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reineydraws · 5 months ago
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akaashi is so tired
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todoroki-sweetheart · 4 months ago
Random Emotional Things the Haikyuu Boys Have Said
Tumblr media
+ genre. sfw
+ warnings. none
Tumblr media
“I can’t wait to marry you.”
You weren’t even doing anything remotely special when Kuroo said this to you, catching you by surprise and nearly making you fall of of your chair. Even with you messy hair and pajama pants on, Kuroo couldn’t help but think, ‘Yep, that’s going to be all mine one day.’
“You’d look so pretty carrying our baby.”
You and Bokuto were out sundress shopping of all things whenever he dropped this on you, a small smile on his face. You had just come out of the dressing room to show him your pick and a pregnant woman had just so happened to walk by, prompting your boyfriend to say this in the softest tone you’d ever heard him speak.
“Please don’t ever leave me, I don’t think I could ever handle losing you.”
It was after a game. MSBY had won, but for some reason Atsumu had rushed to you, tears in his eyes and hugged you tighter than he ever had before. It took you off gaurd because usually your boyfriend was so happy and hyped after winning. But that day, he spent minutes sobbing into your shoulder, even while fans and teammates surrounded him with congratulations.
“You don’t know just how deep my love runs for you. I would fucking do anything for you.”
He thought you were asleep. You knew that, because that’s the only way Suna would ever express something so deep and so personal towards you. He was stroking your back, quiet sniffles leaving him as he kissed your hair. And that night, he held you tighter than he ever had before and it took everything in you not to burst out crying as he nuzzled into your shoulder.
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sailortaro · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
more omis but grown!
bonus miya twins from twitter:
Tumblr media
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fiendishpal · 3 months ago
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i love them still being on the same team
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soktokki · 4 months ago
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Its all a moo point - bokuto kotaro 🐮🐮 aka hq!! as F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes
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amezure · 2 months ago
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PATREON | Ko-fi ☕💕
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fols-eli · 8 months ago
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sunakys · 2 months ago
new haikyuu vleague official art chibis
Tumblr media
(click for quality)
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look at teeny suna isnt he so cute :,) his little fox hands awwww 😭🌹🌹
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mikiyarin · 2 months ago
Haikyuu Bu!! - Chapter 94 (I)
“Visiting Sakusa Kiyoomi!” 🦠
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Read Part 2: HERE
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reineydraws · a month ago
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akaashi is the bokuto whisperer, but at what cost
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timeofdeathnote · a month ago
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Haikyuu!! + Letterboxd Reviews
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kiyelle · 7 months ago
with: sakusa, atsumu, bokuto, kuroo, akaashi, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
ʚ SAKUSA - but the way that you look up at him from behind your eyelashes has his heart positively racing in ways he just can’t comprehend. you make him feel weightless, like he’s the only one in your world, universes away from all the others. falling in love with you was not something he had anticipated, but now he can’t imagine an existence without your touch. he takes your face into his hands and brushes his thumbs against your cheeks, ‘stop it, i want to kiss you when you look at me like that’
ʚ ATSUMU - but when you jump into his arms after a long day apart he realises he doesn’t want to be away from you for another second. his arms circle your waist as his face shies away, hidden into the crook of your neck. your hands pull him impossibly closer as his soft kisses align along your skin until they reach your lips. he hates ever being separated from you, but he can’t help but adore moments like these when you’re finally in his arms again. the love and relief that flows through him ressembles the waves of an endless ocean.
ʚ BOKUTO - but when you slightly tilt your head while listening to him talk he starts stuttering over his words. you watch him with such pure interest he grows a little nervous beneath your gaze. he’s flustered to say the least as his cheeks flush, widening into a goofy smile as a little laugh escapes his lips. in a heartbeat he’s forgotten what he was even telling you, lost in the way you make him feel heard and important in ways no one else ever could.
ʚ KUROO - but when he sees you biting down on your lip trying to suppress a smile after one of his terribly flirty jokes, he feels his heart constrict in so many heavenly ways. the effect you have on him is like no other, he could probably explain the thousands of small chemical reactions going off in his brain as his vision of you is tinted with a light shade of love. there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do in order to see you try over and over to hide that smile that belongs to him and only him.
ʚ AKAASHI - but when you randomly take a picture of him because you think he ‘looks pretty’ it’s almost impossible for him to ignore the fluttering that awakens in his stomach. he almost can’t understand how you could ever find him pretty when you exist in this little world. he stops whatever it is he was doing when you decided to take the photo and instead takes the phone out of your hand and starts recording. ‘and there they are,’ he starts, a proud smile gracing his lips as he slowly zooms in ‘the prettiest person in the world’
ʚ IWAIZUMI - but when he hears your breathing slowly even out on the other side of the phone he wonders if you’ll be dreaming of him tonight, because he certainly will dream of you. he loves how safe he feels knowing you’re both surrounded by the very same canvas of stars every night. that if he were to try to wake you up over the call and tell you to look out your window for the brightest star, you’d probably both be looking at the same one. then he’d whisper some sappy lovey joke about you being his brightest star, but all this is just probable, for now he’ll let you sleep.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading angel, mwah! -> masterlist
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sailortaro · 4 months ago
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I think about these outfits 24/7
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hiranotaigas · 9 months ago
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fols-eli · 7 months ago
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todoroki-sweetheart · 4 months ago
Haikyuu Boys and their Porn Niches
Tumblr media
+ genre. nsfw
+ warnings. mentions of porn
+ notes. if the hq boys did porn, what would it be?
Tumblr media
Is most definitely underneath the Size Kink category
I mean come on, the man is 6′5 and thick as hell
Could you imagine how much people would pay just to see him absolutely destroy some tight little hole?
Bokuto himself gets a kick out of it, watching his tiny little co-stars squirm underneath his fat cock
There’s just something about the way Sakusa has complete control and authority that gets him off
He loves seeing his little’s big eyes looking up at him whenever they’re on their knees and sucking him off
Giving out punishment's is his specialty, too, with Sakusa never missing an opportunity to leave him hand prints on his little’s ass
Pet play
Suna’s absolute weakness is seeing his cute little kitten with a collar wrapped around their neck
Not to mention the tail plugged into their tight little hole, all to get them ready for his cock
His favorite part though, is rewarding his good little kitten with his cum after abusing their little hole for his pleasure
Poor, unsuspecting Atsumu, sitting by the pool when his best friend’s mother just so happens to walk by with nothing on except for a skimpy bikini
And well, she just looks so lonely, her husband having just left her, that Atusmu is ready to cheer her up anyways he can, preferably by fucking the living shit out of her
Who cares if she’s nearly a decade older than him? After all, girls his age could never satisfy him the way she does
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seijohlations · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ATSUMU, bokuto, suna, NOYA, matsukawa, sugawara, kiyoko, TANAKA, aran, oikawa, TENDOU, terushima, kuroo, lev, AKAASHI , yamaguchi, daishou, KITA
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osamuniichann · a year ago
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sakusa's note to self: monitor bokuto closely for the next 24 hours
i saw a meme saved in my camera roll and wanted to insert msby 🤡
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augustinewrites · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi used to think that people who got drunk and woke up in questionable places were utterly and completely stupid.
ridiculous, he’d sigh as he’d get a text from hinata, his teammate having apparently left his keys at the bar and reporting that he’d woken up outside his apartment. sakusa drove all the way to his place, only to find out his keys were in his pocket.
irresponsible, he’d say with a roll his eyes as he’d drive a pouting bokuto back to his place after falling asleep in meian’s bathtub after a summer barbecue. his clothes were soaked because the fool had tried to take a shower.
idiotic, he’d scoff as he peeled a dry-heaving atsumu off the counter of onigiri miya, the idiot having abused his knowledge of the security code with the intention of grabbing a midnight snack. as expected, osamu had not been impressed.
his friends were stupid, and sakusa swore he’d never sink to their depths. he wasn’t ridiculous, irresponsible, or idiotic. surely it’d never happen to him.
…is what he thought before this morning, when he’d blinked awake to a pounding in his head. he’d groaned, pulling the sheets back up to his chin—
sheets that were not his own. his bedsheets were dark grey, not blue.
alarmed, he sits up and immediately regrets it with the way the pounding behind his eyes intensifies. but a quick glance around at the placement of the dressers and the colour of the walls confirms his fear and hypocrisy.
this was not his room, and he’d no idea how he’d ended up here.
in a moment of panic, he lifts the sheets and is at least relieved to see he’s still clothed, and not naked in a stranger’s bed.
his phone, plugged in and fully charged, sits on the night stand on his left. he figures that might be the best place to start unravelling the night before.
as he goes to grab it, he sees the picture frame. he knows komori’s face like he knows his own, which is also in the photo. both he and his cousin are smiling, and his heart thumps loudly in his chest when he sees that the person in the middle is too.
this isn’t komori’s house and it obviously isn’t his, which means…it’s yours.
and he remembers bits now, the events leading up to now. there’s a flash of your smile behind a gin and tonic. hushed conversation as you updated him on your life, as if he hadn’t been stalking your social media whenever you came across his feed. reaching to pay the tab at the same time, your fingertips gently brushing his. the warmth blooming across his face from the alcohol and the feel of your lips on his in the back of the cab.
sakusa kiyoomi’s never been the type to care about what others think of him, because the only opinion that matters is his own…but he hopes that you found him charming. he hopes that he told jokes that made you laugh. he hopes that he impressed you. he hopes that you see how much he’s changed from his high school self, who was too nervous and self-conscious and shy to tell you how he felt.
his phone buzzes insistently, shattering the already fragmented memories he desperately wanted to glue together.
sakusa picks it up, hitting accept.
“omi-omi?” atsumu asks, as if surprised that he would pick up his own phone. “oh my god! we thought you were dead!”
“why would i be dead?” he sighs, wincing at the shouting. “but—”
“bokkun, shoyo, it’s omi! he’s alive!” his shouts are barely muffled, a failed attempt to cover the receiver. there are some cheers on the other end, then atsumu’s talking again. “we thought ya went home without us again or somethin’, but then you weren’t pickin’ up or answering our texts, so we thought—”
“i’m fine, don’t worry,” he assures his teammate, dragging a hand down his face. “but i…need you to pick me up.”
a pause. “wait, so you’re not at home?”
“no, i’m at—” he cuts himself off, hesitating. he’s just woken up at his high school crush’s place, but like hell he’s telling atsumu that. “…a friend’s.”
another pause, this time followed by a loud gasp. “is this the friend you were talking to last night? because you two looked real cozy. oh my god, omi, did you sleep with her? did you have a one night stand?”
the mere idea of sleeping with you is enough to bring about another wave of warmth to his cheeks, and he’s about to deny all accusations when atsumu interrupts him.
“bokkun, shoyo! he slept at a girl’s place! omi got laid!”
“i didn’t get laid,” he hisses in a low voice, suddenly very aware that he’s in your home, and that you might actually still be here. “at least…at least i don’t think we did anything other than…kiss.”
his heart skips a beat. holy shit, he kissed you.
atsumu’s resorted unintelligible screeching just as the bedroom door creaks open, and you poke your head in, soft smile on your face.
“good morning. can i come in?”
sakusa immediately hangs up. “of course, sorry about that.”
you push the door open a little wider, and his stomach does a backflip as you settle yourself on the edge of the bed, holding two mugs.
“it’s just tea,” you say, holding one out in offering. “chamomile, with a bit of honey.”
“thank you,” he nods, taking the steaming mug. there are dozens of questions scattered about his mind, but he can hardly seem to collect them when you’re sitting so close, glowing softly in the morning light.
(who would have though that all it’d take was some alcohol for him to realize that you’re not just a high school crush. you’re his current crush too.)
he’s grateful that after a moment of quiet sipping, you speak first.
“we didn’t…do anything,” you tell him. “if that’s what you were wondering. i just— you wanted to leave and i didn’t know your address so i brought you to my place. i slept on the couch. i barely convinced you to take the bed. i never would have guessed sakusa kiyoomi loved to cuddle.”
your tone is light, teasing, not carrying one hint of displeasure or malice, but he still feels a swirl of guilt and embarassment in his gut. “i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to impose.”
“no! i didn’t mind at all,” you insist. “it was really nice to see you again, omi. in fact, i’d love if you stayed for breakfast, at least.”
“i’d like that,” he blurts before he can even stop to assess the situation.
“wonderful,” you smile again, and he can’t help but return it. you always had a habit of pulling such reactions from him. “also…you talked a lot on the elevator up, and it made me realize something.”
ah, here we go. you’re about to shoot him down, tell him that you never saw him that way and that you’d been too drunk to know what you were doing and saying.
you’re wringing your hands nervously, averting your gaze to your mug. “i…i like you too.”
sakusa kiyoomi used to think that people that got drunk and woke up in questionable places were utterly and completely stupid, but as you crawl across the bed and slot yourself perfectly against his side? when you kiss him soft and sweet, slow and deep?
he doesn’t regret a thing.
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fiendishpal · 2 months ago
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harley quinn and poison ivy but make it bokuroo
bonus catwoman akaashi:
Tumblr media
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