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sakusins · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
includes: miya atsumu, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, oikawa tooru, bokuto koutaro
notes: currently in writers block so heres another old repost
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 smiles when you walk up to him as he exits the gym, his captain in the distance behind him. with a wide grin, he reaches over and loops his arms around your waist, tugging you into a hug. “ma baby’s here ta pick me up, huh? ‘m a lucky guy,” he babbles happily, kissing your forehead. you smile, returning the kiss to his jaw before burying your face into his neck. with a mischievous grin that he won’t see, you slowly guide your hands down his back, him humming happily, unsuspecting. he yelps loudly when your hands squeeze his ass, making him jump slightly and shove you off. his face burns when he hears the snicker of his captain from behind him. “baby,” he whines, “not in fronta ma captain, how could ya?” you giggle loudly, moving to wrap your arms around his neck, but he pulls away, face in a pout. “sorry, tsum,” you laugh. “no, yer not, liar. ‘m walkin’ home now, don’t wanna be near ya and yer grabby hands,” he huffs, but he follows you to the car not even a few seconds after.
✰ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 pulls you into him as you both wait for the train, hugging you against his chest as he digs his nose into your head. you rub his back soothingly, making him smile to himself. “have a good day, baby?” you hum, nodding as you play with the hair at the nape of his neck. “yeah, it was the best, rin.” he smiles at you, but not for long when he feels your hand quickly drop and squeeze his ass, making him narrow his eyes at you, trying to shove you off. but you latch on tighter, squeezing once more, making him growl as you giggle. “when the hell did you get so strong, get off you annoying brat, i’m serious,” he grunts. he instantly pauses when he hears a chuckle behind him, turning over to see a passerby laugh at your antics, making his ears turn bright red. “if you think i’m ever taking you out again, you’re sadly mistaken,” he scowls at you. you laugh loudly, reaching for his arm but he shoves you off. “rin, i’m sorry! i just had to,” you giggle. he gets on the train before you instead of letting you go first like usual, and purposely picks a seat that doesn’t have one empty beside it.
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 hums quietly to himself as he stands by the stove, making dinner for the night as you walk up behind him. he smiles to himself, giddily awaiting the back hug you usually give him while he cooks, excited to feel your arms wrap around him. he’s more than shocked when he feels your hands on his ass, squeezing tightly, making him jump up slightly and gasp. “w-what the hell,” he croaks, turning to you in disbelief. you snort, covering your mouth with your hand as you laugh, making him turn beet red. with a glare, he turns around with a huff, bringing his attention back to dinner, only to do a double take when you smack his ass this time. “hey! cut that out, what is wrong with you?” he gapes, and you can’t help but giggle loudly. “i can’t, you have a cute ass,” you say with a grin. “shut up, you’re so weird,” he groans, swatting your hand away as you go to poke his cheek. “you grab my ass all the time,” you insist, but he just ignores you. “i’m not giving you dinner,” he mutters under his breath, but he still reaches for two plates right after.
✰ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 rolls over in his sleep, burying his head into your chest, smiling softly as he feels your fingers comb through his locks, mumbling something incoherently as he drifts off again. but his smile quickly drops when you shake his shoulders. “wake up, tooru, it’s time to get up,” you tell him, and he whines before pulling the blanket closer around himself. “no, five more minutes,” he huffs. rolling your eyes, you think for a moment before grinning as you come up with a different way to wake him. reaching over, you grab his ass, squeezing it with both hands, making him shriek as he sits up, looking at you incredulously. “what was that for?” you snicker, settling deeper under the covers, hand waving at him in a shoo motion. “you have to get up, i was just waking you.” he scrunches his face up in disbelief. “so you grabbed my ass?” you shrug, making his scowl deepen. “why not?” glaring at you, he grabs his pillow, smacking it onto your face before getting up and stomping to the bathroom, mumbling something under his breath along the lines of “how rude” while you continue to snicker.
✰ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 walks in front of you, heading to the front door of your shared home, rambling happily about whatever was on his mind. just as he pulls out his keys to unlock the door, you grab onto his ass and squeeze lightly, making him pause and turn to you with wide eyes. his face breaks into a soft blush when he hears your neighbor chuckle from the distance as they unlock and enter their own home, making him whine slightly. “baby, why couldn’t you have waited till we got inside to do that,” he pouts at you, making you stifle a giggle as you pinch his cheek. “i couldn’t help it, kou, you just have a nice ass,” you grin. his blush creeps down his neck, making him hastily turn to the door as he opens it and pulls you inside. “stop saying stuff like that, the neighbors might hear again,” he insists, making you giggle loudly, reaching over and stroking his hair. “okay, okay, i’m sorry. i’ll do it inside from now on,” you promise. “thank you,” he mumbles into your neck, although you know you most probably wouldn’t be keeping that promise in the end.
Tumblr media
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onlyomi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
+ f!reader, various haikyuu characters
++ degradation (“my slut”), overstim, oral (f receiving), fingering, 17+
+++ first post heheh >:)
Tumblr media
“you can give me one more, can’t you? that’s it, be a good girl for me,” with his cock shoved so deep inside you it knocks the breath from your lungs, his long fingers sprawled out on your stomach while he thumbs at your clit, a small smile on his face as he watches you twitch and shake beneath him.
DAICHI, sakusa, iwaizumi, MEIAN, osamu, kageyama, ukai
Tumblr media
“fuck— there you go, baby, there you go. make a mess for me,” he says, trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he’s just as fucked out as you are, his hair clinging to his sweaty forehead, drunken babbles flowing out of his mouth, along with almost embarrassing moans and whimpers as the both of you stumble over the edge for the nth time.
atsumu, BOKUTO, HINATA, goshiki, oikawa
Tumblr media
“was that not enough for you? my slut needs more, is that it?” a sick grin on his face as he dips his head down again, tongue swirling over your clit, fingers digging deep inside you to pull another ground-shaking, earth-shattering orgasm from your overworked body.
tsukishima, TENDOU, semi, matsukawa, kuroo, SUNA, kenma
Tumblr media
“please, doll? just one more for me,” as he fucks his cum deeper into you, his body shuddering above yours, eyes rolling to the back of his head at the slick, wet squeeze and pull of your cunt. he pushes your legs closer to your chest, mumbling something that sounds like thank you as you give him everything he’s been asking for.
USHIJIMA, kyotani, aone, KITA, aran, akaashi
Tumblr media
© ONLYOMI 2022. do not copy, edit, repost, or translate my work on this platform or other platforms.
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granddecoffee · 14 days ago
sharing a dorm bed
❥ with the msby 4, college!reader 
❥ note: this is my first time writing something like this!! any and all feedback is appreciated
sakusa — he brings his own pillow, but by the morning, both of you are sharing. the bed is too small to be that far apart (not that he’d want you to be too far away from him). he’s so prim and proper and sharp during the day, but while he sleeps, all of that melts away. he wakes up first, and though he’s not as cuddly, he stays until you’re ready to wake up too, not wanting to disturb you
atsumu — you stay up too late talking. you’re lucky you don’t have a roommate, but your next door neighbors definitely heard you laughing at his stupid jokes way into the night. you fall asleep first, his hands carding through your hair as you bury your face in his chest. he sleep talks, and whenever you can, you take a video of his sleepy gibberish to show him in the morning
hinata — both of you fit comfortably with a little room to spare. you fall asleep side by side, but wake up completely entangled, your back against his chest, his arms wrapped around you. he also wakes up first, and even though he tries not to, he wakes you up too. you stay in bed though, watching the sunrise through the gaps in your blinds
bokuto — unsurprisingly, he takes up the whole bed (he barely fits in his own twin xl). you’re practically on top of him, or else you’ll fall out. he kicks the covers off halfway through the night because he’s a human space heater, but you’re warm enough in his arms. you wake up first, and even though he’s half asleep, he squeezes tighter and sleepily asks you for ten more minutes 
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katsukidotcom · 13 days ago
how they react to you wearing their clothes !
✸ ft. suna, bokuto, kenma, iwaizumi, & matsukawa
✸ info & warnings: fluff, a tad bit suggestive
Tumblr media
✸ SUNA jokingly complains that you treat his closet as your own. it starts with him offering you his jacket because you forgot yours or you helping yourself because his apartment is a little chilly. his faux complaints begin when he sees you wearing them long after the fact as if you’ve adopted them as your own. he lightheartedly pokes fun at you for being too stubborn to bring yours along and always makes a point of reminding you to return them. deep down, he really doesn’t mind seeing you walking around and sporting his hoodies. in fact, he prefers it that way.
✸ BOKUTO gets incredibly excited. he’s filled with a sense of pride when he sees you strolling around in his clothes. the sight immediately puts a smile on his face and he’s rushing over to wrap you in his arms. it also makes him a little more clingy than usual, so sometimes his hands unconsciously wander beneath the fabric since he's so eager to feel you. he loves showing you off so seeing that you enjoy wearing his things and that you’re comfortable doing so makes him really happy. it has gotten to the point where you don’t have to sneakily invade his dresser or ask for his zip-ups because he’s offering them to you before you even can.
✸ KENMA accepts that you’ve taken free rein over his closet. if he spots a familiar character printed on the sweatshirt you’ve pulled on that looks strikingly similar to the one that has been missing for the past week, he just cheekily compliments “your” apparel. not that the gesture needs to be repaid, but since he isn’t as tall or built as most of the other guys he knows, he finds himself borrowing some of your hoodies that look particularly comfy. you two basically share closets. on the rare occasion that he goes shopping for new clothes, his mind tends to wander to whether or not it would be something you might like.
✸ IWAIZUMI rolls his eyes and lets it happen. he questioned your actions the first time it happened, not because he was mad, but because he was confused. he didn’t get the appeal of it, especially since you didn’t hold your punches when it came to criticizing his so-called bland sense of fashion. his concern disappeared at your confession of feeling close to him whenever you wore his clothing. he might have even started spraying the fabric with his cologne before loaning the items to you. he’ll never quite understand why you’re so fond of snuggling into the sweatshirts, but he’s happy so long as you are.
✸ MATSUKAWA teases you for being envious of his style. he finds it funny when you comb through his closet in search of one of his shirts or hoodies that you can dress up for some specific outing. each time you step out of the bedroom wearing something of his, he sees it as an opportunity to make a comment about your choice of outfit—something along the lines of him having a better eye for fashion since you always resort to going through his wardrobe when you can’t find anything to wear. despite all the teasing, he really does find it hot. the only thing he imagines would be more attractive is stripping his shirt off of you.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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haikyutiehoe · 14 days ago
“no more,” you whisper, tears crowning your lashes, “no more please.”
bokuto peers down at you through lust saturated eyes. “too much baby?” he questions, voice colored with mock concern.
the ace pushes your legs higher, sinking in farther. “my cock fuck you dumb already sweetheart?” the praise rolls of his tongue easily, mirroring the way he snaps his hips against you, the sound a sharp clap against your secondary whimper.
“i’m not fully in yet baby…just a little more.” the silver haired male grunts when he stills, pelvis flushed against yours. you squirm beneath his striking gaze, uncertain if the pleasure of the pain of his love is more enjoyable.
your head hangs back with a sharp yelp torn from your lips. “bokuto!”
pinning your limbs against the mattress, the large athlete grins down at your trembling figure, admiring how well you take his size. “god you’re the perfect cocksleeve. always so wet and eager to have me.” a soft kiss is pressed to your lips. “now say my name again and again, all night until you can’t think anything except for my cock.”
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nymphobunnie · a month ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 658 words.
+ contains. kuroo, tanaka, and bokuto.
+ warnings. fem reader, degradation, praise, blowjobs, slight exhibitionism, praise.
+ note from val. yeee- this might’ve been a self insert but.. oh well.
Tumblr media
takes it as a challenge, he won’t even bother muting his mic.
he’ll just spread his legs to give you easier access and let you do your thing.
bites his lip and frequently looks down to watch you sucking his cock because he thinks you look so pretty on your knees for him.
he cusses a lot more than usual and might accidentally moan when you take him deeper into your throat.
covers it up really well, the only person who can really tell when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be is kenma.
“Fuck! I’m—shit, I’m hit! I need fucking back up.”
he’s barely paying attention to the screen, his character just kind of stands there awkwardly
the only reason he’s still playing his game, is because he’s stubborn and he doesn’t want you thinking you won.
won’t give you the chance to tease him because as soon as he’s close he’ll just slam your face down on his cock.
he probably ends up apologizing afterwards and says he was just in the moment
he’s so excited.
the moment you put your hair up and get on your knees infront of him, he’s got a huge smile on his face and he’s pumped up.
he looks so good when you’re giving him head that you end up getting horny too
those low groans and growls that he lets out are music to your ears.
gets super distracted and barely even acknowledges his teammates that are yelling at him through his headphones.
“Sorry, they’re— fuck! they’re- um, they’re— uh, I-I gotta go do… stuff! I’ll be right back.”
he’ll mute his mic and stop holding back all his moans, letting his filthy mouth run free.
“Yeah, baby. Fuck! Just like that keep— keep fucking going. Ah, shit! You’re gonna make me cum.”
he will cum all over your face or down your throat, there’s no inbetween.
definitely the type to brag and hype you up to his friends, might accidentally tell them what you guys just did.
as soon as you take his cock out, he’s giving you all his attention.
he won’t even remember the fact that he was playing a game literally .5 seconds ago.
loves to caress your face when you’re sucking his cock, he’ll just gently rub your cheeks.
also has a very intense stare on your face the entire time.
he’s obsessed with watching you struggle to take his cock into your throat.
an absolute god at praise, he doesn’t shut up the entire time, praise him back and he will be on cloud 9.
he’s always moaning out you’re name, telling you how good he feels and how pretty you are.
“You’re so cute, puppy. So fucking p-perfect— god! I love so you much, you’re amazing.”
he’ll start thrusting into your mouth when he’s close and by the time that he’s about to cum he’s basically fucking your face
definitely forgot to mute himself and gets really embarrassed when his teammates say they heard everything
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 11 months ago
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ akaashi, kita, and bokuto
part 4!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: since i like pain i’m doing another part of the series😐
anyways! this may be the last part to this prompt since i don’t really write for anyone else but it really just depends!! but i hope it’s a good one ;) prompt is in the timeskip like usual!)
Tumblr media
it was honestly pretty rare for the two of you to get into fights
but recently you’d been feeling a little needy and it felt like your own boyfriend didn’t care
he was always busy working on the current manga or too tired to tend to you
and he really never got all that defensive when it came to you communicating these things to him
so you confronted him
“keiji, don’t you think you could take a break for a couple days?”
but as the two of you talked, he got frustrated and ended up lashing out at you
“maybe i’m not the problem, y/n. have you ever considered that you’re just clingy?”
you reeled back, hurt
even after both of you apologized and he promised to be better to you, you couldn’t stop thinking about what he said
akaashi sighs, the last panel finally finished and looking spectacular. he’s been working so hard on it, and now that he’s done, he can finally spend some time with you.
he picks up dinner on his way home, excited to see you. he’s gotten your favorite food and he can’t wait to come home and be with you.
when he opens the door, he calls your name, and your response from the other room is soft. it’s a little strange; usually you’d be on him already, but keiji assumes you must be busy or something.
“hi, baby!” he mumbles, coming over to kiss you. you smile softly at him before returning to whatever is on your laptop.
he stands there awkwardly.
“i brought dinner home. it’s your favorite, isn’t it?” he prompts, holding it out to you. you stare up at him, nodding silently.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion, but he sets down the food anyway.
the two of you eat silently, and the air is somewhat tense and a little awkward. akaashi can’t figure out what’s wrong, but he feels that asking would just make it worse.
when you’re done, you smile at him and put your dishes away before slipping into the bedroom wordlessly.
akaashi sighs. he’d hoped that you’d be as excited to see him as he’d been for you, but now he feels like something’s off.
when he follows you into the bedroom, he sits beside you on the bed, poking you gently. he looks down at you softly.
“did you wanna watch something together? i got some snacks from the market; we could eat those?” he suggests, hopeful. your eyes light up at that before dimming as you look away, as if you’ve remembered something important.
“it’s okay, keiji.”
his heart sinks.
“actually, i think i’m gonna go to bed for the night,” you say quietly. he looks at the time. 8:48. you never go to bed that early.
the two of you sit in an awkward silence, and akaashi can’t think of what went wrong.
he thinks about how the two of you fought just yesterday, but you surely can’t have believed anything he’d said? how could he ever feel that way about you? he loves you more than anything in the world.
but when he glances at you, he realizes that his words had hurt you much more than you let on. you won’t even look at him.
so he reaches over, hands sliding under you, and hoists you up into his lap.
“what? i can’t cuddle with my baby?”
you sigh.
“you don’t have to do this just because i complained last night,” you laugh dryly, attempting to mask the hurt he caused you. he sees right through it though, hand coming up to brush your cheek gently.
“baby,” he whispers. “you know i didn’t mean it like that.”
you exhale, looking away. “you were right, though. i’m too needy.”
he forces you to look at him at that. “hey. that’s not true at all, okay? i love you, more than anything, and i love being close to you and spending time with you. you’re never too needy.”
you let him press soft kisses all over your face, giggling when he gets to your neck. he smiles against you.
“let’s spend some time together, ‘kay?”
Tumblr media
even before the two of you got in a relationship, you understood that kita was a very blunt person
he did not hold back and was a little too honest
but while he was cold and blunt, he was also kind and thoughtful, and you loved that about him
you felt as though you were a little too much for him, but he never really said anything, so you assumed he didn’t mind
but one day, he came home from work exhausted
after the two of you got ready for bed, you tried to cuddle him, hoping maybe you’d get a few hugs and kisses before going to sleep
but he pushed you away firmly
“will you stop being so clingy? i don’t want to be around you all the time.”
with that, he turned away from you, and you did the same, the air tense
even as you fell asleep, you couldn’t get his words out of your mind
today has been a great day for kita.
work went well and the weather was amazing. now the only thing he wants to do is come home to you and have dinner together. he can’t wait to tell you all about his day and hear about yours.
on his way home, he passes by that pastry shop you love. he figures you’d appreciate it if you picked some dessert up.
he buys some crepe cakes and pastries, hoping you’ll accept them.
when he gets home, he’s surprised you’re not in the living room or in the kitchen. you’re usually there, waiting for him.
he can see that there’s dinner on the stove, but you’re not out and about, probably in the bedroom. he opens the door, and his prediction is confirmed. you’re sitting on the bed, scrolling on your phone. at the sound of the door opening, you look up.
“hi, shin,” you greet, grinning softly. he nods.
“do you want to eat with me?” he offers, gesturing to the dining table. he wants to just talk to you for a minute, maybe share some dessert with you.
you shake your head. “i already ate. there’s leftovers on the stove, though!”
shinsuke stands there, dumbfounded. you’ve always waited up for him. perhaps you were simply really hungry?
“right. well, i brought home some dessert from that pastry shop you like. why don’t you come out and take a look at it?” he suggests, hoping the idea will coax you.
you want to take his offer, but the last time you tried to get close to him, he completely shot you down. the humiliation from last night is still fresh.
“i’m okay, babe. i’ll just get some later, ‘kay?”
he sighs. he really hadn’t expected your rejection in the slightest, and he’s a little embarrassed.
he sits down to eat, alone. he was looking forward to seeing you all day, but you’re not acting at all like yourself. he misses your affection and giggles and sweet touches.
he wonders if you’re upset about what he said to you last night. he hadn’t meant to be so mean to you; he was just having a bad day and it kind of just slipped out. he’d hoped you would forget about it, but he can’t help but to think maybe you’re still a little upset about it.
he gets up and pushes the door open.
“are you upset with me?”
you look up at him, baffled.
“i pushed you away last night, and i feel like you’re upset with me.”
you look away. so that’s what this is about.
“i’m not upset, okay?” you answer, avoiding his gaze.
“but you’re acting strange, and it’s making me uneasy. i want you to be yourself around me,” he explains. you finally look at him.
“i just don’t understand what you want, shin. you didn’t want me when i tried to be myself, so i tried to give you space, and you’re still not happy. i’m just trying to be enough for you and it’s not working,” you ramble, frustrated. his eyes widen slightly in surprise.
he comes over and sits in front of you on the bed. his gaze is sharp, and you as much as you want to look away, you can’t.
“you are more than enough for me,” he reassures you, as if the statement is obvious. “i’m sorry for the way i treated you last night. i thought about you all day and i couldn’t wait to see you, and i’m sorry you thought i didn’t love you for who you are. i love everything about you.”
kita is the most honest person you know, and you know he means every word he says. when he nuzzles at your cheek playfully, you laugh, and he realizes just how much he missed the sound.
“i love you.”
you sober, and smile gently.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you were both very clingy people in general
bokuto never seemed to have a problem with your touchiness
you loved that you could be affectionate with him, and that he was okay with it
but one day, you weren’t so sure about yourself anymore
bokuto had to leave for business on the day that you’d planned a date, and he’d completely forgotten
“koutaro, how could you not tell me?”
he was getting frustrated and stressed out, and before he left, he ended up lashing out at you
“i’m sorry, okay? it’s not my fault you’re so clingy. don’t put this on me!”
he left angrily, slamming the door shut
you sat in your apartment, dejected and upset
he texted you later apologizing and promising he’d smother you with lots of hugs and kisses when he got home
but you weren’t so sure anymore
you look around, searching for his hair above the crowd. the airport is pretty crowded, but you know you’ll be able to spot him anywhere.
and then you finally see him, and your eyes meet. excitement bubbles up in your stomach and you run to meet him before slowing down and stopping a few feet in front of him. you don’t want anything like what happened the other day to happen again.
bokuto waits for you to throw your arms around him, anticipation swimming in his eyes, but you just grab his suitcase for him and gesture for him to follow you to where your car is. he droops, missing your touch, but follows you nonetheless.
the car ride is uneventful, and the two of you make awkward small talk. it’s a little weird, and bokuto is itching to touch you, but you don’t seem to be in the mood for it. maybe when you get home you’ll cuddle him?
but when you finally do get home, you’re back to ignoring him. you help him unpack, muttering things about dinner, but it’s like he’s barely even there. he sighs sadly.
when you’re making dinner, he watches you, hoping you’ll turn around and wrap your arms around his waist like you sometimes do. but you hum to yourself, barely even acknowledging his presence in the kitchen.
he pulls at your sleeve desperately, and you turn to see him.
“what is it?” you ask gently. he stares at you, and you stare back at him, and he won’t tell you what’s wrong. you sigh, shrugging him off, and return to making dinner.
he goes to sulk at the table, touch starved and frustrated.
he doesn’t understand why you’re being so distant. he’s spent quite a long time away from you, all of which he’s spent missing your touch, and now you won’t even give him the time of day.
not only does he just want to touch you, but he feels like he’s done something wrong, and he doesn’t know what.
after dinner, you’re washing dishes, and he decides to try again. he comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and squeezes. you try to evade him, but he holds you in place. your attempt doesn’t go unnoticed, however.
“kou, i need to wash the dishes.”
“why are you being so weird?” he mumbles into your neck, and you freeze.
“what are you talking—”
“stop, ‘kay?” he mumbles, scarily serious, and you turn to investigate. he looks hurt, and you blanch.
“you’ve been avoiding me all day, and i don’t understand what i did wrong,” he explains.
oh, you think.
“baby, it’s not your fault, okay? i’ve just been thinking,” you tell him, turning away. “i’ve been thinking about what you said before you left. about the way i act and how it can get a little annoying, and i just thought maybe some space would be—”
“no!” he blurts. you pause.
“wh-what do you mean, ‘no?’”
“i don’t want space! i came home and i missed you and you don’t even wanna cuddle,” he utters.
“i didn’t mean it,” he whispers. “what i said that day. and i think you should completely forget about it and come be with me instead.”
when you look up at him, he looks like he means it. his eyebrows are furrowed in determination, and the sight is equal parts hilarious and endearing.
you slip into his arms wordlessly, allowing him to swallow you up and tighten his hold on you.
“missed you so much,” he mumbles, barely coherent. “don’t do that again.” you laugh.
“alright, bo. whatever you want.”
Tumblr media
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ch0s0 · 2 months ago
hq guys before meeting your parents
Tumblr media
[with: sakusa, suna, bokuto, kuroo, osamu] [warnings: suggestive in suna’s, other than that, pure fluff] [a/n: this was soooo cute omg]
Tumblr media
-> SAKUSA pouted as you dug through your shared closet, flinging dress shirt after dress shirt at him, ducking as a loose shoe nearly smacked him in the dead “babe stop, throwing shoes it’s a hazard to my safety” you pull yourself out of the closet, clearly not amused “omi stop being a baby and pick out your outfit yourself, i still have to get ready and your not helping” “i know, i know, but i have nothing to wear… nothing’s i have is gonna be good enough for your parents” flinging himself back on the bed, sakusa runs his hands down his face, groaning in frustration “also what if say something wrong and they hate me.” you sigh, putting down the bundle of clothes in your hand before laying down next to him, chest warming as he loops an arm around you, pulling you closer against him. “they’re not gonna hate you kiyoomi” “yeah but what if?” frowning, you run a hand through his hair, meeting his gaze as he looks over at you before shaking your head “no what ifs, they’re going to love you babe, even more so cause i already do” sakusa can’t help but smile at your words, a soft blush tinting his cheeks before burying his face against your chest with a huff. “alright alright, i’m getting ready” he mumbles, hoisting himself up before helping you up too— eyes light as he steals a quick kiss from you before ushering you out the door. “hey- omi! i need to get ready too” you groan as he pokes his head out giving you another quick kiss. “give me 15 minutes”
-> KUROO was stressed, perhaps the most stressed he’s been in his entire life. i mean, he’s meeting your parents so of course he’s going to be a little stressed— and to add to that he just can’t seem to find the tie that goes perfectly with his suit. “babe” he shouts “have you seen my tie? its the black one with that weird little pattern.” “no i haven’t, have you checked the washing machine?” you yell back, shuffling into the room to find him surrounded by piles of clothes, exasperation painted on his face as he pinches the bridge of his nose. “i’ve already checked it- twice” he can feel his voice caught in the back of his throat as he sits on the bed, resting his elbows on his knees, running his face through his hands. “are you sure? did you check the dryer too?” “it wouldn’t be in the dryer, satin doesn’t machine dry well.” your eyes soften as you watch him take a deep breath— sitting down next to him, you draw soothing circles on his back before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “it’ll be alright babe, its just a tie, you have more in the closet that’ll work just as well” “yeah but that was The tie.” he pouts as you chuckle, you grabbing his arm in an attempt to pull him up for a few seconds before he follows in suit. “tetsuro i know this isn’t just about the tie” you try, hoping for him to confess what’s really been bothering him. he quiet for a few moments, eyes downcast before gathering you up into his arms. “they better like me” “of course they wi-“ “i’m funny, smart, handsome, an amazing boyfriend-” “ok you’re not that amazing” “shut up and let me finish, i need an ego boost. as i was saying, i’m also an amazing kisser” you punch his chest at that, before pulling away to see him shooting you his classic smirk. “i’m alright, just got a little ahead of myself… you think they’ll like the red tie?” “of course”
-> SUNA frowned as you tried to pull away from his arms, a pout forming on his lips as he gave you his patented puppy eyes. “babe, stop with the eyes and go get ready- you’re gonna make us late” suna shakes his head, yanking you back against him, this time his grip on you tighter, finger tips digging into your sides “don’t leave me, i don’t know if i can do this- i think i feel sick” he feebly coughs earning an eye roll from you as you turn around in his arms “rintarou im seriously gonna kick your ass if you make us late and then my parent are gonna wonder why my supposedly awesome, amazing, outstanding, fantastic-” “-alright i get the point” he butts in, “-boyfriend has a black eye.” you finish, looking up to see him staring at you, both eyebrows raised in mock amusement. you unlatch his arms from your waist before turning him around and marching him towards the bedroom, smacking his ass before walking back to the bathroom “get ready rin and maybe u’ll get a treat after dinner”
-> BOKUTO you could tell bokuto was nervous about meeting your parents from the steady stream of texts that had been bombarding your phone since the moment he woke up— one after another soon turning into calls and then facetimes after you’d stopped answering. sighing, you pick up your phone to see bokuto’s caller id flashing at the top, the screen taken up by a photo of bokuto from when he was a kid. “yes bab-“ you try to say, immediately cut off by a frantic bo turning the screen towards a bundle of flowers. “does your mom like roses or tulips more? wait thats a stupid question, its tulips. yeah tulips… but does she prefer pink or yellow ones…” he trails off turning the camera back towards him as he runs a hand loosely through his hair, letting out a groan. “well hello to you too kou, you alright? you know you don’t have to bring flowers, its just a family dinner.” “exactly, its a family dinner, i have to make sure it goes perfectly, what kind of boyfriend doesn’t bring flowers for your mom?” he looks expectantly at you through the screen, voice cracking, followed by a sigh as he shakes his head. “seriously babe, you really don’t have to bring anything, just be you, i know they’re gonna love you.” the other side of the line is silent, bokuto looking off towards the flowers, eyebrows furrowed, lost in thought. “you know- i just… what if they don’t like me?” he’s looking back at the phone now, eyes staring into yours, pleading you for an answer. “you have nothing to worry about babe, seriously, i know they’re gonna love you.”  you pause, smiling at him in an attempt to reassure him “and if you really want to bring flowers, her favorites are the pink tulips.”
-> OSAMU sighed as he finished sprinkling the last of the seasoning on the plate of carefully placed onigiri in front of him. he’d been cooking all day in hopes of impressing your family with his cooking skills since of course, he is the owner of the renouned onigiri miya. “do ya think these look good?” he asks as you walk into the kitched, lured in by the smell of food wafting through the house. “more than good babe” you say reaching for one of the onigiris, only to have your hand slapped away by osamu as you mock a pout. “heyyyy-“ “those’re for dinner babe, yer gonna hafta wait.” “but they look soooo good though- just one, please?” “i don’t have any extra” he says shaking his head before looping his arms around your waist, resting head against you. “you mean to tell me that the great osamu miya did not make any trial onigiris? absolutely none? i’m shocked” you mutter, disapointed as osamu presses a kiss to your temple, lingering for a few seconds as he breathes in, a smile forming against you. “you think they’ll like my cooking?” “samu, they’d have horrible taste in food if they didn’t” “i did make 8 different flavors…” you reel back, shock contorting your features as osamu blushes “8 different flavors?!” “i didn’t know which ones they’d like so i made the ones that sell best at the resturant” shaking your head, you lean over, pressing a quick kiss to his lips, his mouth soft against yours. “you’re crazy” you murmur, watching osamu smirk back at you “but apparently you like crazy” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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animebae100 · 4 months ago
— when you first call him by his nickname
Tumblr media
characters; kuroo, yaku, bokuto, ushijima, and hinata
genre; fluff
notes; send in requests please!! also, reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
— kuroo tetsurou
he was shocked at first, but he really liked this new nickname
damn, he was in love with you, and the nickname you gave him
you said it so casually too, like you called him this often
“hey tetsu, can you get me a glass of water please?”
but he absolutely loves the nickname ???? he finds it so adorable !
he forbids you from calling him ‘tetsurou’ anymore.
if you don’t call him tetsu, or by a pet name, he isn’t responding
— yaku morisuke
he was in total shock at first
did you just call him by a new nickname???
his heart skipped seven beats, you’re def gonna be the death of him
but like you said it so nonchalantly?! like you’ve been calling him this forever
“hey mori, can you hand me that bowl please?”
he loves it tho, obsessed almost
tho he would never admit how much he loves it
— bokuto koutarou
he almost cried tears of joy
it was like the cutest thing ever !! and they way you said it ? ugh is he in love even more
his heart grew three times bigger, didn’t even know his heart could get any bigger
“hey kou, can you toss me that pillow?”
he fell in love with the nickname instantly
especially from you ?? addicted
like, you can’t call him anything but pet names and the new nickname
— ushijima wakatoshi
he didn’t really think much of it at first, you were always calling silly nicknames
but secretly, it made his heart flutter
a new nickname ?? specially for him !?? yes please
“hey toshi, have you seen my mug?”
the nickname was so cute,
it’s simple but adorable, def is favorite one yet
pls he wants you to call him that all the time
— hinata shoyo
his heart started doing flips
the new nickname was the cutest thing ever
and you made it sound so natural?? omg omg his heart
“hey sho, can you pass me the remote?”
his heart can’t take this cuteness
he absolutely is in love with the new nickname ??? his new fav thing
Tumblr media
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ceijoh · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You get jealous of their manager 
relationship: bokuto x f!reader (use of female pronouns)
summary: you get jealous of their manager
contents: angst
word count: 2.9k+
notes: this is completely different to the other scenarios that’s part of this series, thought i might jazz it up. angst it up instead of smutting it up. let me know what you think here. 
masterlist | atsumu & matsukawa’s part | kuroo’s part | daichi’s part
Tumblr media
Does not mean to do it
Honestly doesn’t
He’s just so nice that everyone thinks that he’s flirting with them
And you trust him 100%
That’s why whenever you see someone heart eyes your boyfriend, or start to see just how attractive Bokuto’s personality is, you brush it off 
You only get upset when Bo doesn’t do anything and it’s obvious to everyone and their moth that he’s being hit on
Or when he does something that seems like a nice gesture but you know that the other person can take it a whole different way 
Or when you know that the person isn’t just flirting with Bokuto based on his looks, but his personality. You can come to terms that yes, your boyfriend is an attractive man and while you do feel uneasy, it’s hard not to think that about him. But his personality? That’s why you fell in love with him. Seeing that side of him was something intimate and only something between the two of you. Seeing that other people can see that jarred you. 
Which you’ve talked to Bokuto about and he’s understood 
You’ve been with Bo since you guys were second years but you were friends way before that 
Coming to the conclusion that you were both very much in love with each other, you talked about starting a relationship
After years of friendship, the steady foundation that the two of you shared, it was one that was meant to last
That would stand strong no matter what hit it 
A lot of people said it wouldn’t last; you were too different, your personalities, the way you handled situations, your outlook in life
But Bokuto made sure you never felt like that and made sure that you knew he never once thought that you wouldn’t last
You were it for each other 
You knew that they were good friends and you were fine with that but it was the little things you know?
The one time you weren’t able to give Bokuto your notes because you didn’t have time after school, and when you remembered you found out that he already sourced Yukie’s
Or when it was a particularly cold and you needed an extra layer but found out that Bokuto offered it to Yukie because they were walking to school together and he noticed
Akaashi gave you a knowing look and handed you his jacket (bless this man)
That when she was having a bad day, he was right there with a joke to cheer her up, or to hug her if she needs it 
You love how caring your boyfriend was, you did!
But shouldn’t he care for you more? 
It was all of these little things that got on your nerve and maybe you should have talked to Bokuto about this instead of letting it fester
But it was so small and insignificant that it didn’t matter at the time 
Things tend to build up though
Like building a snowman
You start off small and the next thing you know it’s rolling into something bigger
“Hey Taro,” you greeted your boyfriend who eagerly bounded over to you. 
“BABY!” Closing your eyes for a brief moment from the loudness of Bokuto’s yell
Giving you an enthusiastic hello, he wrapped you up in his arms and nuzzled into you
“Babe, you’re sweaty,” you laughed as you hesitantly pushed him away
Laughing along with you, he pulled you to where the team was sitting they greeted you and you did the same 
“Are you guys almost done? If not, I brought my calc homework that I can do before we head to dinner!” You waved your textbook in front of Bo as he tilted his head
Oh no
He didn’t
Watching his face in realisation he thumped his head, “Baby, I’m so sorry I completely forgot! I was so busy with the English test that I forgot that we had something on tonight!” A genuine sadness overtook Bokuto and his face and hair exactly reflected that 
Watching as the man you love shoulders and hair deflate, and who looked cross to almost crying you waved your hand
“It’s okay Bo!” You reassured him, it was actually fine. You knew that he was stressing about that test and you knew that he needed a good score otherwise his coach would have his ass
“How’d you go, baby?” 
At that he grinned and gave you two thumbs up, “Flying colours!” He turned to look at Akaashi, and smiled sheepishly. “Well, not flying colours but enough that the coach won’t yell at me!” 
You grinned at him, feeling elated, wrapping your arms around him, you interlock your hands behind his neck, “So proud of my Bo.” 
 Practically nuzzling into you, Bokuto smiled, he always did love it when you told him that you were proud of him 
“We can do it some other night, okay?” You stated as you pulled away, “We can go to that new cheesecake shop and I’ll treat you!”
Beaming at you, Bokuto nodded and then frowned. 
“Oh, I’m actually going with Suzumeda-chan, she was really excited about it, she was telling me about it last month! And now that it's opened, we’re going! She also said that she wanted to give me something for passing the English test.” 
Feeling your chest constrict, you painted a smile on your face, refusing to acknowledge Akaashi’s worrying and questioning stare.
It felt like there was a dark cloud over you. You just wanted to curl up and go home. 
“Oh,” well that sounded painful and it felt painful to say. “Well, I hope you have fun!” 
“You can come with us!” Bokuto offered, a wide smile on his face, your eyes scanned his face, there was sincerity in his voice
He wanted you there, and your heart warmed 
A little 
But the thought of them talking about going somewhere together when it should have been the two of you, the thought that you would have to watch her smile because of the jokes that he usually tells you
Watch as she realises how great Bokuto is 
Spending the night with her and your boyfriend, instead of just Bokuto made you hurt
You knew it would hurt and you just could not bring yourself to go through that kind of pain
Plastering a smile on your face, watching as Akaashi give you a knowing look and ignoring it, you slapped yourself in the head 
“Tch, I forgot that I actually had that extra homework that sensei assigned us,” turning to Akaashi to back up your story, the man watched the two of you hesitantly before silently nodding to Bokuto 
“Oh,” Bokuto replied quietly, “That’s okay! Maybe I can bring something over to you when we finish?”
We? When has there ever been a ‘we’ between them?
Grinding your teeth silently
Shaking your head, you replied, “It’s fine, Bo. Don’t worry about it,” narrowing your eyes, “enjoy your night together. I have to go.” 
Bokuto barely had time to raise his hand for a goodbye before you walked out of the gymnasium
Turning to his best friend, Bokuto pondered, “Do you think something is off with (Y/N), ‘Kaashi?”
Giving his friend and captain a once over, “I think you should check up on her after practice, Bokuto-san,” stressing out the two words, Akaashi hoped that Bokuto can come to conclusion he planted in front of him 
Nodding, Bokuto turned around intent on finishing practice quickly and heading straight to your house.
Walking inside your house, you called out to your parents 
Finding the whole house pitch black, you walked to the kitchen where there was a note
Out of town for the weekend. Conference. Will text you when we arrive. 
Balling the piece of paper, you felt frustrated tears prick your eyes
Throwing it with more force than necessary in the bin, you trudged yourself up the stairs
Ready to just wash away this whole shitty day that you’re having 
No, scratch that, this whole shitty thing you’ve been feeling for a while
After finishing your shower, you sat dejectedly on your bed, the tears finally cascading down
You felt selfish and you felt like a bitch
Who doesn’t want to be with someone who treats other people nicely? 
Who never made you feel once that you don’t belong? 
That you’re not deserving of their love
Fighting mentally with yourself, you groaned
You knew that if you kept crying that you’re going to end up with a headache and that was not something you wanted this Friday night
Hearing the doorbell ring made you groan louder. 
Who the hell was here?
Walking down the stairs quietly, not turning on any lights, you peaked into the hole and sighed
“I brought cake!” Was the greeting you got from the man in front of you. 
You saw as Bokuto held up the bag in his hand, a large grin on his face. “And I got you your drink!”
“I would have gotten you coffee but then I realised that it was too late for coffee, so I got you your number two instead!” 
Suddenly feeling tired and agitated with Bokuto’s (usually endearing) rambling, you snapped at him, “What exactly are you doing here?” 
You just wanted to rest. You wanted to get that nice box of cereal from the kitchen, go back upstairs, eat half a bag and fall asleep. 
Shock by the tone that you very rarely used with him, and hurt that you snapped at him, he looked down at his shoes
He suddenly felt very small
Speaking softly, “You didn’t seem too happy when you left, so I wanted to bring you something to cheer you up.” 
Hating that he was so perceptive but still so oblivious you huffed angrily 
“And why do you think that I wasn’t too happy?” 
“Are you okay, puppy?” He hoped using his nickname for you that it would tone down your anger at him. “I’m sorry if I did anything, please tell me so I can fix it.” 
Somehow that was the final straw
You know that you should be happy, elated that you had someone to call your own that would apologise, but the fact that he didn’t know what he was apologising for irritated you 
“That’s the thing, Bokuto!” Pouting at his surname coming out of your mouth, he took a step back. “You want to apologise but you don’t understand what you’re apologising for do you? Because if you say sorry and don’t know what you’re saying sorry for, you’re going to do this over and over again.” 
“What’d I do, puppy?” His voice was quiet, and you could see the start of one of his moods.
“You gave her your jacket when it should have been mine, you took her notes, she took you to the cheesecake place -when it should have been me! You did all of these things for her that you may not think is crossing some kind of boundary, but you are.” 
Taking a deep breath, stunned that you blurted out the words you’ve been wanting to say, but if you were already at this stage, then why not hit home? 
“You crossed my boundary! We’ve talked about this before because I didn’t want any miscommunication going on in our relationship. But I don’t know if you don’t think it is, because you’ve been friends with her for so long that it doesn’t seem like it’s crossing anything but it does!”
Realising the person that you were talking about, Bokuto’s heart fell. 
She was just a friend. 
She has always been a friend. 
“(Y/N),” he moved the bag in his hand, emptying it so he could freely reach out to you. 
“Look, Bo, I’m tired, okay?” 
Were you tired of him? 
“And I want to rest, we can talk about this later, okay?” 
Without another word you stepped back and began closing the door. 
Stepping his foot out to stop it from closing, you sighed, “Bo, seriously.” 
“I want to talk about this now, puppy,” he pleaded with you. 
Because if you don’t talk about this now, then what happens if you come to a reason to not be with him? 
What happens if you get into your head and realise that you don’t want to be with him anymore?
“I don’t, I don’t want you to not be with me,” Bokuto confessed. He felt a sadness overcome him, and this was unlike anything before. It wasn’t the type of sadness that he got when he got a bad grade on a test, or when coach yelled at him, or even 
No, this sadness was something that took over his whole body 
Because he knew that he could take another test, his coach yells at everyone, he can always win another match
But he can’t have another you
You were it for him
Physically shaking, and feeling like he wanted to throw up, he looked at you
You looked smaller than ever and he felt that, because right now he felt like he was a size of clover leaf 
“I’m, I’m sorry,” he couldn’t get anymore words out and you watch horrified at seeing Bokuto hyperventilate in front of you. You’ve seen him sad plenty of times, seen him at his worst, but seeing this right now? It pained you in ways you couldn’t comprehend 
“Taro, hey,” you rushed forward and held the man in your arms. Closing the door, you pulled him into your arms, quickly reciprocating the gesture, Bokuto wrapped his arms around you tightly
Running your hands up and down his back, you felt him shudder and you felt the tears leak through your clothes
You felt him whisper the two words like a mantra into your skin, hoping that if he says it enough it would bleed into your skin and you can feel how sorry he was 
“Bo, come on, let’s go upstairs yeah?” You tried to pull yourself from him, but he kept you locked tight. Manoeuvring yourself you cupped his cheeks into your hand, forcing him to look at you, you kissed him lightly, thumbs caressing his cheeks
“I promise I won’t let you go, okay?” A stroke removing the tears that didn’t belong on his face, “promise.” 
Nodding silently, he hesitantly removed his arms around you, reaching to grab his hand which Bokuto quickly interlaced as you headed upstairs to your room. 
Reaching your bed, you pulled down the man in front of you, placing the cake and drink on the floor
Pulling him into bed with you, Bokuto nuzzled into your stomach while you rubbed soothing circles on his back. 
Hearing that his sobs died down a little and seeing that he was preoccupied playing with your shirt, you finally felt okay to speak up 
“Bo, are you okay?” 
Refusing to speak, hoping that if he doesn’t that the horrifying scenario that he created in his head wouldn’t manifest
“I wasn’t going to leave you, you know. It would take a whole lot more than that to leave you, I was just hurt and I needed to think about my feelings.” 
“I should have told you that I was uncomfortable with you doing that with her and I’m sorry, I kept talking about communicating with you and I failed at that.” 
He stopped playing with your shirt and finally looked up at you, “No.” 
Shocked at the ferocity in his eyes, something you rarely see directed at you. 
Bokuto shook his head, “I should have realised that I was crossing your boundaries (Y/N), and I’m sorry for ruining that.” He sat up a little bit, “Just because it was okay back then, doesn’t mean that it was okay for me to do, especially now that I have you. I’m sorry that I got caught up with the usual things I did before that I momentarily forgot what I should have been prioritising.” 
You felt your eyes well up and you bit your lip, closing your eyes you felt them track down the sides of your face. 
“I promise never to hurt you, ever again.” 
Looking down at the man in front of you, your heart swelled. 
Sitting up and pulling Bokuto into a seating position, you climbed into his lap and traced his features softly with your finger. 
“You’re going to hurt me ‘Taro,” at the vehement shake of his head you touched his lips, “and I’m going to hurt you. It’s inevitable, that’s what happens. Whether it’s going to be intentional or not, we will.”
Leaning forward, you captured your lips with his, as far as the kisses between you two shared, this was one of the most important ones you’ll ever share in your life. 
“But the thing is we both love each other too much to not fix it, to not comfort each other. I know that you’re going to do whatever it takes to make up for any hurt you may cause me in the future, and you know that I’ll do the same.” 
You knew that kissing him was sealing your forever with him, that this was the only pair of lips that you ever wanted to touch yours. That the heartbeat you’re feeling under the palm of your hands is the only one you want to hear for the rest of your life. 
“I’m going to love you forever (Y/N),” Bokuto whispered as if he was sharing a secret with you. 
“I know you will, Bo, and I’ll love you forever too.”
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fsrintaro · 3 months ago
## ft. suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. i feel so lonely everytime i write fluff aaaa
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO would be the type to tug on the hem of your t-shirt, beckoning you to spare some attention for him. his head would nuzzle against your neck in an attempt to hide his flushed face because when has he ever became a clingy person? he doesn’t know when it started but he has always craved for your touch.
BOKUTO KOUTARO would be the one that works to get your attention. he would press kisses all over your face, stroking your hair and talking about how you are the best thing, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him. “baby i miss you.” “kou, you have been cuddling me for the past 30 minutes.”
MIYA ATSUMU too, would not ask for your attention directly but would casually make remarks about how his hand and arms are feeling very empty or how his lips are very lonely. you found his ways to be absolutely adorable so you would tease him back by just giving a hum of acknowledgment, leaving atsumu dumbfounded.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME would not hesitate to call you over so that he could envelope you in his arms. the only problem is that once you start cuddling, you can’t get out. any attempt from you to escape his hold would be met with a light slap on your thigh. “mine.” he smiled at you, fingers moving up to playfully pinch your nose.
KUROO TETSURO would screw things up on purpose. he just knows that you would feel pitiful watching him struggle to do something as simple as hanging the clothes out. he would plead for you to teach him and would ask for a reward if he succeeds. and somehow, he magically succeeds every single time. you were too happy with giving him a kiss to think about how he was such a ‘fast’ learner.
Tumblr media
ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" likes, feedback and rbs are always appreciated 🤍
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sakusins · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, blow jobs, hand jobs, ball sucking
Tumblr media
bokuto just doesn’t know how pretty he is, you conclude. he parades around in gray sweats like that, shirtless with his hair down, and he has absolutely zero regard to your feelings, paying no mind to how your legs are squeezed together, how you just can’t pay attention to the movie he’s excitedly watching, nuzzling closer to your side as he plants a kiss to your head here and there.
no, he doesn’t know, and you’ve decided you have to change that.
“kou, let go,” you shuffle out of his grip, making a pout curl on his lips.
“why, baby—” he’s cut off by you planting yourself on his lap, hands laying on his bare chest as you attach your lips to his neck, right under his ear.
“you wore these sweatpants on purpose,” you pout against his ear, sucking on his neck as your clothed heat grinds against his, making him exhale shakily. his hands find your waist, helping you move to his liking.
“these are my comfy sweats,” he insists through groans, moving his hips in synch with yours. the movies long forgotten, and all you want to do is show bokuto just how pretty you really think he is. his dick hardens as you grind against him, yet the friction is too little for his taste. crawling off his lap and falling between his legs, you tug at his waistband, smiling when he lifts his hips up and lets you pull off his sweats and boxers in one go. his cock stands tall, pre cum oozing from the tip as he stares down at you through lust filled eyes. pressing hot kisses up his length, you suck lightly on his tip, making him let out a soft groan.
“you’re gonna need new comfy sweats, kou,” you murmur, latching onto a heavy ball, sucking on it as your hand pumps his thick length, making his head fall against the couch. his biceps flex as he grabs the edge of the cushion, knuckles white from his grip. you stroke him faster, swirling your tongue over the round of his ball, making his hips jerk as he groans out your name.
“y/n, fuck,” he curses, whimpering when your thumb rubs over his head in circles. “ngh—fuck, baby,” he whines, and your hand squeezes tighter around the base of his shaft, twisting around his length and gliding over his head.
“feels good, princess,” he moans, hair sticking to his forehead as it dampens in sweat, his hand moving to the back of your head, keeping you in place. his breath grows erratic at each suck of his swollen balls, chest heaving with each pant he lets out, shaky whines falling past his lips when you switch from one to the other, your free hand fondling the neglected one to keep him stimulated. his eyes are scrunched shut tightly, lips parted open as small whines of your name escape them with each flick of your wrist.
you can feel his orgasm approaching, the way his cock pulses in your hand, twitching slightly as his abs clench.
“princess,” he groans. “‘m gonna cum. f-fuck, keep doing that.” his thighs shake and before you know it, bokuto’s crying out your name as thick spurts of cum shoot from his tip. you gently release the heavy sacs from your mouth, moving to take in his length as he cums, hallowing your cheeks and sucking him through his orgasm. he whines, jerking his hips to thrust into your mouth.
“f-fuck, baby—shit, feels good,” he praises, whimpering when your tongue swirls over his tip. there’s too much cum to swallow at once, leaking past your lips and down your chin, but you suck his length anyway, trying to catch as much as you can. he whimpers as his peak ends, whining at the last few hallows of your cheeks before you pop off, looking up at him innocently.
reaching over, he collects a few drops of cum from your chin, pushing them back into your mouth. you swallow happily, and he grins, pulling you onto his lap.
“baby, i don’t want new sweats,” he smirks, kissing your lips as his hands cup your tits, squeezing them gently. “these are my favorite now.”
Tumblr media
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risumu · 5 months ago
their biggest physical insecurities
Tumblr media
characters: bokuto koutaro, suna rintaro, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime (x gn!reader)
eris’ notes: i think adding flaws helps them seem more human, which is very comforting to me <3 might do a pt 2 of this w other boys too if ppl want it who knows
warnings: body insecurities, things like that
Tumblr media
the stretch marks on his thighs. bokuto is confident and sure of himself, he really and truly is. but even the most confident people have things they’re wary about, and his comes in the form of pale lightning strikes on his thighs. he first noticed them early on out in highschool, they were faint then, and there were just a few on the inside of his legs. but then he got older—he started practicing more religiously, his muscles got bigger, and the dipped scars on his legs… multiplied. the insides of his thighs are covered in them now, as well as the outside, where his legs meet his hips. and they aren’t as faint as before. he likes wearing long compression knee pads because they look cool, yeah, but also for some reason he isn’t too fond of the way his legs look. he knows it’s a normal thing for bodies to do when they grow and shrink (he looked it up the second he got them, just to make sure his legs weren’t going to fall off or something) and he even thinks they’re super cool on other people! he just doesn’t like them on himself. it takes a few years, some shy conversations with his friends, reassurances from his new teammates, and lots and lots of talks with himself, but eventually he doesn’t mind them so much anymore. and maybe he trades out his long knee pads for short ones every now and then, to show off his legs of course. when he’s feeling extra good about himself.
(bonus: sometimes he has days where it’s harder to not hate the stretch marks than others, and on those days you rest your head on one of his thighs, tracing your fingers over the dipped lines and maybe even leaning in to kiss them every now and then, making sure to look up to bo with a smile and a “so cool, all this proof your muscles are getting bigger” and that tips his ego just enough that all the insecurity is gone for the rest of the night.)
Tumblr media
his stomach and core. his friends literally laugh at him and tell him to shut up the first time he ever halfway mentions it. they’re all like ‘dude, you literally have a six pack, shut the fuck up’ which is fair, he thinks, so that’s exactly what he does. but his stomach just… doesn’t look right to him. it’s very toned, he knows, from the trick shot and special move he’s perfected since highschool. i mean, no one is able to turn sideways midair like that and not have abs of steel. but they’re sort of uneven, to him. one column raised a tad higher than the other. and if he twists his body at all, even just the slightest bit, his muscles stretch (obviously) in a way that bunches around his ribs. he hates it. so much to the point where he refuses to go shirtless, completes record time in changing in the locker room, the whole shebang. he finds out later, talking to his team’s athletic trainer, that the reason his stomach muscles are most likely so uneven is because of how he only leans to one side while practicing his spike, leaving the other half of his abdomen just a smidge less used and exercised. the confirmation from a professional helps sate him, sure, but he still isn’t too keen on showing off the muscles he’s worked so hard for. but it’s better after that, just a little bit.
(bonus: he wears baggy clothing, which you think should be an absolute crime because his stomach is, like, perfect? and to convince him of that fact, you like to straddle his lap while he lays back in bed, running your fingers down his stomach, smiling when he bites his lip because he’s secretly ticklish and is trying to hold in a laugh. tell him he’s pretty, his stomach’s pretty, his abs are pretty. he’ll roll his eyes at you and scoff, but it helps. it really, really does.)
Tumblr media
how fried his hair is. this one might seem dumb, which is why he would never ever dare to complain about it to anyone ever in his entire life. he can already hear what anyone would say the second he brings it up anyways: ‘well just stop bleaching your hair then. duh.’ and that just.. makes him want to cave in on himself. maybe it’s childish or something, he doesn’t know, but he’s become a little attached to his bleach, a little bit dependent on it over the years and honestly? he doesn’t feel like himself without it. he tries what he can; all the professional recommend shampoos and conditioners, treatments, hair masks. he even lets his roots grow out as long as he can before bleaching them again, wearing beanies and hoods in public to hide them while he does so. but during season he doesn’t have that luxury, and his hair suffers more during then than it ever does. it’s not that it feels absolutely one hundred percent dead, it’s just that it isn’t as healthy as untouched, never damaged hair (obviously). it isn’t until sakusa walks up to him after practice and shoves a bottle of something into his hands before walking off without an explanation. with all the curls, sakusa understands the struggle of maintaining healthy hair, so he’d given atsumu a very specific, and very expensive, leave in conditioner to help. and it does, plus boosts tsumu’s confident back up just a tad.
(bonus: it takes what feels like forever for atsumu to let you touch his hair, but when he does you just can’t stop. it feels a little rough, of course, but it’s still nice to run your hands through. which is also why you suddenly are in charge of massaging the conditioner into his hair, and then showing him in the mirror afterwards how nice it looks with a “aw, aren’t you a pretty baby” to make him smile at his reflection. because of you, he starts to believe his hair ain’t too bad.)
Tumblr media
the way he smiles. he’s never much cared what others thought about him, especially when he was younger. but then he started making friends and quickly learned that new friends meant new opinions and one friend in particular happened to have a hell of a lot of opinions. he still remembers the day, he’d probably been no more than ten, maybe eleven? whenever oikawa had stuck his tongue out and said ‘ew iwa-chan, don’t make that face. it looks creepy.’ he’d only been smiling, thinking about volleyball practice from before, and he knew his idiot of a best friend didn’t mean anything by it other than being his normal annoying self, but it stuck with him through the years. he started smiling (noticeably, when people were watching, at least) less and less, and thus the trademark scary and intimidating look that was always etched into iwaizumi’s face was born. then he got into highschool and he’d laugh at oikawa getting hit with a ball, and mattsun would point out how he’s smiling for once, just being cheeky. and his smile would be instantly gone. it isn’t until he goes off to california that anything really changes, and a girl in his class tells him he needs to lose the mad face or his clients will be too scared to want him to be their forever trainer. he smiles a little more then (but still no more than necessary).
(bonus: you love hajime’s smile, because how could you not? it’s literally the cutest thing in the world, all crooked and boyish. so you like to corner him in the kitchen, grabbing his face in your hands and peppering it with kisses until he can’t stop the chuckles, his lips tilting up at the corners, and there it is. “handsome smile” you’ll tell him, and he’ll blush, shove your face away. but his smile will just grow wider.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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kageyuji · 8 months ago
when someone asks your boyfriend if you’re single
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, suna, bokuto, iwaizumi, akaashi ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, a little jealousy as a treat
notes: reblogs help me tons!!
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
huh?????? what????????
he’s honestly so confused and can’t figure out if this is a prank or not
oikawa likes to flaunt his relationship with you, so the person has to be a complete stranger
either way, he quickly tells them that you’re taken, and he gets so smug and cocky whenever the person’s face falls
Tumblr media
oikawa could tell the guy sitting beside him was staring at you. he didn’t like it, but surely the guy had seen him talking to you before that, right?
he thought so until the guy started speaking at least.
“you’re friends with them, right?” the person asked, and then continued whenever oikawa looked over at him. “do they have a boyfriend?”
oikawa’s eyes narrowed a little, eyebrows furrowing and lips forming something like a frown. he crossed his arms over his chest in much the same way a dog would raise its hackles.
“yes, actually. and their boyfriend is super hot. strong too, he could probably beat your ass.”
“ah, too bad. kinda sounds like you want him if you think hes so hot, huh?”
oikawa just rolled his eyes. he was about to answer whenever you walked over to the two of them, hand reaching out to him. he grabbed it quickly, then stood and began to walk away with you.
however, he made a point to turn and flash a victorious smile at the stranger.
━━ suna;
he acts so calm but on the inside he’s gotten more jealous than he’s been in a long time
not that he doesn’t trust you, of course, but he didn’t like the idea of someone else picturing themself with you
rather, he didn’t like to picture you with someone else
he’ll be calm — cold and with a sinister edge to his voice, but calm
Tumblr media
“hey, are you listening to me?” suna asked, snapping to get the other’s attention.
your boyfriend was supposed to be showing a new member of the team around, but whenever suna followed the guy’s gaze, he found that the other guy was distracted by you.
“oh- yeah, sorry. that uh- that person over there, the one talking to atsumu. what’s their name?”
suna huffed, but answered, “y/n.”
“are they dating anyone right now?”
that got suna’s attention. he nodded despite how much he wanted to walk over and throw his arm around you, pull you close to him.
“yeah.” suna said, trying to keep his voice level but it just came out tense. “and both of them are committed, so you might as well forget it.”
“really? do you think if-”
“I said forget it.”
“oh- ok.”
━━ bokuto;
bokuto just,, shuts down
he goes kind of quiet — suddenly, the usual loud and hyper bokuto is gone, replaced with a meek and submissive version
he gets jealous, sure, but he mostly just gets insecure about himself
you know he loves you, and yet he doesn’t think he can ever tell you that enough
Tumblr media
“that person over there, what’s their name?”
bokuto turned to look at the person, then followed to where they were looking. he stared at you for a moment, trying to decide why a stranger would want to know that.
“c’mon, man, i saw you talking to them earlier.”
“y/n.” bokuto responded finally, smiling a little whenever you turned and gave him a small wave.
however, you’d turned away from him again whenever his face fell, whenever he heard the other guy’s next words.
“y/n, huh? that’s a nice name. but they don’t have a boyfriend, do they?”
again, bokuto was quiet for a moment. he felt his heart sink, felt the anxiety start to build and turn his stomach.
“they do, actually,” bokuto mumbled, and began to nervously play with his hands. he wasn’t really sure when he’d started that habit, but it was almost a relief from his anxieties at the time.
“ah, too bad.” the guy sighed, but walked away without another complaint.
it took bokuto another few minutes to walk over to you. normally, he wouldn’t mind, but he really didn’t want to bother you. you’d never seen him being insecure as annoying before, but still he was worried.
“hey, y/n?” he’d asked and was met with a small amount of relief whenever you walked away from your friends to talk to him.
“hey bo, what’s wrong?”
“uhm,” bokuto started talking, but he couldn’t look anywhere but down at the floor. “you love me, right? you don’t think i’m-”
“of course I love you! where is that coming from?”
he just smiled and shook his head, then wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest. “no where. I love you too.”
━━ iwaizumi;
Protective Boyfriend Iwa™ activated
you know the “step the fuck up kyle” vine? that but it’s actually kind of intimidating
he’s trying to be calm but anyone can hear how tense his voice gets
Tumblr media
“hey, iwaizumi?”
iwaizumi recognized the voice as one of the new vbc members, so he was quick to look at them and ask what was wrong. however, he was a little confused when he say their eyes on you.
“does that person over there have a boyfriend?”
iwa stopped.
he blinked a few times before his face twisted into an expression somewhere between and annoyance and anger. “yes. why?”
the other person pouted. “i thought they were cute, and they seem nice. guess i should have figured they were already taken, huh?”
he stared at them for a while without saying a word. surely they were aware the two of you were dating, right? iwa knew that he wasn’t that much into PDA, but he also knew that he’s given you quick kisses in front of this guy before... hadn’t he?
“yeah, probably should have. i’m their boyfriend though, okay?”
“o- oh.”
━━ akaashi;
akaashi usually isn’t the jealous type, but he can’t deny the small feelings of jealousy that he gets whenever the question gets asked
he won’t be necessarily aggressive about it, but he’ll tell them that you’re happily taken
he might tell the guy you’re married just incase the guy wants to try something 💀
he’ll be a little insecure afterwards though, won’t tell you about it but he acts clingier then he usually is
Tumblr media
akaashi was probably the most approachable on the team. not that the others weren’t, but they tended to either be in a constant bad mood or they were rarely calm.
which is why akaashi thinks this person had asked him out of everyone on the team.
“you’re close with y/n, right?” the person started.
akaashi gave a confused look, but answered nonetheless, “yeah, why?”
“do you know if they have a boyfriend?”
akaashi took in a sharp breath; he honestly didn’t know why he was so taken aback by that, but then again it wasn’t as though either of you were hiding the relationship.
“actually, yeah, they’re engaged.” akaashi lied.
well, he didn’t know if it was a lie actually. he wanted to wait a little more and get your opinion on that type of thing, but he’d be more than happy to put a ring on your finger.
maybe then people wouldn’t ask him questions like that.
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katsukidotcom · 2 months ago
sweet things they do for you !
✸ ft. suna, bokuto, sakusa, akaashi, semi, & iwaizumi
✸ info + warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
✸ SUNA wordlessly grabs you a snack whenever he gets one for himself. he tells you it’s so he doesn’t have to share his own with you, but it has become a habit of his to always pick up two servings without even thinking. you never have to ask him to bring you something back when he announces that he’s searching through the pantry for something to eat because he’s already on it. and if he’s getting a snack that he loves but you aren’t a fan of, he’ll trade it out for something he’ll know you’ll enjoy.
✸ BOKUTO walks/drives with you just about everywhere. he never wants to seem overbearing, but he really loves spending time with you, even if the journey is fairly short. he’ll talk, he’ll listen, he’ll offer you one of his earbuds so you guys can listen to music together. there’s never a boring commute with him. if you guys part ways because you have class or work or are just heading home for the night, he never leaves until he sees that you make it into the building safely.
✸ SAKUSA cleans your room for you. if he knows you’ve been busy and have been putting it off, he’ll happily set aside some of his time to help you out. he never makes you feel bad about not doing it yourself. he just wants you to have a comfortable environment to live in. so he’ll wash any dirty dishes or laundry, wipe down your surfaces, and make your bed. he’s always super thorough with the job. and as a finishing touch, he lights your favorite scented candle for you once he’s all done.
✸ AKAASHI always calls to tell you good morning or good night. texts are nice, but he prefers being able to hear your voice and actually tell you rather than typing it out. he keeps the calls short so he isn’t too disruptive, but even short calls are enough time to wish you a good day or sweet dreams. if he knows you might be sleep, he’ll exchange the call for a voice memo because he enjoys knowing that he’ll be the first thing you’ll hear when you wake up or before you fall asleep.
✸ SEMI writes you songs. he does everything from the melody to the lyrics on his own. he sends them to you as recordings so you can hold onto them forever, but also because he’s always super nervous about how you’ll react to them. he think’s he’d be a little too embarrassed to play it for you for the first time in person. but if you ask him nicely, he’ll give you a live performance of the original piece. these songs are yours alone because he never intends on sharing them with anyone else.
✸ IWAIZUMI carries you around when you don’t feel like walking. if you’ve had a long day and your feet are killing you or just want to be pampered, he’s always willing to indulge you. you rarely have to directly ask him because he’s so good at reading your body language that he can tell when your steps are lagging or getting heavy. he’ll lift you up and carry your bridal style or lean down so you can hop on for a piggyback ride. either way, it’s no inconvenience to him because he loves doing it for you.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! likes and reblogs are appreciated <3
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katsushimaa · a year ago
random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your haikyuu boyfriend
— with Tsukishima, Bokuto, Kunimi, Kenma, Tendou and Suna
[ part 2 ]
A/N: i said i was on a break but during my break i kept watching tiktok and bc i felt lonely, i wanted to write about the haikyuu boys doing these trends with me instead 💀
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tell your bf “u could’ve been nicer to me today”
would straight up just laugh at you
“wdym? i thought you liked me because I’m not your typcial mr. nice guy?”
true, but since you wanted to live up to the prank, you feigned a sigh. “but you’re not usually this mean to me, kei. there’s still some boundaries.”
your response wiped the smirk off his face, making him think of what he did to you to today. as far as he knew, he did nothing out of the ordinary
seeing his smirk drop did it for you. you broke through your facade and started to burst out laughing, causing him to roll his eyes at you, a fond smile spreading on his lips
he’d make you stop laughing by pushing you to a wall, caging you in his arms as he loomed over you with a sadistic expression
“never expect me to be ‘nicer’ to you from now on, brat.”
Tumblr media
fake a fall in public to see your bf’s reaction
with no questions asked, this man would fall with you
everyone threw the two of you odd glances as you stared at each other on the floor, stifling your laughter
until Bokuto gave in and burst out laughing, leaving you no choice but to join him
“why’d you fall?” you asked in between breaths
“i’m the one who should be asking that, you limp,” he snorted before looking at you softly. “but i just didn’t want my baby to embarrassed alone, you know?”
Bokuto stood up easily, offering you a hand in which you gladly took.
with a smile, he raised your hand to his lips. “we’re in this together, aren’t we?”
you intertwined your fingers with his, your wide smile matching his own. “we are.”
Tumblr media
raise the blanket while you’re in it when your bf walks in the room
you didn’t even have to say anything, he’d just dive right in next to you
Kunimi’s arm snaked around your waist as he buried his head on your chest, breathing you in
he even tucked the other end of the blanket beneath him so the two of you were cocooned together
“nap time already?” he hummed sleepily, already ready to sleep
you could only giggle as you weaved your free hand through his soft, dark hair, causing him to hum in approval
“you were so fast,” you said, causing him to raise his head up to smile at you sleepily
“well, i’m always ready to cuddle with you.”
though you were flustered by his words, you rolled your eyes. “shut it, you’re just using me as an excuse because you’re too lazy to do your work.”
you could feel his smile as he snuggled deeper into your chest. “let’s just nap together, babe.”
Tumblr media
sit on the floor beside your bf while he plays video games
while Kenma smashes his keyboard, you rested your head on his leg after sitting on the floor
he glanced down at you briefly and his hand came flying on your head, patting it
“what are you doing?” he murmured
“just wanna be in your presence,” you closed your eyes, snuggling deeper in his leg
Kenma threw you another glance before muttering, “give me five minutes.”
with that, he took his hand off you and started aggressively pushing the keyboard and mouse button, his eyes wide with focus that you were almost frightened by him
after five minutes, you could hear his friends from his headphones yelling out victory and cheering for Kenma, but he could careless
he pulled you on top of him on the bed and brought your head to his chest, hugging you tight. you couldn’t help but smile at his comfort, and he couldn’t help but release a small smile of his own
“you could still play, you know,” you mumbled against him. “i just wanted to be close to you.”
“me, too,” he said right after pulling out his phone. you laughed as he placed it on your back, ready to play another game
well, at least you were in his arms now
Tumblr media
call your bf ‘bro’
had to do a double take after you called him bro
“what did you say, baby?” he asked, hoping he just heard you wrong
“are you deaf, bro?” you kept a straight face. “i asked if you wanted to eat later.”
Tendou felt his heart drop at his nickname, but since he’s petty, he didn’t show it
instead, he fought back. “sure, dude. you can pick the restaurant.”
he felt some sense of triumph when your eyebrows rose, but you’re his girlfriend for a reason after all
you guys were both petty
“i’m down with anything, pal.”
“do you just want to drive around to see where we want to eat, mate?”
“sounds like a plan, champ.”
Tendou looked at you for a moment before letting a smile grow on his lips. “champ? what am i, your son?”
you threw your head back in defeat. “i couldn’t think of anything else!”
the two of you meet each other’s gazes before bursting into laughter, your bodies shaking with amusement
Tendou pulled you to him, hugging you as if his life depended on it. “never call me bro again, okay?”
you swayed him as you hugged him back, his heartbeat racing when you said, “of course, you’ll always be my baby.”
Tumblr media
wake your bf up during his sleep and say, “go hide, my boyfriend’s here.”
obviously, he didn’t wake up the first try so you had to do it again
at the third time, his eyes finally opened slowly, disoriented as he looked at you
since Suna was so unfocused, you expected him to go along and hide like the other boyfriends do in the trend
unfortunately, your boyfriend was built different
“i don’t care,” he said flatly and without any warning, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you next to him, trapping you in his arms and under the blanket
“Rin,” you tried to wiggle away. “i’m not sleepy.”
“then just stay with me.”
that was enough for you to lie still, finally relaxing in his hold
after a few moments of comfortable silence, he leaned in your ear and whispered, “now stay still and quiet because my girlfriend’s here and i don’t want her to see you.”
you gasped at the way he turned the prank on you, hitting him on the chest before sitting up
“what?” he laughed as he lazily stared at you angrily looking down at him. “serves you right for waking me up in my sleep. now come here and help me continue it.”
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oikadori · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↱ includes: atsumu, oikawa, bokuto
↱ genre//warnings: fluff, domestic, hq dads <3 // atsumu is a tease
↱ wc: 0.9k
an: i just love when they are loving fathers yk?
reblogs are highly appreciated :DD
Tumblr media
“I don’t need ya, daddy”
Atsumu felt a pang in his chest as he watched her little girl getting on her toes to reach her favorite candy and successfully doing it.
His arms were already reaching for her small body to keep her steady. Just in case he thought, but there was no need.  “Sorry baby! Sometimes your silly dad forgets what a big girl you are.” Your husband chuckles nervously at your six-year-old daughter who smiles proudly at you both.
Atsumu’s eyes drift to the flask and his face lightens a bit “Here, let me open it for you, girly—”
Your daughter moves her price away from your husband's grip with a cute little frown. “I can do it!” She says, before opening it, not before letting out a few grunts. “See?!”
Humming happily your daughter leaves the room and you watch with a sympathetic smile at your husband, who follows her with a heavy stare, almost nostalgic.
“You okay, ‘Tsumu?” you coo, dragging him out of his trance. To hide the strange feeling that was building up in his stomach, he brings back his smug self.
“Yeah! Why wouldn't I?! Our little girl is just...growing.” he says the last part with a little crack in his voice. But he is quickly brushing his teary eyes away and fixing his blonde locks.
Rolling your eyes, you simply  ignore him.  You go back to wash the dishes when a pair of large, rough  hands grip your hips.
Trying to look behind you, you catch a glimpse of Miya Atsumu's pouty face resting on top of your shoulder blade. You can't help giggling softly at the image until he leans closer to your ear, huffing.
“Let’s have another one, please.”
“Daddy, look!” 
Your daguhter runs into your living room where Oikawa is currently is watching a volleyball match on the couch, rocking a new braid.
Oikawa’s lips stretch into a wide smile as he claps. “Princess, that looks so pretty. Did your mommy do it?” 
The brown-haired girl shakes her head as she crowls onto the couch and sits next to him. “No, I did it myself!” She says happily, holding her braid with her small hands and showing it to your husband. Oikawa is still smiling until he hears what comes next.
“I don’t need you to do my hair anymore.” 
It might be dramatic but Oikawa felt as if he was being fired. What did she say? she didn’t need his help anymore? No way.
 You were clumsy for doing braids and complicated hairstyles unlike your husband. Oikawa and his skilled fingers always made sure your daughter had the prettiest hair at every kids party. And he was really proud about it. 
“Excuse me?” he says in a high pitch tone, crossing his beefy arms over his chest. “Who made your hair for your birthday party? AND who help you with your bangs when a little someone cut her hair alone, mmh?” he counts with his fingers all of his successful hairstyles, desperately trying to show your daughter that she still needs him.
“You…But,” She cross her legs, “—I want to do it alone like the others girls.” 
Oikawa quickly shuts his mouth and carefully looks at the braid, he can’t contain the goofy smile that takes over his face as he realizes that her daughter was growing, a little too fast for his liking. But he was happy to see it happening.
He sighs. 
“Okay, okay angel, daddy will teach all of his hair tricks BUT don’t tell mommy.”
“Are you sure?!” 
“But like, are you sure, sure??!”
This has been going for a while now. Bokuto’s hand is still on your daughter’s back and the other is firm on the purple bicycle’s handle. The day has finally come when the training wheel were no longer needed by your little girl.
“Yes, daddy!!” She yells, making your husband jump. “I don’t need you to hold me, anymore”
Through the lens of your phone, you notice how Bokuto’s spiky hair falls down, a signature thing the former Fukorodani’s captain did  when he felt down.
Bokuto feels like crying, his little girl is not so little anymore and he wonders how much time he’ll have before he has to let her go for good. 
You are on your way to Bokuto’s muscular figure when your daughter gets off her bike and pulls your husband's shirt.
“What happened honey-pie?” He says with a shaky voice, kneeling in front of her, patting her head lovingly. 
“Why-Why are sad, daddy?”  So perceptive, Bokuto thinks and his heart melts. He pinches her chubby cheeks and shoots her a warm smile before kissing her tiny forehead.
“Nah, birdie. I’m just happy you are growing strong and big just like your dad!” Bokuto let out a booming laugh as he tickles her sides making the cutes giggle come from her lips. ”Now, now. Show mommy and daddy how you ride your bike like a big girl, okay?” 
She nods, kissing his cheek and whispering a silent I love you before getting on her bike again. 
Your face finally relaxes. Holding your phone you catch you daughter riding her bike alone for the first time as an overexcited Bokuto jogs by her side, where he belongs.
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ellewords · 4 months ago
❥   a smile spreads across atsumu’s face the second your name is brought up. anyone being interviewed with him just shakes their head and sighs, knowing exactly what was about to happen. he already talks about you way too much unprompted but when someone actually brings you up willingly? good luck trying to make him stop. his voice goes somewhat higher in excitement, barely able to stay still in his seat, “oh yn? they’re absolutely great. apparently people tell ‘em how lucky they are to be with me, but really…’m the lucky one. never thought i’d end up with someone so amazin’, y’know?” at one point meian had to put his hand over atsumu’s mouth to get him to stop talking. 
❥   everybody else in the room disappears for bokuto when your name is mentioned, but nobody really minds as they all swoon and coo at how much love he held for you. the team is always endeared at the way his gaze goes soft when he talks about you. bokuto looks straight into the camera, unable to fight the blush that spread across his cheeks as he thought of you, “yn? yeah, they’re very supportive! they’d actually watch my interviews sometimes when they’re on break from work so…hi, yn! i love you and i can’t wait to come home to you.” he has to muffle his squeals of delight when you text him that you’ve seen the interview. 
❥   hinata becomes a blushy, giggling mess whenever an interviewer begins to ask about the team’s significant others. he gets antsy, bouncing his knee and biting his lip as he waits for his teammates to finish speaking so he can gush about you. however, when it’s finally his turn his mind just draws a blank. his lips part only to have nothing come out of them, “yn…they’re…cool.” everyone waits for him to say more but all he does is scold himself as the tips of his ears turn pink. when he gets home, he holds you and rambles everything he wanted to say: how much he loved you and how lucky he is to have you in his life. 
❥   sakusa doesn’t give the interviewer much to work with when asked about you. with his life in the public eye, he wanted to give your relationship some semblance of privacy. it’s not that he wants to keep you a secret, it’s just that he wants to keep most things between the two of you. he keeps his voice at its usual calm and steady tone, “me and yn? we’re doing fine. thank you for asking.” even as his teammates are elbowing his sides or the interviewer pressing for more, sakusa holds his ground. but anyone who saw the twitch in the corner of his lips, the fondness in his eyes, could tell just how much you mean to him.
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ch0s0 · 2 months ago
hq guys picking you up from the airport
Tumblr media
[with: bokuto, iwaizumi, kuroo, suna] [a/n: im now absolutely smitten with bokuto- you can also see my writing go down hill]
Tumblr media
-> BOKUTO is all smiles the moment he sees you pass through the gates, a lovesick look covering his face as he catches your eye, waving you over. you’re in his grasp within seconds, arms looped around his neck as he spins you around, luggage discarded not too far away. “i missed you baby” he mumbles into your neck, hot breath fanning your skin as he presses a kiss to the skin. “i missed you too kou, i can’t believe its been so long.” squeezing in one final hug, you pull back only to lean back in to press a kiss to his lips, his mouth warm against yours. “you ready to go home?” “yeah, let me jus-” “i’ve got it” he assures you, grabbing your suit case in one hand and wresting an arm around your waist with the other, placing a final kiss to your cheek as you head out to the car
-> IWAIZUMI sighs a breath of relief as you smile at him half walking half jogging to where he is, eyes bright with excitement. you’re caught off guard when he gathers you up in his arms, holding on so tightly to you as if some one where about to take you away from him. he’s not gonna mention the nights he spent, cuddling your pillow in place of you and looking through the photo album on his phone, finger swiping through photo after photo, most really bad photos of you that made him smile. “you came to get me” you coo, feeling his grip tighten around your waist. “of course i would, what kinda boyfriend would i be not to pick my darling up from the airport?” “a really bad one” you joke, lip tugging downward in a mock pout as iwaizumi chuckles, taking your carry-on from you “let’s go get ur stuff, bag check’s over there right?” he asks as you nod, only to squat down in front of you “hop on” gives u a whole ass piggy back ride through the air port while holding ur bag
-> KUROO “babe... tetsuro. tetsu come on wake up-” you mutter, attempting to shake your boyfriend awake, his head tilted back over the chair that seemed to dwarf in comparison to him. frowning, you lean over his head, smacking his cheek lightly only for his eyes to jerk up as he sits up. “hey what was that for...” he starts, anger lighting up his eyes only to fade when he realizes it you. “i was supposed to be the one waiting for you, not the other way around you know.” “i know tetsu... big baby just got a lil sleepy thats all” you chuckle, poking his shoulder with his finger as he frowns, standing up to give you a hug. his hold on you is tight but fleeting as he pulls away, grabbing your hand as you both head towards the parking lot. “you want something to eat? i heard there’s a cool restaurant right outside the airport” “yeah... that sounds good”
-> SUNA spots you before you spot him, giving you a little half wave when he sees you scanning the people in front you of you. you’re rushing towards him the moment you see him though, suna greeting you with a side hug and a quick kiss to the temple. “you look absolutely radiant” he jokes as you frown up at him, letting out an ‘exacerbated’ sigh “ur mean, i don’t look that rough do i?” “no i mean it, you look good, i didn’t think anyone could look that good after getting off a flight” you narrow your eyes, unsure if he’s actually being genuine or if he’s still messing with you, but with a shrug you let it go, taking the compliment. leaning your body into his, you let out a sigh, pulling your luggage along with you as you make to leave the airport. “i missed you rin” “i missed you too baby”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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kybabi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
reacting to their s/o falling asleep on someone else
w/ kenma, ushijima, and bokuto!
part 2!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: here is the second part of this prompt!!
quick reminder that these are written in the characters’ respective teams! this is a quick lil drabble i wrote and its not very long but i hope you enjoy hehe)
Tumblr media
kenma was not looking forward to going on a run with you this morning, but you forced him to anyway
going on some weird shit about needing to stay in shape or something
but while the two of you were running, he tripped on a pebble and landed right on his face
and when he came up, there was a funny looking red mark on his face
as much as you tried to keep it in, you just couldn’t take it anymore and bust out, hysterically laughing
he just rolled his eyes at you and walked the rest of the way home
but then he ignored you at school the entire day
you thought, “he can’t be that mad???”
but even when the team hung out at his house that night, he wouldn’t talk to you
when you first arrived, you didn’t expect the movie to be so boring.
but now, it’s only half an hour through, and you can feel yourself nodding off slowly.
you’ve been trying to pay attention, you really have, but it’s been a long day and you’re trying with everything you have not to completely pass out. kenma’s sitting right next to you, though he still isn’t speaking to you.
your boyfriend has been so petulant and childish all day. so what, you laughed at him! anyone would do that. right?
even so, while you’re pretty sure he’s just being petty, you also want to cuddle, and he’s not budging.
but as the forty-minute mark hits, you finally succumb to sleep, and flop over into his lap. he sighs, rolls his eyes, and picks you back up, putting you upright. you hum and fall back into him, to which he shoves you back up, and you look up at him with puppy eyes.
“kenma, i wanna cuddle.”
he side-eyes you for a minute before shrugging.
“should’ve thought about that before you laughed at me this morning.” there’s satire in his tone, but you’re getting tired of his pettiness. you just want to sleep.
“please?” you whine, tugging at his sweatshirt. he scoffs.
“if you wanna cuddle with someone, why don’t you cuddle with lev instead?” he suggests, monotone, full well knowing you won’t. he knows you’ll keep begging him until he relents, but he thinks it’d be a little fun to watch you plead for a little more.
but what he doesn’t expect is for you to grunt petulantly and move over to your other side before plopping into lev’s lap and resting your head on his chest.
lev grunts softly in surprise, turning red. he looks over to kenma, who is fuming. he looks back at you, and then back at him, and shrugs.
to be completely honest, kenma had wanted to see how you’d react to him ignoring you for the entire day. but seeing the way lev’s long limbs drape over you, the way you look comfortable situated on his lap, he decides the end result was probably not worth it.
kenma glares at you, but you don’t sense his eyes on you. instead, you snuggle into the fabric of lev’s shirt, snoring softly.
then lev pats at your head gently and kenma thinks he’s had enough, so he scoots over, scoops you up, and puts you in his own lap instead. you moan softly.
“smell nice,” you mumble, inhaling his scent in the sweatshirt he’s wearing. he scoffs.
“you’re terrible, you know that?”
“you love me.”
he pauses, looking away, cheeks heating up.
“...yeah. whatever.”
Tumblr media
ushi invited the adlers over to hang out at your shared apartment tonight
but he was still being passive aggressive at you for what happened this morning
essentially, you’d both gone grocery shopping
but you wouldn’t let him get that one bag of chips he liked, because you already had like,, 6 of them at home
this is how the conversation went:
“toshi, we have those at home.”
“not very many. it wouldn’t hurt to get more.”
“babe, we don’t need it!”
“but if i’m paying for it, don’t you think i should be allowed to purchase them?”
“toshi, i’m not going to let you buy them. we have too many at home!”
you pulled him away from the aisle and he sulked the entire way home
he’s still mad at you tho😐
it’s been at least an hour, and you still don’t understand the game at all.
no matter how many times you’ll watch the boys take their turns, it still doesn’t make any sense.
you’d scrolled through your phone for a bit, but even that got boring, and now you’re just getting sleepy. even with how loud they are, you can feel yourself growing tired.
very slowly, their voices start to grow distant, and your eyes start to close.
no longer able to hold yourself up, you finally slump over into your boyfriend’s lap. but immediately after, he’s picking you up and moving you back over.
you whine sleepily. “toshi, wanna sleep.”
he pretends to be engrossed in the game.
“not now, y/n.”
you ignore him anyway and fall right back into his lap, to which he picks you right back up and sitting you back down. you glare at him.
“sleep somewhere else,” he mutters, not looking at you.
you sigh dejectedly, and look around. all the boys are contributing their own attention to the game, except for kageyama, who is checking something on his phone. you decide you’ll sit by him.
you scoot over to his side and slip into the space between his arm and his side, fitting into his presence nicely. you snuggle into him and resume your sleep, and he looks down at you, confused. then he looks up to see ushijima, who doesn’t look very happy at the sight.
the two of them exchange looks stoically, kageyama’s of confusion and wakatoshi’s of jealousy. kageyama shrugs and looks back down at his phone.
no longer paying attention to the game, toshi grunts petulantly. he observes the way your face is completely obscured by kageyama’s sweatshirt, nose buried in the fabric. he shifts uncomfortably. you should be with him instead.
but his pride butts into his thoughts, so he attempts to focus on the game instead. but then you’re moaning softly in your sleep against tobio, and with his pride forgotten, he crawls over to where you’re sitting and takes you out from under kageyama’s arm. he sits in his seat and lays you on his chest, grunting softly.
“toshi?” you blink, looking up at him. “i thought you were mad at me.”
he refuses to look at you, making a noise that’s more like a reluctant grunt than a response, cheeks heating up slightly.
“you have to buy me more chips.”
you laugh.
“okay, toshi.”
Tumblr media
you thought it would be a lil bit funny to prank bokuto, wanting to see if he’d react the way you predicted
so you walked up to him and asked him a question
“hey bo, why can’t you spike like sakusa?”
his hair, just fluffed up excitedly at the prospect of you asking him a question about his volleyball skills, deflated sadly
his shoulders drooped dejectedly
“hey! what’s that supposed to mean?”
when you explained that it was a prank, he huffed childishly, crossing his arms and turning away
“kou, i was just kidding!”
but when lunch rolled around, and the MSBY boys were over for some team bonding, he was still ignoring you😐
“wanna cuddle?” you offer to your boyfriend, who is sitting next to you on the couch. you’re all swaddled up in his clothes, and while the sight is adorable, he remembers that he’s supposed to be mad at you. he scoffs and turns away.
you sigh. he’s still in his mood?
so instead you just decide you’ll sit next to him for the time being. hinata and atsumu are sitting on the floor, playing some type of childish game to decide who gets the last bun, and you laugh, taking it in.
but all that food you’d eaten just half an hour ago was enough to make you sleepy, and you feel as though you could slip into a food coma at any second.
at some point, you just don’t have it in you to stay awake, and topple over into bokuto’s lap, already half asleep. he blinks at your figure before pushing you back up onto your side of the couch.
ignoring his gesture, you slip back into his lap, situating yourself comfortably, before he pulls you back up into sitting.
you rub at your eyes. “bo,” you mumble. “just this once?” you plead. he huffs.
“why don’t you go and snuggle with sakusa instead? since he’s ‘so great,’” he mumbles childishly, imitating your voice whinily. you scoff.
“fine,” you mutter, getting up and moving onto the other couch, where sakusa is sitting alone. you sit down next to him and then lay your head in his lap, closing your eyes peacefully. kiyoomi is barely phased, looking up at bokuto for a second before returning to his phone.
bokuto squirms jealously, wanting to stomp around and throw a tantrum. you just look so cute and warm and soft but you’re in SAKUSA’S lap?! how rude.
to think just this morning you had compared him, your own boyfriend, to sakusa, and now you’re cuddling him? koutaro glares at you, but you don’t see it.
so like he’s been doing this whole time, he turns his nose up away from you and pretends not to care. but out of the corner of his eye, he sees sakusa lay a hand on your cheek, moving your hair out of your face and away from your mouth, and gets up without thinking.
“hey, get someone of your own before stealing mine!” he complains, scooping you up out of sakusa’s lap and cradling you gently. sakusa just exhales, looking up at bokuto and shrugging.
koutaro sits you down on his lap, holding you tightly against his chest. he can feel your chest inhaling and exhaling rhythmically, and you stir.
“thought you didn’t wanna cuddle,” you tease, poking at his face. he hmphs and pokes you right back.
“you’re so mean to me.”
you giggle, resting your head right back on his chest.
“yeah. i know.”
Tumblr media
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