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Like many other people in the Adventure Time fandom I am on a bubbline hype🥰🏳️‍🌈

I just had to create a new music video to tribute these two wonderful girls and their sweet and compelling relationship. Through all the hardships they had, they came back to each other. As friends and a team they better each other. I think they may be one of the best relationships I’ve seen in a cartoon show, they’re so complex and interesting.

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I finally watched Adventure Time and these two queens were so cute I thought my brain would melt. So I had to paint them having a nice date night with movies.

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The neon pink and dull gray fleshy pink don’t work. She’s bubblegum. Bubblegum is more of a hot pink tbh. And idk why her hair would be straight. She isn’t a stick of gum, she’s a wad of gum. Wads are gooey and stretchy and absolutely not straight. 



Her skin is solid and non bendy and so is the color of a stick of gum, not that weird fleshy color in the incorrect example. It looks unnatural but it’s supposed to. She’s candy. Her hair is ready to drip off at any moment because it’s a wad of gum. And not the hard kind. It’s gooey. It’s stretchy. It isn’t straight. And it’s hot pink like any other wad of bubblegum is. I even made her eyelashes curved because there’s no reason for a gum-creature to have a straight edge on her.

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I know I’m late to the party…

Distant Lands: Obsidian…

Ooof. Hurt so good. Also, just incredibly sweet and I wish like heck I had this level of healthy emotionally mature shows accessible when I was younger.

Also, uhf, I am so glad we get to see more of Marcy’s mom but man it hurts. And there is some beautiful symbolism and some not so subtle themes throughout all of that which… just… this show is so good <3

Character growth, healthy relationships, and some sick tunes. 10/10 would recommend.

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I’d love to think that they went to Marcy’s place right after seeing Finn and Jake off.

Even though it’s past Marcy’s bedtime ٩(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

And no, I’ll never get over Bubbline 😭❤

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I hope you like it as much as I enjoy doing it ๑◕‿◕๑

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hmmm i feel like pb is lacking in the immaturity and volatility which i feel are characteristic of a vriska. like, she does commit irresponsible and unethical actions and she does repress a lot of stuff, from her personal issues to the unstable and potentially dangerous results of her science experiments, but as a person she’s very patient and generally mature. she doesn’t usually act impulsively or in immediately self-destructive ways. there’s also an organized and premeditated quality to her actions that feels un-vriska-esque. like, she will mess with forces beyond her comprehension or control, but she definitely thought it through very thoroughly in advance. in that way she’s more of a mad scientist type. or like lucretia from adventure zone 

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I finished watching Adventure Time and I fell in love with all of the characters.  Every. Single. One. This show is truly a masterpiece!
And of course the best pairing is Bubbline, so I thought it would be fun to draw them. I also  swapped their temperament and fashion style to make it even more fun aaand here is the lineart-

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