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#bombing tw
venka · 6 months ago
israel is currently bombing damascus, syria in the middle of the night while the world is focused on the situation in the united states. please take the time to read through the carrd linked on this thread to spread awareness and help the syrian people in anyway you can
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adoreyou · 6 months ago
anyway while america is taking over social media as usual, syria was literally being bombed overnight by israel. petitions don’t work here, only raising awareness and donating to organisations does so here are some organisations you can support:
Islamic Relief
Islamic Relief USA
Muslim Aid
please feel free to add to this, these are just some i found on twitter! also red cross isn’t a reliable organisation so please don’t donate to them.
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rukunas · 2 months ago
important !! please read and reblog !!
it’s unfair of us to have platforms and not use it to speak up for palestinians. i have resources provided below for how you can educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that is happening in palestine right now and how you can help.
educate yourself
thread on what is occurring in sheikh jarrah, another thread
tw violence video of palestinian explaining the situation in sheikh jarrah
tw bombing video of al aqsa mosque being bombed
tw violence, tw bombing, tw shooting video of palestinians in al aqsa mosque
tweet explaining importance of al aqsa
a website where you can learn more about palestine
a video breaking down the history of the israeli oppressing palestinians
video of palestinian explaining the importance of spreading awareness
tw violence video of 16 yo palestinian boy being forcefully evicted from his home by israeli solders
tiktok of palestinian speaking about what is going on in her country. please see the links in her bio for more information— tiktok will not let me copy and paste her linktree
tiktok of palestinian speaking on situation in gaza
instagram page for jewish voices for peace, an organization working for liberation and justice for palestine
infographics explaining how to be an ally for palestine
some of the posts are triggering instagram of journalist sharing what is happening in palestine
tiktok explaining the situation in al lydd
books/articles you can read to learn more
free ways to help if you cannot donate
do NOT sign petitions !! they are not accounted for in the middle east and do nothing.
go to this website and simply click. update: i have heard from some people that this helps and from other people that it does not. please be wary with this source and do not depend on it.
watch this video to donate, it’s 3 hours long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
watch this video to donate, it’s 1 hour long but just playing it in the background can help. do not play on loop and do not skip ads.
if you are from the U.K., follow these instructions to call local MPs into action
if you are from the U.S., text RESIST to 50409 to urge congress to help palestine
thread of dua’as muslims can make to pray for palestinians
boycott israeli products
donate— it is better to donate directly to people rather than organizations, but i do have a few organizations listed.
do NOT donate to
help children and hospitals affected by gaza bombing
help hungry children in palestine
donate to palestine child relief fund, known to be reputable
donate to united palestinian appeal, a direct charity
donate directly to journalist injured in gaza
ramadan zakat fund for palestinians in gaza
raise money for palestinian woman escaping toxic household
buy palestinian goods
i’ll add more links as i continue to find reliable sources and proper donations. please dm me other resources and i can add them to this list. if anything here is not trustworthy, please let me know immediately and i will take it down. free palestine until it’s backwards, pray for palestinians who do not know whether they will be safe in their own country.
last but not least, if you are a pro-israel, unfollow me immediately. i don’t need you on my tumblr. and do not use what is happening in palestine right now to be anti-semitic.
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bluefire-axolotl · a year ago
Madoka: I fight witches using the bow that came with my magical girl powers
Mami: I do the same, only with guns.
Sayaka: Me too, but with swords.
Kyoko: Same but with my spear.
Tumblr media
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lovsoul · 6 months ago
tw bombing
israel took advantage of what’s happening in DC and bombed Damascus in the middle of the night. Please don’t stay silent.
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oceanivoxjoquainx · a month ago
Luca is so full of queer subtext omfg???
Luca's parents trying to send him to "the Deep" conversion therapy as a form of protection because they're worried if he keeps going to the surface displaying his queerness people will harm him?
Especially when they find out he's going to the surface with someone else hanging out with someone deemed a deviant that's going to turn him gay??
Luca's grandma encouraging his exploration of the surface and his curiosity himself and his identity and feeding him positivity about it because she herself went through the same process when she was younger???
Alberto's father abandoning him because he deems him as old enough to take care of himself "I will not tolerate you being like this under my roof. If you want to live with me you have to stop being like this." and Alberto didn't so he was abandoned????
Luca and Alberto never having any real friends or close bonds like this and thus bond extremely quickly and decide they want to travel the world together just the two of them????? Tell me which queer kid HASN'T thought of doing this with their first real crush.
Luca's parents stepping outside of their world and into the new world Luca's gone into in order to find him in an attempt to save him their heteronormative world into the deviant world Luca's gone into in the name of "concern and protection" to take him to The Deep before he "gets hurt"??????
Alberto becoming increasingly jealous and frustrated as he feels his one close and new friend crush, admirer, and confidant being stolen away by some other new stranger and getting side tracked from their shared dreams??
Alberto revealing he's a sea creature queer to Giulia in order to show Luca that they wouldn't be accepted and even harmed and thus should just continue their goal of it just being the two of them on their worldwide journey (he's a very angsty kid okay)???
Luca denouncing Alberto and their true forms out of anger and fear in order to protect himself and stay in the new human world he found in order to be comfortable and their queerness in order to hide himself and stay closeted in the new, safe world away from his parents that want to send him away???????
Luca revealing that he's a sea creature a queer kid in order to save Alberto who also risked revealing that he's a sea creature queer to the whole town in order to help Luca win the race and keep him from revealing outing himself????
The old ladies revealing that they've been sea creatures they're both queer and been in a relationship together the whole time after seeing the newer generation brave enough to be themselves for the sake and safety of each other???????? And that they're probably who Grandma goes to see when she goes to town every weekend?????????
Alberto having a common queer journey of found family in Giulia and Massimo whilst Luca has the common queer journey of having his family accept him as he is and let him go into the world, assured that he would be fine because he has amazing supports by his side????
Alberto and Luca holding onto each other as long as physically possible before the train pulled away, and the shot going to their hands holding on before slipping out of each other, finally followed by Alberto chasing down the train until the end of the platform IN THE RAIN?????????? As if that's NOT a trope straight (heeheehhee) out of a hetero romance movie???????????
It's just... the metaphors, the subtext.... its everywhere! Apart from the subtext though it's two friends taking on this new world together, achieving and finding new dreams, and growing as people. Its also about found family, acceptance, and most importantly love. It's definitely going down as my most favorite Pixar movie in a long while.
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evakskam · 6 months ago
israel just bombed damascus, syria in the middle of the night, while everyone was sleeping. i found these links on twitter, please help in any way you can.
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taegis · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
singularity pt. 2 🎭
소윤의 비밀정원 여기 있어 ♡
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android-stims · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black cat stimboard
x x x/x x x/x x x
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naninaa · 6 months ago
i dont remember nuclear bombs in hamilton
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taegis · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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howelljenkins · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
via irqnow
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butiknewyou · 5 months ago
every time I remember that bruschetta tried to get the public to hate taylor during the masters discussion by saying she wouldn’t perform at the manchester and parkland relief concerts when that was completely irrelevant KNOWING she was in a horrible headspace and that is her very worst fear.......I wonder how she found the empathy to assume that when he can’t sleep at night he hears her stolen lullabies
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artzmis · 4 years ago
i live in manchester and have a few close friends that were there at the time of the bombing. this is an horrendous and awful act but please don’t use this as an excuse to spread islamophobia. mourn, grieve, be angry. but don’t use the deaths of human beings to further your own racist, asshole agenda.
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parrythefloof · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They all have superpowers and cool outfits and...and Remus has bombs... BUT YEAH I will make a ref sheet for all of them and I will make one for Logan don't worry.
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