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1. You can blame all your bad deeds on your addiction and will not be held accountable for it. (It also helps that you killing an entire village and possibly raping women happened off screen.)

2. You can be an abusive piece of garbage and still get the girl (and a happily ever after).

3. You can drink, do drugs and have lots of sex at the age of 15 with no consequences.

4. You can treat your “best friends” (who coincidentally are POC) like trash and they’ll still do anything to save your sorry ass.

5. You can be a confirmed female rapist and still be considered a survivor while the confirmed male rapist gets rightfully called out on it by the fans.

6. You can score with a girl whose best friend and whose boyfriend’s mother you killed.

7. You can score with a girl who you’ve almost killed at least three times.

8. You can be the most badass witch and the only guy interested in you is your best friend’s younger brother (who gets away with cheating on you with a ghost).

9. You can stalk a girl for months and still be considered her “epic love”.

10. You can be a total bitch to your friends because of your self-imposed inferiority complex, but the fans still say your friends are the problem.

11. You can sleep with a guy who killed/hurt almost everyone you love and don’t have to feel guilty about it.

12. You can’t call someone out for sleeping with a guy who killed/hurt almost everyone you love (including your mum) without getting punched in the face.

13. You can tell the love of your life to leave because you need to process that said love of your life slept with the guy who enslaved you, slaughtered your friends and killed your last living family member, but she won’t listen (because she’s sick of getting called out on her bs!)

14. You can slutshame every female character (and some of the male characters) and still be considered a feminist icon.

15. You can tell your boyfriend to save your friend from drowning instead of saving you, yet everyone will call you a selfish bitch.

16. You can shut off your emotions willingly because your mum died and the guy you have feelings for doesn’t feel the same and still have fans root for you.

17. However, if you have someone whose every wish is your command tell you to abandon your emotions after your last family member died, you’re the bitch.

18. You can never attend a highschool dance if your name is Rebekah Mikaelson.

19. You can kill the love of your life’s brother and still have a chance with her.

20. You can also force said brother to become a killer who later wants to kill his sister but still have a chance with her.

21. You can feel entitled to tell someone you’ll be her last love (as if they have no say in the matter, as if it’s inevitable) and it will be considered romantic. 

22. You can rip multiple people’s hearts out with no remorse and still be called the noble brother.

23. Your death is inevitable if you’re in a relationship with Alaric Saltzman (unless your name is Meredith).

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haven’t shared the new baby here yet so…voila! bonnie. yes, she is named after bonnie macfarlane from red dead redemption.

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Animatronic August 2020 - Day 25

Pride  [Overly Affectionate Animatronics – no pairings]

“Mike check this out!” Bonnie practically bounced into the office he was so excited.

The brunet grinned as the purple rabbit was almost preening over the colorful new accessory.  “Nice bowtie, where’d you get it?”

“One of the new servers brought it, he brought something for all of us to show our support!”

“How’d you get Foxy to wear a bowtie?” he smirked.

Bonnie rolled his eyes, “He only brought bowties for me, Freddy, Golden, and Spring.  Chica got a new bib and Foxy got a bandanna.”

“What did the bosses say?”

“Dad didn’t really notice, but Father said they were fine as long as we changed back to our regular ones at the end of the month.”

Mike smiled, glad the bots were being allowed to participate in Pride Month and he had to admit, the rainbow bowtie looked good on the rabbit.

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this my my first time doin headcannons (autobot fem human S/O is in this,they are in there 20s) 

{Peeps who reed this might be confused since I put in some lore}

  • It all starts at the day of Halloween, Russel is talking about some spoopy stories to Grimlock
  • Jetstorm and Slipstream just got back from training and are getting curios about Russel’s conversation 
  • Jetstorm: “Russel what are thease stories are you telling about?” 
  • Russel: “Oh you guys are back, you’re in a perfect timing we were just gonna talk about the 5 missing children legend.”
  • Slipstream: “Whats the 5 missing children legend?”
  • Russel: ”Oh I have so much to tell you. It all starts out with 5 children there was Susie,Jeremy,Fritz,Gabriel and Cassidy. They were all at Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria and playing happily, then a purple man lured the children to the parts and service room.And you know what happened?”
  • Slipstream & Jetstorm: they were both shivered a little “what happened…”
  • Slipstream & Jetstorm: “AHHH”
  • Russel: ”Haha its just legend its not actually real”
  • the phone rings and Denney gets the call.
  • Denney: “Russel its S/O,she says its very important”
  • Russel rushes to get the phone.
  • Russel: “Hey S/O you usual don’t call this late, something wrong?”
  • S/O: “Do you remember the 5 missing children legend right?”
  • Russel: ”Ya,what about it?”
  • S/O is getting more hyper that S/O literally shouts at the phone
  • S/O: “So this legend has been stuck in my head for a long time,so ive gone to the actual pizzaria and I was testing if their signs that the sprits were acctually still here and they were acctually still here and it is possible that we might find the truth about the killer and more.Im allready at the pizzarea right now”
  • S/O:”And im gonna need backup if anything go’s wrong,just bring Slipstream and Jetstorm.”
  • Slipstream & Jetstorm: “Russel is there something wrong?”
  • Russel: “I have a very important mission for the 2 of you,remember the legend that I told you.”
  • Slipstream & Jetstorm: “Yes?”
  • Russel: “S/O figured out that the legend is possibly true,S/O needs you just incase something goes wrong she at the pizzaria right now. But I’m gonna ask Drift first”
  • Russel goes to Drift and ask if they can bring the minicons for something important.
  • Russel: “Hey Drift can I bring the minicons with me.”
  • Drift: “Why would I even leave them with you?”
  • Russel: “S/O said that  they need the minicon for backup if anything goes wrong,she said it going to be very carful.”
  • Drift: “No”
  • Russel: “Oh come on, they will be fine you’ve trained them a lot to defend themselves right?”
  • Drift: “Fine,but don’t come back to me saying that there injured.”
  • Russel: “Thanks”
  • Russel: “Ok I got permission to use the minicons for backup,S/O you can drive us to the pizzarea.She will be here in a hour”

*1 hour later*

  • Russel: “Oh there she is”
  • S/O: “Get in boys,were gonna go ghost bustin”
  • Slipstream & Jetstorm: “What!?!?”
  • S/O: ”Just hop on”
  • some time later there at the pizzeria
  • S/O: “Ok guys were here,Slipstream and Jetstorm tell me if theres anything suspicious going on in the place escpecially in the parts and service room,ok our goal is to find a yellow animatronic or at least one of the children if you anyone of you see call me,I can take care out it a contact the spirt.”
  • Russel: “Ok got it”
  • everyone is now searching for a yellow animatronic and other spirts.
  • Jetstorm and Slipstream find the animatronic, but Jetstorm gets a little too close
  • Jetstorm:”Oh its the “spirt” that S/O said,wait what this”
  • Cassidy and Criss put a “it’s me” sign for a warning to stay back.Slipstream heard a bit of rustuling and Slipstream realizes the legend is true.
  • Slipstream: ”Jetstorm I think that S/O is actually telling truth after all,something is acctually not right.”
  • Jetstorm: “Oh come on Slipstream,you’re not actually believing in this are you.”
  • Cassidy(Golden Freddy) is ready to attack and go on a rampage,but Criss(Golden Freddy) is not having it and try to stop and tries to take control of the suit. 
  • Fritz(Foxy): “What the,who is this person,they don’t even look like one of us.”
  • Fritz(Foxy) attacks on Jestorm,giving a loud screach
  • Criss(Golden Freddy):STOP FRITZ THEY ARE NOT THE MAN
  • Fritz(Foxy): “Wait they ain’t the man,ok nevermind”
  • The rest of the spirits hear this and see whats going on,Russel and S/O
  • hear this to and they came to check.
  • S/O: “they have woken up”
  • Russel: “wait your serious”
  • S/O drags Russel to the main stage and they see it.
  • Russel: “Its true… you were right”
  • Criss/Cassidy(Golden Freddy):Sigh,guys they know you can come out
  • Everyone comes out of the suits to there spirit form.
  • S/O: “Holy shit you’re the missing children.How long has it been”
  • Criss/Cassidy: ”It has been too long,we need to go to the afterlife”
  • S/O: ……
  • Jetstorm & Slipstream: …..
  • S/O: “You know what,ill make that promise,but I will try and make a plan”
  • Russel: “Wait your not joking right,you’re gonna have to put them in there place.”
  • S/O: ”Ya,I gonna have to think of a plan.”

*back at the scrapyard*

  • Bumblebee gets worried and orders Strongarm to pick them up. Strongarm get to the location and Strongarm saw some she has never seen before.
  • Susie(Chica) here’s some rustling outside and go checks in here spirit form.
  • Susie(Chica): “Hey Gabriel(Freddy) I herd something, I’m gonna go check outside ill be back ok.”
  • Gabriel(Freddy): “Ok Susie”
  • Susie(Chica) goes outside to check out on what that noise.Susie see a large blue and white.Susie(Chica) curiously peeks out of the Pizzeria to get a closer look.
  • Strongarm: ”Hello,anyone here.Russel,S/O?”


  • Strongarm quickly take out her gun to see whos there.
  • Strongarm: “WHO’S THERE”
  • Susie(Chica): “EPP”
  • Stomgarm lower her gun at the scared child.
  • Strongarm: “Whats a young human doing here this late and were are you’re parents,follow me outside so I can ask you some questions.”
  • Susie steps back a little 
  • Strongarm: “hey is there something wrong”
  • Susie(Chica): “I don’t really have to find my parents,this is my home”
  • Strongarm: “What do you mean,this doesn’t look like the living conditions for a human”
  • Susie(Chica): “That’s because I’m dead…”
  • Strongarm: “No you’re not joking right…humans can’t contact the dead or anything.”
  • Susie(Chica): “Sigh,follow me there are more of us”
  • Susie(Chica) leads strongarm to the group where Russel and S/O.
  • S/O: “Wait before we go,Criss and Cassidy I promise that I will set everyone free.”
  • Criss/Cassidy(Golden Freddy): *sniff* “Thank you..”
  • S/O,Russel get in S/O’s car and the minicons hop on to Strongarm.
  • Everyone is now at the scrapyard,Bumblebee and the rest of the crew are worried as hell.
  • S/O:”…..ya sorry Bumble bee we were a little late oh and the minicon are fine.”
  • Russel and S/O are resting for a while talking about what they just saw.
  • Russel: “So,how are you gonna put them in there rest.”
  • S/O: “Im gonna have to put the spirits in the suits find a spot somewhere and burn them.”
  • Russel: “You’re what you are crazy.”
  • S/O: “This is the only way,I don’t want them to suffer anymore….”



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When we adopted sausage dog #2, I expected more of sausage dog #1: lazy, cuddly, momma’s dog, pretty much a cat but stinkier.

What I got? a fucking velvet torpedo. on bath salts.

Her favorite game at the moment: leap up and yank a tissue out of the tissue box, run around shredding and eating it and strewing confetti everywhere while mommy chases her and yells GRAAAHHHHH. Other top Bonnie activities include: Will u step in my secret pee spot? pushing the cat over and running away, barking at suspicious things that jingle or are hairbrushes, ten continuous hours of fetch, and CHASE ME CHASE ME CHASE ME

Sh e is licking my hand whi”e:I I write now


Update: she let me touch the butt

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“Hey, um…Freddy?” Mike Schmidt hesitated at the threshold to the west hallway, the toes of his boots just shy of the colorful carpet of the party hall. “Can I, uh, talk to you for a moment?” He nodded his head back down the hallway, toward what could only be the security office. “Somewhere more private?”

“…….” The bear didn’t move for a few seconds, his processor whirring to process the request, and Bonnie had to nudge him with an elbow to bring him back to the present. “Oh! Oh, uh, of course, of course….” He placed his microphone back on its stand, and carefully came down from the stage, crossing the party hall with slow, measured steps.

The pace was not meant to be patronizing. After all, Mike still flinched whenever any of them (but Foxy and Freddy in particular) moved too quickly. But frustration seemed to replace some of the human’s nerves by the time Freddy had reached the halfway point, and he gave the bear a pointed look.

Freddy obediently sped up, and Mike walked with him down the hallway, with only a fraction of his usual guardedness. Chica and Bonnie watched them enter the office together, (Freddy first, and then Mike), and listened to the sound of the west security door closing. They looked at each other in silent shock, and then looked back at the west hallway.

“Did Mike just willingly ask to talk to Freddy? Alone?” Bonnie wondered out loud.

“And walk side-by-side with him to the office? And closed the door??” Chica echoed back with questions of their own. The curtains of Pirate’s Cove rustled, and Foxy poked his head out, summoned by the rising pitch of Chica’s voice.

“Would ye keep it down, lass?” He requested grumpily. “I’m tryin’ t’ re’erse me lines here!” Chica hopped down from the edge of the stage, leaving her Cupcake on its edge as she hurried over to the pirate fox, and held out her arm.

“Pinch me.” She requested. “I’ve got to be dreaming! Mike just asked Freddy to come talk to him. In. The. Office! With the door down and everything!!!” With a shrug, Foxy reached out and scraped his fingers across Chica’s forearm shell. It did nothing, but hey, she’d asked.

“Arr, th’ pup did mention that our guard was a bit down o’bout somethin’…” Foxy mused. “Wouldn’t say what, though.” Bonnie looked over to the other side of the party hall, where Sam was meticulously organizing his first aid supplies.

“Hey, Sam!” He called out from the stage. “Do you know what’s up with your dad tonight?”

“Sort of?” A series of ellipses scrolled across the band of Sam’s hat, and his ears swiveled back in an uncomfortable grimace his jaw couldn’t form. “I do not think it is something I should talk about without his permission, however.” The wolf added with a soft, apologetic whine. “I am sorry.”

“It’s not bad, is it?” Chica fretted. Foxy huffed some air through his jaws.

“Couldn’t be.” He argued. “We’d be able t’ see Mike’s nerves from a nautic’l mile if it were somethin’ truly terrible.” Chica calmed down a little. Foxy was right - Mike’s poker face wasn’t very good, and when something was really bothering him, it was pretty easy to see.

Any further conversation was halted by the sound of the security door hissing open, and all four animatronics looked expectantly toward the hallways. Mike appeared first, in the east hallway, and gave the others a quick glance before moving over to Sam, who excitedly began to show his dad how he’d organized the first aid supplies. Freddy came out of the west hallway, and Chica quickly gestured him over.

“So??” She asked as Bonnie hopped off the stage and hurried to join the group huddle. “What did you and Mike talk about? Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, Chica.” Freddy assured his friends. “Mike just wanted to ask me about doing a special show for one of his siblings.” He explained. “Poor kid got some bad news recently, and he needs some cheering up. Apparently,” The bear straightened his bowtie. “I’m his favorite, and Mike really thinks a few encouraging words from me will make his brother feel better.”

“Awww!!” All the concern melted out of Chica’s expression, and she placed her hands over her chest. “That’s so sweet!”

“Not that his brother is upset,” Bonnie clarified quickly. “But that Mike wanted to surprise him like that. Especially since he’s-…well.” The rabbit’s ears drooped. “He’s still not all that comfortable around us yet…” Chica put a consoling hand on Bonnie’s shoulder. Freddy glanced sidelong across the party hall, and sighed inwardly.

It was true - Mike wasn’t all that comfortable around the animatronics, even with all the great strides they’d been making. He only came out of the office when Sam was around to act as a buffer, and he rarely approached them when they were together. Even when there was only one of them, Mike always had an eye out for an escape route, and only approached them if he had to.

But he’d approached Freddy tonight, and that was a big step.

Foxy retreated back behind his curtains to resume his rehearsal, and Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie returned to the stage to finish setting up for their own practice session. The pizzeria felt a little more relaxed, that night, and the rest of the night passed uneventfully.

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Sorry the quality isn’t the best but I absolutely love how this scene really shows the bond between Ash and Pikachu

Yes, it is seen in multiple times, movies and episodes, but this one just so happened to subtly stick out

In this scene, Bonnie is petting Dedenne’s tail after finding out that it liked its tail being pet. Bonnie had previously pet Pikachu’s tail (hence her trial of petting Dedenne’s), and Pikachu wanted to join in on the fun.

All Pikachu had to do was look at Ash, and he knew. Ash also lowered his shoulder (notice the arm movement between frames) to help Pikachu jump down, and neither of them said a word. It was a simple, heat of the moment glance, and that’s all they needed. And they’re completely fine with that.

I cannot express how much joy this gives me, even if I may be overthinking it just a bit.

Disclaimer: I do not own these frames nor the franchise, all rights go to the Pokémon Company.

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