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My husband said he noticed that I lost 5 pounds😍

He seemed a bit sad, I guess he likes me at this size.

He already thinks “I’m getting sooo skinny.”

He has no idea…

This honestly made me so happy and even more motivated than ever.

I’m so excited to lose 25 more pounds 🖤🦋

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Day 6

Do I binge?


Mostly because I drink alcohol.

If I let myself get TOO hungry, I just lose control.

I always need some kind of snack, or I set myself up for failure.

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Pulled a shoe today and was a little grumpy but worked v good, 10/10

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Truth is better then sweet lie.

I got a reminder that I should loose weight and I shouldn’t accept myself now. My head twists everything. I am my own enemy.

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For the month of February I was thinking of doing love letters from your favorite character. Cute right?

But what if you sent your favorite character a love letter to see their reaction to it? I think thats even cuter!

If you send me a 💌 and the character, you’ll get a love letter from them!

If you want to send in a love letter for a character reaction you can submit it instead of sending it in an ask! Just make sure you specify which character you’re writing to!

Also! I do take character suggestions! It’s not just the ones I have on my blog! If you want a specific character and you think I can write for them just send in the emoji and character. I wanna give everyone a love letter if they want one!

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bones insulting spock because he won’t leave him to die is such a spones mood

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FVK 4am post-show diner stop 🍟🍟🍔

i miss going out to shows sooo much lol

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Dear Internet Void:

From an old poem & a new story, based on a panic attack I once had in New York Penn Station.

“I used to imagine peeling myself back from my cuticles and building a fire with the delicate, bird-like bones of my fingers.”

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From November 9th to January 27th

The notes are still going on tumblr so we’re pretty happy with that!


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