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Love the cute little ones too
Thanks Abi ✌️
##drfeelgoodtattoo #boldstreet #boldstreetliverpool #stegosaurus #stegosaurustattoo #dinosaur #dinosaurtattoo #triceratopstattoo #diplodocus #outline #bavariancustomirons #silverbackink #dinosaurs #lineworktattoo #liverpooltattoo #liverpooltattooartist (at The Original Dr Feelgood Tattoo Bold - Ray, Paul and Lee)

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That instagram picture appears to include REM member Bill Berry and REM associate Scott McCaughey, but Michael Stipe is not in that picture.

Thanks friend!! And thanks for prepping me with the band member names, I’m already ahead of the game for the pod!

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ok no one ever sends me numbers when i reblog…

I’m not even the biggest Kasabian fan, but I went to a Kasabian show in like 2010 because tickets weren’t too expensive and the venue was close and Vlad the Impaler is still the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen live. Like every single person in that venue was 100 percent into it and it was incredible.

YESSSSSSSS ITS SO FUKCING INSANE when they played it at coachella i was worried bc the crowd was meh for the rest of the set but idk what it is about that song literally EVERYBODY was suddenly going crazy????? 

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