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#bokuto koutarou
luvbub · a day ago
texting ur fiancé “yo we still on for tmrw?” the day before your wedding with atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, and suna HAHA
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna
♡ a/n: LMAO i considered doing like fake texts, but ultimately decided against it q_q also im half asleep writing this so forgive me
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
within 10 seconds of sending that text, you get a video call from Atsumu
you quickly accept the call, grinning the second your dear fiancé came into view on your phone screen
“What the hell do you mean ‘we still on for tomorrow’?” Atsumu asks you, one eyebrow raised at what you could possibly be thinking
you respond by laughing, and admittedly your laughter and lax attitude brings a smile to Atsumu’s face
he would never admit it, but seeing your text did worry him just a bit
the rational part of Atsumu knew that you wouldn’t back out, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen
so confirming that this was just some little harmless prank was enough to ease his nerves
“I miss you so much” he pouts into the camera
“we’ll see each other tomorrow!!” you tell him, but Atsumu rolls his eyes at you
“you sure? your last text seems to imply otherwise...”
“it was a joke babe!” you giggle, watching as Atsumu’s pouts slowly become a smile
“I know... I still miss you and want you right next to me” Atsumu sighs, taking in all of your features from the screen on his phone
he’s still in absolute disbelief that in less than a day he gets to marry you
even though you like to joke around with him and send him ludicrous texts like the one you sent not too long ago, there was no doubt in Atsumu’s mind that you were the one for him
and just for you, he’d deal with a billion of your silly oddly ambiguous texts if it mean that he would be yours and you would be his for the rest of your lives
it didn’t take long for Kuroo to call you
and when you answered, you heard chatter in the background- identifying the voices as his friends’
“actually Y/n, we are not still on for tomorrow. I’v changed my mind” Kuroo jokes around
you chuckle in response, but you can hear the surprise in his friends’ voices
“I- Kuroo what are you talking about?” you hear Bokuto ask
“yeah I was just telling Y/n I can’t do this anymore. I think I might back out of this”
the chatter you previously heard went silent, allowing you to put on your best acting performance
you began sobbing into the phone, loud enough that his friends would hear even without being on speaker
“n-no! Please Tetsu I- I love you so much please don’t leave me!” you fake cry
“sorry Y/n. I realized that I can’t be with you.” Kuroo solemnly says into the phone, watching his friends shift glances at one another, not knowing how to react
“there’s someone else huh? I bet there is” you continue your fake sobbing, adding in short breaths in-between your cries
“...there is.... it’s Tsukishima” Kuroo dramatically admits
and at this point, you’re unable to hold back your laughter and Kuroo soon joins in with his cackles
even though you two are having a jolly time, his friends look absolutely done with Kuroo
except for Tsukishima- he looks at the soon to be groom in disgust
“is it too late to withdraw as a groomsman” Tsukishima murmurs under his breath
you waited for a response, but you honestly never got one
it was unlike Bokuto to not respond to you instantly, but you didn’t think too much about it
after all, you knew that his friends planned to go out with him tonight for a little celebration
but ten minutes after your text was sent, you got a call from Akaashi
“so uh...we kinda lost Bokuto-san” he admits, and you nearly drop your phone
“I- HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FIANCE?” you screech into the phone
“look, it’s not like he’s drunk or anything. I saw him look at his phone and then he started running off saying how he needed to see you!”
and right on time, incessant knocking is heard at your door
“Y/N IT’S ME KOU” Bokuto shouts from the other side of the door
“....okay I found him Akaashi. He’s here so just swing by to pick him up please” you say, ending the call to open the door
and the moment you do, Bokuto has you wrapped in his arms
“of course we’re still on for tomorrow why did something happen?” Bokuto frantically asks, worried about you
your text had alarmed him- he wasn’t sure why you would send such a thing but he knew he had to see you as soon as possible to talk to you
you felt a bit guilty since you hadn’t anticipated him reacting like this
“aw, Kou I’m sorry it was just a little prank” you sheepishly admit, cupping one of his cheeks
Bokuto sighs in relief, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead
“oh thank god- you had me worried for a sec Y/n” he murmurs, still not letting you go
and for the next ten minutes or so before Akaashi arrives, Bokuto is still hugging you, telling you how excited he is to marry the love of his life and continuously showering you with all the affection he could offer
it didn’t take Suna long for him to read the message and respond
but this text wasn’t one you were expecting at all
‘2/10 joke’ is all the message read
so you call him for an explanation
“hello?” he asks as soon as he picks up your call
“what do you mean that’s a 2/10 joke Rin?” you ask him, pouting that your boyfriend gave you such a low score
“the text implies that its on me, the receiver of the text to decide whether or not tomorrow’s event is still going to happen.”
Suna pauses briefly, allowing you to think about his words before continuing
“so it doesn't make me filled with any concern or worry- which is what you want when pranking somebody. if you wanted to accomplish that, then you should have said something that would make me think you were the unsure one” Suna further explains
“ah I see, so all I have to do is-” you’re quickly interrupted by your boyfriend
“nope” he simply states
“you’re not going to pull that prank on me” Suna states with so much confident- as if he were the one making the decision and not you
“it won’t work anyways. Now that I've told you the plan. it ruins the whole surprise” he says, and you’re silent for a moment
“god Rin you’re so annoying you know that? the most annoying person on this planet” you joke, plopping back not your bed
“and you’re the fool for marrying the most annoying person on the planet tomorrow” Suna scoffs
and although you can’t see it, you just know he’s rolling his eyes
out of love of course
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artchaik · a day ago
Texting them "I made you a sandwhich"
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader, Tsukishima Kei x Reader, Oikawa Tooru x Reader, Daichi Sawamura x Reader, Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader, Miya Osamu x Reader, Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader, Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
A/n: I saw this somewhere and I'm like- yes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bokutoism · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
warnings: mature content + female reader // (light) vaginal fingering, thigh-riding. note: this was actually supposed to be for a birthday ask i got for bo but i suddenly thought of something else, so i’ll get to that some other time. i’ve been slacking with my work lately, so here’s a little something for now.
Tumblr media
bokuto is a simple man, simple in that he's obsessed—completely and utterly obsessed—with watching you grind yourself against his thigh. he's enamoured by the sight of you in nothing but his shirt, entranced by the slow and lazy shift of your hips, and when you reach forward to grip at his shoulders for support, he can't help but groan. he's big in every sense of the word and he knows it, so to see you use him like this—his right thigh, no less—it ignites something within him.
it's so hot, he thinks. he loves it.
with his back pressed against the couch, bokuto continues to watch you, pools of deep gold half-hidden beneath the heavy droop of his eyelids fixated on your naked sex, already wet and glistening. the languid cant of your hips is addicting and it's only when he catches the beginnings of your liquid arousal smearing over the fabric of his shorts does he let his head lull back. yeah, it's so fucking hot.
"f-fuck, baby," bokuto slurs with a lazy grin, lifting his head back up before he tugs you closer towards him; his breath fans against the side of your face and you shiver with a meek hum. a second later and his hands are falling to your hips, firm fingers kneading and gripping, pressing and squeezing, at the soft flesh under his large palms. "you're so wet—look at you, my pretty baby… making a mess on me already, hmm?"
with a shaky whine, all you can do is nod in response, screwing your eyes shut the moment bokuto deliberately flexes beneath your weight; he grips at you a little tighter, fingers digging a little deeper, and pushes you further against him. you don't even realise that he's the one moving you now, rocking you back and forth in a pace that he's content with. you don't care though, not when it feels so good.
but, of course, riding his thigh can only bring you so much satisfaction—it's not enough—and with shaky hands, your fingers fall from their place at his shoulders to the tent in bokuto's shorts. he hisses at your touch, watching as you fiddle with the fabric, and groans once again.
"koutarou," you murmur, softly. the tips of your nails skim over his bulge, light but firm enough to have him humming, brows pinching together. you're hoping that he takes the hint. "m-more… need—hmm, p-please?"
"oh, yeah?" he laughs and it's breathless, hot against your skin—he understands. it's without warning when bokuto stops guiding your hips; he halts you with one strong hand and with the other, he fumbles with his shorts. "i've got you, baby… c'mere."
a moment later and he's toying with your sex, poking and prodding at your wet and aching folds with his fingers once and then twice, several times, collecting your slick and smearing it all over you. you can't tell if he's messing with you or not but you wiggle against him anyway; you can't wait any longer, you're so desperate now it hurts.
"kou—" you try again, only to have him silence you with a quick kiss. he hums when your mouths meet.
"in a minute, baby," he coos. "can't have you hurting yourself, yeah? just be patient and it's all yours."
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its-me-mara · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday Baby- Bokuto x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Content- thigh riding, established relationship, lingerie, kinda subby Bokuto, soft dom reader, use of the nickname ‘baby’ and ‘good boy’, kissing/biting, teasing/taunting, swearing, hair pulling, mentions of phone sex, birthday sex, female reader, some overstimulation. 
Word Count- 1.8k 
Bokuto and reader are both 20
a/n- i was supposed to post this yesterday but i had work 😭, so i’m just posting it now. it still counts. please let me know if I missed anything in the content part. this isn’t edited btw lol. anyway i hope you enjoy this!!
Tumblr media
“Fuck” Bokuto sighs
As Bokuto walks into the dark hotel room he places his gym bag on the floor near the door and struggles to find the light switch on the wall. Once he finds it the room lights up and he turns around from locking the door, getting startled by an unknown presence. 
“Holy Shit!” he yells, jumping a little.
You stay in your seat on the black chaise lounge in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the boujie hotel room. The lights from the city behind you shape your silhouette and add to the seductiveness of the room.
“happy birthday, baby” you whisper 
He looks at you dumbfounded, he really had no idea that you would be here. He’s already been at training camp with the rest of his teammates for 5 days and he’s been missing you like hell. You and him have called each other and ‘talked’ but it’s not the same as really seeing and feeling each other. With his birthday being during training season you didn’t have an option but to be apart for his birthday. 
“y/n, what are you doing here?!” he beamed
He runs over to you and picks you up from your seat on the lounge, hugging you tightly and spinning you around. He sets your feet on the ground but keeps you embraced in a tight hug, with his neck tucked into the side of your neck. He inhales your perfume, missing your similar scent and he runs his strong hands up and down your laced-covered back.
“I wanted to surprise you for your birthday!” you smile, pulling away from him so you can talk to him face to face. “I also thought we could try that thing we were talking about a couple weeks ago”
His mouth perks up into a smirk and he finally settles his hand on your hips.
“do you mean, that thing” he smiled suggestively 
All you do is nod your head up and down, giving him a teasing smile. 
He doesn’t need anything else, he goes into give you a soft kiss on your lips but it quickly becomes more and more heated. The two of you are now messily making out in front of the entire city. Bokuto’s hands move from your hips down to your butt and up again to grab onto your boobs. He starts massaging them with his big hands, lightly running his fingers over your nipples and pulling on them through your lingerie.
In response to his teasing, your hands wander up to his neck and into his hair, grabbing it tightly through your fingers knowing exactly what it does to him. Bokuto pulls away from your kiss to let out a breathy moan. Fuck he looked so hot like this, with your hands in his hair and his head tilted back in an airy moan, it made you want to see more. 
You attack his neck with kisses and bites, still keeping your hands tangled in his hair you use it to move his head in the direction you need. You lick your way from the base of his neck to his jawline, sucking tiny lovebites into the skin of his neck. 
Bokuto had no idea where to put his hands, with everything you were doing to his neck he couldn’t focus on much else. It was like he was a virgin all over again, awkwardly letting his girlfriend take control and being too turned on to do anything about it.
“ahh- y/n slow-ugh down” he moans 
“I thought you like it fast and hard, huh?” you taunt through your kissing
Fuck he thought, you’re using his own words against him. 
He didn’t want to admit how hard you’d gotten him with just 20 minutes of making out. He’s been so touched starved for you lately. Fucking his fist every night to the thought of you riding his dick. But his hand just wasn’t the same as the feeling of your pussy wrapped around his thick cock. 
You continue sloppily making out with his neck, taking one of your hands from his now disheveled hair and placing it on the front of his jogging pants. He jumps a little when he feels you start palming his dick through his pants. You giggle at how hard he is from just a few kisses and touches. As much as you found it funny you also found it incredibly hot that this god of a man could get so turned on by little-old you. 
“are you ready baby?” you ask him through soft pants
You knew he couldn’t wait to have you grinding your pussy on his muscular thigh but just in case he wanted something else first you wanted to ask. 
“please” he pants, looking at you with blown pupils
“Please what?” you tease, gripping onto his hair harder than before
“ahh’ he moans “ple-please fuck me”
“good boy” 
You lower yourself onto your knees, placing your hands on either side of your boyfriend’s hips. You can see the excitement in his face, all because you’re on your knees for him. He clenches his teeth, waiting for you to release his dick out of his jogging pants that felt all too tight right now. 
“aww, did you think I was going to suck your cock?” you taunt, loving the way his eyes light up at the mild degradation. 
“yes” he moans “ I did”
“good boy for telling the truth” you praise 
You slowly slide his pants off from his hips, down his thick thighs, and finally past his ankles and onto the floor of the hotel room. The first thing you notice is the prominent bulge and stain on the front of his grey boxers. You reach your hand out to grab his cock through the material of his cum-stained boxers. 
“Ahh” he hisses “it-its too sens-sensitve”
Smirking, you take off his boxers and his heavy cock slaps against his stomach. Ignoring your boyfriend’s throbbing dick on purpose, you stand up and pull his t-shirt over his head throwing it onto the ground. Now with him fully naked in front of you, you take a moment just to admire really how beautiful he is. From his broad shoulders down to his strong thighs that you never got tired of being between he looked utterly breath taking. 
You walk him back towards the king size bed and push him lightly onto the mattress. Once he’s seated on the edge of his bed with his legs spread open, welcoming you to come take you rightful place in his lap, you direct him to sit near the headboard. He does as he’s told and shimmies himself up the bed and places his back against the light-oak colored headboard.
He reaches his hand into his lap and lightly strokes his painfully hard cock up and down, becoming more impatient and pussy hungry with every passing minute. That's when you crawl your way up the bed and into his lap. You can feel the muscles in his thigh flexing and his hand still warped around his dick.
“are you ready Bo?” you ask before grinding you bare pussy against the tensing muscles of his thigh.
“yes, please… make me cum” he cries
You lower yourself onto his right thigh and let out a gasp. You can feel your own slick dripping down the sides of your lovers thigh. The stimulation that your clit was getting felt too good. As you slowing and tantalizingly grind on his thigh you reach your hands out to grab onto Bo. your hands are placed on his chest, grabbing at his pecs to keep stable as you ride him.
“ah ah- bo it-it feels so good” you whimper 
“fuck y/n do-don’t stop” he groans 
You try to ground down on him hard but you can’t do it yourself so Bo reaches out and grabs you by the hips tightly. Neither of you caring about his finger nails digging into your skin and the marks it would leave later. He guides your hips back and forth of his thigh, obsessed with the feeling of your wet pussy covering his leg and stomach in your juice's. 
With the added pressure of your boyfriends hands pushing you down harder and moving you faster than before makes you want to cum sooner than you’d like to admit. Moans and curses fly out of your mouth the closer you get to your high.
“Fuck ahh” you moan “fuck me faster on your thigh!”
Wanting him to feel pleasure too, you lean your head forward and wrap your mouth around one of his nipples. He’s so tense at first, getting surprised at the feeling of your wet-hot tongue lapping at his nipple like he’s done to you so many times. The feeling was new to him but not unwelcomed.
“more... please more!” he cries 
Smirking you pull away from his hardened nipple to tease him, the way he likes to be teased. It was easy to get him riled up, a few tugs on his hair or on his pretty pink nipples and he’s putty in your hands. 
“you’re so sensitive today” you tease, leaning in to give a small lick at his chest “don’t worry I’ll take care of you”
He shutters when you say that, licking and pulling his most sensitive parts had him going crazy. The dirty talk was a whole other thing, he was usually the one teasing your nipple and calling you a good girl but if he’s being honest he doesn’t mind being a little subby. 
You take one of his nipples into your mouth and pinch the other one between your fingers, gently rolling and pulling at it. You suck on his nipple like your sucking the tip of his cock. Switching between sucking and licking both nipples.
Bokuto bounces you on his thigh while still guiding your pussy back and forth. The stimulation was becoming to much and you could feel yourself getting closer and closer with every bounce and moan Bokuto gave you. 
The moment you feel yourself letting go you bury your face in your boyfriends neck and bury your hands in his hair.
“Bo-Bo i’m gonna come!” you scream
“me too” he groans “come with me!”
The two of you come together, bucking against each and savoring any type of friction you can get. Your hands stay locked into his hair as he keeps his firm grip on your hips. He comes all over his chest as you make a mess on his legs and the bedsheets. 
After coming down from each of your highs the two of you lay cuddled under the covers together. You play with his hair as he gently caresses yours. You lay in a comfortable silence before talking again.
“Sooo?” you question
“so what?” he chuckles 
“did you like it?” you ask nervously 
He looks at you with those big doe eyes of his with a look of bewilderment of his face. 
“are you kidding?” he ask, sounding serious “i love it!” he says cheerfully, leaning in to give you a soft kiss on your forehead. 
“you made me come without even touching my cock” he jokes, a little embarrassed 
“I’m glad you liked it baby” you say softly “happy birthday”
Tumblr media
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fiendishpal · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s almost that time of the year again
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heartchikara · a day ago
Tumblr media
[ 📂 ] — ——— confessions pt two (ft more third years) !
• this is the tokyo boys and shiratorizawa!! i think this turned out a bit better than the last part, so enjoy <3 a very slight nsfw for yamagata’s section, but other than that it’s just fluff!!! (also pls excuse my shitty spelling, tumblr really likes cutting off the ends of my words 😟)
Tumblr media
he would come up to you while you were sitting outside at lunch and quietly ask if you’d like to practice with him. you’re wondering if he got the wrong person (since to you it appears unlikely the ever-serious volleyball captain would ever talk to the likes of you) but then he tugs on your sleeve a little and asks again. a bit bewildered, you agree and once the final bell has gone you get changed and wander down to meet him in the gym. ushijima’s already there when you arrive but the net isn’t set up and he doesn’t seem to be making any moves to get it anytime soon. with a confused eyebrow raised, you ask him what’s up and he stays stoic & silent for a moment, staring you down with that blank look in his eyes. his next words echo off of the gym walls and are most certainly a shock to the system.
“i’ve been getting these strangely warm feelings in my chest whenever i’m around you. tendou tells me that’s what a crush is. this whole thing was his idea, actually — i suppose he got it from all that shoujo manga he reads.”
he falls quiet again, gaze trained straight at you and watching your every move closely. heat rises and prickles the back of your neck as realisation sets in, and the helpless sound of what was trying to be an aswer dies on your lips. you beckon him forward, mumbling a request for him to bend down a bit so he can rest his head on your shoulder as you wrap your arms around his neck. when he speaks again it vibrates against your skin through the thin fabric of the shirt you’d donned earlier, and you shiver just slightly.
“i’m quite sure this is the part where i ask if you’d like to go out with me.”
you laughed and pulled back just enough to rest your forheads together, the sensation of unfiltered happiness making you a little giddy. “i would love that. what time were you thinking?”
🖇 ⠀⠀TENDOU ~
the two of you would be in his dorm after school, the redhead sprawled out on the bottom bunk lazily flicking through a manga while you were in the middle of some homework that was due the next day. he kept losing his place in the story to sneak lingering glances and your blazer-covered back, head almost touching the wooden surface beneath you as you tried to make sense of the textbook sitting in front of you. he had reread a stammered love confession about six times before he huffed and placed it aside, sneaking up behind you and encasing your body in his long arms. resting his chin amongst h/c strands, he was deterred when he saw he hadn’t distracted you all that much but spoke up anyway.
“yknow what? i think you’re sweet, y/n-kun.”
that got him a hum, the boy underneath him tilting his chin back until they were almost nose to nose and grinning up at him.
“why thank you, satori. i think you’re sweet too, you know.”
tendou was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, tone bright with mischief as it always was.
“i think we should go out sometime! like a date! you wanna?”
y/n nodded, his grin relaxing into something softer. tendou was initially surprised at his own confidence, and worried that the boy was going to turn him down, but all that disappeared when he replied with a simple “that sounds lovely.” and turned back to his work, being suddenly interrupted by the barest press of lips against his before the middle blocker was lying face down on his bed to hide his flushing cheeks.
🖇 ⠀⠀REON ~
he’d be tutoring you in the library, sun beginning to set outside and it’s orange rays painting you in light as you complained about yet another question he didn’t get. reon could only stare, shaking his head with fond exasperation and taking the book from his hand to find that the premise of what was set was relatively easy. he told him as such and y/n flipped him off in mock irritation, letting his head fall to the table with a thud that sounded unusually loud. the wing spiker laughed when you arose again whining about how much that hurt, and slipped back into the period where he simply admired you. you were in the middle of a tangent about how either he should be moved down a class or the trachers should stop making everything so hard when he cut you off with a blunt statement that caught both of them off guard.
“i like you quite a bit. funny how i’m only just realising it, but there’s that.”
he was half worried he’d ruined it all when silence overtook your person. he was about to take it all back when you shifted closer and leaned into his shoulder a touch, asking him for help on another section while discreetly locking ankles with him under the table. and if you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before you both went back to your respective dorms that night, no one had to know.
🖇 ⠀⠀SEMI ~
he would invite you to his dorm and then pace around in endless circles whole he waited, muttering the words he was planning to say underneath his breath. his guitar, a little mixtape he’d thrown together — a compilation of all the songs that made the image of you swirl around in his head for hours, plus a few of his own short composition — and a letter sealed with ruby-red wax (that he’d regretfully asked tendou to help him write, only to kick him put again immediately after a far too explicit version was brandished in his face with an impish grin from tbe redhead) were all sitting on his bed, and the setter was sure they’d all be snickering at him if they could talk. he sneered at the offending items, even if they had done absolutely nothing in the first place.
he nearly jumped out of his skin when you knocked on his door one, two, three times and shakily called out for you to come in. you poked your head around the door with a beam, tone cheery when you spoke.
”hey, eita. what’s up?”
he gestured for you to sit on the bed and you did, an eyebrow raised in confusion but following his wishes nonetheles. he shoved the letter & cd case into your hands while looking pointedly at the floor.
”uh, here. i wrote you a . . love? letter? yeah. um. it’s fine if you don’t like, feel the same. i’m good. yeah.”
he avoids your eyes as you look over the gifts, smoothing a hand over the clear case and cracking open the envelope as cleanly as you could; not wanting to split the wax. he thought you were just going to leave, but was stunned to feel a soft weight on his lap and snapped his head up to meet your eyes, pulse racing and cheeks aflame.
“you gonna sing me a song now, eita?”
when i tell you he SQUEAKED
“uh— mhm!!”
poor baby would be a hot mess. he would barely be able to actually ask you out to the recently-opened fast food restaurant without stammering and fidgeting every half a second, but when you just smirked and said you would love to, he breathed the biggest sigh of relief and went to go relay the story to reon (who sniggered at him, so he hit him a little harder than intended on the arm and held his head high, preening about how he had to go and get ready for his date).
the entire way there he’d be holding an internal battle wondering if it was okay to hold your hand while you looked on in amusement, seeing as the libero practically wore his heart on his sleeve most of the time. you decided to take the first step and grabbed his only slightly sweaty palm, not missing his small sound of surprise when it happened and smiling.
when you got there you crammed together in a small corner booth, barely any space between you and conversations filled with laughter and shared grins. when he shyly offered to share his headphones with you while you waited for food, you held his hand again and let him pick the music, pulling him into your side and winding your hand around his waist, tracing mindless circles into his hip and taking note of how he shivers at the feeling.
when he walks you back to your dorm he’s practically in your arms, the warmth of your palms contrasting to his cold ones in a way that’s definitely pleasant as you sling an arm around his shoulder. the libero’s restless and whiny by the time you reach your door, not want you to slip through the cracks of his fingertips and out of sight for the night. his hands desperately grip onto the folds of your shirt, yanking you softly closer and mumbling nonsensical pleads onto your lips. once he kisses you once he can’t get enough, and you don’t let him come up for air; only split-second intervals that are really just broken gasps of “i— y/n, please—” and you adore it. he was melting under your touch, hair soft under your fingers and brown eyes unfocused but needy as you tug him backwards into your room, pleased you have him all to yourself.
🖇 ⠀⠀KONOHA ~
it would be you patching him up after yet another failed skateboarding outing, you snickering quietly as you stick a plaster on his knee and suggesting that maybe he should just stick to volleyball, yeah?
but of course he only sticks his tongue out and shakes his head petulantly, determined he’ll get it right soon. you laugh harder as he glares, but the annoyance fades when he takes in how pretty you look in that moment. before his brain can catch up with the rest of him he’s pulling you flush against him and burying his face in your chest, trainer-clad feet kicking back against the counter he was sitting atop. he mumbled something incoherent and you looked down in bewilderment, bringing a hand up to plsy with his hair and asking him to repeat himself.
“i said i like you, weirdo. not sure why.”
you make an offended noise in the back of your throat, and tilt his chin up to meet your gaze. you lean down until your breath is fanning against his lips and he knows his cheeks are bright red. “you’re very pretty, you know. rather irritating, though.”
it was his turn to be offended, furrowing his brow and grabbing your collar. “shut it! you gonna go out with me, or were you gonna ask first?”
you roll your eyes and shove his face back into your chest, successfully muffling his protests. “nah. i’m all yours, akinori. woo me good, or i’ll run away with akaashi.”
“mmf— you wouldn’t!” the look on his face is one of pure betrayal and you have to fight to keep the act together, a wide smile spreading across your lips as a purely evil glint appeared in your eyes.
“oh, i would.”
🖇 ⠀⠀ BOKUTO ~
“y/n-san!! wanna come get ice cream with me?”
he’s far too energetic and lively for someone who just had maths last period, but you find you can’t say no to his blinding grin and let yourself get dragged along to the quaint stall near the town centre. he absolutely insists on paying, brushing off the yen you hold out as thanks and instead handing you the cone. he takes your hand after pocketing his wallet and you stare down at them before looking back up to the ace. this is certainly new.
“uh, bokuto?”
he turns and tilts his head, not in the know whatsoever about what the problem is (not that there’s really one anyway — the volleyball captain’s palm is larger than yours and pleasantly warm, sending a little tingly feeling flowing through your body). “yeah?”
“why’re you . . holding my hand?”
he doesn’t pause for a second when he chirps “‘cause i like you! you didn’t notice? ’kaashi told me i was being really obvious about it.” and taking another lick of the cold dessert round the wafer to stop it dripping onto his wrist.
meanwhile, you stopped completely in your tracks, heat rushing to your face full force as you stuttered a response.
“i’m sorry, what? you were being obvious? you coulda told me in like, first year, koutarou!” the switch to his given name came with ease, and you noticed how the use of it made just a tad flustered. he still hadn’t separated your linked hands but at least had the dignity to seem embarrassed, pouting and tugging to get you to keep walking.
“m’ sorry, y/n! can we go to the park? i’ll make it up you, promise!”
you could only scowl half-heartedly and let him drag you away, the taste of cold ice cream sweet on your tongue.
🖇 ⠀⠀ YAKU ~
THIS MAN. would 100% just take you out wherever you wanted to go, not hiding the fact he kinda liked you but not really making it blaringly obvious, either. he would stay in the limbo hanging between and hang onto it, wanting to make the next step forward but worrying about the potential consequences. all of it went flying out of the window when you bent over laughing at one of his rants about kuroo and his stupid chemistry insults, sun hitting your frame and highlighting your features in a way that was surely fit for a model. he stood without words for a good few minutes (was looking like🧍‍♂️fr. get him some anti simp apple juice rq!!) and then muttered something you couldn’t make out, face red and mouth open just a little.
“you okay, yaku?”
that jolts him back to reality, stumbling even though he was stood still and rushing to walk ahead.
“what, me? i’m fine! we should go bowling!”
you, not noticing anything that strange about how he was acting, agreed and followed him to the bowl alley.
it was fun! it was close but he won in the end, but felt bad and bought you a teddy bear from one of the nearby arcade games. he confessed while holding it out to you, voice trembling but still confident.
“i like you, y/n! i had fun today, too. would you consider going out with me?”
you pretend to think it over, finger tapping your chin before you give up the act and sweep him up in a hug.
“i’d love to go out with you!”
he yanks on your sleeve and makes a get down motion with his hand after you let him go. a little bewildered you comply, and evidently rewarded with a feather-light kiss on the forehead.
🖇 ⠀⠀ KUROO ~
would attempt to woo you with chemistry pick up lines. which don’t work, because you don’t take chemistry. so he had a mini panic about that to kenma — who shrugged him off by saying ‘talk to him’ with a bland tone that suggested it was the easiest thing in the world. it wasn’t! he was reduced to nonsensical babble as soon as you so much as smiled at him, and so annoyed his best friend into helping him — which took a lot of bribery, a god awful amount. kenma had the Very Important task of leading you to the gym after school on a thursday, where him and the rest of the team (who he’d also bribed. his period before dating you wasn’t the most honest, but he got with you in the end so it was worth it). would be holding a banner that said in bright red & mostly legible handwriting: will you go out with me? <3
yaku and kai had helped, both restraining him from making the sentiment even vaguely chemistry-related. the fateful day had finally arrived and he was on the edge of his seat the entirety of last period, nearly tripping in his haste to get to the gymnasium after his teacher had dismisse him (earning glares from other members of staff he had passed, but no one stopped him to reprimand him so he considered it a job well done).
him and the others rushed to get it all ready in time, the team only just managing to get into position when the doors opened and in walked kenma and y/n. you stared at the banner, then at kuroo, and back to the banner again. he watched on in delight when he saw a helpless smile grow on your face, and as you walked closer you rolled your eyes at his ridiculousness.
”you.” y/n began, poking a finger into his chest repeatedly while he spoke. “are an idiot. but i like you, so i’m gonna date you anyway.”
his cheers were Loud. nekomata arrived, grudgingly congratulated the new couple, and then told them to get changed or face another round of drills. that sped them up effectively, although tetsurou was rendered speechless by you pressing a small kiss to his cheek and promising to meet him after practice.
“kuroo! get your head in the game, asshole!”
“yaku! he— he kissed me! kissed me! on the cheek!”
thank u for reading!!! will do a part three for anyone ive missed and again i hope u enjoyed <3 also wtf the first part got sm love im???? 🤨 was confused on How but I LOVE U ‼️‼️ lets go bowling. ahahah dont mind the self indulgent asf yamagata bit i just— Damn tbh. okjay au revoir
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netsumu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
returning from his birthday party, bokuto stumbled to your shared house, tipsy from the amount of alcohol he drank at the party with his team.
"baby?" he slurred, ruffled hair poking through each doorway to look for you
you rubbed your eyes, hands already snaking around bokuto's neck — for a kiss, of course.
"hey bo, how was the birthday party?"
"mmh good, i miss you,"
"happy birthday bo," you whispered, eyes looking at him with love
bokuto is drunk, yes, but if he were to be honest, he would rather spend his birthday with you. he prefers to share whispers of love to you as the sun goes down, he prefers to breath in the comfortable silence while eating his favorite food, he prefers you.
"i love you," bokuto sighed, eyes gleaming brightly and cheeks red as roses
"hm i love you too bo, but let's get you cleaned up 'kay?" you hooked his arms around your shoulders, guiding him to the bathroom
"anything as long as it's with you," he grinned, walking clumsily with you
the house wasn't necessarily quiet, i mean you have bokuto, but it was peaceful. it surely was such a big contrast to the party bokuto had. your touch was warm and lingered on every inch of him, and the way your voice softens down to keep his head from banging was something bokuto thanked.
"y/n.. say it again," he pleaded, lips twisting into a pout
"but i've said it three times already bo," you chuckled, handing him a towel to clean himself
"yea.. but it's not enough, just one more, please," he whined, hands latched to you and begging you to say those words again
"fine.. happy birthday bo, and i love you," pecking his lips, you slowly dragged him to the bedroom
"heh, love you too baby," he beamed, eyes shutting down and body pulling him — and you — under the covers.
bokuto is a loud man, always enjoying the prescence of others and always bringing an energetic aura around him. but nights like these, when it was just you and him, the enthusiasm in him faded into comfort
no matter what, where, or when, bokuto would always choose you over any parties.
Tumblr media
late but, happy birthday bokuto <3
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snsart · 2 days ago
Sakusa: the party was great guys but now I'm going to sleep, see you later!
Atsumu: wait, aren't you forgetting anything?
Sakusa: oh right!*gives Atsumu a kiss* now I'm going.
Atsumu: I was...talking about your jacket.
Inunaki: I KNEW IT!!
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cranity · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Updated riso prints! Restocked in my shop  
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ichigoromi · 2 days ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲 | 𝐁𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐊𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was busy with school and didn't have time to finish this on Bokuto's birthday!
Pairing: Bokuto Kōtarō x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning (s): None!
a/n - Bokuto is raised in a family filled with love, and he deserves all those damn hugs and kisses!
Bokuto Kōtarō
Tumblr media
You have been dating Bokuto for about six months now, but you two were childhood best friends.
Like him, you have a pretty bright personality and is very friendly...and playful.
You love to play pranks on him, but he just entertains you by falling for it every single time.
His birthday was coming up, and you have been making his birthday gift for two months.
Yeah, two months ago, you started crotchet a cardigan for his birthday, and it was a pretty big project.
And you wanted to prank him. Actually, it's more like a request from his older sisters.
They wanted to surprise him, and so they enlisted your help.
Needless to say, you were more than happy to help them.
Pretending to not know about his birthday would crush him.
Since you moved closer to school, you can walk to school now, so you arrived later than your boyfriend.
As usual, he was waiting by the entrance; he would walk you to your class after his morning practice and then head back to his classroom.
You greet him with a hug and walks ahead of him.
He was confused.
Where was his birthday greetings? What about his birthday kiss? Did you forget his birthday? are not the kind to forget his birthday.
You have everything planned out in your little planner.
So, you can't forget his birthday.
Maybe you were just busy planning a special for his birthday, so you didn't greet him yet.
Bokuto pouts as he takes a bite from his yakisoba pan. Akaashi raised a brow at his captain's behaviour but did not say anything until the older one decided to speak up first.
"Akaashi...Y/n forgot my birthday." Ah, that was why he was pouting.
"Bokuto-san, why do you think y/n-san forgot your birthday?" He asked his senior.
Bokuto lets out a sigh and puts down his half-eaten bread.
"She didn't even greet me happy birthday or even give me a birthday kiss! Plus, she said she couldn't join us for lunch because she had to meet with the other managers. Akaashi, what should I do?" Akaashi thinks for a while and can briefly figure out your plan.
" about waiting? I'm sure she's just busy. You know, since she's also the student council president." Yeah, he was just going to do that.
// Volleyball Practice Time //
Instead of going to the practice, you have to attend a meeting with the teachers in charge of the annual culture festival on campus.
And after this meeting, you have to rush home to get change and head towards Bokuto's house later for the birthday surprise. One of his sisters was going to come and pick you up.
"I guess that's all for today. We'll meet again next week for the dry rehearsal." Once the meeting ended, you booted straight out of the club room and for the exit.
Your mother was shocked to see you in such a rush as you put your bento box on the table and ran up to your room to get your dress to change.
Everything was a rush, but you managed to get ready in time and carried the large box down the stairs.
"Have a great time!"
Yeah, it's going to be a great time!
Tumblr media
After practice, Bokuto heads home in a dejected mood. His girlfriend didn't even bother to tell him that you were not going to today's meeting and not even a single text or call during the break.
"I'm home~!" He lazily greeted and took off his shoes.
No one replied. Maybe his parents were late. He heads up to his room to take a shower first.
You were hiding underneath his bed, and you almost had a heart attack when he entered his room. When he left his room, you got out from underneath and sat on his bed.
He is in for a series of surprises.
"Happy birthday, baby!" You jumped onto him the moment he opened his door after his quick shower.
He instinctively wrapped his arms around you and held you close to him. You leaned up and kissed his cheeks.
"What? When?" He was caught off guard; he did not expect his girlfriend to surprise him this way.
"Shh, not now. Come on, let's head down."
Down? What's going on?
When you lead him down to this backyard, his parents and his older sisters have put together a barbeque party and...his older sisters were back!
"Happy birthday, Koutarou!" His whole family greeted him, and he immediately ran towards his older sisters that he had not seen for a long time.
After his small little reunion with his older sisters, he went towards you and wrapped his arms around you tightly. You could tell that he was very excited and grateful.
"Ah! I told the guys to come at a later time....Oh no." He frowned, but you reassured him that his sisters were going to pick them up at the train station.
You help start with the cooking to be ready to eat when the team comes. Bokuto joined you by the grilled and wrapped his arms around you.
"Thank you for planning this. I knew it! My girlfriend wouldn't forget my birthday. Did you get me a gift?" He asked, and you almost laughed out loud.
"Of course I did, baby. Now, go and set up the table. I'll take over the cooking with your father."
Soon, you were almost done on the grill with his father and plates all the freshly cooked meat and vegetables.
The team arrived, and Bokuto excitedly led them to where the party was taking place after placing the gifts by the side.
You all sat down and dig into barbecue. Bokuto's arm was rested around your waist the whole time as you all enjoyed talking about baby Bokuto with his older sisters and sharing each other's embarrassing stories.
Soon, you all would head into the house after finishing dinner and cleaning up to cut the cake.
His mother took out the cake, and you all gathered around him. Seeing him so happy, you were glad that you were a part of his life.
While he opens all of his friends' gifts, he appreciates all of them.
But yours, you put it in his room because you want him to open it when you two are alone.
After all of the team went back, you went back up to his room with him to open your gift, at last.
They say save the best for the last, and you can guarantee it is the best gift.
"Oh my god, you got me flowers too? Baby, you've really outdone yourself this time!" Boy, one thing about your boyfriend, he loves receiving flowers.
And you were sure to pre-order this bouquet early.
But the main, it's in the gift box.
"Come on, open it. I spend a long time on it!" You ushered him to open it.
Bokuto untied the ribbon and opened the box. It was an oversized cardigan, customised with an owl on the back and his name.
"Baby...this is so nice. Oh my gosh, the best gift ever! Thank you!" He pulls you into his embrace, crying about how soft the cardigan felt, and it's so cute.
Well, the sleepless nights, frustrating days and some expensive yarn, you're glad that your efforts paid off.
Tumblr media
Done! This is so late! But I hope this makes up for the belated birthday post for our baby owl! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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haikyuufairy · 2 days ago
On a night when the moon is high and round, you stumble around in a forest, lost like Snow White without her seven dwarves. Except there is no wicked step-mother wishing your demise or a hired huntsman raising his blade at you, there is only the howling echoes of your own demons loitering in the forest and something calling you, pulling you in deeper, deeper. And inside the darkness outstretches an arm, hand splayed out and open for you to take.
“Closer, Kitten.” A Cheshire grin and sharp, burning amber eyes pierce from beyond the trees. “Grab on and leave the rest behind.”
Rustling in the trees snags your attention, and large, golden eyes watch you from the leaves.
“Cats shouldn’t be trusted.” His words sound serious, but his tone is light with laughter.
“And owls are cunning and their intelligence invites trouble,” the cat counters.
Your eyes flicker between the two, nervous and unsure of what to choose, and entirely unaware that your feet have already made the decision for you and the cat, greedy with its food, tugs you forward and deeper, deeper into the dark.
“You’re safe here, kitten,” he purrs in your ear.
“Not with him,” the owl coos. “Come find me soon.”
This all feels much more like a chapter out of Wonderland.
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romanoffs-heart · 2 days ago
thinking ab him and him only-
Tumblr media
my baby boy 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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haikyuuublog · a day ago
Bokuto: I love being trusted with “you can’t tell anyone this” conversations and nodding a lot and then forgetting everything they told me like god intended
Bokuto: I’m then known as a trustworthy individual while doing literally zero work of ill or good
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rowdymice · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
theyre annoying as hell
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luvbub · 24 days ago
(this is a req btw u can ignore this!) // angst
scenario with any of the hq boys where ur bf had to kiss the most attractive person in the room and he didnt kiss u so his friend (who likes u maybe) saves/defends u
“kiss the most attractive person in this room”
Tumblr media
feat. Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Atsumu
♡ note: f!reader
♡ a/n: I have to clarify that your bf in this scenario IS NOT another hq boy!!
♡ part two
Tumblr media
The room fell dead silent. No one spoke a word, but they all glanced at one another, all thinking the same thing.
Poor Y/n.
Your boyfriend was dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, and in his drunken stupor he stumbled his way over to ex, effectively making out with her. You couldn’t say you were surprised by this- you always did feel like you were just a replacement- a rebound of sorts.
Still, you made your way out and onto the balcony, alone and away from everyone. You heard some sort of commotion inside, but what did it matter really.
And a few moments later, Bokuto comes out to join you, resting his arms on the balcony railing.
“If it makes you feel any better.... I punched him” he admits, and you chuckle.
“As a friend should” you murmur, resting your head on his shoulder. But Bokuto didn’t chuckle back, in fact, he was silent- a rare occurrence for him.
“Kou?” you ask, lifting your head, and you see Bokuto’s sad longing gaze towards you.
He leans his forehead onto yours, sighing to himself.
“Yup, just as friends should” he mutters, staring off to the empty street in front of him. Because as long as you’re still with your jerk of a boyfriend, that’s all Bokuto could ever be for you.
You stay silent for a moment before smiling to yourself, giving Bokuto a small nudge to catch his attention.
“I’m thinking about breaking up with him you know. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a while- but I always held on because I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And then tonight happened... so I think it’s a sign” you say, watching Bokuto slowly nod at your words.
“So,” you continue, turning your gaze back onto the street, resting your head on his shoulder once again, “if you ever think we should change our ‘friend’ status to something else.. just let me know”
You don’t see the way Bokuto shakes his head in disbelief, a grin forming on his face. But his hand finds yours, and he holds it tight.
“Alright, I’ll be sure to tell you then”
Sakusa wouldn’t normally go to any party- especially one thrown by your boyfriend. But you had urged him to go so he (begrudgingly) attends.
Fortunately- or maybe unfortunately- he arrived right at the beginning of truth or dare. And within in the two turns, things had gone horrendously wrong.
In the first turn, a girl answered truth. And when she had to name someone she would hookup with, she named your boyfriend. But that could be overlooked.. right?
Well when it was your boyfriend’s turn and he received the dare of kissing the most attractive person, he got right up to kiss the girl who wanted to hookup with him. You stood from where you sat, absolutely in shock of what had just happened. But before you could make any rash decisions, Sakusa holds you back.
When your asshole of a boyfriend turns around, seeing you in the arms of another man, he rushes up to the two of you, ready to confront Sakusa.
“How the hell did you get your driver’s license when you’re that blind?” Sakusa asks, carefully moving you behind him just in case any violence ensued. You hugged him tight, wondering if Sakusa could feel your heart beating hard.
“No but really, like I guess no offense to that girl for trying to get with a taken guy, but her morals are shit” Sakusa says out loud, and the girl becomes red with embarrassment when the people around her begin to laugh. But Sakusa turns back to your boyfriend, getting more pissed off the more he looked at your boyfriend’s face.
“What kind of sorry excuse of a boyfriend would ever think to kiss someone else when they have the most attractive s/o ever by their side? What more do you want from Y/n?” Sakusa asks, his towering height now apparent as he straightens up his posture.
Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, but secretly he did not want to get into any physical altercation- especially with Sakusa.
“Whatever, if you want to date Y/n go ahead” he mutters, effectively breaking up with you on the spot, and turning his attention back to the girl from earlier.
Sakusa escorts you out of the party, holding onto your hand tight. You gave it a little squeeze, catching his attention.
“Thanks.... for defending me back there” you murmur, “I really appreciate it”
He nods at you, and hesitates for a second before leaning down to give you a quick peck on the cheek. You don’t move away or protest, in fact you felt your own cheeks getting warm despite the cool air outside.
“I would’ve kissed you if I got the dare” he admits, his cheeks tinted a rosy pink. Sakusa didn’t want to progress any further just yet,- after all you had just been humiliated and dumped by your boyfriend.
He could be patient and wait for you to be ready. Heck, he’s been patient for as long as he could remember.
There was no rush for him.
You smiled when you heard the dare your boyfriend was given.
Kiss the most attractive person in the room.
You turn towards him, expecting for him to kiss you- but to your horror, he made his way to the other side of the circle, kissing another girl- and for quite a while too. You didn’t know how to react. It was an absolute slap on the face to witness that. And when your boyfriend returned to his seat next to you, he saw the look on your face and shrugged.
“What? C’mon babe, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss her?” he chuckles, and some of his own friends laugh as well. You were utterly embarrassed, but you didn’t want to make a scene, so you stay put. Tears were threatening to spill out of your eyes, but thank goodness the dimly lit room hid that from others.
“Wait can I get that prompt too?” someone asks, and there’s more laughter ensuing. You look up, recognizing that voice.
“Sure Hinata, go kiss the most attractive person in this room” one of your boyfriend’s friends says, and Hinata nods, slowly standing up.
Without any hesitation, Hinata walks directly over to you, kneeling down next to you. You blink at him in surprise, was he actually in front of you right now? Did he have you mistaken for someone else in this dim light?
“Hi Y/n” he says, smiling softly at you. His voice was enough to get your heart to flutter- something you felt guilty about feeling given that your boyfriend was sitting right next to you. Then again, you just saw your boyfriend’s true colors unfold right before you.
“Hinata what the f-” but your boyfriend is quickly interrupted.
“C’mon man, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss them” Hinata mocks, ensuing more laughter from the crowd.
Hinata cups your cheek with one hand, “You don’t have to you know, just let me know, and I’ll back away.”
But to Hinata’s surprise, you leaned in first, kissing him. He slowly melted into the kiss, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach fluttering around. You wanted more, but Hinata quickly pulled away. His eyes slightly widen at you and he nervously covers his mouth with the back of his hand. You can barely make out a slight blush forming on his cheeks. He nods at you before returning back to his seat.
You’re still in a daze, not realizing that your own boyfriend has his hand resting on your thigh, his eyes shooting glares at Hinata. Hinata knows better than to fall for someone who’s already taken. It’ll only cause awkwardness and his own broken heart. But he sees the way you snap out of your thoughts. You side eye your boyfriend before shooing away his hand off your thigh. And when the two of you make eye contact, you give him a shy smile.
Hm, maybe, just maybe, Hinata’s willing to pursue this.
Now, you would think when your boyfriend is dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, he’d choose his own s/o. You would think.
So why the heck was he approaching some girl at the party? Not just that, but the same girl who you told your boyfriend you were uncomfortable with because it felt like she wanted to steal him away. The same girl he said not to worry about.
And when you see the smirk on the girl’s face right before she kisses your boyfriend, you get sinking feeling in your stomach, turning away to not look at the kiss. You wanted to disappear from everyone- you could sense the pity they took upon you.
“She’s B-tier at best” Atsumu hollers out, causing an uproar of laughter. You look up, and you see your boyfriend and the girl, both annoyed at Atsumu’s outburst.
“Dude, tell me why you have the most attractive person on this planet as your s/o and you go kissing the Wal-Mart version of them? As if there aren’t thousands of people waiting to date Y/n if given the chance” Atsumu says, and you feel your cheeks getting warmer with each praises he throws at you.
Atsumu makes his way towards you, and when he’s standing right in front of you, he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close.
“I- ‘Tsumu are you drunk” you ask, wondering where his sudden outburst is coming from. It was already embarrassing for your boyfriend to kiss someone else on his accord, you didn’t want to be further embarrassed by Atsumu’s little performance he was showing.
“I’m not.” he firmly says, his tone was serious. All of the lightheartedness from his earlier spiel was gone. If the music in the room wasn’t so loud, the room could’ve heard your heart beating.
“So many people are heard over heels for you Y/n, including me” he admits, leaning in to kiss you. And to everyone’s surprise, you kiss him back, limiting a roar of cheers from everyone else.
It was a brief kiss- but it felt like forever. And when Atsumu parts lips with you, he can’t help but smile. He pulls you in closer for a hug, resting his chin at the top of your head.
To no one’s surprise, your boyfriend breaks up with you then and there- outraged that you kissed another person. But the rest of the party berates your boyfriend for being a hypocrite, causing him and the other girl to leave the party.
When they’re gone, Atsumu pulls you aside, out of the eyes of others, making sure you were alright.
“Did you mean that?” you ask him, taking him by surprise. You had to make sure, that the little stunt Atsumu had pulled was genuine- that he wasn’t just saying those words as a performance.
Atsumu shakes his head at you, cupping your face to kiss you on the forehead.
“If anything, I didn’t even get close enough to expressing all of my feelings for you Y/n” he softly says, resting his forehead on yours.
And you knew that his words were anything but a performance.
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