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#bokuto fluff
luvbub · 15 hours ago
falling for a fan
Tumblr media
feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)
♡ a/n: wow my first post in such a long time sjdfsjkfdfsdhkj forgive me
Tumblr media
“Oh, look who’s here” Atsumu chuckles, nudging Sakusa shortly before the game started.
Sakusa followed Atsumu’s gaze to the audience. He couldn’t tell who exactly Atsumu was looking at.
“What are you talking abo-” his words fell short when he saw exactly who the setter was referring to.
There you sat amongst the other spectators, chatting with your friend seated next to you.
Earlier this morning you unfortunately bumped into the volleyball player at a cafe. Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata were also there- which was cool- but Sakusa was your favorite of the players. Normally as a fan, this would be a momentous occasion for you- meeting your favorite athlete in the outside world doesn’t just happen to anyone. But you literally had bumped into him.
And may have spilled your hot drink onto him. You panicked, immediately finding the closest source of napkins to pat some of the drink off his chest.
“Oh I- I’m so sorry!” you cry out, frantically dabbing his shirt. And when you came to realize you were touching the chest of essentially a stranger, you freaked out even more.
Sakusa wasn’t sure if the warm feeling inside of him was from how cute you were or the fact that your drink was spilled on him. He went with the former. Unfortunately, as soon as he reassured you that he was alright, you took off.
The other three cackled at the situation, but they found more amusement in the blush that was sprawled across their friend’s face.
So when they recognized a familiar face in the audience- one that was wearing a Sakusa jersey- of course they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw it looks like the cutie that Omi has a crush on is also a fan of is~ what are the odds~” Atsumu says, inciting laughter from Bokuto and Hinata.
“Atsumu whenever you set me the ball I promise you that I will spike it directly onto your face” Sakusa replies almost immediately.
Atsumu wasn’t fazed at all, instead his lips curled up into a smirk.
“That’s if you can even keep your eyes on the ball and not on your crush”
Sakusa snaps out of his daze, coming to the realization that he had been staring at you this entire time. To his surprise, you were looking right back at him. He tentatively raises his hand up to wave at you before turning back around and rejoining his team.
“Don’t worry Sakusa, after the game we’ll help you find them!” Bokuto pats his friend on the back. And that was a promise.
Back in the audience, you’re surrounded by screams of excitement. Nearly each person around you thought that Sakusa was waving at them specifically. You could have sworn that perhaps Sakusa’s attention was towards you, but what were the odds that was the case?
Unbeknownst to you, the odds were ever so in your favor.
 You often attended volleyball games- as you were a large fan of the sport. Specifically you tried to show up to as many games as possible for your favorite team, the MSBY Black Jackals. And today was no exception. You sat in your usual spot, donned your Bokuto jersey, and anticipated for the team’s win.
Except something made you uneasy this time.
From the corner of your eye, you sensed that someone was staring at you. No- the guy next to you definitely was staring.
“Can I help you?” you suddenly ask, turning to face the stranger.
The man, who admittedly had a pretty face, seemed surprised you suddenly talked to him.
“I- sorry. It’s just.. okay I’m not sure if you’ll believe me if I tell you.”
“Well might as well tell me, don’t you think?” you gesture at him to tell his story.
The man sighs, “So one of my best friend’s is a player for the Black Jackals and uhhh okay he’s been talking about having seen a really cute fan lately. He’s pointed them out to me a few times and just my luck they happen to be sitting next to me today”
Your eyes narrow at the boy. You would’ve thought in a situation a strange man would’ve hit on you. Never would you have expected him to be advocating for his best friend.
“I don’t believe you” you tell him- it seemed too outlandish that any professional athlete would take notice of a fan.
The stranger chuckles and looks over to the court. The game was entering a new set, and the teams were in the process of switching sides.
You watch as the guy cups his mouth with his hands, shouting out Bokuto’s name. The two of you were seated fairly close to the front, so it wouldn’t be hard for Bokuto to hear.
“HI AKAASHI” Bokuto yells back, waving at his friend. Akaashi gestures to you, and Bokuto’s eyes widen at the sight of you, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. He quickly turns his back on the audience to rush to where the rest of his team were. But every so often he would peak back at you, only to turn his head back quickly.
“I told you so” Akaashi nudges you, giving you one of those ‘I-told-you-so’ smirks.
You gripped the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, feeling quite flustered yourself. No, because wasn’t this too good to be true?
“And you’re absolutely sure he likes me?”
“Did you- did you not see his reaction to you? He’s probably worried right now that I’m saying bad things about him you know.” Akaashi chuckles.
You swing your legs a bit, processing the information given. Either this was all the truth, or this was the most elaborate prank ever set up. You’d like to believe that Bokuto and this stranger were above pranking strangers, so you took the leap of faith.
“Alright Akaashi, if that’s the case then do you mind introducing us after the game?” you ask, smiling at him.
Akaashi smiles back, nodding at your request, “Honestly, even if I didn’t, he would probably try to find you”
He turns his head back to the court, and surely enough, Bokuto was staring at the both of you. Akaashi gives his friends a thumbs up and nudges you to do something too. You wave at Bokuto with both hands and watch as his already flushed cheeks become even more red.
One thing’s for sure, neither you nor Bokuto were able to focus on the game.
Out of all times to run into your athlete crush, you were hoping it wouldn’t be while you were buying his merch. Of course the universe seemed to be against your side today. Because when you turned around right after purchasing the cutest little Hinata plush, who else would be standing in front of you than the volleyball player himself?
“Oh, you have excellent taste if I do say so myself” he teases, smiling at you.
“If I’m being honest... I had to settle because they ran out of Atsumu plushes” you sigh, watching as the smile on his face drop.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I swear there are still Atsumu plushes at the vendor I promise” you begin laughing- the sight go Hinata’s unamused expression made it all the more funny.
“Bullied by my own fan... betrayal never comes from the enemy huh” Hinata dramatically sighs, causing you to playfully hit him with the plush.
“Had I know you were this dramatic, I would’ve chosen Atsumu as my favorite” you say.
Hinata scoffs back, shaking his head, “Please, Atsumu is ten times more dramatic than I am. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I act like this sometimes”
You laugh even more. Was it supposed to be this fun seeing your favorite athlete? The atmosphere was so nonchalant- you would’ve thought that things would’ve felt super intimidating or nerve-wracking. The only thing that was making you nervous was the fact that Hinata was way cuter than you could have ever imagined. Other than that, you felt comfortable around Hinata- it was nice.
However, as the small talk progressed, Hinata was anything but calm. Admittedly, Hinata had first approached you because he saw someone buy his merch and got excited at that. First, he didn’t expect you to be so cute. Second, he definitely didn’t expect this short conversation with you to be so wildly entertaining.
He found you charming and endearing- your laughter was something he could listen to for hours on end. And Hinata felt his heart beat just a bit faster.
As the two of you were winding down on the conversation, a bit of panicked settled in Hinata’s mind. Would this just be a one time interaction with you? If Hinata left to get ready for the game, would this be the last time he would run into you?
“Would you like to grab something to eat after the match?” he suddenly blurts out. Hinata didn’t mean to be so forward, but he knew he didn’t want to pass up any opportunity to get to know you better.
You were taken aback, and you felt the heat rising to your cheeks as you agreed, scribbling your number on the back of your receipt for him.
Hinata pocketed the paper, saying goodbye to you before rushing off to the locker rooms. Surely his cheeks were red by now. But he didn’t care at all.
His teammates could tease all they want, but the only thing on the forefront of Hinata’s mind was you.
No one told you.
You kept repeating that in your head throughout the game. It was your first time even watching volleyball- your friend had invited you because they had an extra ticket. All you knew is that you were supposed to cheer for the MSBY Black Jackals.
No one told you that you were supposed to stay dead silent when Atsumu was serving.
When hundreds of eyes glanced over to you, Atsumu’s included, you absolutely wanted to fold up into a ball and disappear. It wasn’t until after Atsumu’s serve that the silence was dispelled and the gym began to slowly get noisier again.
That was when your friend told you about Atsumu’s need for absolute silence.
On the court however, the team was in hysterics over your little blunder.
“Do you think they’re a fan of the other team trying to screw you over?” Hinata asks as the teams switched sides for the next set.
“I doubt it- did you see the look on their face? Absolute embarrassment. Probably a new fan” even Sakusa chuckles at the incident.
Atsumu on the other hand, stayed silent. He couldn’t get the image of your flustered, panicked face out of his head. It was endearing to him. Sure you had messed up his routine but you were so earnest in your cheers and so apologetic face was just too cute for him.
Once the game was over, Atsumu immediately made it to the doors where the audience would exit the stadium. He made sure to stay obscured from the crowd so they wouldn’t attract any attention from him. His eyes scoured the many people walking past him, and when he saw a familiar figure, his eyes widened.
He hurried up behind you, tapping your shoulder quickly. As you turned around, your smiling expression soon turned into surprise when you saw Atsumu’s grinning face.
“I- oh uh hello!” you stammered, absolutely flustered that Atsumu was standing right in front of you.
“Oh hey, you’re making the same face you made when you-”
“Shhhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud, there are people around,” you quickly interrupt his teasing, “it’s my first game, how was I supposed to know any of the etiquette”
Atsumu felt his heart flutter at the sight of your little pout. You were just too cute.
“Well- wait sorry I don’t know your name” Atsumu says, looking expectantly for you to answer. You were honestly surprised that he even wanted to know your name. You had just assumed it was a one time conversation where he would tease you and then leave.
“I’m Y/n” you introduce, your cheeks getting warmer when you see Atsumu smiles after hearing your name.
“Well Y/n, would you like to grab some coffee or a small bite to eat? I’d be glad to teach you all of the rules and etiquette to volleyball. Just so you don’t embarrass yourself during our next game.” you weren’t sure if Atsumu’s smug grin made you flustered or made you want to hit him. Maybe both.
“Please, now I’m just tempted to scream each time erode you serve” you roll your eyes at Atsumu, letting him lead you outside.
He hopes you keep your word. He would absolutely love it if you showed up to every game just to scream for him.
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ichigoromi · 19 hours ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐦 | 𝐁𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐊𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Oh, no, I can't bear to break his heart....even though it's not intentional.
This was a request! Check out Osamu's version here!
Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning: none!
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
Bokuto could not help but be suspicious of you recently.
Recently, you have been coming home a lot later than usual and way more fatigued than usual.
You were even late on date night.
He can't help but suspect that you might be cheating on him.
Why else would you come home late and even forget about dates?
But did this man just forget you're a prosecutor for the country and is working on one of the most important cases ever assigned to you?
You feel bad that you were going home late and neglecting your fiance, but this is a critical case that needs your attention and care.
When he needs relationship advice, he turns to his team for help.
"Did you forget that your fiancee is a prosecutor? She is probably handling an important case and has to stay overtime to prepare for trial." Meian suggested to him.
Bokuto listens to him and nods his head.
"Perhaps you could bring her dinner today? She's working late again, right?" Inunaki advises the younger one.
Sakusa was browsing the news on his phone, and he found the article.
"Here, maybe she took on this case."
A serial killer case?! His face paled when he realised that you might be just taking on a serial killer case and not cheating on him.
"Okay! I'm going to go now! Thanks!"
Bokuto waits nervously in the lobby as the receptionist informs you about the arrival of your fiance.
He brought dinner from your favourite restaurant, and it has been some time since he had dinner with you. Also, he wants to clear the misunderstanding with you.
"Kou-chan! What are you doing here?" You jog towards him and greet him with a hug.
"I brought you dinner to eat with you. It's been some time that we've eaten dinner together..." Seeing his crestfallen expression, you immediately softened.
"Okay, let's go up to my office to have dinner then." You offered your hand to him. He holds your hand, and you two heads up to her office.
You could feel him getting nervous, and you let out a laugh.
"What's up? Why are you getting nervous? My colleagues have gone home; it's just me left in the office." You poked his cheeks, and he lets out a nervous laugh.
"I'm sorry that I misunderstood you! I thought you were cheating on me, but it turns out you were working on an important case..."
Instead of laughing at him, you wrapped your arms around him and patted his back.
"It's me who has to apologise. I'm sorry for not spending time with you and making you worry about me. Were you that worried that I would leave you for another man?" He nods his head.
Awww, your big owl baby.
"I won't. Plus, we have already booked the wedding venue, done the fitting for the dresses and suits. Baby, I'm going to be your person for life." You comfort him, and you hear sniffling.
"Why are you so good with words?! Don't look at me!" He hides his face with his hands, but you know he is crying.
"It's okay to cry. Plus, you cry in front of me all the time; why is it embarrassing today?" You teased him, and he finally removed his hand and pouts at you.
"I won't say any more; let's eat our dinner." You wiped his tears away, and he followed behind you to the break room to have your dinner.
Tumblr media
Honestly, I wanted it to be more dramatic but I think this is enough. I hope y'all enjoyed this version too as well as the Osamu version! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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ackerluvr · 17 hours ago
“you’re my favorite person, y’know.”
the lull of bokuto’s uncharacteristically soft voice rouses you from your sleep. you sigh into his neck as he traces soft patterns down your spine, smiling while you mutter incoherently to wake yourself up.
the statement hangs in the air for a moment, either out of shock or pure grogginess, before you respond.
“but what about everyone else, kou?”
you’d never considered yourself anyone’s favorite. sure, bokuto’s your boyfriend and you love him, but you’d always figured he had family and even teammates whom he valued over you.
it was his turn to sigh sleepily, strong arms caging you to his chest. nuzzling your hair, bokuto inhaled your scent, committing it to memory and remembering just how much he truly loves you.
“no one else. just you, baby. always and forever.”
his words are utterly sweet and a bit slurred as you feel him succumb to sleep. nevertheless, your heart is beating a mile a minute at the thought of someone else loving you that much.
and bokuto did.
with your last bit of strength for the day, you lean up and place a delicate kiss to his chin. once both of you are settled, you whisper one last thing into the night as your boyfriend finally closes his eyes.
“and you’re my favorite person too, kou. always and forever.”
++this is rlly shitty and short i’m sorry i was half asleep while writing this tbh
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ushijimacentral · 2 days ago
"Welcome home babe, I made dinner!"
You slip off your shoes to step inside and see your kitchen in shambles. There's flour all over the stove and counter, sauce on the microwave, and cheese on the cabinet. It looks like a grocery store exploded. But standing in the middle of that mess, is your smiling, flour covered, sauce stained boyfriend Bokuto. Beaming with pride at the two plates in his hand with a pizza on it. Stepping into the kitchen, you sidestep the olive that somehow managed to get away and kiss him on the cheek. After all, the stains can be wiped away and moments like these shouldn't be erased.
Tumblr media
a/n: i have a headcanon that bokuto's sisters did all the cooking because he would try and sneak food before it was done. he got salmonella once from eating too much raw batter.
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Tumblr media
#genre: Uh idek… fluff I guess with a dribble of sex appeal.
#includes: many boys
#Warning: none , there’s nothing explicit just suggestive
#Note: This was supposed to be straight up just innocent PG shit but I can’t help myself so there’s a sprinkle of 12A :) so Minors proceed with caution
Ushijima: Watching this man drive is better than sex. When reversing he’s got his arm around the back of your seat and his head turned back so you can see the sharp angle of his jaw. He turns the wheel with one palm, and you find yourself getting lost in the way the rings on his fingers accentuate the veins in his hands, the only thing that snaps you out of it is his other hand squeezing your thigh and him turning to ask if you’re okay.
Kuroo: The smirk. This cocky bastard knows what it does to you. It’s a slow sly smirk with low lidded eyes and his tongue poking the inside of his cheek as he watches you get flustered. To make things worse he’ll slowly walk towards you while looking you up and down and put the back of his hand on your cheek and make a comment about how hot you feel, “I didn’t know I affected you this much kitten” he’ll lowly chuckle and you’ll swat his hand away while telling him to shut up.
Osamu: Whenever he’s behind you he’ll place his hands on your waist and squeeze then chuckle when you jump. He just loves having his hands on you and having you close to him at all times. He’ll slowly snake his arm around your waist and pull you to his side so you’re flush against him, often your back flush with his chest so he can easily lean down and whisper in your ear.
Akashi: This man is so in love with you. Hates and I mean hates when people talk over you, like the audacity! Will glare at them not so subtly, so they can get the hint and be quiet and then look over at you with the softest look in his eyes and tell you to continue with a little smile because he wants you to know that he’s always listening to you and that he cares.
Sakusa: After a long grueling work out, he’ll stretch so he’s not so sore the next day and you find your eyes glued to all of him. He’ll lift his arms up and spread them wide so the bottom of his shirt lifts a little so you can just make out his abs and happy trail. You find your eyes following the path of his happy trail until his voice snaps you out of your daze, “What you looking at?” “uuuh… nothing” busted. He’ll look at you weirdly and then just shrug but what ends up killing you is when he lifts his shirt to wipe the sweat off his brows and you get a full look at his toned, sculpted chest and stomach. You walk off to start a cold shower.
Bokuto: He always finds his fingers running through his hair because he can never style it right and will pout while looking at you, but you’re too busy enjoying the view of his tousled hair and beefy arms that flex every time his hands run through his hair. Will ask you if it looks okay but you’ll lie and say it needs to be fixed a little more just so you can watch his biceps stretch the fabric of his shirt, “Can’t you just do it for me babe…babe?” “wh-what?”
Diachi: Daddy Diachi. Every time he wears a suit, he always rolls the sleeves of his dress shirt up, so you get an eyeful of his tan arms that are adorned with a Rolex and the veins that snake up his arms. Will loosen his tie and unbutton a few of the top buttons which draws your eyes to his chest, his chest that looks so tight and uncomfortable in that shirt that you just want to do him a favour and unbutton every button and peel it off his back. But that’s for his case, you’re doing him the favour…it’s definitely not for your benefit.
Suna: Eye contact. The king of maintaining eye contact and it always throws you off because it never falters and if it does it’s so his eyes can flicker down to your lips then straight back to your eyes. Will always subtly smirk when you stutter or trip over your words and will lowly tell you to “take your time princess, I’m all ears”. However, when he’s not teasing you, he’ll have the softest look in his eyes as he listens to you talk because your voice is like a prayer, washing his sins away.
Meian: *Profusely starts sweating*. When he’s sitting down, he’ll lean his head back and let out a low groan. His whole neck will be exposed, and your eyes follow his Adams apple as it bobs and you mentally trace his jawline. He’ll be breathing all heavy which takes your mind to a not so holy place, and you’ll physically have to shake yourself out of it. But what you can’t see is his soft smirk and little lip bite as he watches you get all hot and bothered, that’s the whole reason he does it ;)
Tumblr media
 ༺♡༻ Honorary mentions:
Iwaizumi man spreads and has his hands slowly rubbing the length of his thighs (that Chris Evans video). Oikawa will repost all your posts to his socials and hype you up and brag to everyone how lucky he is. Tsukishima, now with him it’s not something he does but it’s just ✨him✨… he smells so fucking good, without fail he will have heads turning and the other boys asking him what he wears, and he’ll just throw them a cocky smirk and tell them it’s his “natural scent” (it’s his brothers cologne lmao). Kita has a habit of saying your name when he talks to you, will just slip it in there randomly and will catch you off guard but for some reason it’s just so hot.
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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minejiro · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
“have you ever had a crush on someone other than me?” you raise a brow at bokuto, and he blinks at you for a moment.
you fight back a smile when you notice the corners of his lips slowly forming a pout, testimony to the fact that he’s not sure how to answer your question.
“but…i just met you. i’ve had to have a few before,” he admits, and small traces of panic set into his irises when he sees the frown form on your face.
you want to give in and tell him you’ve actually met years ago, that the ring on your finger indicates you’ve known each other long and well, but you can’t help yourself from a few more moments messing with him. and you shouldn’t be messing with your fiance like this, not when he’s still loopy from the meds as he lays on the hospital bed, but you can’t help it. it’s just too fun not to.
“so that means we’re not soulmates,” you gasp dramatically, and the way his eyes widen is almost comical. reaching for your hand, he shakes his head, pout deepening at your words.
“we’re soulmates! we are! it’s love at first sight,” he frowns, eyes dimming as you shake your head.
“we can’t be soulmates if you’ve had crushes on other people. that’s cheating,” you argue. bokuto lets out a tiny gasp, and you can hear a quiet chuckle from the nurse in the back of the room, but he pays it no mind.
he squeezes your hand—though it’s a weak one—looking at you with wide eyes. you almost cut the joke off just so you can press a kiss to his jutted lips.
“i’d never cheat! only on a math test, but that was one time,” he shakes his head.
“two times, kou,” you correct.
“oh yeah,” he nods thoughtfully. “two times. but we can be soulmates, i promise. i love you,” he declares. and even if he can’t exactly recognize you clearly at the moment, the meds still clouding his mind as he recovers from his injury, he still knows there’s something about you that he just can’t let go of.
“we just met,” you raise a brow.
“it’s love at first sight,” he repeats through a pout, making a small chuckle bubble past your lips. finally caving, you lean down and press a soft kiss to his lips, making his breath hitch.
your poor fiance is left confused as you pull away, making him stare at you with wide eyes. laughing, you take his hand in yours, laying his finger over the ring on yours.
“we’re actually getting married,” you smile, pinching his cheek when his brows furrow in confusion.
“it’s true,” you giggle, pulling out his matching wedding band and sliding it on his finger. he stares down at it for a moment before grinning widely, admiring it as it lays against his skin.
“i knew we were soulmates,” he says happily, leaning into your palm as you cradle his cheek. “can’t believe you’re mine.” your other hand moves to stroke through his black and silver locks, enticing a small yawn from him.
“we’ll still be soulmates when you wake up,” you murmur, pressing a sweet kiss to his forehead. “you should get some rest.”
“what about our wedding?” he mumbles, already half asleep as he closes his eyes. you can’t wait to remind him of his little slip of memory when he wakes, but for now, you thread your fingers through his hair.
“wedding’s not going anywhere,” you promise. and even if he did have a few crushes in the past that weren’t you, you think you can overlook that tiny fact if it’s you his eyes are always on in the future.
Tumblr media
okay bc some ppl are thinking it’s memory loss and getting all sad: it’s just fluff of him loopy from drugs, he’ll get his memory back when he wakes up calm down 😭
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veenxys · a month ago
haikyuu: the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up ﹠ the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up;
kuroo, osamu, oikawa, sakusa,
KUROO — he does it just because. he loves the way your voice falters and the way your words trail off against his lips and he especially loves it when you recover from the initial surprise and a smile settles on your lips as you deepen the kiss, not letting go even when he tries to pull away. by the time it’s over you’re gazing at each other, breathless laughter escaping your lips
OSAMU — he does it to assure you — because he isn’t sure how else to stop your overthinking and rambling. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead and he holds your hand and lets you know everything’s going to be alright.
OIKAWA — he does it all the time. when you're talking, he is just in awe of how beautiful you are; he puts his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you into a breathtaking kiss or a light kiss on your lips (there's no between) and then he pretends nothing happened and asks you to continue with whatever you're saying and that he's really going to pay attention now - but you know he'll do it again.
SAKUSA — does this to reassure you or calm you down; sometimes, you may ramble and speak so fast because you’re stressed and/or panicking. or sometimes, he just had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you or something, but he puts your mind at rest by kissing you and letting you know that it’s not because of you.
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
bokuto, atsumu, suna, kenma.
BOKUTO — you do so because clearly, that’s what he wants. “y/n. y/n. y/n - ” and with a smile, he welcomes your lips on his, melting into the kiss as he cups your cheek, and when you abruptly pull away and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to watch a movie,” he can only pout before leaving little pecks on your temple and cheek and jaw.
ATSUMU — you do so because he’s singing a little too loudly in the middle of the night and when you playfully tell him to shut up, he gets in your face challengingly, saying something about you having to make him, only to have his sentence cut short as your lips meet his, and he forgets to close his eyes for a moment before deepening the kiss by pulling you even closer.
SUNA — you do so because he’s an idiot for not realizing that you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for the past half-hour. and when you suddenly lean in, barely touching, he’s unfazed, pressing a finger on your lips and a playful smile settling on his face, “you weren’t even listening, were you?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
KENMA — he can be so clueless sometimes and he gets so lost in his own thoughts and is just speaking so much that he fails to realize you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for hours now. you usually have to take the matter in your own hands and kiss him first.
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shoyotime · 10 days ago
calling them your pretty boy !
Tumblr media
about. oikawa, suna, kuroo, bokuto
warnings. none except fluff | unedited !
Tumblr media
— oikawa
pauses immediately. oikawa isn't a stranger to compliments but it's a whole different thing when they're coming from you. like now, when he's doing nothing but resting his head on your lap while your fingers brush through his hair. his eyes shoot open, there's a unfamiliar expression flowing through them. maybe it's surprise, or adornment, it's lovely, though. but he is oikawa, after all. " i know, right ? you've earned yourself the prettiest boy, lovely, " you push him off your lap, a whine escaping his lips as he shifts back. giggles follow along before he lets the silence settle in between. " call me that again, " his voice is quiet, almost like a feather falling on glistening water. a smile spreads across your lips as you recite never ending trails of the said nickname again, and again, and maybe forever.
— suna
surprised, you could almost spot the faint blush on his cheeks before he breaks into a smirk. it doesn't matter what he's doing, he'll pull your closer, preferably on his lap before resting his hands on your waist line. " now, where did you learn that from, pretty? " your hands snake around his neck, a smirk spreading across your lips too. he likes it when you do that, feels like a fresh breeze in the spring that brings back a thousand magical moments he shared with you. " just saw a pretty boy on my couch and thought i should compliment him, " you reply, ever so confident and teasing with your words. before you know, his lips are onto yours, moving in synchrony before he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours. " but we both know you're the prettier one between us, "
— kuroo
his heart skips a beat or two, but you don't know, for the priceless smirk on his face is the perfect disguise. " thought you'd never notice, " he expects you to get flustered, maybe look away while trying to hide your face. but instead, you come up with something better. " am i too late with the compliment, my pretty boy? " you put emphasis on the 'my' part, a tint of read settling across his cheeks before you both break in laughter. kuroo loves nicknames, but this, this one steals his heart. it's like a rush of warmth in freezing winters, something equivalent to the feeling when he comes home at night in late decembers, and cuddling you under the warm blankets almost immediately. " a bit, call me that again and i might consider exempting you, " — " now, tetsu, that's enough, " — " wait, y/n, please. " and who are you to deny his request?
— bokuto
immediately breaks into his signature billion dollar smile before hugging you immediately. " gosh, baby, you think i'm pretty? " he showering you with kisses, probably hugging you a little too tight as you pull away, cupping his rose flushed cheeks. " mhm, you're the prettiest, kou. " he's not having it. it brings him back to the picnic date you both went on last sunday, or the little dance party this afternoon that you both had when your favorite song tunes in and you bring him in for a dance. " you're even prettier, " — " not as much as you, " — " even more than me, " and it's a competition now. it's a long verse of ' no yous ' that get incoherent as you both try to surpass each other. he kisses your fingers, looking at you with eyes dripping with love for you. " i love you, y/n " — " i love you too, my pretty boy. " yeah, he's a having a field day, now.
Tumblr media
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kageyuji · 5 months ago
he accidentally texts his date
Tumblr media
iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa, tsukishima, atsumu, akaashi ; gn!reader
warnings/genre: swearing, fluff
notes: i’ve been having trouble with tags lately, so reblogs are greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 9 months ago
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ akaashi, kita, and bokuto
part 4!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: since i like pain i’m doing another part of the series😐
anyways! this may be the last part to this prompt since i don’t really write for anyone else but it really just depends!! but i hope it’s a good one ;) prompt is in the timeskip like usual!)
Tumblr media
it was honestly pretty rare for the two of you to get into fights
but recently you’d been feeling a little needy and it felt like your own boyfriend didn’t care
he was always busy working on the current manga or too tired to tend to you
and he really never got all that defensive when it came to you communicating these things to him
so you confronted him
“keiji, don’t you think you could take a break for a couple days?”
but as the two of you talked, he got frustrated and ended up lashing out at you
“maybe i’m not the problem, y/n. have you ever considered that you’re just clingy?”
you reeled back, hurt
even after both of you apologized and he promised to be better to you, you couldn’t stop thinking about what he said
akaashi sighs, the last panel finally finished and looking spectacular. he’s been working so hard on it, and now that he’s done, he can finally spend some time with you.
he picks up dinner on his way home, excited to see you. he’s gotten your favorite food and he can’t wait to come home and be with you.
when he opens the door, he calls your name, and your response from the other room is soft. it’s a little strange; usually you’d be on him already, but keiji assumes you must be busy or something.
“hi, baby!” he mumbles, coming over to kiss you. you smile softly at him before returning to whatever is on your laptop.
he stands there awkwardly.
“i brought dinner home. it’s your favorite, isn’t it?” he prompts, holding it out to you. you stare up at him, nodding silently.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion, but he sets down the food anyway.
the two of you eat silently, and the air is somewhat tense and a little awkward. akaashi can’t figure out what’s wrong, but he feels that asking would just make it worse.
when you’re done, you smile at him and put your dishes away before slipping into the bedroom wordlessly.
akaashi sighs. he’d hoped that you’d be as excited to see him as he’d been for you, but now he feels like something’s off.
when he follows you into the bedroom, he sits beside you on the bed, poking you gently. he looks down at you softly.
“did you wanna watch something together? i got some snacks from the market; we could eat those?” he suggests, hopeful. your eyes light up at that before dimming as you look away, as if you’ve remembered something important.
“it’s okay, keiji.”
his heart sinks.
“actually, i think i’m gonna go to bed for the night,” you say quietly. he looks at the time. 8:48. you never go to bed that early.
the two of you sit in an awkward silence, and akaashi can’t think of what went wrong.
he thinks about how the two of you fought just yesterday, but you surely can’t have believed anything he’d said? how could he ever feel that way about you? he loves you more than anything in the world.
but when he glances at you, he realizes that his words had hurt you much more than you let on. you won’t even look at him.
so he reaches over, hands sliding under you, and hoists you up into his lap.
“what? i can’t cuddle with my baby?”
you sigh.
“you don’t have to do this just because i complained last night,” you laugh dryly, attempting to mask the hurt he caused you. he sees right through it though, hand coming up to brush your cheek gently.
“baby,” he whispers. “you know i didn’t mean it like that.”
you exhale, looking away. “you were right, though. i’m too needy.”
he forces you to look at him at that. “hey. that’s not true at all, okay? i love you, more than anything, and i love being close to you and spending time with you. you’re never too needy.”
you let him press soft kisses all over your face, giggling when he gets to your neck. he smiles against you.
“let’s spend some time together, ‘kay?”
Tumblr media
even before the two of you got in a relationship, you understood that kita was a very blunt person
he did not hold back and was a little too honest
but while he was cold and blunt, he was also kind and thoughtful, and you loved that about him
you felt as though you were a little too much for him, but he never really said anything, so you assumed he didn’t mind
but one day, he came home from work exhausted
after the two of you got ready for bed, you tried to cuddle him, hoping maybe you’d get a few hugs and kisses before going to sleep
but he pushed you away firmly
“will you stop being so clingy? i don’t want to be around you all the time.”
with that, he turned away from you, and you did the same, the air tense
even as you fell asleep, you couldn’t get his words out of your mind
today has been a great day for kita.
work went well and the weather was amazing. now the only thing he wants to do is come home to you and have dinner together. he can’t wait to tell you all about his day and hear about yours.
on his way home, he passes by that pastry shop you love. he figures you’d appreciate it if you picked some dessert up.
he buys some crepe cakes and pastries, hoping you’ll accept them.
when he gets home, he’s surprised you’re not in the living room or in the kitchen. you’re usually there, waiting for him.
he can see that there’s dinner on the stove, but you’re not out and about, probably in the bedroom. he opens the door, and his prediction is confirmed. you’re sitting on the bed, scrolling on your phone. at the sound of the door opening, you look up.
“hi, shin,” you greet, grinning softly. he nods.
“do you want to eat with me?” he offers, gesturing to the dining table. he wants to just talk to you for a minute, maybe share some dessert with you.
you shake your head. “i already ate. there’s leftovers on the stove, though!”
shinsuke stands there, dumbfounded. you’ve always waited up for him. perhaps you were simply really hungry?
“right. well, i brought home some dessert from that pastry shop you like. why don’t you come out and take a look at it?” he suggests, hoping the idea will coax you.
you want to take his offer, but the last time you tried to get close to him, he completely shot you down. the humiliation from last night is still fresh.
“i’m okay, babe. i’ll just get some later, ‘kay?”
he sighs. he really hadn’t expected your rejection in the slightest, and he’s a little embarrassed.
he sits down to eat, alone. he was looking forward to seeing you all day, but you’re not acting at all like yourself. he misses your affection and giggles and sweet touches.
he wonders if you’re upset about what he said to you last night. he hadn’t meant to be so mean to you; he was just having a bad day and it kind of just slipped out. he’d hoped you would forget about it, but he can’t help but to think maybe you’re still a little upset about it.
he gets up and pushes the door open.
“are you upset with me?”
you look up at him, baffled.
“i pushed you away last night, and i feel like you’re upset with me.”
you look away. so that’s what this is about.
“i’m not upset, okay?” you answer, avoiding his gaze.
“but you’re acting strange, and it’s making me uneasy. i want you to be yourself around me,” he explains. you finally look at him.
“i just don’t understand what you want, shin. you didn’t want me when i tried to be myself, so i tried to give you space, and you’re still not happy. i’m just trying to be enough for you and it’s not working,” you ramble, frustrated. his eyes widen slightly in surprise.
he comes over and sits in front of you on the bed. his gaze is sharp, and you as much as you want to look away, you can’t.
“you are more than enough for me,” he reassures you, as if the statement is obvious. “i’m sorry for the way i treated you last night. i thought about you all day and i couldn’t wait to see you, and i’m sorry you thought i didn’t love you for who you are. i love everything about you.”
kita is the most honest person you know, and you know he means every word he says. when he nuzzles at your cheek playfully, you laugh, and he realizes just how much he missed the sound.
“i love you.”
you sober, and smile gently.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you were both very clingy people in general
bokuto never seemed to have a problem with your touchiness
you loved that you could be affectionate with him, and that he was okay with it
but one day, you weren’t so sure about yourself anymore
bokuto had to leave for business on the day that you’d planned a date, and he’d completely forgotten
“koutaro, how could you not tell me?”
he was getting frustrated and stressed out, and before he left, he ended up lashing out at you
“i’m sorry, okay? it’s not my fault you’re so clingy. don’t put this on me!”
he left angrily, slamming the door shut
you sat in your apartment, dejected and upset
he texted you later apologizing and promising he’d smother you with lots of hugs and kisses when he got home
but you weren’t so sure anymore
you look around, searching for his hair above the crowd. the airport is pretty crowded, but you know you’ll be able to spot him anywhere.
and then you finally see him, and your eyes meet. excitement bubbles up in your stomach and you run to meet him before slowing down and stopping a few feet in front of him. you don’t want anything like what happened the other day to happen again.
bokuto waits for you to throw your arms around him, anticipation swimming in his eyes, but you just grab his suitcase for him and gesture for him to follow you to where your car is. he droops, missing your touch, but follows you nonetheless.
the car ride is uneventful, and the two of you make awkward small talk. it’s a little weird, and bokuto is itching to touch you, but you don’t seem to be in the mood for it. maybe when you get home you’ll cuddle him?
but when you finally do get home, you’re back to ignoring him. you help him unpack, muttering things about dinner, but it’s like he’s barely even there. he sighs sadly.
when you’re making dinner, he watches you, hoping you’ll turn around and wrap your arms around his waist like you sometimes do. but you hum to yourself, barely even acknowledging his presence in the kitchen.
he pulls at your sleeve desperately, and you turn to see him.
“what is it?” you ask gently. he stares at you, and you stare back at him, and he won’t tell you what’s wrong. you sigh, shrugging him off, and return to making dinner.
he goes to sulk at the table, touch starved and frustrated.
he doesn’t understand why you’re being so distant. he’s spent quite a long time away from you, all of which he’s spent missing your touch, and now you won’t even give him the time of day.
not only does he just want to touch you, but he feels like he’s done something wrong, and he doesn’t know what.
after dinner, you’re washing dishes, and he decides to try again. he comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and squeezes. you try to evade him, but he holds you in place. your attempt doesn’t go unnoticed, however.
“kou, i need to wash the dishes.”
“why are you being so weird?” he mumbles into your neck, and you freeze.
“what are you talking—”
“stop, ‘kay?” he mumbles, scarily serious, and you turn to investigate. he looks hurt, and you blanch.
“you’ve been avoiding me all day, and i don’t understand what i did wrong,” he explains.
oh, you think.
“baby, it’s not your fault, okay? i’ve just been thinking,” you tell him, turning away. “i’ve been thinking about what you said before you left. about the way i act and how it can get a little annoying, and i just thought maybe some space would be—”
“no!” he blurts. you pause.
“wh-what do you mean, ‘no?’”
“i don’t want space! i came home and i missed you and you don’t even wanna cuddle,” he utters.
“i didn’t mean it,” he whispers. “what i said that day. and i think you should completely forget about it and come be with me instead.”
when you look up at him, he looks like he means it. his eyebrows are furrowed in determination, and the sight is equal parts hilarious and endearing.
you slip into his arms wordlessly, allowing him to swallow you up and tighten his hold on you.
“missed you so much,” he mumbles, barely coherent. “don’t do that again.” you laugh.
“alright, bo. whatever you want.”
Tumblr media
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sunarent · 21 days ago
before he proposes
characters: bokuto. kageyama. kuroo. sakusa. suna.
genre: fluff
Tumblr media
BOKUTO can’t contain his excitement. he is way more talkative, stumbling over his words and shifting constantly - either in his seat or on his feet. a lovestruck grin is etched on his face, it’s almost creepy how he can’t stop giggling. his eyes are glued on you and only you and if it were him he would pop the question right then and there - and chances are he just might.
KAGEYAMA spaces out. he wants to listen to you, he knows he should, but his mind is overwhelmed with thoughts. will you even accept? isn’t it too early? did he get the right ring size? will you like the ring? oh god, will he mess up? will he make a fool of himself? he won’t - he can’t. he loves you too much, you have to accept, right? and it is when you brush his hair out of his face, looking at him with worried eyes that he knows he is making the right choice.
KUROO looks like he did on your very first date. he is way more flirty, well, he tries to be. but his attempts to charm you are more clumsy than anything - full of shitty puns and jokes he told you over the years. and yet you laugh at them like you heard them for the very first time, shaking your head at his antics. you don’t notice how he mentally curses at himself, wondering why the hell he acts like he’s in high school again.
SAKUSA has always been good at masking his nervousness, opting to fidget his fingers out of your field of vision and simply staring at you as you talk. he can’t help the little smile that creeps onto his lips, his cheeks already starting to hurt. and just as you start to vividly articulate yourself, hands moving to strengthen your point he grabs them like it’s the simplest thing in the world, effectively cutting you off. yes, you‘re the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
SUNA is incredibly touchy and smiley - so much so it concerns you. he can’t wait to pop the question, he can’t wait to see the ring on your finger. he daydreams about the future to come, his fingertips brushing over your skin as you sit beside him, engrossed by the movie playing on your tv, not noticing how suna’s hand lays on his thigh, hiding the little velvety box. it isn’t until he stole one last sweet kiss from you that you finally ask him what’s gotten into him - and that is when he sinks down on his knees.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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luvbub · 2 months ago
texting ur fiancé “yo we still on for tmrw?” the day before your wedding with atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, and suna HAHA
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna
♡ a/n: LMAO i considered doing like fake texts, but ultimately decided against it q_q also im half asleep writing this so forgive me
♡ part two
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
within 10 seconds of sending that text, you get a video call from Atsumu
you quickly accept the call, grinning the second your dear fiancé came into view on your phone screen
“What the hell do you mean ‘we still on for tomorrow’?” Atsumu asks you, one eyebrow raised at what you could possibly be thinking
you respond by laughing, and admittedly your laughter and lax attitude brings a smile to Atsumu’s face
he would never admit it, but seeing your text did worry him just a bit
the rational part of Atsumu knew that you wouldn’t back out, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen
so confirming that this was just some little harmless prank was enough to ease his nerves
“I miss you so much” he pouts into the camera
“we’ll see each other tomorrow!!” you tell him, but Atsumu rolls his eyes at you
“you sure? your last text seems to imply otherwise...”
“it was a joke babe!” you giggle, watching as Atsumu’s pouts slowly become a smile
“I know... I still miss you and want you right next to me” Atsumu sighs, taking in all of your features from the screen on his phone
he’s still in absolute disbelief that in less than a day he gets to marry you
even though you like to joke around with him and send him ludicrous texts like the one you sent not too long ago, there was no doubt in Atsumu’s mind that you were the one for him
and just for you, he’d deal with a billion of your silly oddly ambiguous texts if it mean that he would be yours and you would be his for the rest of your lives
it didn’t take long for Kuroo to call you
and when you answered, you heard chatter in the background- identifying the voices as his friends’
“actually Y/n, we are not still on for tomorrow. I’ve changed my mind” Kuroo jokes around
you chuckle in response, but you can hear the surprise in his friends’ voices
“I- Kuroo what are you talking about?” you hear Bokuto ask
“yeah I was just telling Y/n I can’t do this anymore. I think I might back out of this”
the chatter you previously heard went silent, allowing you to put on your best acting performance
you began sobbing into the phone, loud enough that his friends would hear even without being on speaker
“n-no! Please Tetsu I- I love you so much please don’t leave me!” you fake cry
“sorry Y/n. I realized that I can’t be with you.” Kuroo solemnly says into the phone, watching his friends shift glances at one another, not knowing how to react
“there’s someone else huh? I bet there is” you continue your fake sobbing, adding in short breaths in-between your cries
“...there is.... it’s Tsukishima” Kuroo dramatically admits
and at this point, you’re unable to hold back your laughter and Kuroo soon joins in with his cackles
even though you two are having a jolly time, his friends look absolutely done with Kuroo
except for Tsukishima- he looks at the soon to be groom in disgust
“is it too late to withdraw as a groomsman” Tsukishima murmurs under his breath
you waited for a response, but you honestly never got one
it was unlike Bokuto to not respond to you instantly, but you didn’t think too much about it
after all, you knew that his friends planned to go out with him tonight for a little celebration
but ten minutes after your text was sent, you got a call from Akaashi
“so uh...we kinda lost Bokuto-san” he admits, and you nearly drop your phone
“I- HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FIANCE?” you screech into the phone
“look, it’s not like he’s drunk or anything. I saw him look at his phone and then he started running off saying how he needed to see you!”
and right on time, incessant knocking is heard at your door
“Y/N IT’S ME KOU” Bokuto shouts from the other side of the door
“....okay I found him Akaashi. He’s here so just swing by to pick him up please” you say, ending the call to open the door
and the moment you do, Bokuto has you wrapped in his arms
“of course we’re still on for tomorrow why did something happen?” Bokuto frantically asks, worried about you
your text had alarmed him- he wasn’t sure why you would send such a thing but he knew he had to see you as soon as possible to talk to you
you felt a bit guilty since you hadn’t anticipated him reacting like this
“aw, Kou I’m sorry it was just a little prank” you sheepishly admit, cupping one of his cheeks
Bokuto sighs in relief, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead
“oh thank god- you had me worried for a sec Y/n” he murmurs, still not letting you go
and for the next ten minutes or so before Akaashi arrives, Bokuto is still hugging you, telling you how excited he is to marry the love of his life and continuously showering you with all the affection he could offer
it didn’t take Suna long for him to read the message and respond
but this text wasn’t one you were expecting at all
‘2/10 joke’ is all the message read
so you call him for an explanation
“hello?” he asks as soon as he picks up your call
“what do you mean that’s a 2/10 joke Rin?” you ask him, pouting that your boyfriend gave you such a low score
“the text implies that its on me, the receiver of the text to decide whether or not tomorrow’s event is still going to happen.”
Suna pauses briefly, allowing you to think about his words before continuing
“so it doesn't make me filled with any concern or worry- which is what you want when pranking somebody. if you wanted to accomplish that, then you should have said something that would make me think you were the unsure one” Suna further explains
“ah I see, so all I have to do is-” you’re quickly interrupted by your boyfriend
“nope” he simply states
“you’re not going to pull that prank on me” Suna states with so much confident- as if he were the one making the decision and not you
“it won’t work anyways. Now that I've told you the plan. it ruins the whole surprise” he says, and you’re silent for a moment
“god Rin you’re so annoying you know that? the most annoying person on this planet” you joke, plopping back not your bed
“and you’re the fool for marrying the most annoying person on the planet tomorrow” Suna scoffs
and although you can’t see it, you just know he’s rolling his eyes
out of love of course
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iwasbunny · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 576 words.
# warnings. none!
# contains. tanaka, atsumu, bokuto, hinata, lev, oikawa, daichi, ushijima.
# author’s note. back, back, back again with some soft shit.
Tumblr media
you’re that couple that has a weirdly specific handshake that you both made up.
no one has any idea how to do it but you two, and tanaka loves to show it off.
to be honest, you weren’t really sure why you did it either but if it made him happy then why not?
this man literally cannot keep his hands off of you, at all.
you guys end up being that one couple that kind of grosses everyone out.
all because he will pull you into his lap and suck faces with you regardless of who’s watching.
he’s a big ball of sunshine, and he doesn’t give a single shit about what other people think of you guys.
which is why he’s exactly the type of boyfriend to get you those matching couple shirts, the ones that say ‘He’s the king’ and ‘I’m his queen’ that type of shit.
he will buy it and proudly wear them around with you.
think of the worst thing a couple could do, that’s right.
those ‘I love you more,’ ‘No, I love you more.’ fights? yeah, that’s an everyday thing for you and him.
he probably gets smacked in the head by sakusa a bunch of times cause he keeps being late since he doesn’t want to give in and lose to you.
he’s a huge drama queen.
and whenever he hurts himself, no matter how little it is he will tell you and ask you to kiss the pain away.
everyone around him just rolls their eyes whenever they hear him say it but he won’t stop, he’ll happily take the affection from you.
the king of using too many pet names.
we all know he’s a whiny brat already but that somehow gets worse when you guys start dating.
all his teammates hear are a constant ‘baby, babe, angel, love, pretty, honey,’ they’ve heard him call you every single name they can possibly think of.
you guys love taking pictures together, maybe a little too much. whenever you’re out with friends you’re constantly stopping to ask them to snap a shot of you two.
and at first they thought it was adorable but then you’d do it at the most mundane places.
the frown on suga’s face is unmistakable as he takes a picture while you guys are posed in front of a random sign.
both of you text each other about the most ordinary things.
he just likes hearing about your day and you’re the same.
there have been times when someone tries to tease him for it but he always just responds with a simple, ‘I don’t think I’m clingy, I would just like to know what they’re doing. That’s what good boyfriends do, is it not?’
Tumblr media
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planetrin · 28 days ago
𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚 𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐨, 𝐤𝐨𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐦𝐚 & 𝐛𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐰/ 𝐠!𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 // hurt/comfort (there’s no actual breaking up)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 // mentions of insecurity and cyber bullying
☄︎ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐬 // (not proofread) this was my first request !! thanks to @darling-imobsessed i hope u like it :p also in kenmas, i have no idea how streaming works so it’s probably not that realistic LOL + kou’s got really long oopsies
part one !!
Tumblr media
kageyama is clueless and awkward all the time, it’s hard for him to comprehend what’s happening in your relationship. his entire life was spent only thinking about volleyball and being the best. you knew that, though, and you accepted it. it was even cute to you.
but what wasn’t cute was watching his fans swarm him every time you were out in public together. the fans weren’t the problem, of course, it’s what they were saying that had you questioning yourself and your relationship.
today, though. today was the last straw. you were out at a restaurant for a nice little dinner together due to kageyama’s vigorous work schedule and people, unfortunately but not surprisingly, recognized him.
all of a sudden, a small swarm of people surround him and ask him for pictures or autographs. you sit there with a small smile on your face, watching as your boyfriend awkwardly poses with a peace sign in his photos and then you hear it.
“kageyama, you deserve so much better! your s/o isn’t even all that!”
you feel your breath get caught in your throat, feeling your mood drop immediately. you don’t even wait to hear his response, collecting your things and walking out of the restaurant without any notice.
but kageyama does notice, quickly leaving his fans and running out after you.
“Y/N! wait, where are you—“
you aggressively wipe the tears falling from your face, turning around, “let’s breakup.”
his head cocks to the side, a puzzled look on his face, “huh?”
you sigh, placing your face in your hands, “tobio, i can’t keep doing this. your fans know, i know and deep down you probably know, too— i’m not what you need.”
he frowns at your words, “what are you talking about? you’re exactly what i need.” he mutters, anxiety filling his body at the thought of you leaving. “i don’t wanna break up.”
you feel a pang of guilt mixing in with your sadness, “what about all those people who say it to your face. that person in there literally said it to your face.”
“if you had stayed, you would’ve known that i told them that you are the best and if anything you deserve better.”
your eyes well with even more tears, feeling like you might collapse with the amount of emotions running through you. “really?” you squeak out, finally.
he nods, walking closer to tightly wrap his arms around you. “really.”
your boyfriend sat comfortably at his gaming table clicking and clacking away at his controller while he streamed online. he’s been going at it for a few hours now and you missed him dearly. you could hear him talking to his viewers from your shared bedroom, so you decided to sneak in and try and have a small conversation with him.
you tip toed into the dark room and saw him, softly illuminated by the screen, looking prettier than ever.
although you knew what you signed up for, kenma being one of the top gamers in the world, you still did feel a little neglected at times. kenma always reassured you, though, so you had nothing to worry about.
you sneak up behind him, placing your hands on his shoulder and placing a soft peck into his hair. you feel him tense at first, but then slowly relax and melt into your affection.
“hi, baby,” he mumbles cutely, still thumbing at his controller. “need something?”
you hum, shaking your head ‘no,’ letting him know that you just missed him. his reply is to lean into your touch with a smile on his pretty face.
your eyes trail to the monitor where you notice he’s streaming and watch as comments flood the box. you read some of them and smile at all the ones that compliment you, but the you see the few that do the exact opposite…
dude why is he with them, lol this is a joke !! or …yikes… i kinda feel bad for him or different versions of degrading words faceless people had come up with at the sight of you.
you immediately retract from your boyfriend, feeling sadness and insecurity bubble up in your gut. you don’t really want to read anymore, even if they are nice comments. you ignore kenma’s calls, opting on walking out of the dark room instead of letting him see you cry.
you mostly expect to spend a few more hours alone, but kenma follows you into your shared room with a confused look on his face. “what’s wrong?”
you avoid his worried gaze, the last thing you want is for him to see you cry. “do you wanna break up?” you mumble, not thinking straight. the comments were unbearable, scrambling your brain up into mush and insecurity.
he gawks at you like you’re crazy, and in this moment, you kind of are. “literally… why in the world would i want to break up with you?” he ask, genuinely confused.
“the comments… said… i’m a joke… a-and—“
he cuts you off with a laugh— one you’ve never heard before. it was a loud cackle— which is the exact opposite of his personality. “pretty baby, come on. don’t worry about those morons, they’re just jealous that i have the prettiest, greatest s/o in the entire world.”
you frown, “are you lying?”
“you’d know if i was lying, Y/N, i’m being serious.” he mutters, lifting your head up and cupping your face while wiping your tears with the soft pads of his thumbs. “now, we’re not breaking up, i hope you know that.”
you sniffle, nodding your head, looking up at him with a pout etched onto your face. “okay, ken. thank you… i love you.” you say, feeling your cheeks heat up.
“i love you more, duh. now you wanna get some pizza?”
your boyfriend scores the final point at the msby game and you can’t help but scream and cheer out his name in excitement. you run the down the stands, his extra jersey on your body and black streaks on your face.
you run onto the floor, pushing past photographers and reporters and cameramen running to your boyfriend surrounded by his teammates.
“kou!” you yell and he’s immediately searching for you in the sea of people in front of him, wanting to bask in his victory with you.
as soon as he spots you, he’s pushing people out of his way.“Y/N! baby! did you see me? wasn’t it so cool?!” he spouts, adrenaline rushing through his body, not coming down from his spectacular win. he doesn’t even let you answer his questions before wrapping his big arms tightly around you.
“kou! i saw, you did so well! ‘m so proud of you!”you giggle, wrapping your arms around him as well.
he beams, pulling back, leaning in to give you a big kiss before he’s interrupted by reporters yelling his name. he sighs, looking at them and then looking back at you.
“go, baby. i’ll be here.” you smile, reassuring him. he kisses your cheek, vastly and runs off with the reporters.
you chat amongst his other teammates, congratulating bokuto’s teammates before you get pulled away by two random people.
“hey, you’re bokuto’s partner, right?” one of them asks, making you cock your head to the side.
“uh yeah,”
“you’re so pretty, but i mean… bokuto is so dreamy. we were wondering… how’d you get him so wrapped around your finger?”
the backhanded compliment stings like a slap to the face, but you had to think about this logically. maybe, just maybe, they didn’t mean it like that. “what exactly do you mean by that?”
they look at each other and then look back to you, “we just mean, he’s so attractive, and you’re pretty, but like, you just don’t seem to fit with him, you know?”
oh, you think. so they did mean it like that.
“excuse me,” you smile, walking away from them quickly, past the team and past the reporters— past everyone. you make sure bokuto doesn’t notice, but obviously you don’t know him very well if you think he doesn’t notice you’ve slipped out.
you step out of the gym, warm and embarrassed face getting hit with cold air. you expect to be alone for a while, but you’re startled to see bokuto with a smile on his face. “whats wrong, baby? ready to go?”
you inhale shakily, “kou,” you whisper, not trusting your voice. this makes him panic, his smile falters and his breathing increases slightly. “we should—“
he panics, abruptly stopping you, “no, we can’t. i don’t want to,”
you sigh, looking away from him, “but kou, you should get someone more… fun and pretty and… you know. someone who won’t alter your image.”
“no, no, no. you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, how can you even say that?” he shakes, “you make me a better person every day, and god, you are so gorgeous, baby. i don’t even know how i got you. please, don’t do this. i love you so so so much.”
you sniffle, realizing what those two rando’s had said was just based of their jealousy. “i love you, too, i’m sorry.”
“don’t ever do that again! you almost gave me a heart attack!”
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @planetrin 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
🏷 taglist: @darling-imobsessed @v-lleitie @spoofybun @d1lfluvr @amarinthe
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adoringhaikyuu · 9 months ago
they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and think you’re cheating on them
Tumblr media
characters: atsumu, bokuto, kenma, ushijima, (gn!reader)
summary: what happens when they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and wrongfully assume you’re cheating on them.
warnings: nothing, just a hint of angst, some suggestive things and some dumb boys–
notes: this actually isn't that angsty! everyone is aged up and living together but it doesn’t really matter lmao (u can request others if you’d like! i kinda wanna do kageyama and oikawa)
part one | part two
Tumblr media
this dumbass sees you all cozy in this extremely over sized sweater––like his size sweater
you’re on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through your phone, your head leaning on a sweater paw 
and at first he gets distracted cause you look so cute and his face softens
but then he realizes that he doesn’t recognize it, and it sure as hell isn’t yours
and !! he knows !! it’s not his !!
and he immediately thinks it’s another mans, i mean what possible other explanation could there be–
his brows furrow and he just speaks without thinking, masking his hurt with anger
“so who is it?” he crosses his arms and stares down at you, practically barking, his voice breaking the silence around you. 
you pause immediately and look up at him confused, noticing how he’s doing the same stance he does when he’s trying to act tough. “what?”
he tuts and rolls his eyes, sighing in annoyance. were you really going to deny it? he narrows his eyes. “who. is. it.” the look of confusion on your face only deepens and he can feel his blood start to boil. his voice is dead cold and it sends a shiver up your spine. “who have you been fucking?”
you blink, once, then twice. “ what’s going on here––”
“don’t play dumb with me, y/n.” 
you looked around the room for a few seconds then back to him. “ it daddy? is that the answer––”
“y/n.” he growls impatiently.
“i don’t know what’s going on!” 
he breaks and steps closer to you, yelling almost in your face. “you’re cheating on me!” 
“what?!” you practically shriek. “why would you think that??” 
he scoffs, “are you kidding me?? the evidence is right there in front of my freakin’ face!” he points at you and you start to get aggravated as well, not knowing where these absurd allegations came from. 
“what the fuck are you talking about tsumu?” you set your phone down and stand up, a few inches away from him. 
“that fuckin’ ugly ass sweater you’re wearin’! you really think you’d be able to hide that from me, i’m not a dumbass!”
you look at him bewildered and down to your sweater, pulling at the hem. “you think it’s ugly? i bought it yesterday i thought it was cute–”
“i don’t give a shit! how could you do this to me i thought––” he cuts himself off and blinks a few times, the redness in his cheeks and on his neck slowly fading away. “wait what?”
you looked back up at him. “i said i bought it yesterday...? what does that have to do with––”
“so it’s not some other guy’s sweater...”
the both of you stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other, you in disbelief, him with a guilty and sheepish smile on his face. without warning, you slapped his arm and he shrieked. 
“ow?! that hurt!” 
“i don’t care! you really thought i would cheat on you?!” you tried to shove past him but he stopped you, eyes wide as he held you by the waist. 
“baby i’m sorry––”
you looked up at him, eyes watery. “what the hell, ‘tsumu?”
he felt his eyes start to water up too, a dull ache in the back of his throat as he pulled you into his arms and held you tight. “i’m so sorry babylove, i––i wasn’t thinking and i just––i saw you all cozy in that sweater and the thought of you wearing someone else’s clothes, being with someone else...” you wrapped your arms around him, hearing the pain he was trying to hide, in his voice. 
his voice was small as he mumbled, his cheek smushed against your head. “i thought you had some side piece hiding around somewhere.”
you shook your head and nestled your head into his chest. “don’t be ridiculous ‘tsumu, if anything you’d be the side piece.” 
“hey!” he pulls away to look at you and smiles when he sees your lips curved upwards cheekily. his thumbs came up to wipe the remnants of your tears that hadn’t soaked into his sweater. “can we go cuddle now?” 
you pretended to think, “hm i don’t know...i don’t think you deserve those right now.”
he pouted. “please? i’ll do anything––i’ll cook all our meals for the whole week!”
you cringed, “last time you cooked, you almost burnt the kitchen down.”
his shoulders drooped as he tried to think of another offer. “oh!” he perked up, eyes bright. “i’ll get ‘samu to cook for us? he owes me a favor anyway–”
you smiled, leaning up to kiss him softly. “deal.” 
Tumblr media
this absolute angel would be so sad :(((
at first he’d be like :D they’re so cute
and he’d be staring at you, all entranced and in love
then he realizes he doesn’t recognize the sweater cause he’s never seen you wear it before (he knows all of your outfits, he compliments all of them) and then he also realizes how big it is on you ://
immediately gets in a bad mood, more sad then angry
baby boy is just hurt tbh
was he not good enough?
he doesn’t even say anything, he just sulks and hopes you’ll come to him and let him down easy or come to your senses and leave the other guy
he’d forgive you, he loves you too much
bokuto walked into the bedroom where you were and paused for a bit before lying down next to you and staring up at the ceiling. you could feel his energy shift as he walked in, as if there were a cloud above him. 
“kou?” you asked, looking away from your phone to your pouting boyfriend. he simply hummed in response, not even glancing at you. “what’s wrong?”
he bit his lip, blinking a few times before responding. “mm, nothing.” 
your brows furrowed, wondering what could have possibly put him in a bad mood. “oh i know, did akaashi beat you at cup pong on that imessage game again?”
he frowned, “no––i mean yes, but––” he finally turned to look at you, eyes wide, filled with unshed tears and you sat up, alarmed. “are you happy?”
you tilted your head in confusion. “happy?”
“yes,” he nodded. “with me.” he was looking at you hopefully, the usual light in his eyes now dim. 
now it was your turn to frown. “of course i am, baby. i’m happiest when i’m with you. why are you asking me that?”
he seemed to perk up a bit at that, but he still wasn’t fully himself. he looked away, “nothing, no reason.”
“nuh uh,” you scooted closer to him and gently cradled his face, turning him to face you. “why are you asking me this? something’s obviously up.” 
his hand came up to hold yours on his cheek. “i just...” he looked down to your sweater. “you look really pretty in that sweater, you know? i think that’s what hurts the most, you still look like mine, my baby...even though you’re not wearing my sweater.”
“that’s what this is about? bo, you had me worried! if you want me to wear your sweaters i will, you know i love wearing them.” 
he looked up into your eyes, “but what about this one? what about the other–”
“i only bought this cause it was on sale, it’s not like i’m attached to it or anything. honestly, i like yours a lot better.” you smiled at him and you could see all the tension leaving his body, the hurt leaving his face as he smiled wide.
“you––you bought it!” 
this boy confused you more and more every day. “yes, i bought it. what’s up with you?” 
he shook his head vigorously like a little puppy, eyes wide as he hastily wiped his tears. “no–nothing!” he pulled you into his arms and you fell into him with a gasp, your legs on either side of him as he held you tight. “i love you so much, my precious angel.”
you raised a brow, giving into his embrace. “o–kay? i love you too, baby.” you let your head fall onto his shoulder, your boy was always so dramatic...
Tumblr media
kenma would be gaming at his desk, cat headphones on
and you’d sneak in, bored of doing whatever it is you were doing before, to sit on his lap as you always do
he’d barely look away from the screen as you squeeze into the chair with him, lifting and opening his arms to let you in
you’d snuggle against him and as he plays, he unconsciously kisses your forehead and lean his head onto yours 
he’d honestly play for a good while before he takes a break or a loading screen pops up before the next mission and he’d finally take a good look at you all cozied up on top of him
he’d bring a hand to your waist, just to let you know that he’s there and appreciates your company 
he’d notice how peaceful you look, your eyes closed as you held onto his sweatshirt
but then he’d notice your sweatshirt and his brows would furrow 
you felt kenma stiffen underneath you, and at first you thought it was because his game was getting intense––but you couldn’t hear any noise coming from the monitor or from the keyboard (and trust me you would hear when he was typing––his fingers going at fifty miles per hour). 
you opened your eyes to see him staring off to the side, not even paying attention to his game resuming, a worrying crease between his brows. you took the hand that was fisting his collar and brought it up to hold his cheek and though he softened at the touch at first, as he always did, you could tell something was off. 
“baby?” you mumbled. “what’s wrong? did something happen in your game?”
he barely even heard you at first, too caught up in his own troublesome thoughts. was it someone else’s? another guy’s? you wouldn’t––right? 
“baby?” again, no response. 
you sat up and his hands fell to the arm rests, or more like he put them there, as though he wanted you to get off. this was immediately a bad sign––he never wanted you to get off, even when you had to pee, he would grumble and hold you tighter, continuing to play his game as though you weren’t about to literally piss your pants. 
you turned his head towards you but he still wouldn’t look at you, instead choosing to look down. “ken what’s wrong? you’re worrying me.” he finally looked into your eyes and you felt a chill run through your body at the fierce look in them, an indescribable emotion swimming in his irises. 
he stared at you first for a few moments silently before speaking up. “when did––” he paused, unsure of how to go about this, his voice small and hesitant. “when did you get this sweater?”
you looked down at the fabric you were practically melting in and back up at him, a confused pout on your face. “a few months ago, why?” 
“a few months?” he frowned and tilted his head back down. it’s been that long? 
“yeah, i got it at that thrift store, you know the one by the café? why do you ask?”
at that, his eyes widened and his lips parted, but he quickly snapped out of it and wrapped his arms around you. “n–nothing. no reason.”
“what? but–”
“doesn’t matter.” he pulled you close so that you were leaning on him again, his arms tight, not letting you up. 
you snuggled back against him hesitantly, your hand sliding up to play with the loose bundles of hair that fell out of his bun at the nape of his neck. you smiled as he purred at your touch, his hands going back to the keyboard. 
you felt yourself sink back into his embrace, your fatigue quickly washing over you again. you’d definitely ask him what that was about after you woke up.
Tumblr media
poor baby sees the sweater and tries to remember if he’s ever seen you wear it, since he already knows it’s not his
he comes to the conclusion that it’s most likely another man’s since it’s so big on you and immediately assumes it’s his fault ://
he just stands and stares at you for a while, brows furrowed in thought
but he does that all the time, so you don’t think anything of it and just go about your business cutting up your apple slices in the kitchen
he notices how the fabric is swallowing you up, but it’s still not as big as his, and that at least gives him a teeny bit of satisfaction that whoever this man is, he’s bigger than him
after a few minutes of contemplation, he stands next to you and speaks up
“do i not satisfy you enough, y/n?”
you paused and the sound of your knife slicing fruit came to a halt as you looked up at your boyfriend to see if he was joking. he wasn’t. you almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation but looking at the seriousness in ushijima’s expression, you decided against it. given the way your eyes would fill with tears, the way your thighs would tremble as you clung to him after every night you spent together in bed, he should have known the answer to that question. but maybe he meant it another way––
“in what way?” he frowned and you went on. “if you meant sex wise...then yes, you more than satisfy me. if it’s in terms of love and affection, then the answer is also yes. short answer is yes, always.”
this only seemed to trouble him further, somehow. “then what is it?”
you tilted your head in confusion, “what is what?”
“what made you go elsewhere?”
you blink and put the knife down. “ushi, i have no idea what you’re talking about, i’ve been here all day.”
“what made you go and find someone else to take care of you?” he said bluntly.
“what? i didn’t...” you turned fully to face him, piecing together what he was saying so cryptically yet plainly at the same time. looking at his features carefully, you could see the anger, frustration and most of all, the hurt he was trying to hide, on his face. your voice shrunk in size. “wait, you think i’m cheating on you?” he nodded silently and you felt a twitch in your stomach. “why would you think that?”
he reached down, “this” he tugged at the sleeve of your sweater with two fingers, as if it disgusted him. “is not mine. and it is far too large to be yours.” he crossed his arms and looked at you, waiting for an explanation.
you paused for a few seconds before you burst out laughing and he only stood there, watching you, offended and utterly confused. why was this funny? “i’m sorry baby i just––” you placed one hand on the counter and tried to hold yourself up and not fall down to your knees. you waited until your laugh died down to a giggle before looking up at your adorable, dumb boyfriend with a smile on your face.
“this isn’t your sweater, you’re right. but it is mine. i bought it the other day, it’s just oversized.”
his arms slowly dropped to his sides. “––oh.”
“yeah, ‘oh’.” you shook your head slightly. “you really thought i would cheat on you?”
“i didn’t want to believe it. i wasn’t sure, so i asked.”
you pursed your lips, more amused than anything. “more like you accused me, ushi.”
he looked down in shame. “i’m sorry.”
you placed a hand on his chest as he hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist. “i would never hurt you like that. i’m yours.” you leaned up on your tiptoes and he bent down, eager to give you the kiss you wanted. he pressed his lips against yours, his hands holding you tight.
when you pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed. “i really am sorry.”
you placed a hand on his cheek and pulled back to look into his eyes, smiling at the way he nuzzled into your touch. “it’s okay baby. how about i just wear your sweaters instead of buying my own, hm?” though you were slightly teasing, he nodded, more serious than ever.
“i would like that.”
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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
based off a tiktok
character/s: kuroo tetsuro ; kenma kozume ; suna rintaro ; iwaizumi hajime ; bokuto koutaro ; terushima yuuji ; ushijima watakoshi ; miya atsumu ; oikawa tooru
genre/s: fluff ig
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: just a quick post y'all im still on hiatus mwa <3 thank u for 800 followers thinking of an event for 1k 😩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 2 months ago
## ft. suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. i feel so lonely everytime i write fluff aaaa
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO would be the type to tug on the hem of your t-shirt, beckoning you to spare some attention for him. his head would nuzzle against your neck in an attempt to hide his flushed face because when has he ever became a clingy person? he doesn’t know when it started but he has always craved for your touch.
BOKUTO KOUTARO would be the one that works to get your attention. he would press kisses all over your face, stroking your hair and talking about how you are the best thing, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him. “baby i miss you.” “kou, you have been cuddling me for the past 30 minutes.”
MIYA ATSUMU too, would not ask for your attention directly but would casually make remarks about how his hand and arms are feeling very empty or how his lips are very lonely. you found his ways to be absolutely adorable so you would tease him back by just giving a hum of acknowledgment, leaving atsumu dumbfounded.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME would not hesitate to call you over so that he could envelope you in his arms. the only problem is that once you start cuddling, you can’t get out. any attempt from you to escape his hold would be met with a light slap on your thigh. “mine.” he smiled at you, fingers moving up to playfully pinch your nose.
KUROO TETSURO would screw things up on purpose. he just knows that you would feel pitiful watching him struggle to do something as simple as hanging the clothes out. he would plead for you to teach him and would ask for a reward if he succeeds. and somehow, he magically succeeds every single time. you were too happy with giving him a kiss to think about how he was such a ‘fast’ learner.
Tumblr media
ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" likes, feedback and rbs are always appreciated 🤍
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veenxys · 2 months ago
「Attractive things haikyuu boys do」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
he offers to carry heavy things for you then rolls his sleeves up to his elbows before effortlessly lifting whatever you had trouble carrying. or when he’s on his way home after tiring formal events or dinners, he not only pulls the sleeves up but also loosens the top buttons of his shirt with one hand while keeping the other one on the steering wheel as he drives.
⤷ Kuroo
he has a habit of putting his hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to him, it’s instinctual at this point. he places one hand on your thigh while the other lazily scrolls on his phone, or when he’s driving and you’re in the passenger seat, he drums his fingers on your skin to the beat of the song playing on the radio while one hand is on the steering wheel.
⤷ Atsumu
he says things like "oh yeah?" "what are you going to do about it?" "make me." even if it's a really small thing, something about the way he says those words affects your heart. the words escape his lips so softly but at the same time so inviting; his eyes filled with a mischievous glint, a small smile tugging at his lips as he looks at you defiantly, waiting for you to take the first step so he can finish what he started.
⤷ Osamu
he ever-so-slightly brushes his lips against your fingers when you hand-feed him some candy or fruit, and the way he catches you off-guard by keeping eye contact as he bites into the food before pulling away with a smug glint in his eyes at the way you hurriedly clear your throat, and he just tilts his head while ‘innocently’ asking you, “you alright?”
⤷ Kenma
you can’t help but gush a little inside when he fixes your clothes or jewelry. perhaps you’re talking to him or you’re distracted with something else and he reaches over to place the clasp of your necklace back to its proper place or to pull up the cardigan that has slipped past your shoulders. it’s such a small gesture but heart-fluttering, nonetheless.
⤷ Oikawa
when he kisses you, he likes to play with the belt hoop or waistband of your jeans. it’s an innocent enough gesture, he doesn’t have much intentions behind doing this and most of the times, it’s habitual. he hooks his finger around it, tugging you closer to him and then his hand moving up to your waist, leaving lingering touches.
⤷ Sakusa
even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
⤷ Suna
the way he immediately grabs your hand and sucks the tip of your finger to soothe the burn that you’ve just accidentally given yourself. you find it both heart-warming and attractive and it especially does a thing or two to your heart when he meets your gaze with slightly concerned eyes, your fingertip still lingering over his lips.
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Tumblr media
#Includes: many many boys
#genre: Fluff/crack
#warnings: none other than the fact that some are suggestive but nothing explicite
Ushijima: Blinked at your hand with a stone face for a few seconds before he interlaced your fingers then looked at you expectingly “is this okay?”
Sakusa: Stared at your hand with a confused face then fished his hand sanitiser out and squirted a few drops in your palm “it’s peach scented… your favourite”
Tsukishima: Looked at your hand with a bored face , pushed up his glasses then shooed your hand away “I’m doing work , go bother someone else”
Yamaguchi: Smiled at you and then brought your hand up to cup his face “Mmh warm”
Kita: softly took you hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on each knuckle “hey beautiful”
Hinata: immediately grabbed your hand and dragged you to the court “great can you set for me baby ?”
Kuroo: “oi oi what do we have here” lifted your hand up higher and dapped you up.
Kenma: blinked up at you and then put his switch in your hand “did you want to play?”
Suna: smirked at you with low eyes and slowly grabbed your hand and brought it to his crotch “this is what you wanted right pretty baby?” “SUNA!”
Aran: smiled at you softly while he took your hand in his large one and started massaging it “relax princess , I’ve got you”
Atsumu: looked at you with a bewildered expression , then at your hand, “oooh you got your nails done! , they look really pretty baby but that wasn’t the colour I said to get”
Osamu: yawned as he looked at your awaiting hand and with a straight face said “it would look better wrapped around my di-” “OKAY that’s enough for one day”
Tendou: cheekily smiled at you then licked your hand “Mmh sweet” and walked on as if nothing happened, leaving you dumbfounded.
Aone: looked at you softly with red cheeks and brought your palm up to his lips and gave it a sweet peck. Let your hand go with a little smile.
Bokuto: excitingly gave your hand a low high five “HEY HEY HEY, we should do that more often , that was fun”
Akashi: stares at your hand and then slowly runs his fingers over your ring finger (where a ring would lay) “soon sweetheart , soon”
Iwazumi: looked at you with distrust and apprehension as if your hand was going to bite him and softly poked your hand while eyeing you “did shittykawa put you up to this?”
Oikawa: sighed contentedly and placed your hand in his fluffy hair, clearly expecting a head rub and when you didn’t move your hand to run it through his locks he whined softly while nudging you “your hands are magic mi amor … please”
Kyoutani: was eating chicken wings when you did it and thought you wanted some so growled out “go get your own”
Note: this was really fun to write !
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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kitashinsvks · 6 months ago
is your girlfriend single?
characters: atsumu, suna, bokuto 
a/n: part two of the previous work i published!! 
warnings: post!timeskip but idk if that’s a warning
(read ushijima, sakusa, iwaizumi's here)
Tumblr media
the setter was doing a livestream, he was bored and you were doing a grocery run, so he decided to tweet the hashtag #AskTsumu five minutes before going on live. 
once he started filming, he first greeted his viewers and thanked them for their support towards the previous games against the adlers. 
“right. let’s get started on the questions.” he says, placing the phone down and clasping his hands together. 
“‘is it true that you have a twin?’ no, i don’t. next question.” atsumu smirked as he scrolled past the comments only to see his twin’s angry spamming on how he should’ve eaten the blonde in the womb. 
“just kidding, yes. unfortunately, i have a twin brother, he’s currently opening up a restaurant in tokyo so go visit if you can.” atsumu endorsed. “‘wow, thanks. you’re actually useful for once.’ i take it back! don’t visit his restaurant, his food is shit. worst food ever, -10/10.” he joked, knowing that his fans and viewers would realize that it was sarcastic. 
“alright, time to check twitter for your questions.” he said as he took his laptop and pressed on the hashtag. 
“wow, okay. there’s a lot, i’ll try to answer as much as possible.” atsumu began answering the questions, it was mostly about his training routine, his hobbies and his relationship with his team. 
“how long have you and your girlfriend been together?” he smirked at the question before tilting his head to the side and shortly reminisced about your relationship. 
“we’ve been dating for.. four years now and i couldn’t be any luckier.” as if on cue, the door to your apartment opened and you trudged in with groceries. “wait a minute.” he said to the camera before running to where you were and helping you carry the groceries then dragging you to the camera’s view. 
“‘tsumu, i look terrible!” you say, trying to get away from the view but atsumu held your waist as he perched you to his lap. “nah, you don’t. ‘yer the prettiest.” he said before leaning forward, chin on top of your shoulder as he read more questions. 
“‘is that (y/n)?! she’s so pretty!’ ‘course she is. glad you seem to think so as well.” atsumu smirked. 
his live suddenly became a couple q&a. not that either of you were complaining. 
“atsumu, is your girlfriend single?” he reads before he could comprehend the message. he only realizes once you stifled your laugh. 
atsumu huffed before his big hand cupped your cheek to face him and he placed his lips onto yours for a few seconds. just enough to get the point through. 
“no, next question.” he winked, you slid off his lap as he laughed at the comment section which was now in an uproar. you knew you had to apologize to the team’s publicist as soon as possible.
Tumblr media
suna was lounging on the couch as atsumu and komori interacted with their fans in their livestream. 
he was in the background, scrolling away on his phone as the setter and the libero chatted animatedly in front of the screen. 
“oi, suna! you should go and join us.” atsumu called out, looking behind him, the middle blocker gave a passive wave of the hand, eyes still on the phone. 
“‘ya guys see how mean he is? he doesn’t care about anyone unless they’re (y/n).” atsumu says before his eyes widen. “i should not have said that, huh?” the glare suna sent atsumu’s way made the setter cower in his seat. 
“always knew your loud mouth will get me into trouble.” suna sighed and left it at that.
“show us a pic...” motoya read out loud, suna’s head snapped up and before he could stop the two, atsumu has already pulled out his phone and began going through photos of you and the team. 
“this is suna’s girlfriend, sorry ladies and gents, mr. suna rintarou is off the market.” motoya laughed as he pointed to the picture on the phone screen. “anyway, this is (y/n). she’s really pretty and she has the entire volleyball team to go after you if you dare send her hate.” 
suna smirked and continued to scroll down his phone. 
“is suna’s girlfriend single?” motoya read outloud, atsumu stood up with the phone and placed it in front of suna’s face, effectively placing him in a hotseat. 
“so, sunarin.” atsumu starts. “is your girlfriend single?”
suna looked at atsumu with an unimpressed expression before facing the camera, looking straight at it.
“no, we had sex last night.” atsumu almost let go of the phone at how nonchalantly suna answered. 
“can you get the camera out of my face now?” suna asked, both of his teammates nodded. atsumu grumbled about how he was making the live as pg as possible but the middle blocker had to ruin it. 
once atsumu sat down, he made sure that the camera does not catch sight of the smug middle blocker before he states to the camera.
“we’re not entertaining any more questions about suna and (y/n).”
Tumblr media
most of the fans knew that bokuto was a volleyball idiot. his actions and reflexes are quick yet when it comes to anything that wasn’t related to volleyball, he’d rather pass on the question. 
“ah, yeah. i’ve tried the hybrid on our spikers yet no one managed to receive it! bokkun was pouty the whole practice we had to call (y/n) to get him out of his slump.” atsumu recalled, earning a roll of eyes from sakusa and a lot of praise from hinata. 
“i was caught off guard!” bokuto tried to defend himself, earning a passive wave of the hand with a matching smirk from the setter. “sure, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, bokkun.” 
the live audience cooed at the team’s banter, finding it both endearing and entertaining. 
“i see. any more questions from the audience?” the host asked, the mic that was vacant was occupied by a fan who then asked what their drive for volleyball was.
it was the segment for general questions. then it would be time for personal questions per team member. 
the owl-spiker was excited but a bit nervous, he didn’t know what to expect but the smile on his face didn’t show any bit of unease. 
after a few minutes, the host turned to bokuto and gestured for him to sit in front, replacing hinata who had just finished answering his fans’ questions. 
“ah, bokuto-san! are you ready to answer?” the host asked for formalities, everyone knew that bokuto didn’t really have a choice. bokuto nods twice, a beaming smile on his face as he faced the audience. 
“alright! first question.” the host gestured for the first fan to occupy the microphone. 
“are your emo modes unintentional...” the questions went on, the spiker answered the next questions with ease, the past feeling of anxiousness dissipating as he noticed the line getting shorter. 
“hi, big fan! so my question for you is… is your girlfriend single?” the fan asked, causing a few gasps from the crowd. bokuto couldn’t see it, but the team was silently giggling at the question, anticipating whether bokuto would comprehend the question before he would answer. 
“what?” bokuto asked, wanting to hear the question again. he awkwardly laughed before he spoke once more. “of course she’s not! she’s my baby.” 
bokuto pouts before speaking again. “she’s my other half, my soulmate, my baby, my honeybear, my-” “alright, bokkun. we get it!” atsumu said, exasperated. 
“(y/n) is the love of my life and my girlfriend and it will stay that way until we see each other at the altar.” bokuto finalized, unknowingly smiling at the thought. 
the host cleared their throat, taking the stage away and wrapping the interview up. 
you were waiting backstage, watching with a warm face as bokuto talked about you. the backstage staff who was with you gave you knowing glances as the interview ended and bokuto was walking straight towards you. 
your boyfriend wrapped his arms tightly around you in greeting. “you know, that question could’ve been answered with a yes or no, kou.” you say as you pull away from the hug. 
“i needed to let them know that you’re mine!” bokuto stated childishly before pecking your forehead. 
yeah, you were his and didn’t plan on being anyone else’s.
Tumblr media
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