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#boku no hero academia x reader
(ง'̀-'́)ง Hey friend! May I request Shigaraki taking care of his pregnant s/o????

Hey! I tried my best on this! I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted, it just sorta happened! I hope you like it!

Don’t be afraid to send in some more requests!

Shigaraki x pregnant! reader


Originally posted by xx-kachi-xx

To say that you were uncomfortable was an understatement.

Your large, heavy belly made it hard to be comfortable in any position. Well, that and the rundown mattress you had to sleep on. It seemed like the only time you did feel comfortable was when Shigaraki was spooning you, distracting you from your dull aches. One hand around your belly, the other stroking your hair. It was enough to make any girl happy. But as the time went on, it seemed like he was around you less and less. Claiming to always be caught up with the league’s work. You were afraid of him getting hurt, especially while you were heavily pregnant and wouldn’t be able to take care of him like you usually would. You debated on asking him to stop, but you knew that would be like talking to a brick wall. All you wanted was some attention, for him to seem like he cared about you and the life you two had created.

After getting up (for what seemed like the hundredth time) to relieve yourself, Tomura walked though the door of the building you were currently squatting at.

“What are you doing up? I thought I told you not to leave your bed?” Shigaraki asked you while leading you back to said place.

“Well I do have needs, you know,” you said pulling away from him ever so slightly. He looked at you in confusion.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“What do you care? It’s not like you’re ever here anyways. I could’ve ran away or something and you’d never know.” Shigaraki turned you around to face him.

“You’re thinking of running away from me?” You sighed.

“No of course not. I just-I want-I need more attention from you. It seems like you don’t even care about us,” you said rubbing your belly.

“What are you saying? Of course I care about you! I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much. I just want to make sure that you and our little one are protected from people like me. People who can hurt you.” You went to comfort him, but he pushed you away.

“Tomura, I know you’d never hurt either of us. In fact, I have a present for you,” you turned and reached to grab your present from beside the mattress.

“Here, it’s not anything new, but they’ll be good for when the baby comes!” Shigaraki looked at the glove you’d cut all the fingers off of, all of them but one. You had thought he had started to tear up, but he’d never let you know that.

“Can you just come and hold me?” You asked in a soft voice. Shigaraki hugged you before you both went to the same work down mattress you were on just minutes before only now it was different. Now you had Shigaraki keeping you warm. Stroking your hair. Rubbing soothing circles on your belly.

And just like that, everything was okay.


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✦ 27 - bondage (amajiki)


[Tamaki Amajiki X female reader]

[Warnings: kinda bondage, some tentacle hentai bullshit lmao]

[I own non of the characters or art, all credit goes to the original creator.]




Pinned down against the mattress, quiet moans escaped your lips as your husband, Tamaki Amajiki, trailed soft kisses along your naked body, his tongue speaking out to rub against your nipples once he got to them.

Giving them both and equal amount of attention, flicking and pinching them both, your body becoming hotter as his touches continued.

“Are you ready…?” His voice was quiet gentle, but his actions spoke louder at this point, he had activated his quirk, he had eaten an octopus based food for lunch and dinner.

“Yes…” you managed to breath out, your cheeks flushed red, it didn’t take much to convince him to finally use his quirk on you and honestly you were happy that he agreed.

Usually it took some easing him into these kinds of sexual activities but he seemed as eager as you were, perhaps it was a fantasy of his and he never had the confidence to ask, which was understandable.

He was soft and shy when you two weren’t having sex.

You couldn’t help but shudder at the sensation of the tentacles coiling around your neck and breasts, giving your breasts a light squeeze making you whimper quietly.

He took this as an opportunity to slide one of his tentacles into your mouth, not sliding it down your throat just yet. For now he let the tentacle rub against your tongue making you grunt quietly, you could feel yourself salivating from the rubbing.

The texture felt so odd in your mouth, but you were slowly becoming use to the sensation, but your mind was suddenly occupied with the teasing by your lower lips, a whine erupting from your lips as his tentacles, now wrapped around your thighs keeping them spread apart, he ran another tentacle over your slit, lightly flicking over your clit making your hips buck slightly.

“You look so pretty like this baby…~” he cooed with a small smile and all you could do was give him a muffled moan.

He counted to three before he slowly and teasingly slid his tentacle inside your desperate cunt, using another one of them to rest on your clit.

The sensation felt familiar yet foreign, somehow, gods, somehow his tentacle had managed to touch every sensitive spot inside your shopping wet cunt, curling in your cervix, making you let out another muffled drooling moan.

The tentacle which sat in your mouth rubbing agaisnt your tongue, slowly eased itself down your throat, earning a few gags and whines from you, your brain felt like it was turning into mush and he hadn’t even started moving them.

“I’m gonna move them…” he said quietly and briefly after the tentacles started moving.

Pumping in and out of your mouth and cunt at a decent pace, earning whimpers and muffled moans from you.

Your hips bucking slightly into the movements, earning a small grin from your husband.

The two tentacles that had coiled around your breasts gave your breasts soft squeezes as the tips of the tentacles flicked your nipples.

You couldn’t help the drool that fell from your lips as the other tentacle abused your throat, showing no hesitation in stopping.

Although your main focus was the one moving in your cunt, curling and rubbing against all your sweet spots, forcing your hips to lift slightly whiney gagged moans escaping your lips.

Your mind was spinning from the continuous moving within your cunt, it slowly brought your closer to your first orgasm for the night, but just as your walls tightened and you were about to throw your head back in pleasure, Tamaki pulled his tentacles out of your cunt and mouth, however he kept stimulating your nipples which frustrated you slightly.

Drool dripped from your mouth, strings of salvia connecting from his tentacle to your lips.

And strings of your arousal also connecting from your slick folds to his tentacle.

“Look at you… such a needy little mess~” he teased.

“Do you want me to keep fucking your mouth and pussy?” He asked, his hand reaching to smack your pussy lightly making you buck and hiss his name.

“Y-yes… please…” you whined.

“Please what love?” His words were so… gods you couldn’t even think of what his words were doing to you.

Making you become so desperate and needy for him.

“P-please fuck my mouth and pussy with your tentacles sir~♡” you begged and he gave you a small smile.

He leaned over and kissed your lips softly before he slid his tentacles back in you with no warning.

He watched you squirm and choke on his tentacle before he started moving them at a harsh speed, flicking your clit making you whine his name against the tentacle in your mouth.

Your hips bucking and shaking against the air.

He eased you up to that orgasm you had been waiting for, with a groan and a tug at the tentacles holding you down you started cumming, your legs shaking as you whined his name against the tentacle choking you out.

He pulled that one out of your mouth, but ye kept the other one moving within your cunt, basically overstimulating your sensitive cunt and helping you prolong your orgasm.

Once you had rode your orgasm out he pulled the tentacles back and shut off his quirk to kiss your forehead softly.

“How was it?” He asked.

“It… it was wow..” you managed to breath out heavily looking up at the male with a small smile.

“I think next time I’ll use both my quirk… and you know… when we do it again.” He told you and you couldn’t help but giggle.

It was cute, but when he was horny and in the zone he could say pussy, cock or fuck, but he couldn’t or rather wouldn’t say it.

“Yeah. I’ll be happy to.” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek before laying back down on the pillow.

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered against your ear, laying back and pulling you in so you could cuddle him.

“I love you too.. Tama…” you said as you played your head against his chest closing your eyes.



[Aii this was a bit shorter than I expected. But I hope it was okay. It felt rushed T_T]

Tag: @zoeyjohnsonsblog

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Yo can someone please please pleaseeee do a bnha boys reaction to their girlfriends walking in naked while they playing videos games. I will bare your first child please. I wanna see Bakugou, Izuku, Shoto, Kirishima, and Hawks. If someone already did that please tag me in it ahahahahjkjkkj.

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Pairing(s): Todoroki Enji / Endeavor X Gender Neutral! Reader

Summary: It was something he hadn’t considered before, even the years of being so close to you all the time. How easily you were able to push past him defenses, step into line with him without being deterred by his arrogance or pride. Before the fall of All Might, you were nothing more than someone in passing… Afterwards, he wasn’t sure what you were…

Warnings: Slight manga spoilers! Mentions of Abuse. Blood Mention?

A/N: I’ve never actually written for him until now since I wanted to get the anime to get caught up with the manga and some of ya’ll aren’t believers in Endeavor’s redemption. I hated him too at one point. Only to become neutral after seeing how he behaved after Toshinori’s retirement. Which again changed to akin to understanding as the manga progressed. Horikoshi handles this issue well and I commemorate how he tackles everything.

I can only hope I can attempt and handle such issues with as much grace as he does.

You do not have to read this. Nor do you have to come in and begin an argument, just remain civil and move along.

I do not condone what Enji has done.

But I think he’s beginning to make up for it.

By showing his remorse, by reflecting that he is sorry based upon his actions as opposed to his words because we know how bad he is with those.

Drawing on my experience and the experience I’ve seen own loved ones go through. I stand by what I’ve said; no one has to forgive their abuser.

Written with TBT in mind and by association and an original character specifically… IDK if Beacon can float tho since this was supposed to be a little bit of a surprise. But it coincidentally also happened to be their creator’s birthday!

So birthday wishes to @starchaser-the-prophet​ !

Happy day of birth fam ❤️


Keep reading

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Can you do a S/O who's way of showing love is affection? Like, they need to be held or touched quite often or else they get upset for Bakugou, Midoriya and Todoroki?

Sure! Sometimes I’m like that, I need constant reassurance at times.


Originally posted by giorno

- He figured out how needy you were when one day you wanted to cuddle and for the first time since you two got together- he said “no.”

- Cue the tears.

- Bakugou is very confused, a little angry because he doesn’t know how to handle crying!

- “Why are you crying?!” He was trying to piece together what he said or did to cause you to start whining. But you explain to him that you just need a lot of attention or you get upset, to which he rolls his eyes in response.

- “Is that all? Tch, you’re so dramatic.” he would say that, but then pull you close and hold you, giving in because he didn’t want you to cry.

- After that, Bakugou never said no when you asked to cuddle or hug him.

- He’s not big on PDA but he will wrap his arm around you or drape an arm over your shoulder to show that he at least cares.


Originally posted by sakurauchis

- Shoto doesn’t understand the constant need to be touched really, he doesn’t like being clung to.

- He rarely even holds your hand starting out in the relationship, which starts to really bother you.

- You’re the type to want to touch and be held, and he- is not. It’s not that Shoto is cold hearted or anything! He’s just a bit awkward still.

- Eventually, you break and start to cry while giving him a hug and you didn’t want to let go.

- Of course he wonders, what did he do wrong? Is he acting like his father did towards his mother all that time ago?

- Once you tell him you just need a lot of affection he apologizes and promises to try and put more effort into making you feel loved.

- It works! You begin to receive lots of hugs, hand holding, cuddling and once he even kisses you in front of everyone which really caught you by surprise! 


Originally posted by eijirouu

- Poor baby is too nervous to give you all the affection you need! He was always worried he would be too overbearing.

- Reluctant to hug you or hold hands in public because he doesn’t want to embarrass you.

- Eventually, you begin to get more distant and he ask, “Are we okay?”

- You explain that without a lot of affection, you begin to doubt things and get sad. Midoriya is relieved! He was so worried he was being too clingy to begin with, so knowing he was giving less affection than you wanted made him a little happy knowing he could do more now.

- He showed you off like a trophy! He showers you with small kisses on your face and sometimes he sneaks a kiss on the lips to show you he loves you so much!

- You’re always holding hands now, or he has an arm wrapped around you. It worked out well because Midoriya is a bit of a clingy guy himself.

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𝖒𝖞 𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙

Commission for @0jiromashirao by @succu6us

Pairing: Hitoshi Shinsou x Ichirou (OC)

Genre: nsfw / smut

Warnings: clear D/s, cursing, marking, anal, oral (giving), fingering (asshole), face fucking, cum denial, creampie, teasing, overstimulation, handjob (receiving)

Word Count: 2,172


Originally posted by tetsuruo

“It’s fine, I really wasn’t that cold.”

Shinsou felt his blood beginning to boil at that sentence. His roommate Ichirou just came home from a meet-up with his friends and Shinsou immediately noticed how lightly dressed he was.

“Don’t give me that shit, Ichirou, it was fucking 10° Celsius and you went out without a jacket. Are you asking to be sick?” he lectured him, staring right into the golden orbs of the one standing in front of him. 

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t care if I get sick, Shinsou.” he shrugged it off, not wanting to continue this discussion.

“You should. Don’t treat yourself like this and stop . . ” Shinsou began, running his right hand through his lilac hair in an annoyed manner “ . . stop being a fucking brat.”

“And what are you gonna do about it? Continue to act like my mom?” Ichirou snapped back, starting to get pissed off by his worrisome friend.

“No . . ” he looked Ichirou dead in the eyes and the blonde swore he saw his eyes darken “ . . I have my own ways of punishing the brat out of someone.”

Ichirou’s cheeks turned lightly rosy at Shinsou’s choice of words, gulping somewhat audibly because of the implied “punishments” he has in mind for him. 

Before he could inquire what he actually meant, the smaller man was pushed against the wall behind him, a small surprised sound leaving his lips at the impact.

“I’m not going to use my mind control but you will do what I say regardless of that, right? ‘Cuz you’re a good kitten like that.” Shinsou smirked, enjoying the way Ichirou slowly turned more shy then stubborn. The male addressed as ”Shinsou’s good kitten” blushed at the petname, being a little overwhelmed at the different behaviour and especially the dominant aura that radiated from his roommate.

Stuttering a response along the lines of “Cut it out, Shinsou, this isn’t funny–”, Ichirou was interrupted as the man pressing him against the apartment wall decided to kiss him. 

He placed his hands on Ichirou’s waist, holding him still as he squirmed a bit, noticeably liking the kiss and mewling as he felt Shinsou’s tongue invading his mouth.

There wasn’t even a fight for dominance, seeing as the purple haired hero sucked and toyed around with Ichirou’s tongue as he pleased, earning a few muffled squeals.

All dizzy from the excellent kissing skills of Shinsou, he finally felt the absence of his lips pressed against his, only a string of saliva connecting them, making the smaller male’s blush deepen at how lewd it looked and at just how amazing it felt.

Not believing that this is really happening, Ichirou was at a loss for words as he shot Shinsou an embarrassed look, knowing that he totally gave away how much he enjoyed the french kiss.

“Can’t find a good retort, huh? We’re off to a good start, kitty~” he chuckled, pushing his leg between Ichirou’s who in turn moaned at the sensation.

Holding a hand in front of his mouth, the blonde looked down, too embarrassed to establish eye contact with Shinsou. Noticing that, he continued rubbing his leg against the growing erection, licking his lips as he felt the little trembles of Ichirou.

Leaning in, Shinsou growled “You’re gonna regret being a brat after I’m done with you. I’ll make sure of that, babe.”

Swallowing out of anticipation, Ichirou felt his breath hitching as he felt the now familiar sensation of Shinsou’s lips against his throat, followed by harsh sucking here and there.

Knowing it’s gonna leave red and purple marks, Ichirou shivered at the possessive nature of his friend, holding onto him out of desperation. The feeling of his skin being assaulted by sucks and a mixture of rough and playful love bites made him weak in the knees. 

With another brief chuckle, Shinsou threw the smaller male over his shoulder, one hand firmly pressed to his ass as he went straight for his bedroom. He couldn’t help himself as he groped the flesh beneath his palm, biting his lip at the thought of his hips clashing into it while he rams inside of Ichirou’s tight asshole.

He wasn’t entirely unaffected by the make out session, having fantasized multiple times about just taking what’s his, claiming his roommate as his own. Trying his best to ignore these odd emotions, he just masturbated to them, trying to shrug it off as some weird sexual fantasy his brain created instead of acknowledging his love for his friend.

As he pushed Ichirou onto his bed, he fastly began to undress himself, not ashamed of his hard on being perfectly outlined by his tight boxer shorts. The sight made the submissive man lick his lips unconsciously in return, being distracted by the absurdity of the whole situation. 

Crawling towards his prey, Shinsou’s eyes gave off the vibe of a wolf about to devour a sheep, his gaze holding Ichirou captive as he stared into the lilac orbs, waiting to be ravaged whole.

The pro hero discarded of every last clothing item of his partner, enjoying the reddened face and ears of him as he tried his best to cover his boner with his hands. “S-Stop looking and get rid of your boxer shorts.” he mumbled, looking at the massive tent of Shinsou. 

“I guess it’s only fair~” he grinned sexily, pulling it off his legs and throwing it somewhere behind him in the room. Sitting with his legs spread he made a 'come here’ motion with his right index finger, then pointing to his dick “You know what to do, right, kitten~?”

Getting over his stubbornness, Ichirou got on all fours between Shinsou’s thighs, his ass high in the air. Rubbing his thick head against Ichirou’s lips, Shinsou grabbed a fistful of his blonde hair, guiding his mouth down his cock. 

When the smaller male thought he could begin bobbing his head up and down and go at his own pace, he was surprised as he found himself gagging on the taller man’s cock.

“You like making me worry for you, huh?” he pulled Ichirou’s head up again. “Like being scolded by me? Babied like a brat?” he pushed his head down again, making Ichirou let out a strangled groan, his dick twitching at being put in his place like this.

“Mhhm, just wait until I make you lose your gag reflex by making you my pretty little cocksleeve, baby.” he groaned, face fucking the man before him at a cruel pace with little regards to how he’s crying and drooling, turned on by being used and taken advantage of like this. 

Thrusting in and out of his wet cavern, he let out a low grunt every couple of times his tip hit the back of Ichirou’s throat, feeling it clench around his length, sucking him in further and tighter. 

As Ichirou looked as though he would pass out from the little air he was receiving and the pain of having his throat fucked like that, Shinsou sped up, saying “I’m gonna cum, be sure to take it all, kitten.”

Chasing his release, he moaned as he buried his dick as deep as possible in the blonde’s throat who in turn got intoxicated from the strong, musky scent of Shinsou’s dick as his nose was pressed against his pelvis, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he felt the hot, white sperm shooting down.

Cumming in thick ropes, Shinsou emptied his load with a satisfied smirk, holding Ichirou there for a few moments more until he let him off. Ichirou then immediately tried to regain his breath, wiping away the drool and tears as best as he could, the ache of his abused throat making his dick throb against his stomach.

“Already leaking pre-cum because I used you as my personal fleshlight? What a perverted roommate I have~” he grinned cheekily, his left hand on Ichirou’s cock as he teased it with a few pumps and strokes, pushing him into the mattress at the same time.

Wiping his thumb torturously slow but hard over his slit, he got a loud moan out of Ichirou who lied under him, biting into his hand after he let out such an embarrassing whine. He sounded and looked like he was completely at the purple haired hero’s mercy, but he still had a bit of shyness and stubbornness left in him as he was given a handjob by Shinsou.

By focusing on the sensations of Shinsou’s hands fondling his chest and dick all over, he was too distracted to notice a finger slipping into his back entrance. 

His breath hitched as he squeaked, tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes again as he felt it thrust in and out fast “A-Aaah, Shinsou, p-please~!”

Upon listening to his simple plead, he added another finger until three were stuffing Ichirou’s ass, pumping in and out of it smoothly as Shinsou prepared him. As the submissive hero was about to ejaculate, Shinsou took all fingers out, leaving Ichirou whining at the loss of stimulation. 

“You think you’re ready to take my cock, kitten~? Think you can handle me fucking you into the mattress, making sure you can’t meet the eyes of our neighbors ever again?” Shinsou questions rhetorically, aligning his girthy dick with his entrance.

As he saw Ichirou nervously nodding with a heavy blush on his cheeks, he plunged into him halfway, making a loud cry erupt from Ichirou’s mouth “Aaaahh, FUCK, Shinsou, d-deeper~!”

Complying readily, he inserted himself whole, grunting at the way the insides were swallowing him, beckoning him in. As he began rutting into Ichirou’s hole, he listened to all the moans and whines pouring out from the bottom in front of him with a satisfied smirk, secretly very glad that he wasn’t the only one enjoying it so much.

Not fully satisfied with the angle – even if he very much enjoyed the view – he swiftly flipped Ichirou onto his stomach, his ass held up in the air by the pro hero’s calloused, strong hands grabbing at and spanking his butt.

With this much deeper angle, he felt his thick head hitting a certain sweet spot that made the tears of Ichirou stream down his face freely as his tongue fell out limbly. Crying out utter gibberish out of pleasure, he would’ve cum then and there if it wasn’t for Shinsou threatening “Don’t you fucking dare.”

Continuing to roughly stimulate Ichirou’s prostate, he sometimes switched between rhythms, going slow but almost unbearably hard, making the man receiving his thrust feel like he’s going to split into two, and fucking his asshole fast and feral, hitting his g-spot more often in a shorter amount of time, making Ichirou try his best to not pass out from pleasure.

“You like that, Ichirou, you like my big cock pounding into you from behind~?” the man in question clenched hard around the dick he was penetrated by, eyes wide as he felt like he was about to cum. He realized it was the first time Shinsou called him by his name since this all began and hearing a line straight from one of the fantasies he fucked his asshole to at night made him lose his mind.

“F-FUCK, YES– AAAH, PLEASE LET ME CUM, SHINSOU, FUCK!” he was an absolute wreck at this point, his prostate thoroughly milked by the man he secretly held undeniable desire and love for. 

“Finally learned your lesson, huh, brat? Then cum for me and scream my name while you do it.” he demanded, also close to his orgasm. As the blonde heared that he immediately spurted his load onto the sheets, not able to stop cumming as Shinsou continued working his wet hole.

Upon feeling the strong orgasm that overcame Ichirou, the dominant man felt his own rippling through him, emptying his balls in the stretched out hole he ravaged. Feeling the sensation of hot, thick liquid inside of him, Ichirou groaned lowly, enjoying the feeling of being filled up immensely.

Fucking his seed into the overstimulated Ichirou below him, Shinsou growled loudly. Pulling out and seeing his big load of cum already starting to leak out of the used hole. He slapped the ass one last time before lying down beside the blissed out Ichirou. 

He lied in his own tears, drool and cum, too tired to care and too exhausted to move even an inch.

Pulling Ichirou – who desperately tried to hang onto his conscience – into his chest, Shinsou said with a genuinely happy grin “Even if you’re a big fucking brat, you’re my brat. I love you, Ichirou.”

Blushing out of bashfulness this time, Ichirou answered with the last of his strength “I love you too, asshole.” and rested in the arms of his new lover.

a/n: pls like/reblog and follow @succu6us. commissions are always open and linked in bio!

my ko-fi is succu6us!

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Hello! I just recently found your blog and it's definitely been a blessing since social sidtancing has been encouraged as of late. I was wondering if I could ask you how Dabi and Shinso (separate) would interact with an SO that has a cat quirk. Similar to Miruko's rabbit quirk but instead of a rabbit, it's a cat. Thank you in advance I'd you have time to do this and I hope you and your loved ones remain well~

Sure! I love Miruko, she’s so pretty!


Originally posted by sixcorrupted

- He already loves cats, so that’s a huge plus that your quirk just so happens to be a cat quirk.

- He likes to occasionally try and rub your ears, or tug your tail to play with you.

- Shinso becomes infatuated with your quirk, asking you questions sometimes like does it hurt when people touch your ears or can you hear better since you have them.

- One thing he isn’t huge on, your claws. Your nails were so sharp! And he couldn’t let you cuddle him sometimes because you’d start to flex your hands when you got comfortable which always ended up with Shinso squirming.

- He adores naps though, and the fact you like to nap as well. At times, he says that you’re exactly like a cat body and soul…which you sort of were.


Originally posted by demigodxtonio

- When he gets frustrated at you and wants to make you mad, he’d of course yank your tail which infuriated you.

- When he yanks your tail? He gets scratched with your razor sharp nails, and a fight ensues but it is a play fight of course! Dabi is not an abusive partner.

- Dabi doesn’t mind that you accidentally scratch him when you two cuddle, he just will move so you scratch his rough patches so he can’t really feel it.

- You are the scare master! Since you have night vision, you’ll hide in the darkest rooms and wait for him to come along and spring out and yell. Does it scare him? Every time.

- He often finds you napping in odd places, like once he found you laying on the bar sound asleep.

- Is the theory cats don’t like water true? Maybe. Does Dabi chase you with a water bottle if you piss him off? Yes. Does he win? Always.


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Is your angst starter prompt thingy still available? How about "did you ever love me?" With all might daughter confronting him about the thought that he might want to have a son instead of daughter considering how much time he spends with izuku rather than her. Sorry if you are buay, thanks in advance. UwU

again, not canon ùwú

chapter one from why can’t you see me

warnings: sucicide (not graphic), guilt, negelecting father, funeral, major character death


if you think about it, the signs have always been there.

lack of appetite, or eating too much, sleeping all day or not at all, negelecting yourself. (but how would he know, he got that information from your friend)

the way you avoided the mirror, or showing too much skin, the way you could never talk positive about yourself.

the empty eyes.

the heavy feeling of guilt settled into toshinoris stomach, it weighted him down so much, he couldn’t breath. he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move.

all he had left now was the simple letter, he hadn’t opened it yet.

the letter seemed to weight more then anything he every hold in his hands, with a shaky breath he dared to open your sucicide letter, after 3 months of your death.

the letter was messy and organized at the same time, some stuff was crossed out, you drew a few things on the side to empathize everything.

it didn’t contain much, just how sorry you were, how you tried your best how much you hurt

there was one thing sticking out, from all of the crossed out sentences and jumbles of words, he could read it clearly.

did you ever love me?

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[SEASON II] Chapter 13


Y/N’s body was aching all over as she fell on the ground trying to catch her breath.

The U.A. Sports Festival was arriving and she was practicing twice as hard than before. But the problem is, there was All Might to mentor her moves before. This time it was just her and her own efforts, alone. She didn’t know what damage she can cause or what kind of precautions she needed to take. Because she bit worried about it, she decided spent time on looking for books in the library about it and visited nurse’s office more than expected - not just to mend her injuries but also for advice of what she needed to avoid.

She needed to learn to control on the amount of water she released and if she was going to change temperature along with it, she needed to balance both of it while handling her opponent at the same time. And she needed to do control different temperatures and different amount of water force on different parts of her body.

Ofcourse, she couldn’t get so far. Sometimes she focused so hard so releasing boiling hot water from her feet that she forgot about the water she was releasing from her hand which was supposed to be colder and along with a high force. She just couldn’t focus on different parts of her body at the same time. Maybe only for a few minutes, but whenever something diverted her attention, she messed it all up.

“Already tired?” Midoriya asked running past her.

“You wish!” She said before getting up and running along with him.


*Morning of the U.A. Sports Festival*

There were separate waiting rooms arranged for separate courses and classes.

It was time to get serious and Y/N didn’t want any kind of distractions. Atleast she hoped so until she got ready and heard his voice right behind him before they entered the room. She halted out of reflex and heard him say, “Move, you adopted freak.” His eyes were fixed on her back.

“U-Uh yeah.” She hurriedly opened the door and ran to grab a seat on the table where Kyoka and Momo were sitting. Yes, she did notice the change from ‘grandma’ to 'dumbass’. And ofcourse, it did hurt a bit.

“…Hey!” Y/N finally noticed Kyoka staring at her, “I’ve been calling you for a while now.”

“..sorry, I was just…thinking about something.”

“If you’re nervous about the festival then I’ll say it’s okay to be nervous. But if its-” Kyoka looked behind towards Bakugou who was sitting on their opposite table. She pulled her chair near Y/N and started talking in a low tone, “him, then you can talk to me about it. It’s partly my fault for getting this into your head. I’m so sorry.”

“No no, it’s not..your fault. We’ve been so busy with our training that I absolutely forgot talking to you about it. It’s just that-” Y/N sighed covering her face with her hands, “after the villain attack, I was a bit zoned out for a while and he came over to say somethings. But, I understood about my crush when he - god, i feel so embarrassed - when he brushed his finger against my cheek and said grandma with…a smile? I just blushed so hard and my heart was beating so fast that I just instantly knew it”

Kyoka frowned and said, “Dude you should be embarrassed. I don’t know how you can find someone attractive who called you 'grandma’.”

“Hey you know why he calls me that!”

“Yeah, but maybe just..okay maybe it’s just admiration, like you said. The way you admire All Might?”

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s not, trust me. I-” Y/N blushed, “I think about that moment and…I think how it might’ve turned out if I held his hand.. or if I..if I kissed -”

“Please shut up, I don’t wanna hear your tongue story before the festival.”

“- his cheek bastard. Honestly Kyoka, how much of a perv do you think I am.”

“It’s not being a perv to think..about doing things you wanna do to your crush. Kinda creepy, but fine. We are all teenagers and we all can be hor-”

“I dare you. I dare you to complete that sentence.”

“-ny sometimes.”

Y/N smacked Kyoka’s head and turned back to Bakugou’s group. She yelled, “Kaminari!”

“Uh yeah Y/N?” He raised his head.

Kyoka was already giving her death stares, so she just smirked and said, “Nothing, just best of luck dude!”

“I already told you that I don’t like him.” Kyoka said.

“I know, but it’s fun to tease you about it. You start blushing, no lie there Kyoka, you know that.”

“That’s not we were talking about. We were talking to get a solution of your problem.”

“You did! I was nervous and you managed to calm me down!”

“You know that’s not the only thing you’re nervous about Y/N.” Kyoka furrowed her brows, “I get it, you like him. But that doesn’t mean you avoid him all together. For god’s sake, you have been avoiding him ever since the villain attack and you can’t even look at him in the eye. Start acting mature.”

“I know it’s stupid.” Y/N gritted her teeth, “I just blush now whenever he looks at me. It’s so annoying. I can’t keep talking to him. I know I’ll like him more and if he continues to act like he does now, I know it’s gonna affect me. I’m just scared and need some time.”

“Well, make it fast. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Bakugou has been looking weirdly at you ever since he made all the classes hate us. And I guarantee you, it’s not the good kind of weird.”

Y/N looked at Kyoka in confusion as the door suddenly burst opened and Iida announced, “Everyone! Get your game faces on! We are entering the arena soon!”

Everyone got ready and started walking to the arena, Y/N felt a presence beside her when she was walking behind everyone. It was the very person she was trying to avoid.

“I know that you’ve been talking with that purple-headed bastard from another class.”

Yes, she was in fact talking with that guy but he never opened up. He wouldn’t even let her talk to him for 5 minutes. It was just her trying to convince him that Class 1-A weren’t narcissists, but being very subtle about it. Well, atleast she thought that she was being subtle. Y/N looked at Bakugou and well, Kyoka was right once again.

He did look weirdly at her. Almost as if she committed a crime.

“I’m just gonna tell you that whatever you’ve been planning on, won’t work on me.” Jaws clenched, he continued, “And trust me Y/N, if you get in my way, I will crush you like a little bug.”


Chapter 15



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Someone Entirely New

Midoriya Izuku x Reader

Part 26

Summary: Y/N is tired of constantly holding themselves back for the sake of someone who barely gives anything in return. When their boyfriend takes things too far, they decide they’ve had enough. It’s time to leave behind the dead weight and reinvent themselves, with the help of some old friends—and a few new ones, too.


Notes: 26 parts later, and here we are!! I’m so thankful you’ve stuck around to get here, but don’t go anywhere yet. There’s still plenty more left in this fic! 😉


@uncle-sev @i-need-a-life-from-life-2-0 @hibari18fan @gentlechainsaws @spicyramenbakugou @claryfeary @wattheheck123 @bnhablessings @whyralltheusernamestaken @alexandrium @chiefinvestigatorheidi @meowkid1000 @liliesoftherainmain @nerdyphantomlady @nerdynstoned @zyxys1 @iamthepenguinwhosearseisonfire @ohnosiren @essentiallycrooked @toiletboundizukustan @desia2 @kaithehero @pavlovs-titties @jojo-buttercup @galacticrosee @foxy-k1 @tanzaniiite @jmook423 @pastel-prynce @the-broken-halo-writer @peppermintkiddo @fiskers7136 @whisperingwolfie @irisallenm @chronoph0biac @niawoods @luleck @ama-suhen @gwendlynn @schrodingersships @call-me-prodigy

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Hey everyone, my name is Mo. I will be graduating with my Masters in Biology this May, and will be opening fan fiction commissions (including proofreading).

I have written primarily for My Hero Academia, here is a link to my main AO3 account:


Most of it is Erasermic fan fiction, however I am confident in my ability to accurately portray most ships.

I also write self-insert fan fiction:


Besides that, I am willing to proofread and offer critique on:

  • Original fiction
  • Fan fiction
  • School papers

Since my area of study is in a natural science, I would be more than willing  and qualified to read through academic work and offer critiques, edit, and further assistance if needed.

Rule for Commissioning Fiction:

  • Payment must be received up front
  • Ships outside of my hero academia are allowed (I may need to do additional research which we can discuss)
  • Any sexuality is welcome
  • I will not write NSFW of minors
  • Do not take credit for the work received
  • I do have the ability to decline if I feel I am not qualified.
  • You will not be charged if I go over the word count, think of it as a bonus. :)

Writing Prices:

  • 900-1000 words: $10 USD
  • Every additional 500 words are an added $5 USD
  • NSFW scenes are an additional: $5 USD

Proofreading Prices:

For every 500 words: $5 USD

Contact Me At:

Horridcafe on tumblr or twitter

Neptunesnxpple on tumblr

You can also Donate to My Ko-fi if you’re feeling generous.

Please share if you’re able to! Thanks.

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shisou, bakugou, and izuku having to take care of their crush after said crush is hit by a quirk that turns them into a cat maybe? crush still has their own thoughts and memories but also now.. has very cat like urges too like wanting to be pet and play with string and headbutting and licking ppl they like? headcanons or whatever you feel would fit best!

This ask is so cute! \ (•◡•) /

When I was at the dorms for school, I couldn’t take my dog with me (not even as an ESA), so I often comforted myself by making friends with all the stray cats who wandered about the campus. (˘⌣˘) I can count a total of 3 cats that live in the area so I saw them regularly, and seeing them always makes me feel better about leaving Oreo at home.

Some of the cat behaviours in this ask were inspired by the cats I’ve befriended over the years heheh. 

Thanks for sending this in! I hope you like it! ◕ ◡ ◕

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Secretly an animal lover, so he tries very hard to hide his excitement when the responsibility of looking after you as a cat falls on him
  • Has never had a pet before, so he actually feels unprepared for what he just signed up for, and the fact that it’s you he’s taking care of doesn’t help
  • Bakugou got mad when he tried to pet you but you hissed at him and backed away
  • “What the fuck do you want?”
  • He ends up buying you some fancy cat food and an even fancier cat bed, so you’ll hopefully have some reason to let him pet you
  • Turns out you hiss at everyone who pets you without saying “hi” first
  • Still, he doesn’t regret the money he spent on you because now, you let him pet at the same time he says “hi” and that’s better than what you afford to everyone else
  • Bakugou went out of his way to buy a nice shoulder bag for you to ride in when he goes out and takes you with him
  • He has been told to leave several shops because pets aren’t allowed
  • Almost didn’t want you to turn back into a human, because he really enjoyed having you so close to him for the week that you were a cat

Midoriya Izuku

  • Midoriya always found you adorable, but there was nothing that could’ve prepared him for how overwhelmingly adorable you were as a cat
  • Started crying when you were first put in his hands, because you were so small and so cute and so soft and he couldn’t contain the feels
  • Narrates everything he’s doing when you’re with him, because he doesn’t want you to get bored
  • Likes playing with your tail, and you seem to indulge him by flicking it this way and that for him to catch
  • His mom bought you a collar and he was so embarrassed to put it on you, because he didn’t tell her that you were actually the girl he had a crush on
  • Ended up buying a matching human collar and he wears it with you
  • One time, you licked his face when he was lying next to you and he didn’t think about it when he licked your face back
  • When he realised licking your face was the cat equivalent of kissing you, Midoriya was all red as he frantically stumbled over his words when he apologised to you
  • He would’ve preferred kissing you as a human, so he feels like he did something bad
  • Midoriya wants to know if you’ll still have the same face-reddening, heartrate-quickening effect when you fall asleep on him in human form, for science

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He’s almost happy enough to die right then and there, because when else would he get to have his crush so close to him? And in cat form too? He feels so blessed.
  • While he does realise that it’s not ideal for him to finally spend time with you like this, Shinsou still appreciates what he can get
  • Talks to you a lot while you’re a cat, especially about his day and all of his controversial opinions that he has no one else to bounce off of
  • He very quickly starts having full conversations with you, except he’s the one doing the talking for you in a voice that’s different from his own
  • You will be the only one knows the Voice™ he uses, because the Voice™ he has for you as a cat is a terrible replica of your actual human voice and he knows it
  • Sleeps better when you’re sleeping on his chest; in fact, he suddenly sleeps a lot while you’re under his care
  • Shinsou is a smug bastard about the fact that you only purr when it’s him who’s petting you
  • Even if you were still in a cat form, it must mean something, and he finds himself getting hopeful
  • He wants you back in human form as soon as possible so he can confess to you properly and you can respond to him properly
  • On the off chance that you stay a cat, he will definitely adopt you and no one and nothing can stop him


Here’s a Shinsou meme, because I couldn’t help myself and also because I’m shoulders-deep in my Brooklyn Nine-Nine marathon. Enjoy heheh! (~˘▾˘)~

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Requests are open, right? If so, I have a kinda weird request for tokoyami comforting the reader after the reader was just politely rejected by Uraraka-

Tokoyami. F

Rejection kinda hurts


Originally posted by itstheunstoppablegirl

You had the courage to tell her you like her

You had the courage to give her some mochi

You had the courage to lean in and kiss her

But you didn’t

You were stopped mid lean-in.

She had put her hand in front of your mouth.

“Ah, Y/n-san. Thank you for this… but i don’t like you like that! I like someone else.”

You paused and then stepped back

“Oh, I’m sorry” then you walked to your dorm.

You walked in shame and alittle tear in your eye.

Your friends have encouraged you to make you move.

But she said no and you can’t deny that

Maybe she just didn’t like the you-you.

Maybe she had feelings for someone else

So you unlocked your door and stepped into the dark room but, before turning on the light. You see a shadowy figure at your window outside.

You walk over opened the window and saw dark shadow leaning against the railing

You then looked down to see tokoyami outside in the dark with the moon lit.

Seeing him up in the tree you both always sit next to.

Seeing him made you smile, he had always comforted you in the most gracious ways and helped you with many things in the past.

“Are you ok? Did it go well? I figure not because your here alone”

He was so quick to guess the situation

“Ah well you guessed right. She rejected me”

You started tearing up lighlty then putting your face in your hands covering your face.

Even when you were both on a thick branch, he’d scoot over to you just so you didn’t have to comfort you.

Yet sometimes he didn’t know how to

So he’d tap your shoulder and with you looking up

He’d open his arms up and you’d always jokes

“Are you going to fly away now? Is that the trick?”

He’d always laugh

“Well do you want me too? Dark Shadow!”

He’d pretend to yell

But you’d always laugh and try to keep him next to you.

Then you’d calm down and hug him back.

With both of you hugging it out and your llittle sad faze gone.

You’d always looked up to tokoyami

He never let things get to him, even his dark humor and his gothic type room.

He’s always so charming in this kind of light. When its dark and scary.

“You know rejection kinda hurts. You’ll get over it real soon, it will only matter with the person you most truly care for”

He is so wise in your mind,

“Aaah Thank you Yami!!! But i know i’ll get over it”

You moved your arms and hugged him with you head in the crook of his neck

Letting go you waved to him and jumped off the branch and to your balconey, though you couldn’t reach, dark shadow helped you up and carried you to the second floor

After dropping you off you waved to him from the foot of you window and smiled! Closing the window and turning on the lights

Maybe you will get over it!

Soon enough you will!!

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[A teaser for a larger scale fic I want to do!

Who doesn’t love a confident and slutty Deku, who happens to love you very much?

Izuku Midoriya/Reader

850 words

Dirty talk, judgey strangers, assumptions of sexuality, dominant twinks, brief mention of mommy/daddy kink]

The beat was poppin’ and Izuku’s feet were hoppin’ as he waited on drinks, the club and bar counter were packed, so he wasn’t at all surprised that it’d been taking a bit.

He didn’t mind, even if his hips did swing around, taking the fake cotton bunny tail with them, as he itched to get back to dancing.

He was glad you talked him into wearing something a little higher cut tonight, if he’d pinned the tail on his usual shorts, it would have been weirdly placed.

Still, he couldn’t help but arch his back out against the material, tugging the thong tighter against his hole and hips.


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Originally posted by foolishchesspawn

Ahh ok this boy when he meets you, you are both on the couch with that platonic hug, Best friends always on the couch play fighting and tackling each other ending in friendly cuddles around the T.V.

Most would have thought you two were going out! Nope, well not for sero! He wanted to ask you out ever since you showed off your quirk and wits.

To him you are the star girl in your class! Making everyone laugh and smile with your quirk-y ness

Even more friendly hugs would go to him whenever you smiled and would tell him horrible jokes. The ones that he likes and everyone cringles at. 

Once he asked you out in the most cringiest joke. You come back and hit him with a kiss and some cuddles mid air.

Once your both comfort in your new found relationship! The more cuddles the happier sero is around you and everyone

Cuddles in the morning, when your about to wake and he tries to come into your room and snuggles into you chest

When you both come down stairs ready to go to school, it seems like you have to make him food. Cuz he can’t keep his hands off of you.

Cuddles also become a way for both of you to apologize. When your both mad and yelling he’d scoot over to the bed and pat the side so you can both sit down. They lay down with hanta wrapping you in his embrace and sleeping like that for the rest of the night

When you guys are on hero internships and you can’t really cuddles

Hanta would call and let you fall asleep, even if nothings happening. He always imagines being their with you warm in bed.

Its also a great way for hanta to say I’m horny

When you both lay down and he’s big spooning you.

He’d grind against you, until he’s grunting and want ing you to notice.

Most dates end like that! With cuddles, then grinding, then riding then a bath with soapy bubbles. 

Because hanta couldn’t ask for a better date with you.

Cuddles lets just say are a main for list of affection

Even if his elbows are very bulky or hard to lay with.

You both find a way that ends up with Hanta’s arms laid all on you or you lying  on him. While his arms are holding your waist.

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