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BokuAka 😳 (Romantic)

Thanks for the ask  and sorry for the wait :D

Bokuto and Akaashi likes to travel together. It doesn’t have to be far or over the seas, but they do like to discover new places. A date can be; ‘we haven’t been to this district or neighbourhood before, so we should go there next time.’ So if it’s a day tip or two days trip, they take the train or bus to wherever they have decided and walks around, take some pics and find a nice place to eat and relax. Akaashi likes culture and a way of really experiencing culture is to travel to the less urban places. Bokuto didn’t necessarily care in the start, but he has come to like their little exploring-dates. 

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the next chapter has been posted!!

(it’s a short one)

we’re breaking free - chapter two


Bokuto looked dumbly at Akaashi as the crowd erupted around them. Instead of lunging at each other the way so many other teenagers were all over the lodge, they watched each other, both of them quiet. Akaashi almost frowned. Why didn’t he just do it? Why couldn’t he kiss a stranger? Sure, it was something Komi would have done back home, the absolute madman, but Akaashi could be crazy, too. Keiji Akaashi could do something wild!

read it on ao3 here!

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Haikyuu Captain headcanons please. About their favourite things to do with their s/o's? (Bc I don't know what your ships are)

The only captains I really have ships for are Daichi (with Suga), Bokuto (with Akaashi, who is one of my faves tbh) and Kuroo (with Kenma, childhood friend romance ftw). 

For Daichi and Suga, I kinda see them being way too worn down wrangling in the kids to do much else on their days off. Daichi is a big eater though (canonically the second biggest in the cast, what the hell), so his favorite activity is probably going out to eat ramen with Suga. Just Suga, though, because his wallet can’t handle feeding the whole team all the time. Also, it probs won’t be good for his blood pressure.

For Bokuto and Akaashi… hmm, I dunno. Bokuto is really hyperactive, very loud (HEY HEY HEY!), he probably can’t stand to sit still for very long. Akaashi is on the opposite end of the spectrum- very easygoing, calm, and likes doing things at his own pace. So… I’m not so sure for them. Akaashi would probs veto 80% of Bokuto’s ideas just based on how crazy they are. Though he will sometimes surprise Bokuto by agreeing to an idea that he knows Bokuto thinks he’ll refuse to.

As for Kuroo and Kenma, like with Bokuto and Akaashi they are a pair with contrasting personalities. However, they did bond over video games at first, and even though Kuroo is more outgoing now, I kinda see him wanting that chill down time with Kenma. Kenma likes it as well, because he probably doesn’t like going out much anyway.

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Person A, staring at the ceiling: Do you think bees are just fluffy butterflies?

Person B, just woken up: But they sting, Person A. Do butterflies sting?

Person A: Oh my god, It’s 3AM and you didn’t complain about me waking you up for some dumb shit, I’m -

Person B, sighing: Person A, I assure you. I am used to it. Please go back to sleep.

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