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my finest work yet
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Body Count MC Asks!
Because I am having way too much fun with this game by @bodycountgame , have a list of asks derived from those answered about the whole cast (plus a bonus question that a few ROs have answered in game)! The x next to every question links to the RO answers for that question! Happy answering! :)
What made them apply for Body Count & what are they hoping to get out of the experience?
How do they take their tea (or coffee). [x]
How regularly do they swear? [x]
How do they prefer their toast? [x]
If Body Count had a Big Brother-style vote to kick someone out, who would they vote out right now? [x]
Are they a “you can call me anytime” person, or a “phone permanently on silent” person? [x]
How do they celebrate their birthday? [x]
Can they drive? [x]
I want a baby meme! What does your MC say? [x]
What did they wear on the first day in the villa? [x]
What is their opinion on Eurovision? [x]
Who/what is their favourite musical artist? [x]
What is their cultural/ethnic background? [x]
Would they be willing to move to their RO’s city, or would they prefer that their RO move to Manchester with them? [x]
Are they quiet on their feet, or are they an elephant in disguise? [x]
What is their eye colour? [x]
How did they end up in Manchester? (Derived from: where do the ROs live? [x])
What kind of accent do they have? (Yes, this still applies if they’re not British!) [x]
If they were a videogame character, what loot item would they drop?[x]
Do they return their shopping trolley? [x]
How meme-literate are they? [x]
Under normal circumstances, how loyal are they to their partners? [x]
What is their zodiac sign? (Bonus question: do they believe in astrology?) [x]
Do they like to dance? [x]
How likely are they to lend their jacket when their RO is cold? [x]
Where do they fit on the Jock-Nerd vs. Goth-Prep alignment chart? [x]
What do they use as a bookmark? [x]
True or false: “If I run and leap at MC, they will most certainly catch me in their arms.” [x]
What would they sing at karaoke? [x]
How did they do in school? [x]
What is their 1am convenience store snack run purchase? (Bonus question: if not British, what snack food from home do they miss most?) [x]
What does their apartment/bedroom look like? [x]
What would they wear to a fancy event? [x]
Are they a dog person, a cat person, or a rock person? [x]
What is their love language? [x]
What is their MBTI type? [x]
If you had to assign them one song, what would it be? [x]
Give us a few funky facts about their family background! [x]
Are they a big spoon, a little spoon, a versatile spoon, or a knife? [x]
What are their feelings on piercings and tattoos? Do they have any? [x]
Do they want to get married someday? Would they rather propose or be proposed to? [x]
Don’t fuck this up meme! Where do they fall? [x]
What is their favourite animal and why? [x]
Would they be willing to wear coordinating couple’s outfits with their RO? [x]
Where do they fall on the cuddle scale? [x]
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Hi! I love everything that you write and heh I am a fan! 😄 tbh this is my first time requesting something on Tumblr! If you don't mind and if I am not being a bother...can you write about how the guys would react If MC suddenly starts making meme references? I don't know how I got the idea but I am REALLY curious. And love you! :D
Hiya! Tyvm for the kind words, and apologies that this took a while! I hope you have the chance to enjoy it regardless ❤️❤️❤️ Love you too, sweet pea! I promise to get to the next request you’ve sent ASAP~
Aight but this would be hilarious because the range of the reactions is just ungodly. I will be putting this under a cut after Napoleon so I don’t clog up everyone’s dash, but all the suitors are included below otherwise! 
Comte is the one that recognizes a few, but didn’t really stay in modern times long enough to be as well-versed as a Gen Z kid might. Regardless he finds the wittiness and absolute chaotic fuckery to be delightful, and will 100% support the harmless nonsense. It never fails to get a laugh out of him
Mozart that first day be like: “Buzz off MC I hate you” MC, because she likes swinging bats at wasps’ nests: “Well that’s not very cash money of you” Mozart: ?????????? Comte, giggling in the bg like the secret fae he is This one’s just because I’m petty, but after the events of Comte rt I just imagine them encountering Vlad again and MC’s just “I lived bitch.” while Comte is flipping him off behind her lkjahgkjhdsg
Comte @ Leo when he finds the latter under his desk: Had it not been for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you.  MC: wheezing from the hallway as she’s about to give him his letters
MC: So how was your day, honey? Comte: Good, good--briefly had to go beastmode upon the punk that pilfered my lint roller MC, biting her lip to keep from laughing: So does Leo still have his kneecaps? Comte: for now.
Comte, @ literally anyone upsetting the MC: I won’t hesitate, bitch
Comte: Be careful with my emotional baggage, it’s designer
MC: What if I was evil and ran towards you at very fast speeds Comte: My arms are strong, I would catch and hug you
Leo and Dazai are the ones that don’t have a single reference point but are filled with so much dumbass chaos energy that they just. Understand immediately???? Nobody knows how or why, but they just catch on so fast--adapt the language in a matter of weeks. Never underestimate the power of combined boredom, depression, and humor
I swear to god I just see MC taking them their Blanc/Rouge and being like “here you go sir, one enslaved moisture” and they just go fucking hog wild from day one. MC starts impersonating Theo when he leaves the room around Dazai, like fake deep voice “you all only hate me because you do not like me and I am mean to you. grow up.” Or like the MC meets a baby on her travels with Leo around town and she holds them and says v seriously and sagely “So you are Baby? I have heard tales of your exploits.” and Leo about loses his shit right there. They both think MC is the funniest person alive--they’ve never been more eager to throw a ring at someone in their entire life.
Also a bonus for my beloved Dazai:  MC, facing even the slightest inconvenience (like dropping her fork) in the most dramtic voice possible: Life is not daijoubu. Dazai: wheezing
MC, after watching Theo turn down a woman at the bar in the meanest way possible: bro quit letting the darkness consume you u r scaring the hoes Dazai, literally rolling around on the ground, half-drunk and dying:
MC, walking alongside Dazai and stopping to stare at her reflection in the River Seine. Dazai’s expecting some sad or twisted shit, since people often feel comfortable talking about those things around him, but instead she just: “Oh, it’s you. The source of all my problems.” And he about falls into the river from shock HAHAHA
At this point don’t be surprised if his next book is about an absolute madlad woman similar to MC
Napoleon finds it to be a delightful quirk more than anything? He doesn’t really understand it, but he finds it funny when they change their voice for effect or speak in exaggerated tones. If it’s just comprehensible enough for an outsider to understand--or Sebas gives him context--chances are it’ll send him into a laughing fit
For this one I just imagine MC singing that Ratatouille meme song obnoxiously bad while cooking, and Napoleon and Comte are just so wildly amused by it bc it makes zero sense and it’s only vaguely French at this point
MC @ Napoleon while they’re cooking brunch: Can I offer you a nice egg in these trying times?
MC, conflicted because she’s tired and wanted to sleep in but also got to see Napo’s cute sleeping face for a few hours: For my next stunt, I’ll wake up at 5AM on the day I can sleep in. Sebas: Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise MC: early to bed and early to rise makes me a massive bitch Napoleon: laughing in agreement
Isaac is the type to be bewildered and concerned at first (especially when he hears the more nihilistic ones hoOOOoooOO BOY) but eventually begins to understand it’s some bizarre attempt at humor (that hurts Zack baby). While some part of him laments that it reminds him of Dazai and he’s secretly jealous of how she and Dazai bond over it, he will sometimes join in the chaos when the mood strikes him and he’s feeling mischievous
Isaac: How are you feeling? MC: Oh, I’m not Isaac: seconds from dialing 911 Isaac: Are you okay? MC: Oh yeah dw I just suffer from that syndrome where your neutral expression makes you look like you’re an angry serial killer Isaac: say sike rn
Isaac, tutoring MC and correcting something:  MC, muttering while redoing it: The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math. Isaac: unable to help a laugh
One time MC was avoiding Isaac for fear of hurting his feelings and he just confronts her like: Isaac: back by unpopular demand, me! What’s wrong, MC pls MC was so hecking proud of him
Isaac, telling MC about a recent discovery he learned at uni from another professor: bones typically heal stronger after they’ve been broken--so long as they’re set properly, of course MC, looking him dead in the eyes: So what you’re saying is that I should break every bone in my body until I become superhumanly powerful? Isaac: please do not, no
Mozart and Jeanne are just. Totally lost. Why are you talking like that??? Why are you making “crab hands”???? They don’t understand. Maybe never will. They reach a point where they just kind of laugh and shake their heads, endeared by the oddity after they’re used to it and have determined it isn’t a threat/insult. 
MC: It’s a cold and it’s a brooooken, Waluigi. Waaaaluigiiiii...waaaahluigi..... Mozart: surprised, then starts snickering and playing along on the piano
Arthur, asking MC very personal questions out loud because he is an idiot sometimes: Soooo MC, are you a top or a bottom? MC: I’m a threat. (If he asks a second time, the response will be “Wouldn’t you like to know, weatherboy.”) Jeanne, fighting a smile:
MC, about to punch an asshole: Your free trial of being alive has ended Jeanne, seconds from laughing for the first time in 100 years:
Also, because I genuinely can’t help myself. You know that knight meme like “Parry this you fucking casual.” I cannot stress enough that it is literally the personification of Jeanne’s entire character. I’m not even joking.
Arthur and Shakespeare are utterly fascinated by the rapid evolution of wordplay and the sheer hilarity. They will ask all about these so-called “memes” and ask for examples of them if MC can show them (either somehow accessing her phone or drawing them). MC draws Arthur the knife cat meme and he about a s c e n d s at the hilarity of it all, points and yells THEO IS HOLDING THE KNIFE. He is correct. They will be delighted and follow along eagerly, and--god forbid--will make their own based on late 19th century struggles.
Is this where Shakespeare got the idea for “What, you egg? stabs him” and “You are a saucy boy.”? I’m too scared to ask. Don’t even get me started on “The Fool jingled miserably across the floor.” That one is just too on the nose...
I can’t even imagine what would happen to Shakespeare if MC like translated vines and memes into Ye Olde English around him. Imagine she’s at one of those noble balls and hears rumors of these two guys living together and they’re so obviously gay and he says “And those gents w’re roommates.” And in the most false surprised tone ever MC just replies “oh mine own god, those gents w’re roommates.” Imagine having a wife that’s just as hilarious as you are and hits you with all the force of a bag of wet mice every time you speak in retaliation, he’s going into palpitations.
Every time Arthur does smth stupid MC just: “I Pretend I Do Not See It.”
Vincent is tickled pink by MC’s penchant for finding joy and/or amusement in nearly everything they do, and he smiles gently when he sees them muttering and laughing to themselves. He wants to be able to join them in what they love, but he has a harder time following along and understanding the darker humor sometimes. Mostly gets confused??? Please give him the easier ones to mimic and laugh when he tries--or just include him in your jokes MC. He’s babie your honor...
But he also. Will not. Stand any kind of self-deprecation or borderline verbal self-harm. He’s usually very easygoing and calm, but for whatever reason that stuff makes him go deathly quiet and upset.
MC, after something goes horribly wrong, hugging Vincent: Oh Vince, we really in it now Vincent: giggling a little despite his worries, relaxing
MC: Theo stop simping for Vincent that’s my job
MC, when Theo leaves the room and she gets Vincent all to herself: The evil is defeated.
MC: And this is where I would put my will to live...if I h a d one! Vincent: ;-; MC: oh shit, oh fuck, I was only kidding Vincent wait (MC was subsequently lectured and loved on for many hours)
Theo is conflicted because on the one hand, he loves to see you smiling and having fun. On the other, you’re clowning as hard as Dazai and Arthur and he can only handle so many monkeys in his circus. Most of the time he will roll his eyes and be the straight man of this comedy, but you might find him cracking a smile--or accidentally letting a chuckle slip past his lips now and again.
MC, after meeting Theo: I’m a nice person, but I’m about to start throwing rocks at people.
Theo, those first days: Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me? MC: I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.
Theo: Every time I ask MC to explain “vibe check” to me she hits me with some kind of improvised weapon
MC, after the “incident” (you know the one): This year, I lost my dear lover Theo Theo, in the distance: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I’M DEAD! MC: ;-; sometimes I can still hear his voice...
Sebastian is last because oh boy. OH BOYYYYY I LOVE HIM. Okay so the way I see this happening with Sebastian is just. So wild. Because at first he’s t r y i n g so hard to be the proper butler man. He does not meme. But then he starts to drift closer to what Niles from The Nanny was, where he’ll quip and joke in private or when the situation is just beyond the amount of absurdity he can handle without making a snarky comment. Everyone in the house can’t fathom how Sebas and MC got so close so fast, but there are points where they’re just “Are they even speaking English anymore???” It’s 11 times funnier than normal because Sebas almost never smiles or laughs when memeing, the deadpan quality of his playing along sends MC every time
Has ABSOLUTELY said “HEY. PANINI HEAD. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME???” jokingly when MC made a mistake in the kitchen. They laugh about it for y e a r s
MC: I can’t date someone who keeps a lamb as a pet, that’s so weird Sebas, brushing Lotte in front of MC: MC: MC: Okay, I will make an exception because she looks very polite
MC and Sebas, fully aware of the fame some of the men will reach in modern times: We will watch your career with great interest.  (I s2g that’s like half of Sebas’ rt right there I’m crying)
Sebas rt with Lotte be like that 500 dollar Mareep meme: “sometimes a family can be just a boy, his gf, and their 500 dollar two foot tall Lotte”
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HEEEEYYY IM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!! I can't wait to try the ~new demo~ once it's ready so please do take all the time you need to make it even more *chef's kiss.* anyways, if it's okay to request this, can I get E from the prompt list for all guys? If not, then big tiddie pirate man and elven knock off geralt, maybe? You're awesome and I love you ❤❤
Thank you for the kind words sweetheart ,__,
And of course it's okay to request this! Also it's been a while since anyone called Ronan knock off geralt and I'm 😔✊
E. Entice: If your character were to flirt with someone else, how would they go about it? Are they generally perceived as charming, or not-so-charming?
Julian: he's the smoothest mf and he doesn't even have to put that much effort into it. Julian has a natural charm that attracts people's eye, be it for his looks or simply the way he so easily interacts with everyone.
As for how he goes about it, that depends on the person: if it's someone he genuinely cares about, it will start with playful (and maybe subtly spicy) flirting which will slowly turn more soft-spoken and genuine as he realizes his feelings. If he's trying to seduce someone to gain information, however, he will whisper the filthiest filth and what do you know it always works. 🤠
Ronan: do people think he's charming? Eh, that depends on who's answering. People who like the stoic and mysterious type will tell you he's dreamy. The other side of the coin, however, finds him boring and unappealing.
Ronan (before meeting MC) has never flirted in his whole life, he never felt inclined nor did he desire to win over people's favors through seduction. Does that mean he's a completely lost cause? No sir. He's a big stupid romantic at heart, the type of lover who blurts out heartfelt confessions without even realizing himself. Altair finds this extremely amusing. Julian probably hates him for it. 🥂
R3: he's another unrealistic fictional man who's infuriatingly good at making you feel the good kind of uwus without even trying. His flirting is much more subdued, made of gentle confessions and small but well thought gifts. Gentle things which will become touches and stolen kisses once in a relationship. A gentle bastard who will go spicy the moment things escalate. Bon apple tiddy. 👩‍🍳
Do people think he's charming? A hard yes. There is a good portion that would disagree, but as usual that's up to the onlooker and one's opinion can be tainted by emotions such as jealousy or fear.
Also by guys I don't know whether you meant only the Ros or the side characters too, so let's say...
Can flirt: Altair. Ilya. Nikolai.
Perceived as charming: Altair. Ash. Nikolai.
Cannot flirt to save his life: Ash.
Perceived as the cat knife meme: Ilya.
Bonus R4 shenanigans: can flirt when someone needs to be turned into a simp with loose lips. Cannot flirt when MC is involved. Extremely charming.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok this is old as hell i never posted it just bc life started going two different directions but here's @boopeen 's aiden mcloughlin if his face was badly makeuped onto my face. my favorite part is the fucked up wig that makes it look like he just crawled out of a dumpster. also knife cat meme. bonus bc tumblr keeps glitching the video
october tenth :) 🩸
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Genshin Impact!Modern AU! +A bonus
┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ -Part 1/????? deadass idk -Mondstat edition -Slight order, Order of appearance (Archon quests) Headcanons under the cut
Tumblr media
✥﹤┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈﹥✥ Traveller (Aether): -Sleeps with stuffed animals still because he can. dont judge the little guy -Childe gave him a whale plushy for his birthday once -Lil guy probably thinks with emotion more often than logistics, meaning this guy will cry at you. -Big softy -Prefers Summer over Winter Traveller (Lumine): -Denies that she sleeps with stuffed animals but she really just sleeps with them when she's sad -Probably denies peoples feelings on valentines day but insists she still takes the chocolate. By the end of the day she has a mountain full of chocolate and no s/o -Her head is usually stuck within a book. Be it actually reading the book or pretending to ignore you, we will never know. -Prefers Winter over Summer -"Hey! Only I am allowed to make fun of my brother!" Paimon: -A child -Shops at claires -Food stealer. Goes to hang out at other peoples houses only to steal their food. -Gives off ipad kid vibes but not really -Princesscore vibes idk Amber: -Has a bunny. obviously. -Learned ice-skating because of Eula -Was, with no doubt in my mind, a track kid in highschool -Even in a modern/earth au, Amber can still never find Kaeya -She threatens to plant a tracking device or gps into his arm, though she hasn't done it yet. She has a tracking device in her possession. -Dressed up for school picture day Kaeya: -The same schtick as Lumine's valentines day issue but instead of valentines day and chocolates its just an everyday occurrence. What can i say? hes hot. -Purposefully hides from Amber, he thinks its a funny game (Amber doesn't think so) -Bullies Diluc. Thats it. thats the entire bullet. -Babysits Klee if Albedo isn't able to -the Cool Uncle™ -People wonder if his hair is black or dyed blue since the streak in Kaeya's hair is most likely dyed. He never confirmed what colour it really is. -he covers his eye with his hair instead of an eyepatch, I like to imagine he has some illness like Leukocoria or Aniridia. ___ -INTERMISSION I HAD TO WRITE THIS ENTIRE LIST AGAIN LITERALLY THE ENTIRE THING anyways heres who tricks and falls for deez nuts jokes Falls for deez nuts jokes: Diluc, Jean, Sucrose, Albedo, Barbara, Diona, Razor, Amber Tells deez nuts jokes: Venti, Kaeya, Klee (tries her best), Bennett, Fischl, Rosaria (Only when shes drunk), Amber --- Jean: -The Mom friend™ -Probably accidentally committed Tax Fraud while filing taxes and skipped her own (she thought she already did them) -A busy lady... -Has a bad immune system and probably gets sick by the smallest things. -Klees babysitter if there is absolutely no one to fill in. Lisa: -Oh excuse me? Mommy? Oh sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy??? -her house is a literal dark academia library no joke. -She spends all her time at libraries, mostly working, but also checking out her own books to read. -Sends passive aggressive emails to people who haven't returned their books in time. -Definitely a milf that wears trench coats and turtle necks in the middle of summer Venti: -Lives with a best friend (Xiao) because his job doesnt pay enough to buy a home. -No he does not help out on rent -Plays the harp in local cathedrals -Either sleeps very very late or doesn't sleep at all -mf plays video games or literally anything that could keep him awake. -Makes apple pies for everyones birthdays <3 Diluc: -Needs a nap, a hug, and coffee all at the same time. -Drinks coffee black -Learned how to play the violin when he was younger, now all he he hears from Kaeya is to play Toxic by Brittney. -Works from home -Listens to classical music unironically and its the bomb -Venti sometimes comes over to his place only to steal a wine bottle, and even then Diluc doesn't care cuz he doesn't like wine/alcohol. Barbs: -A CUTIE -Often takes care of Jean whenever shes sick -has a light academia, pastel alt/lolita type of style -Collects Squishmallows because theyre cute but they also makes her feel better when shes sad (probably owns Anastasia, Bubba, Charity, Fiona, and Indie) -The biggest
sweetheart. She will cry if youre crying, though she will try to make you laugh before crying. Razor: -A grandpa. -Venti tought him how to do the wolfgirl hops -doesn't know how to use social media -would rather talk to someone face to face -Tends to a garden but he often eats the produce way before the fruits/veggies are fully grown -Still speaks in short sentences, but this time he can read :) Klee: -Got kicked out of three different schools because she innocently breaks things. -Adults think she has anger issues because of a bad household or anxiety but really she just likes breaking things. -Still cute though -Tried to convince Albedo and Alice to get her a pet bear. Alice almost got her the bear but Albedo stopped her lol -Her bedroom is full of funky drawings of her friends and frankly abstract stuff. I dont know either. -Instead of a pet bear she got a few stuffed animals instead. Albedo: -Has a tattoo on his arm that Klee drew, probably impulsively getting it after a suggestion. -Speaking of tattoos: he has small flowers and stars/moons mostly on his arms/hands but also his side. -Basically the "They dont know im-" meme -The star on his throat is now a funky birthmark, thats it. -Frames most of Klees' artwork and puts it on his walls. -Klees go to babysitter -Tends to stash sweets in a small pantry since he probably doesn't often eat full meals -Home is always freezing and he doesn't turn the heat up whenever people visit. -Probably plays Montgomery Ricky (the album) on repeat Sucrose: -Cooks horribly, but still gladly eats her creations since shes not picky. -Not a furry. Never has been. I take no criticism -Cleans house ever week yet her house is always messy by the end of the week. -Probably a science major -Nightowl. She's either staying up all night studying (even though she perfectly understands the material) or experimenting with whatever she can get her hands on. Mona: -Astrological Nerd. -"Oh...you're a Gemini? That explains....a lot..." -Her intuition is just as good as it is canonically. Her besties go to her for relationship advice and 9/10 times their s/o was using the bestie or giving major red flags. -If someone were to confess their love for her, shed scoff and reject them. She'd probably only date them if their love language was gift giving. -Aces tests if she does only the slightest bit of studying, completely fails if she doesn't. -Probably plays with her friends hair Bennett: -Still unlucky, i know, bummer. -Probably the kid that did parkour when he was younger, ofc that backfired and he broke a limb. -Still walks around with a cast on any limbs. He must be grateful that his family has insurance. -Whenever benny makes that one good piece of food, passes a test, anything lucky, he goes out to the store and buys himself a treat. -Benny makes some pretty good sunny side up eggs -Benny hangs out with razor whenever he can, always making room for friends. Diona: -Alt cat girl aesthetic. No comments? Good. -Diona likes making sweet drinks like milkshakes and Sundaes. Alcohol has been harder to obtain so she gave up. -Probably takes care of a bunch of cats, stray, house, all cats. -Also collects Squishmallows but only the pink ones. Fought with another collecter (not Barbara lol) in a cvs for Archie. -Probably also shops at hot topic for cat ears. -Friends say that shopping at Hot Topic makes her emo but she literally is the opposite of Emo. Rosaria: -Kaeya and Venti's drinking buddy, often the one paying. -Sometimes gets dragged to church, serving at a front desk just so she doesn't have to actually listen to the preaching -apart of me wants to see Rosaria in a baseball uniform idk -Whenever people ask her to be brutally honest, she supplies. No hesitation. -Friends constantly ask her "what's ur skincare lol" while Rosaria responds with "Human blood" only to further convince them that shes a vampire. -Probably carries a knife on her at all times Noelle: -Makes pancakes for everyone's birthdays -The one person
can carry the heavy boxes, multiple stacks of chairs, or literally anything heavy. -She probably makes plans weeks in advance just so she can plan everything. -Noelle is often the person buying things for her friends, probably a love language. -She is the type of person that would not stop until shes done whatever shes trying to achieve, sometimes it gets so bad that people have to pull her away from what she is doing. Eula: -Teaches Amber how to ice-skate, mainly because Amber asks first -Often gives people the cold shoulder when out in public. Random catcaller? Ignored. Friend from work? Ignored, might turn around though. Even if theres a camera in her face, the only time where shed talk to strangers is when theyre bothering her. -Dances at a studio, but often alone or she rented a room for herself. -She probably also knows how to fight with a sword despite it being uncommon to find a swordfight on the side of the street. Fischl: -Best for last -She carries Oz everywhere with her, as he is an extremely well behaved bird. -"Oz will not be left behind! If oz cant go then im not going!" -She probably writes fanfiction or original books. I dont make the rules. Fischl writes fanfiction. -Learns german whenever she can -Kins Lisette from Pocket Mirror
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First Sentences Meme
A/N: I did used to write, I swear. This meme seemed fun, like a good exercise, and also a memory lane trip. I am going to alternate between AO3 stories and drabbles. Thank you for the tag my beloved @witchertrashbag <3 Disclaimer: I tried to go from newest to oldest, but I had to skip a few because they had 2 word opening lines. * denotes smut - read tags or authors notes if you check the fic out!
List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag your favorite authors!
'Eskel knows that the fawn is going to die.’ (drabble - After The Fight)
‘Jaskier placed his hands upon his hips, narrowing his eyes at his reflection’. (AO3 - I wrote, 'listen'; he spelled it 'silent')
‘The longer Geralt stared at the map of Vermont and the Montreal border, the more his carefully drawn crosses and circles started to blur together, like flecks of arterial red.’ (drabble - Vignette: Beginnings & Bootlegs)
‘Eskel would have said, if asked, that witchers shared the peculiarities of a cat's eyesight, but that was where the similarities ended.’ (AO3 - Splormf*) 
‘“Y'just can’t,” Geralt said, reaching for his vodka cup, “can’t let ‘em win, y'know? They wanna win. Those bastards.”’ (drabble - Poke)
‘“I'm going to do it,” Jaskier declared, with an air of authority that he absolutely did not possess.’ (AO3 - ever tried; ever failed*) 
‘Never in all his many, many years alive on the Continent had Geralt seen a pout as tremendously pronounced as the one that painted Jaskier’s features, simultaneously pathetic and guilt-inducing at once.’ (drabble - promises woven, worn)
‘“This is excessive, Yennefer,” Geralt said, scowling at his reflection, “I'm going to do a job. I can just go as myself.”’ (AO3 - let's then despise what is not courage my darling)
‘“Your lips, your lips are stained with plum.” Jaskier observed, blinking asymmetrically at Yennefer.’ (drabble - A Celebration)
‘“Have I told you that you look absolutely deadly in that gown, darling?”’ (AO3 - I return, for you’re a fire; untamed*)
‘“Geralt,” Jaskier said, grandly, “I’d like to introduce you to Malice and Mercy.”’ (drabble - Smile Like a Knife)
‘“Plephf,” Jaskier spat out an errant piece of straw from his mouth, “how did we end up with barn duty, anyway?”’ (AO3 - in the secret dark a fresh snow falls)
‘“Yen,” Geralt said, “help.”’ (drabble - Cursed)
‘“I'm so sorry,” Jaskier said, nervously tip-tapping his feet like a hound promised walkies, “Mother says that the other guest rooms aren't in service – something about new furniture, or winter-proofing, I'm not quite sure. She does prattle on. This is all we really have--”’ (AO3 - All that we gave, was it wasted?)
‘A Jaskier kneels, bare feet pointed behind him, hands flat on thighs, posture-perfect; serene in stillness, a mockery of meditation and calm.’ (drabble - Demon-possessed Jaskier)
‘Surrender; how baited the word, how sharp the bear-trap teeth of it glint in patient waiting, the spring-snap straining with potential.’ (AO3 - the last bastion of a weapon, yielding*)
‘“I don’t like you,” Jaskier says, chin raised in defiance, “it’s just that this fabric, well, the tailor offered me a deal, considering I was already paying him to make me some trousers. And it would have been a waste not to take advantage. That is all.”’ (drabble - Frenemies)
‘Eskel remembered curing the pelts to make the long rectangular pillow that he kept propped at the end of his bed.’ (AO3 - the faster i become undone*)
‘“Why in the blazes are you two up so early?” Jaskier gripes, shambling into Kaer Morhen’s kitchen, draped in furs with his feet besocked three pairs deep.’ (drabble - Lil' Bleater)
‘“Jas—Jaskier.” Geralt leaned into his travelling companion. He forgot his own mass, and the other man nearly fell off the edge of the booth they were crammed into.’ (AO3 - i taste a liquor never brewed)
Analysis: I am pleasantly surprised by the small variety! I have a soft spot for geraskier, but my most recent fics seem to feature Yen and Eskel quite a bit, which is excellent. I seem to be more comfortable opening with dialogue. And I like using Jaskier as an icebreaker, apparently. I think I don’t put enough thought into a first line; for me, I like doing one-two punches with the first and second line. But sometimes the ‘hook’ isn’t even on my mind. Something to work on. I also write in both past and present tense! Huh. My fav in this bunch is probably from 'ever tried; ever failed', because it encapsulates Jaskier's dumbass energy.
Bonus Red Dead 2 ficlet snippet I am working on, whilst we are talking about writing: ‘You'd never tell him, though. Lord, you'd sooner die. Imagining the confusion and repulsion on his face when he rejects you is enough to shock you right out of your thoughts with a full-body shudder.
No, you're no Mary Linton. That's why you know you'll deliver the letter when Arthur returns from town. Maybe she's a fool for turning him away, or maybe she was cruel to him in the past, but she's beautiful, and Arthur deserves beauty in his life.’
I tag my frogfully wedded wife, @a-kind-of-merry-war, @spielzeugkaiser (I think your comic/stories are worth a first line look!), @bygodstillam, and @greyduckgreygoose - if you would like/have the energy! No pressure :)
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sleepysarkany · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Boba Fett 🧋
Ages 22 with 80s mullet helmet hair, 38, 38 and not appreciating his eyebrows while he still has the chance, 41 and thriving, & Gremlin
Bonus Knife Cat Meme Jango 🔪
Tumblr media
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serasvictoria · a year ago
oooh Chuck for the character meme?
Also answering this for @tvserie-s-world 😊
Favourite thing about him
Chuck is a little ray of sunshine and I love him.
Least favourite thing about him
That his fabulous ass didn’t get enough screen time.
Favourite line
“All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, a guy jumps out of the hedgerow, shoves a trench knife up against his throat and screams, ‘Whose side are you on?’ It’s D-Day. It’s 2nd Platoon’s own Bill Guarnere. Old Gonorrhoea himself. Just landed in Normandy and wound up like I don’t know what. ‘Whose side are you on?’ What a fucking character.”
Chuck and Tab obviously.
Chuck and Cat. Literally cannot see him with anyone else. She would kill me if I would even dare entertain such thoughts.
Chuck and Web? I dunno.
Random headcanon
That he can’t cook. I don’t know when this happened, but his specialist dish is toast and the toaster does all the work.
Unpopular opinion
Why is this man so under appreciated? He’s a big bitch with the bluest eyes I have ever seen and he has a fucking bazooka. Come on now.
Song I associate with him
It switches every once in a while, but at the moment it’s Z-Boys by The Raveonettes.
Favourite picture of him
Tumblr media
With bonus Babe!
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scummy-writes · a year ago
Is it possible for you to write some headcanons of ikevamp’s mc bringing an army of roombas to the mansion...
Bless you anon for this. I kept cracking up last night from this sjdjf and bless @witchtimez for joking around with me about this despite not playing the game
Like i said in my previous post,,, this is 100% silly and not serious
C h a o s
All i can imagine is mc doing the hellfire elmo pose and just an army of roombas slowly pittering down the hallway
Can assume she asked comte to pick a few up (read: a bunch in comtes overly gifting mind) the next time he time traveled as a joke, but he pulled through and now mc and sebas are sweating
Mc insists on using them because 'why not' and neglects to take into account it freaks out a few guests
Mainly jean but
Everything seems peaceful in the morning until Theo's stepping out of his room, pulling on his coat and planning a quick breakfast before dashing off
Only to stop dead in his tracks to see a strange circle pittering down the hallway, bump into a end table, turn and continue puttering down
Then a trio following in after it. Theo is just. Standing there. Wondering if hes still half asleep until he sees Vic running after one-
To be honest i think the ones that would be the most freaked out about it would be jean and maybe motes? Motes didnt even know what chocolate was kinda. 
Dazai would have fun, probably tell them theyre doing a good job- sjjs Meanwhile leo is curious on how they work. Isaac is too but doesnt want to take one apart until he knows its completely cut off, the tone indicating beeps throwing him off a lil
I think arthur would conveniently be out of the house most of the day/night, especially after finally getting vic to stop chasing one (insert peace out meme here-)
Theo would. Also be out for the majority of the day, after seeing leo's cat finding a way to ride one
To be honest it'd be amazing to see naps strap a knife on one/a few and release it into the training/fencing room-
Comte would probably like them/not mind them since he?? Seems to me to be the type to find weird things charming. Theres probably a closet somewhere in the mansion thats akin to Ariels treasure cove but instead of forks and etc its just. Random modern day bullshit.
Sebas ends up giving mc the Look once she realizes that perhaps, after wrangling a few of the pets away from chasing/riding the roombas and spending a few hours convincing some residents the roombas cannot hurt and only nyoom, bringing in modern technology is not always the best thing to do with comtes harem
Bonus image of Harry just sitting on one, enjoying the small breeze from the roomba nyooming around, only for Isaac to be Panicking once he spots him-
Dhdkej short, so silly and stupid because im not good with these types of posts, but thank you for making me laugh anon sjwjkekd
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ieattaperecorders · a year ago
Notes on Causality - Chapter 2: Georgie and Elias
An addendum to Something's Different About You Lately. Small scenes of Jon attempting to change the future that I didn't want to put in the larger fanfic.
The events of this chapter take place around the end of Chapter 8, Stranger.
(Incidentally, the main fic will be updated very soon. I'm mainly just holding off till the finale drops, in case whatever happens makes me want to tweak anything mood-wise in what I have planned.)
Read on Ao3
- - -
One ring. Another. Then another. Maybe she wouldn't pick up, Jon thought, drumming his fingers on the desk. Maybe it would go to voicemail . . . he could hang up, try again later. Take a little time to mentally rehearse what he would say.
A click, and her voice asked, "hello?"
"Georgie . . . it's Jon Sims, from Oxford?"
"Jon? Hey, been a while! How've you been?"
"Ah – good? I've been good," he lied. "Yourself?"
"Oh, not bad. Got a new roommate since you last saw me . . . he lays around the apartment all day and won't share the rent, but he's cute so I let it slide."
"Good to hear that your landlord is cat-friendly."
"You should hear him, he has the loudest little meow. Hang on, I'll if he'll say hello . . . ."
For a moment and he heard some vague coaxing noises, distant as if she was holding her phone away from herself. They were followed by a close-up, disinterested sniff, then Georgie's voice returned.
"Ah, never mind. Not in the mood, I guess."
"I've heard the Admiral's color commentary before," he smiled. "He's in all your mailbag episodes."
"Didn't know you were a listener."
"Well, I need something for the commute . . . it might as well be the UK's most onomatopoeic source of paranormal research."
"Ha. Knew you'd hate the sound effects."
"I don't hate them. Anyway, they're . . . distinctive," he leaned back in his office chair, the nerves he'd built up slowly dissipating as they fell into the rhythm of conversation. "They're very you."
"Classic Barker." There was movement in the background, and a few soft thuds. Likely the Admiral jumping to the floor. "Well from what I hear, we're in the same field. Aren't you working for the Magnus Institute now? You must hear plenty of ghost stories there."
"That's actually sort of why I called. I think we might have a mutual colleague . . . Melanie King?"
"Yeah, she's the one who told me you were there," she said knowingly. "Sounded like you left a hell of an impression on her."
". . . Not a good one, I imagine."
Georgie made a non-committal sound, being decent enough not to rub it in by overtly agreeing with him.
"I was trying to be helpful, but I think I just came off as dismissive. Ended up arguing with her over nothing," he sighed. ". . . Classic Sims."
"Accept no substitutes," Georgie said fondly. "So, what's the call about? If you want me to try smoothing things over with her –"
"It isn't that. Did she tell you about her experience?"
"Not really. Asked a lot about Sarah – she's a sound tech I recommended to her? Got the impression she'd been unreliable. She was nice about it, Melanie that is, but really evasive. I just assumed she's caught onto something interesting and wants to be the first to report on it. The risks of being friends with competition, I suppose."
"Ah. . . ."
"Not that she has anything to worry about. Climbing fences and squatting in abandoned churches is her thing. I'm all about doing research from my computer desk with a cup of tea, personally," she paused, and he heard a distant clink of ceramic. "Hey, are we even allowed to talk about this? Isn't there some sort of confidentially thing?"
"As it turns out, privacy isn't really something this place values," he muttered, "I don't suppose she's talked to you recently?"
"No . . . not for a couple of months."
"I'm concerned. Her experience left a powerful impact on her. Now she's chasing after anything that might bring her closer to what she encountered, and I'm afraid she doesn't care about the cost. She's going into some dangerous territory. And, well . . . it's not my place to judge her emotional state. But I am worried."
"Yeah . . . I saw the memes," he heard a frown enter Georgie's voice.
"I've tried to talk to her about it, a bit. But she and I always seem to push each other's buttons somehow. I'd be grateful if you looked in on her. I think that she could use a friend right now, and –" he smirked. "I happen to know you're good with obsessive types too stubborn for their own well-being."
"Ha. You trying to set me up or something?"
"Wh–" he started, taken aback. "I mean, well, that's really your business, not mine."
". . . Wait. I was joking, but are you really?" There was utter incredulity in her voice. "Jonathan Sims, did you call me out of the blue to set me up with someone I knew before you did?"
"Of – Georgie I don't even know if you're single, don't be ridiculous," he sputtered, feeling blood rise to his face. She laughed, and the uncomfortable heat spread.
"Okay, okay," she said. "I'm just giving you a hard time."
"I just . . . " he spoke slowly, trying to be precise. "I think that Melanie needs someone else around her right now. Someone grounding. If you're not looking to take that on, I understand, of course. But for whatever it might be worth, I would be grateful if you checked in."
"I'll give her a ring," something in Georgie's voice was familiar, and profoundly comforting. "See if she wants to get coffee and talk spooky-shop."
"I think that might do her a world of good," he said with relief
"Also? We should get coffee sometime too, catch up! I want to hear all the creepy stories you're apparently so free to talk about."
"Really, it's mostly drug experiences and conspiracy theories . . . ."
"Even better, I'll get to hear you complain. Then I'll be entitled gripe to you about all the weird emails I get. It'll be perfect."
Jon wanted to say yes. He really, really did. The thought of sitting down for a few hours with Georgie and talking about nothing particularly dire was a nice one. But he could only bring trouble to her door.
"I'd . . . like that," he said, "But I don't have much time to myself right now . . . maybe after everything calms down."
". . . Sure," she sounded a little disappointed. Georgie could always tell when he was brushing her off. "Some other time. Hope you can get some rest, then."
"I'll do my best."
"And thanks for the heads-up about Melanie. Really," the smile in her voice was back. "Don't be a stranger, huh?"
"Right," he smiled back, hoping she could hear it. "Ah. Goodbye, then."
He stared at the screen of his phone, not sure what to name the feeling in his chest. In his mind's eye, he saw her form vanishing down a long white corridor, and he knew she would have made this choice herself, eventually. He was just respecting that. Speeding things along.
"Trying to set her up . . . honestly," he muttered.
What he'd said about Melanie needing someone to talk to had been true. He was hoping Georgie's influence could nudge her away from the path she was on, one that had its natural end in blood and pain and the drumming of war. It was hardly his fault if he knew that particular matchmaking arrangement had already worked out once.
The call had barely ended for a minute before his phone vibrated with an email notification. He opened it, frowning when he saw who it was from.
See me in my office at your earliest convenience.
Also, in the future please remember not to make personal calls during work hours.
- Elias
It was the most direct contact he'd had with Elias in months. Aside from a few institute-wide emails, there had been nothing since their conversation about the recordings. Jon hadn't even run into him in the hall. At least on the surface, he'd stuck to his promise to involve himself less directly. Not that Jon imagined Elias was truly keeping his distance, but he had begun to get comfortable with not having to see or talk to him. He dreaded the idea of going up there and actually breaking the silence.
That comment about personal calls irked him, too. He was taunting him. Going right up to the edge of admitting he'd been watching while giving himself just a little deniability.
He could ignore it, of course. Why should he do anything Elias asked him to, however small? Why should he make any part of his life easier? But that wasn't a smart attitude, he knew. Elias was keeping his distance for now, but if he saw Jon as too troublesome things would escalate. It would be foolish to bring that moment any closer by antagonizing him over nothing.
Jon still remembered the comment he'd made when they last spoke – I'm sure one of your assistants would be up to the task. If it came down to it, Elias knew exactly whose throats to hold the knife against.
With a distinct lack of pleasure, he climbed the stairs out of the archive.
Despite his mood he smiled at Rosie, tried to seem friendly as he greeted her. The words insecure and aggressive had a tendency to turn over in his mind when he saw her lately. He was earnestly hoping to be easier to talk to, but fairly sure he just came off as awkward. At least she was friendly with him. But then, she'd always been.
She said he was expected and should go right inside.
Elias was at his desk, writing on something hidden inside a folder. He glanced up and nodded as he entered.
"Ah, Jon. Sit down, I'll just be a moment."
As he took a seat and waited, Jon couldn't quite banish the idea that the folder was just a prop. A way to make whoever he'd called in wait, to make it absolutely clear how much more valuable his time was than theirs. Or perhaps to give them time to stew, to sit in anxiety and worry. Then again, maybe Elias really did have paperwork that needed doing, and the fact that it was absolutely, positively maddening to sit there in silence and watch him was only a bonus to it all. Eventually, he finished.
"It's been a while since we've checked in, hasn't it?" he paused just long enough for Jon to wonder if he was supposed to respond, then continued. "I'd like to hear your version of how the last few months have gone. What sort of progress you feel you've made, etcetera."
Oh, God. Was he actually expecting Jon to keep up the pretense of doing actual archival work? He hadn't been prepared for that at all, and felt preemptively exhausted at the thought of coming up with some nonsense progress report.
"Well. . . as you know, Gertrude left the archives in a state of serious disorganization, so progress has been hindered by that," he tried to remember what projects he'd put the others on to keep them all going with a token show of work. "I've set aside a section for discredited statements, which has been steadily growing. I imagine . . . it will make things more efficient for researchers in the future? And, uh . . . ."
"Let me stop you there," Elias said, holding up a hand.
Please do, Jon thought, relieved he wouldn't be subjecting them both to several minutes of this. Elias leaned forward and looked at him seriously.
"Have I done something to offend you, Jon?"
The question took him by surprise, to the point where he had to bite back a sarcastic laugh. What hadn't he done? "I'm not sure what you mean."
"Really. Because it seems to me that I've be extremely generous to you," that familiar tone of disapproval, of bland impatience. "I've given you a unique opportunity, allowed you free reign in setting your own priorities, and you still seem determined to resent me."
Fleetingly, Jon wondered if the elaborately decorated letter opener on the desk between them was sturdy enough to sink into Elias's chest without snapping. Not worth it, either way. Not with what it would cost.
"I . . . apologize if I've created that impression," he said evenly. "I've been told that I can be standoffish in my manner."
"Why does that not surprise me?" Elias smirked. "Though ‘standoffish' is a great deal more polite than the words people actually favor. Isn't it?"
Jon tried not to look away, tried and failed to meet Elias's eyes. Perhaps his inability to maintain eye contact with a conduit of the Beholding spoke well for his remaining humanity, but it still twisted in him. Made him feel weak.
"Are we done here?" he asked, voice tight.
Elias sighed, as if all of this was such a burden to him, as if he wasn't basking in the anxiety that Jon knew must be radiating off of him like heat.
"What was it you said to Martin . . . about discarding the facade once it stopped being useful?" That startled Jon enough to look back, to see the condescending smile on Elias's face as he continued. "Maybe you ought to do the same."
He stared, suddenly voiceless, heart pounding. This was it . . . should he be relieved or terrified?
"I've been where you are now, Jon." Elias continued. His voice was stern, with only the barest concession to false sympathy. "Trapped in a world that no longer makes sense, surrounded by malevolent forces, seeing enemies everywhere. And I can tell you that the only way to survive in this world is to recognize what resources you have."
". . . Resources."
"Yes, if you could just get past this irrational distrust you seem to have of me. I can't hold your hand through everything. But if you have questions . . . I might be able to give you some answers."
Answers? That would make a change from before, Jon thought bitterly. The Elias he remembered used misdirection, contempt and sometimes flat refusal to avoid giving Jon any information he could hope to use. Unfortunately there was only one question Jon really had for him anymore, and it was one he couldn't ask: how much do you know?
. . . Did Elias have that same question for him? It would explain why he was directly inviting him to ask about his situation.
Jon paused. He had to be smart about this. If Elias had sat him down like this before, he'd have wanted to know everything. If he didn't seem curious, it might point to how much he already knew, and that would be disastrous. But he also couldn't look too naive . . . he'd made his suspicion clear, already warned the others, he couldn't pretend to know nothing about the Institute's nature.
He tried to think back to when he was only just getting a sense of the way things truly were. What would he have most wanted to understand then?
". . . What happens to me," he asked quietly. "When I read statements? The real ones. You know what I mean. I can feel something happening, I know it's not just reading."
"The answer to that is rather complicated . . . ."
"Are you going to give it to me?"
"It would help if I understood what you already knew. How much did Gertrude tell you about the nature of this place? The Institute?"
"Enough to know I can't trust it," he glared across the desk. "And maybe the reason I don't trust you is because you're constantly peering over my shoulder."
"You must have some sense by now of the dangers the Institute attracts," Elias raised his eyebrows. "Can you really blame me for wanting to keep tabs on everything?"
"Because you ‘keeping tabs' was so helpful when I was pulled into those hallways for weeks."
"You opened the door of your own free will. I do what I can but I can hardly be expected to protect you from yourself."
"You're the reason I'm here in the first place! You've been--"
Jon cut himself off, he could feel himself beginning to shout, losing control of himself and it was stupid, so stupid. What was the point in arguing with him? Jonah Magnus knew exactly what he was doing, he wasn't going to be shamed about it.
"It doesn't matter," he said, trying to gather himself back to a neutral tone. "Can't change the past."
". . . For what it's worth, Jon, I do sympathize," Elias said, folding his hands. "Someone has to be the Archivist. You were just the best option available."
Why had he thought he could play along with this? As if he'd really be able to sit there, feign ignorance and draw information out of a man who'd been doing that exact thing to others for centuries. He wasn't going to beat him at his own game . . . far more likely he'd let something slip out of anger that would get somebody killed.
He pushed his chair back and stood, turning towards the door.
"I'll find my own answers," he said.
* * *
The door slammed shut, loud enough to echo. Jonah supposed he was going to have to get used to outbursts like these.
"I expect that you will," he muttered to the closed door.
Blind spots. He didn't like blind spots. Sometimes they were unavoidable, but having one so near to him was profoundly irritating. It was like knowing he'd forgotten something important, but being unable to dredge up any details.
He could watch Jon as easily as anyone else. Though there were moments his gaze would unfocus, and he suspected Gertrude might have taught him a few of her tricks, overall it wasn't hard to keep an eye on him. But lately, that was all he could do. No matter how he tried, he couldn't Know anything deeper than what appeared on the surface. He might as well have been following the Archivist around with a camera crew rather than channeling the overwhelming power of an Eternal and Unblinking Gaze From Which No Secrets Can Be Kept, for all the good it was doing him.
It was as if the knowledge was all there, but had been shifted somehow. Nudged just outside his field of vision.
A part of him was tempted to start over with another Archivist, one he could See more clearly. But the Web mark was hard to find, and he couldn't even be sure this anomaly was unique to Jon – that it would go away with his death instead of attaching itself to his successor. Despite its frustrating obscurity, something about it that felt like an aspect of the Beholding, though he couldn't say why.
So he'd tolerate the blind spot for now. At least Jon was easy enough to read without the Eye's assistance – the man wore his heart on his sleeve, was helpless in that way. Jonah liked that about him.
What he needed was encouragement. Something to get him out of his comfort zone – four marks was progress, but not fast enough, not with the Unknowing looming closer every day. Jonah wrote a quick note on a post-it and stuck it to the folder in front of him, then pressed a button on his intercom.
"Rosie?" he said, "I need you to run something down to the archive for me. Just drop it on Tim's desk, he'll know what it's for."
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sysba · a year ago
Tumblr media
[thank you @dwead-piwate-meggers and the anons who sent asks! i was gonna answer all these great questions anyway for oc building so i’m sharing 💕]
name: angelica vaughan age: 26 pronouns: she/her hometown: lleanelli occupation: aspiring thriller-horror (screen)writer love interest(s): vinh, nyra, atticus bff(s): adegoke fc: benedetta gargari
What made them apply for Body Count & what are they hoping to get out of the experience? She was feeling lost, and she hopes the experience will give her some needed clarity and sense of direction.
How do they take their tea (or coffee)? [x] Is more of a coffee person-- specifically cappuccino, but at home she usually just drinks moka coffee with milk (sometimes regular, sometimes rice milk) and sugar [#3 or #4]. If she drinks tea it’s usually earl gray or black with just honey.
How regularly do they swear? [x] Only when upset/angry, and usually in Italian (but will throw in a ‘fuck’ here and there or some terrible bri ish curses). 
How do they prefer their toast? [x] Anything between D 3-5 and E 3-5 is cool. If you give her something burnt she will not eat it, if you give her something untoasted she will throw it at you.
If Body Count had a Big Brother-style vote to kick someone out, who would they vote out right now? [x] Florrie, probably. Too much chaos and too much noise. 
Are they a “you can call me anytime” person, or a “phone permanently on silent” person? [x] Is simply too busy to be a “call me anytime” kind of person and also usually leaves her phone on silent/dnd, but will reply to your messages as soon as she sees them.
How do they celebrate their birthday? [x] Nice dinner with close friends (elegant but still casual, nothing to fancy but definitely not ‘rowdy’) and a separate dinner with family that isn’t really optional being Italian.
Can they drive? [x] Yes, and she’s the sensible/safe driver (even a bit too cautious tbh). She prefers cycling, when possible.
I want a baby meme! What does your MC say? [x] “We only have like £12 combined.”
What did they wear on the first day in the villa? [x] She let Florrie pick an outfit for her because she doesn’t feel fashionable enough. High-waisted shorts and a flowy printed shirt, something cute and a bit vintage! There are some fashion refs here. 
What is their opinion on Eurovision? [x] Gets very into it, watches every year and gets mad when she disagrees with the winners. Obviously team Italy.
Who/what is their favourite musical artist? [x] Probably Artic Monkeys/similar (I’m not an expert so I can’t give specifics)
What is their cultural/ethnic background? [x] She’s white, her dad is of Italian and Welsh origins while her mom’s full Italian (from Lazio). 
Would they be willing to move to their RO’s city, or would they prefer that their RO move to Manchester with them? [x] That would depend on both the RO and the circumstances; she would be willing to move/compromise but would wanna discuss all the pros & cons it together and take her own career in consideration before making a choice. But she’s not particularly tied to Manchester.
Are they quiet on their feet, or are they an elephant in disguise? [x] A very normal footfall / could be quieter if she wanted to.
What is their eye colour? [x] Light green.
How did they end up in Manchester? (Derived from: where do the ROs live? [x]) Got a job interview, it went well, so she hopped on a train.
What kind of accent do they have? (Yes, this still applies if they’re not British!) [x] It’s a bit of a mix! She’s lived in Italy as a child and then moved to her father’s hometown (but continued visiting Italy during the summers); her father knows italian but doesn’t speak it fluently, he has a very strong Welsh accent, while her mother has an accent but speaks english almost as a first language since she’s always travelled. Angie doesn’t have a strong italian accent and you wouldn’t notice it immediately until she pronounce certain words, same way she doesn’t have the strongest Welsh accent but you can still hear it in some sounds!
If they were a videogame character, what loot item would they drop? [x] Notepad and colouring pens.
Do they return their shopping trolley? [x] She’s not a heathen, of course she returns the cart!
How meme-literate are they? [x] Selectively online so she misses most memes and doesn’t really care.
Under normal circumstances, how loyal are they to their partners? [x] 10/10 loyal but not to the point of stupidity.
What is their zodiac sign? (Bonus question: do they believe in astrology?) [x] Virgo sun. Very firm about not believing in astrology.
Do they like to dance? [x] Only dances at social events and depending on the type of dance she could feel a bit self-conscious (like, club dancing isn’t her style). Definitely up for dancing randomly in an intimate/domestic setting though!
How likely are they to lend their jacket when their RO is cold? [x] 100% would be the meme of the one covering her so in clothes while simultaneosly scolding them for not dressing appropriately.
Where do they fit on the Jock-Nerd vs. Goth-Prep alignment chart? [x] Somewhere in Nerd-Prep, really close to Adegoke.
What do they use as a bookmark? [x] A fancy bookmark. If she sees a dog ear she might scream.
True or false: “If I run and leap at MC, they will most certainly catch me in their arms.” [x] Tries to catch them but fails because their arms are limp noodles.
What would they sing at karaoke? [x] She would not sing at karaoke.
How did they do in school? [x] Total nerd, worked very hard and got excellent grades.
What is their 1am convenience store snack run purchase? (Bonus question: if not British, what snack food from home do they miss most?) [x] She tried Italian food, she’s not touching british snacks with a 10ft pole<3
What does their apartment/bedroom look like? [x] Boho decor, light walls and neutral colours with some plants, a lot of cute decorations and books etc... but not enough that the place looks crammed since she hates mess. Lots of scented candles. Artsy-chic vibes, just like in her wardrobe.
What would they wear to a fancy event? [x] A formal/fancy jumpsuit.
Are they a dog person, a cat person, or a rock person? [x] Cat, but likes both. Generally prefers cats because they’re more lowkey and she’s a bit too busy to give proper attention to a dog.
What is their love language? [x]  Words of Affirmation/Quality Time   (giving) and Quality Time/Acts of Service (receiving)
What is their MBTI type? [x] ISTJ-T
If you had to assign them one song, what would it be? [x] Tongue Tied by Iwan Rheon // Ophelia by The Lumineers
Give us a few funky facts about their family background! [x] TBD
Are they a big spoon, a little spoon, a versatile spoon, or a knife? [x] Not a fan of spooning, it’s a bit too clingy. She’s fine with spooning for like the evening while watching a movie or something, but wouldn’t wanna fall asleep like that. Not exactly a knife, likes sleeping shoulder-to-shoulder but with some distance.
What are their feelings on piercings and tattoos? Do they have any? [x] Has a couple of very small cutesy tattoos and earrings. She doesn’t like extreme body mods on hereself, but is totally fine and can appreciate it in other people!
Do they want to get married someday? Would they rather propose or be proposed to? [x] Says she doesn’t care but secretly really wants to; would rather be proposed to but would prefer discussing it together beforehand.
Don’t fuck this up meme! Where do they fall? [x] Will try not to fuck up and probably won’t.
What is their favourite animal and why? [x] Squirrels. They have relatable nervous energy. And they’re cute.
Would they be willing to wear coordinating couple’s outfits with their RO? [x] If it’s something she’s comfortable wearing she wouldn’t mind.
Where do they fall on the cuddle scale? [x] Rarely initiates but actually loves cudding (exclusively in private and only in a serious relationship). Still needs to have her space but would do fairly well with a very cuddly so as long as they don’t go too hard when it comes to PDA.
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nerice · a year ago
eliada 👀 for the ask meme
1. How would you (or they) describe their gender, without using standard binary terms? superior (derogatory) 
2. Are they religious? bitch h*ck if i know !!! he’s def been raised into academy brain rot but he does not worship true rulers like some do. studious by nature his religion is putting any sort of faith thru the wringer & even if he meets the ethereal entity at the core of the belief system (chess) he’d fuck him out of curiosity n then say good talk n go home 2 write abt it. i hope this answers absolutely none of your questions
3. What social media platforms would they use (if in a world where those existed) and what would they use them for? Bonus: What would they get cancelled for? ................................linkedin. cancelled for that same reason
4. Do they have any weird scars, and how did they get them? going w :^) fr this bc i love spilling eliada’s secrets. all trackers get gold ink spine tattoos that r super duper classified & none of his friends & family, not his assistant (fauve) or reina know abt it. gray has seen it :)c 
5. What crime are they most likely to be arrested for? arrested? everyone has signed a contract where it says he’s not liable fr any side effects or damages resulting from their engagement. me, however, i will throw him in a cell for being rude 2 reina
6. Ok, what crime are they most likely to have actually committed? adultery, minor theft, reckless endangerment of children immortal or otherwise, major theft, counterfeinting currency, causing an apocalypse, bystander effect, major theft 2 electric boogaloo
7. If the one prison phone call thing was real, who would they call? FAYE !! :3
8. Do they collect anything? What do they collect? there’s not a thing in the verse this fucker does not collect it’s full howl’s moving castle bedchamber in this bitches study. th equivalent of buying 2 much on your first trip 2 japan n having no idea how 2 get all that shit back home by the end of it yes i’m speaking from experience
9. Who would they platonically marry for tax benefits? faye, again. mlm 🤝 wlw tax fraud
10. What superstition/paranormal entity/conspiracy theory do they believe is 100% real, whether or not they admit it? turns out he’s right abt moons having emotions via proxy n bad things happening if u poke em 2 much. also he’s incredibly superstitious abt black cats
11. What’s something embarrassing they did as a child/teenager? sings at full volume in th shower. got caught once n never done it again
12. What’s something embarrassing they probably did yesterday? staring intently at gray’s busted lip in tge minor wondering if he shld tenderly fix it up or let it scar in a hot way [i hate this]
13. What hobby did they try once and give up on? Why? card tricks !! wld b incredibly good for business but he does not have the attention span 2 pull thru w it
14. What niche topic do they get incredibly pedantic about? moon theories !!!! endless drunk nights of him n faye yelling at each other & him insisting on facts she can literally disprove bc she has seen the end of the verse & been in a moon
15. What’s their favorite food to make? has not made food once in his life & does not intend on starting now. i swear he subsists solely on tea most days
16. What do you think this character’s worst decision was? What does this character think their worst decision was? not intervening when gray had a d**ghter n started coming by w track marks n blown veins all over his arms. to eliada’s credit, he knows that was his worst decision & he can never make it right
17. Is there anything you wish the writers had done differently with this character? Why? WISH I HAD FUCKING FIGURED OUT A/S SO I COULD WRITE TGE MINOR
18. What character from another work do you think they’d get along really well with? im putting another oc bc im running out of brain juice but alissa wld b his #1 fan n competitor i want them 2 interact so bad. also he’d be bros w sabor deepgateverse i feel.......... thinking emoji
19. What character from another work would be their mortal enemy? avery. there is no one better suited i refuse 2 think past that
20. What’s a headcanon you’ve always wanted to share but none of these ask memes ever ask you about it? i am not allowed 2 say this legally until i have written tge minor but. smiles evilly at charlotte :)
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shadow--writer · a year ago
9, 13, bonus 19 drop the memes
*fans self* I’m being spoiled I love y’all thank you thank you. Feel free to send in some modern asks for Maeve (and for some of y’all I’m a comin to attack your inboxes XD)
9. Do they have any best friends? What’s their relationship like? How did they meet?
13. Are they in a relationship? Have they been in one before?
19. Share their favorite reaction pic/gif.
Friends: well for main LI from the actual game I’d say she’d be best friends with Portia and ofc Asra. They get into so much trouble (knife cats, all of them). But outside of that she befriends most everyone she meets because she’s very sweet and friendly. She has a fun bubbly personality and she’s pretty good at reading people. Also: plz be her friend she loves you.
Relationship: I mean depends. For main LI’s generally it’s Muriel, Julian and sometimes Nadia/Porita. (I’m sorry she has a burning hatred for Lucio. She can’t lol). And yeah I do have some apprentice ships with her (....ya know who ya are) and yes she has been in a bunch of relationships she’s a hardened veteran XDD. She knows her way around dating, but she loves how each relationship blossoms into something new!
Reaction pic and gif (under the cut it gets long lol):
Tumblr media
and her fav gif
Tumblr media
She’s the kind of person to send something horrifying to you if you haven’t talked in a while to strike up a conversation too. Her fav pic to send is:
Tumblr media
also ur welcome for showing that to you lol.
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cor-are-they-stars · a year ago
Hello there :)
14, 16, 8, 9
Hi :)
14. Have you made any aus for this character? If so, what? Which is your favorite? Which is most developed? Which deserves more development and attention?
So. So many AUs. My favorite is one I HAVENT actually shared yet, but basically um. Yeah, what if Quarion had never disappeared? What if Rosalind had never gotten the torture thing? What if Ari and never run away? What if Canyon had never come to Xaria? Basically what if our characters had their happy endings early?
I'll explain it in more depth later. Maybe.
Most developed is probably Modern!AU
I honestly think the Girlfriend AU deserves more attention.
16. What jokes/memes do you have about your character? Are there any jokes that accidentally became canon in the universe?
Fire. Fire is the joke. Everyone who pisses off Quill is the punchline.
Quill's milk obsession accidentally became canon last week but I'm not complaining.
Bonus, one I wish would become canon: GNOME TAILS
8. What's one weird personal headcanon you have for the character that's not addressed or that you haven't found a way to share yet?
The aforementioned tail. Also uhhh I've said it before but Quill's constant whittling. She's always messing with a knife and some wood unless she's in battle or driving the cart. Every conversation they've had so far? She's been whittling.
9. What are your character's relationships like with every member of their party? Bonus, if you want to write a short blurb on your character's opinion of them.
Canyon: Quill calls him a narc. A lot. But she's very fond of him. Initially she didn't give him much thought, because he was just a big slap cat and she didn't really even give him the time of thought of day. But now? She would throw down for him. He's like a big brother, quite honestly. Which is. I mean, an odd feeling to be sure. Considering Quarion.
Aridove: She's like a little sister to Quill. Quill would die for her, if she had to. She wants to make sure she's cared for and protected. She super hates Oreos. Also Ari's dad. She honestly underestimates her? Like Quill considers her someone to be protected, not someone who can protect.
Rosalind: Quill is. Really worried about her. And frustrated. She considers her a sister, a teammate, a friend. But it doesn't feel like Rosie feels the same. Quill is trying to trust her. To put faith in her. But Rosie isn't doing the same and it's killing Quill. Because Quill can tell. She knows Rosie isn't talking about her feelings and isn't sharing important things, and she respects that. But she hates it.
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hurricanes-art · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m so behind on posting my art so here’s a dump of Eragon stuff from my sketchbook of varying quality and level of completion, featuring….!!
1 this meme that @inheritancecyclememes​​ posted forever ago!
2 Knife Cat Murtagh (this is canon.)
3-6 I had an au where all of the characters were some type of monster. Eragon is a harpy, Murtagh is a naga, Nasuada is a sphinx, and Eragon still never gets to be the tall one. (Orrin would be a centaur, I forgot my idea for Arya, and Roran would be the one single dude who’s still a normal human. But since he’s the only one like that, he’s described in the same rarefied way as everyone else, to comedic effect.)
7 Brotherly shenanigans without context, aka I forgot why I drew this
8 A both poorly drawn out and poorly thought out Over the Garden Wall au (feat. lizard Saphira)
9 Nasuada………😉
10 I have this au where the war goes far less smoothly for the Varden and takes substantially longer than in canon.  Before they ever reach Uru’baen, Murtagh and Thorn rebel and kill Galbatorix and Shruikan themselves. In the interest of discouraging all the politicians from trying to claim power for themselves and plunging the country into chaos, Murtagh names himself king regent. He only intends to hold the position until the Varden arrives to claim the throne which he estimates will only take a week or two now that they don’t have to fight the Empire.
The Varden and their allies, however, see this as a perfect opportunity to have someone else deal with the fallout of war and stabilize the country while they don’t have to. They refuse to answer Murtagh’s summons and wait to weather out the storm. Murtagh and Thorn are left alone, having escaped the slavery of a tyrant only to be recaptured in the slavery of responsibility without ever realizing it. Long months drain away while they slowly suffocate under the weight of a crown…
bonus w/ shinier gold!
Tumblr media
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xgoldenlatiasx · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some pictures of Pumpkinpie + one of Crescentlight! Most of the time I have Babyboy out so I decided I need to give these two more attention so I took some photos with them, i love them so much
Tumblr media
my Mistfox making the knife cat meme face
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prvntcessa · 2 years ago
listen up 10s a 4 is speaking! shdlaskhd what’s up sluts i’m cherry, i’m 21, use she/her pronouns and live in PST! this is mischa, princess of the russian mafia. she wears black lipstick, is massive scammer, laughs at videos of people falling down the stairs. here is a shorter sparknotes version of her bio and some fun and fresh headcannons
please enjoy this gif of mischa cosplaying indie xoxo
Tumblr media
skeleton: the career criminal
name: mischa dostoyevsky ( formally xia han)
age: 25
gender: female
pronouns: she/her
fc: natasha liu bordizzo
born as xia to a dirt poor family of literal SCAM artists. we luv a scamily babey! her parents basically sold fraudulent anti-aging serum to dumb, white new york tourists everyday ( with the added bonus of her older brother dressed up like an OLD ASS MAN doing cartwheels n backflips like woooow this stuff really works! ) her job was basically sneaking through the crowd of people while they were distracted and pick-pocketing their money, valuables, shiny shit etc.  
that white savior guilt money was paying the bills until one of the karens they conned got hives from the allergic reaction to the red food dye they used in the fake serum and her brothers literal Old Man disguise flew off like 90s rapper fly away pants when it was windy as fuck one day so basically The Authorities Have Been Called Luv, the police showed up and xia didn’t know what to do bc she was a kid so she just BOLTED AND RAN ... does not know what happened to her family to this day
grew up on the street, continued the family business of being a fcking scammer and basically bought tampons by telling power walking, baby backpacking ladies that she was gonna have to feed little timmy cockroaches if they didn’t pay off, slept with crooked stock brokers, seduced old guys, cleaned out their apartments, stole all their money, jewels, watches, credit cards, priceless antiques -- THE WORLD WAS HER SUGAR DADDI BB
all of this changed on day when she making her nightly run by the alibi, a bar she called Dumb Rich Guy Bar and saw a weird old guy come out looooaded with what looked expensive shit,  but she really wanted his pocketwatch which from her experience was mad expensive. so she did her lil routine and THOUGHT she stole the watch but LOL SPIDERMAN MEME, he stole the watch back and the ring she was wearing AND HIS BODY GUARD HAD A GUN PLACED ON HER. MMM WHATCHA SAY
so turns out the weird old guy she tried to steal from was VLADIMIR DOSTOYEVSKY!!!! THE HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN FUCKING MAFIA. yiiiiikes! lmao she was like cool im gonna die but he was like hold up, u chose the pocket watch, the only real and valuable thing i was wearing ... i like u ur smart u have fire, u remind me of my dead wife  YOU WILL BE MY SUCCESSOR ur name is now mischa for my unborn son and i will teach u the ropes
so there is no more xia, only mischa, basically adopted by vladimir who she calls dad/nana and who calls her rabbit as a nickname (they play monopoly every night and VLAD CHEATS EVERY TIME BRO). she is the only girl in the bratva aka The Brotherhood which is what the russian mafia is called. shes kind of their wendy. shes worshipped outwardly but theres probably a lot of people that hate her ... which leads me to ........PAPA DYING! BIG RIP OG PAPA! he was poisoned at dinner and people say it was the italians but mischa is sure it was an inside job
bc of vlad dying *pour one out for vladdy daddy* mischa is head of the bratva aka russian mafia they call her PAPA bc thats how people refer to the mob boss SO SDHLLKDSH
ALSO PLOT TWIST! originally the plate that killed her dad was the plate she was given but he switched with her bc his piece of chicken was bigger and he wanted her to have it :((((( SO THE POISON PLATE WAS HER PLATE SO SOMEONE WAS TRYNA KILL HER DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN
ok here are HCS they are from the bottom of my app xx
nicknames include who’s your papa, big papa and daddy purely because it’s iconic. but also she is probably that gifset where rihanna is talking abt how shes a bad bitch w top energy but is a massive bottom ahdlaks
mischa i think has to look a certain way of looking when dealing w the mob ( sort of girl boss, designer clothes, femme fatale ) but i think she is relatively unlady-like and prefers ratty jeans, plaid skirts, flannels, black combat boots, messy ponytails and the like when she’s relaxing. reminds her of life before.
practices makeup on dmitri and boris (her body guards) who complain a lot but also love her xoxo 
owns a very big fluffy, luxurious cat named perogi, he’s her son, a gift from dear old dad. 
has a pretty severe drinking problem ( vodka on the rocks is the poison ) after her father died and sleeps with a gun ( although i think she's better with a knife )
thus can drink you under the table also swears like an old sailor man ( is working on it, the whole mob sighs when she calls japanese businessmen idiot douche canoe fuckbags to their faces during monthly debt collections )
mischa can speak 5 languages in order to speak to people all over the world: madarin ( from her childhood ), english, russian ( mob ), spanish and french. 
pansexual queen and i want to say scorpio 
she’s grateful obviously to папа doing more off the grid, low quality criminal stuff without supervision because she is a truant, tramp, scam artist cat burglar klepto at heart <3
cinnamon roll meme: looks like she could kill you and would probably kill you
so i want to say she probably met the star of the show doing something where she snuck out at night with her bodyguards not knowing, wore her civilian clothes, blended in kept her head down because she missed freedom and accidentally met them out there like that under a pseudonym to hide her mafia life/continued to sneak out to see them like that before being exposed. very double life stuff angsty secret mafia princess stuff. we love hannah mon-mafia.
scared her parents will resurface/past will resurface ( supposedly папа bribed the police but . . . karma is a bitch )
has A LOT of suitors meant to strengthen The Empire and bridge conflicts between mobs but cares little, them: 💕, her: hocks a loogie and wipes on pants … she SUCSKSSKSS
has burped at important business dinners before and simultaneously has brought massive mafiosos to their knees. literally will have your dick cut off if you say something misogynistic, racist or something about her father :) she has a collection. ( its a big collection, but still quite little if you know what i mean )
rumored to have killed a man with the sharp end of her louboutin.
has a slight accent just from being surrounded by it constantly and word switches
smells like cinnamon and scraped knees
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purplexiasphinx · 2 years ago
The list of OC facts no one asked for...
Aya, @big-sis-neko
Very insecure
Has enough trauma to fill a book series if she so wished
Absolutely overprotective
A liiiiittle bit possessive
Touch-starved but hates it when strangers touch her
Trust issues through the ROOF
Might punch you if you ask her to say 'Nya'
Doesn't know how to properly date
Her first name means 'Flower'
Likes to draw
Constantly busy
Mean, but cares.
Very gay, and very angsty.
Somehow, she's a tsundere and a yandere all wrapped up in one cute fuzzy lil' package.
Doesn't like to drink, gets flirty when she's drunk.
Favorite color is purple, acts like it's pink solely to throw people off.
Can honestly genuinely cry at any moment
Gods help you if you grab her without warning
I won't help identify the body if you touch her ass without her permission
Owns a baseball bat, named it Lucille in honor of TWD
Favorite anime is Fairy Tail, because of Erza.
Has a mom voice, is not afraid to use it.
Will help you get your shit together while she's a complete mess
Is a hypocrite, will tell you to be healthy then eat nothing but an apple over the course of three days.
Is a whole mess
Needs someone to take care of her sometimes but refuses help
Has honestly been very disillusioned with life and humanity
Covered in scars, both physical and mental.
Hates all cat-related nicknames, has heard them all and is done.
If she flirts back consider yourself lucky
Can't stand the sight or smell of fish
Has been beaten with a fish
People suck
Average height...
Strong girl
Will fight you
Knows actual fighting techniques
Can and will probably kick your ass
Has a weakness for redheads
Done With Your Shit™
Aki, @your-neko-friend
Is a brony
Hides the fact that he's a brony
Too pure for this world
Sweet baby
Knows how to fight
Is also a pacifist
Very protective
Sadness? What sadness? Nothing but smiles!
Absolutely a joyous ball of trauma and suppressed anxiety
Doesn't know when to just say 'No' or 'Stop'
Very polite
Puts everyone else above himself
Would sacrifice every chance he had at happiness to make other people happy
Does, when he has the chance
Doesn't like being treated like a child
Is a shota
Birthday is December 28th
G a y
Bless his heart
Loves flower crowns
Makes flower crowns for everyone
Smol boi
Almost 18???
Baby boy-
Will make up a nickname for everyone in his contacts list and find an appropriate emoji for them but never show anyone
Wears MLP pyjamas without regret
Is actually just a really careful person
Also has no self preservation instinct
He can handle a knife, but someone keep him away from the windowless van promising candy
Has a HUGE sweet tooth
Loves cuddles
Is a big hugger
Doesn't understand romantic love
Has had a lot of boyfriends, surprisingly???
Mostly because he will NOT let someone kiss him without dating them first
It's a rule
Has never initiated a kiss
Would rather cuddle
Sensitive tail
Pls gentle
High pain tolerance, but he's got so much trauma it doesn't matter he'll fall apart anyways
Hates being called 'kitty'
Can't stand the smell of fish
Has been beaten with a fish before
Hates that he has to rely on people
Secretly a very sad boi
Positivity to the MAX
Always looks for the bright side
Will never leave someone that looks like they need help
Strong boi
Short boi (Under 5')
Very much a sub
Will purr if you pet his ears
Lowkey a Pokèmon fan, but tends to only watch the anime.
NOT a gamer, but will play if you ask or offer.
Bonus! The names in Aki's contact list (Across all RPs, cuz why not? You'll get to know the names of the other OCs he knows~)
Real name: Ash
Aki's contact for him: Ketchum 💕
Real name: Layz
Aki's contact for them: 🥦 (Due to drama and boi's lack of proper coping mechanisms, he'd changed the old name (Boyfriend 🥦) but hadn't taken the time to make a new nickname because he ended up crying every time.)
Real name: Aya
Aki's contact for her: Big Sis Aya 💮
Real name: Joyce
Aki's contact for him: Sweetest 🎶
Real name: Eli
Aki's contact for him: Darling❣
*Someone who USED TO be on Aki's contacts list...
Aki didn't have much time when he was making the contact, so it was simply "Tony❤"
But that number is blocked now.
*Fun fact, Aki has dated/is currently dating everyone on this list besides his sister in some RP or another.
Brie, @miss-brie-phillips
Is the big gay but pretends not to be
Is very religious
Has asthma
Tries to help
Vv easily startled
Has a big crush on her coworker
Works with Aya
Refuses to ask for help
Is gay panic incarnate
Has several siblings
Constantly terrified someone will find out she's gay
Constantly terrified in general
Will cry at the drop of a hat
Not very physically strong
Or mentally
The two people she trusts most in the world are very gay
Very insecure
VERY pretty
Has only dated guys, never kissed anyone yet
Gets nauseous at the thought of being intimate with a guy
How do her parents not know she's gay yet???
Generally unhappy with her life but will pretend everything is fine
Working to afford her own place
Very devoted
Jaime, @nothereforyourbullshit
Incredibly protective
Also Done With Your Shit™
Gay as hell
Possessive of his boyfriends
Not in too big a way, but
Might just hit someone if they flirt with his guy
Plays guitar
Knows where to hide a body
Has a tattoo of a cross on the back of his neck
OCD, but has learned to live with it.
Is a killer bartender AND barista
Came from a very religious family
Very aware that his closeted sister is gay but will never tell anyone, because he loves her and he knows it'll fuck up her life
Also not on the best of terms with his sister but will protect her no matter what
Rest of his family?
They'll get help if they ask, but they never would.
And he knows it
Has awful nightmares
Is a big cuddler
Physical contact is a must
Is a great cook and loves cooking for people
That is exactly why he will never be a chef
Has a LOT of fun making straight dudes question their sexuality
Won't deny it
Will not flirt with someone else if he's in a relationship
Half the time he jumps from guy to guy
His type consists of trouble
Needs someone to help him deal with his shit instead of ignoring when he clearly needs help
Probably will never get that person because he's drawn to the guys that'll fuck up his life
Has never even considered using his guitar skills as a source of income???
Bonus, a few about @maaya-kaori cuz I just realized I have nothing but my community of gays up here
My friendzone bab!
Is a singer (Technically my Vocaloid/UTAUloid OC)
Has a sweetness that would rival Aki's
Doesn't understand flirting
Has accidentally broken so many hearts and has no idea
LOVES singing
Would never hurt anyone ever
Has played Undertale once, pacifist route start to finish, cried multiple times anyways.
Unironically believes Pokèmon is a terrible concept and teaches children to kidnap critters and force them to fight for money
Because one of her friends showed her a meme once, it was her fist time hearing of Pokèmon
Is actually only 16
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