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don’t be shy and send your request! i write for bnha main characters but if you send me request for others characters, i’ll do my best!

  • it can be headcanons, one shots, drabbles…
  • doesn’t matter if it’s sfw or nsfw

please be specific if you want headcanons or other kind of writing style!


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My Hero Academia (SERIES) bakugo x reader

Y/N = your name

Warnings: Violence and swearing

Part 3- intruders

A/N: I’m not gonna lie, this part is kinda long lol. I hope you enjoy it tho :) Btw, if u want to read the other parts, click my page and they are right at the top.

Song: You know what they do to guys like us in prison- My Chemical Romance


Originally posted by lunxsole

The day had passed by quiet well. Well, until it was time to choose a class representative. Iida kept on going and going on about integrity and other stuff and you were done, “You need to choose your representative by the end of class.” You watched as your uncle fell down like a tower onto the ground and sighed, god I wish I brought mine. You watched as the entire class was bickering until they did ballots and the results were shown. You smiled for a split second, yay the little guy did it. But, you were surprised Iida only had one vote. You knew he would be a great leader, even if he was annoying, but sat back in your seat, “R-really? I’m class representative?” You looked up to see Bakugo furious, “Why does Deku get to be the leader?!” You coughed a bit and said, “Because it’s better than you.” His eye twitched a bit and he folded his arms, “Annoying brat.” “Egotistical fuck.” He turned to the front fully and you smirked, he’s so funny when he’s mad. By the time it was decided that it was going to be Midoriya and Yaoyorozu , you all headed out to lunch.

You don’t know why, but today you felt like you needed some alone time so, you headed up to the top of the building and was greeted with the bright blue sky. You sat on a bench by the edge when and you were about to sing when you heard the door open, dammit. You turned to see a guy, Tokoyami you think his name was, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think their was anyone here.” From what you saw in class, he didn’t talk much so you decided to let him stay, “It’s fine, you can hang if you want.” You looked around, “theirs plenty of room for the both of us.” You ate the jelly you packed for yourself and it was quiet comfortable. It wasn’t as awkward as you thought it would be.

“Thank you.” “Hm?” He looked like he was trying to say something, but his tongue became hard as lead, “Your parents, they are great people.” Oh, “Thank you. They try their best.” He nodded his head, “I once went to a concert of theirs, and it was the best thing ever. They are one of my biggest idols.” This, this is what your parents lived for. Hearing stories like his, and being great examples for you. You felt some of the stress that was building up flush away. You then grabbed the other jelly container and handed it to him, “Here.” He took it and bowed his head, “Thank you, Sorry for being a bother.” You began picking up your stuff, “It was no problem, anybody who looks up to my parents is worth my time.” His eyes widened in surprise and out the blue you guys heard an alarm of a intruder alert. The two of you looked down and found that it was just some reporters who broke in, “Oh, we’re fine then.” You then noticed how they destroyed the wall that prevented outsiders in, are we?

When you and made it back to your class, you heard that it was chaos in the cafeteria, thank god I wasn’t their. You later heard that Iida was a great at leading everyone and that’s why it was decided that he would the class representative at the end. You felt a smile creep up, I knew you could. He then rose his hand high, “First! I would like to ask who voted for me.” Everyone looked around and you glued your eyes to your desk, “It wasn’t me.”

“Well it wasn’t me either.” Shit. Finally, Aizawa announced that you guys would be doing a hero exercise and you were excited to say the least. He cut their conversation right on time, “It’s going to be a hero rescue exercise with All Might, some one else, and myself. And, you can take your costumes if you want.”

It was time and you all began boarding the bus and you didn’t know who to sit with, I guess it’s right here. You sat behind Todoroki and were drifting to sleep when they began talking about who were the strongest, “Well some of the flashiest quirks are Bakugou and Todoroki.” “Oh! and Aiuchi!” You heard Kirishima add on. “It’s true.” You heard Tokoyami reinforce, you then began hearing everyone agree and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks and covered your face with your cloak, oh god this is so weird.

You then felt the bus come to a stop and got up quickly and rushed to the front and made your way inside the building with the pro hero 13. You liked them very much, you thought they were a great example of what you stood up for so you listened carefully, “You all have to be careful about how you use your quirk, you need to use these special abilities to protect people and not kill.” You understood that and felt your nerves get the best of you, I hope I can control myself. You guys were still listening when the lights went out and portal opened up, “What the hell is that?” You were getting close to look when Aizawa stopped you, “Stay here.” You looked up and saw he was adjusting his goggles, “This isn’t part of the exercise, is it?” He shook his head and began walking towards the villains who came by the dozens, “Make sure you guys stay together.” You felt your heart beat faster, “What? No! I’m coming with you. You won’t be able to do this by-” He then yelled at you in a way he never had, “I said stay here!” And spoke to 13 about getting you guys out before going into battle. You felt your eyes water but you put the hood up. You took in a deep breath and ran to the front until you noticed Midoriya stuck in place, you grabbed his arm and ran quickly, “What are you thinking?! We have to stay together!”

You were about to make it outside when the guy who was like a void stood infront of the entrance and explained why they were here, “this is my part to play.” You saw that 13 was about to use her quirk when Kirishima and Bakugo hit the guy and you felt so much anger, “You two are strong ones” you heard the villain say. You ran to the front and grabbed the two idiots and heard 13 say, “You two, stay back!” The villain was strong and he was able to compose himself once more, “My job is to scatter you, and torture you to death!” You whispered in both of their ears, “run to the sides.” And watched as the villain enveloped you in his purple mist. You tried looking in and ran into it. You found Tokoyami and the tall shy guy trying to cover their eyes from the gust and decided to use your leg and kick them out the mist, “No, Aiuchi!” You felt yourself be tossed around and saw the guy from before trying to restrain Tokoyami, “I’m sorry.”

You felt your body crash into a building and the rain patter down on your skin, “Stupid impulse.” You ran into the mist before you could think and now, you were stuck in god knows where. You looked above and saw their were in the bottom.

start a riot…

You felt the anger coursing through you and held onto your head, “Stop it!” You began to feel the headache start, I wish mom was here. But this wasn’t time to think of such things. You began to calculate how many their was and saw their was about 20. Luckily for you, they began to destroy the buildings themselves. You jumped off the building and waited in an alley, taking in all the vibrations and waves. You could only take so many at a time, and you were reaching your limit. Your entire body began to vibrate with power to the point that your vision was becoming blurry. You took in deep breaths and was able to walk out into the open. The all spotted your shadowy figure and came charging at you quickly until you let it out.

“Remember honey, try to just concentrating your quirk into one hand.”

“What will happen if I use it all over my body mom?”

“You will destroy everything around you, so don’t do that y/n.”

“Sorry mom.”

Your body emitted the vibrations all over your body, from the palm of your hands, to the foot of your soles. You screamed in pain, feeling as if you were being ripped in half and launched yourself up as soon as you saw a building coming towards you. You boosted yourself up and broke the ceiling of the dome, and now, you felt like you were floating in place as you were coming back down, “We’re so proud of you Y/n! We knew you would make it in.” I can’t give up not right now.

“I said stay here!”

Your eyes opened wide, uncle Zawa.

You turned your body around and broke your fall with the little power of the shock waves you still had. You took a look around you, the entire city module went down, except for a few buildings in the far corners, and the dome you were inside in, even the ground cracked open. You looked at the giant crevice in disgust from above the dome, “go to hell, assholes.” You jumped off quickly and headed to the water zone, as you noticed a giant gust of wind occur, “Midoriya.”

Start a riot.

Sooner than you expected you went through the pathyway and saw that All Might had arrived. You felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders so you ran to the entrance. As you went through the forest, you took notice of Mineta, Tsuyu, Midoriya and please no…

You ran head on, “ZAWA.”

start a RIOT

You took Aizawa off your classmates and held him close to you, “No..” You felt your eyes burn and the tears came running down by the dozen but, they couldn’t see them because of your cloak. You whispered softly and moved his hair away from his face, “Don’t worry uncle Zawa, you’ll be okay.” You saw all his injuries and felt your emotions going out control. Stop it Y/N!

start A RIOT

You watched as Midoriya went into the battle and hugged Aizawa tighter, you were morphing, you needed to know your target before your vision becomes non existent. You looked ahead and saw a man with various hands, the one from before, and one that looked like a monster. You handed Tsuyu your uncle and took in long deep breaths, “Y/N?” You looked at her with what it felt like looking into her soul with your now pitch black eyes, “Go.”


You ran towards the battle at an ungodly speed and saw that Bakogu and Midoriya were going to crash. You ran quicker than before and pushed Midoriya out of the way for Bakogu could get the blow. He looked at you in shock and you watched as the floor became ice, “Aiuchi, Todoroki.” You could still see, All Might. He looked into your eyes and his grew wide, oh no she morphed again. But, you weren’t as rogue as before, although he could see you were fighting it. He got up quickly and fought the Numu while the rest of you fought the others.

What they didn’t notice at that moment was that All Might was struck once again by the Numu and was struggling to get up. The thing began to move and stood behind Bakugo and was going to strike him down with his powerful arm until you once again ran and took the hit for him that sent you flying, “Brat!” He was about to grab you mid air but, his grip slipped and you struck a tree trunk hard. Your classmates hairs stood on end, and they couldn’t see anything because of the ruble. Kirishima was the first one to ran after you and took a step back when he found you walking in their direction with no injury, “How could she stand after that?!” You ran to the battle with your fist in the air ready to struck the void and your vision became pitch black. The dark side of you had consumed you, and you couldn’t get out.

You tried your hardest, until finally you felt that part weaken and you could see the ceiling of the place again. You knew you were in someone’s arms. You looked at them for a quick second and saw it was the ticking time bomb, looking ahead. You closed your eyes once again for your quirk wouldn’t control them, only yourself.

“My cellmate’s a killer

They make me do push-ups in drag

But nobody cares if you’re losing yourself…

Am I losing myself?

Well, I miss my Mom..

Will they give me the chair?

Oh, nobody knows all the trouble I’ve seen…”

Finally your vision was clear and you were now in an ambulance carrier. You looked in front of you for a second, and saw Bakugo staring at you with a mix of fear and anger in his eyes. You let your head rest once again, and noticed your uncle was right by your side. You held onto him and breathed in the pattern the paramedics told you, until, you slipped away but this time, peacefully, you could rest now.

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MHA headcanon SPOILERS AHEAD !!!!

Based on Ellen Hopkins book Identical {you dont have to read it in order to understand this HC}

So after catching up on the manga a certain panel has caught my attention


So my headcanon is what if somehow Natsuo and Touya share a body ???

There’s theories going around that Dabi might be a noumu so what if the Doctor experimented on Natsuo and somehow made it so that dabi and Natsuo share a body ???

Like what if Natsuo is really Dabi wit Touyas motivation ???

Idk where I got it from but I remember a show were the hero was actually the bad guy but didn’t know because they were two different people and in the ending of Identical the main character was sharing a body wit her twin without her knowing it until shes reminded that her twin was killed in an accident

Like what if they both got hurt and the doctor found them but realized Touya was going to die and he begged the doctor to save his little brother ???

What if the doctor took Touyas quirk and mind and placed it in Natsuos body and now hes sharing it wit his brother without even realizing it ???

It would explain why Natsuo can hear Touyas voice …

Anywhore this is just a fun little headcanon that I want to turn into a fic so tell me what you guys think ^^

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) bakugo x reader

Y/N = your name

Warnings: swearing and some violence

A/N: You can find part 1 in my page if you are interested :)

Part 2


Originally posted by neverfearlizzieishere

It was your first day at your new school and you were ecstatic to say the least. You decided to go by yourself today, you didn’t want to bother Aizawa or Yamada to drive you their. You skated your way through the streets while blaring your favorite music from your headphones and came at a stop in the entrance watching as others entered and you strolled passed them. Before you went into your class, you decided to touch up on your hair and look at your fit. You tilted your head and huffed, you had your black (I’m sorry but we gotta make it your dads hair in the story) hair with golden highlights and placed it in a ‘fuck it I don’t care’ ponytail. You then looked down at the three silver rings on your fingers and rubbed them softly, “Wish me luck guys,” and headed to your class.

You walked around with ease and found your class for the year:Class 1A. You were about to walk into the when your eyes bulged out of your sockets, well fuck me. Right in front of you, the two boys and the girl from the test were here, roadrunner made it?! The three caught sight of you and the one with glasses looked as shocked as you, “Hello, I am Iida.” You clutched the straps on your backpack, “Aiuchi.” He was taken aback by your response and bowed his head and began to ramble loudly, “IM SORRY FOR THE WAY I ACTED I-“. You tried hiding the panic in your eyes and shoved your hands into your schools suit pockets, “It’s fine dude, just don’t be rude anymore.”

“Go somewhere else if you play at being friends.”

You stood their frozen and instantly knew the voice behind you, please don’t tell me. You turned around and looked at the ground to see Aizawa looking at you dead in the eye and you returned the glare, why the hell didn’t he tell me?! He moved around in the all to well known what you liked to call ‘caterpillar suit’ and drank something, “This is a hero course,” and got up. You took some steps back, “it took you eight minutes to quiet down.” As if I care, “time is limited. You kids aren’t rational enough.” You narrowed your eyes, is that a challenge?! He stopped staring at you and began speaking again as he now sat up straight, “I’m your homeroom teacher, Shota Aisawa, nice to meet you.” You clenched your fist as the rest of the class gasped in shock, meanie!

After talking about other stuff and telling you to change into your P.E clothes, You made your way out into the field and walked by yourself, until, “Hello! I’m Midoriya, i don’t know if you remember me but-“ You patted him in the back, “nice to see you made it, Midoriya,” and walked back to be with Aizawa. The boy looked a little clueless but soon realized you needed a word with your teacher and walked ahead, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” He looked like he was bout to pass out from exhaustion, “Because I knew you would react like that.” You shoved your tantrum deep down and took a deep breath, “Did Yama know?”


You looked surprised, “That’s the longest he held a secret”

“I told him this morning.” You expected something like that from him, “Good move.” He suddenly stopped in his tracks and your brows furrowed, “Y/n, just because your my niece, it won’t mean you get favoritism.” You looked taken aback by the comment, “You know I would never ask for it uncle za- Mr. Aizawa.” You saw a smirk form, “I knew you wouldn’t.” You rolled your eyes playfully, he knows me to damn well.

You watched as he called the first guy, since he finished first in the practical exam, “you can use your quirk but you have to stay inside of the circle.” You watched as he flung his arm aggressively and yelled from the top of his lungs, “DIE!” Everyone was in shock, except for you who tried to hold in a chuckle, die, really? Isn’t that too hardcore? You leaned against the metal poll and watched as they all freaked out as he explained the instructions. He then explained that today he was going to see the limit of our powers and he then later said that he would expell the person who came last, “What?! On the first day?!” You heard a kid say behind you. If you knew anything about your uncle, it was that he was a softie at heart. No way in hell would he send someone home on their first day. But, you decided to still give it your best.

By the end of the entire obstacle, it turned out that you were right and sat on the ground. You looked for your name and found that you and that Bakugo guy came close but he was first. It pissed you off knowing such a douche won but, it was fun to watched how mad he was to find out you were so close behind. His palms sparked and he spoke lowly, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Soon enough, it was time to go home and you went with Aizawa. You pestered him about going to the cat cafe which he agreed.

The next day..

You walked into your classroom with ease and you did not like your seat at all. On the side of you, Bakugo, and from the other side you had Iida. At least behind you was a kid named Todoroki. You remembered seeing him at the hero meetings when you were young but you brushed it off. He was alright you guessed. The day passed quiet slow, except for the morning when Present mic was trying to be all serious around you but kept messing up. You almost let out a loud laugh but, you composed yourself easily.

You were in your last class before lunch when you noticed Bakugo was trying to intimidate Midoriya. Oh hell no. You watched as Midoriya looked at you and then at Bakugo and he then looked at you. You glared daggers at him and he burned holes through you. It felt like a while, until you decided to use your side you don’t like to use to scare him a little. For a split second you used a part of you that you didn’t like to make your eyes pitch black and he looked away sternly in response. You laid back in your chair and listened to the lesson, idiot.

After everyone left the room, Aizawa and present mic came by to see you in your seat and with your lunch in hand. Yamaha was going to greet you when you smashed his head onto your bento box and began to laugh histerically, “Uncle Yama?! What was that!” He tried laughing it off with style, trying no to embarrass himself in front of Aizawa, “my little rockstar! I don’t know what you mean!” You looked at Aizawa with a look that read ‘I’ll tell you later’ and walked to the teachers lounge. You sat on Aizawas desk and nonchalantly ate your food. You pretty much knew everyone and they’ve known you since you were a child, so they were cool with it. You slid across the room and ate your cold soba, “So, what’s the lesson plan for today.” He looked over at weary man, “you’ll see.”

Not another minute later to settle into your seat, and the actual All Might was here. You knew him pretty well. You kept contact with him after the incident and was a good person to talk about shit with. He intruscted for you guys to change into your suits and god you were so happy. By the time you came out, everyone else was changed and you loved your design. You wore an all black body suit that was quiet easy to move in with chains around your waist. You decided you may use them like Aizawa does. You also loved that the extra tool you wanted came through. It was an enhanced guitar made of the hardest medal. You draped the grey cloak on top of you and walked out with your purple mask feeling like a bad ass through and through. A girl who had headphone jacks hanging on both sides of her ears finally knew where she recognized you from, “It’s her.”

The entire class turned to her, “What about her?” asked Uraraka. The girls eyes grew in amazement, “She’s y/n Aiuchi, daughter of The Enchanter and Tremor. Or better known as The Legacy!” Midoriya couldn’t believe he didn’t connect the dots before, your parents were number 7 in the rank of hero’s and he now felt so honored for being protected by you. You heard from afar and let out a small sigh, “It’s gonna be a long day.” It’s not like you were mean, you were just really tired and had to soon let it out to get some good rest. All might came up to you and the class crowded around you, “As I said before, you will be doing a combat exercise.” You looked around, I don’t think I want to beat anybody- then, Bakugo huffed at you, nevermind. “Their will be groups of two, your partner has been chosen and you will either be a hero or a villain.” You sighed, it can’t be any worse, “y/n it will be you and Kirishima.” You looked at your enthusiastic classmate as he waved at you in a friendly manner and smiled back, “God… Why.”

You guys turned out to be the hero’s and that was much better for you. You guys were against the perv of Mineta and Yaoyoruzu, she seemed somewhat mean but hey, you weren’t the type to judge. After watching Bakugos and Midoriyas fight, you felt your blood boil, why does he have to be like that? The line shortened, and in no time, it was your turn. You stretched infront of the building and Kirishima looked at you shyly, “So, do you have a plan?” You were caught off guard, and he rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m not the planning type you can say heh, just to rummage through to my goal.” Rummage… rummage.. ram! You whispered ever so slightly, “You’re a genius Kirishima.” At the top Yaoyoruzu was making things to keep you guys from making it to the top. She didn’t even have a moment to react as she saw Kirishima ram through the barrier she made with you on his back. She tried to get back and make something else but it was to late. Your body was vibrating with energy from holding onto Kirishima while he emitted different waves when he would make contact with a wall or a barrier. They all watched as you clashed both your hands together to make one of your waves that sent them flying across the room. Sadly, they hit some pillars and you saw that they both knocked out. You ran towards them to check their vitals, but, they were fine, like they were sleeping.

You both came out the building with your two other classmates at hand and heard All Might announce, “The Hero team wins!” The red head walked with you to the old lady’s nursery and gave you a warm smile, “We make a pretty good team y/n!” His enthusiasm, it reminded you so much of them. You felt your heart shatter a bit and you tried giving him the kindest face you could, although you couldn’t smile, “Yeah, we do.”

On your way back, he talked to you about how you could sit next to him in lunch, since he did notice that he wouldn’t see you in the cafeteria. You were surprised that he noticed, but you kindly declined and told him that you were fine where you were. Being the good person he is, Kirishima apologized, “Oh I’m sorry! B-but if you ever need to talk to someone,” he pointed at himself and you felt like the sun was shining brightly behind him, “I am always here for you. Because thats what friends do!” At first, you thought his intentions were to get an autograph from you but, later on, you saw he was out going like that. You nodded your head in response, “Thank you, I will notify you when I do.”

It was late noon and the class passed by with no sign of Midoriya. You felt so bad for the guy until he popped up in the frame of the door. You saw one of the first people to rush up to him was Kirishima and smile inwardly. You listened closely as your other classmates were praising him and put your feet up and tried falling up asleep when, “Hey! You shouldn’t put up your feet on the desk!” You opened one eye and closed it again, “Tell something to that guy, he’s the one sitting on it.” You opened one eye slightly and saw how Iida was now scolding the poor guy, sorry my guy. You were beginning to fall asleep when you heard Midoriya was going to look for Bakugo and got up, that guy is gonna give him hell. You got up abruptly and headed towards the door, “Aiuchi, where do you think your going.” You didn’t have to turn to know it was Iida, “Bathroom.”

You walked around the halls until you heard yelling ahead and looked down at the UA entrance from above to see Bakugo screaming at Midoriya. You felt bad for Midoriya, until you heard Bakugo say “I will be number one!”

“I will be the greatest . Just you wait and see.”

You decided that maybe this was a personal manner so you shoved your headphones in to the max volume and just observed to see if anything got out of hand. Luckily, you saw All Might swoop in so you decided to call it quits. You felt a nerve being struck when you heard him say that as you heard the pain in his words.

Perhaps their was more to Bakugo than what you thought. All you knew that both of you were two sides of the same coin.

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hey! i’m thinking about posting a series, so with that on the day, i shall be closing the requests for now. my asks box, however, shall be open but any requests that will be sent before the series ends will automatically go to queue. thank you~♡

here’s the first part

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‘You find out you are pregnant, but Shouto isn’t ready to be a father. Worried he might react negatively, you decide not to tell him and leave for the sake of your child. Will he find you?

Pairing: Pro Hero!Shouto Todoroki x Fem!Reader.

Warnings: angsty??, unplanned pregnancy, cursing.

Word count: 1,301

Playlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

― ― ―

Midnight struck on the clock and the house was in complete silence, a great contrast with the chaos that had let loose a few hours earlier. After Shouto’s confession, y/n had practically broken down in bitter sobs and tears, scream-arguing that he could have been smoother with his reaction if he was actually meaning on doing what he said. The only thing stopping her from physically beating him up was Anya and Izuku screaming at her to stop stressing so much or she and her babies could get hurt, meanwhile Shouto kept yelling apologies back to her, his fight against his own tears practically impossible to keep up.

Keep reading

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Everything is the same but... Nana and AFO were together, like, husband and wife and even had a child together (I think his name was Kotaro..?) that means Tenko is AFO's grandchild

that would make family dinners awkward if AFO is still a villain…

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) bakugo x reader

Y/n= your name

Warnings: some swearing lol

Summary: You are the daughter of, an infamous pro hero, rock duo and get enrolled into UA! You weren’t the type to frolic around and talk to others because of your fiery personality and tend to be the analytical type instead. But, after meeting your hot headed classmate, you begin to keep an eye on him.

A/N: idk even know how this happened lmao. Either way, I hope you enjoy the story!

Part 1


Originally posted by lovepeacexxoo

After finishing your meal, you ran to your uncles home and noticed he was inside his car already, “Yo! Let’s go before we get their late.” Yes, the infamous present Mic was your uncle. You couldn’t have asked for a kinder and cooler person to take care of you and spend the summer with. “So, are you ready for the most epic showdown?!” You felt a rush of electricity rush through your veins and bumped your fist up in the air, “Hell Yeah uncle Yama!” He laughed a little too loudly at your spirit.

Your mother, Bito Yamada was Hizashi’s younger sister who had and still has a strong relationship with her brother. After thinking that he left her deaf from all his screaming (which she tolerated), she found her quirk. She was able to pick up her decided targets beat from any remote part of their body and was able to transform it into a positive or negative experience. That day, their mother had a massive headache and Bito was able to match the pounding from her moms migraine, to herself and slowed down the beating, resulting in the vanishing of her headache. It was soon realized that she could manipulate, absorb and then release different waves to her will. From the beating of a heart, to the crashing shocks of a falling building. As soon as she reached her adulthood, she was mostly deaf in both ears but, it didn’t really bother her, all she needed was the beat of the drums. Either way, she had a unique set of hearing aids that almost gave her a regular hearing range and she was content with that. Bito found the positive side saying that she could now have long conversations with her brother without it bothering her, all she had to do was pop those babies out, and she was fine.

Your father though, Hiroshi Aiuchi was a different kind of extraordinary. He was a rock legend through and through. Yes, it was true that his combat skills were unstoppable, but his quirk was just as amazing. He found it later on in life in his first year of being in middle school. He had been isolated and told that he was a quirkless nobody. Soon after, he entered the talent contest at school and found it their. He wrote a personalized song and sang from the bottom of his heart, how cramped he felt, almost claustrophobic. Not a minute later, people began to crash into the ground, claiming that the walls were closing in. It was evident what his quirk was, Siren. With the help of his vocal chords, he can cast illusions to how many people he pleases, to the point that they believe whatever he casts to be real or use them to show a storyline. And they all vary from the range of his emotions. It can be beautiful, seeing the bright city lights, to petrifying a person in place, or become brutal commands, almost like brainwashing the person and making them forget their quirk. You once heard that he used that tactic a few times, and those villains became crazier than before, knowing something was missing, but not knowing what it was. He did his best to be a helpful person, since he didn’t have much growing up, only the person he recalled to be the closest to family, Shota Aizawa. They lived in the same neighborhood and him being one year older than your father, he stopped by his home to check up on him everyday. Your father would ramble on and on about how grateful he was to have your uncle and so were you. Even to this day they are close, whenever they are in town and not touring, he would go with him on his nightly patrols and he enjoyed the time catching up.

Your parents were right now were on tour and said they would cheer you on. They liked doing some hero work doing the day, and then rock it during the night. To be honest, you could have gotten to U.A. with an easy letter of recommendation but, you declined both Aizawas and Yamadas offers. You told them you wanted to prove yourself to be worthy, or you thought you got an easy start.

You now stood outside the building as Present Mic ran inside from the back entrance. You took in a deep breath and nonchalantly made your way inside. You sat by a boy with silver rectangular glasses and noticed his concentrated look, this dude gotta chill you thought. Soon after, you watched as your uncle screeched on about being a hero and tried so hard not to laugh. Suddenly, the kid next to you gets up and starts yapping about some questions he had and turned to look at the kid behind you, saying that he was murmuring, “God, just leave the kid alone..”

You were then escorted outside to your testing grounds and noticed everyone talking to someone, you grumbled, this is stupid. You then hear a stream of laughters behind you and listened closely, “Now theirs one less person we have to worry about.” Oh hell no. You turned quickly and stood in front of the smaller guy, “Keep your distance and focus on yourself.” He was much taller than you, but you didn’t give a shit. He looked down at the silver rings on your fingers and turned the other way quietly. As you looked around to see who else would challenge you, everyone looked away. “T-thank you for y-your help that-.” You backed away from him and went onto the opposite corner, “No problem,” and waited for the signal.

Suddenly, you heard the words and ran into the field quickly, surpassing everyone, except that boy from before. Your brows knitted together, “Game on road runner.”

You ran to the center and turned a corner to find it filled with robots. You let out a mischievous smirk and cracked your knuckles, “piece of cake.” You planted your hands onto the ground, absorbing all shock waves coming from the robots movements and when the time came, you sent that power back to the robots from the palm of your hand, making most of them crash onto the buildings where they would not move anymore. “Yow! That was an epic move!” You looked up at the speakers and giggled, “he’s going to be in trouble for that one.” You turned around to find many of the contestants faces filed with scowles, “Hey that’s not fair! You took down almost half the robots!” You shrugged your arms, “not my problem,” and ran back to the center.

As soon as you made it back, you launched yourself up some buildings with your absorption booms and crossed your legs, “I think that’s enough, I need to leave some for the little guy.” Suddenly you saw the robot that had painted 0 points, “oh, you got to be kidding me.” You looked down and saw how everyone ran in terror and noticed a girl under the rubble. You were about to jump down when you saw the small boy from the beginning, “Oh, ok. He’s gonna save the day..” You then took in what you said and looked at the robot wide eyed, “He’s gonna save the day…” You inhaled a large breath and tried to not get frustrated.



Soon after, you were taken back home and sat in your seat with the biggest scowl etched onto your face, “Hey girl! What’s with face?” You made your seat go back and groaned, “That robot, it was worth many points.” “Whaaat? I don’t know what-”

“I know now.”

“Oh, well then yeah.”

He looked over to the passengers seat to see your eyes turn dark and your eye twitching, “DAMMIT.”

“Hey! Language girl.”

A few days passed and you heard a knock from your door. You knew Yamada was going to pass by so you opened the door to find him with cracking some confetti and a small chocolate cake at hand, “Congratulations rockstar! You are now a student of U.A.!” You squealed in excitement and hugged him tightly, “I’m so happy uncle Yama!” He put down the cake and gave you a proper hug, “You deserve it y/n, you put in a lot of hard work and got in!” You knew you made your parents proud and sighed, “Yeah, I do.”

“So now lets go to your celebratory dinner, Aizawa is going to be their.” You locked the door behind you and slammed it shut while tugging on his jacket, “Let’s go then, we shouldn’t make him wait any longer!” He narrowed his eyes, their is favoritism occurring.. He laughed it off sadly, it’s just me. He looked down and saw you wearing the custom made eraserhead shirt you had on and felt like crying. yeah, just me.

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Since Everyone is Bored in quarantine so here’s a 30 day drawing challenge (try not to repeat characters)

  1. Draw your best boy in general
  2. Draw your best girl in general
  3. Favorite student in 1A
  4. Favorite student in 1B
  5. Favorite student from the side characters (like support class)
  6. Favorite teacher of UA
  7. Favorite pro hero
  8. Favorite villian
  9. Draw who you believe is the UA traitor as a villian
  10. Draw your favorite side character (like small characters who show for a few chapters such as Kota or someone from vigalatines)
  11. Draw your least favorite character
  12. Draw your OTP
  13. Draw your BROTP
  14. Draw your NONOTP
  15. Draw someone with a physical/mutation quirk quirkless basically appearing himan(such as Toru or Tokyomami, Mina counts)
  16. Draw yourself in your favorite characters clothing
  17. Draw yourself with a quirk after doing a whats your quirk quiz
  18. Draw your favorite none my hero Academia super hero meeting Allmight or any mha pro hero
  19. Draw an AU with your favorite anime
  20. Draw an AU with your favorite none anime show
  21. Draw the forst character you loved
  22. Draw your favorite characters and least favorite character with a clothing swap
  23. Just draw Touya Todorki cause we all wanna see him
  24. Click suffle on your music and draw a character based on the song that showed up
  25. Draw a character dressed as a character played by the same voice actor of the character (Examples being J Micheal Tatum the English voice of Iida dressed as Sebastian from black butler)
  26. Draw Mineta but attractive
  27. Draw someone in the fantasy au
  28. Draw someone as a pokemon trainer
  29. Draw someone at Hogwarts
  30. Draw someone in the future as a pro hero
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AU where instead of being crusty Tomura has abnormally smooth and perfect skin, even on the hands. People keep trying to kidnap him for their skincare ads, and it's part of why he's a villain

That’s also how he gets money for the normus

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— ♡ masterlist

request guidelines

☾—k. bakugo ;;

i. you’re in my way! (part one) | (part two)

ii. my princess (part one) | (part two)

iii. i love you

☾—s. aizawa ;;

i. reacting to his s/o having a powerful bur uncontrollable quirk (hcs) + present mic & all might

ii. have you seen her?

iii. having a quirkless but strong s/o (hcs) + all might & present mic

☾—k. takami (hawks) ;;

i. baby bird, i’m home!

ii. having a famous singer as his s/o (hcs)

iii. betrayal

☾—s. todoroki ;;

i. don’t let it leave

ii. see me for who i am

☾—e. kirishima ;;

i. you’re the best

☾—t. shigaraki ;;

i. as your gamer boyfriend (hcs)


hold me (shigaraki tomura) – in which shigaraki tries to remember his past.

introduction ;

  • part one
  • part two
  • part three
  • part four
  • part five
  • part six

if you wanna be part of my taglist, let me know! also, send me a request through my asks or message me! ~♡

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in which you found out he isn’t who he really is.

° drabble; angst.

taglist: @bnha-almost-a-hero @diary-of-deadweight @bakugobiddies @thatoneidiotdownthestreet @spicyfoodboi @prismaroyal (let me know if you want to be a part of my taglist!)

— ❦

“keigo,” his face softened as he turned from dabi towards you. you stood at the end of the alleyway, in your hero suit with your quirk flaring from your hands. “after all this time…” you didn’t want to accept it. it was too much.

the love of your life–your significant other–was the one helping the villains behind your back. you felt hurt, anger, hatred, betrayed. you felt betrayed. “i thought you were with us…” your voice was shaking, eyes clouding with tears, and your heart felt like it was getting ripped off your chest.

“but you aren’t. you betrayed us.” you growled, glaring at him. hawks, on the other hand, simply looked at you, not a single emotion plastered upon his gorgeous face. this was the man that vowed his life to you, but here he was, betraying the whole hero association. for what? more power? what?

the villain, dabi, besides him sighed and began walking towards you. “you heroes are so nosy,” he said, flicking his hand to activate his blue flames. your eyes widened as he outstretched it towards your direction, a smirk grazed upon his scarred lips. “this is why i hate heroes.” he spoke and the flames bursted towards you.

you jumped, barely missing it. you landed back, holding your burned arm as you hissed in pain. dabi shot another string of flames, this time effectively hitting your lower body. you laid on the pavement, looking at the stars as they twinkled above you.

“baby bird, i haven’t even started yet,” he chuckled, wiping your tears away yet his own was falling down his red cheeks. you laughed and looked down at the paper that he held within his hands. he cleared his throat, grabbing the microphone before looking at you with passion swirling in his golden eyes, “so, uh, where do i start? oh, yes! the day i flew straight into your office window because, ya know, i’m fucking blind.”

“that’s enough, dabi. let me take care of this.” his voice was rougher and deeper, piercing through your heart as you breathed heavily. you winced as dabi looked down at you, his icy blues darting towards yours before he walked away. you heard him say something to hawks before his footsteps became fainter and fainter.

“on that day, you opened your arms for me and you accepted me for who i really am. you changed me because years ago, i never thought i would see myself within this church, saying my vow to the most gorgeous woman in front of me.”

hawks knelt besides you, pain plastered with his face as his eyes met yours. you smiled softly at him, “hey, pretty bird.” your voice was distant to him but you were there. you were here, laying on the pavement besides him. he told himself that he wouldn’t cry, he couldn’t, he shouldn’t. you had it coming, he thought, but no matter how many times the voices told him that, it physically hurt him.

“i promise, as your pretty bird, that i will give you my best and bring out the best in you. i promise to hold you when you’re cold or when you’re clingy,” you laughed, wiping the tears away from your cheeks. “i promise to be the one who you can lean on when things get hard for you. i promise to be your rock, your best friend, your love, and your everything. i promise to open myself to you the way you opened yourself to me. i promise to be the source of your happiness and strength.”

hawks remained silent as he grabbed the feather blade that he was holding earlier, placing it on his lap. you looked at the blade before turning your gaze back to him, the gentle smile on your lips, “do what you need to do, keigo.” something in him snapped at your words–it broke him. you were completely surrendering yourself to him and he didn’t like it. if he were to let you live, the hero commission would find out and execute you themselves, so he was left with no choice.

no one should know about this. not even you, his beloved wife.

“i promise to make you smile and tickle you whenever you get mad. i promise to not be late whenever we have dates, and i promise to protect you with all my heart because i love you. i love your smile, your face, your butt,” you smacked his shoulder, making him wink at you. “your personality, your eyes, everything. god, i love you so much that i would trade everything to be with you.”

what was he going to do?

he lifted the blade up, closing his eyes while you simply looked at him. “i love you.” you whispered.

“now and forever, (name). always yours.”

what was he going to do?

he was going to…




“i can’t.” he whispered, dropping the blade and taking you in his arms. you hissed as he grazed his arm on your burns. he apologized and littered your face with kisses. he explained everything to you, even the risk that was at stake but he didn’t care. he didn’t want to live in a reality without you. no, he couldn’t.

he couldn’t.

“i love you, keigo takami.”

“and i love you, (name) takami.”

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Au when izuku is sick normaly he has fever dreams and starts to beat the shit out of people and say things without any "sense" like calls bakugo ( mr.porqypine),all might (dad, and becames very clingy following everywhere),to ochacko (princess),lida (robot-niichan),todoroki (Santa),kimanari(pichu),aizawa (hobo cat),momo(Miss wizard),Tsui and Mina( calls they hero names) ,tokayami (edgelord),kirishima(Good Dragon),shinso(Aizawa jr),Jico(Roll),Ojiro(karate kid),mineta(he just beats up), and more?
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