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luvatsu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat — timeskip!atsumu, iwaizumi, suna, bokuto + sakusa.
warnings — family!au and just some fluff!
note — very much in love with them, i just know they’d all be the best dads ><
Tumblr media
ఌ ATSUMU his son got so used to seeing his dad whine for a kiss before bed now he can’t sleep without one either. you always end up having both of them standing infront of you with messy hair + similarly tired eyes waiting for their kisses, and the puffy cheeked pout on your sons lips that matches his father warms your heart when you watch them play fight to see who gets theirs first. “ay! daddy gets the kisses first cause…j-just cause a said so alright, ya can go next!” atsumu groans, even though you normally have to push atsumu off of you when he takes the opportunity to tease your son, dragging out his kisses with a lazy smirk on his face and some exaggerated kissy noises. “just one more angel come on, a was here first anyway—always told ya i’ll never get enough of yer kisses. a aint sharin’” the blonde pouts, resulting in his son getting him back by falling asleep on you so you carry him to bed, atsumu trailing behind you with a few huffs and groans under his breath. “damn brat, hoggin’ all the cuddles too—it ain’t fair, baby.”
ఌ IWAIZUMI it was always obvious when iwaizumi was grumpy despite what he said, and it became even more apparent when you both had a son. it’s pretty funny when you return home to your son and his father having a disagreement. both males standing across from eachother in the living room with matching frowns, their arms crossed over their chests as your son pouts up at your husband—given how much bigger he stands above them. the similarity is even more noticeable when both start to grumble after a decent amount of time has passed, iwaizumi side glancing your figure as you fight the smile threatening to spread on your lips at the sight—because your son really was just like his father, maybe theyre both a little stubborn but you know that their frowns will soften as soon as their eyes meet yours because if they could agree on anything, it would be that you were their everything.
ఌ SUNA it could’ve been coincidence but when you feel your son always crawl his way into your lap to fall asleep you realise just how much like his father he was. tired, but familiar green eyes blinking up at you as you brush the darker hair from his face before he nuzzles into you to go to sleep. although you thought he was cute, your husband wouldn’t say the same as he stands over you on the couch, green eyes narrowed and face pulled into a frown, as he blinks down at the space in your lap that he normally looked forward to occupying after a long day at practice, only for it to now be taken. you stifle a laugh as you watch suna gather your son into his arms with a pout on his lips, holding him carefully with one arm as he stumbles to get comfy with a huff and a glare sent in your direction when you giggle at the sight. instead he grabs your ankles and yanks you further down the couch, giving himself more room to flop into your lap with a few kisses against your stomach while smooshing his cheek against the skin, resting the toddler down beside him. “tsk trying to steal my pretty baby—is that it?”
ఌ BOKUTO always greeted you after a trip away with a “hey, hey, hey” before lifting you into his arms—so everytime you pick up your son from kindergarten he decided that he should do the same. hearing a babbled “hey, hey, hey” as he runs towards you and your husband with a childish giggle, his smile beaming and fists raised as he approaches you before wrapping his arms around your thigh—straining a little as he tries to lift you up before eventually pouting up at you and raising his arms to be lifted instead. it’s normally bokuto who lifts your son after, pulling him into his arms with a spin as they both giggle—familiarity in the way both their golden eyes gleam when they look at you with bright smiles. “it’s okay buddy! daddy’s so strong he can carry you both, you wanna see?” “koutarou, n-no!” “babe it’s fine, i had extra meat at practice look—“
ఌ SAKUSA always tends to hold the hem of your jacket when it gets a little crowded in public, making sure that you were kept close. you don’t know when your daughter picked up the habit from her father until you were strolling through the supermarket with them both. feeling a familiar tug on the hem of your jacket before turning to see that it was your daughter as she blinked up at you, leaning slightly into your side. “you okay, baby?” you ask, grinning when you watch your daughters curls bounce as she nods her head, only to feel sakusa tug on his side of your jacket after with a small pout on his lips realising that his usual spot had been taken. but you feel your heart warm when you notice a smile on kiyoomi’s features even under the mask when his daughter finally reaches to grab onto his jacket instead, watching him turn to you with an almost proud look on his face.
Tumblr media
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augustinewrites · 2 days ago
hq dads that can’t say no to their babies & come home with a pet + » bokuto, atsumu, suna, oikawa, akaashi
Tumblr media
BOKUTO - resistance: -3/10
akaashi once explained to you that bokuto had approximately 37 weaknesses. in a surprising twist of fate, it turns out that his best friend was wrong, because bokuto has 41. (the last four being you and the three sons you share.)
so you shouldn't have been surprised, really, when a trip to the grocery store ended with you having no ingredients for dinner. you're in the kitchen flipping through a well-loved cook book when you hear the front door open, your mini army returning from their trip to the store.
"hey, did you remember the onions?” you call over your shoulder, humming when you pull a mixing bowl from the shelf.
you're answered by a fit of giggles from your children. bokuto's standing behind you when you turn around, holding two things that are definitely not onions.
"bokuto koutaro,” you start slowly, hands placed on your hips. “what is that?”
he holds up the plastic bag, grinning. “takeout. your favourite.”
“i’m talking about the dog.”
“oh, him!” he laughs, hefting the wiggling husky pup in his other hand. “this is oreo.”
“and what is oreo doing in my house?”
he sets the takeout bag on the counter, holding oreo to his chest. “um…being a cute puppy?” his eyes widen a little when you don’t reply. “boys! c’mon, just like we practiced in the car…”
eyes narrowed, you watch as your children flank their father, making promises of, ‘we’ll fill his food bowls and take him on walks!’ and ‘we’ll pick up his poops and give him lots of pets!’
“fine, but i’m adding it to your chore charts,” you grumble, bokuto high-fiving them all as you rub your temple. he sets oreo down on the floor and letting the boys run out into the yard with him.
he wraps his strong arms around you, pressing a kiss to the crease between your brows. “babe, the puppies were on sale and the boys talked me into it—”
you roll your eyes, watching the puppy in your yard barking excitedly as he chases a soccer ball, wondering just how a seven year old, five year old, and two year old could talk a grown man into doing something. “did you even go to the grocery store?”
he nuzzles his face in your neck (affection is the best distraction). “we were on the way, but we passed the pet store and they said they wanted a puppy, and— well, you know i can’t say no when they look at me like that!”
ATSUMU - resistance: 1/10
it’s been a while since atsumu’s succumbed to anyone’s charms. he’s long used to being the one doing the charming and it’s a gift, really, that he’s such a natural at it. it works on you, doesn’t it? all it takes is a hooded gaze, a pout of his lips, and you’re mush. absolute putty in his hands. what a blessing it was, to have (as he claims) syphoned a chunk of osamu’s charisma and wile in the womb.
but as his seven year old daughter flashes him the look, he knows that as much as it’s a blessing, it’s also a curse.
and he’s succumbing to it. in fact, the only thing stopping him from immediately whipping out his credit card is the thought of you, and how pissed you’ll probably be.
all it takes is one trip to the countryside to visit kita (and get some rice), a look down at her precious eyes and the adorable pout on her lips as she says, “please, daddy? i really really love him.”
the miya charm has been turned against him. weaponized, actually. this is karma, he knows it, and one week later, everything catches up with him.
“miya atsumu!” your yell echoes through the house, your footsteps heavy on the stairs (like a death march personified) before you kick the door to your bedroom open.
oh, shit. (should he take his shirt off?)
“something wrong?” he asks, feigning cluelessness.
it only seems to piss you off more though, shoving your phone under his nose. “why did i just get a confirmation email about full boarding for our new horse?”
he hardly has time to open his mouth when your daughter trails in behind you, an excited glint in her eyes as she unintentionally adds fuel to your flames. “his name is chestnut!”
SUNA: resistance: 3.5/10
suna tried really hard to say no, he swears. tried to walk quickly past the pet store and to go grab aran’s birthday present without distraction. but all it took was a little squeal of, “look, daddy! kitties!” and he’d been powerless to fight the insistent tug on his hand as his five year old daughter pulled him towards the litter of kittens in a storefront.
he’d just gone in to let her look, he swears. but then his baby was crowding the little pen, and suddenly he was asking an employee if she could hold one. and seeing his daughter hold that little kitten (white with little brown patches) was all it took.
he’d spent at least half an hour at the pet store, leaving with a cute pink collar and a tinkling bell, ceramic food bowls, veterinarian approved food and treats, toys with feathers and pom-poms, and a kitten named patches in a carrier.
your daughter doesn’t even give him a chance to come up with a valid story or reason, immediately coaxing her new kitten out and hauling it up into her arms, running into the living room to show you.
he’s well aware of how lucky he is when the kitten curls into your lap, your daughter gazing down at it so adoringly, stroking its fur so lovingly.
"we're definitely going to talk about this later," you promise, and suna tries to recall the list of chores you'd asked him to do before then. if the bathrooms are cleaned, maybe you'll go a little easier on him--
"oh, did you pick up aran's birthday present? i need to wrap it."
suna, standing there with an armful of cat supplies, just sighs.
OIKAWA - resistance: 2/10
"a puppy is fine," you'd said when oikawa brought up finally getting a family pet. "not a cat, not a hamster, not a turtle or bird. a dog."
"i've always wanted a big dog," you'd told him, when he'd asked which breed you'd preferred. it'd be so cute, a handsome golden retriever or labrador dressed up in a bow for this year's christmas card.
"a dog, tooru," you remind him as he herds the kids into the car. "come home with a bird and you're sleeping on the couch."
"you underestimate me, mi amor," he laughs, kissing your cheek. "i'll come home with a dog more loyal than iwa-chan."
so when he comes home from the pet store with your son and daughter in tow, you expect their excited babbling to be accompanied by barking.
it's not.
instead, your children present you with a cage holding a guinea pig.
your eyes immediately lock onto your husband, who is standing behind them holding a box containing an unassembled guinea pig hutch and a box of chocolates. the ones from your favourite chocolatier in retiro.
you take the chocolates with a huff, all your dreams of the perfect family photo for your cards flushed down the drain.
"explain yourself," you say flatly, the kids giggling as their new guinea pig sniffs at their hands. meanwhile, you smack oikawa's arm with the box of chocolates. "i wanted a dog."
"but they really, really, wanted the guinea pig," he tries to reason. "and i--" he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a little bow. "look, a bow! for your photos!"
he sleeps on the couch that night.
AKAASHI - resistance: 3/10
he glances up at you over the rims of his glasses. "yes, love?"
"how was the mall?" you ask, obviously probing as you set your blazer aside.
"good," he shrugs, your daughter snuggling into his side. "we got some new books. how was work?"
"that's nice," you hum in agreement, standing before the two of them now. "and it was fine, i got a great author to sign with us today."
he's sweating a little now, the anticipation building in the room. "that's great news. we should celebrate. would you like to go out for dinner--"
"yes, my love?"
you pluck the book from his hands. "why is there a rabbit laying on your chest?"
"his name is nibbles!" your daughter exclaims, patting the rabbit's white fur. "he's so cute!"
"he's very cute," your husband agrees, kissing the top of her head. "you see, we were on our way to the bookstore when we saw the rabbits in the--"
your daughter reaches under the blanket. "and this is sniffles! i didn't want nibbles to get lonely when we go out!"
so, naturally, he purchased another rabbit.
"akaashi," you say a little more firmly, squeezing your eyes shut with a sigh.
"...yes, love?"
you lift nibbles off of his chest, stroking a hand over his admittedly soft fur. "did you even try to say no?"
because that's how akaashi is. one bedtime story always turns into two. one more episode of paw patrol always turns into two more episodes of paw patrol.
and like a magic trick, one rabbit turns into two.
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kodzukvn · 2 days ago
𖧷 hq boys + drunk texts ;; part two!
with: b. koutarou, u. wakatoshi, k. tetsurou, s. rintaro, i. hajime, s. kiyoomi
tw: suggestive in kuroo's and a bit in iwaizumi's, use of petnames angel and baby, sakusa calls you a brat 💀
a/n: the part two that nobody asked for but everybody wanted <3
part one
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@kodzukvn2022. do not repost, copy, edit, or claim as your own. please report plagiarism.
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luvring · 17 hours ago
— haikyuu boys as campus crushes
(gn!reader) | iwaizumi, bokuto, akaashi, atsumu, suna, sakusa note from nia: my classes got moved online until the end of february so i will live vicariously through my own writing! </3 (not proofread lolol)
Tumblr media
✧* IWAIZUMI bumps into you after leaving the gym causing your notebooks to fall and drink to spill. he mutters a curse before apologizing and bending down, offering to buy you something at the café nearby that he likes. your hands brush against each other while you reach for the same stray paper, and if you weren't so flustered maybe you would have noticed the pink dusting his own cheeks. he makes small talk on your way there, asking for your name and where you were headed, telling you about his classes and how his workout went. he pays for your drink and seems unsure of what to do after handing it to you. having mercy (and not wanting to take up more of his time), you thank him and he offers another apology before starting to leave. when you joke and say "hope you don't run into anybody else. don't want to spend more money, do you?" he blinks before laughing, "yeah, guess so. wasn't too bad meeting you, though." you can't help walking by the gym the next day, hoping to catch him on his way out again.
✧* BOKUTO isn't hard to spot at the main quad. it's the beginning of the year club fair and he's charming everyone who walks by, despite any lack of initial interest. you aren't an exception, you realize, when he spots you and flashes a big grin, "hey! d'you wanna hear about the volleyball club?" he tells you the basics and boasts about how good they are, how hard he's been training himself. he even offers to spike a ball for you, backing up into a bigger area with another player. everyone around claps after he hits the ball with ease, but he turns to you for your reaction first. his friend pokes him, a signal that he's been talking to you long enough, and he pouts a little before realizing he did have a job to do. "i—we'd love to see you at tryouts!" he says. when you show up, maybe not for the club, but to see a specific white and black haired player, the same smile reaches his face as he jogs over. you're not sure if his flushed face is because of warm-ups or something else.
✧* AKAASHI is the well-dressed guy sitting by the window of a coffee shop, notes strewn in front of him and fingers typing away. he looks away from his screen and stretches, finally taking a break. as he glances around, he can't help but make eye contact with somebody at the table in front of him. his face flushes as you turn away and he decides the people walking outside are more interesting. but after a dozen more glances, a few close calls of being caught, 20 minutes of overthinking, and a text from his friend saying "GO TALK TO THEM!!! >:(", he starts shifting to get out of his seat—all before his heart drop as he watches you get up to leave. he keeps coming back, about to accept he'll never have another chance until he spots you a few days later. when you get back from a washroom break you notice a sticky note next to your drink with a phone number, user, and smiley face scribbled down. you look around and see the same cute guy from before watching your reaction, blushing then scribbling notes down a few seats away.
✧* ATSUMU is the guy who sneaks into class just late enough to have missed the first slide of notes, sliding into the empty seat next to you. he wouldn't have been so loud if it wasn't just the prof speaking, his noisy jacket, and backpack hitting the floor. he sheepishly taps on your desk to get your attention, holding a laptop charger for you to plug in. you think that'll be your last interaction for a while until you watch him start up a game (valorant, probably) and take out a bag of gummies. he's chewing on one when he notices you looking from the corner of his eye and he turns the bag so you can grab one. you spend the rest of the lecture switching between trying to pay attention to the professor and holding in your laugh as he dies again. he sends a joking glare your way and hastily switches to a tab to write "do YOU wanna try then??" in the search bar. you're pretty sure everyone around you turned when he snorts at your panicked rejection. after class ends and you pass his charger, he doesn't forget to turn around and say "see ya next class!"
✧* SUNA replies to your question in the class discord about a project due date. he makes a comment about the prof's bad teaching style in the safest way possible to avoid getting in trouble, sending a friend request after you laugh and agree. as soon as you accept, he dm's and says "our prof is complete ass lmao." instead of dropping the class you make a deal to stay and get a good grade purely out of spite—the loser would buy lunch at the end of the semester. you become each other's class life lines. the semester's filled with complaining, loopy 2am conversations, working through questions, secret looks when the prof said something incoherent, and high-fives. the first time you decide to sit together, you didn't expect him to be that attractive when he poked your shoulder and you turned around, though you can't really complain. he sends "😐🖕" when you get your final grades then immediately asks when to meet up. you have a sneaking feeling he tried harder with his outfit than usual, but he just teasingly sighs, "i guess i owe you a lunch?"
✧* SAKUSA sits alone at the last table with free seats in the library during finals season. he watches you pace around, trying to find an empty spot with no luck. he stares until you look in his direction then moves his things out of the way for you to take a seat diagonal from him—it's far enough that you won't bother each other, he thinks. you whisper a small "thank you" while placing your things down and he nods before returning to his project. his thought was proven to be wrong three times. once when you excuse yourself to plug in your phone by the port next to him, another time when his pencil accidentally rolls against your things and he mutters an apology, and a third when you both look up and at each other at the same time. you offer an awkward but sincere smile, and his eyes widen before he clears his throat and looks away. despite it all, he's at the same table the next day, and he moves his things again when you walk towards him.
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bokubear · 2 days ago
hq boys at the beach with their s/o
Tumblr media
featuring ; atsumu miya + bokuto koutarou + akaashi keiji + tsukishima kei
warnings ; nope !
notes ; cute n concerned ‘kaashi :’)
Tumblr media
+ATSUMU has always been a big fan of the beach. he honestly takes advantage of every opportunity there is, whether that be splashing around in the water recklessly or trying it surf ( deeply failed ). he always invites you as well, toothy grin easily evident, and if you were even to feel the slightest bit insecure in your body, especially in a swimsuit, he will publicly announce your self-worth. he just likes to take those times as a moment to simmer in how much you mean to him, that’s all. but don’t get me wrong, he will most definitely put you on his shoulders and run around with you no matter your weight, height, etc. he is SO in love. it’s obnoxious ( obnoxiously cute ).
Tumblr media
+BOKUTO constantly races around full of energy, the beach not being an exception. but he does love his fair share of sunlight, and somewhat, he loves sunbathing with you. probably comes home extremely tan. one of his favorite things to do at the beach is making sandcastles. although people that know bokuto either that he from school, volleyball, or any other activity, they’d assume his sandcastles look like something that a 3 year old would make. on all reality, he creates these extravagant creations even you’re blown away that he can make. he’s very proud. and once you’re tired out, he lays on the towel with you, head resting on your stomach comfortably. “you’re soft.” he melts, earning a chortle of laughter.
Tumblr media
+AKAASHI likes the beach, yes, but he is quite the stickler for safety. not necessarily water safety, but skin safety. he gets all concerned when you’re in the summer heat, afraid you’ll get sunburnt. he gets all flustered when applying sunscreen to your back ( a common cliche for him ), face excessively pink. and when you do it for him, he’s practically quivering nervously. he does become playful though, splashing around happily with you. his biggest weakness has to be when you pretend that you’ve gotten salt water in your eyes ( he falls for it every time ), waddling up to you to gently grasp your hands before being bombarded with water and your cry of victory. mostly speechless. otherwise frowning at you like some pouty baby. your pouty baby.
Tumblr media
+TSUKISHIMA is already a pain by itself. but taking him to the beach with you is an entirely different story. if you genuinely want him to go, you’ll have to drag the blocker with you. he retorts about how “useless.” and “annoying.” the ordeal is, but he does have fun, he won’t admit it. you do poke a little bit to how “pale he is.” and how it’s “healthy for your skin to have sun exposure for vitamin d.” leaving kei to glare weakly at you, brows knitted in frustration. “how did someone like you get that info ? did you memorize it ?” he smirked knowingly, a short smack on the shoulder being his punishment. “nope, only stating facts for someone who needs them.” he was not all too pleased, yet still laying on the towel no less. “you’re irritating.” — “i love you too kei.”
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited
Tumblr media
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aominology · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[10:56 p.m.]
“can you be honest with me?”
you blink at bokuto, who’s clutching the doorframe of your apartment’s front door, slightly out of breath, probably from running up the three flights of steps from the lobby.
“yes?” your voice lilts as you peer at your close friend.
it’s rather late, so you’re unsure why bokuto would show up so abruptly, without so much of a text to warn you he was coming to visit, hence, he’s seeing you in your warm fuzzy pajamas pants and t-shirt. had you not been so close, you’d be mortified.
“tell me what you see in him.”
your head tilts at the vagueness of his statement but his fierce stare makes you gulp. connecting whatever dots the statement gives you, you slouch in place.
“bokuto, do we really have to-“
“what do you see in him?” he repeats, firmer this time, making no move to leave. his hands clutch the doorframe harder, so hard, you can see the whites of his knuckles. “you run back to him every time, so please, tell me.”
bokuto hardly speaks to you about your on and off again boyfriend unless you bring him into the conversation, asking for input into a guy’s mind. and each time, bokuto advises you never to go back to him.
but then you did. every time.
you recent 'off again' phase – you can't really call it a breakup if you just end up back in the man's arms again, lasted a few weeks. you were going on your third week, leaving the sad and depressed phase of losing someone you love and entering the rebuilding stage; you know, the part where you realize you don't need him to continue to grow.
but, as fate would have it (or bad luck as your friends would put it), there he was again, calling you multiple times, begging to take him back; that he knew better now; that he was different.
“he says he’s changed,” you murmur, twisting your arms behind your back, feeling uncomfortable for the interrogation. why was he so interested? and why at this hour?
bokuto, normally so upbeat and happy, scoffs with a sneer, gently brushing past you into your apartment. he spins on his heel to face you. “really? you really believe that? how many times have you been in this loop, y/n?”
you stammer, “i…i don’t know. why are you demanding to know all this?”
bokuto disregards your question.
“does he really love you?”
his question makes your heart fall down to your stomach.
your boyfriend, as comforting of a constant person in your life could be, isn’t exactly an ideal situation if you look at your relationship in a third person point of view. regardless, there’s a deep history between the two of you and it’s a history you can’t - you won’t - shake off.
not when he was your first kiss. not when he was your first time. not when he was your first love. this man was present during all the important periods of your life but emotionally, there for none.
still, without him, you’d feel empty.
it’s toxic, you’re well aware. but you’d rather be comfortable in the presence of another than lonely and empty.
“he does-“
“like you know that i can?” he cuts you off, face flushing slightly and you can’t tell if it’s from frustration or something else.
“does he love you like i can?” bokuto repeats the whole question, breathing heavily afterward. there’s a few beats of silence following that, with just the two of you staring at one another. “like i do.”
you don’t say a word, too shocked at your friend’s words.
“y’know, i’ve been watching you run back to him every single time,” bokuto chuckles humorlessly. “and the funny part? every time i got the nerve to finally tell you how i felt about you, that was the moment you ran back to him. my timing was always off.” he shoves his hands in his pockets.
your lips stay parted as you register his words.
“so,” he drawls, rocking on the balls of his feet. “‘figured might as well tell you while you’re with him. better than not saying anything at all.”
“bokuto,” you breathe.
“i'm not sure if my feelings were apparent,” he shrugs. “'tsumu said so but it was never confirmed since you never said anything.”
they weren’t.
but in a way, they were.
you’d be lying if you said you didn’t notice the way bokuto’s gazes were softer than anyone else’s you knew. the hugs he gave you lasted much longer and felt much tighter than others you’ve had. and lastly, the comfort he gave was greater than any feeling your boyfriend had given you.
but comfort was temporary you thought. given your entire relationship with your boyfriend, comfort comes in waves. sometimes it’s strong being with the person you love, and other times, the love fizzles and at times, it just seems nonexistent. but the comfort comes back…eventually.
doesn’t it?
“and i’m telling you now,” bokuto smiles, though it’s sad, as if he’s in pain. granted, he is. he’s spent months, maybe years, pining for you, only to watch you get back with your ex when all he wanted was for you to be in his arms. “ i don’t care if this man has been with you since you were fourteen. i loved you first.”
you don’t realize you’re crying until bokuto takes two long strides toward you, bringing your face in his big hands. “shit, didn’t mean to make y’cry.”
you weren’t crying because you were sad. you weren’t even crying because you were overwhelmed, which you definitely were. you were crying because for once, for fucking once, there’s warmth in your heart because of another person’s love.
you didn’t know you yearned to hear those words with actual meaning so much.
“you do?” you sniffle as bokuto wipes the moisture from your cheeks with the pads of his thumbs.
leaning down to press his forehead against yours, bokuto sighs. “always have.”
comfort from bokuto was never temporary, you realize as he wipes away your tears, staring at you with nothing but utter adoration.
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yaoomie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
wc- 0.2k
warnings- suggestive, mostly fluff!
Tumblr media
probably gives you the pouty silent treatment.  he can never stop talking for long... so leaving him to his little sulk is probably the best way to get round him, he’d walk up to you a few hours later and peck your cheek with an idiotic grin wrapping his arms around your waist.
gets overly touchy. squeezes your hip and pulls you in for a kiss, cheekily slipping a bit of tongue in just to watch the surprised look on your face and feel the little hitch in your breath
doesn’t show he’s jealous that outright but that doesn’t mean he isn’t (mentally he is trying his best to compose himself)... the grip he has on your hand might get a little tighter and his polite grin and deadpan expression may falter a little every time the dude takes a step closer
akaashi, DAICHI, KENMA, yamaguchi
he would give the person death glares the whole night, huffing slightly every time they showed off in front of you. would be tense the entire car journey home, his jaw locked and hand gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white, but he looked so attractive doing so.
Tumblr media
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granddecoffee · 2 days ago
taking you on a first date
❥ with osamu, bokuto, aran, and sakusa
❥ note: this was requested through dm! i had a fun time writing this, and would love to take more requests
osamu — if he knows anything, it’s where to eat. it won’t be the most fancy, but it’ll be unique. you meet him in front of a building that looks nothing like a restaurant, and at first, you think it’s the wrong place. he takes you through a side door, and you have one of the best meals you’ve ever had. he treats you to dessert after, and you fight for the last bite. he begrudgingly lets you take it, and when he kisses you goodnight, you can still taste the sugar on his lips. 
bokuto — when you ask him where you’ll be going, he tells you to dress comfortably. It’s a surprise, he says. you’re not quite sure to expect, but he’s so excited that you’re okay not knowing. you end up climbing a mountain. well, part of one. when you make it to the end of the trail, the huge trees part to reveal the sunset. you sit and watch it together–the oranges, pinks, and purples stretching across the horizon–your head resting on his shoulder. it’s breathtakingly beautiful, but his eyes are stuck on you. you stay there a while, his arm a soothing weight on your shoulders, and take in the view. 
aran — he’ll take you on the classic coffee shop date. he pays for your drink and pastry, tells you to get whatever you want. sitting across from you in a quaint café, he can give you his undivided attention. you talk for hours, your drinks long since drained, refilled, and drained again. you blink and suddenly it’s dark, the coffee shop fifteen minutes from closing. it’s colder outside than you anticipated, and he drapes his jacket (which smells of his masculine, woodsy cologne) over your shoulders as he walks you wherever you need to go. the date ends with a kiss to your knuckles, and the promise of next time
sakusa — of course, he has an art museum membership. he’s been there often enough that he doesn’t need a map, leading you to his favorite pieces by memory. he stops in front of a sculpture, and doesn’t say a word. you ask him what’s wrong. he stares at you, and says, “nothing. i just love when art imitates life like this.” you want to call out the irony–he looks carved out of marble himself–but you don’t. he interlaces his long fingers with yours, his thumb brushing your knuckles, and you move to the next exhibit
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kyosmommy · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Minors DNI
Prompt: Give me a show
Event: Aprils Bash
Contains: Virginity loss, corruption kink, cam girl reader, dom!reader and sub!bokuto, riding, nipple play, a bit of humiliation
Tumblr media
‘Suck off the dildo then fuck yourself’ You reopened the list as you repeated your requested act for today from a newer fan. Your eyes skimmed the list of usernames eagerly waiting for your stream to start. “Come on Kō I know you’re here.” Scrolling further you found him, in pretty gold letters. GoodBoyKō. “There you are baby.”
Over 1,000 dollars in your bank account were all donations from him. Pretty lingerie sets and toys neatly stored in your drawers sent and addressed to you from Kō, he was a big fan with an even bigger wallet. Always ready to spend it on you. The best thing, though, is the tiny notes he includes with his present.
“If it’s not too much trouble could you maybe wear this in your next stream?”
“Remember to take care of yourself too :)”
He was your favorite fan and he deserved a reward, not just fulfillment of his small requests, but an actual ‘thank you’ for being such a good boy.
You came to the conclusion that a personal call with him would be perfect. You lied about the call's circumstances by sending him a message on a private chat. 'Congratulations on winning my secret raffle, baby. You will have the chance to chat with me privately on July 19 at 9:00 p.m.'
He responded to your message almost immediately. You could feel his excitement through the screen. He set an alarm on his phone and waited out the days.
The call eventually connected on both ends, and you were greeted with the most beautiful pair of eyes you'd ever seen. His chiseled face framed with salt and pepper hair. You're not sure what you were expecting, but it was most certainly not him. To say the least, he was delightful. And so very charming. Kōtaro Bokuto. That’s his name.
The introductions were slick, sweet, and a little jittery. You ease into conversations, letting him relax and get confident. His infectious laughter can be heard over the speakers all around you. So this is how it feels to be at peace. The time passed led to more alluring topics. Burning questions you needed answered.
“I bet you play with yourself while watching me huh?” Further leaning your head into your hand. Your tone is sugary sweet.
“I've never really…” His poor face flushed over. Admitting to you that he’s never gotten himself off seemed a lot more humiliating than he thought.
“You’ve never touched yourself?” Genuine surprise in your voice.
“I felt dirty touching myself to you without permission and nothing else makes me feel the same way”
You were stunned. Time after time you thought about filthy men touching themselves with even filthier thoughts of you. But he couldn't get hard from anything else but you, and still he didn’t dare touch himself without permission. How cute.
“You’re such a good boy. I bet you’ve been saving yourself for someone special. Is that right?” Your cooing praise makes a dopey smile spread across his face. Finally deciding to give in to your lingering thoughts, you spoke.
“Can I ruin you? Let’s show everyone how perfect you are.”
You sat on the edge of the bed, your body hugged by gorgeous lingerie he so carefully chose. Bokutos whimpers interrupt you while you're giving your regular introduction and thank-yous for donations.
“I have a special someone with me today. Say hi baby.” Shifting the camera to Bokuto, who was fixated on a new toy you had given him. His hair clung to his forehead, as beads of sweat ran down his arms and chest. He steadily pumped in and out of the cock sleeve, his brows furrowed in concentration. He curled, blissfully unaware of his surroundings, until your voice drew him back. Under his breath, he said a shaky hello.
“Good boy. It’s his first time using a toy! Can you believe that?!” Your tone was condescending. Calling him over by patting the spot beside you. “Infact, it’s his first time ever.” Your fingers hooked under his chin making him look up at you. "Sweet thing is a virgin." His face flushed in shame. Looking up at you from under his lashes he pleaded.
You drew him in for an intoxicating kiss. He grasped the side of your face for more as he chased after your lips, too distracted to notice your wandering hand. Grabbing the toy he still had on, you continued where he left off. You began pumping faster than he dared previously, too scared he might cum from the blinding pleasure, your lips swallowed his whimpers and screams.
Separating from the kiss for a split second he warned you. “Gonna cum..”
“It’s ok baby boy, cum for me.” Your words drove him over the edge. As he emptied in the toy, you slowed your pumping on his cock. The sound of his cum and lube mixing was muffled by the quiet sound of his voice.
“Thank you, s’much.” He rested his head in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet smell. You lifted his head to meet your gaze wordlessly asking for his permission to continue. You had originally planned to read off the chat and do what they asked but fuck that. He was yours to have. His eyes shined in agreement, surrendering his body to you.
Pushing him into the sheets, you climbed onto his lap. Barely hovering over where he really needed you. You slammed your lips into his with a clutch of his hair. The kiss was dripping with passion and sheer, unfiltered lust. You trapped his hands over his head before he could reach for you.
“No touching yet.” You smiled smugly at him. You rocked against him, lowering your hips onto his cock and letting his tip softly graze your clit. You reached for his perked nipples with your free hand, brushing your thumb over them. The camera light indicated that the live was still going. The sounds he was making were almost too good to let others hear. Almost.
"Tell them what you want me to do." You squished his picture - perfect heated cheeks, tilting his head to face the camera. Leaning in close, you spoke in a hushed tone that only he could hear. "Pretty boy, give me a show."
“I want her to fuck me! I want you to break me! please” the last word came out breathy and garbled. You lifted your hips, reaching for him you lined him with your dripping cunt. Barely letting his tip in before completely dropping down, before a mutual moan.
“That’s right. That’s it baby. Now let me take care of you. Show you what you've been missing.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nerd-of-karasuno · 22 hours ago
Bokuto Koutaro Dating Headcannons
Tumblr media
Bokuto will steal your food off your plate
ahem- sorry, don't know who would say that-
starting off, Bokuto is so obvious about his feelings for you.
He doesn't exactly try to hide his feelings, but he doesn't really want you to know yet.
Baby's scared of rejection.
Still, Bokuto's pretty affectionate towards you even before you began dating.
 Akaashi has been very done with him lol
Sometimes Bokuto does great when trying to impress you, but other times when it goes horribly wrong, he goes into a little emo mode.
But it's easy for him to come out of it since you're there.
Hype him up a little and he's good.
Akaashi appreciates you so much and so does the rest of the team.
After a few months, Bokuto accidently blurts out that he likes you.
He decides he wants to finally confess, but really stresses out over how, so...
Bokuto told you he likes you during a conversation...
that just so happened to be in front of his team too.
He literally couldn't hold in his feelings for you anymore.
He just wants to love you 🥺
As soon as you say you return his feelings, he scoops you up into a hug.
Yeah, Bokuto totally forgot his team was standing right next to you guys.
Once he processes that he's now dating you and that his team just watched you two get together, he immediately starts introducing you proudly to them as his partner even though you have already met all of them.
You have to let Bokuto finish or else he'll be a little sad.
Bokuto is extremely happy you're together.
He spoils you whether it be with little gifts, snacks, or surprise dates.
He mostly gives you snacks during school hours, especially if you're having a bad day or forget your lunch.
The gifts, on the other hand, are super random and you really don't know when he plans to give something to you unless he's very visibly excited about something.
On your second date Bokuto gives you a little volleyball keychain that matches with one he gets to put on his bag. 
He's very sweet and just a tiny bit shy about giving it to you, especially since it's the first gift he's given you since you started dating.
Bokuto is extremely excited for you to meet Kuroo, Hinata, and Tsukishima.
He tells them all about you and he tells you all about them. 
Hinata and Kuroo, after hearing so much about you, really want to meet you.
I'm sorry but Tsukki doesn't care too much.
Lots of kisses too if you're okay with them.
Bokuto almost always is touching you somehow.
He usually has an arm around you or has you in his lap.
If he can't do that, Bokuto's holding your hand.
He loves cuddling with you holding him.
If he's has a really bad day, he wants you to hold him even more.
It's very comforting and relaxing for him to be held by you.
Something that also makes Bokuto happy is hearing you cheer for him during a game.
That really boasts his confidence.
Bokuto is super proud of being your boyfriend and won't hesitate to spoil you or show you off.
Everyone knows you're dating the one of the Top 5 Aces-
just don't mention to Bokuto that he still isn't in the Top 3.
he doesn't like talking about it, even with you
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sunbeamx · a day ago
After the break up
Tumblr media
mc x gn!reader (bokuto, osamu, atsumu, kenma akaashi)
genre: very light angst
a/n: hi you’re doing great i’m proud of you :)
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ Every little thing reminds Bokuto of you. Almost as if he could never let you go. He may have physically but his heart will always yearn for you, coming to terms with everything messed him up way more than he thought. His hair seemed to have forgotten to stay upright almost all the time and his eyes didn’t shine the same way they did when you were around.
ʚ♡ɞ Osamu regrets falling in love with you. He doesn’t need every other person to ask him how he’s holding up, no. It only brings him back to the happy times. They’re all just a reminder of how he managed to successfully mess things up for the both of you, while his system slowly decays, losing all emotions as time passes. Although Miya may regret it all, his heart doesn’t for you will always be his happiness.
ʚ♡ɞ He was a hot headed mess to say the least. Every miniscule action angered Atsumu. Every little footstep during the times when he was about to serve caused him to scream. He was very close to losing his voice at one point. His home felt empty and every word spoken to him seemed like a blur, as if he was just listening in, not being spoken to. Nothing mattered anymore, not even the roots of his hair that were starting to show.
ʚ♡ɞ The only place someone could find Kenma was his room. He refused to go out and never left his video games. If it was bad before, it is surely worse now. He doesn’t know the last time he ate or the last time he touched his food. Volleyball was the least of his concerns and he started taking to sport way more lightly. Everyone knew he was a mess, his unkempt nest of hair gave it away.
ʚ♡ɞ Akaashi simply drowned himself in work. Any kind that he could get, he’d do it- his homework, document work that the volleyball manager was supposed to do, even bokuto’s homework if and when he could. He’d drown his head in books for hours. That was all he could do to keep you out of his head. However he couldn’t escape the night and how he’d feel before going to sleep, so he stopped. Didn’t sleep a wink for days until Bokuto forced him to.
Tumblr media
taglist: join here
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haikyutiehoe · a day ago
bokuto and bakugou doing the stripper body roll on your figure, emphasizing his flexibility with a strong hump against the space between your legs. he enjoys how you squirm and whimper from the weight of his strong body, easily capable of breeding and ruining you had clothes not been the barrier between you.
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inuwui · 20 hours ago
Haikyuu Couple Visuals
an. take this while i avoid actually writing something <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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helpihaveatype · a day ago
what your first kiss is like (part 2)
♥ pairing: bokuto, kita, akaashi, lev x gn!reader
♥ warnings: just fluff!
part 1
Tumblr media
♥ Bokuto Kotaro
-a bunch peppered on your face before finally pecking your lips
“Ready?” he called to you from a safe distance, away from the picnic blanket so he wouldn’t hurt you. “I’m gonna do it.”
“Ok,” you chuckled, phone camera at the ready. “But please don’t hurt yourself.”
“I’ll be fine,” he assured, eager to show off.
A picnic date in the park sounded so peaceful. Alas, you should have known better when that date was with Bokuto. Not that you minded; you enjoyed his antics. You just wondered if he could actually do a backflip without injuring himself. That might put a damper on things.
Bokuto rubbed his hands together before getting into his final position. You watched in awe as it seemed he was going to succeed in his endeavor. And then he fell on his back with a loud “oof.”
He was already laughing by the time you’d rushed over and peered down at him in concern. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah. Looks like I need more practice before I have it consistent, though.”
“You practiced that?! How many times have you fallen like this?”
“Yes, I practiced,” he pouted. “A lot. I thought I looked cool.”
“Aww, of course you did, Bokuto. I’m just concerned about you hurting yourself,” you tried to cheer him up. “You know, because I care about you.”
“You care about me?”
Smile returning, he grabbed your hand and pulled you down on top of him. He began to dot your faces with little kisses, egged on by your gleeful giggling. Content to let him shower you in affection, you rested your hands on his shoulders and closed your eyes, savoring the moment. Your heart near melted at how gentle and happy and excited he was. Finally, his lips met yours, giving them a quick, blissful little kiss.
“I care about you, too.”
You sighed happily, snuggling further into his arms, settling in to chat a bit. It was silly, you thought, how your picnic blanket was so close but you were laying in the grass. Yet, you were both far too satisfied with the moment to even consider moving.
Eventually, he extracted himself from your embrace and jumped to his feet, offering you a hand to help you stand, too.
“Alright, get ready for attempt two.” He winked “I gotta impress you.”
You assumed your position back on the blanket, grabbing your phone that you’d discarded there in your worry. Finding the right angle again and pressing record, you called to him, “All set.”
This time he took a deep breath before successfully completing the backflip. Almost as soon as he landed on his feet, he was jumping in the air and pumping his fist.
“I did it!” “You did it!” you supportively gushed as you ran over to give him a hug.
“Are you impressed,” he asked as he spun you around in his arms.
“Really, you didn’t have to do anything to impress me,” you confessed. “I already like you just as you are.”
♥ Kita Shinsuke
-short but full of affection
Kita knew some people thought he was kind of odd, but he liked his routine. The most exciting, out of the ordinary thing in his life was volleyball. Especially when he actually got to play. Yet, even if he couldn’t know for certain what plays the other team could make, it could be predicted.
Well, recently something else had taken the spot of most unpredictable thing in his life. You. Every time your hand brushed his was exhilarating. Every smile caused his heart to skip a beat. Every conversation where you changed the topic to follow your train of thought made him all the more intrigued.
Perhaps people thought you were a bit odd, too, but once again, he liked you.
He’d just begun his nighttime routine to prepare for bed when he heard a tapping at his window. Not that he was sure what he was expecting, but he was surprised to see you.
When you saw him, you stopped your wind up and, dropping the next pebble you were about to throw at the pane, waved to him. He opened the window and called your name.
“Hi!” you called back.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“It’s cold.” As if to prove your point, you shoved your hands in your pockets to ward off the late-winter chill. “I want some coffee to warm up.”
He nodded slowly, not yet quite sure what that had to do with him. “Ok. Come in, and I’ll brew some.”
You shook your head no. “Mm-mm. There’s a cafe up the street I want to try. Will you come with me?”
Again, he wasn’t expecting that. But, looking at you out there in the chilly night air, he didn’t really see how his heart would allow him to refuse your request.
“Ok. Just give me a couple minutes. You can wait inside if you’re cold.”
“No thanks,” you replied, head turning up to the sky. “I’d rather stay here and look at the stars.”
Closing his window against the cold, still a bit perplexed by your behavior, he quickly bundled up to protect against the weather. He grabbed an extra scarf for you too. Really, it was no wonder you were cold; you weren’t dressed nearly warm enough. And why coffee at this hour? Wouldn’t the caffeine keep you up all night? Then again, you often didn’t make the most sense to him. Either way, he went outside to find you with eyes still trained on the sky.
“This is for you,” he said, offering the scarf. “I’m ready whenever you are.”
“Ahhh, thank you!” you squealed, quickly putting it on and striking a pose. “How do I look?”
Kita couldn’t help but smile. “Perfect.”
“Come on then!” You grabbed his hand and began pulling him along before his brain caught up with your movements. “We have to get there before they close!”
It was a considerably short walk, and you made it to the cafe with time to spare. A blast of warm air hit his face as he opened the door for you. The brightly lit room was mainly empty, and you just had to wait for one person to finish placing their order before it was your turn. It gave Kita just enough time to review the menu and decide on a decaffeinated green tea.
You gave your order first, then turned to your friend, cocking your head as if trying to predict what he wanted before the words left his mouth. You gave his name for the order then went off to the side to wait together.
Again, it didn’t take long, and soon you were taking his hand and leading him once more, this time to a cozy booth in the corner. Now that you had your steaming drinks, you both peeled off some of your insulated layers, and laid them on the plush cushioning. Kita was surprised when you left the scarf he gave you on. It made him inexplicably happy, too.
“Can I ask you something?” he began, waiting for you to nod before continuing. “Why did you ask me to come with you?”
“I like being around you. You have a nice energy,” you answered with a candid grin. “It’s calming.”
He took a long sip of his drink for two reasons: 1) he needed a second to think and 2) he wanted to hide his blush. Aran often told him to not think about things quite so much, to live more on the edge. Kita wasn’t exactly sure now was the time to start, but he knew moments as perfect as this were few and far between.
After taking a swig of your own drink, you had a bit of whipped cream clinging to your upper lip. Kits grabbed a napkin and gently cleaned it away. Then he ever so slowly began to lean in.
Kita wasn’t really sure he deserved much credit for the kiss. After all, you were really the one to close the gap, and he was first to pull away. That didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it, though. And while he didn’t have experience with this kind of thing, he was pretty sure he’d conveyed how he felt to you. He offered a shy smile before going back to his drink.
Turning back to your own and sipping in tandem, you scooched a bit closer to him so your sides were pressed together. “So I take it you like my energy too.”
Your ever captivating smile drew his eyes to your face again. “Yeah. It does.”
“Good.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “I’m glad.”
You certainly were a bit unpredictable, but in the end, Kita realized he rather liked getting caught up in the whirlwind that was you.
♥ Akaashi Keiji
-hesitant but quickly grows more confident
There were about a million things that could go wrong, and Akaashi had already run through all of them in his head. He hadn’t quite figured out which was worst, but there were definitely a few options for that. You could pull away. You could tell him it was gross, and you hated him. You could laugh in his face.
Really, there were so many ways kissing you could go wrong, it almost made him retreat. Almost.
Sure, he tried to play it cool, holding your hand and smiling as you strolled. The movie you’d seen was good, and he rather liked hearing you talk about your thoughts on it. He’d considered going for the cliche move of kissing you during it, but he decided that’s not how he wanted your first one to go. No, he wanted to pull away and immediately whisper how beautiful you were. How happy he was to take you on a date. How he wanted to take you on a million more.
Well, he’d have to even get past kissing you, first.
When you got to the bus stop, the bench was full. Yet, neither of you minded. It gave Akaashi an opportunity to hug you from behind. You were more than happy to press yourself against his chest as his head rested on your shoulder.
You tilted your head back to look at him.
“Everything alright?” he asked, catching a glimpse of something—though, he didn’t know what—in your eye.
“Yeah.” You smiled sheepishly. “You’re just really beautiful.”
He blushed. “Hey now, that’s supposed to be my line.”
You both chuckled. Akaashi was running out of time and he knew it. If he was going to kiss you tonight, there may not be a much better time than now.
Slowly, he leaned in, mind still questioning his decision. He could still pull back. He could still play this off. But your eyes fluttered shut, bolstering his confidence enough for him to greet your lips with his.
You didn’t pull away or tell him off or laugh. No, you just kissed him back. In all honesty, he wanted to laugh at himself for fretting so much when it all turned out fine.
Certain you weren’t opposed to the kiss, he tilted his head to have better access to your lips, tongue gliding against yours as he explored your mouth.
You only broke when the bus arrived, all giggles as you boarded and sat next to each other, Akaashi telling you how enamored he was. Now it was your turn to rest your head on his shoulder. Not missing a beat, he put his head on top of yours, giving your hand a squeeze as the conversation resumed.
There was no doubt; all the worry was worth it for just a taste of your lips.
♥ Haiba Lev
-exciting and a bit of a mess, yet somehow still perfect
Though it was only a week ago, you’d already played the scene over a hundred times in your head. That wonderful image of Lev coming up to you, smiling wide as he presented two tickets for the festival happening in town. The way your face mirrored his as you happily agreed to accompany him. He was so confident, it would have been hard to refuse even if you didn’t have a crush on him.
You made sure to leave plenty of time to get ready, and even set out earlier than you’d planned, too excited to wait. Still, you took care to slow your pace as you walked; no reason to get there pathetically early and have to wait alone at the entrance for him.
Much to your surprise—and indeed, your delight—he was already there when you arrived. With his great height, it was no trouble for him to spot you on your approach, waving with glee. He returned your enthusiasm.
“Are you ready?” he asked, nearly bouncing.
“Yup!” You bobbed your head in anticipation. “Let’s go!”
You were both giddy as you waited in line to have your tickets checked. Once admitted, you made a beeline for the tilt-a-whirl, getting there early enough that the wait wasn’t too bad.
After the ride, Lev lent you support while you walked, a bit too dizzy to keep your footsteps in a straight line. Not that he was much better off. And if that wasn’t enough to put your heart in a tizzy, the two of you held hands to keep from being separated in the bustling crowd.
The rest of the night went mainly the same way, playing games and going on rides, having fun the whole time. The food vendors had a multitude of delicious options, too, and the amazing aromas did not mislead you.
Both of you made sure to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion. Every time Lev pulled you in for a selfie, he’d tell you how adorable you looked in it, helping your smile persist all night.
It was almost midnight by the time the idea of calling it a night began to be thrown around. But then, Lev encased your hands in both of his, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.
“Wait! Not yet. Let’s go on the Ferris wheel first.”
You excitedly agreed. As if you were going to say no to that!
Before long, you were in a basket, all cuddled up next to the smiley Lev. In awe of the skyline, you stood to stare. Lev joined you by your side.
“It’s so pretty,” you sighed dreamily.
“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful before.”
You met his eyes to see he was staring at you. You giggled, ”That’s so cheesy! But thank you... I had a really good time tonight.”
“Me too.”
Leaning in with no delay, Lev kissed you. It was sloppy in his haste, but you hardly minded. The fact that the kiss was with him was more than enough to get you grinning like an idiot. Which, admittedly, made it even more of a mess.
When you pulled away, you worried that the kiss wasn’t good enough for him; that he’d be disappointed. Thankfully, he was smiling wider than ever before. It flattered you to realize that was really saying something.
Now giddy messes, you made your way to the exit hand in hand. At this late hour, he wasn’t going to let you walk home by yourself, hence why he escorted you all the way to your door.
“Bye, bye! Let’s do this again soon, ’kay?” He smiled, waving. “Uh, if you want to, I mean.”
“Yeah,” you agreed, touched. “I’d love to do this again!”
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yesamu · a day ago
How do you think the msby four were as children?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He has older sisters. I’m 100% sure he was annoying but they all got along well and still do. He was that kid who if he were to get picked on, there were two reinforcements to back him up. You know the little illustration of him with sticks and a paper hat ? Yea he definitely went around the neighborhood doing crazy things until he ran out of energy.
We know that he wasn’t very social with Motoya. But once they did start to, things get more exciting. Him being the brain cell of the duo didn’t mean that they didn’t do dumb shit where they eneded up getting hurt. Montoya was the one to bring up an idea and Omi was the one to try and reason him out of it. Montoya would end up doing what he said while Omi went right behind him to stop him, yet still ended up in trouble or hurt.
Atsumu wasn’t liked much when he was younger. Osamu even pointed it out. Atsumu didn’t give a fuck cause he knew had someone to back him up and would always be with him no matter what. He had that mindset of “why have friends when you have a twin”. He pretty much still has that mindset when he gets mad at his friends Atsumu is the one out of both twins that was a hassle for their parents. Much like Bo he had way too much energy and would go around hollering his thoughts out. He was the type of kid to cuss you out if you tell him to stop doing something. Osamu even joined him for the fun of it.
All of the MSBY 4 have their charms and sweetness. Hinata however was the sweetest. He’d help out his mom with anything. He’d help out any person he saw who needed help. In school the teachers loved him for his charm of making people smile with his brightness. When his sister was born, Hinata was too excited. Wanted to play V-ball with her when she was three and ended up hitting her square in the face with the ball 🥲
Tumblr media
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silverhairsimp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just Another Saturday
CW: 18+ Minors DO NOT ENTER. All characters are in their mid 20’s. Soft Bokuto. Oral (m/f receiving). Road head. Fingering. Unprotected sex. Trying to conceive. Pet names: baby, babe, babygirl. SoonToBeDad!Bokuto
Summary: Your friends all talked about how it was time and for you and your boyfriend to take the next step, but how much convincing would Bokuto need for that to happen?
Word Count: 5.3k
In the 3 years that you and Koutarou Bokuto had been together, Saturday’s were always a treasured tradition. Getting together with his best friends was one of your favorite things about every weekend.
And today was just like any other Saturday. Sleeping in far later than any human should. Getting up in the middle of the day to cook a breakfast that might as well be lunch. But if you and your boyfriend could agree on anything, it’s that breakfast food is good at any time of day.
The two of you would eat, spend plenty of time lazing around in bed, lost in each other until it was time to go to the grocery store to get everything for the dish you’d be bringing to your weekly gathering.
“Soooo, what’d we decide to make this time?” Bokuto asked you, smile shining as brightly as ever as he walked beside you while you pushed the shopping cart.
“Hmmm, I thought we could get everything to make your favorite.” you smile at him, “Yakiniku sound good to you?”
“Ahhh, you really mean it?” you swear you can see stars in his eyes. “Have I told you that you’re the best girlfriend EVER?” He swings his arms around you and hugs you from behind before placing a kiss on your temple. Only he doesn’t stop there, he peppered your whole face with kisses because to him, you really were the best thing that has ever happened to him.
Once your shopping trip is finished, and you’re back in the comfort of your shared apartment, you prepare the rest of the appetizers you planned on bringing and make your way to Akaashi’s place.
Kuroo and Akaashi usually hosted the get-togethers. Considering they both had families and more space for everyone. You loved being around them, always sharing countless stories and laughs. Your relationship with Bokuto might be the newest, but they always made you feel like a part of the family.
And that’s exactly how you felt as soon as you were greeted at the front door. Bokuto’s signature “Hey! Hey! Hey!” echoes through the entryway of the house as you guys make your way inside. Hello’s and hugs are exchanged between the adults followed by sweet tugs on your shirt from 3 sets of little hands.
Akaashi and Kuroo’s kids are always thrilled to see you, and you’re just as happy to see them! Kuroo’s son, Kaito, and daughter, Emiko, are eager to help with whatever you’re cooking. The two have always had more interest in your cooking than they ever had in volleyball. Akaashi’s son, Takashi, who is just about to be 3, follows you around like a little shadow and constantly flashes grabby hands at you to pick him up.
Ever since Bokuto started bringing you around, you’ve always been ‘Auntie y/n’ to the kids, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t one of your most favorite things to hear.
Once everyone is settled in and the appetizers are in the kitchen, you hand over everything for the Yakiniku to Akaashi so he can get it on the grill. Bokuto has always been grateful that you give him time to hang out with his best friends when you all get together. So, you let him be, pressing a kiss to his cheek to head inside. And as if it’s right on cue, you hear two voices shouting “Auntie y/n! Auntie y/n!” coming from the back door, followed by the thumping of two tinier legs trying to keep up.
“The kids sure do love her Bo.” Akaashi says as he places the meat on the grill.
Bokuto smiles like a grade schooler, “Can you blame them? I mean look at her. She’s so good with them.”
“You think it’s about time for the two of you to take the next step man?” Kuroo asks as he steps forward to face Bokuto while leaning on the island of the outdoor grill.
Bokuto doesn’t answer right away. Instead, he watches the way your hips sway just a little bit more with Takashi perched on your hip as you walk. The way he giggles at you when you blow a raspberry into his neck. The way you lean down to talk to Emiko when she wants to tell you a secret, and the pretend look spreading across your face when you act shocked at the words coming out of her mouth. He can’t help but smile harder at you. You were made for a role like this.
“Bokuto? I know you have rocks for brains but are you in there?” Kuroo asks again.
Bokuto bashfully rubs his hand through his hair and scratches the back of his neck. “HaHaa, yeah sorry. I just got a little lost in thought.”
“We can tell,” Akaashi says, smirking at his best friend without making eye contact. “Don’t you think it’s time? I mean you two already live together… and it’s clear to everyone that you’re both crazy about each other.”
“Akaashi is right.. I don’t know any other person who would put up with you the way y/n does.” Kuroo chimes in.
“Hey! That’s not fair!” Bokuto says in defense.
All three of the boys break out into a laugh before Kuroo speaks again, “It’s not a bad thing Bo, we’ve just never seen you so happy. Plus, you’ve seen how good she is with kids…” Kuroo steps closer to Bokuto and swings an arm around his best friend's neck, pulling their faces so close together they almost touch. “Could you imagine what it’d be like having a little one around calling her ‘mommy’?”
Bokuto’s throat goes dry and he’s convinced he’s never felt his heart beat so fast. No win, no spike, no perfect play could ever make his heart race harder than the thought of his child calling you mom.
It’s as if he’s stuck in a trance. His eyes find you, sitting with his best friends’ wives. Takashi sitting on your lap while you bounce him up and down on your knee. You seem completely unphased by the way his little hands tug on your hair and it makes Bo’s chest warm.
He can’t help but smile and get lost in how perfect you look with a toddler in your arms. How much more perfect you’d look holding his baby.
With full bellies and even fuller hearts, the night comes to an end as you’re standing in the kitchen packing up leftovers. Bokuto is with Akaashi and Kuroo as they finish cleaning up outside. Bokuto picks up Takashi to start his round of goodbyes. Emiko and Kaito always make a fuss when company is about to leave so they’re doing their best to be a distraction, only prolonging the inevitable.
“Mommy! Mommy!” Kaito screams as he runs inside from the back door. You almost didn’t realize how fast your head turned at the sound, but Bokuto sure did. You also might not have noticed the hint of redness that flooded your cheeks, or the way you tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. But Bokuto did. Kuroo was right. Bo wants to know what it’s like to have your own little one running around calling out for you. If he wasn’t sold then, he was now.
“Mommy, do uncle Bo and auntie y/n haaaaave to leave?” Kaito drawls. Emiko is quick to chime in after her brother. “Yeah! How come they can’t come home with us!” The little girl pouts as she crosses her arms tightly across her chest.
Akaashi, Kuroo and Bokuto follow in quickly after the two.
“Hey you two,” Kuroo starts off, “Aunt y/n and uncle Bo have to go back to their house and we have to get home too. Maybe another time, okay?”
“No fair! We wanna go with them!”
“Yeah! What Miko said!”
“Miko, Kaito, what if we plan a time for you guys to come stay with me and uncle Bo, hmm?” You smile at Emiko as you crouch down to grab her small hands in yours. “We’ll talk to your mom and dad about coming to stay with us for a weekend.”
“You really mean that?!” Kaito asks as he jumps into Bokuto’s arms.
You can’t help but smile at the way Bokuto looks with Kaito in one arm and Takashi in the other. He looks good like that, you think to yourself. Although Takashi doesn’t last long in Bo’s arms. He’s been rubbing his eyes for the last 20 minutes so his mom takes him away to put him to bed, only stopping briefly when Takashi flashes grabby hands in your direction and whines. You get up and give the little guy a squeeze, telling him goodnight as he rested his head on your shoulder. Man, did these kids absolutely adore you.
You shift your gaze between Bo, Emiko and Kaito while handing Takashi back.
With Bo’s attention now fully on Kaito he speaks up, “Course we mean it! Have I ever lied to ya little man? We’ll plan it, don’t you worry!” smiling as he moves Kaito up and down in his arms. Earning a fit of laughter from the little guy.
Emiko is all smiles too, already running to her mom and dad about when they can come over for the weekend.
“Soon you two, soon.” Kuroo says as he ruffles the hair on his little girl's head.
You make your round of goodbyes and thank Akaashi for hosting this week. Before reaching the front door, you make a final promise to Emiko and Kaito that it won’t be long until they’re able to come over.
When you and Bokuto make it to the car, you can tell there’s something different about him. The utmost adoration behind his eyes along with the consistent blush and smile he had plastered across his face the entire night.
A mirror image of the one he has right now, looking at you in silence with the keys to the car haphazardly placed in the center console.
“Bo are y-“
You say simultaneously.
“Oh sorr-“
“No you f-“
You both smile as you tuck your hair behind your ear and Bo reaches over to grab your knee.
“You go first” you finally say as Bo gives your knee a soft squeeze.
“I just wanted to say that it looked like you had a lot of fun tonight.”
“I did have fun! I always do, those are some of our closest friends. Didn’t you have fun?”
“Of course I did! But you know what I enjoyed the most out of this entire night? So far at least..” he pauses to turn and face you. Inching closer as he leans in over the center console. “Watching you with a kid in your arms… it really did something to me…
And don’t think I missed that little ‘mommy’ mishap when Kaito came running inside. I saw the way your head turned at the sound of him calling out.”
“Bo, I –” you start but you’re quickly cut off by his fingers holding under your chin.
“No, it’s okay. Kuroo may have said something that got me thinking… and I just can’t get the image of you being a mom out of my head.” He leans in closer, hardly an inch of space left between your faces as he whispers, “You want that? Hm? You want me to put a baby inside of you? Start a little family of our own?”
His eyes flick down to your lips and back up to your eyes just before you close the distance. Both of your hands come up to cup his face as your lips part, granting him full access to your mouth.
If the fog forming on the windows wasn’t enough of a sign to get going, the growing wet patch between your legs was. Breaking the kiss you tell Bo, “drive, take me home.”
“But you didn’t give me an answer” He counters.
“Maybe this will be enough of an answer” reaching over in between his legs to palm the painfully hard erection, “now, drive.”
He reaches into the center console and fumbles with the keys before sticking them into the ignition.
You nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck as your hands are quickly fumbling with the button of his jeans. Getting them undone and pulling down the zipper.
“Pull them down, Kou. Please.” You whisper into his neck in between sucking light marks into the skin.
Without any defiance, Bo lifts his hips and tugs down the fabric just enough to where the angry red tip of his cock is peaking out of the waistband of his boxers. A perfect glob of pre leaking, waiting to be cleaned up.
You get yourself situated before freeing his hard cock.
It was always a challenge taking him. He’s the perfect length, standing around 8 inches but he’s thick. So thick your fingers don’t touch when you wrap your hand around him.
As you lean into his lap with your tongue out, you swirl it around the tip, sending a shudder throughout Bokuto's body. He takes a deep, shaky breath as he turns the car on and shifts it into gear to drive.
Your lips work their way around the tip, massaging it lightly while you still swirled your tongue around. With each movement of your head, you work your way down, taking him inch by inch. The tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat.
“Oh yeah we’re definitely making you a mommy tonight. Shit – just like that baby.” His eyes briefly drop down to you, then back up to the road, “Fuck. It feels so good.” He says One hand tightly gripping the steering wheel and the other resting on the back of your head. Keeping your hair out of the way as you bob yourself up and down his length.
You’ve never been able to fully take him all the way down your throat, he was far too wide for that and he knew it. Still, he couldn’t think of anything better than the way you worked your hand and mouth up and down. Doing your very best to make him feel good every chance you had.
You hadn’t realized how close you got to the apartment until that familiar bump in the road. Bokuto was in such a daze he didn’t realize how fast he had gone over it. Causing the car, and his hips to jolt upward, his cock hits the back of your throat, making you choke. You hummed, trying to ease the burning tension in your throat and the sensation only made bokuto’s hips jump up again.
You knew he was getting close. You could feel it in the way he twitched inside of your mouth and how his balls grew tighter between your finger tips.
Finally reaching the front of your apartment complex, he puts the car in park. “Fuck. Baby– babe. I’m not gonna last. Shit. Aah, cumming!” he huffed out.
You stayed there with your lips still wrapped around him. His hips thrusting reflexively as you swallow, feeling his warm cum sliding down your throat. Sliding off of him with a soft pop! of your lips on the tip.
He grabs you by your cheeks and pulls you in for a kiss that sets your core on fire. He looks at you with heavy lidded eyes, “You’re too damn good for me, y’know that?”
You smile and kiss him back, “I could argue the same for you Kou.”
“I’m afraid that argument would be invalid babe.”
“And I'm afraid you underestimate me.”
Bokuto laughs softly and cups your cheek in his right hand, “Trust me, I’m well aware of all the things you can do. All that you’re capable of. I mean it when I say you’re too good for me and I promise I’ll do everything I can to prove I’m worth your time.”
“Kou, you don’t have to prove anything to me. I’m with you because you make me happy like no one else does. You make me laugh like no one else has. And you love me like no one else ever will. I’m yours Kou. Promise.”
“Like I said,” he sighs, “too damn good for me.”
He’s now cupping your face with both of his hands. Pulling you in closer than you thought possible in the front seat of his car. His lips are soft against your own. Passionate and sweet with purpose.
He pulls away, speaking quietly, meer inches away from your lips. “Let's get inside. You got me all riled up… now it’s my turn to take care of you.”
Before you can even reach for the door handle, Bokuto is already out of the car and at your side. Opening your door and offering you a hand to help you out.
“Come on, hop up.” He says as he lifts you off the ground effortlessly. Picking you up so your legs wrap around his hips. Your arms draped over his shoulders as you bring your lips to meet again.
His steps are strong and careful as you peck your lips across his skin repeatedly until he reaches the door to your apartment. Sliding the key into the front door, all while keeping you secure in his arms.
He sets you down before turning to close the door and lock it behind him. You move closer to wrap your arms around his neck but he grabs you by the waist, stopping you in your tracks.
“Y/n,” his tone is very serious all of a sudden and you look up at him with concerned eyes. “I meant what I said. In the car earlier. I just, I want you to know that I want it all and I want it with you. I want forever. I want a family. And I don’t want to do it with anyone else.”
“Kou, I…”
“Just wait, please.” He’s looking at you with such a deep plea. Encasing your hands in his as he runs his thumb over your knuckles. “When I was watching you tonight… with Takashi and Emiko and Kaito, seeing you so happy to be around them and seeing how happy they are when they're around you. I just… I want that for us. I know we haven’t been together that long but Kuroo told me that he’s never seen me so happy. Maybe I didn’t even realize how happy I was because being with you was just so easy. Like it was just meant to be somehow.”
He keeps his hands wrapped tightly around yours as you bring them to rest on his chest. “Kou.”
“I’m sorry if it’s all just too much right now –”
“Koutarou.” He finally stops, “You’re rambling.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I’m just nervous. Don’t make fun of me.” He pouts.
You can’t help but smile, “Koutarou Bokuto doesn’t get nervous” you say as you playfully drum your fingertips on his chest.
“That’s a lie! You make me nervous. Always have.” His eyes begin to drift away from yours just as his bottom lip starts to jut out.
“Would it make you less nervous if I told you I wanted it all too? That I don’t care what order it happens either, forever or the family first. I want that. And I knew I wanted all of that with you since the day we met.”
Bokuto’s eyes are back on yours and he brings his hands to rest on your shoulders. Cradling them gently against your neck. “So we’re doing this?”
“We’re doing this.”
You smile at him before he brings his lips to yours. Whispering soft i love you’s into your mouth. He grabs you by the hand, pulling you behind him as he walks toward your shared bedroom.
This is so different from what you’re used to with Bokuto. He’s usually eager to have you as soon as he has the chance. But tonight, he’s taking his time with you. Making sure you feel loved and important, even more so than usual.
When he opens the bedroom door, he doesn’t pick you up only to throw you back down on the bed and start undressing you like he usually does. Instead, he guides you to the bed, sits you on the edge and kneels down in front of you. Slipping off one shoe, then the other. His large hands ghosting up your legs over your jeans and squeezing the tender spots on the inside of your thighs. Taking his time with his most favorite parts of you.
His hands reach your hips, the pressure he’s using gives you the hint he wants you to move farther up onto the bed and you comply without any hesitation. He still holds one hand around your waist and the other comes to hold the backside of your neck. His lips find solace on yours as he leans you back to rest your head on the pillows. His body hovers over yours as you wrap your legs around his waist. Your hands trail down the face of his shirt before reaching underneath to run them up his stomach.
He breaks the kiss for only a second to pull his shirt over his head. At the same time Bokuto reaches to remove his shirt, you do the same, but his reflexes are quick to stop you.
“Just let me take care of you, okay?” he says while looking deeply into your eyes, all you can do is nod your head up and down.
His lips are back on yours, moving perfectly in sync as you alternate having each other's lips pulled between your teeth. His right hand traces lines under the hem of your shirt, pulling the fabric up in a slow, sensual manner. The fabric bunches around your waist as Bukuto brings his other hand to support your back as you sit up. Allowing him to pull your shirt over your head fully.
He stares at you for a moment, taking in the image of you underneath him, almost bare chest and your beautiful eyes staring back at him. A genuine smile graces his lips before he says “You really are beautiful. I hope you know that.”
He brings his lips to yours, pecking them before delicately placing more kisses down your body.
First, on the edge of your jaw, under your ear. Down your neck. Across your collarbone. Down your sternum. Under the wire of your bra. Down the length of your stomach. Across the waistband of your jeans. He stays there for a second, kissing the soft spot of your stomach under your belly button as he undoes your jeans and pulls down the zipper.
As he tugs them over your hips and down your legs, but his mouth doesn’t stop moving. Placing tender kisses down the inner skin of your thighs, down your calf and stopping at the bone of your ankle.
Discarding your jeans on the floor, he makes his way back to settle himself between your legs. Holding onto your thighs as he places your heels on his back, making sure he’s as close as possible. Making sure he can feel you everywhere.
His eyes are steady on you, watching your chest rise and fall with your heavy breathing. The way your mouth falls open when his breath ghosts over your still clothed core. The way you arch your back off of the bed when he places open mouthed kisses over your slit, nuzzling himself deeper while his nose bumps against your clit.
“Kou, please. I need you.”
“You need me baby? Well, it's a good thing I need you just as bad.”
He continues to suck on the skin of your thighs as he pulls down your lace panties, smirking when he sees a string of your slick still connected to the crotch.
“Mmm, all this for me baby girl? I love it.”
Not wanting to wait another second to taste you, he sticks his wide tongue out, taking a long lap up the length of your pussy. A whiney breath leaves your lips as you throw your head back into the pillows.
His grip tightens around your legs as he works his tongue deeper inside of you. Swirling the muscle around to push your lower lips apart. You bring a hand down to grab a fist full of his multicolored hair, tightening it to encourage him to keep going deeper. A low growl leaves the back of his throat when you pull him in closer.
The way your thighs start to tremble in his arms reassures him that he’s doing it all right. He releases one of your legs from his hold and brings his hand close to his mouth. His tongue circling your clit just before he pulls away to drop a glob of spit on your pussy. He watches it leave a silvery trail, slowly dripping down lower and lower until he catches it with his middle and forefinger. Dragging them up and down, coating them in your slick and his spit.
He brings his eyes back up to you as he pushes his two fingers inside of you. Watching intently at the way your eyes squeeze shut and your mouth falls open in a silent scream.
He brings his mouth back down to suck on your clit again. He knows this is your favorite combo: tongue on your clit and fingers pumping in and out of you. It’s the quickest way to get you to come undone for him.
The harder he sucks on your clit, the quicker his fingers move. Your hips instinctively bucking up against his face.
“Kou… I– ‘m close baby. Oh my goddd!” You lift your head up to look at him, hungrily working you open for him.
“Come on baby girl, you can do it for me. I know you can.”
A wanton moan leaves your lips when his fingers hit that sweet spot. Your walls tighten around his fingers and he knows you’re right on the edge. He adds another finger while his thumb is on your clit. He moves himself right above you. Holding your legs open with his hips as he leaves his mark on the crook of your neck.
“Cum for me baby, cum for me please.” he whispers into your ear.
The stimulation is overbearing. Everything he’s doing makes you feel like you never have in your entire life. He picks up his pace more once he hears a string of pleas falling from your lips. Finally feeling you gush around his fingers. He works them out of you slowly, giving you time to come down from your high.
Sitting back on his heels, he brings his fingers to his lips, cleaning up the taste of you. “You ready for more? You ready to do this?” He asks you, waiting for any last minute hesitation. You reach forward, grabbing him by the waist of his jeans to pull him back in closer to you.
“I’m ready.”
He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the rest of his clothes off, throwing them on the ground next to yours. He reaches his hands underneath your back to unclasp your bra, you move your arms to pull it off and bring them back to rest around his neck.
Bokuto pumps himself a few times and then looks back into your eyes. “I love you y/n, so much.”
“I love you too, Kou.” You pull him down to kiss him, “Now, let's make a baby.”
He smiles against your lips before pulling back to line himself at your entrance. Rubbing his head up and down to collect enough slick to slide inside of you.
As much as he wants to look into your eyes, he can’t pull himself to look away from where your bodies are connected. He’s pushing himself inside of you, watching how you take him in, inch by inch. Thrusting his hips back and forth, trying to get more friction as he finally bottoms out.
He takes a second for you to adjust before he starts moving, bringing his lips to yours, he sticks out his tongue, asking you to grant him access and allowing you to taste yourself on him.
The kissing doesn’t stop once he starts moving again. His strokes are long and deep and you can feel the forking vein that runs on the underside of his cock rubbing against your walls. Keeping a steady pace as his hips rock against yours.
He moves a hand to grip the underside of your leg, pushing one of your knees into your chest. The tip of his cock hitting deep inside of you, almost bumping against your cervix. The new angle he has your hips in makes your eyes roll backwards.
“Kou, baby, it feels so good. Please, give me more.”
And more he gives you, his strokes are still slow and long but he’s snapping his hips into you, hard. Hitting a spot so deep, you didn’t even know it was there. The force makes your body jump each time you feel him hit it.
“That feel good, baby? ‘S that what you wanted?” he asks. You’re unable to form a coherent sentence between the whines and moans of his name leaving your lips, so all you can do is nod.
You let go of his neck and reach down to hold onto your other leg. Pulling it up into your chest. Bokuto moves your hands back to his body as he takes the place where you were holding your own leg. He’s not got you into a full mating press as he moves himself higher up on the bed.
His pace quickens and for a second you catch a glimpse of the Bokuto you usually see in bed. Body moving fast and hard but his eyes are so soft and delicate as they look down at you.
You’re both moaning and almost breathless as he starts to twitch inside of you. You can tell that he’s really close and the way your walls are clenching around him, sucking him in even deeper, isn’t helping him last any longer.
Thrusting hard and fast a few more times before sinking inside you completely. He holds your face and looks into your eyes as he empties himself, spilling his seed inside of you. He’s still as he hovers above you, bringing his lips to yours and kissing you like he never has in his entire life.
There is so much emotion behind it and you return the kiss with just as much passion. You’re convinced you feel something damp roll down your cheek. Unsure if it's sweat or tears. Bokuto keeps his lips hovering yours as he whispers “I love you y/n. So damn much.” Sweaty foreheads pressed together, you close your eyes and tell him “I love you too, Koutarou.”
He keeps himself inside of you as he collapses down, resting his full weight on top of you. You run your fingers through his hair, dragging your nails across his scalp softly as he rests his head on your chest.
A soft, content hum leaves his throat.
“I hope it takes…” you say, half talking to Bo, half talking to yourself.
He repositions his head, resting his chin on your chest as he looks up at you. “If it doesn’t, we’ll keep trying, okay?”
You nod in agreement as Bo finally pulls out. You sigh at the sudden loss as he moves to sit next to you against the headboard, moving an arm around your shoulder to pull you into his chest. He places a kiss on the crown of your head and says “But, I have a good feeling about this one.”
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wishterya · a day ago
May I please request #5 with Bokuto? Thanks :)
bokuto reaches for you.
his foot taps yours under the dinner table, his eyes look for yours whenever he says something (he thinks is) funny. when he meets you after work at the front of your office building, because his practice ends early enough that he can race across the city and be just in time, he beams at you with open arms.
your coworkers giggle. you bound down the steps, paying them no mind.
racing to your sunshine prince, you stop short when the toes of your shoes bump into his. you lace your fingers with his, both of your arms outstretched.
"how was your day?" you ask before he leans down to kiss the tip of your nose.
"spent it all thinking about you," he laughs, and you know that's not true, but you join in anyway. "ready for dinner?"
"of course," you gush, letting go of one of his hands but holding the other firm. he swings it, youthful and so full of joy, as he leads you down the sidewalk while your coworkers begin their miserable treks home. you have all the happiness in the world right next to you, in your hand, and nothing will ever be better than this.
send an ask with a number from this list + a hq character and i’ll write a snippet!
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love-dove-noora · 23 hours ago
the aces with a bimbo gf
is so flustered around you
he can’t help it
you just look so beautiful
is a proud of you for dressing how you want
seriously that takes a lot of courage
secretly buys you dresses and shirt you’d like and just puts them in your closet
helps you dye your hair if you have dyed hair of course
and loves helping you paint your nails
proud bimbo owner not in a weird way
loves your pretty dresses and your makeup
will gladly watch you pick your outfits and do your hair
but he buys you things that are comfortable because he cares about you
SKINCARE skincare!
looves doing face masks
on the call with you as you do your makeup for y’alls cute dates
prases your skills
loves when you come to his games your like his lucky charm
bought you two matching sweatpants one pink for you and one gray for him
y’all the cutest i couldn’t handle this
how can you not love this man he’s perfect
will pay on dates
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧𝓢𝓽𝓾𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓭 𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓼✧
Tumblr media
Notes -> this came to mind when I had gotten done getting a stuffed animal with my dad yesterday! Plus I was watching the training camp again so yeah!
Warnings -> Language
Pronouns -> none mentioned
Tumblr media
“We should go in there!” Bokuto begged, pointing at a small shop where stuffed animals were hung up on the walls. Similar to Build-A-Bear, but it was a small business and they seemed to have a lot cuter options. Kuroo shrugged his shoulders and nodded, and you excitedly pulled him along behind bokuto.
The three of you had decided to take a date and go to the mall for a bit. The two of them had been buying you, and each other, things everywhere. Bags filled your hands and this was the last store you were to go to before going to get some dinner and going home to watch some movies.
“Hello! Welcome! Just to let you guys know we do have a promotion going on today, buy two stuffed animals and get a third one free.” The girl who stood at the front desk announced and you and Bokuto eyed each other, silently agreeing on a plan. The two of you turned around to Kuroo who only smiled, accepting his fate. He nodded, you and Bokuto sprinting to the baskets filled with animals that were waiting to be turned into full fluffy stuffed animals.
Kuroo joined the two of you in his own search. He spotted a fluffy black cat that would form to be one that was stretched out onto its stomach. Being the dork he was, he wrapped his hand around its neck with all of his strength and held it towards you. “I like this one.” You couldn’t help but laugh seeing his hand shake from the pressure.
You and Bokuto were still looking, they had no owls sadly for him. But he did find a panda, who had its tongue out. He held it up to you with a grin on his face. “Found this one!” He held him up proudly and went near Kuroo, who still had a death grip on the cat’s neck.
You went to the other wall of stuffed animals and looked at those as well. You spotted a raccoon, who also had its tongue out. “I like this one.” You gently held it up to your boyfriends and they nodded. Kuroo waved the lady over to help you fill up your stuffed animals. Bokuto went first, watching with large eyes as his panda formed. He decided to get a bubblegum scent in his and threw a blue heart in it. The lady closed him up and handed the bear to Bokuto. His immediate reaction was to squeeze the life out of it and aggressively sniff the poor panda.
Kuroo went next, he seemed to be more calm than anything. But after knowing him for long enough, you and Bokuto could tell that his grin was pure joy and excitement. His cat had a cherry smell into it, and a red heart. He squeezed the neck of the poor stuffed animal once again to test the durability.
You wacked his arm before handing your racoon to the kind woman. Slowly, you helped her fill it up and tested the softness. Once it was at your preferred firmness, you grabbed a (favorite smell) scent and put it into the racoon. Taking a white heart, you stuffed it into the stuffed animal.
“The three of you can dress them up if you’d like and once you're done you can pay up front.” The lady smiled and you all thanked her, moving to the back of the store to see what they had. Bokuto quickly sprinted to a mini button up shirt with flowers all over it, putting it on his panda. Kuroo decided to put a pair of sweatpants on his cat, the resemblance between the two was uncanny. You spotted a striped bucket hat, and put it on the head of your racoon. You grinned at how cute the stuffed animal was.
“Okay, are we ready?” Kuroo asked and he received no answer. Bokuto was busy convincing you to make your racoon kiss his panda.
“Hey stop cross breeding, let’s go, it’s getting late and we still need to go eat.” Kuroo shoved his cat between your stuffed animals and Bokuto gasped in offense. Laughing, you led the way to the cash register and let the lady from before ring up your animals.
The three of you bickered with each other on who would pay. Kuroo won instead, quickly shoving his card into the chip reader. You and Bokuto glared at him and instead grabbed your stuffed animals to make them kiss once again. Kuroo finished paying and the three of you thanked the lady, wishing her a good rest of her day.
The three of you walked out of the mall with your new stuffed animals in your hands. “I have an idea. You know the embroidery yarn I got recently? I wanna stitch something into their ears if that’s okay with you guys.” You asked, looking at the two of them. They nodded, “of course you can, love.” Kuroo wrapped his arm around your shoulders, Bokuto doing the same from the other side. They both kissed your cheek and led you out to the car.
That night, Bokuto and Kuroo watched as you embroidered all of your initials into the ears of your stuffed animals, a heart around them.
Tumblr media
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Published - Japan National Team
Tumblr media
Au: Regular (timeskip)
Tags/Warnings: GN!Reader, fictional locations, Reader centric story.
Word Count: 5k
Tumblr media
You were yawning between heavy wheezes for air as you ran down the hallway of Japan’s national sports facility. Each step of the way you zipped past another gym with another team sparing glances through the glass doorways to see if they were the group you were supposed to be with. They weren’t.
The shoulder strapped bag with all your loose paperwork bounced on your back, you hoped nothing would be damaged in your trek through the facility halls. Checking wouldn’t be possible until you returned home though. In your arms, you carried a large tub of iced water, ready to fill water bottles when needed, that sloshed and made your weight unbalanced. Then, as extra compensation, you carried another bag that was stuffed with all kinds of onigiri, every last one from the store. 
Once you found them, you stopped at the doors, taking one last chance to get in a big yawn before pushing through the doors.
“I’m here! Sorry sorry! I brought extra water and food! I’m so sorry for being late!” 
It was still early morning, the sun was painting half the sky a soft yellow. Some of the assistant coaches and physical trainers rushed over, picking the hefty weight from your arms and shoulders. You yawned as they did, walking over to the head coach and giving him the deepest bow you could muster, nearly sending your head careening towards the floor.
“I’m so sorry!”
The man patted your shoulder, urging you to stand straight. “I want to be empathetic, but you really must be punctual. We only just started warm-ups, so it’s alright today, but please try to be here on time.”
You opened your mouth to speak, only to yawn again. Shoes squeaked as the trainers that came to help got back onto the court, but you could barely hear it over the sound of your blood pumping.
“Did you get enough sleep?”
You blinked blearily at the man. “I still have my normal job to keep up with while the Olympics carry on sadly. I’m in charge of a team now, so no off days!”
The coach’s brows shot up as he let out a huffy laugh. “Ah! So you managed to get your project off the ground? How’s it going for you?”
“Pretty good actually it pays decently well, and I love it even if I work long hours. But I’ll never stop supporting this team for anything!”
“Hmm, might I have come across your work?”
“Oh?” Would it be wise to reveal that you had gotten an adaptation deal and the first episode was met with raving reviews from viewers and critics alike? “Well…”
“Hibarida.” As they always do, athletic trainers came to the rescue. Iwaizumi was light on his feet, bouncing in a stationary jog. “We’re gonna take the guys for a run around the facility, the air-conditioning is keeping them a bit too cold right now.”
Hibarida nodded before turning your way again, letting Iwaizumi take control of the team for the time being. You silently watched as the group of men jogged out of the gym.
“How about we fill up their water bottles for when they get back?” Hibarida grinned sharply, making the hairs of his moustache tuck into his smile lines. He was already picking up the discarded water bottles, putting them in a carrying bag. Your water cooler would be left for when the players needed a quick refill.
Ushijima was, unsurprisingly, the first player back, dragging an athletic trainer a few steps behind him who looked as though he had just walked through the path of a sprinkler. Ushijima on the other hand seemed perfectly okay.
You handed him his water bottle, freshly filled and cold. He gave a low grunt of thanks along with a nod, before taking it.
Iwaizumi’s screams could be heard down the hallway of the facility, followed by a stampede of hurried steps that grew louder with every second.
Through the open glass doors came the iconic duo of the team, wide smiles (one more sinister than the other) on their faces as theory ducked through the doorway, each trying to get their heads through the door before the other.
You huffed a laugh before grabbing their water bottles, intercepting them before they ran across the whole gym.
“Boys! Boys! Cool it!” They nearly headbutted your stomach.
Hinata howled, while Kageyama let out an annoyed grunt. Both rubbed the tops of their heads while giving you disgruntled looks. They would’ve hit you had it not been for their water bottles that you expertly wielded.
Smiling, you twisted their bottles and handed them over. “Aren’t you two supposed to be adults?”
The rest of the team followed suit, Iwaizumi leading them until they piled in, falling in line to get their water.
You yawned again, unable to stop yourself as you handed off the last couple of water bottles. Once free, your hands snapped back to cover your mouth. Strain from dropping your jaw built up by your ears. You groaned.
“Jumping drills. Go!”
Waddling back to Hibarida’s side, you tried to gather some semblance of consciousness while taking a seat on the metal bench. It was cold and stiff. The chill began to seep into your clothes. The air conditioner made a constant hum over your head. You yawned.
Tumblr media
Yua’s back was being pelted by bullets of cold air as she screamed to her friends that were staring down at her with horrified expressions but unable to move a muscle. They were getting smaller and smaller, becoming mere specks of shadow against the blinding light behind them. Even their calls of her name became small squeaks, drowned out by the rushing wind by her ears.
“I’ll find you again! Keep going!” She hoped they heard her. But even her own voice sounded mute in her ears.
Her back stung, burning. The feeling in her fingers and toes seemed to have left her. But even with the complete numbness overtaking her body, Yua could feel the crashing force against her back and head as her breath was stolen from her lungs. She screamed again, but couldn’t hear it.
It was much warmer, comforting even, despite the rough surface she lay on.
She coughed, wheezing for every bit of air that her lungs could take. 
She wheezed again, fingers stretching against the ground.
Tumblr media
You shot up, air forcing its way into your chest as your eyes fluttered wildly.
Hibarida barked a laugh, “You sure took a cat nap. Feeling alright?”
“Ah,” you rolled your shoulders, hunching closer to the warmth that was enveloping you, “much.”
“Hmm, Good. The boys were worried, hope you don’t mind the extra layers.”
There was an enormous pile of track jackets enveloping every inch of your body from your neck to your feet. Every member of the team and staff seemed to have determined you to be a suitable clothing rack.
“Now that you’re up, do you mind fetching the towels? They’re getting pretty sweaty out there.”
The team had switched from warm-ups to combo drills. Rotating each player from one position to the next in quick succession. Each of their eyes was focused on the ball no matter where they were. You smiled, listening to the squeaks of their sneakers against the shiny floor.
You wrestled with the jackets. “I’ll get the mop too.”
“Smart thinking.”
Tumblr media
“It’s only for this month until the Olympics are done for the team and then I’ll be back full swing, I promise.”
“Boss, We’ve had an increase in viewership! What if people stop reading because of a style change?”
You pressed your phone into your ear with your shoulder, listening to one of your assistants as he rattled in your ear. With free hands, you expertly moved between your sketchbook, notebook and laptop.
“Yuto, I promise that won’t happen. You four will just have to take up more linework than normal for the next few weeks. I will still be sending over the rough sketches for you all to work off of and we can have meetings during lunch. And, I’ll even give you all a temporary raise for all the work you’ll be doing to compensate for my absence. Okay?”
“Well, a raise never sounds too bad. But, boss, we’re always pressed for time every week as it is.”
You dropped your pencil, turning to your laptop where you began to compile a file. “I’ll add some of the rough work now, so you can get a head start for next week. How does a 20% raise each sound, for the time being?”
“Well, I suppose we can work a few extra hours every day for that.” He was mumbling.
You clicked your mouse, sending the files in. “Done. And Yuta, it’s not like I‘m stepping away from Forever Landing. Don’t worry.”
“Forever Landing?”
Maybe working in the lunch hall wasn’t the best idea. Bokuto and Hinata stood behind you, gripping their trays that were piled with food. You shut your books and laptop.
“Hey, Yuto, I gotta go. Work hard.”
You hung up before he could reply.
Bokuto was wearing a bright smile, teeth twinkling as he began to chatter about the series. Hinata popped in as well, jumping to speak when something came to mind. The two bounced back and forth, jumping from one topic to another, one plotline to the next, one character to the other, none stop without any break for breath. 
Bokutos favourite character was Mehrya, the giant of the main group. Standing at ten feet tall, and built with thick muscle, she was the group’s strength powerhouse. Hinata expressed his love for the story’s second lead, Akyo. A shapeshifter that used his abilities to take the form of other people so that he could otherwise go unnoticed.
“What about you?” They looked eager.
You gulped, “Well I like Yua of course. She’s strong and caring. I think her abilities are cool.”
Yua, to her right, was merely a human. She was raised in a farming town, where her job was limited to doing routine checkups three times a day, and climbing tall trees when one of the cats got too high up. It was when she left home for university and stumbled upon the wrong history class that she was tied up in her current mess. Her abilities aren’t anything that she didn’t already have a skill in, primarily climbing. But the history professor, or rather the myth and history professor, was a kind witch that took her in, teaching her about the mystical world that hid in the shadows of constructed reality she grew up in and how to survive in it.
“I’m still a bit baffled. You two watch Forever Landing? It’s targeted towards teen girls.”
Bokuto blinked. “You watch it too.”
Fair enough.
“We read it too!” Hinata piped up with a big smile. “After watching the first few episodes I read it online before buying the books!”
Hearing about the likely illegal reading of your story online hurt your soul a bit. But you couldn’t fault the boy. You did it too from time to time.
“What do you think is gonna happen next?”
“In the story! The team tried to fight the ‘big bad boob’” — you weren’t familiar with that name, likely a fan-made nickname for Borhan, the first (and actually just a puppet) antagonist of the series — “and are failing, so they can’t try again! But they have to beat him.”
Bokuto grabbed Hinata’s tray, setting both of them down on the table across from you. The duo-toned haired player took a bite of his food, scarfing it down before he chimed in.
“I think they will find another member to join the team. So far it’s only the three of them, and their strengths are all pretty unbalanced.”
He wasn’t wrong. Yua only had a basic sense of knowledge, good balance, and strong hands. Akyo was a smooth talker,  helpful, and smart, but besides shapeshifting, he wasn’t all that helpful in battle, he was after all just a mythic university student. Mehrya was the only one with any physical power, an athlete by nature, living off plenty of scholarship money.
You had been drafting another. One that would come up soon. An elf, and an archer. A recluse character that went into hiding. They would serve as an alternate love interest for Yua, not that romance was big in the series, but Akyo needed some way to further his own arc in the story. There was also concept art that had been fan-submitted for a set of twin sirens. You liked the idea and even sent the fan a triple page letter in response. Those two wouldn’t come up until another arc though.
“I think the plot might get split, Akyo and Mehrya don’t get along all the time, and Yua needs to build her strength separately from them. Don’t know how that would happen though.” Hinata blinked, sipping on his chocolate milk.
You stared at him, suddenly remembering the dream you had when napping on the bench. You flipped your book open.
Tumblr media
“These look amazing! Great work!”
The files were filled with images with smooth black lines and consistent hash marks for shading. You looked at the expression on Yua’s face looking at the shading in her eyes as she looked up at Borhan, who was out of frame.
Through the virtual call, your assistants’ shoulders sagged in relief.
Your assistant artists, made up of your head assistant Yuto, along with the other three Kira, Jirou, and Kay, were all recent graduates when you got your hands on them.
Yuto, you met at a convention, a few months before your Forever Landing one-shot chapter made it into the weekly publishing run for Shojo Beat, (which got good reviews and was added to Shonen Jump a week later as a sample advertisement). Yuto was an intern for a publishing house, still in University and about to graduate when you pulled up his email and asked if he was interested in a job. His knowledge in publishing helped greatly with page layout and he had a knack for drawing as well. He was your only assistant for the first few weeks when Forever Landing was still in a trial period.
Kira and Jirou were attending an art and animation school when you went to their open showcase. You had just gotten the go-ahead to make Forever Landing a full-fledged series and needed more help. 
Kira was studying animation, specifically film art and storyboarding, as well as a bit of concept design. She was an allrounder with a lot of skill, but with graduation on the horizon, she still didn’t know what she wanted to do. 
Jirou, on the other hand, did and approached every person that attended their showcase in hopes to land her dream job. She was on the art side of things, painting, drawing, illustrating but loved manga and storytelling. She nearly tackled you to the ground when you mentioned being a published mangaka. Once hearing that you were looking for help, she offered herself for free labour and dragged you over to Jirou, who at the time was merely a schoolmate she admired. You accepted the help but insisted on paying for it.
Kay was still a high school student when you brought them on. Your old student counsellor, who was one of the few to know of your recent publishing as she helped guide you into it, had given you a call with the hope that you would take on an intern that didn’t have any post-graduation plans. Kay, like Kira, was an all-rounder, even more so. As a generalist, they found themselves picking up a lot of skills and knowledge without ever wanting to apply it in any way.
Unlike your other three assistants, who were hired mostly on a whim, you gave Kay a mock interview upon your counsellor’s request. It was more of a conversation than anything.
Kay had a surprisingly high grade average, along with awarded certificates from the school for their skill, volunteering, and participation in activities.
“You’re amazing,” you had whispered when looking over all the information.
“Most of it had to be collected from school records. I forgot about half of this stuff.”
“You’re really smart too.”
“I only got an 81% in math. I’m not that good of a student.”
You graduated with a 60%.
Kay was blind to their own skill. When you asked, they said they only went for courses they knew they could get good grades in with minimal effort on their part.
“What’s your ideal life, Kay?”
They had hummed, slumping into the plastic school chair and tucking their hands into their uniform’s pockets.
“Something easy, I guess. Where it feels like I’m just doing a hobby every day.”
“How are you with money and business?”
“Decent? Business is just social science with a scheme and money is mostly just simple math. I wouldn't want to be an accountant though.
“What sort of hobbies do you do?”
“I’ll doodle, play games, read.”
“Do you have a sketchbook?”
They did. At the time, you had to resist the urge to huff in disbelief. “Doodles” is an understatement.
“Have you heard of Forever Landing?”
Their eyes had lit up at the name.
You didn’t take Kay on as an intern. Once they graduated high school you hired them as an artist and assistant money manager to help Yuta, who was easily overwhelmed.
The team worked wonderfully together, even without your supervision.
“Okay onto story drafting. I’ve gotten the next few chapters written up and the next two sketched out. I’ll send them over now.”
Kira’s jaw dropped. “Already?”
“Yup! The next chapter will be a bit longer to create suspense, focusing on all the characters and how tired they are before ending with Borhan using his earth powers to send Yua falling into a pit, separating her from the team before running away.
“How did you draft this up so quickly?”
You looked at a polished sketch that currently was taking up the majority of the screen, admiring the linework and hashed shading. It was a single panel, meant to take up one whole page. At the top half of the image surrounded by white was Akyo’s hand, recognizable by the markings of his skin as it changed to a different colour, straining to reach and grasp at the other as it pulled away from him. At the bottom half was Yua’s, fingers just a hair away from being able to touch him as she fell into darkness.
“I was struck by inspiration. Following this, Yua will be in a deep cave where she meets Zehiro. While Yua is underground, Akyo and Mehrya are going to work together and try to get along. The chapters will alternate between the two pairs starting with Akyo.”
“Zehiro?” Jirou’s nose scrunched as she looked through the screen. “You mean the moody elf guy that’s gonna steal Yua away from Akyo? That guy?!”
“Yup, him.”
Jirou groaned and threw her head back. “I HATE THAT GUY!”
“You guys have the sketches and I’ll send the new chapter forward, okay?”
They agreed, Jirou albeit a bit begrudgingly.
Smiling, you end the call.
Tumblr media
The team was walking from the lunch hall back to the gym when they intercepted you in the hallway. Hinata was smacking his lips, talking happily to Hyakuzawa when his attention was pulled away by the sound of the door closing behind you.
“Manager!” Suddenly all the eyes had turned your way.
You slid your laptop into your bag, along with the sketchbook. “Hey, did you all eat well?”
The question was met with pleasant hums and positive reviews of the meal. 
“We’re even getting steak for dinner,” Miya smiled, pushing Hinata’s shoulder down when he began to bounce on his toes at the prospect of the hardy meal.
“Ooh, something to look forward to then.”
“Why were you in one of the offices and not at lunch?” Ojiro asked as the group began walking again.
Lifting the shoulder that carried your bag as you followed the group. “I had a meeting for work. I’m sorry I couldn’t join today.”
“You have another job?” Hoshiumi asked from behind you.
“Well, the Olympics only happen every four years!”
“I just figured you were the manager for another team!”
You were tempted to flick the white haired man in the forehead for his snooty tone. Of course, he thought you were only a team manager, he was surprised at the thought of anyone doing anything else other than volleyball. 
Hinata pursed his lips but didn’t say a word, turning his head to avoid eye contact. Kageyama did the same, sucking back on his carton of milk.
Hakuba wrapped an arm around Ojiro’s shoulders, using his weight to make his significantly shorter teammate hunch over, while also stroking Ojiro’s bread. The man didn’t seem to mind, likely familiar with the action. They were on the same V league team after all.
The giant gave you an owlish look, practically ripping the expression from Bokuto’s face. “How did you get to be our manager then?”
Ojiro was soon saved from Hakuba, as the only taller member of the team, Hyakuzawa, pulled him off by the collar. Seeing them together was intimidating.
“Well, I was actually a volunteer manager of the U20 team for school purposes, I originally met Ushijima there actually.” The man gave a low hum when his teammates looked at him for confirmation. “Then when I graduated, it was Ushijima who asked if I could be a manager for the Olympic team.”
Hinata’s eyes seemed to bulge out of his head. “You and Ushijima must know each other really well then.”
“I actually wouldn’t say so, we don’t talk much, but we are familiar. I suppose he likes me enough to want to keep me around though.” Looking past the head of the team, you gave Ushijima a light smile. He nodded.
“Alright, warm-ups!” The captain seemed to have gotten eager to get to court. 
Hibarida was waiting inside. “Keep it light, boys. You’re still digesting food. Stick with light cardio and stretch for at least the next half hour.” He looked to the captain, “You lead. The trainers will be back for individual assessments in a bit.
Walking past the team. You stood next to Hibarida and set your stuff down. “I’m going to go fill the water bottles and grab the fresh towels. Do you want anything?”
The man paused, stroking his bread in a large performative motion as he pursed his lips and stared at the ceiling in mock thought before hunching down and speaking in a whisper. “Can you grab me a cookie from the lunchroom?”
You hushed back, “Aren’t you supposed to set a good example?”
“You can grab them for the team too.”
“You are a bad influence.”
Hibarida gave you a cheeky smile, corners of his mouth curling like the Cheshire cat. You huffed.
“Grab two for yourself.”
Tumblr media
You pulled your pen across the screen at your desk, creating a thick black line against the bright white background. Deleting the line, you repeated the motion again and deleted it once more.
A creek came from your doorway letting a stripe of warm light break into the room. Briefly distracted by the intrusion, You blacked and looked up to the hunching shadow in the doorway. The room’s lights flickered on. Yuto stood before you, one hand on the switch.
“Boss? It’s nearly 3 am. Shouldn’t you be getting to sleep by now?”
Looking at the now visible clock on your wall, you sighed. The image before you was calling for your attention, begging to be completed. The tip of the pen touched the screen, you pulled a line.
“Once this panel is finished, I’ll sleep, it shouldn’t take me longer than another hour, I want it to be perfect.”
Yuto sighed, walking through the floor of your office to meet your side and look at the image you were working on. 
“Hmm? That's not for the story. Unless you're planning to do something crazy.”
You chuckled. “No no, this is just for fun. A gift.”
“Alright, well then, Kira and I are gonna head to sleep, Jirou’s already crashed, and Kay headed home a while ago.” He patted your shoulder, walking back toward the door. “Would you like anything? Coffee? Tea?”
“No, I’ll be going to bed soon too. Sleep well.”
“I’m going to sleep like a cat in the sun.”
Tumblr media
Life as a mangaka meant long hours, little sleep, and turning a house into an office so that your team could sleep if work went into the night. You didn’t mind, it was cheaper than renting an office space after all, and for your assistants, they found it cosy. Although Kay did have to go home to their parent’s most nights, labour laws. You made sure to pay them well and keep them fed.
Although it wasn’t ideal for their physical and mental health, you being gone had led them to getting ahead on work, as they didn’t want to fall behind. After the publication of the next volume, you rewarded their tireless effort with a free weekend and tickets to one of the Olympic volleyball games.
You could hear them cheering from your spot on the bench even before the game started. And their cheers persisted throughout the game.
Iwaizumi elbowed you, nodding to the energetic group as they waved. “Who's the quartet?”
When Ushijima came off the court, you rushed over with his bottle and a towel. It was the fifth set, and the game was being dragged out a lot longer than any ideal game. The team was slowly being swapped out, player for player until a new lineup was on the court. 
When you held the two up for him to take a hold of, Ushijima instead let his forehead fall into your hand that the towel rested in. He was breathing heavily.
“Oh, that’s not good.”
Spinning around Ushijima’s form and wrapping your other arm around his back, You slowly guided him off the sideline to walk around the bench. Iwaizumi along with one of the medical attendants were already waiting, setting up a makeshift towel bed in a hurried fashion for Ushijima to relax into.
“Okay, big guy. Down you go.”
Iwaizumi got his hands on Ushijima's back, helping carry the player’s weight as he lowered himself onto the floor. Once settled, he grunted, opening his eyes wider and turning his head to try and see the game through his teammates' legs.
You plopped yourself down in his line of sight. “Nope. Rest for now.”
His eyes rolled beneath their eyelids.
The medical attendant hurried over with an ice pack and a thermometer, handing Iwaizumi the bag to shake up. “It’s likely exhaustion, paired with dehydration and overheating. You’ll be fine. Just need to cool off for a bit.”
At their words, you shuffled over to grab Ushijima’s water bottle out of the carrying case. It was still full.
“Ah, even the great Ushijima forgets about his own health sometimes.” Yaku had just come out of his rotation on the court, sucking back water like it was his last.
Ushijima took the bottle from your hands with a light grip when the ref’s whistle blew.
Looking up, you could see the other team’s coach calling for a time out, while one of his players was getting ice pressed into his lip. 
These players were falling apart. Sighing, you got back to your feet and handed out their water bottles as they approached the side of the court. It would be over soon enough.
Tumblr media
“Guys! Guys! Sudo-Nim shared art of the team! Look, Look, Look!”
You grinned.
“Who?” Komori, the nearest player to acknowledge Hinata’s howling, was immediately subjected to being forced down by Bokuto’s weight as he tried to get a closer look at the ginger’s phone screen.
“What’s it say?” Bokuto asked, hand reaching to scroll down on the article.
Suna had silently crept up to Hinata’s other shoulder alongside Miya and soon after the rest of the team had gathered for Hinata’s speech.
Hinata cleared his throat. “The anonymous mangaka, Sudo-Nim, acknowledges and compliments Japan’s National Volleyball team on their efforts in the Olympics with artwork of the team and supporting staff. The image depicts the team in their red uniforms surrounded by their coaching staff and trainers, imagining what the group would look like after their recent game.”
You took a seat next to coach Hibarida as the group of volleyball players began to surround Hinata as he read the article off his phone. Hibarida pulled it up for himself, deciding not to add to the large group of bodies.
“The first image depicts an illustration of the team and staff in poised positions not unlike any regular team photo while maintaining the artist's style. The second, shows the group in near shambles, making a light-hearted, comical depiction of the game’s aftermath. In the drawing, reflections of the group’s various personalities exude from the paper. One of many such characters is Ushijima, who calmly sits to the side of the group with his eyes closed, ice-pack against his head, thermometer in mouth, and water bottle in hand. In the even—”
“We get it, show us the art.”
A chorus of awe sounded from the group and your chest bloomed with a comforting warmth.
Hibarida nudged your shoulder, sliding the image of the art over. “So, a mangaka, huh?” something was cunning hidden behind his squinted eyes. Looking at the image, you couldn’t help but admire the resemblance of your artwork, trying not to laugh at the drawing of Hibarida’s mouth curling happily as he bit into a cookie while holding a small stack of them in his other hand.
You just smiled and gave him a happy shrug.
Tumblr media
I don’t know, but I thought this was cute. I tried to get pretty much everybody of note mentioned at least once, even if it was only for a brief moment. 
I’ve also been trying to exclude using “(Y/N)” while writing cause why not, some people don’t like it. It’s easy in 2nd person, or even 1st, but I’m not keen on writing in first, and it's hard to exclude in 3rd person (Unless the character has an alias of sort, like a superhero name, nickname, or title)
I’m already crying over school and wanting to drop out so that's fun. - Bacon
Posted: 16/01/2022
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