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rejecting the haikyuu boys confession [pt. 2]
prompt: “where the haikyuu bros are pinning for reader for like the lOnGesT time, and when they finally confess to them, they get turned down because the reader is insecure and does not feel like they dont deserve to be in a relationship / feel as if they would miraculously screw it up.” — COMFORT ENDING!!
HQ MASTERLIST — PART 1 (must read for context)
Tumblr media
OIKAWA was at a loss. he tried everything he could do. whether it was buy you flowers, sweet-talk you, or even ignore his fangirls. yet, you still didn’t come around. he had to admit, it did hurt him a bit. being childhood best friend, only one would assume that you’d come back around, so why haven’t you done so? why haven’t you heard him out or given him a chance? he at least deserved that, don’t you think? well, if anyone knew him in the slightest, it was obvious he wouldn’t give up. so, here he was, tailing you outside of class as you headed for lunch, because he’d be damned if he let you sit away from him one more time.
“i’m not going to leave you alone,” he observed smugly, waiting for the reaction he was egging you for, “you know that right?”
stopping abruptly, you finally faced the man you have been actively avoiding, “i just don’t understand, tooru.“
“i’d never look at you the same way i look at them,” his heart swelled at the way you cutely creased your brows, “you mean so much more to me. besides, we’re best friends right?”
with a short sigh, you finally let your worries out, “so, why aren’t you as afraid as I am to lose that if things don’t work out?”
“well, that’s because I know things will be fine.” his answer came out rather quickly, as if it had been waiting on the tip of his tongue. with natural instinct, his hands wrapped around your shoulders. a hug he so desperately wanted to give you for weeks as he tried to catch your eye one more time.
“and why’s that?” your words trembled, there was no doubt it was because of the warmth of his arms, and the way your emotions were away from the public eye. at the sound of your voice, his grip became tighter.
“because you’re all i’ve ever wanted, and all i will ever need.”
BOKUTO wouldn’t let go. it’s something he knew he would appreciate if he was in your shoes, but also because of the determination to fix what he started. to be the one to make someone he loved so dearly cry; he felt as if he could sob too. tears brimmed as he caressed your head, wanting to tell you he will correct things. to be the one who helps you. wanting to be someone you could rely on, but who was he to do that if the reason this all happened was his fault entirely? however, he was raised to believe ever problem had its solution, and he refused to waste any second.
“if someone’s going to hold me back, it’d be some sort of an inevitable thing, right?” his widened eyes watched as your head peered up in confusion. he refused to let his own tears fall, not when he didn’t deserve it.
but they were quickly wiped away with the hands of your own, the instinct to reassure him coming out as you’ve dealt with one too many emo-bokuto moments, “what do you mean, bo?”
his hand laid on top yours, “you said you didn’t want to be that person. so it’s going to happen regardless?”
“that’s not what i meant-“ he quickly cut you off with a classic grin, the sadness in his eyes didn’t leave as though he tried to cheer you up.
“if it were true, there’s no one else i’d rather have than you. i love you, after all!”
your misty eyes began to flood once again, “but i don’t deserve someone like you.”
“you can think that all you want, yn,” his lips planted your forehead, spreading nothing but love throughout your body, “but please give me one chance to prove you wrong.”
KUROO refused to look away. even though you had, he couldn’t. the relaxed shoulders on your body as you continued to study, as if the conversation meant nothing. yet, it wasn’t what he had feared. it’s not as if you didn’t want him; but that it was outlandish that someone had wanted you. that he wanted you. in what world did that make sense? he was nothing special, but you were. you were something extraordinary, so why didn’t you believe him? his mind refused to slow down as his hand reached out for yours without much thought, softly gripping it and gaining your attention.
“why would you call yourself that?”
your body turned towards his, watching his worried expression, “why are you so serious all of a sudden?”
“i’ve been serious since the beginning, yn.”
“shut up,” you nervously laughed, forehead crinkling anxiously, “quit messing with my feelings.”
“i’m not,” his back bent slightly, inching his body closer to yours, “and i meant what i said.”
“then you should reconsider.”
another shock wave was sent through his body at your tone, insecurities arose in his mind as you continuously rejected him, “why? because you think you’re not good enough for me?”
“exactly,” you smiled softly, rubbing your thumb across the back of his hand, “and i don’t want to ruin our friendship because i’m not the one-“
he quickly cut you off with a kiss, one that he regretted immediately until you reciprocated. his hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him on the bed. finally taking a breath, hot words were whispered against your lips.
“you’re the only one that’s good enough, i promise.”
TENDO was tired of crying. his feelings he hid so deeply behind his fake smile daily becoming a chore. he found himself losing his composure, and suddenly it became evident to those around him that something was wrong. not one much for confrontation, he avoided questions with a silly joke and that was that, but in those moments he spent alone, all that was thought about was what he could do to make this right. to finally be happy and prove his love for you. and as if the gods had blessed him on a day he walked home, he felt his heart stop when he saw you walking alone; something you used to do together. maybe it was adrenaline from the sight of you, or it was the universe guiding him, but in no time, he found himself standing right in front of you in a desperate attempt to stop you in your tracks.
“are we still friends?” he asked softly, watching as you quickly dismissed him and tried to walk around. he didn’t want to hold you back as you continued, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to trail behind.
“i told you to leave me alone, tendou.”
“please talk to me,” begging, his long legs keeping up with you, “i didn’t mean to upset you.“
“you didn’t mean to upset me by pretending to like me?”
“you never even let me finish,” his voice was full of distress, “why cant you believe that i’m in love with you?”
you stopped, turning towards him, “tendou-“
“i love the way your cheeks puff out while you eat sweets,” he rambled as he took ahold of your shoulders, not letting you remove him from your sight once again, “when you walk with a small bounce because you’re always so damn determined, and even the small wrinkles between your eyebrows when you yell at me is just so fucking cute.”
it wasn’t something you could ignore anymore, the feelings bubbling once again inside you as you were trapped beneath his arms. the decisive gaze set upon you telling you all you needed to know, but brought out your doubts in the process, “you actually mean it?”
“why would i lie?” he spoke as if he was holding his breath, causing him to inhale deeply without breaking eye contact, “you’re the only one i can see a future with.”
you felt your arms wrap around him, giving him an approving squeeze set with reassurance but the lack of self confidence didn’t waver, “but what if-“
he hugged back, giving you a small peck against your hair, “we don’t know unless we try, right?”
ATSUMU felt irritated by your games. sure, maybe the last conversation you guys had wasn’t the best, but why avoid him? you’ve both been friends for years, and hardly a day went past where you didn’t speak, but it’s been a week, and he grew impatient. he assumed you needed time to come around, but what about him? he was the one in love with you that had to force himself to move on, but not once did he plan on putting a pause on whatever relationship you had left. and maybe he was thinking too much about himself as he decided to visit the small market you love to go to on your off day at a specific time, but he needed to see you said if his life depended on it.
“i don’t want to sleep with ya, yn.” he whispered, trying not to make a scene as he followed behind you at the store.
picking up a vegetable, you nonchalantly set it in your bag, “is that suppose to mean something to me?”
“well i mean i definitely would,” he backtracks, but quickly corrects it, “but that’s not the point!”
you continued to walk down the stands, contemplating on which prices were worth it, “so, what are you trying to say?”
“that i have been in love with ya this entire time and didn’t notice until now?”
with a brief glance at his hopeless state, you rolled your eyes, “you don’t seem so sure of yourself.”
“all i know is that,” he grabbed your hand to halt your stance, holding on as if you were going to vanish in thin air, “i’m willin’ to change my life in any way i can if it means i can be with you.”
“i don’t want you to change your life for me, ‘tsumu.”
“you’re the only person i’d put before myself.”
you tugged away from him, “i find that hard to believe.”
“i’ll get on my knees and beg right here if i have to.”
“‘tsumu-“ he got down before you could finish, the stares of those around you growing, “get up now.”
“please,” his eyes looked up at yours, melting into your touch as you yanked him back to his feet, “just one shot? i’ll show ya your worth. what you deserve. i promise i’ll treat ya right.”
his body was awfully close to yours as he stood, his cologne you grew to love through your years of knowing each other becoming noticeable. the way his eyes were full of sincerity was noticeable, you knew he was speaking the truth, “are you sure about me though?”
“i’ve never been so sure in my whole damn life, princess.”
Tumblr media
a/n: hope you guys like it !!!! might edit a bit later bc i feel like i maybe repeated a lot of words ):: very much unedited !! but im sleepy, oopsies ??
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Just another HQ doodle dump!
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ℂ𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕄𝕖 𝕃𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕌𝕤𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝔻𝕠 (𝔽𝕝𝕦𝕗𝕗)
Bokuto Kotaro x Reader
Tags: Uhhh...none? Kissing? This was honestly pure fluff sooo...
*Your hubby comes home after an exhausting day. Nuzzling against you, all he wants to talk to you, hear you, be with you...But you decided to try a little trend with him.*
Feel free to request, my lubs. <3
A/N: This was based off of that trend "call your boyfriend by his name instead of a pet name." I was feeling a little bit of fluff so I wrote a quick one. Enjoy!!!
I also plan on doing something somewhat similar with Tsukki, Iwaizumi, and Yamaguchi but if you guys want to add a character, feel free to request.
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro is an absolute sucker for the pet names you call him.
Baby, babe, love, darling, etc. anything goes. He loves them all.
He gets that fluttery feeling in his chest with that giddy smile whenever he hears you call him by a pet name.
And so one day, scrolling through your phone, you happened to see the trending videos...
"Ughh," He groaned, plopping down next to you on the couch; his head tilted against your shoulder. "I'm exhausted babe. My muscles feel sore. I think I overdid it again."
"You should take a warm shower," you mumbled, eyes still glued to the phone in your hand.
You felt his body tense, not even by mentioning his name, but purely due to overall lack of your usual calls for him...But he let it go, pushed it to the back of his mind.
"O...kay," he mumbled, fingers tracing imaginary shapes against your palm, fiddling with your free hand. "Let's order in for dinner. What do you want baby?"
"Whatever you want."
He flinched again. This time you could feel the pout tug at his lips as he shifted his head a bit to look up at you.
"Baby..." he whispered, his breath tickling at your jaw. "Baby, are you mad at me?"
"Why would I be mad, Kotaro?"
And that's when he shot up, eyes wide, staring at you incredulously.
"K-Kotaro?" He stammered, his hand now squeezing yours. "W-Why?"
"Is that not your name, Kota-"
"NoOoOo," he pouted, not daring to hear it again, bringing your hand to his lips. "Baby...do you...not love me anymore?"
Now it was your turn to stare at him in disbelief.
"What?" You turned to face him, smiling gently. "Of course, I love you...Kotaro..."
"Stoooppp." His head drooped, then tilted up to look at you with those puppy dog eyes. "I'm Kotaro to everyone else...but I'm 'baby, babe-"
He leaned in, planting a soft kiss as he mumbled against your lips.
"-darling, sweetheart-"
You felt him smile against you when your hand reached up to cup his face; his gentle lips still ghosting against yours.
"-honey, hubby only to you."
Hand gripping the back of the couch, he pushed himself up slightly, leaning over you, using his weight to push you down on the couch, until he hovered above your laying form.
"So...baby" He kissed at your neck, every word he uttered tickled at your skin. "Look at me when you talk to me. And-"
His mouth was on yours again, a bit harsher than before, but still with its usual tenderness. He brought your intertwined hand up to his face, nuzzling his cheek against your palm.
"Call me like you usually do, hm?" His boyish grin sent warmth burning at your chest, loving the gentle way he smiled at you.
You giggled up at him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder, bringing his body closer to yours.
"Of course, baby." You smiled against his kiss, relishing in the warmth of your husband's body. "I'm sorry I made you worry."
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It's too much.
The lights, the noise, the crowds. It's just school but your heart's racing, head pounding, and it's too much.
Everyone's trying to get out of school for the end of the day or make it to their club activities on time or finish their cleaning duties and no one's noticed your deer-in-the-headlights wide eyes.
You're having a panic attack.
It's when your lungs don't put the air deep enough and your throat feels tight. Sometimes it's a specific thing that causes it. Sometimes, like right now, it's overstimulation. Your mind's taking in too much information from every sense all at once and it overloads every system in your body.
Forcing yourself to unfreeze you robotically drag yourself down a less crowded hallway--toward one of the gyms maybe?--you're not entirely sure. You're just following a trail of quiet and it leads you into a closet. Okay, you're definitely by one of the gyms but the closet is so nice and cool and dark and empty that you hide.
Under a table is good.
You ignore the judgemental voice in your head telling you how childish this is and pull your knees up to your chest. You bury your face.
Slowly the air makes it deeper and deeper into your lungs with each breath. Your pulse is calming down.
And then the door bursts open.
All the progress is thrown out the window and your entire body clenches up as you watch several pairs of legs walk in. Their shoes squeak. Their voices are deep. Your head's still spinning so it's hard to separate what they each sound like or what they're saying; you cover your ears willing them to just get their equipment and go without discovering you.
But it doesn't work out.
There's a hearty round of laughter, a deflated whine, and suddenly you're not alone. One of the athletes has folded himself up into the space under the table, too, and from the corner of your eye you can see he doesn't know you're there.
You're panicking like a rat in a cage as a pair of legs comes over to the table and bends.
A kind looking boy appears with a calm expression for a moment before there's a flicker of surprise when he sees you. "Oh, hello there."
The origami'ed hulk next to you looks up and finally notices you and flinches, startled, hitting his head on the table making the whole thing jump.
"Ow," he says running a hand through gray-black locks. He's still folded up when he looks at you and says "you scared me."
"S-sorry." You can't bring yourself to say more.
The boy not under the table dips his brow. "Are you okay?"
You shake your head.
"Are you hurt?"
Another shake.
He's got a lot of patience. He's still kind, gentle when he asks "is there anything you need?"
"Who're you talking to Akaashi?" A few more pairs of feet come over but Akaashi waves them away. You hear whispers of curiosity about what's happening.
"What's your name?" Akaashi asks. When you answer he repeats his question. "Is there anything you need? Something we can do?"
You shake your head, his voice is calm and reassuring. "No..." You swallow the lump on your throat. "I just...I had a panic attack." You exhale shakily. "Sorry for interrupting your practice, I just needed a place to catch my breath."
"Me, too!" The player next to you says with bright eyes. "It feels good under here, right?"
You nod, smiling. "Yeah."
"Did something happen?" Akaashi asks.
"I was overstimulated," you answer waiting for judgement. When none comes you look up from the floor and the athlete next to you is nodding.
"I get that, too," he says commiseratingly.
"No you don't," one of the guys you can't see says with a snort. "You just get all moody when someone stuffs your shots."
Akaashi shoots the guy an irritated look but it makes you laugh. He gives you a smile. "Are you feeling better now?"
"Yeah, thanks." You accept the hand he offers to help you crawl out from the cramped space. You glance under the table and ask your cave-mate "you coming?"
He gives you megawatt smile and joins you. "I'm Bokuto, by the way, and this is Akaashi, my setter!" He throws an arm around the calm boy's shoulder.
"Bokuto, I'm the team's setter."
"Yeah but I'm the ace right? So you naturally set for me the most!" He beams at you. You have no idea what they're talking about but it makes you smile.
They invite you to watch their practice and the slamming balls and yelling is a lot at first but the more you watch them play, the more relaxed you get.
Watching Bokuto and Akaashi play is mesmerizing and when they ask you to get coffee with them after practice you say yes.
And when they ask you to move in with them for college, you say yes.
And when Bokuto gets the call that he's been drafted to MSBY, asks you and Akaashi to move with him, to stay together forever, you both say yes.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tying you up was new of his kinks and he knows you love it. Everytime he touches you gives you electricity on your spine.
Savouring every inch of you as he fcks you hard, doesn't mind whether the neighbors hear how you both make each other feel good.
"Now be a good girl and obey me, Okay?" you slightly nodded.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
komori motoya, menace to society and eternal bane of sakusa kiyoomi's existence >:]]
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Tumblr media
See you there
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wakatoshi strikes me as the type of man who wouldn’t even hesitate to open his wallet and buy you what you want.
he spoils you rotten! trip to europe? anytime. birkin bag? soon to be yours. doesn’t mind paying for your student loans and you might be surprised to find out he’s willing to buy you a new apartment. his birthday gift. wakatoshi is absurdly wealthy and he’s likely to spend it on you and your needs, the price you have to pay is just you spending some time with him every now and then. going on trips with him and while he works, you go shopping, read a book or whatever you enjoy doing. but why is he a sugar daddy? boredom. what do you do when all your friends are just as busy as you are? it wasn’t even his idea to begin with. probably one of his wealthy friends recommended it to him and as doubtful as he was, wakatoshi eventually gave in.
honestly, you end up falling in love with him. wakatoshi is an angel of a man. he’s kind, mannered, he’s insanely attractive and sexy and his voice… he doesn’t even realize he has such an effect on you and that’s what makes him even more hot. it took him a while and few people telling him to understand he oozes sex appeal just by existing. he can be intimidating— wakatoshi is tall, broad and so muscular you turn into a puddle right in front of him sometimes. he’s honest, determined, strong and not much to your surprise a genuine, reliable person.
he always had the best stories to tell you over a glass of wine and for a few moments you forget he’s your sugar daddy. he has weirdly niche hobbies he’s not afraid of showing you. oftentimes he takes you to his penthouse and you act like a married couple. it’s just so natural with him. you cook together, water his plants, he most likely owns a big dog and you cuddle with it on wakatoshi’s couch while he is busy or away. (he gave you a key) he reads to you, you tell him about you day while he’s making you one of the many delicious dishes he learned abroad. he’s also a great listener, wakatoshi doesn’t mind listening to you for hours.
an interesting thing you’ve learnt is that he likes to travel. you take notes. and you’re always more than welcome to join him. you sip cocktails on his yacht while he signs contacts. he’s really hot when he does that.. makes you think of the many ways he can fuck you senseless on that yacht. he doesn’t like to party, so it’s just the two of you, his taste in music and a bunch of fine grapes and wine. he eventually introduces you to his friends and they join you every now then.
he doesn’t ask you to have sex with him. or it’s really rare and you are both extremely drunk. it just happens. he invited you over and you got so drunk he ended up spreading your legs and eating you pussy on his couch. there’s certainly attraction between you, but i see wakatoshi as the old school type. he takes you on dates, he’s quite soft and romantic as soon as you discover him. he enjoys holding you, playing with your hair. there’s a fine line between platonic and romantic and none of you knows where it is. (he’s in love with you)
Tumblr media
he’s extremely entertaining and you can’t deny that from the very first moment you saw him, you were suddenly aware of the raw sexual attraction existing between the two of you. he knew it too. he really made you zone out and think about how hot he is.
atsumu is young and fit — he had this huge smile (i said smile, but it was definitely close to a smirk) plastered on his face during your first date and there was something terribly amusing about miya atsumu that made you feel at ease. probably his jokes, you thought as he was cutting his wagyu steak, he’s indeed funny and he knows how to make everyone in the room aware of his presence. he’s just like me... more or less.
being in atsumu’s presence can be difficult at certain times (not really!) he sure likes to ramble, he tells you ALL about his life, from what his cook made for breakfast— he ate pancakes that morning and it was so unfortunate you weren’t there— to his lunch, to the maybach he eyed and it was surely going to be his car very very soon and lastly to his brother who likes to get on his nerves (don’t listen to him, it’s the opposite way) he’s seriously an oversharer at heart. you don’t mind it. plus he pays you. but you really don’t mind it.
it wasn’t hard to understand miya atsumu. he’s childish, likes it when you return the exact same energy, he thrives off the attention you offer him and he’d never say no to showering you with the attention you deserve. he’s interested in cars, sports, music, even fashion and food— his brother’s to be more specific. he loves spoiling you, many times he picks you up from wherever you are and you go on a shopping trip. you leave with at least three pair of shoes, you bought a souvenir from almost every single store. atsumu lets you pick his clothes. he LOVES it. many of the clothes you get for him end up in your closet, though. more souvenirs.
above all, atsumu loves teasing you. he’s actually obsessed with it. in bed too. and on his apartment’s floor. in his car. when you started having sex with atsumu it just happened and it this point you don’t even care if you’re not back to his apartment. he’s just so good at it. sex is a big part of your relationship, it happens so goddamn often. it would be a lie to tell you wouldn’t date him. he’d date you too. actually, at some point you start dating.
Tumblr media
extremely similar to atsumu, bokuto koutarou has the weird habit of embarrassing himself in front of you. or making stupid jokes. or telling you something inappropriately hilarious you choke on your cocktail. he doesn’t do it on purpose, though. but it’s part of his charm, it would totally be a shame to stop him from being this way.
as he was given the sugar daddy role, bokuto considers it to be full time job for some reason. bokuto makes it sound like his life depends on it when he’s around you (or not? ask his friends) you have an allowance and he will not hesitate at all to send you more money if you need it. he LOVES talking to you. won’t shut his mouth until you’ve heard the most insignificant detail possible. you don’t complain. he’s such a good listener. i’m actually sure he isn’t aware you’re not in an actual relationship. he treats you like his girlfriend.
you wake up in the morning with flowers at your door. whenever he sees something that reminds him of you, bokuto simply has them sent to you. he’s so good at spoiling you. he enjoys kissing you. and cuddling. and again, kissing you.. he doesn’t ask you for too much. you. him. his house, some music and food. he doesn’t cook to often but he’s trying for you. you always help him. he owns two dogs and bokuto treats them like his children. they are your children now, get used to that!
you got to met most of his friends and he simply WON’T shut up about you when he’s with them.
“i miss her. i really do... should i call her? better! should i visit her?”
you’ve spoken to him that day.
if it wasn’t for that stupid meeting, seeing you would’ve been perfect. they all love you. they became YOUR friends and again, i don’t think bokuto is aware he is your sugar daddy and not your boyfriend. he gets so sentimental and it’s just adorable, you can’t help yourself but fall for him and his strange, amusing ways of being.
most of the sex you have with bokuto is just romantic. unless he loses control. and god, how often he loses his control and fucks you so so good to the point you’re incapable of speaking. he worships you in bed and it’s really the best feeling in the world. he takes his goddamn time to pleasure you, he has only a purpose and that is to bring heaven to you. and he does it flawlessly every single time.
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Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
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Tumblr media
“So,” you licked the popsicle in your hand, your favorite flavor that they remembered, “You won’t tell me what he said?”
eyes watched the sunset in the distance, the beautiful rays bounced off the ocean sea and creative a unforgettable hue, “No, I’ve changed my mind.”
“Well,” you smiled softly at the group, all of them sitting around you as if you were a ducklings following it’s mother, “who am I to be mad at that?”
the wind blew against your skin, small bumps forming against your body as the temperature slowly declined due to the sun saying it’s temporary farewell. although the weather no longer was at its best, you couldn’t help but admire the moon as it slowly came out, having you reflected on what the day had been.
battles between your ex and family took more of a toll on you that you had hoped, but it was the beginning of the end. something that had to happen to move on. and as much as you anticipated this moment; words were still hard to form due to the overwhelming shock it had left on you.
it was as if you expected it to be much smoother, but it was easier said than done. to kiss and make up with your father was inevitable, you could never leave his side, but to get to that point you would have to set many boundaries and get rid of obstacles. for example, sako. someone you will never feel the need to see again, but knew it was going to happen due to connections. connections you didn’t see disappearing, so what it outlandish to believe you and your fathers relationship could be saved?
the conversation that took place not even an hour ago echoed in your brain, not to mention the explanation you owed the boys once they had arrived. explaining it all brought so many emotions out of you, and as you sat amongs the sand with your melting popsicle, tears that so desperately wanted that breakthrough, felt a release.
a release that was bound to happen. something that let go all sorts of weight off your shoulders. why? because there was no more hiding. to be the true you, to be yn ln. one that was once to believed unaccepted by the demented deep thoughts circulating your mind, but proven wrong within one summer. a summer you would never regret.
so, maybe they were happy tears. tears to mark the ending of a journey, and the beginning to yn. the one you’ve always been, and now will forever be.
“You did great,” the smaller man besides you gave you a rare, but small smile, “I don’t know if anyone told you yet, but I’m proud of you.”
“Thanks, Hoshi,” you wiped the tears off your cheeks as you took a deep inhale, “It’ll be okay, yeah?”
a hand found it’s way on your back, rubbing circles to sooth the hiccups that found their way through your body. with a subconscious lean in, you were granted the hug that you yearned for. the obvious cologne on atsumu filled your nose and he brought you closer in a reassuring grip, allowing you to focus your breaths with his as you calmed down.
it was an endearing silence. one that was much better than running laps around the story everyone knew. bringing up known details to cry on once again, it was time to loosen your tense jaw and think about what is to come, over what has already took place.
“You know,” you whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.”
“Have you thought about where we’d be without you?”
you pulled back from atsumu to look at bokutos bright and colorful eyes, “What do you mean?”
“Well,” his finger childishly balanced on his chin, “I think you keep forgetting what all you’ve done for us.”
“I agree!” the orange haired man beamed from over his teammates shoulder.
ushijima quickly joined in with one of his heartwarming grins, “You have helped us way more. Thank you.”
it may not have been their intention, but it opened up another gate within you. tears flooded once again down your swollen cheeks out of pure happiness. the caring men around you shocked at first, but soon laughed at your happy cries.
“Stop it,” your body began to shake between each word, “I don’t want to cry anymore.”
“It’s good to let it out.”
“So,” atsumu gave sakusa a side-eye, “ya want her to cry?”
“Don’t start,” he glared back, “you know exactly what I meant.”
“Sorry I haven’t said much,” kageyama finally spoke up, scratching the back of his head awkwardly, “but thank you.”
you stood up off the ground, stretching your legs swiftly before laying your popsicle stick amongst your belongings, “No need to apologize, Tobio.”
his gaze avoided yours as a blush creeped onto his cheeks, making you giggled at his soft interior despite acting so hard and tough.
“I don’t know if it’s true or not,” you observed the waves crashing, “but they say the sea heals wounds.”
“Ya, but thats only surface wo-“
“Shut up,” you quickly cut off the setter with a playful stare, “I bet it cures inside wounds too!”
“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” bokuto bounced onto his feet, “Race on the count of three?”
the competitive men slowly began to rise as your eyes shined at the challenge. without warning, you kicked your shoes off before taking a head start, “Three!”
“Hey! That’s not fair!”
“Yer a cheater!”
Tumblr media
fun facts:
— bokuto also cried a bit when he saw yn crying, but wiped his tears away quickly because he didn’t want to worry her
— atsumu tripped when he was racing to the beach
— sakusa was gladly last in the race because he couldn’t stop laughing at atsumu
a/n: early chapter!! one more to go before the routes !!! AAAA I CANT BELIEVE ITS ENDING!!
@galagcica @moonlit-mizukage @lilith412426 @navymacaroons @soudahearts @alyonasnake @probablygonnahurtsomebody @butterscotch-ripple-icecream @squidkidsc @notacats-blog @soranihimawari @therealpussybangs @whore-for-anime @rntrsuna @akaashis-wife @creepykawass @tirzamisu @doggonudezz @alpha-mommy69 @chibichab @strawberry-moonpies @taihjj @nichupichu @liraepa @yes-i-am-trash @tsukkimama @skomiomi @sputnikk @random-fandom-girl-24 @ti-mame @lahadadulce @euryrue @dilucsbby @we-love-fanfiction @candid-confetti @minnie7-kth @tenaciouswritersheep @shusbby @onigirintarou @hinahaikyuu @peachycandy10 @bakugouswh0r3 @reinertiddiejuice @akaxosa @snowcoveredkiss @shoulmate @atsuphilia @malxoxo @sugaslilsugabby @tweetybomb @atsumusplushtoy
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happy bokuaka day ft. wormkuto 🪱
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Happy bokuaka day!! 🦉🦉
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★ Bokuto Koutarou ★
for one of my dearest friends, Ana @justanawolf
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Tumblr media
Third gym~ maybe they occasionally meet up for dinner together if they are all free and in the same area! 
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koutawoo · 26 days ago
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haikyuu!! 10th anniversary ☆ our loves in 2022!
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so excited to finally post my full piece for @hqscrapbookzine!! (i also like to call this my "how many characters can i fit onto one canvas before i McFreaking Lose It" piece 😂) wish i could've included suna in the national team group photo but i didn't find out that he was on the team until it was too late 😭😭
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Tumblr media
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MSBY halloween + sakuatsu 🎃
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i’ll leave these dudes here 
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᯽⸱៰ ͘ ࣭⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ BIG BEEFY MEN 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Ft. Bokuto, Taiju, Tengen, Toji, Osamu, Draken
Warnings: size kink x 1727292718, manhandling and lots of it, fem bodied reader, titles used: papa, daddy, sir, overstimulation, edging, implied age gap for toji’s part, mentions of creampie, slight exhibitionism for Osamu, drool, cute pet names like baby, princess, etc, only lightly edited my bad
Note: I had too much fun writing this YEJAJJS, like 😵‍💫, it also took me a while cause every time I would add another guy I would daydream for like a couple hours 🤤 this is multifandom cause there are just too many beefy men to go around, and honestly I could have added more (Daichi, Matsukawa, Todo, Mirio, Sakuna, Benkei… 😵‍💫😵‍💫) but then I’d be at this forever UWJAJ so take this, for now, <333 reblogs, comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Bokuto who works out 6 days a week and still runs on the 7th 😔 he’s always working on his muscles, making sure he’s physically fit and always up to par for volleyball. Iwaizumi keeps him on a strict workout regime and he doesn’t mind that, considering it shows results and makes him feel good. You honestly don’t mind the schedule either, because you get to watch him pump bars over his head, muscles contracting and rippling, sweat dripping in beads along his toned chest. He’s a god really, with a build like that, and your eyes can’t help but stayed glued to him. It’s only when he clears his throat that you realize you’ve been caught, cheeks suddenly starting to burn as you snap your eyes away from his abs and up to his face. That smug look of his doesn’t help your embarrassment, making you bite your lip sheepishly. “Enjoyin the view, birdy?” He asks through a grin, and you don’t bother lying, you’ve been caught away so you nod, heart doing a little flip in your chest when he holds a hand out to you. You don’t hesitate to go to his side, allowing his hand to guide your own over the plane of his abs. Your fingertips trace the defined muscles there, despite how they still contract and sweat and you sigh softly, pupils basically in little heart shapes when you look back up at him. “You look so good, Koutarou….”
He’s got you laid out flat on his workout bench, clothes were haphazardly thrown across the padded flooring. Your slips hang open in a silent cry as he looms over you again, chest pressed right up to your back as his cock bullies its way to the hilt back into your gummy walls. His groan right next to your ear is almost overwhelming, his body swallowing you up and taking over all your senses as his hips hump up against your ass, pushing and pulling his cock shallowly in and out of you. When you let out a hiccuping sigh against the leather of the bench he chuckles softly, teeth grazing against your ear. “Liked bein stuffed like this, huh baby? Wanna be stuffed with cum too, don’t you?” You nod because the words don’t form, becoming lost on your tongue and replaced with whines as soon as Bokuto starts rotating his hips. One thick arm manages to slip underneath you and his palm rests open on your tummy, uncaring of the sweat and slick that makes everything a little messier. “Cum f’me.” His words vibrate against your back, his index finger managing to find your clit to add a steady pressure to the pulsing bud. You would have jolted, but you’re trapped beneath him, so all you can do is let out a shaky sob. “Cum f’papa and I’ll give you exactly what you want~”
Taiju is a busy man, running his successful restaurant was a full-time job that took up a lot of his time. And yet despite this, he always made time for his baby. He’d take you along to special events, and business meetings, but especially to suit fittings. You were the one that made him rekindle his relationship with Mitsuya, knowing that he would be the best person for the job in terms of making a suit that would actually fit Taiju’s size and stature. You claimed you went to talk to Mitsuya, which may have been part of the reason, but Taiju knew why you went along to every fitting. You got to see him almost naked, arms outstretched and shoulder blades contracting as Mitsuya took his proper measurements. He watched you through the full-length mirrors that covered the studio walls. How you’d press your thighs together, squirming in the chair you sat in. How your eyes would get glossy when he’d slip the brand new suit jacket on, testing the fit and how it would look perfect on his frame. The best is when he’d pull the suit pants on for the first time and your eyes were literally glued to his butt, lip bitten between your lips almost swollen. Mitsuya would leave the room as Taiju undressed into his normal clothes, and it’s only then that he’d scoff softly, eyes a bit narrowed as he finally catches your attention. “You’re so obvious.” He states, only making you fiddle with the hem of your skirt a bit more as you try to play innocent. “Staring at me like a piece of meat. Bet your panties are soaked through…”
As soon as the two of you got back to your shared home he’d have you pinned against a wall. If you had it your way you would’ve done it in the car, but Taiju wanted to make you wait and teased you the whole drive. Reminder you that only whores get that hot and bothered so easily, held your thigh in his big hand cause he knew it made you melt seeing how he could so easily grip the fat there. He picked you up at this point, your skirt bunched up at your waist and your panties ripped clean off. His hands gripped harshly to the fat of thighs, holding you up against the wall with nothing but strength as he used the force of gravity to fuck up into you. The slap of his hips was wet from how much you were dribbling, his eyes wide and feral as he watched your head lull back against the wall, a bit of drool leaving your lips that were stuck hung in a silent scream. He grins, lips littering sloppy kisses along your neck, uncaring of the marks he left behind. “Pretty lil dumb thing…” he murmurs, grinding his hips so his cock could thoroughly stir your insides. “This is all you think about, isn’t it? Getting fucked open by my big cock?” That caught your attention, nodding your head as your nails leave crescents into his shoulder. You’re mumbling “yes sir, yes Taiju” as his speed suddenly picks up, loving the feeling of your breasts bouncing against his chest. “Such a good girl.”
Tengen knows he’s attractive, he has 4 wives who all adore him, of course, he’s attractive. He also knows very that he’s built like a god, with muscles that bulge just right, flex and make him look even better. Sure, he got this way from hard work and dedication, but it helps too that he’s naturally flashy, with a good style and personality to go with his looks. He knows that people watch him, he knows that people flirt with him, and rather openly. Most of his wives have gotten used to this, but you? You’re a little newer, can’t help but be a bit protective and a lil insecure when it comes to your partner. So when you see two women flirting with him at a festival, something like jealousy flames within your belly. You can’t even help the way you get upset, lips twisting into a pout. It’s when one of the random women has the audacity to put her hand onto his bicep, giving it a squeeze that you lose it. You cling onto him, basically prying him away from their grimy hands and sending them a death glare in the process. The girls got the memo instantly, slinking away with grumbles and pouts of their own. To make matters worse Tengen is oblivious to it all. He was used to this, people hitting on him, but you acting like this? “What’s wrong?” He asks, the amusement in his tone only making you ten times angrier. Rather than explaining yourself you flip him off, an action that only fuels him further to get an answer out of you…
Your back is trembling against his chest, his fingers so lazily petting at your clit driving you absolutely wild but you can’t do anything about it. Your hands are trapped behind you between your bodies, bound by the silky material of the cord that usually holds his robe together. His cock somehow looks even bigger right now, stuffed within your quivering pussy and stretching it open. His base is covered already in a layer of your sheen that’s been steadily leaking out of you and yet he still hasn’t let you cum. You Yelp from the sudden impact of his fingertips against your swollen numb, fat tears finally spilling from your lashes and onto your hot cheeks. “Why would you ever need to be jealous, pretty? Ever?” He questions you again, fingers going back to slowly rolling your clit. You let out a soft sob, head lulling back into his broad chest as you try to buck your hips along his cock, only for his free hand to keep you firmly in place. “Don’t you know I picked you for a reason? Don’t you know I love you so, so much that I wanted you and only you to join the girls and me in our marriage?” His voice lowers as you start to flutter around his cock again, and his fingers start to speed up, finally. “Won’t ask ya again, tell me, do you know I love you?” You cry out, lips bit swollen as you tilt your head back enough to meet his gaze. He flashes you a smile, the first one you’ve gotten since the start of this punishment and you whimper, nodding dumbly. “I-I know, I-I know daddy, m’sorry, was bein dumb—“ He shushes you with his lips, finally moving his hips. He bucks them up into you, making your whole body bounce in his lap from the sheer size difference. “Not dumb, never dumb Darlin.. ya just forget sometimes…” The knot in your stomach finally snaps as he circles your clit, the squeeze of your pussy making his groan into your open mouth. “Just forget how perfect ya are f’me, that’s all.”
Toji, big big Toji who knows very well that most ladies are attracted to him for his size. He likes to go for the little shy ones. The ones that stare at him with innocent eyes, look at him a little longer than they should and always manage to get caught. He’ll send you a wink, sometimes even wave playfully just to get you all the more embarrassed. His favourite type to go for though, as horrible as it is, are the girls his son is always bringing home. It’s a little fucked up, isn’t it? But Toji knows, knows that his son may try his best, but he can’t please a woman like he can, not yet anyway. So as his father, it’s his job to keep Megumi’s girls pleased when he can’t do so himself. He sees it as helping of course, surely the girl will stick with his son longer if she knows she’ll get a treat every time she comes over…
“Skirts shorter than usual…” Toji muses, his eyes lit up in amusement as his fingers brushed over the soft pleats found in the fabric. His hips are snapping back into your ass again just so your lips hang open, the start of a yelp about to escape had he not shoved the hem of the skirt between your lips. You muffle a whine into the material, fingers curling up against the wall you were currently pressed up against. “Musta wanted me to notice, isn’t that right dollface?” He says between a chuckle, his grin getting bigger as he gets a better grip on your hips, making you stick your ass out a bit more and arch your back for him. This angle allows his cock head to smack into your cervix, kissing it with the tip and threatening to break through. His balls are heavy as they slap against your skin, only adding to the lewd, wet slaps that echo from your cute pussy. He leans closer to your ear, whispering against the soft flesh when you let out a string of sobs about how you’re gunna cum. “Yea? Gunna cum for daddy are ya?” He laughs when you nod, teeth sinking into your shoulder as one thick hand slides over your hips to tease on your clit, helping you reach your high faster. “Go on, make sure you’re loud enough that your boyfriend knows his daddy is fucking you this good.”
Osamu has always been the bulkier of the two twins. Even in their volleyball days, his muscles weren’t as lean as Atsumu’s. He was built bigger, shoulders broader, the baby fat on his cheeks remaining longer. Now as an adult his muscles didn’t go away, oh no, he needs them to lift the heavy bags of rice to and from the restaurant, but he has certainly filled out. Shoulders spreading, biceps bulging. A light layer of fat forms over his chest, the muscles underneath just making him look bigger. The T-shirts he always wears show these off, and although he takes no mind to how his body has changed, you certainly have. It makes you drool when his arms flex as he quickly cuts up vegetables and when he grunts as he lifts a rice bag on his shoulder. The best is when he ties his apron around him, Accentuating just how small his waist still is despite how he’s broadened out. He doesn’t even realize how attractive he is, honestly. You can’t even help yourself when you gawk at him at work, and you certainly can’t help how heat pools between your legs. He starts to really notice when you pout up at him, pretty legs rubbing together on the stool you sit at…
“Couldn’t even wait until we got home.” He’s grumbling his words against your lips as if he’s not happy to have his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. “Too fuckin spoiled to wait.” He added, his reprimanding turning into a grunt when your nails run through his hair, scratching lightly over his scalp just the way he likes it. He latches onto your lower lip, suckling it like his favourite treat as his big hands grab at your thighs. He tenderly squeezes the flesh he loves before gripping it, easily hauling you up onto the countertop he was previously making food on. He’s thankful you’re wearing a skirt today because all it takes is one good tug and your panties are ripped clean off, exposing your dampened lower lips to him and making goosebumps rise on your lips. He clicks his tongue when you start to complain about how those were your favourite pair, one of his palms pressing into your tummy to easily push you back into the cold countertop. “Quit yer bitchin, I’ll get a new pair.” You were about to shoot back, but all your words get lost on your tongue when he spits onto your pussy, two thick fingers locked in and rubbing on your clit. A smirk twitches on his lips, shaking his head as he watches just how easily you come undone for him. He presses a kiss to your hip bone. “That’s it, be a good girl and take what you want, gunna fuck ya real good.”
we all know I could go on for hours about Draken 😔 I mean do you blame me? He’s huge, the biggest of all his friends in both height and build. He’s always been naturally big, the width of his shoulders sometimes making it hard for him to find proper attire that fits him comfortably. Hence why he settles for tank tops a lot, which gives him more space to breathe. Would never admit it out loud but he 100% is very aware when you’re checking him out and he LOVES it. Draken doesn’t like to flaunt himself but when you do it it’s different. Makes his cheeks heat up a bit and his cock twitch knowing how damn lucky he is to have someone as pretty as you obsessed with him like that. So he’ll let you stare, whether it be while he’s working at the shop, working out, or simply when the two of you are out. He’ll let your eyes linger on him, sometimes he’ll even flex on purpose, holding back laughter when you suck in a sharper breath. He will tease you about it, sometimes of course cause he can’t even help himself. He’ll turn and smirk at you, “like what you see, princess?” Or “my eyes are up here, goofy.” But comments like that always leave you in a huff and he’ll have to chase you after to make up for it. Which is fine, but sometimes, he lets you linger, lets you really stare and get yourself worked up, cause that’s when you’ll pounce him. You have such little patience, and it’s so so amusing to your big boyfriend when you try to drag his ass around to get what you desire from him…
As soon as the two of you had returned home from your date you had dragged Draken to the couch, not even bothering to bring him to the bedroom because it had been far too long and you were craving him already. He had worn that tank top you love so much, with the low-cut armholes that show off his toned sides and arms. You just couldn’t take it. You needed to have him. Which is how you ended up straddling his lap, needy whines leaving your lips as your fingers desperately tried to unbuckle his belt, simply settling for pawing at his crotch when you couldn’t seem to get it. He’s grinning, holding back little strings of laughter. “Eager huh?” Normally you would have snapped back at a comment like that, but when his fingers finally freed his cock, you simply sighed in contentment, licking your lips at how it stood at attention, leaking so pretty just for you to sit on. You had already discarded your bottoms, lifting yourself on your hunches and easing yourself easily onto his cock. The stretch was always mind-numbing, back arching and goosebumps forming on your thighs as you slowly work your way over him. The little whimpers, whines, needy noises you made were a melody to Draken’s ears, his hands massaging the supple skin of your thighs as you moved at your own pace. He groaned softly when your pussy started to flutter around him already, your walls being stubborn as usual when first taking him in. “Fuck—“ he gritted out, pupils dilating when you looked at him with teary eyes, lips puffy as you huffed. “Help me, Ken, want all of you.” His hands slid from your thighs to your waist, bearing his teeth in an amused grin as he lifted you up with ease, just enough that his head sat between your walls. He didn’t hesitate when he slammed you back down on his cock, sheathing all the way on his cock, the knock of it up against your cervix making your breath leave you in a gasp. He doesn’t let up from there, using the bruising grip he has on your love handles to bounce you up and down on his cock. “So. Fucking. Needy— and you can’t even take what you want on your own? Really are just a dumb lil baby aren’t you, princess?” You’re sobbing from the brutal pace, head lulling onto his shoulder as he bounces you like you’re nothing. And to him, it’s a simple task, the pleasure of the pretty tight walls milking his cock only making it easier for him to manhandle you. “Fuck—“ he grins, planting his feet so his hips can fuck up into you, further jolting you along his cock. “You just sit pretty, daddy will do all the work—“
Tumblr media
Member of: @tokyometronetwork @hanayanetwork
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tsukina · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
previous — series masterlist — next
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fun facts:
— there was a point in time where mika and yn hung out every day for months straight — they were each other’s best friends they’ve always wanted
— although the people on yns father lockscreen are random, they are a representation of them like yns lockscreen in a previous chapter! (but yns included her mother)
a/n: i may force myself to work up the next chapter and release it tonight!! if not, i’ll be posting a pt. 2 of the rejected the boys angst headcanons i did— so keep an eye out besties!! love u as always!! drink watch and eat food !!!!! 💋 take care of urself!
@galagcica @moonlit-mizukage @lilith412426 @navymacaroons @soudahearts @alyonasnake @probablygonnahurtsomebody @butterscotch-ripple-icecream @squidkidsc @notacats-blog @soranihimawari @therealpussybangs @whore-for-anime @rntrsuna @akaashis-wife @creepykawass @tirzamisu @doggonudezz @alpha-mommy69 @chibichab @strawberry-moonpies @taihjj @nichupichu @liraepa @yes-i-am-trash @tsukkimama @skomiomi @sputnikk @random-fandom-girl-24 @ti-mame @lahadadulce @euryrue @dilucsbby @we-love-fanfiction @candid-confetti @minnie7-kth @tenaciouswritersheep @shusbby @onigirintarou @hinahaikyuu @peachycandy10 @bakugouswh0r3 @reinertiddiejuice @akaxosa @snowcoveredkiss @shoulmate @atsuphilia @malxoxo @sugaslilsugabby @tweetybomb @atsumusplushtoy
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