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Okay hooooo boy here we go! I don’t read a lot of new fics, only bokuaka ones, so for the others my recommendations are a bit basic, but here are a few! Also you can go through my ‘fic rec’ tag to see past fic recs of mine, I recently did a iwaoi and daisuga one so pls check this post for those ships!



- Esselle

I would honestly recommend you read EVERYTHING by esselle, but here’s a good cute start. Esselle has a lot of fics and I haven’t read everything but they’re all top notch from what I’ve seen!

In Transit

 - Mysecretfanmoments (@mysecretfanmoments​)

I read this fic from time to time when I need some heartfluttering fluff!!! 10/10

till no space lies between us

- juryrouge

kageyama?? being touch starved???? who would’ve thought! (really cute)


reddit boyfriends

- NeverNothing

I really like social media fics when they’re well done and this one is so funny and chaotic

can i be close to you

- radian

what can i say… it’s just so soft and guuuud

you’re the brake lights failing (as my car swerves off the freeway)

- ghostpot

kenmaaaaaaaa is so fuccking funny in this fic and i love kuroken’s friendship with bokuaka hehehe


For bokuaka I always recommend the author norio! I only let myself read their fics once every few months so they stay special lol but they’re really really good!

keep making trouble (til you find what you love)

- Heronfem

This is a wingfic, which I immensely enjoy! Sometimes fics give you feelings you didnt know existed and this one certainly did!

Character Development

- silvercistern

I FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE UNTIL I WENT THROUGH MY BOOKMARKS AAAAAAHHHHH it’s very long and usually i don’t read such long fics but this one was definitely worth it for me! Very well done plotline, amazing characters, 10/10!!

ice cream cones and stained red lips

- laurenshappenstobemyhusband

fics like this one remind me that bokuaka would work in every single universe and they are made for each other thank you

As always leave your own recommendations or even your own fics in the notes!! or dm them to me do whatever you want!!!!

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YES… this exactly. and i think bokuto is just very naturally good at getting akaashi out of that funk bc. bokuto thinks in more simple terms so he’ll understand smth better and explain it and akaashi’s like … oh . and also bokuto is just bokuto ❤️

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