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haikyuuublog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ASANOYA FT. SUGA BEING A MENACE (ignore Asahi and Noya being the same height):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrect-hq-quotes · 2 days ago
Akaashi: We’re trying to be gay.
Kuroo: Go be gay somewhere else.
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hikasufumiko · 2 days ago
Bokuto : You deserve a reward for putting up with me. Akaashi : You are my reward. *meanwhile* Oikawa : You deserve a reward for putting up with me. Iwaizumi : True, you can be really difficult at times.
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washymylifeaway · 2 days ago
hq fics to take your stress away
aka fluff/domestic/crack fics
link to sad & happy list
ayo what’s new? the answer is nothing because i’m making another list before my chem exam and most (read: all) of these fics have made an appearance before. but ykw reduce reuse recycle, we are environmentally friendly here. however, we are not college friendly. i’m on like less than 4 hours of sleep rn and i’m about to be on 0 because i need to study for this test but honestly i am past the point of caring so here is a list i needed last week when i had to cram a research outline and three essays in one day (plus classes and study group, not to flex but i have bad time management skills).
as per usual check the tags, warnings, and summaries before you read B) stay cool homies
but you’re like dating aren’t you? plus one matsuhana
camo jorts are a fashion crime, i agree it ain't no matter of 'if' honey, it's just a matter of 'when' sakuatsu
inarizaki antics always miya osamu’s guide to bad neighbors, serial break-ups, and domesticity osaaka
i am not subtly looking but it’s subtle you know? there he is again matsuhana
cue akaashi’s internal kuroo monologue karma bokuaka
screaming crying banging my head against the wall we could be the greatest team matsuhana
wow. i. am. just. SO. happy. for. your. relationship. ! ! ! 5 ways to tell if the person you're dating is the one sakuatsu
mug fic? meet bus fic on the anatomy of crushes matsuhana
great things = underwear model your hands (pressed to my cheeks) sakuatsu
kraft mac and cheese is good video games and gold rings kuroken
THIS is my college dream my heart beats for contract law matsuhana
is there angst in this? dunno but have a child do not separate! sakuatsu
i am Tooru’s dinner special something of a disaster matsuhana
*imagining Hinata’s muscles* affection sakuatsu
in the dark weeb days iwaizumi hajime has a ring iwaoi
komori licked cutlery where? show me how sakuatsu
going through soulmate AU’s faster than my gifs rn try again, and again, and again sunaosa
national insult atsumu day everyday sakusa kiyoomi uncle? sakuatsu
shhhh don’t talk about how this list is almost exclusively matsuhana and sakuatsu i play favorites okay and??? LOL anyways, i am losing my brain so that’s why you get these descriptions HAHAHHAHA also happy 400 followers that’s weird idk why i have followers at all i haven’t made a list in like 5ever but thank you anyways T-T
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I love when I'm reading some sakuatsu fic and then the author gives me a tiny bit of bokuaka like I'm reading this one about sakusa obsessing about atsumu's mouth and then akaashi sent gummy worms for them if they won and I just had to stop and think about akaashi completely smitten packing treats for his husband and his team and now I'm almost crying... I fucking love bokuaka
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adunim · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have no excuse
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koutarou-come · 19 hours ago
good boy
sometimes you see imaginary dog ears and tail on bokuto. with how excitable he is and how happy he is to see you visit practice. so it took you a hot minute to realize that it was actual dog ears and tail.
taglist: @boosyboo9206 @perqabeth
Tumblr media
“i can’t believe you came!”
bokuto exclaimed, running to you and squeezing you in a warm hug. twirling you both, as you shrieked in glee and him laughing along with you.
“you look beautiful,” he sighed, looking up at you.
his eyes shining in adoration and your heart beating fast.
“well i told you i would, didn’t i?” you bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling too big.
bokuto grinned, finally dropping you down but still kept his arms around your shoulders, “yeah, but i thought work will keep you again.”
he pouted playfully, you giggled, seeing the imaginary drooping ears and a wagging tail on him, pinching his biceps as you give him a light kiss on the cheek.
“i’m here, bo,” pinching his cheeks.
“come, i’ll introduce you to the guys.” softly holding your hand and guiding you to the large court.
you and bokuto had only started officially dating for a month now. although you have known of each other ever since high school. albeit back then it didn’t really count because you two weren’t even friends. to you, bokuto was just the loud captain in your volleyball team and to bokuto, you were just part of the school committee.
“ah,” miya atsumu, you recognized, stopped setting balls up in the air and instead looked at you up and down. “who’s this?”
“the one i was telling you guys about!” bokuto beamed, his hands holding yours tight.
you smiled, seeing as his team slowly looked over and gave nods of greeting to you.
atsumu smirked, “ah the famous y/n!” twirling a ball in his hand. “’s nice to finally meet you, ‘m miya atsumu.”
you nodded with a polite smile, “nice to meet you, miya-san.”
“that’s omi-kun,” bokuto pointed out at the familiar curly hair, “remember? from itachiyama?”
others slowly started to come closer and offering their greetings as well.
your boyfriend squeezing your hand, causing you to look up at him, “the coach wants me look at a play for the next game, are you comfortable if i leave you here with the guys?”
“yeah, of course go on head. do your thing.”
bokuto smiled softly, kissing your hand. “i’ll be back i promise.”
“okay,” you breathed, ignoring the barfing sounds coming from behind you and smiled.
bokuto squeezing your hand one last time and sticking his tongue out at the guys before walking back around to the coach.
“i gotta say,” atsumu started, spinning the ball on his finger, “i thought for sure you were just a made up person from how bokuto describes you.” he smirked looking up at you.
the others who were close enough laughed in agreement, even sakusa.
“why? what does he say?”
atsumu pursed his lips, teasing you by looking away.
“what?” looking at hinata now, who smiled knowingly.
“let’s just say, if bokuto would be given a chance to start a religion based on you, he would.” hinata whisper-shouted, and those who heard, laughed and started to throw around ideas on what it should be called, completely forgetting you and going on with their own conversations.
you flushed, feeling all warm and fluttery. “aw.. that’s—that’s cute.”
“what’s cute about it?” atsumu complained, “i practically know everything about you now because he talks about you so much.”
sakusa snorts, “at least for sure we can say your head isn’t entirely empty.”
“omi-omi, you’re so mean!”
sakusa rolled his eyes before looking at you, “i honestly don’t know how you do it, y/n.”
“what?” you asked laughing.
sakusa pursing his lips and and grimacing, “i mean, i can barely handle these guys for a few hours a day. i’m just imagining how your day is with bokuto around.”
you giggled, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, “bokuto’s good company. he’s a like a big puppy.”
“you can say that again,” atsumu interjected, laughing at his joke.
hinata perked up at the mention, leaning towards you and whispered, “i am bit curious with how’d you take it when you found out.”
you just smiled, confused.
“oh, i remember freakin’ out when bo told me. thought he was playin’ tricks on me or somethin’,” atsumu added, leaning towards you too.
“i don’t get it.” you say, still smiling oblivious. “did bokuto do something or?”
all three froze, looking at you as if waiting for the punchline to say you were joking. and when you stared right back at them, confused still—you can see the panic settle into their eyes as they started nudging the other to speak up. atsumu and sakusa sharing a look and hinata looking at you worried.
“he didn’t tell her,” sakusa whispered harshly. before pinching his nose, and massaging his head. “this is why i was told first and not you guys.”
hinata whined, “i thought he already told her! i didn’t know!”
“what? told me what?”
atsumu rubbing his chin and muttering, “i thought for sure he already told because they spent that night together—“
“guys? i’m lost, what’s happening?”
sakusa clicking his tongue, “i take it back, your head is empty.”
“i still have no idea whats happening.”
“it’s better this way, forget this happened.” sakusa said, take a gulp of water.
hinata nodded, “yeah yeah, forget it.”
“noo, tell me.”
“it’s nothing!” atsumu and hinata laughing awkwardly before leaving you to play a couple of rounds on the court.
you turned towards sakusa, now arranging his towel and waterbottle, “sakusa-san—“ and before you could finish he was already nodding you a bye and going after the two.
you looking around and everyone seemed to be in other conversations, you plop down on the bench with a huff, “what just happened?”
bokuto came back shortly after, making sure to give you a peck in the cheek before going to the court and play a couple sets. once in a while after scoring a point, he would go find your eyes and beam at you, pointing at you and laughing.
as much as the practice game was fun to watch and seeing him look happy, you still can’t shake that curiosity about what the trio mentioned before. you kept staring at bokuto extra carefully but found nothing odd.
whats was it about?
“hey pretty,” bokuto greeted, giving you a sloppy kiss on the cheek.
you giggled, “bo, it’s wet.” wiping your cheek.
bokuto giving you a dopey smile, a towel on top of his sweaty head. “did you have fun?”
you nodded, smiling back, you rummaged through your bag and grabbed an extra towel, a bigger one, and showed it to bokuto.
your boyfriend perked up, seeing an imaginary tail wagging happily and you laughed. “turn around, i’ll wipe your back before you shower. so you won’t get sick.”
bokuto turning around and your arms going under his shirt, trying to wipe with difficulty. he noticed this and crouched down further, without a delay.
while bokuto was going on about a play, you might’ve not noticed while watching, you wipe his back as delicately and properly as possible going lower and lower—and that’s when you felt it.
something hard.
and long.
and hairy.
and it wasn’t in a sexual way. oh you wish it was sexual.
you took a peek on his lower back and saw—what looked like a tail sticking out.
blinking fast, even rubbing your eyes to check if it was still there, or something your head conjured up to think. inhaling sharply, mentally preparing yourself and cautiously looking at bokuto to see if he noticed you freaking out, but he was still telling his story.
when you looked down again. it was gone.
“here you go hun, you can go freshen up now.” you said absentmindedly.
“thanks bubba, i’m just gonna shower, wait for me here.”
he wasn’t even in the locker room yet but he was already removing his shirt as he exited the gym. your eyes automatically trailing down to where you felt the tail was located but there was only his fair skin.
it seemed crazy to even think about it, let alone it actually being there. but you swore you saw it, hell you touched the hair—the fur.
the wait for bokuto was excruciating, not to mention how concerning your thoughts escalated as time went by.
was it real? you desperately thought. what the hell was that?
was it even a tail? was it a hairy dick on his back?
oh god, please don’t let it be a hairy dick.
was it a birth defect?
was there even anything there??? this was the first time you ever saw—felt something like that on him.
did you hallucinate a freaking tail on your boyfriend?!
are you actually a closeted furry?!
oh god..
when bokuto came back, you had already spiralled too much about his tail debacle. even when going home it was hard not to think about it. you kept checking on bokuto and if there was anything off with how he sat down or if anything poked out… but nothing weird happened, no tails or anything.
even when you two were eating dinner, you couldn’t get feeling of the tail out of your mind. it felt too real and warm to be a figment of your imagination.
“hey, you okay there?” bokuto asked, pinching your cheek. “you look, not okay.”
you looked at bokuto and offered a smile to appease him of his worry.
“‘m fine, probably tired.”
boktuo pouted, getting up from his chair and crouching down and hugging your knees.
“did i tire you out? do you want to have a few hours by yourself?” he looked up at you, hating the possibility of you saying yes, but also hating the possibility you might be uncomfortable.
he looked worried, making your heart just full thinking of how much he cared for you and the imaginary droopy ears and tail didn’t help at all.
you let out a short laugh, grabbing his cheek and stroking softly, bokuto closing his eyes, and hummed. the food forgotten, you mindlessly reaching on top of his head to scratch his scalp.
only you felt something extra there.
when you looked closely, the imagined ears looked more realistic rather than animated. it was almost as big as your hands, tuffs of white and grey hair blending into bokuto’s head.
you freeze in total shock but your hand continued stroking bokuto’s face, seeing how the ears moved. it twitched and moved at the slightest sound. you saw that at a certain angle and way you scratch his scalp it seemed to move differently, like showing you bokuto liked it.
the tail, the same tail you touched—bigger and fluffier than what you felt. the tail covered in white long fur as it swished quickly from side to side.
you have no idea, what to say, how to react or where to even start.
you retarced your hands from your boyfriend’s face, ignoring his whines and yelps of confusion. you pushed your chair away from him, probably scratching the floor and disturbing the neighbours—but your boyfriend is a freaking dog.
“oh my god.”
bokuto stood, “what? what?”
you stared in horror as the ears just looked straight ahead, like it was alert—just like a dog’s
“oh my god.”
“what happened?!” bokuto took a step forward toward you but you were quick to step away and have the table come in between you two.
you gestured frantically, stuttering out gibberish, not knowing what to say. well, what does one even say in this moment.
bokuto tilting his head to side, even more confused before he touched his head and freaked in a flush.
“y/n, baby, i can explain this.” raising his hands, trying to calm you down.
“you have dog ears and a freaking tail!”
bokuto grumbling under his breath, “it’s actually wolf’s ears but,”
you started pacing now, “so i’m not hallucinating?! this is actually real?” rubbing your temples.
“this wasn’t how i planned on telling you.”
“that you’re some hybrid animal?!” you exclaimed, freaked. it was another thing to imagine ears and tail on your partner but it was also another for it to be real. “oh my god, i had sex with an animal. i am an actual furry. oh my god.”
“y/n! calm down,” bokuto tried walking towards you slowly, but when you back away when he neared, his still visible ears drooped, “i’m not a hybrid animal, i’m, uh, shit, this is harder than when i told the guys.” he hissed, placing his hands on his hips.
when bokuto looked up and saw the straight up panic and confusions swirling in your usual confident twinkling eyes, he felt guilty. he knew he had to be more honest.
bokuto puffed out his chest gathering all of his courage, looking at you dead in the eyes. “i’m a shape-shifter.”
a shapeshifter…
a beat passed, just you staring at him, and bokuto waiting for you to say something, anything.
“like mystique in xmen?”
bokuto’s lip twitched, hands going up and rubbing his hand on his lips. stopping himself from full on smiling at your question but his tail betrayed him. you can see his tail wagging excitedly behind him.
he cleared his throat, shaking his head.
“no, mystique can turn into people. i can only turn into a wolf, my dad, um,” he sighed, grabbing a chair and sitting on it. “you should sit down first.”
you looked at him in a panic with a look as if to say he was crazy to think you were going to sit down with him. a look that he hadn’t seen you look at him before.
bokuto felt a pang in his chest at your blatant refusal and show of distrust.
“y/n it’s me..” bokuto gestured to himself, the ears and tail shrinking and slowly going away, “i’m not going to hurt you,” eyes desperate for you to trust him again. “i swear.”
but it wasn’t like you didn’t trust him, just— wary, freaked.
you grabbed the chair and slowly sitting down, bokuto straightened his back and looked at you straight ahead.
bokuto sighed and gave a small smile, but dropped as quickly as it came. scratching the back of his neck, “my dad is a, uh, werewolf,”
your head angling in confusion, your eyes wide, “what?”
bokuto offering nothing but a sheepish smile and continuing, “and my mom is a shape-shifter.”
“your parents? both of them?”
sighing, massaging your temples again.
you got even more questions and even more panic settle in your stomach at the revelation rather than answers and relief.
bokuto nodded his head, “both of them, yeah. my shape-shifter can change into people and other animals at will and at anytime. like, uh, mystique. so that’s my mom. my dad… he only changes when it’s the full moon. you know, the usual werewolf stuff but he doesn’t go crazy or anything.”
you laugh monotonously, “right, the usual, werewolf, stuff.”
“so i can change at will, or at least most of the time i can. but i can only change into wolf.”
“when has this started?” you asked exasperated.
bokuto sheepishly shrugged his shoulders, “since birth i guess.”
“back when i was a kid, i would only turn when my pops did, so the family assumed i was a werewolf like him. but when i started going to elementary school the ears would just jumped out of nowhere. then my parents concluded i might be a shapeshifter. we had to move a bunch back then, because i kept freaking the other kids out.
“until in elementary, i started to get the hang of it. that’s also when i started playing volleyball. i set limitations for myself, how strong i could hit the ball, how high i could jump, how strong i can be. so it would be fair. but i became too comfortable, too lenient, ever since high school when my team found out.
“they were cool with it, and when i went to go pro i became even more comfortable so i just stopped concentrating too much on keeping it down. i try to not to when im around a lot of people or some people i don’t know personally, but i should’ve thought of you too. i’m sorry y/n, i know this isn’t the ideal situation. and i know how crazy this all is. so, i’m sorry if i scared you, or freaked you out.”
when you didn’t respond, or give any sort of indication of talking to him, his eyes started to become a little glassy. but still you kept quiet.
“and if you wanna see other people, if you wanna break up because this is all too much for you, i’m gonna be crushed—but that’s not important, because i’ll respect your decision. and i won’t blame you.”
he looked at you all sad, and you can’t help feel your heart hurting a little bit.
you weren’t at all bothered by it, really. shocked? definitely—but strangely not scared of him.
maybe more-so scared and antsy of the fact that mythical creatures exist, and there really isn’t any protocol or seminars for things like those.
but this was bokuto, the guy you pinned for ever since you two got together to catch up after graduating all these years from high school.
you knew he wouldn’t hurt you, or put you in any situation where you could get hurt.
“like super crushed, but-but i’ll get over it, maybe. who knows.”
you shake your head, a little, amused but not fully over it. “..when were you going to tell me?”
“i-i don’t know, i was scared.” he sighed, his hands clasped together tightly, “i was scared you were gonna be scared and that you would leave. because i lo-i like you. i’m sorry.”
looking up at you his eyebrows scrunched up in worry and sorry. his bottom lip in between his teeth.
you probably looking the same.
silence passed over you both, until you broke it with a sigh and put your hand on top of his hands.
“i’m not scared of you…or all of this…” you whispered. “just, shocked.”
bokuto unclasped his hands and placed it on top of your yours, “so you still like me?”
he smiled brightly, “awesome.”
his eye twinkling now, shoulders relaxed. you offered up a gentle smile as he rub your knuckles.
a whole hour went by or maybe it was just seconds but both of you couldn’t look away. his hands, now intertwined with yours, felt warmer than it ever did. he definitely looked more relaxed, you could see tufts of fur sticking out of his head, and laughed, you guess he really was a big puppy.
extra: akaashi on the phone with y/n
“so he finally told you huh,” akaashi called you the morning after bokuto told you the truth. you already knew where this conversation was going, knowing akaashi.
“yeah, he did.”
“he told me when i was a first year.”
“as usual, you don’t waste time akaashi-san.” you said in a teasing manner, “also that doesn’t count because me and bokuto weren’t even friends back in high school so there.”
“exactly, so i win.”
“how exactly are you the winner when i’m literally dating him.”
akaashi laughed, literally laughed. “not for long.”
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rubixburd · 2 days ago
akaashi: *invents devotion*
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haikyuuublog · 3 days ago
Akaashi: Where’s Bokuto?
Hinata, remembering that Bokuto got his head stuck in a tuba after Akaashi told him to leave it alone, and that he’s supposed to cover for Kuroo and Atsumu as they frantically work together in an attempt to free his head from the tuba: Who’s Bokuto?
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carbonatedmilks · a day ago
bokuto the type to always play a wizard in dnd even though everyone expects him to be a barbarian or a paladin
but the spellcasting is complicated so he has to consult with akaashi (who plays the barbarian) each of his turns for help
basically, bokuaka play each other in dnd
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