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bokuakafluffysowlmates · 4 hours ago
Akaashi would make a playlist of songs for each and every subject that Bokuto studies.
"Math playlist"
"Science playlist"
"English playlist"
And the list goes on.
He simply want to ease the tension that Bokuto has whenever he studies while all the more allowing his boyfriend to have a bit of fun by listening to some tunes.
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bokuakafluffysowlmates · 4 hours ago
Bokuaka in where Bokuto forms heart gestures with his hands for Akaashi no matter the occasion.
When they were in highschool, Bokuto would offer cute finger hearts to Akaashi from the outside of his classroom before Akaashi is to take on important exam. Oftenly giving him a finger heart when his boyfriend starts overthinking. When post volleyball training was a little more solemn due to Akaashi's small mood slump, Bokuto would form a small finger heart to Akaashi instead of shouting "Your tosses are the best!" or causing a fuss after every toss cause he knows Akaashi needs some space. Slightly, Bokuto can make up a smile from Akaashi's lips whenever he does it so he continues doing so.
When they grew up and the timeskip happened, Bokuto would form a heart with his two hands rather than mere two fingers. Always showing the heart to Akaashi. As the years went on, Akaashi's slight smile formed into something happier. Warmer. All for one Bokuto Koutarou.
When they married and Koutarou was part of Team Japan, his heart gestures went beyond his hands and now extended to his arms. He would raise his arms and arch them to make his fingers touch his head and form a big heart. Koutarou lets his love for Keiji be known to the world unhesitantly. Akaashi was no longer smiling. He was laughing. Bubbles of laughter--giggles even-- would grace Keiji's lips to the point that those seated around him were curious what he was laughing at. To which he would quitely respond in his head: Koutarou. Koutarou makes him laugh, makes him smile.
It's something so genuinely wholesome that it makes Bokuto's own heart skip a beat whenever he saw the pure joy on his husband's face. Continuosly and endlessly does he show his love for Keiji.
And to Keiji, he couldn't ask for anything else.
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ffamranxii · 7 hours ago
Kuroo: (screams)
Bokuto: (screams louder to assert dominance)
Akaashi: ...Should we do something?
Kenma: No, I want to see who wins this.
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saintone · 13 hours ago
hey! Beta reader here! I love reading fics and have experience correcting texts. I want to work together on something we will both love!
Dm if you are interested, long-fic or one-shot, tell me what you are hoping for and we can see if it works for both!
También leo fics en español! Si buscas a alguien dime !
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nissakii · 14 hours ago
Is Nishinoya an ESFP? MBTI Analysis with Functions
With a height of 159cm and the number 4 on his back, our fierce libero of Karasuno has always a big presence wherever he is.
One of the manliest among the crows and with his apparent animal-like instincts he never fails to impress the people around him.
All those things are visible by simply looking at Nishinoya first hand by watching the anime or reading the manga.
But there is another thing: Nishinoya is an ESFP.
Something you cannot directly see on first glance.
Oh yes, for those of you who are not familiar with MBTI personality test, the MBTI personality test basically gives the tester four letters meaning you are either E or I, N or T, F or S, and lastly J or P.
Last time in our post we only covered those letters and didn’t go much deeper into the cognitive functions, we only went over the letters without making any connections to the stack.
As an supposed ESFP Nishinoya’s stack is the following: Se-Fi-Te-Ni.
Step by step we will cover each function, it’s meaning considering the position on the stack and also Nishinoya’s extroverted nature (E).
I will show you my deep analysis on Nishinoya’s personality type through my own observations until the latest season and the manga (status: season 3), showing you in detail why Nishinoya is potentially an ESFP. (Yes this is a spoiler warning.)
Let’s not wait any longer and dive into the journey of Nishinoya’s personality!
Tumblr media
Ever wondered that there are people who are either surrounded by a group or have someone else around, but you never see them alone?
That’s extroversion, the kind of person who feels the most energized and happy when they can be around others.
The E in ESFP stands for the trait that shows how someone ‘charges’ their battery, meaning if they get exhausted by spending time alone or with people. In case of an extrovert, they get easily drained when they are spending time alone and derive their energy when they are around others, seeking much more social contact to refill the battery.
And Nishinoya is just that kind of person if you observe him throughout the anime.
The very first indicator of his obvious extroversion can be seen right away when he is introduced in the series, someone who is very loud and open-minded, boldly saying anything that comes into his mind at the moment.
After Hinata talks to for the first time he shows an easy-going and open nature that seems ready to interact with even strangers. He gets easily excited as seen when Hinata called him senpai and he immediately got carried away by that offering him anything he wants in return, teaching him at any time he wants to.
Not only does he get excited over that single thing but in several other scenes you can see him as a moodmaker as he pushes away the most negative aura due to the excitement of a new opponent he can learn from or confront.
He doesn’t fear direct confrontation and speaking his mind, and even when got suspended, the others asked him how he was in such good form despite being absent. Nishinoya stated that he had trained with the neighborhood women and other people to keep his training on-going.
After returning to Karasuno and playing as a regular again, it’s seen that he casually talks to the new members as well as his upperclassmen.
Additionally Nishinoya is always standing next to someone, very close, jumps on their back or like in Tsukishima’s case even bites his shoulder despite the fact he isn’t that close to him.
A true extrovert through and through.
Dominant Se:
Tumblr media
Our first actual function, the dominant Se.
What is Se?
Se is a perceiving function aka the S for Sensing and since we established Nishinoya is an extrovert the first function on his Stack is, to no surprise, also extraverted.
Therefore Nishinoya’s dominant function is extraverted Sensing.
What does that mean now?
Having a perceiving function as your dominant function can already say a lot how you interact with the world around you and it’s the first thing people will notice when they look at you without even having to interact with you.
Since the dominant function is the first one that develops in our functional stack it’s the strongest and the most natural one we use, meaning it’s the easiest to use.
The Se in Nishinoya’s stack being his first function represents a lot about how we perceive him as a person, it could also be seen as the function when you introduce someone and the first words you would describe a person with.
What are the first words you would describe Nishinoya with?
Probably a lot and I can tell you: all of them would fall into the Dom Se category!
Now after a long explanation let’s see what the Dom Se is actually telling us.
His dominant function tells us that Nishinoya interacts with the world directly as his relationship with the world is established through physical sensation, it relies on sensory experience meaning what is happening around me is a constant question that his subconscious is trying to answer by observing the things around him.
Stimulating experiences to get a kick of adrenaline and enjoying the world around him, taking any opportunity that comes his way as he spots them and takes advantage of them.
People with Dom Se can be described as adventurous, loud, bold, courageous, adaptable and entertaining.
They also think that actions speak more than words, does that ring a bell?
Starting with the most obvious part is his strong sense of focussing on opportunities as he brushes off worries and concerns that others might have by playing them off, especially Asahi is someone he always explains not to be a worrywart, he often scolds Asahi for whining a lot instead of properly doing something unlike some other Aces.
Another one would be wearing shirts with word plays on them, especially those which sounded manly to him, as he also is determined to become a manly man despite his height and does live by those principles to fulfill the desire of becoming what he wishes to be instead of simply saying it or pretending to.
This is not the only decision he made based on the excitement he felt, even joining Karasuno was due to the fact he liked the uniforms and wanted to wear them as he regarded them as cool and manly.
His way of intaking all the events happening is clearly shown in the anime many times.
Nishinoya never takes his eyes off whenever they are playing or watching someone, always having the people and events around him in sight.
In-game his reflexes are unmatched as seen in the first Dateko match in season one where he got the ball with his foot at the last second.
Shortly before the first Seijoh vs Karasuno match, Hinata and Nishinoya were sitting next to each other watching Oikawa serve against another team. Especially in the manga Nishinoya emphasizes his strong desire to receive one of his serves since he mentioned that in his middle-school years he heard about an extremely talented setter that had powerful serves, even though they were not that strong like the current Oikawa.
His adventurous and courageous side wanting to enjoy the challenges around him is seen here clearly. He never directly spoke to Oikawa and in the practice match he wasn’t there but immediately spotted him. He also got angry when Aone spoke to Karasuno before their first match as he still holds a small grudge against him, even though he wasn’t at the scene at that point he always looks around and spotted them talking, quickly joining in.
Nishinoya’s constant watch on what is happening around him is also shown when he receives during practice despite just arriving at the gym or training independently without anyone asking him to receive, he also looks out for his team members and has a close watch on his opponents all the time like Yaku from Nekoma who stated that people like Nishinoya who constantly watch others with the desire to grow are indeed scary.
Yet those parts also show us that Nishinoya’s Se can go into extremes that may be considered unhealthy.
We see that Nishinoya is very moody at times and his behaviour flips in an instant, which can be - in Daichi’s case f.e - very annoying and unpredictable.
Nishinoya is a serious player and we also see him being hard-working showing us that he actually cares about his team but at other times his simple curiosity and superficial mindset can cause more trouble, yet we see it rather off-court than on-court when he interacts with people.
Auxiliary Fi:
Tumblr media
The second function on his stack: Auxiliary Fi.
The feeling side we can observe in Nishinoya without digging too deep is also due to the function being rather on the top of the stack as the second function works like a support for the dominant óne.
Fi stands for introverted Feeling which is one of the judging functions, since Nishinoya’s Dominant Se is a perceiving one the information he constantly gathers also needs processing to evaluate situations and develop a good moral judgement before rushing to things.
Therefore the Se-Fi works like that: Se intakes information that Fi is going to process and evaluate properly in order to reduce more damage and help his emotional state by not completely being too reckless.
Being the second function Nishinoya resisting his Fi would be quite hard so we can see a lot of moments he actually uses it in the anime as well.
We have different varieties were his Fi is present one would be when he sticks close to his Dom Se, his comfort zone and tries to ignore the Fi but it comes out in a way or another, which is displayed through brushing off important feelings or emotions, ignoring warning signs, the lack of understanding why some paths may be dangerous and unhealthy,looking down on those who are too earnest and avoiding responsibility by playing the victim.
While Nishinoya is earnest himself and also displays those types of behaviours rather than the beginning in the series we see those slight resists in some examples.
The first scene in which Noya appeared was showing that he broke a mop and was very angry as he lashed out due to his emotions. That very scene was due to Asahi declaring that he would stop playing which stirred him up, also showing that he stopped coming to the club as well (even without his suspension) because he just can’t play if Asahi is not around, making this decision heavily based on emotions only.
Nishinoya doesn’t need Asahi to play his position, rationally speaking and with his skill-level it wouldn’t be a problem at all to keep playing with other people instead, yet he simply was against it irrationally choosing what felt right to him as he tried to blame Asahi for the whole situation they were in.
We also see that when Asahi is overly earnest and tries his best Nishinoya tends to make fun of him or look down on him for his good-nature and soft heart which is one of Asahi’s good sides yet a weak point as well.
He doesn’t take any warnings either as he brushes them off easily one example would be when he ignored the warning that the vice-principle was coming and he still ignored that fact causing him to get suspended.
Still Nishinoya’s Fi also displayed itself in a manner that can be viewed as overindulging in Fi which means when still developing Fi and don’t knowing how to use it, Nishinoya for example can use it subconsciously in an extreme manner.
The Asahi example can be again taken for that.
Another one would be that negative feelings are kept unresolved and inhibit his judgement, one of that moments are few but in the case of season 4 we see that even Nishinoya can stop to function in his position as a Libero after meeting Atsumu Miya’s serve that made him remember how he messed up many times and how he used to fear everything at a point making him feel useless.
Nishinoya takes things too personally at times too, as he almost started a fight with Kageyama on the court when they played against Dateko in season 4 episode 6 and 7.
His first reaction was feeling attacked by Kageyama’s remark about him being in the way which was justified, after the matter being explained Nishinoya backed off but the immediate reaction showed his trait.
But most of the time, especially apart of the beginning where Nishinoya started to appear, we can clearly see him use his Fi in a healthy manner.
Nishinoya’s emotions are always authentic and he accepts emotions very well not making fun of them (in a serious way that is).
He wanted to play against Oikawa due to his respect to him and his immense development in that short time he had heard from him in middle-school, motivating him even more as he played against him.
All in all his emotions are easily spotted, genuine and he shows them openly. When he is sad or touched he easily cries, when angry he gets louder and yells at people, even when Hinata talked to him he got touched and therefore offered to help him right away, simply because Hinata said some nice words.
Especially when excited and happy he even jumps high and climbs on other people’s backs.
He is also very understanding towards mistakes and short-comings, being the first one to encourage his teammates no matter if it was a good play or a big mistake.
Even on the sidelines he is the first one to jump over and rush into a hug to congratulate the one who made a point.
His famous line “I got your backs”, also shows us his other ways of showing emotional encouragement and himself displaying his empathetic nature of thinking about others while pushing his own self-care of confidence.
Someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, that is Nishinoya Yuu.
Tertiary Te:
Tumblr media
As his tertiary function is Te his balance consists of Fi-Te.
Even when someone with an auxiliary Fi tries to resist it or there is a lack in it, in Nishinoya’s case it being the second on his stack makes it hard so Te is the defense mechanism that comes in when Fi is in one of those mentioned states.
Te rewards the lacking Fi with a sense of competence and strength, this means the lacking Fi misuses the Te causing the person to fall into a Te loop that tries to find a short-term “solution” for deep-lying self-image or self-confidence issues.
Nishinoya is very stubborn when it comes to his own skills and competences, despite being an amazing Libero and proving that fact in every match he stills seems to be never satisfied with himself and always seeks to improve, as he does that in a very domineering way not letting anyone stop him or even gets angry and resentful when someones tries to threaten or advise him that he is fine as he is. He refuses help from others at those times and does what he believes his right, as long as he sees he is competent enough to reach his goal his Te rewards his Fi with that false sense of strength to make him more confident about himself for the time-being than he actually is.
When he tells himself that he can do a certain thing for sure and obsessively emphasizes that even when he is in a monologue it is mostly to negative emotions, f.e when he fails to get receives several times or especially when he is not confident.
In season 4 we also see him almost not doing an overhand receive because it was the more secure way despite Nishinoya clearly trained to do exactly that receive especially when it came to jump floaters after experiencing Hanamaki doing it in the game of season 2.
His negative emotions mostly are buried behind a facade of I got your back, I am sure I can get any receive and many other words that should express his power.
Since we saw in the manga part and anime in season one, in the first practice match against Nekoma that Nishinoya praised Yaku for his skills but didn’t recognize his own, Yaku mentioned that Nishinoya probably doesn’t even see it himself. It shows that Nishinoya might be aware he is not confident but subconsciously expresses confident manners when in a loop.
Inferior Ni:
Tumblr media
Ni, the last one on Nishinoya’s stack and it’s also the function that could be considered the least developed one out of the four.
While Ni is there to learn about intuitive connections it’s there to encourage yourself to nurture the inner world and reflect on the things happening around you, as well as connecting them into a context so you can fill the unknown in yourself. It also provides the imagination of idealistic ideas and envisioning the future ahead of you all that is part of introverted Intuition.
Yet in Nishinoya’s case Ni is his last function on the stack, it means he is more prone to resist and ignore his NI, especially when his Dom Se is going to extremes, this can cause the ignored Ni to become louder and louder when the problems caused by the former and it even can be threatening over time.
And that’s where Ni grip comes in, it unconsciously tries to compensate for the lack of the Se or Se extremes, but since the Ni usually is still underdeveloped it doesn’t turn out well and then the so-called grip happens.
The grip can be described when people would say this isn’t like you at all since usually the one exhibiting the grip behaviour isn’t even aware of that fact.
Nishinoya in Ni grip would be almost the opposite of what he almost is.
Hard to believe that the upbeat Nishinoya could be anything but loud and excited?
Well very wrong, in season four we actually see Nishinoya in his best Ni-grip behaviour.
Where do you ask?
Atsumu Miya standing on the other side of the court.
Yes, Nishinoya may be really excited and loves the challenge but especially in the course of the match we see him being quite different than we usually know him and see a whole different side of him.
It’s almost as if he was isolating himself while he felt trapped, felt very gloomy, frustrated, helpless, unassured and doubtful which are all signs of Ni grip.
He was doubting himself over and over and panicked about not being able to move, totally frozen and paraylzed by fear.
It’s as if the Nishinoya who said I got your back was a whole other being in that moment, his calm and contemplating nature about all the mistakes he could make by getting targeted and not being able to even move for Atsumu’s serves started in entire flashback about how he used to fear everything in his life.
He himself explained he moved on from that point where he was scared and after a long time admitted he was scared yet again like he used too as he indirectly questioned his confidence, abilities and his own value.
Usually Nishinoya who might be stubborn when it comes to advice or help but still accepts that he has Daichi and the others next to him, felt totally alone and trapped in that situation, closed-off and being able to reach out if it wasn’t for Kinoshita getting him out of that wrecked thought-process.
But Nishinoya himself questioned if this is all he could do, if this is the so-called Libero he should be and was almost freaking out by not being able to do anything due to he fear that overcame him,
It was a rare moment but that vulnerable, deep in thought Nishinoya who was unusually quiet and almost going crazy due to his inability seeking much more in that moment - That’s also part of Nishinoya but only the part that comes up when he is at his lowest.
As we understand now we surely can say, it was a moment where Nishinoya’s inferior Ni worked against him in a stressed situation, seeing it not being as developed as it should be but since it’s his inferior function around his age it’s quite normal for him to subconsciously misuse it to compensate for his Se extremes.
Tumblr media
Nishinoya is the very depiction of an ESFP as he embodies all the traits that his functions should represent. His personality type that is called the entertainer fits his fierce and energized nature, unpredictable of what he is going to do next.
With his short height yet big presence, he always stands in the spotlight as his amazing skills, loud voice and strong personality overshadow his much taller allies and opponents.
Even his flashy way of talking, his hairstyle and confidence Nishinoya earns the title of an ESFP.
Never getting tired of what is possible and what has to come, and never stopping to explore much more to what is there in the world.
Can you agree or do you see other traits in Nishinoya?
Write it down in the comments!
Until next time, rushing for my tea with a rolling thuuunder!
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greyskyflowers · 17 hours ago
Haikyuu Headcanons: Dark/Creepy AUs ft multiple pairings
Tumblr media
I like the dark AUs where it's never quite clear if people are just creepy or something darker like killers/psycho or something even worse like supernatural stuff. Very dark Welcome to Night Vale vibes. Weird things happens sometimes like people go missing or get torn apart and it's just another day.
Dark AU
Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi all having a soft spot for the tall, pouty blonde from Kurasuno and he's so pretty. They want to play their little games with him. He's quiet and really no one would care too much if they just messed him up a little, right? Made him cry, bruised that pretty skin, wrecked him in ways that makes him wary of them and the other things that go bump at night.
So, they coax him into their gym one night and start their little mind games. Except the dark thing inside them is thrilled because Tsukki doesn't quite keep up but he's good. He plays coy and snaps back at them and isn't fooled. He watches them like he knows more than most people do. And they catch the eye of the silver haired player on his team and the darkness in his eyes while he watches back both answers their questions and sends a warning.
This might actually be fun.
Akaashi is thrilled because Tsukki bites back, catches the little ideas Akaashi plants in his mind before they can take root and manages to avoid some of them.
Bokuto watching the bruises fill in like spilled ink on Tsukki's arms from blocking his shots each night with bright eyes.
Kuroo slinking around and enjoys the way Tsukki's skin breaks out in goosebumps when he's behind him, because his instincts know that Kuroo is a predator at his back.
He might not know how much of a claim they've put on him but he will eventually. Pale skin that they just know would bruise up so nicely under their hands once they have him somewhere just for them and time to do it right. He belongs to them and the claim is clear.
Daichi eyes them but doesn't move to interfere as they lure Tsukki into their arms. They will have him. They'll break him down under their hands until he relies on them to help build him up again as completely theirs.
And it either showcases the sadistic, voyeristic nature of the other players or the ignorance of them that no one does anything.
But they're all tangled up too.
Oikawa watching Kageyama with something obsessive in his eyes, affection and hate all curled up. Iwazumi behind him like a shadow and guard dog.
The two blockers, Matsukawa and Hanamaki moving around the courts like hyenas looking for bones with hunger in their eyes. The webs they cast for others almost as thick as the ones they cast for each other.
Yahaba keeping a firm grip on the back of Kyoutani's neck, the other boy snapping sharp canines down in his meal and the rare meat giving way until blood runs down his chin.
Semi and Tendou wrapping around Shirabu like pythons, playing with their words and getting him all unsure and confused. Coaxing him into looking at them before he does anything, making him reliant on just them.
Tanaka and Kiyoke tucking Noya between them, a beauty and a beast taking their prize. The illusions of impulsiveness and sweetness they give off is the perfect cover for them to take what they want.
Daichi like a stone through it all. Steady as he stands there in the choas, unfazed even when the worst of them twist around him. Arms crossed and meeting their eyes without hesitation. It doesn't hurt that Sugawara usually lingers behind him, smiling a pleasant little smile as he watches. The lightness of him, pale skin and hair and so pretty, easily hides the dark thing inside.
Sakusa doesn't really hide his darkness. Letting it out is more fun, seeing who picks up on it and how easily it gets brushed off. The way he watches Atsumu with narrowed eyes. He wants him to just be quiet. Eyes lingering on the exposed throat and full lips. His fingers twitch. Eyes unfocused as he plans out how much time would he need to silence Atsumu for even just a short amount of time..
Suna and Osamu standing in the shadows on the edge of it all. Osamu watching Sakusa with a wicked light in his eye, torn between defending his brother and seeing how this turns out. Suna pressed against his side, eyes half closed in boredom but sharp as they observe it all.
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tetsurrou · 18 hours ago
warning(s): major manga spoilers! some angst too but over all it's just fluff.
A/N: i miss bokuto so this happened, also he is so cute-
Tumblr media
bokuto doesn't notice you at first.
his appearance is the coolest, he jumps around, he is excited about the game with his old friends and new teammates. overwhelmed with all the lights that shine in the stadion, and the attention and cheering he is recieving spreads his smile wider.
bokuto looks around, searchs for familiar faces and when he does find some of them, he is waving at th with all of his energy. something in his heart stirrs at the thought of your absence flashing in the back of his mind, but he doesn't let it bring him down, no.
he is not that boy anymore; a boy, who got all sad and dramatic, when you couldn't watch his practices. and as the game starts, it's okay that he doesn't notice you running around to find a place to sit.
bokuto is in his best form, he is playing with his full power, jumping the highest he can, and when he turns to raise his fist for the cheering audience, he thinks that, maybe, you are there.
all the faces blend and all the screams die down, except for you, you are shining.
so he smiles just for you, an idle memory showing up in his mind in 0.5 seconds.
"i'm gonna leave for university soon."
bokuto stops his movements and turns to you, clean shirt still hanging in his hands as his shoulders slump down. your expession is sad and unsure, you're looking anywhere but him and he somehow understands, that it's not because he is shirtless.
"whatcha mean 'leave'?"
he knows what you mean, you mean that you won't be seeing him. you cover your face with both hands, sitting down on a seat, and bokuto immediately appears by your side, hands wrapping around your small figure.
"'m sorry, koutarou."
"hey, no, don't be! we will meet again, right?" he sees you go silent, as your sobs stop suffocating you, and lifts your head up with his palm on your cheek so he can examine your face. "right?"
brows scrunched up together, red eyes, shaking lips, and you're the prettiest thing he has ever seen even in this state.
"yeah." he will wait for you, always.
"put on a shirt, bokuto, you'll get cold."
he just laughs and kisses you.
his team wins, bokuto is happy and pleased, and he doesn't hide it, never will. he cheers with the people on the bleachers, claps loudly and thanks his teammates and the opposing team for the game. adrenaline is still pumping through his veins as he leaves a few autographs, takes selfies and answer some questions thrown at him from all the sides.
but then you appear in his vision and suddenly everything stops. he pushes the pen in atsumu's chest, ignoring his complaining and runs to you.
it's like in those romantic movies: the clichè of two separated souls running to meet each other halfway, and he doesn't really care that now everyone on his way looks at him like he is a psycho. bokuto's vision is clear, with you being the only thing in it.
bokuto doesn't care that he is literally dripping with sweat and propably the smell isn't the best, but you clearly don't care either, letting him envelope you in the tightest hug and then lift you up and spin.
oh, how he missed the way you say his name, how he missed you.
"told you, we'll meet again, remember?"
"of course i remember, you stupid owl," you cup his cheeks and kiss him passionately, smiling, when he pulls you closer with a hand on the back of your head. "i won't leave anymore."
"promise?" he sticks out his pinky childishly, golden eyes shiny and wide open, still scanning your face.
"promise, koutarou, promise."
bokuto's smile widens at the way you lock your pinky with his, playfully rolling your eyes, and he kisses you again.
totally the best game of his life.
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akaashiscupofwater · 22 hours ago
so its canon that bokuto always ran too far ahead of the team until akaashi joined and was actually able to keep up with him bokuaka is so canon istfg right ?
imagine like once they get to know each other better like akaashi just silently turns it into a game (kinda like hinata and kags’ race thing they do)
or like akaashi is just naturally faster than bokuto but he doesnt actively show it much, in order to stay in time w bokuto right
and one day hes just like lol fuck it and starts sprinting faster and internally bokutos like :) finally a real challenge lol
and they just race all the way back (akaashi wins but just barely)
and the team finally returns and theyre like okay what the fuck yall are insane
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atsumuswifey · 23 hours ago
Well I kinda did smth...
(Message me if you want the pic without tag ^-^ )
( Do not repost without credits)
Tumblr media
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rengako · a day ago
His Person (BokuAka Fic)
One thing led to another and before they realized it, there they stood, with guns aiming at each other's heads.
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blazingstar24 · a day ago
U know what I just realized? Akaashi went to Fukurodani’s match when he saw Bokuto for the first time. And then he decided to attend Fukurodani for high school. So it’s entirely possible that throughout his last year before going to Fukurodani, Akaashi went to more of Bokuto’s matches. Just went by himself to watch “a star” play volleyball.
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plastikcutlery · a day ago
Haikyuu brainrot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made this awhile ago :/
yes I do draw outside of vents ✌️😳
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lestrangelokii · a day ago
bokuto & akaashi are already dating
bokuto : AKAaaASHI i just realized something! * :0 *
akaashi: what is it?
bokuto: i never asked you out!
akaashi: that's fine.
bokuto: NO, will you go out with me?
akaashi: what if i wanted to ask you out?
bokuto: no, i wanted to ask.
akaashi: so, you'll say no if i ask?
bokuto: of course not! i just want to be the one to ask.
akaashi: what if i say no? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bokuto: you wouldn't.
akaashi: maybe i would? you don't know.
bokuto: i already asked, please just answer!
akaashi: NO.
bokuto: *hair deflates and emo mood enters the chat* no you won't answer, or no you won't go out with me?
akaashi: *tiniest of smiles* neither. will you go out with me?
bokuto: *is back and smiles blindingly* fuck you, and fuck yes!
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miranda367890 · a day ago
So does anyone know any really good fluffy comfort fanfics about Iwaoi, Kuroken, or Bokuaka? Smut and angst are fine too, as long as it has a happy ending. I just finished reading In Another Life, Oikawas Last Wishes, and The Galaxy is Endless. Go read them if you want a good cry. Anyways, I’m in need of some serotonin. By the way, comment which one of the fanfics was the saddest. Thank you!
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