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#boku no hero art

Okay, so, this is one of my OCs, Boku no Hero Academia OC, to be more specific, and her name is Erena! Her hero name is Hekami and the outfit that you can see below is her Hero Outfit!


Her quirk is named Summoner and it’s kind of like Momo’s, but with a few, very distinctive traits that make the difference between the two.

Here are some of the traits of her quirk:

•she can, as her quirk’s name suggests, summon things, ranging from simple objects, like, I dunno, a chair or an apple, to humans and animals, creatures that are alive and breathing

•she has to touch a hard surface for her summoning to work

•she has to know the perfect description of the summoning for it to work

•the drawbacks can rang from being tired and kind of dizzy to having severe nose bleeding and blackout

•when summoning humans, animal, or anything that can breath and it’s alive she has to “sacrifice” some of her blood

•the blood sacrifice (as she likes to call it because it sounds cool-) depends on how powerful and big the summoning is

•if she wants to summon a powerful person, she will have to give more blood, if she wants to summon a rabbit, a few drops will be enough

•this part of her quirk usually ends in blood loss because she’s not careful enough

•like I said earlier, she has to know the perfect description of her summoning, or it won’t work, this still applies to this part of her quirk, but a little bit advantaged

•she has to literally know all the important details about the person she’s summoning, or the summoning won’t work

•ranging from the eye and hair color to their personality, she has to know it

•the person has a quirk? She has to know it as well!

•she can’t summon people that already exist in real life, for example, she can’t summon Bakugo, which is her classmate, but she can summon Kenma from Haikyuu!! because she thinks that he is adorable and, well, not real

•"Anything that you can image can be real" therefore, she can summon Pikachu or Kurama if she wants

•she can summon anime characters, like, holy shit-

•all the possibilities-

•her summoning are based on her focus and concentration

•if she doesn’t focus enough on her summoning, that thing will puff away at the slightest impact, if she does, however, she can make that object just as real as her

•she didn’t get to the point where she can make one of her alive summoning “real”, most of the time they puff away after taking a couple of “ more serious” hits

•focusing on summoning something gets harder if the summoning is bigger and/or stronger

•h e a d a c h e s a l l t h e w a y

So, yeah, this is all the important aspects of her quirk, I think-

Okay, now, imma yeet myself off the rooftop byE-

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#BNHAHighlighterSeries - 01 (Deku)

i made this traditional doodle a while ago~ i looove to make art with highlighters!

(sorry, the quality of the photo is not that great, but i tried to my best to fix it a little “^^)

izuku’s design is so adorable! ><

i hope you like it <3

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