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#bokuto koutarou

Incorrect quotes.

Warnings: none.

Pairings: various x reader.

A/n: at this point I am just obsessed.

Part one, part two


Airline employee: I’m sorry, your flight have been canceled.

Y/n: oh my my tea! What did it do, sis? Spill.

Akaashi: *visibly done with his life*


Yamaguchi: are you a cuddler?


Y/n: *stuffing Dino chicken nuggets in his mouth* yes. Yes, he is a cuddler.


Sugawara: [attempting to play Für Elise on the piano]

Y/n, singing: get a bucket and a mOp that’s a waaAAaap~ 😩


Y/n: [counting on their fingers]


Kita: all I asked for was your name..

Y/n: can you like shut the fuck up for a minute? I am cOncentrating.


Kuroo: are you drinking enough water?

Y/n: sometimes when I cry my tears get in my mouth.

Kuroo: what?!

Y/n: what?


Osamu: I want to see us grow old together.


Y/n: are you assuming I want to live?

Osamu: … are you okay?


Kageyama: what’s a period?

Y/n: … uterus wants a baby.

Y/n: person doesn’t have a baby.

Y/n: uterus wants a revenge.

Sugawara: one- I beg for one normal day with you, y/n!


Y/n: hey, I want to hear some advice.

Bokuto: you’re asking me for advice?!

Y/n: I am not going to take it! I just want to hear it!


Kuroo: [loosing his shit]

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tonight i’m thinking about bokuto, atsumu & meian being the types to sleep directly on top of you, face in your neck, and you can’t sleep at all hoping they can’t hear the frantic pounding of your heart

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// Gojo. No. Stop. Bad Gojo *sprits you with Hoky water* Still kinfa curious on what the paper is tho… Knowing Gojo. Uhm. Oop sorry ‘Tsumu~ it ain’t gonna be easy reeling Gojo in now haha.

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// Oooooooo shit shots fired now now boys no fighting please 🥺 Taras Tavern is safe haven! Love my boys very much Baby Blue eyes and Owl Babe 💜💜

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KOU!!! GFFHFDSS holy sheit ily sm!!! Haiiiiiii~ nice to see you in my anons boo 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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um :( imagine :(

bokuto :(( driving you to stare gaze :(

and you’re both :( laying on the hood of his car :( with his arm wrapped around you :(

and you’re all wow :( the stars are beautiful :(

and he’s staring at you and goes “yeah, sure is” :((

nd he’s kissing you like you’re the most precious thing in the whole world IM SOFT :((

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pretending to be your boyfriend part three


feat. Bokuto, Oikawa, Aran, Atsumu

♡ a/n: I love this series but I am having a hard time writing these so forgive me if I take so long to write them

♡ part onepart two



  • you were going to watch one of MSBY’s games since you were close to most of the members, specifically one member with grayish hair
  • and so, you went to the gymnasium early to say hi to the team before the game

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Akaashi: It’s dark in here.

Bokuto: Don’t worry, I got this.

Bokuto: [stomps his foot]

Bokuto: [Skechers light up]

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bokuto as your boyfriend

  • dating bokuto is like.. a blessing
  • and he’s so sweet to you and everything
  • loves to buy you gifts !!!! and he’d buy anything for you.
  • bokuto definitely loves cuddling and all kinds of affection ! he loves pda, but if it makes u uncomfy then he will understand
  • he gets so hyped up when he sees you watching him play volleyball.. this man goes all out just because you’re there
  • expect weekly dates.. like y’all would go everywhere!!
  • he would take you to amusement parks, forests, beaches, restaurants etc. literally anywhere as long you both have fun
  • your parents love him.. they probably like him more than you
  • he posts a lot of pictures of you on instagram !!! and he takes a lot of pictures of you too
  • bokuto would let you do makeup on him and he would very much enjoy it
  • this man lives for your praise, you could say smth like ‘wow ur spike was amazing’ and this man would burst out of happiness
  • his heart skips a beat whenever you wear his clothes. he just finds it so adorable and he takes a lot of pictures !!
  • his homescreen is literally just you smiling at the camera and it never fails to make him smile too
  • your contact info is prob smth like ‘ MY BABY 💕💕💗💞💘💗💘💗💝’
  • he loves petnames !!! he will call you abbe, sweetheart, angel.. anything !
  • bokuto texts you a good morning and good night text every single day
  • he makes sure that you take care of yourself as well
  • literally thinks that you are the prettiest human on earth (which you are btw)
  • immediately introduces you to all of his friends when y’all start dating
  • he prob talks a lot about the future with you ngl.. i feel like he would talk about marriage and kids, but only if you’re comfortable with that!!
  • bokuto would never judge you. literally never.
  • he will always be there to make you feel better if you feel insecure or just sad
  • would definitely come over to your house at 3 am if you’re sad and need comfort
  • overall, bokuto best boy <3

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math problems | k. bokuto

A/N: i love love love bokuto san, just love him too, he needs it. this is super sweet, and yeah, i hate math.

“bokuto-san?” you whack him on the head with your pen, snorting at the way he whines, getting back to you from whatever he was thinking about. propably volleyball but who can blame him, it’s better than math anyway.

“i feel like dying,” he groans, falling back on his bed and yawning loudly with his voice cracking.

“how about i toss for you in the backyard?”

“really?” he perks up, suddenly interested and, apparently, alive.

“no. but we can just finish this.”

“ugh, you are just like akaashi, boring yet i stick with you.”

“more like we stick with you, koutarou.”

he pouts, shoulders slumping and hair falling just like his mood, and you can’t help the chuckle that escapes you, the sight is too comedic to ignore.

you stand up from your place on his soft floor carpet and join him on the bed, sitting on his lap and putting your hands in his hair. he does not push you away, which means he is okay but still sad and needs attention so you give it to him. little kisses on his cheeks, massage on his scalp with one hand, the other one carresing his face.

feeling him slowly snake his hands around your waist, you smile and lift his face up so you can see what’s the situation. he is smiling too, eyes shining at the affection and closing a little because it almost lulls him to sleep how you rake your fingers through his locks.

you notice that and place an unexpected kiss on his lips. it startles him at first but he gets into the process fastly, bending forward so you fall on your back, and climbs on top of you.

it’s sweet how excited he gets about kissing you, always eager to surprise you and make you feel good but you have to stop him. you do, lightly forcing his head back with your hand.

whining at the action, he pulls away and pouts again. “why’d you stop?”

you sigh and look at your left, where on the floor lays a stack of books and lots of inked papers full of formulas and different problems.

he sighs too and just falls on top of you with his face in your neck, breathing in deeply.

“i’m gonna cry.”

“no, kou-chan, come on,” you coo him, kissing his temple repeatedly and rubbing his shoulders. you know he is tired and you are tired too but the finals are soon and he has to get good grades. “i know you can do this, you are such a strong boy, yeah?”

he hums and nuzzles deeper in the crook of your neck.

“you are the ace of fukurodani.”


“and you are the best,” he smiles, lifting his head slightly, as if to see if you are not lying or bluffing.


“so it can’t be that hard for you to last a little longer, right?”

nodding his head, bokuto jumps off of you to get the papers and starts writing down something but then stops and looks at you again.

“you are the best. well, at least for me you really are.”

sincerity in his tone makes your smile spread wider; you also move to the floor and plant a kiss on his cheek before pointing at the paper in his hands and focusing on math.


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I hate you
Ah sorry my cat was laying on keyboard
Dw dude
Wanna hear a secret?
I have no cat ;)
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Genre: Crack, Humor, Fluff

Warning: Swearing, Mentions of Cheating, Swearing, Name Calling





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bokuto, setting down a card: Ace of spades

akaashi, pulling out an Uno card: +4

kuroo, pulling out a Pokémon card: Jolteon, I choose you

tsukishima, trembling: What are we playing

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