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Do Bolthunds sometimes crossbreed with Manetric?

Not so much in the wild. While they genetically can, they do not have much overlap in habitat range, and still most Pokémon do not have any inclination to cross with members outside their own species. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many species.

Some breeders will introduce some Manectric genetics into their Boltund stock to produce more durable hunting Pokémon, but the resulting Yamper tend to be less popular as pets because their legs are longer.


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what's a good way to keep Boltund happy? my Yamper is close to evolving and I feel like he'll need different care once he's a Boltund.

Boltund require a lot more space than Yamper, because their exercise needs increase drastically when they evolve. Your buddy will need at least a full hour of running around every day, so you should locate the best parks, tracks, and hiking trails near you. There are even some social groups in Galar for Boltund trainers so they can meet up and exercise their Pokémon together, and help with the extensive enrichment needs for each other in case someone gets sick or has to leave town without their Pokémon for a few days.


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✨ anon ordered : “ ah! hello! sorry my earlier request didn’t go through :(( anyways, would it be possible for me to get a moodboard of Rin Kagamine with the pokémon Chespin and Boltund? i know it sounds weird! sorry and thank you ❤️❤️ ” ✨
here, didn’t have much to work with so i did my best.

~ mod astro (•̀ᴗ•́)و

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Sword Update: Took out Nessa’s first two Pokémon with Eldegoss, then switched to Boltund to take on her Dynamaxed Drednaw. Mega Evolution with the Kalos gym leaders has made it fairly predictable as to what will be Dynamaxed, and when.

Also I’m really fucking upset. I wanted an Appletun so bad, and I can’t get one in Sword. And you have to PAY FOR FUCKING INTERNET ON THE SWITCH. You’ve had Internet compatible consoles for 10+ years, and NOW you decide to make Internet a subscription service. Brilliant.

Took a break to watch an SNL rerun. Onwards, as long as I can keep my eyes open.

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