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#bokuto smut
onlysamu · a day ago
Tumblr media
multi character!, full nelson, mirror sex, pussy slaps, dacrypilia, degrading, possessiveness
Tumblr media
the power of getting to fuck you in such an explicit position is what really drives these boys. they almost always make sure it’s done in front of a mirror so they can see how stretched out you are around their girth, while also getting to watch the fucked out expression on your face, as you drool everywhere while tears run down your flushed cheeks, leaving a puddle of mess dripping down your chin onto your chest. reaching down to leave harsh slaps on your clit is one of their favourite things to do in this position. the ability of getting to manhandle your knees above your head while pounding your tight hole fuels their ego to the maximum and is what really sends them over the edge.
“keep your eyes on the mirror doll, or i won’t let you cum for a whole month. don’t you dare stop watching, i’ll ruin this tight cunt n shape it to fit perfectly around me. i’ll ruin this slutty pussy for everybody else so you can only get off on my cock from now on, i promise.”
aran, atsumu, bokuto, DAICHI, hoshiumi, IWAZUMI, kuroo, KYOUTANI, MASTUKAWA, meian, osamu, sakusa, suna, tendou, UKAI, yaku
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · a day ago
To have your fav grab your face and say “someone should have kissed you like this sooner.” And their tongue meets yours in a ravaged, passionate make out that makes everything inside you to ache so deeply for them.
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hajiholic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: perv!bokuto, female reader, slight voyeurism, pregnancy kink, breeding kink, mention of female and male receiving oral, overstimulation, age gap (reader is in her 20s and bokuto is in his late 40s), masturbation (male and female)
notes: @gumipawz thank you sm for sending this to me🥺 this is a re-upload from my old blog but i did edit it a little bit, but yeah. i hope you guys enjoy:)
Tumblr media
dilf!koutaro who moves into the apartment next to yours ‘n your breath hitches when you see him moving boxes around. his shirt hugging his biceps tightly and a pair of gray sweatpants hanging loosely around his hips, an outline around his cock that you’re so desperately trying not to stare at. hair with varying tones of gray, scruff along his jaw and beautiful golden eyes. you’re so flustered when he sees you staring at him and comes over to introduce himself.
dilf!koutaro, who towers over you, thinks you’re the cutest little thing when you sputter out your name. who smirks when you get all red because he went to shake your hand. who can’t help but look down your very low cut shirt to see that you’re not even wearing a bra. who wants to kiss your puffy pink lips. who feels his knees getting weak at your big, innocent eyes looking up at him as you shyly welcome him to the building. who knows that it’s completely inappropriate for him to look at a girl who’s half his age the way he looks at you but just can’t help it, not when you get so flustered every time you see him.
dilf!koutaro who melts when you come over to bring freshly baked cookies wearing the shortest skirt he’s ever seen. who invites you in for a cup of coffee and smiles when you let out a shaky okay. whose eyes drop down to the soft, supple skin of your thighs when you fiddle with the the hem of your skirt. who nearly combusts when you bend over to pick up the lip gloss that fell onto the ground and gives him a perfect view of your baby pink panties and your ass in the air. who has to use all of his will power not to shove your panties to the side and shove his tongue into your core.
dilf!koutaro who hears you touching yourself through the thin apartment walls. hears all your little moans, whines, and whimpers, even the little please that leaves your mouth. who can tell you’re trying to keep yourself quiet but you just can’t. who imagines what you look like with two fingers shoved inside your pretty pussy and thrusts your hips up to your hand, desperately trying to get off on your own. with tears forming at your lash line as you whine and thrash around on your bed. and when you finally do cum, boy, is it music to kou’s ears. the sounds that come out of your mouth are angelic, the prettiest things that kou has ever heard.
dilf!koutaro who finds himself stroking his cock to the thought of fucking you, of completely ruining with you. to the thought of having you on your knees with watery eyes as you gag on his cock. to the thought of having you sit on his face and your juices dripping down the sides of his chin as he makes you cum over and over again. to the thought of having you in a mating press and listening to you babble about how good he’s making you feel. of feeling your warm walls around him. who can’t help but overstimulate himself, rubbing his cock raw because the idea of cumming over and over again inside your pretty little cunt makes him feral.
dilf!koutaro who cums so much when he thinks about breeding you, of becoming a dad again. of seeing your cute figure all round and pregnant with his baby. of filling you full of his cum and then pulling out to see it spill out of you, only to push it back inside your slick because he doesn’t wanna waste it. who can’t get the idea of making you his pretty little housewife out of his head.
dilf!koutaro who knows he should feel guilty about thinking about you in this way, but he can’t bring himself to care when you show up on his doorstep with tears in your eyes and your bottom lip trembling at one in the morning because the guy who took you home couldn’t make you cum. who throws all logic out the window when you plead for his help and tell him you think about him when you touch yourself at night. who drags you into his apartment and throws you on his bed with the hungry eyes, absolutely ready to ravage you.
Tumblr media
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nozomiasl · 2 days ago
Haikyū!! men with piercings.
Tumblr media
With : Oikawa, Suna, Bokuto, Terushima, Asahi, Kuroo, Daichi, the Miya twins. (x fem! Reader).
Genre : Nsfw.
Warnings : Cunnilingus. Vaginal penetration. Mention of blowjob. Choking.
A/N : Here's my HQ's version of my BSD men with piercings. Thanks also to my dear babies who helped me guess who had what. (@semisgroupie / @kentimestwo / @angeldlust ). I enjoyed this thing maybe TOO much ♡♡. ALSO! Terushima was, without surprise, in all of them :')).
English isn't my first language and not proofread, I was too impatient to post it!
wc : ~1,300.
Tumblr media
• Tongue piercing :
He actually got it a while ago, before you two even met. He thought it matched his energy, and he definitely knew girls would like it. He almost forgets it sometimes, but the way you're in awe each time you see it is a funny way for him to remember how much you love it, and how obsessed you are whenever he eats you out.
"Oh god. Fuck!" Your thighs were trapping him, but none of you really cared. The way he was suffocating on your pussy would actually have been the perfect way to go, but not before he made you cum. His eyes flickered to your chest raising heavily with each pant you let out, and the way your mouth was parted, his name on your tongue on repeat like a broken record, it made him go feral. To see you so vulnerable only because of his tongue. 
"Hmm. Seems like you enjoy it more than I do, baby. Makes you feel good huh?" He rested his face on your inner thigh, his fingers dancing on your naked stomach as he licked your juices off his lips, his metallic piercing on display for a good second. 
He was driving you crazy, indeed. The way it felt against your clit was an amazing sensation, something you could never get tired of. You knew he was a good kisser already, his jewellery definitely adding something to your lewd make out sessions, but damn, this was always better than the last time. The way his tongue lapped at your arousal, the way the cold metal -now warm- was teasing your bundle of nerves. It brought you many times over the edge extremely quickly.
One of your hands was holding the headboard hard, knuckles turning white, while the other was tangled in his hair, tugging at it not so softly.
"More… please."
"Hm? Aren't you a needy lil thing. Guess I could give you that, though." Licking your inner thigh all the way to your cunt, the piercing bringing a foreign sensation to your core, he smirked against your skin before making out with your pussy, knowing full well how his tongue piercing was more that a plus to your sex sessions. He definitely didn't regret getting it, and he loved how weak you were for him and his little accessory. 
Moaning louder than before when he applied more pressure flattening his tongue on your clit, you could feel the coil ready to snap in your belly, and with your legs shaking, you came undone under him, his tongue now full of your juices, his chin glistening with your cum. 
As he crawled back to your face, licking you all the way from your belly button to your neck, he kissed you deeply afterwards, forcing his tongue in your mouth, the tip of yours teasing automatically the metal.
"I should try to find something bigger, maybe it'll make you cum faster next time, yeah?"
-> Rintarō Suna, YUUJI TERUSHIMA, Atsumu Miya.
• Dick piercings (Frenum and Lorum) :
He doesn't know why he got it. He was probably drunk when he got pierced, because he actually doesn't have any memories of it, or maybe because he fainted?
But now? One of the things he's the most proud of. Definitely loves to examine it, and he also knows how horny you get whenever he sends you videos of him jerking off, his thumb teasing the piercing(s). Yeah it has been painful, but it was so fucking worth it. Especially if he has both of them. The lorum one teases your clit each time he pulls you to him, while the frenum drags along your gummy walls. Double stimulation, something you and him seem to enjoy.
-without even talking about how you avenge yourself with your tongue each time you have him fuck your throat. He's obsessed with it.-
"Don't deny it. I know you're addicted to my dick, pretty. Who couldn't ? I am as well." His elbow was supporting his weight as he thrusted inside you. You were too fucked out to actually give him a proper answer, drool running down from the corner of your mouth. Your tits were pressed against his chest, and the way his cock was making you feel was indescribable. 
"F-fuck. Harder, please!"
He chuckled, surprised you could even speak. Kissing you softly on the lips while making your whole body bounces with each hard thrust of his hips, he hummed, his free hand wrapping around your throat, squeezing it softly.
"Whatever my sweet girl wants." 
Looking between the two of you, where you were connected, he bit his lip. His piercing was coated with your juices. 
You were delirious, definitely. The piercings were hitting everywhere they should, the frenum abusing your g-spot while the lorum bullied your clit. You never felt that good with anyone else before.
"Gonna cum- I'm!! Ngh!!"
He followed not too long after, and burying his head in your neck, his hand on your tit, he left a single kiss there before lifting himself off you.
"I wanna see if you can cum only by cockwarming me. I'm sure you can. I have trust in my sweet baby. You're such a good girl, of course you will."
-> TETSURO KUROO, Yuuji Terushima, Tooru Oikawa, Osamu Miya, Koutarou Bokuto, Sawamura Daichi, Rintarō Suna.
• Nipples piercing (one or both) :
He doesn't know why he did that. He regrets deeply, feels like it's ridiculous and extremely ugly. He hates how his jersey shows them each time he wears it -which is often since he plays a lot- but you were the one convincing him to keep them. Something about 'being hot and sexy'. He doesn't see how you could think that, but he doesn't mind keeping them if it's for you. However, it made him extremely sensitive there, which he distasted as well since you're always taking advantage of it by pinching it whenever he's being annoying to you, and it always works.
"I kinda like knowing you're too sensitive here. That way I know exactly what to do in order to tease you, baby."
His dick was deeply buried inside of you, and your mouth was latched to his nipples. His pretty nipples. Your tongue swirled around the jewellery, loving it so much it could make you cum on the spot. You were moaning loudly, but his low grunts sent waves of pleasure to your pussy, and bouncing on his cock harder than before, you let your thumb and index take care of his nipples as you tossed your head back. 
His hands were on your butt, helping you by bringing you down on his hard length, balls slapping your ass each time you went down, juices spilling everywhere on his abs and your thighs. You knew you were near your end, but so was he. Pushing him down, his back hitting the mattress, you slowed your hips and only rolled them softly in circular motions while you bent and caught a nipple in your mouth again. 
His fingers tangled in your hair as he let out a loud hiss. He hated how well you knew him and his body, and he hated how you could switch the tables so easily with those piercings of his. One of your hands found his jaw while the other moved to his balls. It felt so good for the both of you, and with one last move of your hips, you moaned in his chest, your tongue playing with the piercing while he groaned loudly, hot spurts of cum filling you up.
"I can't wait till you get yours pierced too, I'm sure we're gonna have fun then."
-> TOORU OIKAWA, YUUJI TERUSHIMA, Azumane Asahi, Koutarou Bokuto.
Tumblr media
Tagging : @hours-of-eros (YOU ASKED?) @mitsuxii (only because of Oikawa ehe).
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saintmanjiro · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, blow jobs, hand jobs, ball sucking
Tumblr media
bokuto just doesn’t know how pretty he is, you conclude. he parades around in gray sweats like that, shirtless with his hair down, and he has absolutely zero regard to your feelings, paying no mind to how your legs are squeezed together, how you just can’t pay attention to the movie he’s excitedly watching, nuzzling closer to your side as he plants a kiss to your head here and there.
no, he doesn’t know, and you’ve decided you have to change that.
“kou, let go,” you shuffle out of his grip, making a pout curl on his lips.
“why, baby—” he’s cut off by you planting yourself on his lap, hands laying on his bare chest as you attach your lips to his neck, right under his ear.
“you wore these sweatpants on purpose,” you pout against his ear, sucking on his neck as your clothed heat grinds against his, making him exhale shakily. his hands find your waist, helping you move to his liking.
“these are my comfy sweats,” he insists through groans, moving his hips in synch with yours. the movies long forgotten, and all you want to do is show bokuto just how pretty you really think he is. his dick hardens as you grind against him, yet the friction is too little for his taste. crawling off his lap and falling between his legs, you tug at his waistband, smiling when he lifts his hips up and lets you pull off his sweats and boxers in one go. his cock stands tall, pre cum oozing from the tip as he stares down at you through lust filled eyes. pressing hot kisses up his length, you suck lightly on his tip, making him let out a soft groan.
“you’re gonna need new comfy sweats, kou,” you murmur, latching onto a heavy ball, sucking on it as your hand pumps his thick length, making his head fall against the couch. his biceps flex as he grabs the edge of the cushion, knuckles white from his grip. you stroke him faster, swirling your tongue over the round of his ball, making his hips jerk as he groans out your name.
“y/n, fuck,” he curses, whimpering when your thumb rubs over his head in circles. “ngh—fuck, baby,” he whines, and your hand squeezes tighter around the base of his shaft, twisting around his length and gliding over his head.
“feels good, princess,” he moans, hair sticking to his forehead as it dampens in sweat, his hand moving to the back of your head, keeping you in place. his breath grows erratic at each suck of his swollen balls, chest heaving with each pant he lets out, shaky whines falling past his lips when you switch from one to the other, your free hand fondling the neglected one to keep him stimulated. his eyes are scrunched shut tightly, lips parted open as small whines of your name escape them with each flick of your wrist.
you can feel his orgasm approaching, the way his cock pulses in your hand, twitching slightly as his abs clench.
“princess,” he groans. “‘m gonna cum. f-fuck, keep doing that.” his thighs shake and before you know it, bokuto’s crying out your name as thick spurts of cum shoot from his tip. you gently release the heavy sacs from your mouth, moving to take in his length as he cums, hallowing your cheeks and sucking him through his orgasm. he whines, jerking his hips to thrust into your mouth.
“f-fuck, baby—shit, feels good,” he praises, whimpering when your tongue swirls over his tip. there’s too much cum to swallow at once, leaking past your lips and down your chin, but you suck his length anyway, trying to catch as much as you can. he whimpers as his peak ends, whining at the last few hallows of your cheeks before you pop off, looking up at him innocently.
reaching over, he collects a few drops of cum from your chin, pushing them back into your mouth. you swallow happily, and he grins, pulling you onto his lap.
“baby, i don’t want new sweats,” he smirks, kissing your lips as his hands cup your tits, squeezing them gently. “these are my favorite now.”
Tumblr media
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minifuyu · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
- fucks his fist to the thought of you. feels kinda really bad about it, but inevitably ends up doing it again. can’t look you in the eye for a few days after. loves the way you say his name a little too much, always having to sneak off for quickies in the nearest bathroom each time he hears his name slip from your lips and sees your eyes looking up at him so sweetly. soft utters of your name leak out from his mouth as they paint their hand sticky white, the reality of their deed sinking in as their post orgasm bliss fizzles out. cleaning themselves up they vow to never do it again, until next time.
-. iwaizumi, daichi, asahi, tanaka, kyotani, goshiki, kuroo, semi, aran, kita, osamu, akaashi, matsukawa
- shamelessly fucks his fist to the thought of you. thinks about it each time he look at you. moans your name pathetically loud when they do. doesn’t feel bad at all. sometimes grinds down into his bedsheets as he’s texting/calling you. can’t wait till the day he can bury himself deep inside you instead of using his hand, is quite literally counting down the days. he won’t necessarily be explicit about his want for you but he definitely doesn’t try to hide it either. he doesn’t even try to hide his gaze as he stares at you either, eyes practically undressing you right there and then. it’s almost like he wants you to call him out on it, to finally give him a reason to come clean and get the chance to make his dreams come true.
-. atsumu, shoyo, kenma, sugawara, oikawa, terushima, yamaguchi, ushijima, tendou, suna, kageyama, koganegawa, hanamaki, bokuto
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jawabear · 15 hours ago
What my fav Haikyuu boys are best at (NSFW edition)
A/n: i had these thoughts late last night so put them to paper. I didn't add Tadashi because he's too pure for this.... I hope you enjoy it. sorry for any mistakes. stay safe.
Genre: smut
Warnings: suggestive themes, (idk what else)
Summary: what my favs are best at...but make it spicy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dirty talk
This boy can run his mouth in more ways than one. Not only Is he a god at giving head, he has a magical way with words. He can turn you on in a matter of seconds with one word. What that word is, only he knows. He always knows what to say and he always knows just how and when to say it. He has such a dirty mouth its unreal….
Tumblr media
Doing it in unconventional positions/locations
This is a weird one but hear me out.. Bo is huge (in more places than one). He’s also goofy and impatient. when he’s in the mood he will do it wherever you may be. Because he is so damn big he can hold you steady if he needs to, say if you’re up against a wall or something. He’s so strong he can fuck you both senseless and still hold you perfectly comfortably. He’s just focused on making sure your comfortable. Its the least he could do for getting you to fuck him in strange places and positions. )he’s so big I freaking can’t… 0_0(
Tumblr media
This pretty setter has pretty setter hands. They long and slender but have the perfect thickness. He’ll finger you multiple times before he even thinks about properly fucking you. He’ll make sure youre laying on your back, legs spread. He’ll lay on his side beside you whispering sweet nothings in your ear as well as kissing your neck. He just loves to watch you come….
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titsuya · 3 months ago
I'm very horny and you have a knack for finding the best stuff... Do you have any cool visuals? <3
Tumblr media
all my hq bfs w/ f!reader
warning: twt p*rn. minors dni. 18+.
a/n: ive been waiting for this ask my entire life
navigation (18+)
Tumblr media
» haji loves that skirt, but he also loves fucking your cute cunt and filling you up with his cum. <3
» frat boy haji gets takes you to his car because all the bedrooms are full and takes you for a ride. <33
» big, buff daddy dilf haji who loves your tight cunt so much it nearly makes him cry. <3333333 and he likes it rough ;)
» hajime just LOVES when you compliment his hands. <333333333
» the only way to make rintarō smile is to wake him up by riding his dick like a good girl. <3
» me you and rintarō on y’all’s day off <3, he’s so vocal cause “you feel so fuckin’ good,” <3333
» rintarō loves creampies & cumming in your mouth… but he loves that you’re a “slut for daddy” and that you’ll let him paint your face <3333 (2 bonus visuals for my daddy)
» fuck fuck fuck he loves your tits so fucking much, squeezes and sucks the life out of them <3333333333333333
# SAKUSA KIYOOMI (tw… squirting… a lot of it)
» kiyoomi loves eating you out and making a mess out of his good little slut <3
» also loves fucking you so hard that you squirt on his cock </3 calls you a nasty little slut even though it makes him cum so hard
» brat tamer kiyo <///3 fucks you stupid, slaps your face, makes you squirt, but you love it so much
» worshipping kiyoomi’s pretty body <333
» keiji is so vocal with his heavy pants and higher pitched moans and it makes you feel so good
» 🥺 being keiji’s pretty lil puppy and you were so good while he was gone at work, so he gives you a little reward <3
» keiji’s finger work so well… he knows how to hit that spot, how to make you gush
» loves fucking you to frank ocean. even when you’re all cuffed up <3
» sometimes, kou loves watching his little crybaby grind all over his cock <3
» and sometimes, he just can’t hold himself back so he fucks up into you :))
» daddy likes double stuffing your pussy with cum, especially when you beg for him to put a baby inside you <3333
» 69-ing is kou’s favorite. you guys both feel good and that makes him soo happy.
» waking up his little bimbo princess with his cock ! tw somno
» daddy likes to see his cum on your pretty pussy before pushing it into you %^**>>{^^
» tsumu likes pressing your face into the mattress as he fucks you and makes you squirt
» knows how much you like being filled up so he fucks both your holes at the SAME time ! (tw anal)
» samu gets so hard when he see’s you doing anything remotely domestic
» loves holding you close and kissing you while his cock is stuffed deep in you
» breeding kink!!!!!!
» king of eating and making a mess of your pussy
» such a good daddy </3 blindfolds you with his work tie and worships your body all night
» he’s also a rough daddy <3 likes to choke you a ton
» he can be really mean nd tease you to make you think you’re getting his cock <///3
» “shhh, can’t be too loud, kitten, we’re in public, you know that.”
» rin thinks you’ve been so mouthy with him lately so he decides to have him and his friends shut you up (psst, atsumu on the left, suna in the middle, samu on the right)
» misbehaving and embarrassing rin in front of his friends? now he’s gonna embarrass you :)
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dearomi · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring… fem!reader, sakusa, bokuto, atsumu, meian, hinata
warnings… dumbification if you squint real hard, some lovey dovey talk
word count… a little over 1k
a message from shae… lil repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
riding koutarou is an experience, to say the least. he’s not one to give up power, and whether he’s aware of it or not, he controls every little move you make. from his hands gripping and squeezing your waist, pushing and pulling so that you’re grinding on his fat cock, to his gentle words, lips bright pink and slick with spit as he whispers, “that’s it, baby. you’ve got it, feel good for me.” those last four words are repeated over and over as he holds you still, feet pressed into the mattress as he fucks up into you with everything he’s got, watching your tits bounce and eyes roll to the back of your head. despite the fact that you’re very clearly losing your mind on his cock, he’s still unaware of the fact that he holds the power, the fact that you’re taking heed to his every wish. he still begs and pleads, “cum for me baby, i wanna make you feel good,” his voice raised a few octaves, need dripping with every word. “can i cum? can i cum inside you, pretty girl?’’
a tease, such a tease. it’s like he knows you won’t be able to take it, he knows he’ll end up having to flip the two of you over and make himself cum because his pretty baby fucked herself stupid on his cock. he’ll egg you on, lips quirked into a smirk as he asks if you can take it. if you’re looking too confident, a little less fucked out than he’d like, he latches to your nipples, pinching and pulling and sucking and biting while he keeps a hand on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud harshly— as if he wants to see you all dumb and cock-drunk. when he knows you can’t take anymore, when your legs shake and wobble and your pussy’s creaming around him, making a sticky white mess around the base of his cock, he’ll pull you closer, lips ghosting over your ear as he asks, “who’s cock is this?” he grins when you babble out, “mine, ‘s mine, ‘s mine,” over and over again, eyes squeezed shut, hips grinding against his with desperation. “yeah? fuck it, then— fuck me. prove that this is yer cock, baby.”
kiyoomi likes to see you on top of him, likes to see and worship every inch of you while you use him to get off. he runs his fingers over every curve and dip of your body, taking note of which spots make you giggle, and which spots make you shudder and let out a heavy, sultry sigh. he doesn’t focus on how good you make him feel (although his head is spinning with how fucking good you’re making him feel), he keeps his attention and how good he wants to make you feel. he wants you creaming and squirting and dripping down his balls before he’ll even think about cumming himself. he keeps his fingers splayed out over your tummy, his thumb rubbing circles over your clit while you lose yourself in him. this is what he loves the most, watching you let yourself go— if you let yourself drown in him, he’ll do the same. he’ll get lost in you, lost in the love and desire he feels all at the same time, keeping his eyes stuck to yours, whispering “i love you” as you cum, praising you when you fuck yourself through it, his eyes trained on where the two of you meet, where you bounce on him like it’s the only thing you know how to do. “just like that, angel. use that cock— you deserve it.”
another one who just wants to appreciate you. he’s used to fucking you, ramming his cock as deep as it’ll go, leaving you a sticky, sweaty mess before the nights over with, but shugo lacks experience in making love to you like this. it’s a rare sight, seeing him relaxed into the mattress, eyes glassy and mouth hung open, his fat cock buried deep in your cunt while you bounce in his lap. he stares in wonder, his heart nearly bursting out of his chest when you reach for his hand, pulling it towards your hip so he gets the message and rests both of his hands on your hips. he can’t help but let out low grunts and groans as you lean forwards, hands pressed to his broad chest, hips rolling slowly. he’s bewildered as you cum— it’s not like he’s never seen it before, but he’s never seen it like this. the love of his life, above him, back arched, eyes shut, mouth hung open as you let out the prettiest noises he’d ever heard. you look like an angel, he decides— he can almost see your halo as you come down from your high. his trails his hands up, gripping your waist, squeezing and pulling your chest to his. he can’t help but gawk at you, unashamedly staring in awe. “you’re fucking perfect. can’t believe you’re mine.”
to put it simply, he can’t handle it. the second he sees you sink down on him, sees your lips spread while your cunt swallows him whole, he nearly passes out. his eyes roll back, a lewd, porn-worthy moan escaping his lips— he’s totally gone. soon enough, the two of you are rutting against each other, your movements frenzied, near panicked, as if one of you could disappear from the other's arms at any given moment. he meets every rut and roll of your hips with ease, fucking you like he misses you, like he hasn’t seen you in months. he doesn’t stop until both of you have cum more than once, until you’re both shaking and sweating. then he’ll sink into the mattress, watching as you keep going, keep grinding and bouncing your puffy cunt on his cock, nearly using him as a toy. he’s too pussy-drunk to speak in full sentences, simply babbling a mix of “thank you” and “i love you” as he fills up your pussy again and again.
Tumblr media
© DEAROMI 2021
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bratinc · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
+ smau. various.
+ contains. suggestive texts.
+ note from val. eee- enjoy, hotties. re-upload.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sweetsbysatori · 21 days ago
sugardaddy!hq boys helping their sugar baby study for college exams
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
pairings: kuroo x f!reader, akaashi x f!reader, shirabu x f!reader, iwaizumi x f!reader, bokuto x f!reader; (she/her pronouns, afab!reader)
warnings: explicit language, SMUT (18+, minors DNI!!), fingering, vaginal sex, spanking, oral (m!receiving), a teeny bit of dubcon for iwaizumi, sugar daddy hq boys, age gap (10+ years), lmk if there’s anything that i missed!
notes: i just performed poorly on an analytical chemistry exam that i did not prepare for well enough so this is how i cope! likes and reblogs are always appreciated :D
part 1 | part 2
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
sugardaddy!kuroo who helps you prepare for your upcoming accounting midterm, teaching you all of the useful Excel shortcuts so that you’re able to complete your balance sheet with ample time to double check your work. and when you excitedly come home and let him know that you got the highest score in the class, he throws you onto his bedsheets, fucking you at any pace that you want-- rough and fast or passionate and slow-- anything to reward his princess for being so pretty and smart <3
sugardaddy!akaashi who proofreads your essays. he’s an editor for a shonen manga magazine, so his brain easily catches argument inconsistencies, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. he sits on his plush leather chair in his home office, carefully typing away on his laptop-- adding commas here and there, fixing phrases for parallel structure, and occasionally building on your argument to make your points clearer and more cohesive. meanwhile, you sit underneath his desk; your knees ache and your jaw is sore from sucking keiji’s cock for almost an hour. he swears that he doesn’t need any repayment-- that seeing you succeed is more than enough of a reward-- but you insist, and who is he to deny his precious baby? <3
sugardaddy!shirabu who tutors you for the MCAT. it’s been over a decade since he graduated from med school and an even longer time since he had to take that wretched standardized test, but he figures that it’s always a good idea to review basic biology and chemistry. that’s how you find yourself in your current predicament-- your skirt is flipped over and your baby pink panties pool around your ankles. kenjirou lands a harsh spank to your ass, the flesh stinging from the impact. he’s spanked you 20, maybe even 25 times at this point-- one per every question you missed on the practice exam. you whine when you realize how many more you have to endure, but don’t worry, it all pays off when you score in the 99th percentile! <3
sugardaddy!iwaizumi who quizzes you for your anatomy practical. he’s a firm believer in hands-on learning, so he’ll lay you on his bed and point to various joints and bones on your body. he’ll make you answer with the corresponding anatomical term— he points to your elbow, you confidently respond “olecranon;” he taps your kneecap, you respond “patella” with a giggle. but not long after, his fingers slowly trail up your thighs and gently ghost over your core, making your breath hitch. his fingers push your cotton shorts and panties to the side, index and middle fingers running up and down your slit and collecting your juices. you hesitate, protesting that “it’s not on the exam!” and with a devilish smirk, he shoves two fingers into your needy hole, replying, “i know sweet thing, but you’ve been working so hard that i think you deserve a study break” <3
sugardaddy!bokuto who never went to college, so he doesn’t fully understand how stressful finals season is. but when you come to him crying, complaining about how none of the topics you studied was on your organic chemistry final, his heart shatters. he immediately tries to make you feel better, and what better way to relieve stress than by splitting you open with his thick cock, rubbing tight circles on your pretty clit, and letting you cum and cream all over him as many times as you want? once your tears of sadness morph into tears of pleasure, you whine and beg for him to move, to give you more, and he eagerly obliges. koutarou is the best sugar daddy you could ask for, so generous and understanding <3
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hxdruss · 6 months ago
how they fuck.
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS. sakusa, bokuto, matsukawa, kyōtani, iwaizumi, hanamaki, kageyama, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, yachi, kenma, kuroo, goshiki, aran, osamu.
UPDATE. i was recently informed that the account some of the videos are from has been suspended, which makes me really sad because that destroys the entire point of this post lmfao. but as of 7/27, iwaizumi, hanamaki, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, kenma’s second video, kuroo, and goshiki’s videos are still accessible!! sorry for the inconvenience :(
WARNINGS. smut. f!reader mainly but some can be gn! or m!reader. individual warnings for each video.
NOTE. i had these saved from my 600 follower event and wanted to do something with them, and then i saw something like this for mha and wanted to do my own for hq. i really hope all the links work or this is gonna be awkward bc i didnt check...
Tumblr media
literally just nsfw twitter vids with short drabbles.
sakusa hovering over you with his hand around your neck, slapping your cheeks as he degrades you and tells you how much of a fucking slut you are.
tw: one face slap. choking.
bokuto after being away for almost a month because of volleyball, telling you how much he needs you as he fucks the both of you into overstimulation.
tw: overstimulation probably. a bunch of cum.
matsukawa tying you up and overstimulating you until you’re crying, begging for him to put his thick cock in you already.
tw: gag. blindfold. bondage i guess.
kyoutani holding you down as he thrusts into you, telling you to never flirt with his teammates again because you belong to him, right before he pulls out and cums all over you to mark you as his.
tw: rough sex. blindfold. face slapping.
iwaizumi teaching you a lesson for teasing him all day, rubbing up against him in front of his friends, touching him and yourself after he repeatedly told you not to. he was going to make you regret testing him, but first, he’s going to fuck you dumb until not a single thought forms in your pretty little head.
tw: rough sex. manhandling. face and pussy slapping. fingering. squirting.
hanamaki letting you ride him to your heart’s content, admiring the sight before him as he tells you how beautiful you are as you cum around his cock for the nth time.
tw: soft sex. nothing really.
kageyama taking his post-game energy out on you as he pulls on your hair and massages your tits, hoping seeing you cum for the nth time will finally tire him out.
tw: a little hair pulling, that’s it though.
kageyama feeling his face turn red at the sound of you chuckling lowly, calling him a good boy as he cums, his release dripping down your breasts.
tw: tit fucking.
yamaguchi cumming after you pull your hands away, whining and whimpering at the smile that comes over your face at how fucked out he looks from your simple touches.
tw: handjob.
yamaguchi rubbing his cock against your cunt before slowly sliding into you, listening to you praise him as he tries to hold off from cumming too soon, knowing this reward of you allowing him to set the pace would only last so long.
tw: soft sex. nothing else i don’t think.
tsukishima slowly down when you get close, running his hands all over your body as he tells you how dirty you are for liking the way his hand hits your ass, only to praise you for taking what he gives you so well.
tw: a little hair pulling. one spank.
hinata fucking his hand to the thought of you, knowing he’d be punished for it later, but traveling for volleyball and being away from you for so long is really starting to take a toll on him, and he needs some sort of release sooner or later… you understand, right?
tw: male masturbation.
sugawara surprising you by giving you permission to ride him, telling you that you can set the pace for once, but he can only keep his promise for so long before he’s thrusting up into you, praising you for being so good for him as he fucks you into overstimulation.
tw: not rough but fast (?) LMFAO. a little spank at the end (not really though).
daichi not being able to keep his hands off you when he sees you cooking in the kitchen, bending you over the counter and fucking his cock into you, letting himself use your body until he can’t anymore.
tw: rough sex. some spanking.
daichi sending you a video while you’re away on a trip for work, showing you just how much he needs you knowing you can’t do anything about it but wait patiently, his strict rule of not touching yourself without permission ringing in the back of your mind as you rub your legs together.
tw: male masturbation. a fuck ton of cum.
yachi crying underneath you as you stuff her full of your strap, spanking her ass every once in a while just to hear her cute whines about it being too much, but you know deep down this is exactly what she wants.
tw: sex toys (a strap).
kenma letting you ride him because he knows how needy you are, but making you go slow so he can focus on his game, ignoring your pleads for more as he reminds you who’s in charge.
tw: nothing i don’t think.
kenma palming your tits as you let out little whimpers for more, trailing his hand down your stomach to rub your clit, telling you to ignore him and continue playing on your phone as he touches you teasingly.
tw: nothing.
kuroo making you face away from him, telling you if you make him cum that maybe, just maybe he’ll let you turn around and see his pretty face. he keeps his hand on your ass, slapping it when you slow down or get close to your orgasm, reminding you that you can’t cum until he does.
tw: mmm nothing again.
telling goshiki he can touch himself as much as he wants while you’re away at work, but he’s not allowed to cum or you’ll punish him. so he does as you say, pinching his sensitive nipples as he whines for more, hoping and praying this would be enough to satisfy him until you get home.
tw: use of toys (dildo).
goshiki humping his pillow until he gets close, whining and moaning as he fucks his hand and cums all over his stomach. he knows it’s not enough, it’s never enough, he needs you but you’re not here, so this is the best he’s going to get until you can take care of your poor little boy.
tw: male masturbation. pillow humping.
aran coming home from a game to see you touching yourself in his favorite pair of lingerie without his permission. he’s on you before you know it, quickly thrusting into you at the pace he wants, knowing it’s too much for you, but ultimately not caring—you disobeyed him, what did you expect?
tw: rough sex.
osamu holding you in his arms as you shake from the intense orgasm he just gave you before reminding you that you’re not done until he cums. he rubs his hands up and down your soft body, calming you down before he makes you ride him.
tw: rough sex. choking.
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 2 months ago
imagine "accidentally" sending nudes to the msby 4 guys (individually)
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — male masturbation, filming/taking a picture, mentions of fingering, tit-fucking, sex toy, kind of exhibitionism, msby boys have naughty thoughts about you <3
Tumblr media
❖ — ATSUMU wipes his wet hands on a paper towel before he reaches for his phone when he hears it buzz in his pocket. he blinks once and suddenly he finds himself locked in one of the bathroom stalls in his brother's restaurant. his mouth drops down in shock as his eyes widen upon scrutinizing the photo you sent him. you're on all fours, back arched with your naked ass beckoning him. he groans as he bumps his head on the door, seeing a sliver of your pussy lips teasing him. his cock is already hard and there's no other thing to do but relieve himself of the problem you gave him. atsumu zooms in your glistening cunt as he dips his hand down his pants and pulls his cock out, biting his lower lip as he rapidly strokes his shaft to the thought of fucking you from behind as you moan his name again and again.
❖ — BOKUTO thinks he's having his regular wet dream in which you're always the star. his naturally owlish eyes grow wider when he sees the risqué photo that you may have accidentally sent him; your eyes are glossy, lips between your teeth as two fingers are buried in your wet cunt. bokuto groans low in his throat, feeling his cock twitch and harden in his shorts underneath the blanket. he looks to his left, seeing that roommate is facing away from him, and thinks fuck it before he quietly pulls his shorts down until his aching cock springs free and slaps against his stomach. he bites his lip to stifle his whine as he looks at your picture again, large hand wrapped around his shaft as heavy pants and the slick sounds of him fisting his cock to your lewd picture fills the dark room—imagining that it's his thicker and longer fingers playing with your cunt.
❖ — HINATA groans as he tilts his head back towards his locker, silently thanking every god or deity out there that he's the only one left in the locker room, because there's no way he'll ever show the rest of the guys a photo of you cupping your bare tits with your fingers pinching your nipples. his face is hot and red as he turns around, his forehead pressing against the cold metal as he tugs his shorts down until they're pooled around his ankles. he reaches for the hem of his shirt and puts them between his teeth, his cock leaking and angry as he angles his phone so that his hand wrapped around his dick fills the screen. hinata presses play and closes his eyes tightly, vividly picturing that he's fucking your tits and cumming all over your chest and neck.
❖ — SAKUSA grunts as his phone dings, his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he remembers how he explicitly told his teammates not to contact him on his day off. but his expression quickly becomes dumbfounded when he realizes that it's you and the photo you sent is something that he has only daydreamed of. you're squatting, and not only that, you're squatting with a dildo inside of you. sakusa's brain short-circuits when he realizes that the toy is eerily similar to that of his own cock. he doesn't care if the photo isn't meant for him or that he already has his hand down his pants as his thumb smears a bead of pre-cum leaking from his tip. he moans your name breathily, pulling his pants down to his thighs as he takes a photo of his hand wrapped around his thick cock before throwing his phone to the side. he starts stroking his cock, squeezing his shaft tightly as he imagines it's your wet pussy clenching and dragging along the length of him.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: welcome to my very first kinktober event! for five weeks, every friday until october 31st, i’ll be posting a short fic based on five kinks and characters selected by you guys ! proudly presents —  fuckin’ her five ways.
ʚ♡ɞ cw. the following pieces contain dark content and nsfw themes, each is tagged with it’s own warrnings. please heed these for your own safety. minors do not internact.
ʚ♡ɞ a/n. join the kinktober taglist here ! likes + rbs are always appreciated.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. izuku midoriya + breeding.
ৎ୭ synopsis. after years of hiding in the shadows and being on the run, our beloved vigilante izuku midoriya returns to his girlfriend’s home to help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, somnophilia, cheating, lingerie, breathplay, tentacles, pregnancy kink. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. eijirou kirshima + overstimulation.
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ cw. including; step-cest, humiliation, forced orgasm, voyeurism, impact play, dom-sub, consensual-non-consent.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. koutarou bokuto + dumbification.
ৎ୭ synopsis. when the volleyball off-season rolls around and things get a little lonely for bokuto, he adopts a precious husky hybrid to keep him company— however, you’re not as well behaved as he would like.
ৎ୭ cw. including; hybrids, pet play, collars-leashes, marking, brat-taming, size kink, degredation.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. megumi fushiguro + mirror sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. a girls day out with nobara has you blowing up megumi’s phone with pictures of you in the cutest, tightest, shortest dress he’s ever seen—and after a few more sinful messages, your dress makes its debut in your boyfriend’s private show.
ৎ୭ cw. including; body worship, clothed sex, sexting, exhibitionism, orgasm control, praise, bondage. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. katsuki bakugou + possesive sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like you, but can you really blame her? i mean, you’re perfect ! pretty, smart, likeable and you have her boyfriend wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, recording, cheating, cherry chasing, manipulation, spit, thigh-ridng, cumplay.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. mikey / manjiro sano + babysitting horror prompt.
ৎ୭ synopsis. as part of @/cyancherub’s wheel of misfortune collab. nearing the anniversary of his brother’s disappearance, mikey gets stuck with babysitter he doesn’t want, for protection, as ordered by his parents. he should count his blessings that she’s around too, don’t you know mikey? there’s a killer on the loose.
ৎ୭ cw. including; corruption, knife-play, branding, manipulation.
Tumblr media
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sunaerin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
+ intimacy + audio
+ haikyuu boys (timeskip) x f!reader 
+ MDNI - 18+ was just in the mood, thought i’d share with you all
+ pt. 2
Tumblr media
Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio + Adorn - Miguel
+ You are their pillow princess: There is no doubt about it, these are the boys that would treat you like a queen. Willingly taking on the role to serve you and have you cum at a minimum of four to five times per session, their priority is for you to feel good and cum hard, to make you as wet as you can be - nothing else. 
You want him to eat you out the whole time? - say less, he’s on his hands and knees licking up your pussy till you can’t cum anymore. You want them to pound into you in a specific position - say no more, just let him know. These boys skillfully use their hands to split open your labia, to get an easier access to your cunt, especially your clit - for their favorite part... to suck on it and watch you squirm at the feeling of pure ecstasy. They will use every area of their tongue to eat you out, and won’t be afraid to get dirty and wet - again, because if you feel good, then he’s done his job well. Just let him pound into you a couple times, for his own carnal desires, and that’ll be more than enough for him. 
From prepping to aftercare, these boys are the best at what they do. They would NEVER cum before you, and it’s almost astounding how well they are able to pull out before he can release just for them to put it back in your wet pussy, pussy dripping with his spit and from the remnants of your past orgasms, when he knows he’s safe… always making it his priority to fuck you so damn good all the time.
these boys show you that intimacy comes with persistence - persistence of finding their partner’s best spots. They will never be content with what they know, they always want to know more about you. Your sweet spots, what makes you vibrate in pure bliss, your most sensitive regions - regions that make you squirt, places that make you moan harder than usual. He’s committed to finding more about you, simply so he can please you. 
Killer part, where you literally die everytime you see them... thinking you lucked out on the “hot boyfriend blessing.” They are the best at rolling their hips into you, slowly and methodically moving like a slow wave, thrusting into you at the right angle - an angle that they were able to perfect after the many times of simply serving you. They flex their stomach as they penetrate their angry red, beautiful cocks into your adorned pussy - deep within in your caverns - just the way you like it. He asks you, “baby, you like this spot, right?” “tell me, this feels good.” “you like me fucking you like this?”
+ Bokuto, Asahi, Lev, Yamaguchi, Aran, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Ennoshita, Kai, Kindaichi, Aone, Kita, Kyotani
Tumblr media
SUGAR - SiR + P*SSY FAIRY - Jhene Aiko
+ These are the boys that wouldn’t mind fucking you in public and tease the shit out of you: these boys will not hesitate to whisper lewd and racy thing into you ear, all while groping your ass in public. You're out with friends? don’t matter - he knows you can’t resist him, the same goes for him, he’s downright bad for you. He finds it amazing how, despite being with each other for so long, you still manage to make him salivate. You’re his angel, his most prized possession - what better way to flaunt his prize than in the eyes of an audience. Unable to press down his desires, he pulls you into the public restroom, and locks the door. The moment he turns arounds, he’ll be expecting his good girl to be on your knees, unzipping his pants, setting his cock free - Daddy’s girl knows what to do. fuck...
You start to palm his member, as you give him cute kitten licks to his head, with just enough pressure on the base of his semi hard cock, you start to swirl your hot tongue, looking up through your lashes, taking in all his precum... the way he likes it. 
When he’s hard enough, he’ll look at you and eye you a signal - a message for you to start doing your job. 
Honestly... his length never fails to impress you... but fuck that shit is a bit too long for you.... but whatever Daddy wants, he’s gonna get. 
Knowing what he wants, you smirk, and flatten out your tongue and lick him from the base of his cock all the way to head, all while massaging his balls - not afraid of getting dirty, your spit start to move down his balls and start to travel down his thighs... while you start to drool through the sides of your mouth.
These are the boys that wouldn’t hesitate to fuck you against the sink, having you scream out his name. Why? It brings him more thrill when he stuffs your mouth with your panties, while whispering into your ears, “you like it when daddy fucks you like this?” “what a whore, crying like this in public” “such a good girl, look at you taking all of me, i’m going to make you feel so good” “cum baby, cum loud, let everyone who owns this fucking pussy.” 
They never fail to let you know that they own you, and that in itself makes your cunt clench as you feel your juices and his hot seeds slowly trickling down - the aftermath of your love making flowing down your legs as proof for others to see that - he owns you. (these are the boys that show you that intimacy doesn’t always need to be repetitive and safe - intimacy can be found in the thrill).
but the best part is when... just when you feel like you’re ready to go... he pulls you close to make a love mark on your throat, big and red enough for other to see, and he blows on it with his cool breath... proud of his artwork - you’re his canvas and his favorite color to paint you with is milky white ( :
+ Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Matsukawa, Iwaizumi, Futakuchi, Tendou, Terushima, Oikawa, Kunimi
Tumblr media
Bed - J. Holiday + Take You Down - Chris Brown
+ These are the vanilla boys (breeding and missionary are their best assets): I REPEAT THESE BOYS ARE THE BEST AT PUTTING YOU IN THE BREEDER’S POSITION, AND FUCKING YOU IN MISSIONARY. Your man lives for intimacy, for the emotional, sexual, and physical connection that comes with sex. The fact that he’s connected to you as one, with his cock fully penetrated into you, drives him, almost, to the brink of insanity.
He desires to always make eye contact with you, watching you struggle to take his length, but still screaming out his name Daddy for him to fuck you harder, that he’s “so big, Daddy fucks me so good” - yea, that fucks with his ego a bit.
Assertive and dominant in bed, but still gentle enough to take it slow when you say “s-slow down! Fu-fuck ngh It’s too much!” ... sometimes he fucks you a bit too hard that you can’t breath... But, nonetheless, he’ll have his arms firmly secured next to your head, trapping you fully under his body, as he swiftly puts you in missionary, with his cock still within you, all while saying “you like that baby?” “look at me, baby… look at me, I want to see your pretty eyes'' all while maintaining a perfect rhythm, and they never lose it. 
As he slowly ruts into you, he puts his thumb into your mouth and he tells you, grunting with every thrust, “y-youre so good to me, the best fucking gift that the world gave me.” Youre his treasure, his gem, that he will never share with the world - youre his and his only.
Missionary is intimate, it’s what drives him. He kisses your face, leaves marks all along your neck, your breasts, your stomach, and your thighs. But before he moves down to your core, he always watches how his cock moves so delicately in and out of your bruised cunt. Fascinated at how someone so much smaller than him can take him so well... 
So when he makes it down to your sex, he is the one that appreciates it the most. He kisses it, appreciating at how pretty your pussy looks, stroking it with his calloused fingers, slowly circling your clit as he blow cool air... while he makes hickeys for your soft inner thighs. And before he eats you out, he’ll spread open your labia, draw a spit to your slit and watch it run down... lubricating it to your ass. 
Ready to now enjoy his meal, expect him to treat you well - it’s his own way for him to say “i love you.” He flattens out his tongue, licking you from top to bottom with long, excruciatingly slow, splitting you open with two fingers into your vagina, and one into your anus. 
He doesn’t care if sex is messy. If you squirt more power to you, and an ego boost for him. He’ll just wash the sheets later, it’s not a big deal. But when he  comes back up to you, mouth full of your juice, he kisses you harshly making you taste how fucking good you taste, as you pull on his hair coming down from your high - knowing you were ready for the real deal he then proceeds to man handle you into the breeding position.
This is where he goes feral. With your knees touching your chest, feet dangling from his shoulders, tears running down your face, as you speak incoherent words about how good he makes you feel… The possibility of him literally fucking a baby into you is what helps him to reach his climax. But, he never cums on his own. He always asks you to save him your last, so that you guys can cum together. 
His face is contorted with sweat dripping from his forehead, he places his forehead on top of yours and asks  “baby, you ready? Cum with me.” the moment you say yes, that’s when he starts pounding into you like there’s no tomorrow. Him fixating on seeing you plump and full with his baby helps him to release, with his ass flexing whenever he thrusts into you ropes of hot cum pointed directly to your womb. 
(When he cleans you up, he would look at the viscous fluid, proud of what he’s down, spewing out of your slit. Once he’s deemed too much came out, he’ll push back his cum inside of you. The idea of you being pregnant with his baby will forever be his dream - but until then, he’ll be more than happy just to have you full with his cum.)
+ Sakusa, Akaashi, Osamu, Hirugami, Ushijima, Meian, Bokuto, Oikawa, Daichi, Sugawara
Tumblr media
It Won’t Stop - Sevyn Streeter + Too Deep - Dvsn
+ These are the boys that heavily enjoy car sex: He would drive to a secluded area, looking at you from the driver’s seat, while taking out a condom from his wallet “hey beautiful, want to move to the back? I promise it won't take long.” 
Car sex with him is the best, the thought of fogging up the windows, with the hot perspiration coming out from both mouths, being sweaty and uncomfortable in the small confinements of the car forces the both of you to make it quick, but still manage to not sacrifice the quality - he fucks you hard.
It’s a different type of intimate from what he does to you in bed. It’s normally him fully naked in the back seat, with you saddling on top of him. He has good access to your perky breasts, so when you're bouncing on his shaft, he would alternate between massaging a tit and mouthing the other - watching your areola get hard inside his mouth just so he can softly bite it and watch you wince at the pain. You have your arms around his neck, breathing heavily against his ears... and just for payback you’ll moan “fuck is that all you got... daddy?”.
Your thighs start to burn with the constant bouncing, so it’s not until you ask him for help - well... you begging -  that he smirks, immediately putting his hands onto your waists, which he then proceeds to frantically push himself into you at god knows what speed.
The moment he’s about to cum, you can just tell from the burrow forming on his forehead, with his excessive biting, and the unsteady breathing that he acquires. He gropes your ass harshly, and before he releases, he’ll give your plump ass a couple of smacks. Seeing the ripple of your fat and his hand imprint on your bum - he makes use the last ounce of self restraint he has to further penetrate his length deep within you - so close to having him touch your cervix.
Knowing that his car would muffle the sound, he cums hard and loud “fu-fuck, baby.. Keep riding me like that, yea j-just like that” “you're doing such a good job, daddy’s got you.” with his head tilted back, you can see the trail of sweat running down from his forehead to his throat and wanting to taste him, honestly everything about him looks delicious, you lick up his sweat in one swipe, from throat to forehead, and end off with a “Daddy’s yummy.” To him.. youre so cute so he simply responds “Your legs tired baby? I’ll massage your legs when we get back home because you're my good girl.” 
After his breathing calms, he pulls you close in for a kiss, a sign of thank you for being so good to him. .... he’s still inside of you too.  
Car sex with him is intimate, it leaves you both breathless, tired and feeling wasted but its sex that you love the most because it’s one of the rare times where you get to have more control than him - in reality, he’s your fucktoy.
+ Kuroo, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Osamu, Suna, Matsukawa
Tumblr media
Come here - Sabrina Claudio + Beauty & Essex - Free nationals & Daniel Caesar
+ These are the boys that need a bit of a push - shy if I may add: He’s a softie, a shy boy. He can get bit nervous every time sex is initiated, or when a pure make out session leads to something more - he never fails to ask you “do you want to?” What a consensual king. They aren’t innocent, but just the fact that he gets to experience such an intimate time with you.. Yea, that makes him tremble a bit.
Constantly asking if this or that is okay, it’s nothing bad... it just comes to a point where action is needed fast, and you need him like that instant... but he still asks if you’re okay?... not reading the signs that you’ve been giving him that youre, in fact, more than fucking ready goddamn. 
That’s when you look at him, dead straight in the face, telling him to “fuck me now, and fuck me hard.” Sometimes he wouldn’t really know where to place his hands, so you’ll have to guide him along. It’s rather cute that he’s still so nervous around you. Placing his hands to your ass, when you’re doing cowgirl, telling him to grab it, spreading your cheeks wide, while fucking you dumb - harder, baby harder. 
Just because he’s nervous, doesn’t mean he’s bad. Once those initial jitters surpasses, he knows what to do - he’ll slowly gain his confidence.
But, never will he do anything that he hasn’t gotten your approval for. He trusts you, and he trusts that you’ll let him know what works for you or not.
But, if there is one thing that he can never get the courage to ask you... to give him head. The idea of you kneeling in front of him, simply pleasuring him, playing with his balls, with spit drooling from your mouth, and tears etched in your eyes... yea, he couldn’t ask his princess to do that. 
But being with him for some time, you’ve acquired knowledge of his body language, that you start to know when he’s itching for his balls and his dick to be sucked. Time to time, when he comes home from work, knowing your man’s been stressed, and has been nothing but good to you - you decide to reward him. You lead him to the couch, kissing his face, his neck, removing his shirt to stuck his tits, kiss each and every ab on his stomach, licking him back up from the v line on his hips, up his neck, and up to his lips to give him a kiss before you further proceed asking “you feel good, Daddy?”
Going down to your last location, you kiss his inner thighs - soft and gentle, sucking his skin and biting the area that you just made a mark - you make him jolt in desire and pleasure, he reaches for your head but still so shy of asking for more. 
You start to slowly palm his erection, keeping eye contact, all while telling him how good of a daddy that he is, and all you want is to make him feel good, as a thank you for being the best. 
Freeing his member, you take small kitten licks to his head, taking up all of his precum. He’s a bit too long for your throat to wrap, so you properly wet his pretty cock with your saliva dripping down and try your best to have him fully into your mouth with one hand at the base and the other massaging his sack.
Despite being the shy boys, he sure gets off seeing your eyes, eyes spilling with tears... struggling to take all of him in, looking so pretty for him… he’s believes he’s the luckiest man in the world and that makes his balls twitch - it’s game time.
Hinata, Kageyama, Sakusa, Kenma, Yaku, Lev, Inuoka, Kita
Tumblr media
SWV - Summer Walker + Mushroom Chocolate - Quin X 6lack
These are the boys that are in love with you, but are too afraid to admit… but their actions speak louder than words: He’s secretly in love with you, but initiates a friends with benefit relationship with you, because he’s scared as hell of rejection. pussy He wants you, but is afraid to lose you type of guy? he’s a bitch. He’s not sure if he pursues you, if you’ll be willing to even consider him - youre a goddess to his eyes, and all he is a coward. So, he’ll act like a king, just so that he can fool himself to believing he can have you. sigh, but he’s your pretty bitch. 
How you notice that he might be feeling a bit more for you is when you catch him saying things like, as if you were already his, like “youre mine” “this fucking cunt was made for me” “baby, look at how good you are for me, youre my perfect angel.” spewing out all these romantic and sweet phrases that you would never catch him saying when he wasn’t horny.
He will flips you over to your stomach, pin you down with the weight of his body, grabs both your hands and ruts into you - as he bites and sucks your sensitive ears (ngl...the sounds of his tongue squelching right against your ears does something to you). 
Using sex as a chance for him to believe that you’re his, he dies every time he hears your soft moans and cries, desperately calling out to him and begging for more. You can feel his hot breathe on your face, and it makes you unconsciously clench, which drives him over a bit - dangerously close to cumming.
He kisses you passionately, always craving to pleasure your body from head to toe, and it wasn’t until you realized that he would always kiss your forehead so tenderly, looking so lovingly into your eyes, before alerting you that he’ll be “going in”... is then that you realize... this fool might actually like you... back. 
Realizing that it was something you could tease him with and edging being your favorite thing to do to him.... you decide to wear the big girl pants and take initiative of this weird relationship, with the intent to make him your man bitch , so you decide to play a his little game.
As he thrusts into you… you look him in his eyes, while you seductively moan “you’re all m-mine. D-daddy, you’re all for me. C-cum all for me, cum all over this pussy, fuck.. i-it’s all yours” You swear you saw his brain short circuit, making him almost bust his nut... and being unable to control his unexpected rush need to release he starts to pound into you, with his blushed out face hiding in the crook of your neck, embarrassed that you found out his secret. It takes some time for him to calm down, a bit longer than usual… because he cum a lot... because... the thought of you overpowering him made his balls tickle a bit too much for his liking. 
He’ll get up from the crook of your neck and force you to look at him - but, this time his eyes are loving instead of the usual hard front he gave you. 
With one of his hands on your jaw, he squishes your cheeks together so that your lips could protrude out like a fish - he smirks at how cute you are and then proceeds to give you a kiss. A kiss unlike the ones you’ve shared before, a kiss that’s honest and defeated at your presence- because you’ve just beaten him at his own game, so he’ll be a fool to not give in now. 
+ Hanamaki, Futakuchi, Suna, Semi, Oikawa, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Konoha
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saintmanjiro · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, cunnilingus, orgasm denial, overstimulation
Tumblr media
bokuto’s absolutely bubbling on the inside, he’s been trying to keep himself calm the whole car ride home. but to his dismay, his hard on is as stiff and throbbing as ever, and somehow, he manages to score every red light possible. he should’ve known better than to open a message from you after he knows you went shopping, after he knows you were gonna show him an all too flattering outfit (and all too revealing too) but he couldn’t help himself.
you’re lucky you’ve sent it once he was already in the comforts of his car, but he’s still made it his mission to drill a lesson into you.
“k-kou,” you whimper, back arching off the bed, legs forced apart by two muscular arms, thrown over broad shoulders. “kou, please,” you whine, gasping when his tongue flicks over your clit, his fingers hitting the spot that makes you see stars.
“please what, baby?” he’s so sweet, always so soft, but you can see the glint in his eyes, and it makes the heat in between your legs grow more present.
“please let me cum this time,” you sob. and bokuto’s not exactly a sadist, but he likes his ego inflated, he’s one for the praise and the attention. so if he’s got to turn you into a mess so he knows you’re losing your mind for his cock, he’ll turn you into a mess.
“but i want you to cum on my cock,” he faux pouts. you writhe as he sucks harshly on your clit, feeling yourself approach your orgasm. you’re so close, just one more precise thrust of his fingers is all it would take, but he pulls away, grinning as you sob at the loss of his appendages. he smirks at the way your eyes are wet and your lips are wobbly. maybe he’s a little bit of a sadist. but he takes care of his needy girlfriend, he always does. “say you need it.”
“i need it,” you all but scream.
“need what?” he knows it’s a bit excessive, but he can’t help himself.
“y-your cock, kou! i need it.” and that’s all it takes. truth be told, bokuto wasn’t sure if he could wait another second, he wasn’t sure if the throbbing in his cock was going to be anymore tolerable. his head was leaking and his balls were heavy, and he just needed release. he slides past your folds with ease, groaning loudly at the way your walls clench around him, at the way you were so warm in contrast to the cool air.
“f-fuck,” he moans, clasping his hands with yours, fingers lacing as he pulls them to lay over your head. “baby, been—hah— been waiting for th-this since the drive home.” and bokuto can hardly pace himself, thrusting into you wildly, tip hitting your spot with accuracy each time, harsh and rough as he tries to relieve the ache in his member.
he’s groaning into your ear, each one broken off at the end by small whines every time you clamp down on him, voice so pretty as it cracks every now and then. he’s letting out broken strings of curses, balls slapping against your ass as his skin forms a small sheen from the sweat. the way you’d been denied so many times, the way one of his hands lets go of yours to move to your tits, thumb swiping over your nipple has you cumming in no time with a broken wail, spasming around his cock, making him whimper at the feeling.
“k-kou, kou!” you chant his name, tears streaming down your face as he relentlessly slams his hips down, fucking you through your orgasm and chasing his. his name is the only thing that rolls off your tongue.
“fuck, fuck, that’s it baby,” he cries. it’s almost too much, the way he keeps slamming into your spot, the way he’s moved his hand to rub over your clit, the way he’s sucking harshly into the skin of your collarbone. “fuck give me more, baby—hah—n-need more.”
bokuto’s not gonna stop anytime soon. you both know this. he’s gonna need a lot more to ease the ache of his throbbing cock, and you’ve only just begun.
Tumblr media
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atsymu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
;featuring. timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō, miya osamu + kita shinsuke.
warnings. 18+ minors dni. f. reader, nsfw links + twt pxrn.
note. maybe a tokyo rev one coming soon later this week also <3
Tumblr media
tsumu bouncing you on his cock after a hard practice, too impatient to wait until you’re home after seeing his pretty baby cheering for him in the stands.
lying on your back while tsumu fucks your mouth, just because he loves seeing the bulge in your throat while you take his fat cock.
him begging you to sit on his face just so he can lose himself in the taste of your pretty pussy.
tsumu eating you out when he sees how pretty you look to go out with friends, making sure you know he’s the one who owns your pussy.
kou has no problem finger fucking you in public when you’re always looking so pretty for him, if you’d let him he’d fuck you too.
bokuto loves seeing your pretty pussy filled with his seed, maybe that’s why he can never stop at one.
bokuto finally being able to bury himself in your cunt after hes been away for a game.
he always gets impatient when you get him worked up, promising to buy you another new tights as he babbles below you.
hajime fucking you to sleep after dealing with you grinding up against him all night “all you had to do was ask, doll.”
letting him wrap his fingers around your throat while his fat cock stretches your walls.
iwaizumi slapping your ass until you’ve learned your lesson, he doesn’t take too well to your bratiness, he’ll teach you how to behave.
iwaizumi fucking you nice and deep, pushing you into any position he wants.
omi relaxing with you in the bath, even though he can’t help but roll your sensitive clit when his hand finds its way between your thighs.
omi fucking you on the side of the road after you teased him so much, deciding it was safer to pull over and give you what you want.
feeling him tangle his fingers through your hair as he fucks you from behind.
omi bending you over his lap just so he can play with your pussy, learning what makes you scream.
even when he’s tired from practice he’ll still make sure to fuck you to sleep.
he loves teasing you, slapping your clit after he’s made you cum on his fingers - leaving featherlight touches along your skin just so he can watch you tremble.
giving your boyfriend a thigh job.
giving rin a pussy job, just because he loves the feeling of your slick coating his cock as he rubs against you.
you’re always so willing to help samu empty out his breeder balls, letting him fuck a load into your tight pussy.
after fucking you dumb, he pulls out to make a mess on your tight pussy - obsessed with how pretty you look covered in his seed.
samu sitting you on his face, letting you use his mouth for your own pleasure.
letting him bend you over the bed while he eats your pussy from behind.
letting kita breed your pussy while he tells you how pretty you’d look swollen with his seed.
cuddling up with him on the couch after a hard day only to end up filled with his fat cock.
creampies and breeder balls.
kita kissing your pussy so passionately, treating you with the most care while you’re laid out so pretty beneath him.
Tumblr media
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dilf-uc · 3 months ago
genre | smut, fluff (18+)
pairings | atsumu miya x fem!reader, bokuto koutarou x fem!reader, matsukawa issei x fem!reader
word count | 3.8K
warnings | nsfw. minors dni. bokuto's has so so much fluff pls. arousal from wearing lipstick. unprotected sex. oral. throat fucking. degradation. dick kissing. public sex. cumming on face. face slapping with their dick. etc. DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS.
author’s note | idk how tf i came up with this but tbh i just want my lipstick stains on atsumu’s cock so <3
Tumblr media
ATSUMU thinks you look hot as fuck no matter what you do. it’s insane just how quickly you’re able to turn him on with the smallest things that make you who you are. he loves all the stuff you happen to be passionate about. however— when you enjoy doing your makeup, he thinks you look the hottest.
something about watching you apply your red lipstick, swiping it back and forth as you smack your lips together, and admire yourself in the mirror seriously drives him insane. he loves a woman who can do both. with or without makeup, you’re hot as fuck. but he still finds himself licking his own lips thinking about your red and plump ones suffocating his in sloppy kisses; just finding that to be a more erotic thing you can pull off by doing the bare minimum.
he honestly doesn’t know what to call it, but every time he sees you wearing lipstick, licking excess lipgloss on your lips, tongue swirling around your lip, anything of that sort— he fucking loses it.
so on a day where he felt particularly giddy about seeing you wear that special lipstick, and comes home to see that you’re not wearing it, he decided to confront you about it.
“baby, why aren’t ya wearin’ that one red lipstick?” he asks curiously as you’re lounging on the couch.
“hm?” you look up from your phone across the couch, with a confused look on your face. “which one?”
“ya know... the one with the golden rose on the cap?” he clarifies, you made a noise of familiarity, knowing what he’s talking about.
“oh. i just didn’t feel like wearing any makeup today, ‘tsumu,” you ponder. “why do you ask?”
“ah... no particular reason,” he trails off, turning back to the tv. you gave him a weird look before shrugging it off. he probably saw you wear it a lot.
a few minutes pass by before he gets up abruptly from the couch and goes to your bedroom, going over to your vanity table where you keep all your makeup goodies and rummaging in your bag that carries the lipsticks— which, by the way, he was surprised he was able to actually find it through your large collection of products.
you were still immersed in whatever was on your phone before you felt hands rest on your shoulder from behind the couch, you look up and meet atsumu’s gaze, before turning to see the item he held in between his fingers and raising a brow.
the lipstick?
before you could say anything, atsumu strokes your hair softly with a daring grin and actually explains why he’s holding it.
“put it on for me, baby,” he states in a commanding tone, you raise a brow and he huffs. “please?”
you were confused at the sudden request but obliged nonetheless; slowly taking the product from his hand, removing the cap before applying it. atsumu watched as you swirled it around your lips with a dark look in his eyes. he felt himself getting hard at the sight, immediately replacing the image of lipstick with his cock dragging against your lips instead.
you didn’t even get a chance to fully apply it before atsumu harshly gripped your chin, tilting your head to look up at him and he smashed his lips against yours, in a hungry manner.
“mmph!” you made a noise of surprise when he moved his lips against yours rapidly, tongue gliding over your bottom lip and humming at the hint taste of cherry. you couldn’t help moaning against his mouth as he practically smothered his lips with yours, taking your breath away and the kiss itself was numbing because it’s not something atsumu has voiced loudly before.
it didn’t matter how you applied because either way he was clearly planning to make a mess of the lipstick on your mouth. when he pulled away to catch his breath, along with yours— he took a moment to drink in your parted lips with red smeared around it. you looked so fucked out and he hadn’t done anything.
remembering his problem at hand, he brought his thumb to rub some of the colors around your lips, barely doing anything but smearing it furthermore; grinning mischievously at the mess he caused.
“can ya put those messy lips to good use?” he chuckled as he pulled away, beginning to unbutton his pants, you were taken by surprise but didn’t mind one bit, because when he pulled out his hard cock; veiny and bulged at the little lipstick incident. you felt yourself lick your lips at the sight.
he leaned over as he dragged his cock across your lips from side to side, further smearing the red color on your mouth and on the tip of his cock; he dared even slap your cheeks with it; chuckling at your eagerness as you reach out to lick his cock. because he was about to ruin your face and smear it with his own cum swirled with the red color that would have been on your lips.
you were seriously taken back but you knew you were gonna enjoy this; so you wrapped your lips around his tip and pulled away to prepper kisses to it, causing a soft moan to slip from atsumu’s lips.
“just like that, baby,” atsumu threw his head back in bliss with a lazy victorious grin. “i wanna see yer kisses imprinted all over ma dick.”
Tumblr media
BOKUTO is your biggest hypeman! he’s just the biggest simp for you in general. he loves you so, so much and he’s actually your #1 supporter. he, like atsumu, thinks of you as a goddess to worship all day and every day. he finds you hot in almost everything you do. he just thinks you’re so beautiful in all the little things that make you who you are. you accomplish one thing (it could be the smallest thing like getting a productive task done) and he’s running around the house praising you for doing a great job on whatever you did. he’s just an absolute supportive king.
that being said… he’s still a pervert and always manages to sexualize the littlest concepts about you. you can’t blame him, okay? you just manage to make everything about you ooze sex. but he’s your pervert and you adore him just as much. even though due to the fact he’s a pervert, he ruins a lot of moments.
because bokuto is a pervert and your #1 fan, he’d either get hype or get horny. and now, he chose the latter. or both in a sense.
you went out shopping with your friend today so you could finally restock on some of your makeup essentials, and she happened to suggest a new popular matte lip cream that would look astonishing on you and match your skin complexion! she told you that it’s definitely a color that works well with your undertones and really makes your lips look plump and ‘kissable for bokuto-san’!
you narrowed your eyes at your friend’s remark but you actually couldn’t wait to ask bokuto’s opinion on the color. especially since it’s quite a bold color that you’ve never really worn before. you thought it looked good on you too and asking bokuto what he thinks makes you all giddy and warm in the end.
bokuto had just gotten back from practice and was laying down on the couch scrolling through his phone, probably waiting for you. when you came back, you greeted him with a sweet kiss to the top of his head and then ruffling his hair as he grins widely, telling him you’ll be right back to make dinner for you both.
when you went back in your room, you decided you should ask for his opinion now. so you opened the new lip color and applied it, mushing your lips together to spread it evenly and you smiled to yourself. she was right, this does look amazing on your skin.
when you went back in the living room, bokuto was still scrolling through his phone and laying lazingly on the couch. so, you approached him from behind and softly closed his eyes with your hands, him making a soft noise of surprise.
“baby?” bokuto mumbled confusingly when his vision when out suddenly and he looked up, hands still covering his eyes. “what’s up?”
“kou, i got a new lipstick and i want your opinion on it!” you stated and bokuto smiled excitedly and nodded.
“well, how am i supposed to see it if—?” bokuto’s vision was back when you removed your hands, but your face was still upside down to him. “hm, well… baby, i can’t really see so i think you’re gonna have to come closer.”
“huh—? KOU!” you leaned over, squealing in surprise when suddenly bokuto turned around in his spot and grabbed your waist, pulling you over the couch in a bone-crushing hug and then sliding you into his lap, where he really got an upclose look on the color.
bokuto’s own lips parted in awe once he really took in your facial features with the color; his cheeks tainted pink at how absolutely pretty you look. and he’s barely taken back in surprise because you always look amazing. but right now, all he really wants is to kiss you (much like your own friend mentioned) and feel the way your lips move against his; and he’s hoping maybe that the lipstick has a little flavor so he’d absolutely devour your mouth until there wasn’t a single tint of the lip color on you.
“so... what do you think?” you ask shyly because he hasn’t said anything in the past few minutes. did he not like it—?
that snapped bokuto out of his little starstruck trance.
“you’re so pretty, baby,” he smiled sloppily, hands grabbing at your waist tighter. “i love this color on you. please wear it again.”
“awh— thank you, kou! i think it’s a little bold for my taste but i never really wear colors like this—mmph!” you were cut off mid-sentence when bokuto suddenly pressed his lips against yours, softly at first, taking you by surprise but you kissed him back nonetheless.
you tried to pull away to breathe but he kept pulling you back in, and the kiss getting rather more heated in his arms. bokuto couldn’t help himself, truly— you just look so hot and this lip color is nothing new to make him feel like this. like he couldn’t help lapping up at your lips as if he was starved; tongue exploring your mouth and grinning when the creamy taste of strawberry filled his senses.
he also couldn’t help but grab at the flesh of your ass in his lap, gliding his hands up and down your waist; moving over to cup your breast as his lungs pound like a heart at the lack of air. he especially couldn’t help but grind up into your clothed core, softly moaning into your mouth that he’s in desperate need of friction.
“kou…?” you breathed out softly, as bokuto pulled away with a flushed expression, lips swollen and smeared with your lip color, you could definitely feel his hard-on beneath you, pressing against your clothed cunt but still making you wet.
“baby…” he mumbles, moving over to press wet kisses into your neck, lightly flustered, you sigh in bliss and run your fingers through his hair before he looks up and crashes his lips against yours once more.
except this one was rather more determined; he continued to grind hungrily into you and you couldn’t help but oblige. you knew what he wanted; and this was just so cute of him, like always.
but it was getting overwhelming for poor bokuto, the adrenaline pumping through his veins from your kiss, the lack of oxygen in his lungs, the delicious feeling of your cunt grinding against his clothed erection— it was too much. and he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help but come undone, splurting his load of cum in his grey sweats, whining repeatedly when he ruts his hips faster as you let him ride out his high.
you pull away and bokuto’s completely embarrassed, whining and trembling from the rock-hard orgasm he just experienced, hiding his face in the crook of your neck, slow breaths tickling the skin.
“kou? you okay, baby?” you run your fingers through his hair, he looked up with dusted pink cheeks like your lip color and pouted.
“‘m sorry baby, couldn’t help it,” he kisses your neck softly. “you’re just so hot.”
you just giggled at how cute he is and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek. but you’re completely flattered, not expecting your lipstick to have that big of an effect. it did more than just compliment your skin.
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA not only loses his patience but also his self-control when it comes to you. especially when it comes to your troublesome attitude that he just constantly has to punish you for. when you don’t listen to him, when you don’t obey him; he cannot control himself. and oftentimes you’re not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing.
well, it’s not like you’re not fond of his punishments; that’s why they keep happening. you just don’t know when to stop. you just keep edging him until he snaps.
of course, this was something established pretty early in the sexual stages of your relationship. you learned that issei is very much a man that gets aroused by the most oddly specific things, lover of many kinks and that he explores whatever you’d like in the bedroom. especially the fact he’s highly into rough punishments, voyeurism; too much to dive into but it had you on your knees every single time because sex with him was so thrilling and rewarding.
it’s no surprise you’re one hell of a brat, constantly pressing his buttons, getting on his nerves, and seducing him at inappropriate times; all the ordeal that lands you in a position like this.
he still fucking loves you for it, though. one of the many reasons why you’re to marry this man; every day with him is an adventure full of surprises and that’s something you both longed for until you found each other. a life so stimulating and full of unexplored territories. it’s so fun.
tonight, you both had plans to go to a restaurant and meet up with his seijoh friends, getting good food and maybe some drinks… nothing too crazy, right?
well, it wasn’t at first. while issei waited for you to get ready so you could head out, he wasn’t expecting you to come out dressed like you’re planning to seduce all his friends and not just him alone.
especially when he saw the forbidden lipstick he’d emphasized on multiple times. the way he’s always going feral over whenever you wear it. he’d specifically asked you not to wear it and here you are, wearing it at the worst possible timing.
and the mischievous ‘innocent’ grin on your face says it all. you’re wearing it on purpose.
“the fuck are you wearing?” he asked with an unamused expression, you just faked a gasp.
“why? do i look bad?” you fluttered your lash innocently and were enjoying the scowl on his face.
“sweetheart,” he started, walking closer to you and resting his hand on your waist. “i thought we discussed the consequences of wearing that lipstick.”
“what consequences? it’s just makeup, issei,” you tilted your head with a smile and resisted the urge to laugh when his jaw clenched.
“you know damn well what the consequences are, baby,” his voice getting deeper and making this more thrilling. “and you don’t want them to happen tonight and have me embarrass you in front of my friends, do you?”
“and what if i do?” you grin. “speaking of your friends, we don’t wanna keep them waiting at dinner, do you?”
matsukuawa’s jaw clenched and you simply giggled and opened the door of your house to leave, stopping at the doorstep.
“besides, i haven’t seen tooru since he went off to argentina, i wonder how pretty he looks now.”
now you just crossed the line.
the car ride to the restaurant was deafening; you didn’t say a word to one another and you chose to ignore how pissy he looks so you reached a hand over to rub his thigh, causing him to tense up.
“you don’t want to play this game, sweetheart,” he started, turning to you with seriousness.
you just giggled and turned back to stare out the window. and when you both finally arrived at the restaurant, his friends were already there and you found yet another opportunity to rile him up.
hanamaki, who you often see (as he’s issei’s closest friend), came up and hugged you like always. and then along with iwaizumi, who you’ve also been seeing frequently since he got back to japan from america; hugged you but respectfully as well.
and speaking of the devil’s name, the man of the hour appears behind them— looking completely different than you had seen him before.
oikawa was definitely hot and pretty. at your time in aoba johsai, managing their team, you got along quite well with him and you ended up finding out he had feelings for you. obviously, you felt nothing towards him because a certain middle blocker numbered 2 caught your heart way before.
and oikawa was sweet, he was what they like to call ‘eye-candy’ but he was rather boring; he was far from your type. sure, dating a pro volleyball player who travels the world sounds fun, but where’s the flavor of doing wrong things? of having a private life not exposed to the media. where’s the taste in having things stored for just two people and not the whole world or fangirls to know of?
that’s because issei promised you a life full of fun and thrilling adventures and that’s all you wanted. one that will take place tonight, in fact.
“y/n-chan!” oikawa exclaimed, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. “you look amazing! what have you been up to since i left? i haven’t even been gone that long!”
“you got hot yourself too, tooru,” you chuckled. “and we haven’t been up to too much, just the usual.”
“oh, please, y/n-chan you’re makin’ me blush!” he giggled, immediately stopping once he sees the intimidating aura coming from matsukawa in the corner.
you turn to look at issei and you’re positive he popped a vein in his forehead from that little interaction. oikawa simply chuckles and goes over to hug matsukawa, saying he’s happy to pay for dinner since he’s been gone for a while.
only a couple of minutes into dinner does issei really snap because you’re shamelessly being flirty with his friends and he couldn’t stand it. so, abruptly he stood up and excused himself to the bathroom. and, obviously, you immediately knew what was wrong as you’re the obvious cause to why he just got up and left like that. you knew the consequences, and your shamelessness to face them was even more lewd.
which brings you to now— where currently, you were attempting to balance yourself so that your knees don’t hit the dirty tiles of the public restroom; bouncing on the balls of your feet as matsukawa harshly fucks your throat; loud sucking and gulping noises that slurp on his cock filling the air.
“you just had to dress up like a hooker, tonight, huh?” issei chuckled as he fisted your hair in his hands. “you wanted to be fucked like one too? you could’ve given me a heads up, baby. you know i don’t like surprises.”
he pulled you off his cock momentarily to breathe.
“hah— ‘m sorry. couldn’t help it, issei, you’re so hot when you’re mad—mmph!” you’re cut off as he thrusts back into your mouth.
“are you really sorry though, my little slut?” issei tilted his head with a curious gaze. “if you were sorry, you wouldn’t have worn that lipstick i’ve clearly told you not to. especially not in public.”
you’re a lewd and whining mess in his hands, your legs shaking from bending too long, your cum and spit rolling down your chin— it’s a hot fucking sight for issei. you’re honestly moaning into his cock and dripping onto the floor, but it’s worth it.
“was it worth it seeing me get hard at dinner in front of my friends?” he gripped your wet chin. “was it worth seeing me not control myself?”
you pulled away to mumble a ‘yeah’ with a throaty chuckle before you’re pulled back once more to swallow him whole.
“you that hungry to get a taste of my—fuck—cock, slut?” issei groaned as he picked up the pace, getting closer. “that you had to embarass me, ‘s that it?”
you simply moan against his dick, tears rolling down your cheek as you smile slightly. this was what you wanted.
“but for what it’s worth…” he’d tilt his head and chuckle, breathlessly moaning as he nears his orgasm. “this real pretty sight of your lipstick smeared all over my dick is what i wanna see forever, sweetheart.”
your heart swells at his lewd words; these things are worth getting in a little trouble over. even when his friends will definitely question you when you get back.
but it’s worth it.
“you drive me wild, baby— fuck, i think ‘m gonna cum!” his breaths rapidly increase, fisting your hair harder. “since all you’re such a cockhungry slut, you better fuckin’ swallow every last drop i’m gonna give you. after all, you asked for this.”
the squelching noises emitting from your throat as issei fucks it harshly, sliding in and out of you at a merciless pace, barely giving you room to breathe but driving you so breathless at the same time is intoxicating. the tears streaming down your cheeks are enough to rock him to his intense orgasm, with one final thrust that goes all the way to the back of your throat. your nose nudged his pelvic bone as your eyes roll to the back of your head when you feel the thick splurts of cum coating it.
issei stroked your cheek as he pulled out and watched you swallow all of his cum, even licking up the drops that slipped down your chin. he dared even slap your face with his cock, as his way of saying ‘that’s all you’re good for, slut.’
“good girl,” issei smiled as he bent down with your level and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek and pulled you into a sweet embrace, holding you up so that your legs aren’t strained from bending down the entire time. even after going so rough, he’s always so gentle and caring towards how you end up feeling. he loves you madly, but perhaps it’s not too wise to rile him up every now and then.
but again, it was worth it.
“now clean yourself up and get back,” issei chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “and i better see that color off.”
noted. thank the gods for the spare lipgloss you brought with you.
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titsuya · 2 months ago
Do you have any visuals for f!ngering? You are the best <33
no, but i found some just 4 you <3 MWAH UR the best. u guys ask for p#rn, I DELIVER.
Tumblr media
yes god… yes. GRAB HEADPHONES !!!!!
Tumblr media
w/ all my hq boyfies
warning: twt p*rn. minors dni. 18+
a/n: bye i love these asks bc they’re so fun <3
navigation (18+) - m.list - want more p#rn?
Tumblr media
- OIKAWA TOORU menace to society loves making his pretty girl gush and gush all over his fingers tw squirting
- tooru loves clit slaps sobsobsob
- AKAASHI KEIJI sweetest babie to live is so obsessed with making you cum on his fingers and mouth
- nd he’s obsessed w/ ripping up your stockings <333
- MIYA ATSUMU also loves making you squirt, but he likes when his teammates play with his toy tw squirting
- mean?dom tsumie making you call yourself a dirty little slut
- SAKUSA KIYOOMI teasing your sweet cunt because he likes the way you cry
- HE IS SO MEAN ! but its so good, his fingers, his mouth, his cock <3
- KUROO TETSURO fingering his housewife under the table before he leaves for work <3 tw squirting god fuck <333333
- nd then coming back from work to play with your pussy some more, he <3’s edging you
- BOKUTO KOUTAROU kissing you while fingering you, mwah
- so good with his fingers, such a good boyfie
- MIYA OSAMU <3’s finger fucking both holes while eating you out
- slow and steady… with his thumb in your mouth <3
- SUNA RINTARŌ… just… daddy *dreamy sigh*
- ring adorned fingers in your mouth
- dilf IWAIZUMI HAJIME, thats all 😁
- he has such a needy baby, couldn’t you wait till you got home?
🏷 taglist: @guttgrinderr
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xrux · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS ⨾ PDA, implied!semi-public sex, semi-public handjob, grinding, nudes
a/n ⨾ I really wanted to test these banners out so ig today’s the big heart aesthetics debut!! Also, hi I’m back from my hiatus ♡
❥ haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝔟𝔬𝔨𝔲𝔱𝔬 𝔨𝔬𝔲𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ He’s right where you agreed to meet him
♥︎ 6’2” Bokuto isn’t at all hard to spot
♥︎ Immediately, your eyes trail to his big hands that were covering his crotch area
♥︎ He looks… uneasy
♥︎ “I have a problem.”
♥︎ He quickly lifts his hands, letting you take a peak and you notice how big of a problem it is
♥︎ The thick fabric of his sweatpants barely did anything to hide the outline of his erection
♥︎ “Kou, it’s okay,” you assure him, standing in front of him as you help him hide his print away from any onlookers
♥︎ “Can we please take care of it?” He asks sheepishly
♥︎ “Of course! Where’d you park your car?” ♡
Tumblr media
𝔦𝔴𝔞𝔦𝔷𝔲𝔪𝔦 𝔥𝔞𝔧𝔦𝔪𝔢
♥︎ You lay your hand on top of his thigh, squeezing it hard whenever a scary scene pops up
♥︎ It doesn’t matter whose idea it was to watch this movie
♥︎ Because he has since abandoned all hopes of following the plot
♥︎ All he could think of is you and how dangerously close your hand is to his crotch
♥︎ … and how much tighter his pants are getting
♥︎ “Fuck.”
♥︎ “Haji? What’s wrong.”
♥︎ What with the only light source being the dark theater screen, you can barely make anything out of his expression
♥︎ But you can see that his hand is balled in a fist and he’s pressing it just above his thigh
♥︎ Taking advantage of the dark, your fingers immediately latch on to his zipper
♥︎ “What are you doing?” He asks, eyes darting left and right to see if anyone’s watching
♥︎ “Shh.”
♥︎ Luckily, the cinema isn’t packed
♥︎ He unbuttons his jeans, swiftly wriggling his pants and boxers just a tad lower, allowing you enough access to his warm cock
♥︎ You’re only able to pump the upper half of his cock with your fingers
♥︎ If you asked him, he’d much rather have you on your knees right now, but this’ll have to do
♥︎ And hell does your hand feel good
♥︎ “Fuck,” he says under his breath, chest heaving up and down as he tries his best to keep a straight face
Tumblr media
𝔨𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔬 𝔱𝔢𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ He feels guilty for not having seen you all week
♥︎ Even cancelled on you once or twice because he had to work overtime
♥︎ He’s wondering how he can make it up to you
♥︎ Surprising him with lunch in his office takes the worry off his back
♥︎ He really really appreciates the gesture
♥︎ But why did you have to wear that
♥︎ When he comes to greet you, your eyes immediately trail to the building strain on his pants
♥︎ “My office,” he says, planting a kiss on your cheek before grabbing your arm
♥︎ He locks the door behind you, shutting the blinds before crashing his lips onto yours
♥︎ “You little tease.”
♥︎ “Heh, I’m gad you noticed. You brought me here for revenge then?”
♥︎ He gently pushes you to lie face down on his table, brushing your panties aside as he strokes your folds with his thumb
♥︎ He tilts your face to look at his. He smiles at what he sees, ready to make up for the entire week that he spent without you
♥︎ “No, I brought you here for lunch.”
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔰𝔞 𝔨𝔦𝔶𝔬𝔬𝔪𝔦
♥︎ “Omi, are you… I can feel you—”
♥︎ “I know, stay still.”
♥︎ You stop by the railing in the middle of the mall, overlooking the passersby on the first floor
♥︎ He rests both hands on the railing, trapping you in between his arms
♥︎ His hard-on is pressed and subtly grinding against your ass
♥︎ Trying his best not to make any big movements
♥︎ “Your fault,” he says, nostrils flaring as he buries his face in the crook of your neck
♥︎ You teased him too much in the car while he was trying to park
♥︎ Tracing your fingers along his thighs, then his zipper right when you were already where you needed to be
♥︎ He felt that it could wait so he brushed it off
♥︎ But he suddenly remembered what you did
♥︎ “We could cancel dinner and order takeout? What d’ya say?” ♡
♥︎ “Fine. I’ll get you later when we get home.”
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔲𝔫𝔞 𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔲
♥︎ You’re minding your own business by the bleachers, busying yourself scrolling through your phone as you wait for him to finish training
♥︎ You fail to notice the tall figure creeping up from behind you
♥︎ The back of his hand brushes along your spine
♥︎ Like always, Suna loves to come to you after training
♥︎ He would wrap a lazy arm around you, dried sweat and all before he hits the showers
♥︎ “Go shower,” you tease, not even sparing him one glance as your eyes are still glued to your phone
♥︎ He was about to
♥︎ But then something on your phone caught his eye
♥︎ Three or four mirror shots of you, wearing his jersey
♥︎ Wearing only his jersey
♥︎ And the shots were from an angle you’ve never sent him before
♥︎ “You’re coming with me.”
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