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#boku no hero fanart
story-thief · an hour ago
HEYO!!! So another OC/SONA!!!! This is like like 5th version of me!!!
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So this is still Ayame Mizoku, my character. this time her Quirk is “Mountain Troll”. It allows her to cover her body in hard solid stone like scales and plates and grow giant!!! Pretty simple but powerful! Her weaknesses are that going full Troll saps a lot of energy and her feral form is as much of an in between as she can do, so is go big or go home!!!! she is strongest in the dark or in nature!!! She can’t fully control herself in her troll form. and last thing is that, like venom (or at least the old venom), metal clanging together HURTS her ears and head, messing with her vision and stuff.
Normal hight: 5’6”
Feral hight: 8’6”
Full form Hight: 65’11”
This is my art please do not trace or repost without my permission. But feel free to reblog, that would be greatly appreciate!!!
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theodora14pines · an hour ago
A mild gore warning here!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Basically I did this for Bakugo's birthday to relive my conscious of the guilt of not being able to finish the comic due to personal circumstances. Also yes, I know the hand are wrong. I realised too late. Deal with it.
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kisumi-cchi · 4 hours ago
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I am back to offer you some guitarist denki 😌
Follow my Instagram account @/ceyukii
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nadaboodraws · 4 hours ago
Happy belated Birthday Bakugo!
It was supposed to be more wholesome so adding some extra feels and tears. So here you go and I hope you'll enjoy it.
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dragon-rhaegal-blog · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m not proud of it, but I guess I tried 💜
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dabis-biggest-simp · 6 hours ago
Dabis type headcannons
Request- can you do what you think canon dabis type is? 🤔
A/N- sorry this is written at night so sorry-
Warnings- smoking, mild cussing, mentions of sex and brake up
426 words 
I honestly don't see dabi getting a relationship
he has too much revenge and emotional baggage to find interest in another person 
but on the off chance, he DOSE like someone, it'll start as a joke
I feel like he'd start to flirt with someone who doesn't put themselves out 
hed be the one to make some joke or comment 
now depending on how you respond to it will change how he sees you 
say you're the type to brush it off
he will lose interest 
but say you're the type to say smth back 
oh hell like that 
he's the type of person to want to keep things interesting 
but I feel like he wouldn't like clingy 
he'd go after the jealous type but not the clingy type because that shit is hot but not clingy 
he'll get annoyed with you 
So he'd like the straight forward, jealous, possessive, flirtatious type 
he'd want the same energy he's giving in a relationship. 
maybe how Jade West and her Bf act? from victorious? idk but I see them two being exactly how you two are 
I feel like he goes for the type of person who aggressive and hates everyone and then calms down when it comes to him. 
and hed be the same way 
He also wouldn't care about zodiacs. 
who cares what the stars say, if he likes you he likes you
he's a big smoker so wuther you smoke to or your strong-willed, because he will 100% blow smoke in your face 
I feel like he only smokes cigs 
but if you're a person whos like him generally that's fine, but don't test his dominance
 it either ends up in makeup sex or a huge fight/breakups 
theirs a fine line for everything. 
when it comes to a sunshine nice person, I feel like he'd be like why is that person so obnoxious.
like it's annoying seeing someone so happy all the time 
but say you had a hard past and are like "Oh I don't like hurting people" MAYBE he will like you more 
he will 100% go for people who have mommy or daddy issues 
but I feel like mommy issues more to contrast with his daddy issues so they can bond over how stupid their parents are. 
so yea a loud, straight forward, jealous, possessive, flirtatious type with mommy issues 
Lol sorry if I called you out- 
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asiatiques-writes · 8 hours ago
BOOM BOOM MAN💥💥💥 || WIP 2/???
Tumblr media
HES COLORED NOW!!! I'll probably add a background... If I don't feel lazy lol
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royaldeceiver · 8 hours ago
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Tumblr media
re-drew this sero scene, he’s my fave character and i wanted to practice with things so the scene looks very different 
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iara-png · 9 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Dabi and Hawks Fusion ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ more Dabi than Hawks I guess, his dead skin is iconic uwu’ 
They are q u i t e dangerous, imagine: flaming feather sword ୧ ☉□☉ ୨
This.. this is someone that need teraphy urgently o3o poor boi
btw I’m aware of Dabi’s true hair color, but the black looked more like him, so Imagine as if it’s also painted or when they fused they kept the color they had (´ε` )
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im-a-cat-apparently · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
was practicing different poses and decided to make it bakugo - I figure the internet could always use more angry pomeranian energy
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konoblog-simps · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ever wanted to know what it was like to travel to that exotic place with that character that you love so much? Well now you can. The Konoha Simps is happy to say that the theme for day six is places. Whether it’s somewhere near or somewhere far we hope you love our adventures. We can’t wait to bring you along with us traveling on June 11th, 2021. ❤️ As always, a piece with a * in front of it is an art piece, and anything with a 💕 is a NSFW piece.
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