5’0 feet fem!s/o where Midoriya is just tired and cuddles his s/o,please?Love your work♥️

Of couse you can, sweetie! 。◕‿◕。 This is such a cute ask. (▰˘◡˘▰)

Thanks for sending this in! I hope you like it!

Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya was tired.

Usually, a day of packed full of saving innocent lives and apprehending villains was a good day, because that’s what a hero does. However, Midoriya could hardly call his day a good one, especially when the wreckage of the fight with the villains he just helped catch was freshly painted blood red in his mind.

He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fist, but his movements were slow as if his exhaustion was an unseen weight bearing down on him. He willed the red staining his mind away, shaking his head with a newfound vigour as he stepped out of the train station close to home.

At least he was home.

Well, soon. He’d be home soon.

There was something about seeing death, smelling death, being so wholly surrounded in death that he could almost say that he knew the putrid taste of it on his tongue – it made him feel tired. Fortunate to be alive, yes, but also so, so, so tired.

The lights were still on when he stopped in front of the door, rifling through the many pockets on his jacket for the house keys. When it came to him that he might’ve left his keys in the rush of catching a group of villains who have been spotted out in the open, he knocked on the door and hoped the lights meant you were still awake.


He squinted, the light from inside blinding him with how you suddenly swung the door wide open. Midoriya reached forward for you, like a blind man in an unfamiliar environment reaching for the only familiar sound echoing in the dark. Even before his sight properly returned to him, there was that familiar sound of you, the familiar warmth of you, the familiar shape of you nestled in his arms. He gave you a squeeze, because he could. Because he was still alive.

You pulled him in, helping him kick his shoes off in the entryway and then leading him to the couch.

“I’d bring you to bed, but I don’t think I can carry you the rest of the way, honey.”

Midoriya leaned his weight on you as he took you into his embrace once more. “You don’t have to,” he said, his eyes suddenly as heavy as the earth on the back of Atlas. He only wished he was strong enough to withstand the pull to sleep a little longer. Just enough to make it to the bed so you wouldn’t have to lug your sweaty husband to the bedroom yourself.

There was the sensation of you falling and him coming with you, and it jolted him awake enough to have one arm to keep you close while his other arm shot out to find something stable to hold on to or lean on.

Then pillows met his face, and he realised you threw yourself on the couch and in doing so, made him fall with you.

“You’re so small when you’re on my chest like that, Y/N,” he said, steeling his arms around you, even if the two of you both knew he doesn’t have any grip after he’s fallen asleep. You gave an agreeable hum as you snuggled into where the hood of his jacket was bunched up on his shoulder. The last thing Midoriya felt were the kisses you left along the line of his jaw and neck, light as feathers under the leaden weight of the entire day’s exhaustion dragging him into sleep.

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do you think you could write a todoroki x (very Very mild) tsundere y/n prompt where it’s kinda like: todoroki: shit y/n kinda cute,, y/n: lmao todoroki overpowered, egostical, and annoying todoroki: D: aizawa: anyways you two are partners for this project now lol todoroki: [aggressively trying to get closer to y/n noises] y/n: ,,ok maybe he isn’t that bad,, kinda cute too ngl,, and Not egotistical,,

here you go anon! i hope you like it (i can fix it up if you dont like it tho omg) 


Originally posted by uchihaharunoss

todoroki may not be very person oriented and is still a bit dense when it came to social cues, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t notice it when someone obviously does not like him.

it confuses him though, what could he have done to make you not like him?

so, when aizawa had partnered the both of you up for a paper, he thought that this could be his opportunity to get closer to you and show you that he isn’t all bad and that he no longer sees everyone as a threat - he just wants to make friends.

todoroki has tried giving you snacks in the countless late nights the both of you have been pulling, but you snapped saying that you didn’t need to be babied. he’s also taken deku’s advice in trying to chat you up on your favorite topics, even researching about it, but you had just given him an irritated look, effectively shutting todoroki up.

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 Guys, I love her so much. This took awhile to finish but here it is! Read Part 1 here.

credit to creator of the fluff alphabet prompt list here


Marriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?

  • In a word…yes.
  • However, Momo never dreamed of marriage as a little girl nor did she ever feel like she needed marriage - or any relationship - to be happy. She has her family, friends, a fulfilling career, tea, and other passions (i.e advocacy, fundraising, etc.) to keep her busy. 
  • Momo doesn’t date to get married or because she’s lonely or needs another person to feel complete. She dates you because she loves you. She marries you because she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. (Oh, and the legal benefits. One of which is that threats against spouses of various federal employees is a federal crime. Including pro heroes. Don’t fuck with Creati’s baby :) :)  She will use every possible way to ruin a person’s life forever if they come after you.)
  • Basically, YOU make HER want to get married. And you bet your ass she’s gonna put a ring on that.
  • Forget about “stimulating the economy” and that trickle down economics bull shit. Momo is making your ring - a symbol of YOUR LOVE - herself, and only the best of the best for you. She spends hours researching designs, meanings of various gemstones, the durability of metals. All the “samples” she makes are a small fortune in and of herself.
  • When she proposes, Momo takes you to a botanical garden - the same one you both went to on one of your first dates. Literally rents the entire place out. While you walk around, you start to get nostalgic just as she hoped and reminisce. 
  • Holding your hands, Momo talks about the first time she saw you, her favorite memories, how you’ve made her so happy. She tells you how you’ve changed her and helped her grow as a person, how everyday has been such a blessing.
  • Then she makes the ring, right then and there, for you. Softly, reverently, she asks, “Can we spend the rest of our days together like this?”
  • Marriage actually makes Momo much more comfortable with PDA. Whereas before she would only go as far holding your hand, now she presses loving kisses to your face and strokes your hair and is in general at least 20% more touchy. Marriage gives her a sense of security and - in a weird way - “propriety”. It’s one thing to lovey dovey with a datemate in public; it’s another to be affectionate with one’s spouse.
  • Oh, yeah. She loves the sound of it. Whenever your name comes up, it’s always “my spouse, y/n” or “y/n, my spouse”. It just makes her so giddy to say.
  • The feeling’s mutual of course. Anytime Creati is on TV, kicking ass or looking so pristine in an interview, you’re like:

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birthday cake


this is a gift for one of my dearest friends. sadly she isn’t able to celebrate her birthday because of everything going on, but i hope you at least get to enjoy this @glitchgamingirl​! happy birthday!!!


As someone who isn’t fond of public displays of affection, much less showering someone in with love or praise, you’d think Bakugo couldn’t care less for birthdays. Who cares if they only come once a year, right?

Any other time, you would have been correct, but not today.

Today was a special day for a special someone, you. So instead of being his usual self and only caring about number one, he got up early to make you a little something. Nothing special, of course, there’s no way he’d go out of his way to make you anything that big. Or so he told himself as he began to pull out the ingredients for a cake. Your favorite kind.

Some time later, he was pulling out a perfectly baked cake from the oven, placing it on the counter with an immense sense of pride. Not to toot his own horn (who was he kidding), but it had come out better than he expected, and he knew it’d come out good.

The only thing left to do was let it cool, so he could decorate it and take it over. He actually felt somewhat giddy at the thought. But he assumed it was the satisfaction of doing a fantastic job that made him feel that way. No doubt in the world, you’d be amazed. He’d outdone himself. And yet, that feeling only grew when he finished applying the frosting.

“Whatever…” he muttered to himself. It was time to drop it off.

There were actually a few times Bakugo almost convinced himself not to go through with it, but he was already at your door. Cursing himself for acting like a child, he knocked. He hadn’t gone through all that trouble just to end up not giving you the damn thing.

But to be honest, when you finally opened the door, he hoped he had gone back.

“Hey, Bakugo-”

“Happy birthday.” With no other words, he shoved the cake in your face. If it wasn’t in a container he might have actually gotten some frosting on your face.

“Oh, thanks.”


You smiled at how awkward he looked. It was a first.

“Um, would you like a piece? It seems like a waste to have worked on it so hard and not get a taste.”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, I do. And I want to share a piece of cake with you.”

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This is a little fic inspired by all the fanart and headcanons that say Dabi smokes.

I also may or may not have been coaxed into writing this when a friend of mine sent me a text in all caps that just said “Dabi is definitely a cigs after sex kinda guy” heheh. ( ́ ◕ ε ◕`) What do you think?

Also, I’m desperately in over my head about the idea that Dabi is Todoroki Touya, especially with the latest developments in the manga. I just can’t wait for it to finally be revealed in canon, but while I wait, I decided to make this fic more self-indulgent by writing this from the perspective that Dabi is indeed Todoroki Touya. There’s nothing spoiler-ish in this fic, so please don’t worry about that!

This piece has mentions of sex, so it will be tagged accordingly as #nasty-ish. This also has graphic descriptions of smoking, so please avoid if you don’t want to read about things like these. 

It’s also quite long, so it’s under the cut!

01 April 2020 edit: I’ve put this on AO3! You can read it here.

Character(s): Dabi
Relationship: Dabi/Female Reader
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff-ish (if you squint hard enough heheh)
Warning(s): Smoking, mentions of sex

Your lips produce such sweet things.

Word Count: 2.3k

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HI! Can I have some headcanons about Todoroki and Bakugou separately reacting to Midoriya when he goes away to America for the summer to visit his dad and comes back all badass-looking? Like say he made some friends and to ‘meet with trends’ he comes back to Japan with a like Levi-style undercut, piercings and a doubled amount of clothes that is all fashionable modern stuff that a common 20 year old would wear? Sorry, I’ve been craving this and I can’t find anyone who has written it. THANK YOU!!

efldjfls imagine midoriya as an e-boy 

Todoroki Shouto

  • “I-”
  • finds some of the pieces from his outfits FIRE. The herringbone gold chain, rings, the long sleeve under short sleeves, Vans
  • Also liked the simple outfits he had with medium-length coats, watch, and fitted pants
  • Thought Midoriya was stealing his DRIP with the short hair, but he let it slide 
  • Not a big fan of the excessive piercings but still finds them cool on Midoriya. Also didn’t understand the choker he wore the day back
  • After seeing him for the first time, shops online for some graphic tees for himself

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Doesn’t really give a fuck about the fashion, but low-key fucks with the graphic tees 
  • Big fan of ear piercings, thinks they look badass even though he wouldn’t get them for himself
  • Said Midoriya looks weak asf but wants some of his fits on the low. Couldn’t say the same with the haircut, however. Imagine Bakugou with an undercut???
  • Not big on the e-boy outfits, but liked the more relaxed days with Champion sweats, slides, and a white wifebeater. 
  • Probably the only person who fully recognized Midoriya, so there’s that
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Hello! We’re a new imagines blog for My Hero Academia, and we’re super psyched to be here!

We’ll be posting scenarios, headcanons, match-ups, and anything else in between for MHA! Feel free to send us a request any time! Thank you so much for reading and for visiting our blog  💙💕


- We would prefer headcanons! 1-4 characters per ask.

- there is no word limit on scenarios, whatever road we go down is the road we take.

- We love match-ups!

- We do NSFW content! I imagine the URL made that pretty obvious.

- Unless clarified in the ask, any reference to S/Os will be gender neutral. (They/them pronouns).

- long posts will be put under a cut!

- AUs, theories, and general silliness is appreciated and encouraged!

- posts that contain sensitive subject matter will be tagged appropriately and put under a cut.

- We only accept NSFW requests for adult characters! The League of Villains and Pro-Heros are a-okay! Student characters will be aged up, or scenarios at their present ages will be strictly Not …NSFW.

- If you’re unsure about the content of your request being appropriate or too complex for an askbox’s word count limitations, you can always message me beforehand to make sure it’s cool/clarify things. Communication is encouraged and appreciated!

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Hey, can I request Bakugo and Todoroki being taken care of by their SO after a tonsillectomy? Thank you so much, and have a good day!

Bakugou Katsuki

“I don’t need any-” 

“You shouldn’t talk when you literally had your tonsils removed, dumbass.” You nag. 

       Though you had anticipated this response, you weren’t just going to leave your partner all on his own while being in pain. You roll your eyes at your boyfriend’s behavior as you sit beside him on the couch. 

“You can’t even finish a sentence with the state you’re in, how do you expect yourself to do things that require talking to people?”
“Maybe if you didn’t keep cutting me off-” You shush him once more by covering him up with another layer of blanket. 

“You won’t recover for another week or so. But! Have no fear, I prepared the perfect solution.” Shuffling towards the kitchen fridge, you pull out two pints of ice cream and pick two spoons from the cupboard.

“I didn’t know what flavor to get you, so I just got vanilla chocolate.” You placed both pints on the table and turned on the air humidifier.  Bakugou stared at you before promptly snatching the pint and resuming back into whatever show he was watching to pass the time. 

“I like cookies and cream, but this’ll suffice.”

Todoroki Shouto

      You stayed at Todoroki’s house to make sure he didn’t do anything too taxing, considering he had just gotten surgery. To pass the time, you had done extensive research on tonsillectomies. The procedure, recovery time, foods, and drinks that will hinder or facilitate his recovery. The whole nine yards. 

“Are you sure about staying this long?” You shook your head,

“I’m here for as long as you need,” you had been taking care of Todoroki for a few days, aiding him in whatever he needed. You haven’t left his side unless it was to go grocery shopping to buy more cold foods or drinks. 

“Is there anything you need? Food? Drink?” He shook his head, but you went to the kitchen to grab some freeze pops and apple juice for later. 

“You didn’t have to come here,” your boyfriend started. 

“But, I greatly appreciate it.” You shushed him before placing a chaste kiss on his forehead and lulling to sleep. 

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A/N: Have this thing I wrote while being super thirsty last night because of HAWKS DEBUTTTTT this is smut but not a lot of it most of it is you and Hawks bein’ sassy 

“You should just let me do it.”

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Originally posted by naratemari

“Hey… do I have the ability to become a hero?”

Your head raised at those questions, keeping your eyes on the male in front of you as you sighed, brushing away the books from your lap as you shuffled closer to the green haired male, his lanky but solid form almost fitting nicely into your arm as you let him lean against your shoulder, seeking kindness, seeking warmth. A student who watched from the outside of the hero course, Izuku had found himself drawn to you, closer to you, seeking solace in your presence whenever he couldn’t talk with anyone in his class, and yet here you were, cradling one of the most powerful students in 1A as if he were any other.

To you, he was any other.

“You know you have the ability to, Izu,” you muttered gently, your head falling against his, cheek brushing against the soft green hair as you sighed, “you’re thinking back to middle school, aren’t you?” You weren’t stupid, you know about the torment he possibly faced in middle school, as those who were quirkless were almost treated as if they were dirt due to the fact that they hadn’t gained the advancement, however, you never cared. But you could see the pain in his eyes every time the subject was brought up, so you never brought it up. However as you felt his arm come around your middle, you braced yourself as he pulled you into his embrace, fingers tightening in your hair as he sighed.

No… that wasn’t sighing. You could feel the tear drops on your head, you could hear his gentle gasping as his shoulders shook. It was one of those days, the days that it just was too much for him, the days where he had said he wished he could go home and hug his mom, but he couldn’t, so you served as second best. However, you didn’t know that to him, you were a safe space, something warm, a castle, something he cherished, and wanted to protect. But sometimes, he felt like his own walls were crumbling, that he couldn’t protect people, that he couldn’t protect you.

However, as your fingers brushed against his back, rubbing soothing circles, you couldn’t help but hum. And all of a sudden, everything was alright.

You’d be alright.

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Bakugou vs. Todoroki Headcanons if you allow that,thank you

Such a polite request! Of course, I’m more than happy to write about our favorite feral boys, especially if they’re at each others’ throats. It’s their default state of existence, honestly.

TW: Kidnapping, Non-Graphic Violence, Emotional Manipulation and Unhealthy Relationships. 


Bakugo vs. Todoroki Headcanons:

~Let’s get one thing straight, neither of these boys are here to play nice. They may be adults, they may be Heroes, but when it comes to you, they might as well be toddlers who never learned to share their favorite toy.

~Chances are that you’re already with one or the other. With Katsuki being the more reserved of the two, it’s likely that you’re still in the early stages of your relationship by the time you meet Shoto, his protective tendencies just starting to take shape. That’s where a lot of their aggression comes from, honestly. Katsuki fixated standing his ground, keeping whatever he believes to be his his, while Shoto doesn’t see why he has to stay away from something he wants. Your feelings on the matter aren’t important. You could be a conscientious objector, an active deterrent to their growing rivalry, or the type to just sit back and enjoy the attention, but as long as you’re alive and breathing, they’ll have a reason to pick a fight.

~If you’re with Shoto, initially, Katsuki will try to be a little more manipulative. He’ll play the part of a concerned friend, a ‘voice of reason’, your shoulder to cry on when big, bad Shoto’s mean to you. Every new bruise and scrape will earn an attempt to ‘reach out’, a consultation by your oh-so-caring buddy, and he’ll inflate whatever Shoto does to make your current partner seem like a monster, regardless of whether or not you’ve shared the more problematic parts of your relationship yet. It makes Shoto paranoid, too, enough so for him to be a little more wary about letting you go out on your own. As if he wasn’t looking for a reason to keep you close to him, before.

~Don’t get me wrong, Katsuki isn’t altruistic. He acts like he has your best intentions in mind, and he really believes everything he does is to help you, but opposition always brings out his more possessive side. He still wants you to be safe, for you to adore him and for the two of you to be happy, but now that there’s someone else claiming to want the same things, he can’t help but feel a little selfish. It’s not a major change, but he’s more temperamental, more on-edge, more willing to use drastic measures if it means making you more obedient.

~On the other side, Katsuki will have to do something extreme to warrant a reaction from Shoto. While Katsuki’s constantly patrolling for threats (both to you and your relationship), Shoto operates under the assumption that the world overall is bad and needs to be kept at arm’s length. While Katsuki’s pulling out his hair and attempting to come up with a fair compromise, Shoto’s wondering what punishment he should give you for smiling at that cashier last week. The change is jarring, to say the least.

~They can compromise, though, even if it takes a few rounds of kidnapping for both of them to come around. One of the few things they agree on is that you aren’t strong enough to handle yourself, and that they’re the ones who should be in charge. Needless to say, you’ll be taken hostage in all-but name, made to prioritize keeping the peace over any genuine interests or concerns. Their arguments turn violent too often to be safe, their quirks rarely coming into place but fists and kicks and teeth taking their place, and once that’s done, their anger often turns towards you. I shouldn’t need to say why it’s easier to prevent their spats entirely.

~They tend to be more… cooperative when it comes to your misbehavior, too. Both are strict, and when it comes to defiance, they can agree that they refuse to stand for it. The slightest hint of contempt, the briefest glance towards an open window, anything will get you thrown over their knee or locked in your room so you can ‘think about what you did’, depending on who’s watching over you that day.

~Being your ‘favorite’ is a running competition between the two of them. It’ll always start off playful, with you in Katsuki’s lap while Shoto’s head is resting in yours, but then they’ll start probing, each question more personal than the last. What you’re asked ranges from ‘who you think is stronger’ to ‘who’s Pro-Hero get-up you think is cooler’ to ‘which one you love more’, all while both partied are assuring you they won’t be mad, that nothing you say could ever possibly upset them. Pretending you don’t have a bias is probably the safest option, since showing a preference will always end with a tantrum from your unappreciated caretaker, and any attempts to soothe their dented ego will just lead to your faux-favorite pouting and going on about why you lied, why you clearly prefer their counterpart, why you hate them so much. It’s a mess, to say the least.

~You’re always going to be marked, regardless of what you do, that’s non-negotiable. If they’re feeling subtle, Katsuki may be satisfied by one of his shirts or something branded with Ground Zero’s colors, and Shoto the sight of one of your many, many collars around your neck, but they’re both pushed over the edge rather easily. Your chest is more bruises than skin, after a few weeks, and neither is particularly picky with which part of you they make their chew-toy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get fairly liberal with where they start marking, after they have time to get comfortable with the idea.

~The lack of autonomy may be the worst part. It’s a volatile arrangement, a dangerous one, the kind of relationship that leads you wishing they’d just shut up and kill each other already, as long as it means you don’t have to tolerate another heated argument on what outfit you’ll wear that day. They don’t let you make the smallest choice, both are utterly fixated on controlling whatever aspect of your life you leave vulnerable, so your independence is limited to how often you breathe or blink and whether or not you decide to make a scene, that day. If you’re still allowed to decide where the three of you go on your rare ‘date nights’, count yourself lucky. They must think you’re more responsible than the average captive.

~They’ll pamper you, but that might be the only silver linging, whether Shoto and Katsuki are working together or still trying to handle things through brute-force. It’s a match made in hell, considering how personally Katsuki takes competition and how territorial Shoto can be, but I guess that’s your problem now, isn’t it? You’re the only one stopping them from ripping out each others’ throats, after all.

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Another Yandere!Dabi/Reader piece for the lovely @goretillery​, this one a little more action-packed than the last. I’ve been in such a mood for fight scenes, lately, so it was nice to experiment with a little violence and quirk I haven’t gotten a chance to use before~

Word Count: 1.6k

TW: Graphic Violence, Fire/Burning, Themes of Imprisonment and Unhealthy Mindsets.


It was like you’d been breathing underwater, for the past year.

The change was tangible, as soon as the collar was off. Getting out of Dabi’s apartment during the League’s attack had been child’s play, but finding a Hero with a metal-manipulation quirk had been a miracle, especially so close to home. You weren’t proud of what’d you’d promised in order for her to get the damn thing off of you, but with an odd look and a snap, the quirk-canceling collar was a ball of crumpled foil at your feet and you could inhale without a puddle forming at the bottoms of your lungs. You could’ve sobbed as you felt the wind circling around you, brushing over your skin like a long-lost friend. You’d always been skilled with your quirk, manipulating wind and air pressure, even without a proper source of training. Your wings only–

Oh, god, your wings.

The fire around you didn’t matter, the buildings collapsing didn’t matter, not as you flexed the pair of snow-white, weightless wings sprouting from your back, the appendages following the movement of your arms as you stretched them out in front of you. Twelve months of immobilization had left them stiff, delicate bones cracking into place as you attempted anything close to a flapping-motion, but they were still strong, still reliable, still heavenly to have. You could’ve died now and died happy, right now, if only because you felt free again. Truly, genuinely free.

Of course, Dabi found a way to take away your moment. You weren’t sure what else you’d expected.

He always found a way to make you miserable.

You felt the heat before you saw him, your wings reacting off of instinct. You were in the air before you realized you’d moved, barely rising over the plume of blue frames that’d encapsulated where you’d just been standing. If he intended on pulling his punches, you couldn’t tell, hovering in the sky as the asphalt below you began to sizzle and crack, only cementing the fact that you could’ve easily been a pile of ash, if Dabi had his way. Still, the danger did little to dampen your spirits. You were shoeless and bruised and sore, sure, but you were flying.

You were flying, and you could breathe.

You wouldn’t let him take that away from you, again.

Your fall was short, concluded with a satisfying, knee-skinning thud. The pain was short-lived, dulled by adrenaline, but your time in captivity hadn’t left you in prime condition. Dabi wasn’t fairing much better, though. He was already panting, chest heaving as he took an offensive stance, his skin simmering and smoke rising from scarred patches, his signature jacket covered in a fresh layer of soot. It wasn’t hard to tell Shigaraki’s plan (if he’d had one) had taken a wrong turn, and Dabi was paying the price. In terms of agitation alone, really.

“I knew I should’ve thrown you in the deepest ditch I could find,” He spat, his voice only just audible over the destruction to either of your sides. He was talking to himself more than to you, but when wasn’t he? Gritting your teeth at the thought of the countless one-sided conversation you’d had to tolerate, you held your ground, seething as he went on. “I took care of you, I pampered you, bu that wasn’t good enough–”

You didn’t let him finish. A faint breeze circled you, urging you to make good use of it, and you didn’t think before obeying its command. With a beat of your wings, the breeze turned to a gust, one strong enough to throw Dabi off his feet, slamming him into the nearest building. He hunched forward, protecting his head reflexively, but you used the position to better throw him to the ground, a downward draft to add momentum to his fall. The toll hit was instantaneous, your wings beginning to ache as if you’d created the currents manually, but the sense of power drowned it out, your quirk instilling you with a confidence you’d all-but forgotten. You wondered why you ever let him take advantage of you, why you ever let anyone take advantage of you.

You were strong. You didn’t know why you’d ever thought otherwise.

“You didn’t take care of me!” He couldn’t have been more than a few steps away, but you were yelling before you could stop yourself, hoping your volume would hide the tremble in your voice. He pushed himself up swiftly, sending a volley of blue fire in your direction, but you sent it off track with a flutter and a miniature cyclone, his flames swirling before dissipating into a shimmer of heated air. “You turned me into a housepet. You said you were my friend, but you put a collar around my neck and trapped me the first chance you got.” A whirlwind swirled around his left leg, attempting to buckle his knee, and Dabi countered with a redirection of his own, his calf beginning to smolder, your attack dissolving in the blink of an eye. “You took away a year of my life. I’m not going to thank you for that!”

You saw him stiffen, but the spectacle was quickly obscured by a rush of smoke. It was a distraction, you knew, but that did little to stop your eyes from beginning to sting and the world around you to blur. Dabi emerged through the haze, his fist embedding itself in your solar plexus, black spots forming on the edges of your vision, but you didn’t hesitate to get him back. He was blown off of his feet by a vertical current, giving you time to nurse the bruise forming below your diaphragm, but Dabi latched onto your leg before you could find your balance. “What would’ve happened to you if I didn’t? You’d still be a pigeon just wandering the streets, waiting for someone to come around and snap your neck.” His nails dug into your ankle, his palm heating up and smoldering against your skin. You stifled an automatic sob, attempting to escape, but your efforts to fly were limited by the dead weight still holding you down. “You would’ve died without me!”

“I would’ve been happy.” You didn’t have time to be graceful, driving your heel into his skull, knocking him back to the ground. You were tempted to take off, to get as high as possible and find somewhere he wouldn’t be able to follow, but… you didn’t want to. Your wings were beginning to cramp and a steady, persistent needle pricked at your nerves, but you didn’t want it to be over. For the first time in a long time, you felt good. Not content, not safe, good.

Surely, you’d only feel better when his blood was splattered across the pavement.

Your anger was spiraling before you could rein it in, the constant breeze coiling around you, forming a protective swirl, the wind’s speed soon growing unmanageable, uncontrollable. You let it, memorized by the extent of the bluster, but the briefest moment of stagnation was enough for Dabi to act. He was uncharacteristically quiet as he worked, but the hiss of his flames filled the silence on their own, everything above his waist seeming to alight. The fire snapped you out of your daze, but it was all you could do to consider dispelling your wind before the fire had begun to circle you, a blue glow encasing the two of you. It was beautiful, blocking out the destruction, but Dabi’s powers were never just for-show.

The heat hit you like a wave of arctic water. Sweltering, stifling, suffocating heat, seeming to eat up whatever oxygen was left in the city. You were surrounded on all sides, barely able to keep yourself in place without falling into the fiery inferno. Still, your route of escape was clear, the top of the spiral left open, unattended. You beat your wings, attempting to shoot upwards, but as soon as the appendages were fully extended, you realized your mistake. The pain of feathery down becoming kindling was almost secondary to the smell of your flesh burning off the bone, the terror of glancing over only to see white turn to black in the blink of an eye.

Your plummet wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t elegant, and it wasn’t angelic. You screamed as you hit the ground, letting out a hitched sob as something in your rib cage bent and cracked. Dabi didn’t even bother to laugh, kicking you onto your chest and planting his foot between your shoulder blades, letting out a heavy breath as he pressed his heel into your spine.

“Are you fucking done?” His voice was low, weighed down by strain, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to be sympathetic. His stare burnt holes into your neck, and with a click of his tongue, he went on. “Went and broke your jewelry, too, bet you handed it over to the first fucker who asked. And look at this-” A scarred hand grabbed at the bend of your left wing, his touch alone bringing tears to your eyes. “You got yourself all dirty. It’ll take weeks to get the color back.”

“Go screw yourself.” The words came out with a fatal passivity. You didn’t think you were mad, anymore. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

“I’ll touch whatever the hell I want. These shitty little things control your quirk, don’t they?” Another grope, this one a bit rougher. You had a feeling he wasn’t trying to be gentle. “I wonder how many feathers we’d have to pluck before we fixed this problem permanently.”

At that, you started to struggle again, your self-preservation instincts finally making themselves known. Dabi only chuckled, that insufferable, unbearable heat returning with the sound of his laugh, the pressure on your chest increasing until it’d pushed out the remaining air in your lungs.

“I can’t have my little birdie tryin’ to fly away again, can I?”

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Genuinely cannot remember the last time I opened my inbox, but send in your requests! I have so much time now because of ~quarantine~ and I want to write as much as I can.

I still have five requests that I’m going to get to that are in my inbox and I plan on finishing “The Villain” soon too.

Can’t wait to see your requests :)

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Bakugou x S/O Who Has An Attack Dog

  • You texted him saying you had a surprise for him, so here he is on his way to your place for whatever surprise you were so eager to show him.
  • Of course he was pissed that you didn’t just fucking tell him what it was, he has shit to do. (We both know he doesn’t)
  • Once he gets to your door, he doesn’t even have time to knock before he hears very loud barking coming from the other side.

“What the fuck!?” He backs away, but stops dead in his tracks once he hears your voice. His protective boyfriend mode is on!! He bangs on your locked door and yells your name, causing the barks to continue. “Down (d/n)! Down!” He heard your muffled voice say sternly, and the barks died down.

You opened the door and smile brightly once you saw him. “Hi Katsuki!” You greet him cheerfully. “What the hell is inside of your house!?” He looks past you and sees a giant German Shepard laying on an equally giant dog bed. “That’s my new dog, (d/n). I decided to get them last week after USJ was attacked by the villains. Just a little extra protection, you know, just in case…” You trailed off.

While Bakugou was relived to see you would have at him protection, he was not happy about you giving attention to someone other than him. And your dog didn’t like him to much either, because of Bakugou’s yelling and intimidating aditude, (d/n) saw him as a threat.

But, the more Bakugou came to visit you, the more (d/n) warmed up to him. They saw that Bakugou cared about you just as much as they did. (d/n) would sit next to him and slobber all over his face, much to Bakugou’s disliking. Eventually Bakugou warmed up to (d/n) as well. He always had a soft spot for dogs, especially badass ones like (d/n).

He gives (d/n) a good pat on the head. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, mutt.”

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They say he likes a good time

 You would never forget the first time you met Shinsuo. He stood all by himself, eyes scanning over the crowd in no particular way. He looked frustrated. You decided that friendship is the perfect cure to agitation. He looked at you with discontempt, who wouldn’t? No one likes strangers invading their space. Persistent as you were, you kept talking, asking him what his quirk was. The last thing you remembered was him asking you what yours was with an almost sinister smile before you were back in your dorm. 

     My oh my.

He comes alive at midnight

 Shinsuo never got any sleep. At least that’s what it looked like to you, and the rest of the class. Some days you swore his bags were so deep you could see the bone protruding underneath. If that wasn’t enough to show his decline, he was pale, indicating he either wasn’t eating or getting enough sun. Or both. But he would always give you and anyone else inquiring the same answer. “I didn’t get any sleep.”

Every night

 You couldn’t deny it yourself, you had trouble getting to sleep lately. When you were out in the day time you could swear that there was something burning into the side of your skull. You were always met with confirmation that you were just paranoid. You found very little solace in sleep either. That same looming feeling of burning. Something about the night air felt threatening. Whenever you would open the window for fresh air in hopes that fresh air is what you need. It only made it worse. 

My momma doesn’t trust him

 Everyone thought it was weird that Shinsuo wasn’t getting any sleep. Some rumors even started to spread rapidly that he would sit outside of the dorm late at night. Those were just rumors of course, no one wants to trust him. He was just different. But Bakugou and Kirishima had other theories as to why he clung to the outside windows of the dormitory, the girls dormitory. Your side of the dorm. You did always have a knack for ignoring the obvious. You blamed it on the lack of sleep. Something so little that no one had the heart to tell you to be precautious. 

     My oh my.

He’s only here for one thing

 It sure was getting crazy at school, everyone was stressed. Stressed about the near death battles they have with each other on the regular. About the cultural festival. Everyone probably wasn’t sleeping. That didn’t really comfort you as that was all you craved. Everyone else’s suffering wasn’t too much of a comfort or concern. You rubbed your eyes and looked out the window. Maybe you could take a walk? Maybe you would find Shinsuo out there. A small part of you shuttered at the idea, it’s wrong to judge someone by looks… but he made that hard. Without knowing why really, you opened the window looking, looking out amongst the trees. You felt like you could sleep right there, up right and all. That’s when you heard something, a small distant call. It sounded like your name. No one ever thinks before they speak anymore. And the last thing you remembered was calling out “Yes?”

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