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Bones: is a social drinker, will occasionally indulge in drugs like Zenne or Dream

Jesper: smokes Zenne regularly and often, uses it to self medicate

Signal: consumes far too much caffeine and Vigor to be healthy, stays awake for days

Charon: he drinks socially, and uses Bubbly and Dream

Cerberus: will use Redeye for work sometimes, but prefers Zenne for relaxation and Dream for fun


Melts at the Courier’s words, tells them that they missed them too: Jesper, Charon

Chats with the Courier for as long as they want, talks about their day and hobbies: Bones, Cerberus

Bullies the Courier for saying that but is secretly deeply pleased and makes a point to call them more often: Signal

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Kalmasapada’s Domain

an illustration i made for a picture book, Sutasoma

published by Ehipassiko Foundation, written by Yin Natadhita & Handaka Vijjananda

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I made a pumpkin spice latte for coffee today. I know I shouldn’t have but I’ve only had it 1 other time and I had canned pumpkin open in the fridge that I needed to use. it was really good. I’m going to not do bad tonight and only have probably a can of soup and a hot cocoa or tea instead of a lot of food like lately. I only gained 1 pound but I know 1 -3 pounds is normal body fluctuations. I’m not too mad I ate a quite a bit for two days because I needed to shit anyway lmao

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