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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#bonnibel bubblegum
gachiman · an hour ago
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guiltpoint · 11 hours ago
the fact that bonnie would be a targaryen.........the implications are simply too much to handle
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ultimateoptimus · 19 hours ago
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Finn and Bubblegum Sukumizu Frogman Forme
New for Summer 2021 and my first Frogman Fubblegum art in a long time: Frogboy Finn "PG87" Mertens and Froggirl Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum in their Sukumizu Japanese High School Swimsuits! Perfect for the Summer School Swimming Pool!
Ooo High Schoolers Finn "PG87" Mertens (Water Park Swim Team Ace Swimmer, Chosen of Exo Fish/Pisces) and Bonnibel Bubblegum (Water Park Swim Team Ace Swimmer-Instructor, Chosen of Geminium/Gemini), when it's time to hit the Water Park pools or the high school pool to train as Frogmen, practice for Sports Diving races, put their Frogman skills to the test, face their fear of the dark depths of the ocean head on, full steam ahead or have just plain fun under the water, especially in Summertime, especially in either's SCUBA birthday parties Japanese Anime High School Style, like good SCUBA diving teenage high school boys and girls take up their Water Park Frogman Forme of the Water Type that has them suit up in their brand new, brightly glow-in-the-day-and dark neon colored Sukumizu (Japanese High School Swimsuits) to go with Finn's and Bubblegum's Water Park Frogman swimwear and main OxyBio/OxyCola SCUBA gear as their alternative swimwear for high school SCUBA classes, summer school SCUBA classes and underwater high school pool dungeon crawling included.
Finn's Helper's Sukumizu is a vertical dexter-sinister heterochromic light blue-blue with vertical dexter-sinister heterochromic light blue-blue highlight lines Helper's Beachbody Boys' Japanese School Swimsuit, white Finn-style Helper's School Swim Cap with vertical dexter-sinister heterochromic light blue-blue highlight lines, a white Helper's Inflatable Water Armband with the Founders' Island Helper Corps insignia printed on it, light blue-blue with light blue-blue highlight lines Webbed Swim Gloves and light blue-blue School Swim Socks light blue-blue highlight lines with his class number and name printed on his Boys' Beachbody Sukumizu and Swim Cap. Bubblegum's Candy Royal Sukumizu is a hot pink with bright pink highlight lines, white-bright pink-purple diagonal lines Candy Royal Girls' Japanese Old Style School Swimsuit, hot pink-bright pink crown with bright pink highlight lines Candy Royal School Swim Cap, hot pink with bright pink highlight lines webbed swim gloves and hot pink-bright pink with bright pink highlight lines Candy Royal Force Swim Leggging-Fins with his class number and name printed on her Girls' Old Style Sukumizu and Swim Cap.
From Frogman Finn "PG87" Mertens and Frogwoman Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum in Hyperactive Neon Colorful '90s/2000s Action High School Japan With Love!
@mrdifferentguy @fubblegummers @creepie-treattricker @ppgxrrblove
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darnvarmints · a day ago
Bubbline fluff!
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD im so sorry this took so long!!!! i dont know if this is considered 'fluff' or not but i wanted them to sing together >:) i think it turned out pretty okay
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xxfrizzyxx · 2 days ago
You know we really should’ve known PB wasn’t jealous of FP when she reacted positively to Jake saying Finn had a ‘lady friend’, only negatively when he says it’s her
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gachiman · 3 days ago
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darnvarmints · 3 days ago
me: Your girlfriend looks gnc af
princess bubblegum: YOURE INSANE
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notahumanweirdo · 4 days ago
Sure, sex is cool or whatever
But have you ever seen a 1-hour special on your favorite ship being in a healthy, established relationship together?
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