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I don’t know if people buy fantasy or romance cover with photo models on them because they find it sexier or more mature than painted artwork which can be associated with fairy tale and therefore juvenile, but all I see is Bad Photoshop.

It’s actually really rare that I like covers with models on the cover because a lot of them just slap a photo, stock photo, title, and some effects that don’t blend.

In artwork and good photography, there is direction and design, but these covers have none, or the designer aren’t that skillfull.

It’s funny that covers that portrays photos of objects are usually better designed, photographed, and arranged than the ones with people.

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After having been a bit dissatisfied with the Jodidio/Adams monograph about I.M. Pei I had to get this text heavier one: Carter Wiseman‘s 1990 biography/monograph „I.M. Pei - A Profile in American Architecture“, published in 1990 by Harry N. Abrams. Along twelve chapters the author, whose Louis Kahn biography I quite enjoyed years ago, takes the reader through Pei‘s life and his (and his firm‘s) most important buildings. Hopefully Wiseman can cash in on my advance praise.

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