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artsploon · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
family weirdos gotta stick together -
based off an idea I had at like 3 AM that Mirabel embroiders Bruno’s ruana post-canon 
this is lk rushed so yeahhh hjkdhsadsf
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still-a-morosexual-help · a month ago
Tumblr media
The 2nd
Bonus (because I didn't use gold & silver just for y'all to not be able to see the shine):
Tumblr media
[haha pls don't let this flop I put way too much effort into it, pls remember likes are amazing but on tumblr reblogs > likes]
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esclapo · 10 months ago
hot take: the end is the dream smp's true chekhov's gun
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schemingfaced · 5 months ago
If Kaz and Inej never had traumatising childhoods, Kaz would’ve become a magician and Inej would’ve become an acrobat, and they would’ve eventually wound up working in the same circus and fallen in love and travelled the world together and lived a happy life I’m-
Their love story would still be a slow burn, but they would start off as friends.
They’d go from jokingly mocking each other to subtly flirting with each other.
And then Kaz realises how much he holds his breath during her acts because he couldn’t bear to watch her fall.
And Inej will always worry and go between looking away to not being able to take her eyes off him whenever he chains himself in a water tank.
All of their coworkers know they have strong feelings for each other at this point. Their circus manager even suggests that they begin to do some acts together.
They’d do the disappearing girl act and the knife throwing act.
And after months of working together and being practically married, these idiots finally confess their love to each other, and all of their coworkers are like ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME
And then they leave the circus to start their own show with their kids as a family. Their boss isn’t too happy about that because they used to bring in that $$$
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ai-higurashi · 6 months ago
Beakley 2d (or Webby 4d) for the angst :3
How DARE you make me choose.
Tumblr media
Also, since you all seem to be really hungry for angst, consider:
Sleeper FOWL agent!Webby, who does not know why she just did that and can't do anything to move her body to help :)
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sierraxnevada · 9 months ago
Dean gets hurt on a hunt and cant walk, so Cas picks him up bridal style and Dean gets all flustered but “This is always how they do it in the movies, Dean” 
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hyunubear · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DilfKIHYUN - ALL ABOUT LUV Facebook Live
Bonus: “money.”
Tumblr media
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unproduciblesmackdown · 10 months ago
while i’m at it: a compilation made from on hand sincerely me’s of the audience reaction to will roland doing that laugh for jared 
#like yes the Fact that jared is laughing is going to be this Comedic Moment every time but boy is it only enhanced like this #and that jared Laughing in this moment really is also just dropping you right into what sincerely me is About lol #in that he's trying to get evan's attention onto himself and delighted to succeed #that crashing into sincerely me is Abrupt and Emphatic and this dramatic Tonal Shift (as is often the case w/jared content; e.g. figurative #smash cut from some dramatic scene of evan doing whatever to jared's You WHAT / Holy Shit reactions) is in itself Funny; audiences will like #go ahead and start reacting to ''but i should tell you that i think of you each night'' Shift if they're really On It lol & then of course #it is also Humorous to jump over to evan & jared / have that ''reveal'' and have evan Contextualize things lmao..... #but jared cracking up is really definitely Thee payoff to all these earlier points of abruptness and potential confusion setting it up #get in on evan and jared's empathy loop! where jared laughing is in and of itself great for sparking sympathetic laughter / delight lol #and with those non [in an actual deh show] performances everyone else on stage is free to react too lmao. major fun bonus #and like i said these were On Hand sincerely me's but now it's like oh to edit together Every moment of this lol #with who knows however many more half dozen or smthing ''readily available'' obc boots are out there......i don't really #also chose to give a bit of an extra Lead In with that particular clip b/c of the bonus of evan and jared Reacting even before the spotlight #lights up on them lol. seeing evan already gearing up to be like ''what tf is this'' and jared doubling over like he's already cracking up #proportionally going for that Laugh too lmao so another reason it's a great one put 1st... #deh #will roland #although also shoutout to the apparent difficulties in getting the audience to realize what jokes in sincerely me are jokes when they're not #paying peak attention or whatever. wild to hear that it felt like an Especial Win if people realized ''kinky'' was Humorous / reacted thusly #plenty of the Humor re: jared's character is as much or more about how it's Framed vs the character's own intentional ''i'm telling a joke'' #like how it's inherently Funny for jared to be laughing after this Context Reveal or the humor in dropping jared's Commentary on a situation #right into the middle of that situation. the Drama of the principal's office scene and then bam jared's going Holy Shit!!! #and naturally the Tension Release of not only that whiplash from Dramatic to Comedic but that jared's Being The Audience Here #we've just seen it and gone omg and then here's jared's reaction to having it relayed to him.....
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pierremichelofavignon · 3 months ago
have a few new followers since last time i did this so. i am once again asking for your non english song recs
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chaoticspacefam · 3 months ago
WIP Ask Game!
I was tagged by @swtorpadawan​  , thank you! :D
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it. And then tag as many people as you have WIPs. No pressure as always, only if you want to, I’m not gonna have as many people to tag as I have WIPs cause a lot of my friends and mutuals have def already been tagged for this, but incase anyone has something they’d like to share here: @darth-bagel , @elaphaemourra , @mercurypilgrim , @the-raven-of-highever , @outcastcommander , @walk-ng-d-saster , @thedinalixlegacy and anyone else that hasn’t been tagged yet but wants to join in! Yes, I promise I mean you! :3
So, without further ado, the WIPs! I have so many hahaha help me *cries* and not enough time in a day to finish any of them rn (Strikhedonia is top-priority on the list, sorry you’ve been waiting so long for that prompt Anto ✨✨I’m Garbage✨✨ 😂)
Creeping Shadows 8 (working title)
Creeping Shadows 9 (working title)
By The Stars 1: Bury Me Face Down
By The Stars 2: I’m An Animal, You’re An Animal
By The Stars ??: I Don’t Dance
Yes, I Know I’m A Wolf (connected to “And I’ve Been Known To Bite”)
And I’ve Been Known To Bite (connected to “Yes, I Know I’m A Wolf”)
You’re In My Veins
I Am Not A Machine!
SoR Filler: Hello (working title)
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buildingbirbhouses · 7 months ago
So I finally finished that one podcast
I think this is one of those stories that I’m going to be thinking about until I die and I’m going to start with spoilery ranting in the tags sorry
#tma #this might be an unpopular opinion but: the ending was absolutely perfect #I've been trying nonstop to reverse engineer how and why it worked so well for me it's just. so good #like I have a hard time liking tragic endings sometimes because it's really easy for them to end up making it feel like character agency #and growth and struggle didn't really matter in the end but somehow my boy jonny pulled off this impossible beautiful trick where #the stakes were impossibly big and there was no way to win and everyone's fatal flaws got 'em in the end BUT #the very last choice that the characters had the power to make. in the middle of all this horrible huge uncaring awfulness. was this just. #painfully beautifully HUMAN choice to not be alone #it was this incredible crown jewel on the series-long character arc of the archivist getting more human as he gets less human yknow? #on the wider scale of the world it should have felt insignificant but y'all the WEIGHT that that had? the way that it Mattered so much? #shit's gonna haunt me. the magnus archives sure is a podcast huh #I'm still trying to put my finger on how and why it was so cathartic. like I was warned repeatedly that this show sure does have an ending #but when it happened I just felt. light #I realized that there were birds chirping in the background of the last scene and THAT is when I happycried #(which makes. no sense in the wider context of the world. like cosmically technically that's not *really* a good thing) #which comes back to!! when there are no good choices and no way to win and nothing you do will avoid causing more suffering! #letting the choice come down to one last tiny rebellious grab at human connection?? fuck y'all this shit is going to hAUNT ME I TELL YOU #also. you'll always get bonus points from me when the last shot of the horror movie implies that the spooky thing is still out there #and between the whole. yeet the tapes somewhere else and the fears will follow thing and the fact that the last lines of the whole thing #were. if anyone is listening to this I'm sorry and good luck #I'm listening to this ohoho the tapes have landed in MY universe ohohohoho well played #it's that creepypasta thing of like. Now that you've read this the curse has passed to you ooohoho spooky #I'm a big sucker for that. just a little creepy knock on the fourth wall. delightful #overly analytical rambling about podcasts on MY blog?? in the year of our lord 2021?? it's more likely than you'd think #the magnus archives #tma spoilers #<that should have come earlier but I was having a moment and I'm not retyping all of that ^ lets hope this hellsite doesn't still do the #thing where only the first few tags are search/blockable sorry
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raibebe · 4 months ago
Airbag -njm-ljn by @yojeongin have you read this? it makes you feel tingly all over lol
I’ve seen that work before but judging by the warnings that the writer put on it, it won’t be for me ✌🏻
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thelongtetheredknight · 5 months ago
why do i want to play a cleric of every single domain that exists except like. nature and forge
#nature clerics are ok but i don't like the spells they get sorry dkdjdhd and forge just doesn't have the aesthetic #but #the others all have smth attracting yk #arcana and peace domains just have cool names and concepts to them yk #light and war as well and light domain also provides some cool fire spells and i love them for the right character #death domain is inherently interesting since it's one of the two subclasses that was presented in dmg as a 'villainous class option' #life domain is the textbook cleric and u sometimes rlly just wanna play a little guy who heals ppl #grave domain gets rlly cool features and also cool always prepared spells like blight and revivify #blight is one of my favourite spells in the game and having revivify as an always prepared spell is just. comforting #ALSO being able to cast spare the dying as a bonus action seems so little but is actually such a useful move i've playtested it myself #twilight domain!!! the fucking aesthetic!!! the spells!!! the slight op-ness of its features!!!! it's just perfect #u get a flying speed at some point are u kidding me #tempest domain also has an incredible aesthetic and a cool spell list #you guys know how much i love storms lightning and stuff skdkchfb #trickery domain has the best spell list BY FAR. #they are all incredibly useful and i love them. except blink i cannot figure out that spell to save my life #but like #*inhales* #charm person disguise self mirror image pass w/o trace dispel magic dimension door polymorph dominate person modify memory *exhales* GREAT #enchantment and illusion are my favourite schools of magic ok skxkxjd #though my absolute favourite is... u guessed it... knowledge domain #first of all. knowledge??? i love it. #but also! great spell list! two absolutely amazing channel divinities! the fact that it just gives u EXPERTISE ON TWO SKILLS!!! #i love it and i already have a knowledge cleric pc planned zjdjfhmc #anyway this post was made just for me to ramble abt cleric domains #linda's rambles #tag rambles #dnd
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zinatina · a year ago
just came to an epiphany
todoroki 🤝 deku 🤝 shigaraki
having shitty fathers but, mothers that love them
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transgenderpartydrugs · 29 days ago
kind of losing it with how everything costs money usually at least 100 dollars and like THATS TOO MUCH! THATS TOO MUCH! I DONT HAVE THAT! i cant sell jewelry for more than $10 apiece bc everyone who likes my art is broke!
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blakelywintersfield · 6 months ago
Yeah I definitely was (am?) sick because that was absolutely one hell of a fever dream
#things i remember happening: an arrangement of cat-like creatures‚ each of a different rainbow color. some kind of portal technology. #two getting lost in the portals‚ the rest trying to recover them‚ they accidentally get alt universe versions‚ and the au versions are evil. #the au versions eventually replace all the originals before the first two get sucked into a portal again and the originals return. #the original two inform them that they know how to recover those missing‚ but they need to be careful because they could accidentally bring #in imposters. the imposters of course get nervous‚ and the originals notice something is up‚ and then there's a huge fight to recover the #originals. they get all except two back‚ and the two impostors nearly got away‚ but then the originals ask them something‚ they speak‚ and #it immediately gives them away. and the last thing they say before they're thrown back into their own universe is ''shit... we were girls in #this one‚ weren't we?'' #the next part i remember: a vr dating sim with ''bonus characters'' that are essentially giant gods. you unlock them in certain ways and can #save those side stories for later. some are unlocked in other ways. the main plot of the story actually isn't a dating sim it's like... #a modern suspense story? and by suspense i mean the MC (me‚ in this case) was supposed to get supply spreadsheets done for my friend's #grandma's company‚ that was getting ready to take in people with... dementia i think. and i forgot to do them. for three months. and i get #informed a few days beforehand that i need to complete *two more months* of these spreadsheets. and when i admit i don't have them they flip #their shit because apparently they invested like... $20bil on this? which is unrealistic as fuck lmao but point being it's all my fault. so #i go on the run to avoid basically getting imprisoned/killed? and I'm trying to get the spreadsheets done while avoiding a terminator #who is jerry seinfeld. and the giant gods side stories is basically boning them. just straight up finding their hidden human forms #and fucking. which resulted in them changing into their giant forms and somehow effected me too?? #there was also a little side story/dream about a lone bird living on an island that had a house and a outlook post. and it didn't make sense #that there were no other birds on the little island because there were *so* many nesting places #and i was trying to figure out how to attract more birds to the island so the one bird wouldn't be so lonely‚ and have to leave to find #others before i left to go back home #lots of weird ass dreams
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yes-that-would-be-dark · 2 months ago
L is just a name like Bond. you can't tell me that anime L, kenichi's L and kento's L are all supposed to be the same person. THE VIBES. THE VIBES ARE OFF
NAH YOURE RIGHT THOUGH I totally feel like every version of L is a different person. my favorite part about this idea is that I can imagine them all fighting
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sopheliza25 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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tearlessrain · 6 months ago
I want to get back to my increasingly masochistic hobby of liveblogging shit-tier movies in the middle of the night but I don’t know how I’m ever going to top Dracula: the Dark Prince in terms of sheer incomprehensible fuckery. like. the playmobile-looking thunderclap castle. the script that was very obviously a first draft and sometimes repeated an entire sentence twice in a scene or had the entirely wrong word in the middle of a sentence and the actors just rolled with it. the awkward random cuts to the ambient lesbians. the way all the actors’ facial expressions seem completely detached from what they’re saying. the “traditional hungarian” meal of a costco roast chicken and the kind of fruit platter soccer moms pick up on the way to a potluck. leonardo. how do I move forward.
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bootyful-seventeen · 3 months ago
I love how the older customers that come in to my work have all been referring to me as a very techy person when I am in fact not a techy person
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