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greenbriarc · 5 minutes ago
One thing I really hope they'll change in the show is Zoyalai.
Before you jump at my neck, they are my otp so hear me out.
I hope they'll start developing their relationship in season 2 because there is a big chance we won't get to see the king of scars duology on screen and I'll riot if I won't see Zoyalai. Their dynamic is so amazing and the way they just understand each other.. God I love them so much! (I can't say anything else cause I am afraid I'll give spoilers so yeah). We also (if i remember corectly) never got to see how these 2 met and I'd love to see how they would interact in the begining.
Also, I don't think Alina needs a third love interest. The love triangle was already more than enough (for me at least) and I hope we'll see the more platonic part between these 2.
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thistledots · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
YASSS — intern over at Netflix Korea, sharing the love 💕
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loptrcoptr · 11 minutes ago
Childhood Sweethearts Forever may not be a fiction trope that I love, but Oh No It’s Cold and We’ll Have to Spoon, I Will Survive Out of Pure Spite, and Please Help Me Destroy my Own Family Member are tropes I love the hell out of, so things are looking up
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justlookingformy-self · 16 minutes ago
TW ed/dca
It's time to restrict more.
Yesterday I ate around 1300kcal, today I hope to stay under 1000, my bday is in a month, I have to lose at least 11 lbs/5 kg.
I know it could not be enough cause my actually bodyweight (135kg/around 275lbs) but I have to prove myself that I CAN do that.
I think I'll do an evening-post "what I eat in a day" just to take me away from bingeing.
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captainkyn · 22 minutes ago
This music video rattles my bones
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ravkapromo · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                                             𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐈𝐒 𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐄?                                                                   𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚎  &  𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚖𝚎𝚗.
os alta, ravka.     the biggest and most important city in ravka, the political and cultural center of the whole country, featuring both the grand palace and the little palace. oh . . . the little palace? the home of the grisha. where the second army of ravka are housed and trained, honing their talents and training so they can serve their country. under the rule of the darkling, grisha are taken as soon as they present their abilities and taken to join the military regiment until they turn thirty and will join the active military or become teachers within the little palace themselves. but with whispers of war on the ears of everyone & rumors of mysterious drugs, missing instructors and a mythical threat arising from the unsea, they are about to face a threat unlike any other that will change not just the fate of ravka but the world.
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petrareads · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally got the push to start reading this series so I can watch the new TV show
why must I need a new show, recommendations by 3 different people & no other books to read before I start my tbr pile
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dead-bones · 29 minutes ago
(i can't drink beer or wine so it's hard liquor for me. makes going to bars/clubs expensive though)
you seem so sure that you can lead without me putting up one hell of a fight. if i have to go down it won't be without swingin some (calling me cute does... diminish the fight a little) - 🪑
Awe, I like a good fight.
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loptrcoptr · 35 minutes ago
Ok, madame hooch, cave dweller, is now officially my favorite part of this show
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hahanoiwont · 42 minutes ago
I have had Papyrus Thoughts. I have put them below the cut
been lookin through all the early snowdin scenes bc we're going to be lifting some dialogue hardcore...and Sans has this one line about Papyrus, "don't worry, he's not dangerous. even if he tries to be." what does that MEAN, SIR. is it that Papyrus has a lot of traps and puzzles that could be dangerous, but wouldn't use them to kill anybody? is it that Papyrus's ability to knock people out without killing them isn't the product of great control but just that he's literally incapable of killing people? does Sans straight up not know about Papyrus's combat abilities?? (incidentally that last one would explain why he's not there for the Papyrus battle--if he figures "oh my bro can't fight like at all" then he'd have no reason to expect a battle to take place, and it would be congruent with how he frankly kind of babies Papyrus, but also how would he not know)
anyway as interesting as any of those interpretations would be, i'm gonna say that Sans completely, hilariously underestimates his brother's capacity for violence. Papyrus has a couple of lines that imply that he's not necessarily a pacifist, or at least not opposed to enacting violence (even accounting for cultural differences, beating someone unconscious is in fact a violent act). And even without using all of his potential, he's obviously a strong fighter. but, according to Sans, "not dangerous." I mean he could be lying, but tbh it's way funnier if Sans '1 hit and he dies' 'will not fight come hell or high water' Undertale simply does not recognize that his extremely cool bro could possibly harm another person. Papyrus? Never!
This could possibly be true by a mix of Sans's impression that Papyrus is more ignorant than he actually is, combined with Sans's own values and his assumption that Papyrus shares them. I will argue to my grave that Sans is a pacifist (if a real-life person refused to fight unless they were not only the next victim of an actual genocide but also facing down the end of the world, I think we would still count them as a pacifist, actually! also the geno confrontation is much more narratively interesting if Sans is setting aside his own ideals to totally, viciously oppose them--from 0 to 100 on the violence scale because he has been backed into a corner and he has exactly one way to fight back so he's damned well going to give it everything he has); and Sans so clearly admires and loves Papyrus that a few things might be assumed--such as Papyrus being totally harmless, because Sans is pretty much harmless, and why would he assume his brother is more dangerous than he is? Besides this, Sans's 1 HP comes into consideration--even if Papyrus sees no issue with making friends by inflicting massive damage on one another, Sans would be an obvious exception, because if he roughhoused with Papyrus like that he would die instantly. So the only attacks Sans has faced from Papyrus have absolutely no intent to hit, much less harm. So, yeah, I do think that Sans wouldn't really think of Papyrus as someone capable of causing harm, because Sans has never seen it from him, and he's left to assume that Papyrus is like that all of the time.
so like. I am imagining that someone could tell Sans after a pacifist run, "hey your brother beat Frisk unconscious and put them in your garage to sleep it off." And Sans would straight up not believe them. like. "papyrus? nah, you're yanking my chain. what kind of guy do you think my brother is?"
Anyway I forgot where I was going with this, except that I think that Papyrus is absolutely willing to do a hit, and Sans would not believe this fact if anyone, including Papyrus, tried to tell him. Which then has the potential to set up the fun and interesting dynamic of, "My brother has horrible stats and doesn't even try to defend himself! I have to protect him so that no one takes advantage of this."/"my brother is a little naive, and he'd never hurt anyone, no matter what. i have to protect him so that no one takes advantage of this." because Sans and Papyrus are each other's opposites in so many ways that they can both think they're covering for each other's glaring weak spots, and they can both be totally correct about this. and totally wrong.
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jediavengerwitch7 · 46 minutes ago
Things I need to See In Shadow and Bone Season 2
*Spoilers for non-book readers*
Assuming the show gets renewed for a second season, here are some things I desperately need to see: 
-The Ice Court Heist.
-Nikolai Lantsov, the saving grace of the Grisha Trilogy.
-Wylan van Eck, my precious, pure criminal child.
-The Crows breaking Matthias out of Hellgate + Matthias and Nina forgiving each other.
-Kaz’s backstory + Kaz/Jordie flashbacks.
-Just more of the Crows in general. 
-Tolya and Tamar, those absolute icons. 
-I really hope they fix the dumb parts of Siege and Storm (That whole weird “Force Call” thing with Alina and the Darkling). 
-David and Genya (SO underrated)
-Alina wearing the sea whip amplifier. 
There’s so much more I want to see, but then this list would go on forever lol. 
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