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Since you mentioned it and i had seen this @taones


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Originally posted by kotsume

*i don’t own this gif nor did i make it

 a/n i was in the mood for some crack so here you go :)

- tanaka probably wears his underwear for three days straight 0_0

- nishinoya probably picks his nose and eats it 

- kageyama uses like 5in1 body wash

- kenma has BAD gaming rage like mans is chill about volleyball but on cod he’s livid

- hinata probably flashes people a lot

- tsukshima has probably says really controversial things to annoy people

- when bokuto bends down his buttcrack shows :/

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pairing: bokuto kotaro x reader 

summary: while stumbling around at a college party you have no desire of being at, all you want is a white claw. in an attempt to find one, you run into a guy who happened to steal the last one. after leaving the kitchen, you had no clue you were going to have a much closer interaction with the same guy later that night.

wc: 4.1k

warnings: some fluff, some smut/implied smut, drinking/mentions of drugs, drunk bokuto and kuroo, high kenma and suna, bokuto being bokuto 

author’s note: what’s a better first fic than a hot bokuto college au one? wellll here’s my first fic!! i had lots of fun writing it. it’s definitely not perfect, so please leave any constructive criticism/advice in my asks!! i would really appreciate it. also, picture campbell however you’d like, she’s my beautiful irl bsf who is obsessed with suna, so i just had to make her his gf in this. i will most likely be making a part 2 to this + other fics very soon! thank you so much, and i hope you enjoy<3

Goosebumps by Travis Scott blares through the speakers that line the hallways of the huge house made small by the hundreds of college students that filled it. The red and purple combination of the lights that ran across the corners of the walls of every room washed over you, making it difficult to focus on one thing, let alone find the person you’ve been searching for in the mess for an hour.

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Just want to remind you that bokuto sleep with a smile on his face

So fucking precious

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So I wrote(ish not really) a headcanon I have for bokuaka. PLEASE if someone wants to make this into a true story whether it’s 1k or 100k please tag me because I will read the fuck out of it. (*note from a few days later, I am currently in a writing mood and I’m going to try and write it, check my ao3 for updates)


Bokuto x Akaashi - zoologist/owlhandler!akaashi X “very excited about owls at the zoo”!bokuto

Bokuto is sad and emo about something and so his bestie, Kuroo, takes him to the zoo to get him to cheer up and get his mind off of it. (Kenma is also there because Kuroo made him come but he secretly loves being there because of lions, tigers and cheetahs duh)

Akaashi then tells him he has to get to his show but that Bokuto and his friends are welcome to follow him and attend it and learn stuff. The simp, Bokuto, happily agrees and follows alongside him.

They all get to the show, Bokuto in the front row looking like O.O the entire time. Only 25% of him is focused on the owl though, and he’s definitely trying to grasp on to every SYLLABLE that is coming out of Akaashi’s mouth. Bokuto is in heaven being surrounded by an owl, his besties, and the most beautiful mans he has ever SEEN. (He’s also surrounded by a bunch of five year olds but he pays them no mind)

After that Bokuto spends all of his free weekends at the zoo going to all of the owl shows they have (and sometimes the falcon one, just cause Akaashi does that one too), he eventually has the balls and asks Akaashi on a date. He says yes, they date for a while, the get married, they have cute lil babies and live happily ever after

Bonus: Akaashi sometimes even fosters injured or abandoned baby owls until they can either be released or are healthy enough to be let into the zoo population AND Bokuto cries every time they are good enough to leave and tries multiple times to convince Akaashi to just keep one of them for a pet

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date at the movies

prompt: you go for a date at the movies.

characters: ushijima wakatoshi, daichi sawamura, bokuto kotaro.

warnings: none! lots of fluff <3

ushijima wakatoshi

  • you never would’ve guessed it, but ushijima’s a softie for ghibli movies
  • he absolutely adores movies like princess mononoke and my neighbour totoro
  • on your first date, he took you to a rerun of howl’s moving castle
  • you gathered the courage to snuggle up to ushijima halfway through it
  • ushijima will forever be thankful for the dim lighting as it hid the faint blush on his cheeks
  • “so how do you like it?” he asks after the movie
  • you turn in surprise—is that a hint of shyness in his voice?
  • truth be told, ushijima’s never dated anyone before you
  • exposing you to the fictional realms he loved so much felt a bit early
  • what if you didn’t like ghibli movies? wait, what if you absolutely hated them?
  • the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders when you smiled, “i loved it!”
  • stoic as ever, but his heart was jumping for joy
  • “but, hey… howl can get it, if you know what i mean?”
  • you smirk, knowing exactly what you were doing
  • you didn’t think it was possible, but ushijima’s expression turned even more serious
  • “don’t you even think about it. you’re mine.”
  • now it was your turn to have your heart leaping out of its chest

daichi sawamura

  • daichi took you to an up and coming romcom
  • he hates romcoms but he couldn’t help but buy two tickets after seeing how excited you were over the cast
  • daichi ends up focusing on you instead of the movie
  • your laugh had such a grip on his heart that he’d wish for more funny scenes to come up
  • after the movie ends, you take daichi’s hand in yours and exclaim
  • “thank you. i know that you don’t like romcoms, but i appreciate that you’d stick through it for me.”
  • you stand on your tippytoes to give him a kiss on the cheek
  • he laughs and says, “you’re welcome” as he pulls you close and walks you back home

bokuto kotaro

  • the latest installment in bokuto’s favourite superhero movie series was released
  • he had queued for ages to get the best seats for you two
  • you showed up to the movie theatre in matching costumes, spandex and all
  • you got popcorn to share in a superhero-themed bucket
  • it was hard enough to convince bokuto not to buy the way overpriced drink too, and he was adamant on buying it just because it had his favourite character on the cup sleeve
  • unsurprisingly, bokuto was the loudest attendant in the theatre
  • he cheered during intense fight scenes
  • sobbed when his second favourite character sacrificed her life to save the city
  • you were the only ones left in the theatre after the movie ended as bokuto insisted that there was an end credits scene
  • after the end credits, which hinted at bokuto’s second favourite character coming back in the next movie, you finally leave the theatre
  • you and bokuto go for lunch after, and he bombards you with his theories
  • you smile at your boyfriend, elated to see him all excited
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Originally posted by weenie-moon

“Marks?” Tendou hung up on Ushijima as the two of you stared at each other. “Yeah, he gave me a big dig in the shoulder. Quiet painful. 0/10. Would never again want to get punched by Semi Eita!” you exclaimed and giggled as you looked to Satori, “You ready to leave yet???” she asked as Tendou nodded.

“Are you sleepy, are you sleepy little ushi!!!” Tendou sang out as you nodded and chuckled. “Very, but if you wanna do more things and show me the jist of the town, I’m all here for it!!” you proclaimed as you got up, semi smirking. “You can’t get out doll without going through me,” as you pushed his masculine shoulders out of your way. The scent of his aftershave lingered on you as it brought back memories of you two fucking in your room. Tendou was skipping out of the restaurant giddily, leaving you behind to start up the car.

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um :( imagine :(

bokuto :(( driving you to stare gaze :(

and you’re both :( laying on the hood of his car :( with his arm wrapped around you :(

and you’re all wow :( the stars are beautiful :(

and he’s staring at you and goes “yeah, sure is” :((

nd he’s kissing you like you’re the most precious thing in the whole world IM SOFT :((

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a.n: sorry for this being late! been feeling a bit better so i decided to do a request,,even if it’s late at night! thank you for requesting! It’s such a cute request!

S/O being bullied in friend group!


Originally posted by applepiekyuu


  • ok but most popular couple in school??
  • yes that’s both of you
  • though your friend group always teased you
  • the type to make something they tease you of as your nickname
  • [ I don’t want to assume anyone’s physical appearance so assume a nickname for you]
  • this day was just HORRIBLE
  • you overslept studying for an exam , which caused you to fail and all you wanted was to hang out with your boyfriend
  • “(nickname)-kun! heard you fail your test! how bad was it this time?” a friend from your friend group has said
  • you felt the anger and tears just swell up
  • running out the cafeteria, atsumu finds you, onigiris in hand that Osamu had made for you this morning as a treat
  • “ hey baby! what’s the rush?” he asks
  • all you could do was fall to your knees, crying
  • quickly, Atsumus hands wrapped around you
  • “ what’s gon’ into ya sweets?” he asked with his soothing voice
  • “I cant handle the teasing, not today. everything has gone so bad! I cant anymore!” you weeped into this arms
  • Atsumu usually gets nervous in these scenarios, not knowing how to talk. Hes so talkative but to you, he becomes startstuck, he just loves you so much
  • “ it’s ok sweets, we’re gonna get through this yer hear me” he said as he softly rubbed your back
  • rest of the day was spent eating delicious onigiri with your boyfriend

Originally posted by hqwife

( gifnotmine)

  • bokuto was friends with EVERYONE
  • he is part of your friend group but didn’t quite like some people in there
  • “( nickname)! that’s your second serving, cut it down” one boy told you in your shared table
  • you slowly put down your fork as you picked up your things and walked out
  • though no one at the table said anything against him, no one stood up for you exactly
  • actually bokuto did,,,,,
  • “ huh? you told MY girlfriend to stop eating? she was hungry LET HER” bokuto said as he walked away to go after you
  • the garden at Fukurodani was always pretty, the beautiful flowers were something you always used to calm yourself down
  • “ BABY! HEY I FOUND YOU! I was looking all over for you!” Bokuto said as he cupped your face
  • “did you hear…” you shyly asked
  • “ yea but don’t worry I handled it! now will you finally take my offer to eat lunch at the roof top? Akaashi can come with us too! It’ll be so fun baby! you don’t need those friends” he said with the biggest smile
  • the smile that made you realize you don’t need all those friends, your boyfriend and his friends were more than enough

Originally posted by crepusqlar


  • uh prettiest and most popular couple at school??????
  • for this I’ll hc some of his fangirls since it would be most logical
  • “ cant believe oikawa-san would date someone like her. I’m totally so much better” “ no I am” another girl said
  • it was like this everyday, but your amazing boyfriend would always reassure you
  • this day, you didn’t have time to fix yourself like you always do
  • what do those girls were right? what if they were better at being a girlfriend to him than you were? was he embarrassed being with you?
  • tears filled your eyes as the volleyball 3rd years entered class together
  • “ how is my lovely girlfriend today” oikawa said with the biggest smile
  • he knew once he saw how the cheeks he loved kissing were filled with tears
  • softly holding your hand he reminded you, “ you know I love you so much right? you know how proud I am to have you as a girlfriend. to know that one day you’ll be an Oikawa as well”
  • that last sentence was always your favorite to hear, to know that he loved you so much that once day he planned to marry you
  • “ I love you so much” you said as you kissed his forehead
  • the groans of the jealous, lonely 3rd years was always funny to hear!
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goodnight to my lovely 16 followers maybe i’ll do something fun when i hit 20 maybe i’ll tag u guys as haikyuu boys or ship you with them or smthn based of whatever i know about you ❤️❤️❤️ love you all!!! goodnight!

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m&m matchups

Your match up is…


Originally posted by nanami-s-wife

The king himself, BOKUTO 🥳


Bokuto 🥺🤍 king would care so much about you. He loves and cares about everyone that’s in his life. You being his s/o? You’re going to get all the love and affection 24/7 from him.

Since you’re an introvert, I think he could help you get more out of your comfort zone! With his extrovert personality, he’s most likely going to introduce you to all his friends.

Everytime you start to feel insecure, he would 100% hype you up. Bokuto would remind you that you’re beautiful 24/7 and hug you, making sure you know how perfect you are.


When you open up to Bokuto, you would match his crackhead energy perfectly. Both of you would have so much fun 🥺

Dates would consist of anything fun! He would take you to the amusement park. He would try to win every game for you but fail miserably. It would probably end up in you trying to win the games for him 🧍🏻‍♀️ He would buy a ton of amusement park food, such as funnel cake and cotten candy, to share it with you!

His love language is being affectionate with you! Buckle up because you’re about to get a shit ton of hugs and kisses 🥳. He would be the type to put his arm around you while walking in the school hallways or screaming “HEYHEYHEYYY” whenever he saw you.


Thank you for your request!

- admin moon ☾

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Hey- I have haikyuu brain-rot and like writing and love hearing people’s ideas! So far on my page I just have smut posted, but I’m on archive under the same username and have non-NSFW stuff posted, I just like writing smut requests, so hey, have free range little sluts, let me hear your thoughts

(Ignore most of tags, just trying to get reach)

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head empty, just hinata and bokuto making the same face when they’re depressed (like father, like son)

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@ʙᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏ, @ᴀᴛsᴜᴍᴜ, @ᴀᴋᴀᴀsʜɪ: ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ᴛᴇʀʀɪʙʟᴇ sʟᴇᴇᴘɪɴɢ sᴄʜᴇᴅᴜʟᴇ

ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: bokuto x reader; atsumu x reader; akaashi x reader

ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: fluff, comedy(?)

ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs: open again!! but i only plan on doing ten!! (this one isn’t counted since this was requested to me a week ago or so) (pls don’t forget to read this too before hittin send)


  • he’s the captain of the fukurodani vb team, and contrary to his behavior, he’s serious about his role so having a good sleeping schedule is one of his top priorities
  • you could imagine how worried he was when he found out that you were getting less five hours of sleep every night because of your phone
  • poor baby would be pouting and going emo mode every single time you yawn in front of him bc he could just fathom how tired his poor baby *cough* you *cough* was
  • would 100% fuss over you and whine at you to fix your sleeping schedule or else >:(
  • “c'mon, baby! please try to sleep early tonight!” he frowned, wrapping you in his warm embrace
  • don’t be fooled though, he won’t hesitate to use force against you, like, he loves you but enough is enough
  • since your parents trust him (he’s such a sweetheart, why wouldn’t they?), i feel like they would say yes when he asks if he can have sleepover at your home on friday night
  • while you’re in the bathroom getting ready for bed, he’ll take your phone hostage then hold you in his arms once you lie down beside him (+ he won’t let go of you until you fall asleep)
  • “ko, c'mon~! give me back my phone!”
  • “shh, baby. sleep.”

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