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#boku no hero academy

Kirishima: it’s not gay if I want to date Bakugo, right? Like it’s just as bros

Sero: I’m not an expert but, that seems pretty gay to me

Jirou, not looking up from her phone: I’m an expert, that’s gay.

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That’s it tumblr tags ruined my way of saying academy because academy by itself, I can read it normally. A-ca-dem-y, you know, but then I see “my hero academy” or “boku no hero academy,” and then I read it like academia without the ending a sound, like aca-demi-(a) I always have to slow down and read it why it’s just bdhdlasyucbakqasdfghjkl

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“Kiribaku is real” I say into the mic, the crowd begins to boo and i walk away in shame

“She’s right” I hear a voice say in the audience

I turn around and see right there in the third row, it’s Kohei Horikoshi.

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